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Added by Monstermaster on 21 Nov 2018 08:34
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DA-Verse Face-Claims.

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Average listal rating (210 ratings) 7.5 IMDB Rating 0
Illusion: A Zoroark Pokemorph whose special attribute is giving people headaches with his confusing lore, he often blurts his supposed weakness (the fact he supposedly doesn't exist) to people he takes part in adventures with and has several self doubt issues, he is broody and angsty and in his half of the DA-Verse half of the Pokemon are types that capture humans and brainwash them, and the other half of the time they are bad role-models.
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Terrance/DragonBoy421: A DA-Verse sidekick character who shares quite a bit in common with Zackary, the difference though is that he is actually genuinely tragic in the sense that he is a former television show, when he was young he was on a hit children's show about a human/dragon-hybrid and the show was called Drakius the Dragon-Boy, where he played the role of a prince named Drakius who is a human/dragon hybrid and became extremely popular...even become quite the hearthrob and after a hiatus for several years he came back, this time materializing in the online world on Youtube with a series of videos called 'The Dragonboy Diaries' which is basically about grown up Drakius and his family. He has a huge collection of Dragonboy merchandise both ones that were sold and promotional items, he also has superpowers that were given to him as the result of entering the DA-World, specifically the power to turn into an anthro version of an Eastern or Western dragon, he was also given a nocturnal form in the form of an anthro/Were-version of a Night Fury-like dragon.

If he chooses to, he can give people dragon-based powers too.
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Average listal rating (871 ratings) 8.6 IMDB Rating 0
Master Calagoro: A DA-Verse villain who is similar to Yamakoro, he is a villain obsessed with statues, strength, and beings that are sentient objects or possessed clothes and he is also obsessed with insects and death just like him. His origin is that he was a designer at a workshop and he discovered the 'forbidden' thread and needles which were once used by a dark magic user to create living clothing monsters, and he used to that to convert them into a fully developed monster maker that can create monsters of this type and also give him the powers of said monsters. The statues he has guarding his palace are actually a race of highly advanced gargoyle-like demons who can transform into a statue form to fool their enemies, and he chose them for that purpose.

