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Added by PowerGirl on 7 May 2012 11:36
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People I envision in one of my movie ideas.

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Willem's Family

Benedict (Benny- as Christina will call him) is the baby of the family, not only is he the baby, he's the bait, when their on the missions.

Ever since childhood, he's been the "loser" always getting picked on and such.. now, he's going to change that..

Sometimes, Michael and him get off on the wrong foot...

His best friends since middle and high school though, are Alex and Christian; and with that they're known as A.B.C.
Benedict is letter "B"
PowerGirl's rating:
Christina is the ONLY girl in the family, and with that, she uses that to her advantage, when in battle (or something like that) she uses her sex-appeal.

She's on her way to marrying Geoffrey, and she hates that her brothers aren't understanding that she's happy, because they're so protective, you know that story. :)
PowerGirl's rating:
Average listal rating (130 ratings) 7.2 IMDB Rating 0
Flexible as hell, Adam is the fraternal twin to Andrew (somehow I envisioned that), what i meant by flexible, I mean he's always doing something, that a circus freak would do. Mostly parkour.

FYI: The only reason I've decided to make Andrew and Adam fraternal twins is because they were both born on the same year, not the same month; just year :D!
PowerGirl's rating:
I'm going to have him do the same thing as he has on The Walking Dead, have guns and weaponry.

While Adam is funny, he is serious; at sometimes. But he's freaking amazing.

PowerGirl's rating:
Sorry Norman, but no Daryl Dixon's crossbow for you, but you do get to reenact Murphy MacManus. Sort of, if you've seen Norman (aside from acting) but at Boondock Saints conventions, he's so shy, well he's that and a little something, something; He's the second-to-oldest.

He and Josh are good pals.
PowerGirl's rating:
The Oldest Brother. SPF does Jujitsu in real life, and so on here, he gets to do his own stunts (if he wants) he's tough as nails, but he's nice as hell.

He develops a disliking towards Joe, but soon along the way, they become close like step-brothers.

He soon adapts to Dominique and her crazy-ness.
PowerGirl's rating:
Average listal rating (1607 ratings) 7.4 IMDB Rating 0
The Father. Their Mother passed when they were all younger, as depressed as he wants to be, so far he's been a strong father to them, further into my 'movie' we (the viewers) and his friends and family discover he has a special ability. (GAWD, I HOPE THAT WASN'T A SPOILER 0_0).
He's best friends with Mark and Polly, no relationship brewing, and he supports Christina and Geoffrey's marriage.
PowerGirl's rating:
Average listal rating (1762 ratings) 8.3 IMDB Rating 0
Meryl is the deceased mother of the family ( she is mentioned thru out the film as holograms, ghost, dreams, thoughts, etc. ).
She passed away when Benedict was about 7, after her passing basically Willem feels like he's let down his children, he feels so alone.

Up in Heaven, Meryl is watching over her family :)
PowerGirl's rating:
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Polly's Family

Average listal rating (154 ratings) 7.8 IMDB Rating 0
Ruth is the baby sister of Geoffrey, Josh, Jonathan, Wentworth, and Joe.

She's crazy and like to do things her way, she bullies her big brothers a lot, she also gets into trouble.

But inside, she's extremely sad and hurt, she and her father had this connection, to hard to explain, after being traumatized, since then she's had the nightmares and hallucinations.

But there's something about her, that is extreme, she can become this monster beast thing ( hard to explain).
PowerGirl's rating:
Geoffrey is Christina's fiance (clearly, in reality their married..) not only is he shy, he's trying his best to have her brothers accept him. He's really good with a bow and arrow... I mean crossbow... yeah, crossbow.. LoL.
PowerGirl's rating:
Jonathan is the third to last child to Polly, basically he and Wentworth are like the fraternal twins; Adam and Andrew, only Wentworth and him aren't.

He's mostly mischievous, and wacky, but he's a softy towards things; he's not shy at all, he's more of a leader, never a follower.
PowerGirl's rating:
Wentworth is BFF's with both Adam and Andrew, he tries to act tough, but deep down inside; he's just like Geoffrey, a caring person, unlike Joe, Josh, Jonathan, and Ruth; he keeps thing bottled up, until it's time to RELEASE!

Sometimes Jonathan and him like to screw around and be total goof-balls.
PowerGirl's rating:
Josh is the second to oldest big brother, he's always acting like a fool, but then again he overreacts toward things.

He and Norman are good pals.
PowerGirl's rating:
He's the oldest brother to Geoffrey, Ruth, Josh, Jonathan, and Wentworth; confident, sexy, and has the ability to make women... and men fall head over heels for him; or he just brain-washes them, MIND CONTROL.

At first he, dislikes Christina, because Geoffrey used to be fun and all silly, and she apparently changed him, but now he accepts her and the other 5... but theres something about Sean; the Oldest, that he doesn't quite like, until later, same for Sean...

