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Added by Seaworth on 6 Sep 2010 07:50
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LOST: Season 5 Split

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Season 5

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The Oeanic 6 et al

The end of Season 4 saw the escape/rescue of some of the survivors and they managed to join the Off Island contingent for real world shennanigans.

Jack - One of the Oceanic 6.
Kate - One of the Oceanic 6.
Sayid - One of the Oceanic 6.
Hurley - One of the Oceanic 6.
Sun - One of the Oceanic 6.
Aaron - One of the Oceanic 6.
Desmond - Escaped with Oceanic 6. Goes into hiding.
Frank - Escaped with Oceanic 6. Goes into hiding.
Ben - After turning the donkey wheel, he was teleported from the Island to the real world.
Walt - Had been living with his grandmother since the end of Season 3.
Charles Widmore - Former leader of the Others who was banished, allowed the Oceanic 6 to live their lives.
Ilana - One of Jacob's followers who aided getting the Oceanic 6 back to the Island.
Penelope - Penny actually found the Oceanic 6 adrift and helped them with their cover story.
Eloise - She was able to tell the Oceanic 6 which flight they needed to get back to the Island.
Jacob - Was still guiding the candidates to follow the right path.
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Team Remnant

Not everyone made the escape to the real world, these guys would remain on the Island and would be subjected to the time flashes created by Ben moving the Island.

John Locke - He would endure the time flashes with the others but thanks to his turning of the donkey wheel, he managed to stop them. He would then try to convince the Oceanic 6 to return.
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The Others

Unlike the survivors, the present members of the Others were anchored in the present day when the remaining survivors were skipping through time. Due to Richard's omnipresent tenure on the Island, his past and future self met the survivors in other times.

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Claire seemingly disappeared at the end of Season 4 and her fate remained unknown, although she had company.

The Monster
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Michael - He was attempting to freeze the bomb's detonator to give the crew and survivors time to get off but with Keamy's death the boat blew up not long after.

Keamy - After being subdued by Sayid, Keamy managed to find his way to the Orchid station to confront John Locke and Ben. Despite being wired to a dead man's trigger which would blow up the Kahana, Ben kills him for murdering Alex.

Omar - As one of the mercenaries supporting Keamy, Omar was in a lot of fire fights. When they were about to escape with the captive Ben, Keamy accidentally kicked a grenade at Omar's feet. Tough break.

Alex - She was captured by the Mercenaries and used as a hostage to get Locke to give Ben up. When they didn't comply. Keamy shot her in the head.

Danielle - She was shot by the Mercenaries when they attacked Team Locke at the Barracks.

Karl - He was shot by the Mercenaries when they attacked Team Locke at the Barracks.

Minkowski - George was rather curious and decided to step off the freighter to explore the Island. As a result, his consciousness was displaced in time. The constant strain on his consciousness travelling through time would eventually cause a brain haemorrhage.

Worm food
Mr. Eko
Dr. Arzt
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Series Synopsis
The survivors of a plane crash are forced to live with each other on a remote island, a dangerous new world that poses unique threats of its own.

Season Breakdown
- Season 1
- Season 2
- Season 3
- Season 4
- Season 5
- Season 5.5
- Season 6
- Season End
- Series Epilogue

A note from me.
One of my favourite things about Lost were the various missions and divisions that took place throughout the series. There were times when all the main characters would be divided into certain groups (by choice or not) with a particular goal that they had to achieve. The larger missions would usually take place in the season finale for the first 3 seasons, whereas the last 3 seasons were more about the divisions that split the survivors apart.

I created these lists to monitor the everchanging group dynamics and the loyalties that evolved over the 6 seasons of the show.

Season Synopsis

Storytelling Device: Mixture of flashforwards, flashbacks and parrallels
Original 14 Death: John Locke
Main plot:
- Time travel, the Island's erratic jumps through time, and whether it is possible to change the past or not, with the notion of "whatever happened, happened"

- Death, featuring three episodes heavily concerning themes of death and the apparent resurrection of Locke

- Leadership, concerning the Others throughout both timelines, (Widmore and Eloise in 1977; Richard, Ben and Locke in 2007), the powerplay between Jack, Sawyer and the DHARMA members in 1977, and the question of leadership in the pocket of Ajira 316 survivors

- The Oceanic 6's journey back to the Island, following the lead of Eloise Hawking

- DHARMA Initiative ways of life, experiments and other activities on the Island, mainly Horace Goodspeed, Pierre Chang and Stuart Radzinsky.

Main Characters

Jack Shephard
Kate Austin
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes
James "Sawyer Ford
Juliet Burke
Benjamin Linus
Miles Straume
John Locke
Sayid Jarrah
Jin-Soo Kwon
Sun-Hwa Kwon
Daniel Farraday
Desmond Hume
Charlotte Lewis

Recurring Characters

Richard Alpert
Pierre Chang
Frank Lapidus
Ilana Verdansky
Charles Widmore
Penelope Widmore
Elose Hawking
Bernard Nadler
Rose Nadler
Danielle Rousseau
Christian Shephard
Ethan Rom
Ana Lucia Cortez
Naomi Dorrit
The Man In Black
Aaron Littleton

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