He specializes in transforming people into armored Poke-warriors which are anthro Pokemon or humanoid-ish versions of Pokemon that are bodyguards and fighters that protect him and his minions, he can also make them into demon-like beings similar to what he is and he can also transform himself into multiple forms. One of these forms appears to be a mannequin or doll but actually is just his version of 'statue mode' where he can still move and talk it's just that be blends in rather well with the others. He also has a Poke-warrior lord form that is an anthro Machoke fused with a Sawk pokemorph and a form that resembles Thanos but with horns and wings...this form is his more natural looking one form and he can even turn someone into him, specifically if someone picks up his Infinity Gauntlet-like glove.
Gabriella: A DA-Verse companion character who speaks English rather well for someone who isn't from the DA-Verse originally, she's an intelligent humanoid character who has a quirky personality who also tends to take things literally and make a lot of puns. She was a non-English speaker originally much like Silvoux only that people can actually understand what she says and she's capable of full sentences rather than short-bursts or emojis/smilies, and there's an actual reason why nobody seems to understand her and that is because she is a humanoid alien from a planet that isn't too far away from Earth and she took up permanent residence there. She looks like a version of Princess Peach with Invader Zim style alien eyes and antennae that look like the ones of the character Mantis from Guardians Of The Galaxy 2. She has a Cute Monster-Girl vibe which makes her adorable and irresistible.
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Average listal rating (1463 ratings) 7.9 IMDB Rating 0
Nathan's newest acquired avatar form and alter-ego.
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Average listal rating (616 ratings) 7.1 IMDB Rating 0
Nathan's badass/monster hunter alter-ego.
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Nathan's current avatar form and alter-ego.
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Average listal rating (619 ratings) 6.7 IMDB Rating 0
Connor: A protective and loyal shiny Midnight Lycanroc who serves as one of Nathan's pets, he has a very long and illustrious backstory that connects to the Were-Pokemoncurse.exe virus considering he first became one due to the virus, and he encountered Nathan in one of his newer forms...specifically that of the 'Bowie' persona (basically an alter-ego of Nathan's that is David Bowie with actual supernatural powers and vampire-like traits) who took him in and raised him, taking care of him and keeping him safe from monster haters. He would never turn to the darkside or try to corrupt anyone, and after his death, his soul became that of a Pokemon, making him a Midnight Lycanroc permanently and making him forever tied to him thanks to a psychic link and also thanks to Yveltal. He used to work for Big Boss (an Alolan Raticate) and his family before meeting Nathan and becoming his ally.
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Mel's horror reviewer persona Miss Executioner/LivingDeadMel31.
Mel the koala-girl/Masked Marsupial.
Monstermaster's rating:
Tall-Man from the Phantasm movies and one of Nathan's allies.
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Syiax: A newly added DA-Verse antagonist who is more benign than the others, mainly because all he wants to do is play and have fun. He is known as Challenge-Maker and he sits a number of trivia and physical challenges in various locations including swimming centres, aquariums, zoos/nature attractions, clubs, and more, he is known for pairing up with numerous different pop-culture villains and having them as the bosses for each challenge he comes up with. He is specifically based on styled on fun villains such as Lo Pan from Big Trouble In Little China, Grandmaster from Thor: Ragnarok, and Ming The Merciless as well as Feng from Balls Of Fury. He can also transform people into their favorite movie villains.
Average listal rating (38 ratings) 6.1 IMDB Rating 0
A DA-Verse hero who is a friend of Nathan's, he is a Superman-esque character from a world that is different than his but often crosses over them and he has a variety of forms he appears in, one form in particular being a muscular living teddy bear. He is friends with the character of Lithius (a superhero dog who is Mel's boyfriend) and often comes along on Mel's adventures, like Lithius...he loves Mel no matter who or what she has turned into, and he admires her as a fellow superhero as well as Opal (especially since he found out about her alter-ego as the Super Safety Horse).
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Average listal rating (17 ratings) 6.4 IMDB Rating 0
Master Yamakoro: One of the recent additinos to DA-Verse antagonist roster. He seems to have a fascination with insects, death, and statues as well as anything that is considered strong, his origin...he was a museum worker who worked in a museum with lots of statues and he would often talk to the statues when he was on breaks and the statues spoke to him...one statue in particular would always answer his prayers and help him, but that statue was no ordinary statue...it was a demon statue that was the home of an ancient demon-lord who was defeated by a priest who was a demon slayer and was trapped in statue form for a whole eternity, unknowingly one night he freed the spirit of said demon-lord and got possessed. Now possessed by the demon-lord's spirit, he slowly became half-demon himself and became even more fascinated with the things he was fascinated with before...he began to wonder what it would be like to make others become his minions.

He has many forms including a Pokemorph form that is a hybrid of Machamp and Buzzvole, a gargoyle-like form, an armored samurai-monster, his half demon-form which resembles a Buffyverse vampire and his human form as well as his natural form which resembles and sounds like Thanos.
Drake Scorchus/Scorcher: Not a villain in the DA-Verse, although a DA-erse citizen nonetheless - just an extremely confusing one, he is essentially a sidekick character who always seems to have a fascination for dragons and slime to the point that he combines both and makes a monster concept out of it, he loves slime to the point that he gave his own avatar form slime-powers. It seems he loves dragons and dragon-type Pokemon quite a lot. He is often being MCed and possessed, and it also seems that while he does try to fight the changes, it's the other half of his split personality that really enjoys the changes and the power that comes with it. As mentioned he seems to really like fire and dragon type Pokemon but he also likes flying types.

His origin has him as a patient of a scientist named Dr Mutator who used special conditioning techniques to condition him and turn him, specifically in the form of an 1980's style b-movie about a symbiote slime-beast that appears in the form of a draconic being - the movie conditioned him into wanting to be that form and he was injected with serums that gave him the powers of said monster both in dreams/visions and outside of them.
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Nathan's Monstermaster13 persona.
Monstermaster's rating:
The half corrupted version of Nathan's old avatar form in the end of the Drmusic2 saga.
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Average listal rating (143 ratings) 4.6 IMDB Rating 0
One of Nathan's avatar forms in the Monstermaster13 reincarnation.
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Average listal rating (1031 ratings) 6.7 IMDB Rating 0
Nathan's 'Megamind' avatar form.
Monstermaster's rating:
Monstermaster's rating:
Dyl/Dragonball4evermore: A newly added DA-Verse companion, his full name in this respectively universe is Dylan Shannasey but to avoid any risk of getting him confused with the evil Dylan/Mr Blu-Man, he's referred to as Dyl for short. He is a kind and energetic type with an adorkable personality and love of character transformations, TG and especially of TGs into attractive animated characters of any kind ranging from the Disney princesses, to even characters like Gloria from Madagascar, Louis Griffin, and Android 18. He is a brony as well, with Queen Chrysalis being his favorite female character along with Princess Luna/Nightmare Moon. He is a close friend of Nathan's and was given supernatural powers of his after Nathan introduced him to his monster friends in particular the genie-like ghost Presto (a phasm similar to Flabber from Beetleborgs, modeled on the late Robin Williams). Nathan thought of a way for him to become his favorite characters and even celebrities and that was with a special spell that gave Dyl shapeshifting powers.