PowerGirl's rating:
Polly is Geoffrey, Ruth, Wentworth, Josh, Jonathan, and Joe's mother, she becomes real close with the 6, and Willem. She's really protective of her 6 children as well, she'll knock a guy out, literally..

Supposedly, she's some kind of boxer, but we won't necessarily know that.
PowerGirl's rating:
Robert is the deceased father of the the family ( he is mentioned thru out the film as holograms, ghost, dreams, thoughts, etc. ).
He got into a serious car accident, according to the police; the cause of the accident is unidentified, but you; the viewers, will soon find out what really happened.
Since his passing, his family have just been down in the dumps, completely traumatized, especially for his only daughter, Ruth.

Up in Heaven, Robert is watching over his family :)
PowerGirl's rating:
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The Side Kicks.... or Friends of the Family

The big brother to Dominique, Brandon is just like his little sister; Crazy to the extreme, not only does he go all out on being an extremist, he's also out there, like WAY out there, in HIS own world, which is fine with everyone; because they like him right off the bat.
PowerGirl's rating:
Crazy obsessed fan of SPF, she'll do anything to be with him, which scares the crap out of him, LoL

Sean and her have acted together in a 1998 movie called Girl, where.... she was obsessed with him, again. LoL, smart, aye?
PowerGirl's rating:
Alex is a shy and yet such an adorable dude. He's funny, but he keeps to himself sometimes, He's been best friends with Benedict and Christian for so long; and with that they're known as A.B.C.
Alex is letter "A"
PowerGirl's rating:
Christian is sort of the street-talker, wise-cracking, smooth type, he's been best friends with Alex and Benedict for quite awhile, they call themselves, A.B.C.
Christian is letter "C"
PowerGirl's rating:
Average listal rating (396 ratings) 7.7 IMDB Rating 0
Grace is this outgoing woman who is into singing, dancing, and kicking ass, she's really sarcastic and she hates when people act like idiots.
PowerGirl's rating:
Daniel is all about having fun and likes to play with a lot of instruments he also likes to experiment with them, he's all about business too, you mess with him and you get your butt beat by his best friend Grace.
PowerGirl's rating:
Average listal rating (283 ratings) 6.2 IMDB Rating 0
She and Lauren; followed by Michael, Jeremy, Scott, and Ethan are people who work for Mark, eventually they all become more than just 'workers'.

Clea is snobby and sometimes (if necessary) rude, but only to the 4 guys.. she's sarcastic too.
PowerGirl's rating:
In the beginning he's not really 'that' good of friends with Benedict, so they fight a lot; but they share some similarities..

He's funny.
PowerGirl's rating:
Jeremy is all about being cool.

He tends to freak out a lot at times, but he's adorable.
PowerGirl's rating:
Average listal rating (162 ratings) 5.9 IMDB Rating 0
Scott is tough but his comedic ways get in the way.
PowerGirl's rating:
Average listal rating (67 ratings) 6.3 IMDB Rating 0
Ethan, at first he's just a normal dude that hangs out with everyone, but when it comes for you to actually screw with him, then your gonna get it...
PowerGirl's rating:
Lauren; just like Clea is moody type of person; sometimes she's chill and mellow, but other times, she can be extremely rude... and violent.. but in a good way.
PowerGirl's rating:
Average listal rating (209 ratings) 7.7 IMDB Rating 0
Kevin doesn't come into the picture till later in the movie, and with that; he's the new boyfriend to Felicia, he's all about Memes (look that up if you don't know what it is, but be warned... memes are SUPER funny, if you have a good sense of humor).
PowerGirl's rating:
Average listal rating (394 ratings) 7.6 IMDB Rating 0
Felicia, not only is a comic book junkie, she's also into video games.

She can bring any video game to life, very difficult to explain.. Hopefully I'm good with CGI ;)

She is the girlfriend to Kevin.
PowerGirl's rating:
Average listal rating (337 ratings) 7.6 IMDB Rating 0
Sophia is a superhero, but not what you're thinking; she has all the abilites that you can imagine, pretty amazing actually, but don't worry no costume included :)

Sophia and Tom aren't boyfriend and girlfriend, until WAY later in the film, everyone always bothers them about dating one another, not happening..
PowerGirl's rating:
Tom is a nerd, he's hilarious and likes to crack a lot of jokes.