Dyl was also given a few supernatural items that give him the abilities of female superheroes. It is shown he loves both male to female tg and female to male as well as celebrity transformations, he is fascinated with the concepts of 'were-celebrities' and also with a persona of Nathan's (that persona being Christopher Walken as a vampire). He also has a soft spot for animal-girls and poke-girls (female anthro Pokemon) as well as plus sized types.
Monstermaster's rating:
Silvoux: Not necessarily a villain or a hero, rather a sidekick type character who nobody seems to be able to understand because he isn't that fluent in English. In fact it takes more than 3 translators including Google Translate to understand what he is saying, he speaks mostly in emojis and smilies but also short words and phrases - unfortunately he can't seem to figure out how to speak in full-sentences. He was given a variety of mutation based powers but mainly the ability to turn into a mer-man that is part-shark and also the ability to turn into a were-Pokemon (it isn't entirely sure which Pokemon his were-Pokemon form he is considering he has appeared as a were-Mightyena).
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Average listal rating (1692 ratings) 6.7 IMDB Rating 0
Joey: Joey V aka Pigboy/PB is not an antagonist but a supporting character who tries way too hard to be funny, specifically he thinks he is Deadpool because he constantly breaks the fourth wall and refers to every adventure he goes on with an ally as an episode, brings up past episodes to try and jog the other characters memories and doesn't have a part in the story apart from trying to be like the Genie from Aladdin with his inexplicable morphing powers and his references to other characters from games, but while characters like Genie are actually funny due to clever-writing, this guy just comes across as annoying. Especially when he tries to force 'and now you remember' which is his catchphrase. His jokes also not only don't make sense but also they lack a punchline. Like for example if he is referencing an episode in which he and another character get turned into characters from the Smash Bros games he will turn into Ganon or Bowser before morphing into one of the Ice Climbers, there is little to no punchline and no clever in-joke about it...it's just..'hey, remember when I was this character and now i'm this one?'.

Basically these morphing gags he does are the equivalent of modern Family Guy cutaway gags, with the aforementioned joke the only possible punchline could be that Bowser, Ganon and The Ice Climbers are all characters featured in the Smash Bros franchise or that all of the characters are owned by Nintendo. He also has an annoying habit of 'narrating' the RP scenarios he is in. Another annoying quirk of his is the fact he tries to force the idea of making the adventure scenarios into a 'series', thus making it even worse for people who don't get the joke. How? By pretty much trying to come up with a shared/cinematic universe, hoping it turns out like Marvel when it really turns out like DC or the Dark Universe.
Monstermaster's rating:
Average listal rating (662 ratings) 8.4 IMDB Rating 0
Jonathan Lindsey aka Agent Grissom is a new ally of Nathan's who met him on Deviantart and Facebook, the two of them share a lot in common including a dislike of bad remakes and an attraction towards non-human females. Nathan used his supernatural powers to bring him into the Monster World and demonstrated his morphing powers by morphing into Rick O'Connell from the Mummy franchise, Imhotep, Jack Burton, Ash Williams and Snake Plissken, a couple of months later he discovered a series of manuscripts that were Jonathan's Critters and Last Unicorn fan-stories that involved interspecies romance and decided to bring them to life. With the former it resulted in Lee the bounty hunter coming back in her female form and staying that way before hooking up with Charlie McFadden and getting married (they have a teenage daughter named Cahli) and with the latter Lady Amalthea was given an anthro form and married Prince Lir (the two of them later had anthro unicorn children with magic powers of their own).

He was introduced to a few newly added Monster High characters, mainly Felicia Brady (a Sleepwalker), Tzen and Gracie (the son of Jen and daughter of Kira), Helena West (daughter of Herbert West), Skekschelle and Skeksphanie (the two Skeksis-girls and the grand-daughters of Skeksil and SkekUng respectively), Caryoso Crite (a half-Crite), Roximilliana (the daughter of Maximillian from Vampire In Brooklyn), Jacquelyn (the daughter of Jareth), Shane (Son of Shuna Sassi), Clairuna (daughter of Kinski, another Nightbreed character) among others. And later being introduced to Donald 'Donnie' Valkenheiser (the third grand-son of J.P Valkenheiser), and the infamous Lei-Sheina (the daughter of Thunder from Big Trouble In Little China, who takes after her father in many ways including her powers).

A couple of weeks later Nathan received a vision in which he foresaw a Cirque Du Soleil performance /show based on Big Trouble In Little China, and later was visited by Egg Shen. Egg Shen presented Nathan with an elixir that gives whoever drinks it supernatural powers. Jonathan drank it, but the powers he got were those of Lo Pan and the Three Storms, although he has better control of Thunder's powers than Thunder himself does.

He is one of the few people that Nathan has revealed his secret too.
Average listal rating (609 ratings) 8.1 IMDB Rating 0

A very trustworthy ally that helped Nathan gain a love for hypnosis and also a love for being a monster. Nathan had been extremely shy about being a monster and revealing it to others until he met Jon, the human who he and the Walken persona both look up to as a mentor and master. The story of how Nathan discovered Chris the alpha Walken or turned into Chris basically started with several forum threads in which people noticed he had Christopher Walken as an avatar and thus they thought that he was Walken, naturally this intrigued him since he was a fan of the actor. He had numerous dreams/visions in which he was either looking for him or where he ran into him, and where he would be hypnotized and turned by him...this is where he stumbled upon Jon who was also a Walken fan and had expertise in the field of hypnosis, this human used his powers to hypnotize him and awake the 'Walken' persona, the persona/form (complete with a transformation sequence) being unlocked with a series of special words that were discovered from a hypnosis file (cowbell being one of them). The transformations into this form were horrifying to him at first but overtime he learned that if he relaxes and doesn't try to fight it, then the process isn't so bad. The two of them had many encounters where Jon turned him into the 'Walken' persona, one such instance was the night where he managed to get himself the woman of his dreams...that woman being Kate Beckinsale, the two of them hypnotized her and Chris bit her...turning her into a 'She-Hessian'. Kate and Chris have been married ever since.

Jon loves monsters and horror tropes just as much as Nathan does and is a monster-maker himself.
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Average listal rating (641 ratings) 6.5 IMDB Rating 0
Adam/Yellow Fire:
The leader of a group of superheroes called The Rights Fighters and a close companion of Nathan's, he has the elemental power of fire and is a kind and nurturing type. He is always there for his friends and he and his team (which Mel is associated with) fight for a number of causes including children and people who have been mistreated, he has a connection with the Mortal Kombat universe and has a variety of moves which he uses. He cares deeply about his friends and also gives monsters who were once bad guys a chance to redeem themselves (e.g Cowellconstrictor). He also has a strong anti-corruption/anti-brainwashing policy and doesn't like it when someone tries to turn one of his friends to the dark-side.
Monstermaster's rating:
Average listal rating (1134 ratings) 8.2 IMDB Rating 0

Justin T.Hunt is a friend of Nathan's who is an expert on transformations, he shares a lot of things in common with him including the fact they're both fans of Weird Al Yankovic and also the fact they love the Goosebumps franchise. Both of them have supernatural powers, in fact Justin is one of the few people who found out about Nathan having an alter-ego in the form of Chris the alpha Walken (Chris of course being a vampiric version of Christopher Walken). Justin is also an avid Simpsons fan and is always there to help out his friends no matter what, and the same could be said for Nathan himself as well, and he always loves going on adventures.
Average listal rating (750 ratings) 7.1 IMDB Rating 0