He's also some kind of cross between scientist and chemist. He's pretty good with whipping up chemicals and all the 'jazz' :)

Somewhere in the film, Tom develops some feelings for Sophia. :D
PowerGirl's rating:
Marguerite is Stuart's girlfriend, she's into that 'Street-Fighter, Mortal Kombat' type of stuff, she's badass.
PowerGirl's rating:
Stuart is shy, he keeps to himself; but sometimes, he's just in his own flow, only his girlfriend; Marguerite, gets his humor; Kevin, Felicia, Tom, and Sophia just enjoy himself in general, thats because he's either a wizard or magician.
PowerGirl's rating:
Average listal rating (271 ratings) 8.1 IMDB Rating 0
Lee, is outspoken; and David's nephew and Stephen's younger brother. Lee is also close with Clifton, he loves to read, 'Bookworm' is what everyone sometimes call him, he doesn't mind, he reads anything especially music notes, since his Uncle David and *Uncle Clifton are into hardcore Dubstep and all that music, stuff he likes to chime in with musical notes, again hard to explain his character, but aside from outspoken he can be quite, and very... very mysterious. He loves fruit! :)

Lee's charming face swoons people, and since Christina and Joe, are the ones that attract 'sex appeal' he has this force upon others as well. You'll love him just as much as I do. :D
PowerGirl's rating:
Stephen is the older brother of Lee, and the oldest nephew of both David and Clifton. He's charismatic and a 'leader- not no damn follower' as he puts it, as tough as the dickens that he is, he's insecure about things, not his looks! No, never; more along the lines of 'getting it with the ladies' he's not really a ladies man but he'd like to think so.

To me, he resembles Sean Patrick Flanery, WAY up above . I think they both look alike. :)
So with that said, Sean and him are kinda, sorta good friends in the film :)
PowerGirl's rating:
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The Villain, The Boss, his Dad, and Four Idiots

Joe is the 'once a partner' turned janitor turned evil villain, after countless years of not being accepted as part of Mark's corporation, company, industry; but as the go-to clean up guy, he's cracked, he's had it with everyone and has had it with Mark, he's out for revenge.

He used to be nice, but that changed, he blames everyone, especially Mark and his father.

I had fun visualizing his character, if you don't necessarily know him, well then all I have to say is: The Matrix.

His nickname is Joey Pants.. in my film and in reality :)
PowerGirl's rating:
Average listal rating (308 ratings) 8.2 IMDB Rating 0
Mark plays the Commander type, Boss type person (hopefully you know what I mean, if not... okay...), he is like a mentor, a guide. He's like a second father to the 6. His dad is... Billy.

He and Joe used to be partners in crime... but that changed drastically..

He carries a cane, for certain reasons he'd rather not explain... not all the time, just sometimes.. its all good.
PowerGirl's rating:
Mark's father, he's some type of Jedi, ha! He quotes things that are wise, and he's badass.

He was once the head-leader or the corporation, but thought it was time to pass it down to his son; Mark.

He also carries a cane, and not because he's old. ;)
PowerGirl's rating:
David is into that Dubstep, he plays a tough-attitude, but mellow, guy.
He's one half of the DJ-ing duo, along with Clifton.
PowerGirl's rating:
Clifton is the other half of the DJ-ing duo, he's a wise-cracking, jokerster; but he is nice and somewhat of a help. He's is into Beats and Sounds.
PowerGirl's rating:
Average listal rating (190 ratings) 7.2 IMDB Rating 0
Rhys is Dominique and Brandon's dad, he's the coolest father ever (so he assumes) he acts more like a big brother than an actually father to the two, but that's okay; he's chill and just acts more silly.
PowerGirl's rating:
Vincent is Dominique and Brandon's Uncle and Rhys's older brother, just like Rhys he's funny and like to mess around with the likes of strangers, not only can he make you laugh, he can do it in many languages. He and Rhys are the best of friends. Sometimes he confuses people, for he likes to talk about off the topic things..
PowerGirl's rating:

I don't have a title for this film at the moment, still gathering up ideas..
The plot revolves around (in the beginning) a father and his 6 (Mission Impossible typed) adult children.
Christina falls in love with a man named Geoffrey, and with that the two are engaged to be married; Geoffrey has; himself 5 brothers and a sister, his mother; Polly is in the same condition as Christina's father Willem, both of their loved ones, have died.

Aside from Geoffrey's side, Christina and her 5 brothers are apart of a corporation, run by Mark and his father; Billy. Aside from Willem, Mark has been there for Willem's kids, from youngsters to adulthood.

Now somewhere, into the film; we meet Joe... the Janitor, he cleans up after Mark and everyone else, and he's fed up. Long ago, before there was them, Mark and Joe were partners running the corporation.. but that all changes, as Billy who is the head-leader, chooses Mark ( obviously ) over Joe, causing Mark to become the boss, and Joe... the Janitor.

Eventually, Joe or as he calls himself "Joey Pants" gets his revenge on Willem's and Polly's children.

Now folks, if that isn't a legit summary of my ideal movie, I dunno what I can do to make it sound appropriate, I just envision it like that; sorta, minus the title...

I'm aiming for PG-13.

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