One of Nathan's best friends and also the biggest, the latter is because more often that not he is an actual elephant-man, specifically he is a shapeshifter who appears as an elephant. He can turn others into elephants as well using his trunk and also with special cookies he gives out, and he can even make them into anthro elephants as well. He also has a crush on Mel, he really loves her no matter what form that koala-girl turns into..but he fell in love with her in her elephant-girl form and the two of have been flirting with each-other ever since. He and Mel share a lot in common including a dislike for Donald Trump, Mel herself ran against Trump in the election storyarc but she didn't end up in the final debate and as such she's been wanting to get her revenge on him. The two of them like to comfort each-other and whenever Mel isn't with Nathan or her superhero canine boyfriend Lithius she is with Paul.
Monstermaster's rating:
Average listal rating (1664 ratings) 6.8 IMDB Rating 0
Alexander Hughes or Alex for short is essentially the most accident prone and most TF prone sidekick ever, he is also essentially the Mr Bean of the latter because he always winds up getting in so many situations in which he usually transforms into something that is unusually large or fluffy. Sometimes to the point that he outgrows whatever place he is in at the time or even bursting out of his own clothes, whether or not it is his own fault remains to be said but he is a close friend of Nathan's and sidekick with a record for being at the receiving end of the most dangerous transformations ever.

The bills for both property damage alone surely skyrocket when he transforms, and sometimes so do the drycleaning bills due to the clothing damage and everything. He is fond of any creature that is large and fluffy as well as certain Pokรฉmon types, his particular favourites tend to be Raichu and Typlosion among others. This guy tends to get so carried away while transforming that he sometimes gets dangerously close to acting beast-like as well, he isn't all bad though...he just needs to learn self control and not to go near mystical items. Nathan even fears that at some point he's going to end up like Thunder from the movie Big Trouble In Little China.
Average listal rating (206 ratings) 7.9 IMDB Rating 0
Nathan's 'Jake Blues' avatar form.
Monstermaster's rating:
Average listal rating (124 ratings) 3.9 IMDB Rating 0
Nathan's avatar form in the first run of the Monstermaster13 reincarnation.
Monstermaster's rating:
Nathan's Edmund Blackadder, Emile Mondavarious and Johnny English avatar forms.
Monstermaster's rating:
Average listal rating (44 ratings) 4.8 IMDB Rating 0
Two of Nathan's avatar forms he briefly turns into after resurrecting - Otho Fenlock from Beetlejuice and the Mayor from Nightmare Before Christmas.
Monstermaster's rating:
Average listal rating (3019 ratings) 7.9 IMDB Rating 0
The second avatar form of Nathan's back in the Drmusic2 era, basically a grinch-like monster.
Monstermaster's rating:
Average listal rating (441 ratings) 7.8 IMDB Rating 0
Nathan's avatar form back in the Drmusic2 era, based on a drawing of his of a chubby yeti-like character.
Monstermaster's rating:
Average listal rating (1635 ratings) 7.2 IMDB Rating 0
A time-travelling male character who pretends that he doesn't have parents, actually he does have parents he just thinks that it's cooler to be a tragic orphan character. He loves foxes, dragons and other creatures he think would make good parents, even if they are the villain in said adventures, and he tends to willingly get himself into a number of bad situations. He's not a villain, he's just a bit of a character who can't seem to think of anything original in terms of his adventures and he does that tragic backstory trait that you see in Gary Stu/Mary Sue type characters and could even be considered one if he didn't bring up his weaknesses for anything that makes him feel and act like a baby.

His naive nature and tendency to trust something that would normally harm him is what makes him an easy prey subject for characters like Ciel. As mentioned he does have actual parents but prefers to omit them out of his adventures by either remembering them as being abusive even if they were nice to him or in some cases...deceased.
Monstermaster's rating:
- Mitch/Jaeger.
The very first villain of the DA Verse Nathan ever encountered, this villain is essentially a spoiled brat werewolf who pretty much only was interested in him because he had heard of the internet troll-verse and thought of him as a troll, which was a mistake. He at first appeared in his humanoid form and took a liking to Nathan's monsters, however a whole new side of him was revealed when during the end of the Drmusic2 storyline. It happened while Nathan in his Drmusic2 form/variant was witnessing the corruption of his own form and being which was caused by another villain using his dark powers to mesmerize him into giving out personal details about himself including his weaknesses and secret passcodes. This villain was soon outed and captured, but it was already nearly too late for Nathan as his form slowly began to corrupt and alter, eventually he died as the Drmusic2 era version of him died due to the corruption overtaking his body and very being, but prior to this the damage had already been done.

Mitch's true side had already come out and that side was that of a deluded pervert who cared about nothing but screwing people over and being screwed himself. The side later was revealed in countless other website universes as the actual side of him, this side cared about nothing apart from getting laid no matter what species his victims were, he then started targeting autistic people and trying to kill them. He was caught in the act of having sex with a doppelganger of Nathan in his Dr Music incarnation, of course this wasn't Nathan at all as mentioned above. Since Nathan's Resurrection and emerging as the Monstermaster13 persona, Mitch's true side has become more prominent, Nathan himself started really noticing this early on.

Specifically when Mitch complained about one of Nathan's early 'avatar' based forms which was merely just a version of Simon Cowell with feline features (saying that it could 'make babies cry' and acting like Nathan had murdered him) and when he used 'you're ruining my childhood' as an excuse/respond to Nathan's creations, that's when Nathan knew that Mitch was an asshole, even more so when he pretty much accused him of being a 'cannibal troll'. This only added to his delusions, when he became paranoid to the point that he thinks that just because Nathan mentioned him a few times that Nathan is out to get him, making him lose his mind...not that he had one to begin with, and making him the paranoid psychopath he is today.

His so called friendly visage is only a facade that hides his true nature and his true intentions, as he preys on types of characters in the DA-Verse who are either naive and innocent or are too weak to try and stand up to him. Why he hasn't been sent to the hell dimension yet, nobody knows.
Monstermaster's rating:
Nathan/Monstermaster: A character in the DA Universe who used to be a villain and used to be basically an enslave all man-kind and take over the world type regarding monster creation but overtime he softened up and he became a hero character type. He has supernatural powers which he uses to bring characters from movies and tv shows to life and can even shapeshift, his shapeshifting powers are a slightly different case than most since he has rules about what people can get him to transform into...those rules including no age changes, nothing with more than one head, nothing kaiju sized, and absolutely no inanimate objects. He can also speak to Pokemon, and in the Were-Pokemon storyarc he gains a Smeargle form, he also has a Luxray form in one of Leon's adventures as well. He specializes in movie and tv character transformations including iconic movie monsters, and he can turn into celebrities as well. Also he is nocturnal, of course due to being half-vampire and everything.

He has a few recurring celebrity transformation forms including Chris who is basically a vampire version of Christopher Walken, Russell Brand (he has been Russell on quite a few occasions including in a few halloween episodes), George Clooney, Danny Trejo and Bruce Campbell. He has also been Christina Ricci and Kathy Bates quite a few times - including the time he turned into Annie Wilkes, but he always remains the same no matter what form he is in. His only truly evil form being Trumpty who is basically Donald Trump as a monster. His latest acquired form, that of the 'Bowie' persona has multiple different variants and alter-egos. One of his female celebrity forms is a 'were-celebrity' version of actress Marisa Tomei as Mona Lisa in My Cousin Vinny.

It is also revealed he has a connection to the Zootopia universe and he is close friends with the sheep character Dawn Bellwether. He has many different forms he appears in, including one which is a green skinned alien-version of Christopher Walken on the body of a mechanical spider, this is of course the design of Walken as Brainiac in the cancelled project Superman Lives. The main form he uses for face reveals is basically a mixture of Sam Rockwell and Collin Farrell, with the second variant being a mix of Brendan Fraser and David Tennant.

Due to being supernatural himself, he has an immunity to any sort of corruption that would normally make a good guy turn evil and it is stated that he cannot be affected by the likes of the demonic tiger dancer doppelgangers or even by any of the creatures from Changed. He is fond of turning into female celebrities on occasion to seduce male enemies before squicking them out with some Body Horror. An avid reader and horror buff, he is a huge fan of R.L Stine and Stephen King but also of H.P Lovecraft and he enjoys a variety of movies from the 80's and 90's that are of the horror/sci fi/fantasy genre. This includes the following: An American Werewolf In London, Sleepy Hollow, Cat People (1982), John Carpenter's The Thing, Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992), Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (1994), Wolf (1994), The Howling franchise, Fright Night (1985), Carrie (the original 1976 one), From Dusk Till Dawn, the Evil Dead franchise, Bad Taste, Dead Alive, Gremlins 1 and 2, The Shining, Misery, Christine, The Stand mini-series, Sleepwalkers, Hellraiser franchise, Wishmaster franchise, Nightbreed, The Fly, Freaked, The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, The Last Unicorn, Nothing But Trouble, The Frighteners, Ghostbusters 1 and 2, Michael Jackson's Ghosts, Lost Boys, Legend, Innocent Blood, The Hunger, and Big Trouble In Little China.

He has a variety of weaknesses that are both akin to folkloric vampires and also to movie vampires as well. He will sometimes appear as one of his favorite actors, his main favorite one being Christopher Walken but he will sometimes be George Clooney (as mentioned above) or Danny Trejo, Trejo is the form he appears in when he's out fighting evil monsters. Although he may appear as Jeff Goldblum when he's working in his science lab.
Monstermaster's rating:

- Midwolwg:
Not a villain but sort of close to becoming one due to the fact that he almost seems to become corrupted into turning others into whatever species he is. Also...he seems to believe that no matter what transformation he is going through he has to do a nude scene, it's unknown if he believes that his body is worth being seen or if he feels comfortable doing nude scenes. In addition to this he always seems to get into situations that involve elements of Ho Yay/Les Yay or Foe Yay from time to time, and it gets to be particularly puzzling on numerous occasion. It is unknown if he is some kind of sex addict or if he is doing his job as the Mr Fanservice trope personified.
- Joe:
Joe aka Assimilatortrix is a villain who at first appears to be the main character of his own adventures and the 'hero' but actually has villainous intentions. Like Dylan he is a most-wanted criminal in the Deviantart Universe due to how many times he has tried to take over the world and assimilate everyone into being animal-people or monsters. His 'hero' guise is that of a typical loveless loser who can't seem to get a date and seems to willingly get into situations in which he gets captured, transformed and brainwashed. He acts like it's never his fault when he gets brainwashed into serving another creature, but that's how he works. He gets a new lover in every episode but nobody knows where each lover ended up, so it's safe to assume that some of them ended up with Chuck Cunningham Syndrome.

He is under the impression that humanity itself is evil and that he's the one in the right, but really he is basically just proving how much of a Chara wannabe he is. He's also stupid enough to go out with a monster who in a normal situation could pretty much slaughter him if he or she or they chose to, and so much so that he thinks that his life sucks and that dooming an entire race and enslaving them is a much better alternative. He is fond of the 'Shrek' type of ending where the other half of the relationship becomes a monster just so they can be with the one they love. His hero guise tends to be just as stupid as his normal self, right down to the fact he doesn't know about certain shows or movies.
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Average listal rating (2223 ratings) 8.3 IMDB Rating 0
- Ciel:
A diabolical bird-woman who is an anthro phoenix with piercing red eyes, who is also a notorious villainess in the Deviantart universe. Basically picture the Master from Doctor Who crossed with Dark Phoenix, she has a variety of ungodly powers that she uses to transform people, and she has a thing for drones/androids and also goo. She is responsible for many dangerous criminal acts, she also has this tendency to transform others and corrupt them into being her servants...either because she is too lazy to do the heavy work herself or because she does it for evil's sake. One infamous storyline of hers she is infamous for starting is the Puro/Transfur storyline in which she started it after she designed a mask for her friend which turned said friend into Puro, who then turned her into a Transfur creature as well. This resulted in a storyline that pretty much lasted for more than 30 chapters and while it started out interesting, it soon became tedious once it hit chapters 40-46, mainly due to nothing changing except the victims and it also became confusing due to the lack of a proper timeline. The only instances of the storyline changing were with the additions of two people becoming 'squid-dogs' and one person being immune to mind-control.

No matter what form she comes back in, you can always tell it is her by her eyes. She loves transformations, including transforming herself. She really loves transforming into a male. It makes her very happy. That's also the best time to defeat her because she's (he's) very vulnerable in that mental state.
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- Dylan/Blu-Man:
A most wanted criminal in the Deviantart universe, he goes by many aliases but The Infamous Mr Blu-Man is one of them. This villain always goes with the same themes when it comes to turning people and that is with suits, and that's because when he was a young villain in training he became obsessed with mascots due to his former job at a theme-park and his dream was to be a mascot, and thus he started hearing voices in his head telling him to stuff people in suits...which he did, brainwashing them into being his mindless minions. His main gimmicks are rubber, clowns and goo with heavy amounts of Ho Yay.

My face-claims for the characters of the Deviantart Universe.

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