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MCU Women

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Maria Stark

• Maria Collins Carbonell Stark was Tony Stark's mother and Howard Stark's wife.

• Maria married Howard Stark, who became a devoted husband despite being a womanizer during his youth.

• The Starks had a son together, Anthony Stark, born on May 29, 1970. Over the years, Tony and Howard had a rough and strained relationship, never being able to make amends. However, Maria and her son had a much closer and caring relationship, built on love.

• She was assassinated along with her husband by the Winter Soldier under HYDRA orders, making it appear as an accidental car crash.

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May Parker

• Maybelle "May" Parker is the aunt of Peter Parker and the widow of the late Ben Parker.

• She took on the responsibility of raising Peter alone, as she stood by him during Tony Stark's mentorship, while unaware of how he became an intern at Stark Industries.

• Parker eventually learned that her nephew was actually Spider-Man, but came to accept his secret identity. However, she was soon killed during the Snap, which also killed Peter, only for them both to be resurrected due to the actions of the Avengers five years later.

• In the wake of the Blip, Parker continued supporting Peter as Spider-Man, while also starting a romantic relationship with Happy Hogan.

• She would take on an active role in helping her community by working with the Salvation Army in finding new homes for those who were displaced upon returning to life.

Janet van Dyne

• Janet van Dyne is the wife of Hank Pym and the mother of Hope van Dyne.

• She operated under the codename Wasp in S.H.I.E.L.D. until she sacrificed herself to disarm a Soviet ICBM bound for the United States in 1987, saving millions of lives but also becoming lost to the Quantum Realm.

• After Scott Lang entered the Quantum Realm, van Dyne was able to send a message to him, causing him to notify her family. They then began working on a way to retrieve her from the Quantum Realm, something Pym had been desperately trying to do for some time, having been given hope that she was alive.

• Their ambitions succeeded, and she was freed from the Quantum Realm as an evolved human with superhuman powers, and she temporarily healed Ghost after reuniting with her family. Van Dyne then worked with her family to send Lang into the Quantum Realm in order to fully heal Ghost.

• However, when Thanos snapped his fingers to erase half of all life in the universe, van Dyne, alongside her family were among those who died, leaving Lang trapped in the Quantum Realm.

• Fortunately, she was resurrected in 2023 by Hulk, along with every other living thing who had been eliminated during the Snap, and later attended Tony Stark's funeral.

Cassie Lang

• Cassandra "Cassie" Lang is the daughter of Scott and Maggie Lang.

• When Lang was five years old, Scott was arrested after breaking into the house of the CEO of Vistacorp and sending back money the company had stolen from its customers.

• While Scott was still in prison, Lang's parents divorced. Maggie soon became engaged to Jim Paxton, who raised Lang like his own daughter.

Maggie Lang

• Margaret "Maggie" Lang is the ex-wife of Scott Lang, the mother of Cassie Lang and the wife of Jim Paxton.

• Maggie met Scott Lang, the man who would become her husband, and fell in love with him despite knowing his past criminal activities.

• Lang supported her husband unconditionally until she became pregnant with their daughter, Cassandra. After Cassie's birth, Lang made Scott promise he would leave his criminal lifestyle behind, even though he claimed he was only stealing from crooks.

• During Scott's incarceration, Lang filed for divorce. Sometime after, she began dating Jim Paxton and they soon became engaged.

Hope van Dyne/Wasp

• Hope van Dyne is the daughter of Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne, and a former chairwoman of the board of Pym Technologies.

• When Darren Cross attempted to create and sell a new weapon based on her father's Ant-Man Suit, van Dyne reunited with her father and, along with Scott Lang who succeeded Hank as Ant-Man, was able to defeat Cross.

• After these events, Pym found the possibility of saving his wife due to Lang's first experience in the Quantum Realm, from which van Dyne was finally being offered by her father a suit that belonged to her mother, therefore taking on the name of Wasp.

• Over the course of another year, van Dyne would train alongside Lang, while forming a romantic relationship with him, until she broke up because Lang's actions during the Clash of the Avengers resulted in her and her father being wanted by the FBI.

• Two years later, van Dyne, Pym, and Lang successfully managed to retrieve her mother from the Quantum Realm and also faced Ava Starr when she became a threat to their plan of rescue.

• Van Dyne also reconciled with Lang and resumed their relationship.

• Alongside her parents, van Dyne was among the random people who turned to dust following Thanos' success in assembling his Infinity Gauntlet and wiping out half the population.

• During the Battle of Earth, van Dyne was resurrected, along with all the other victims of the Snap in 2023, where she aided the Avengers in defeating Thanos and his army.

• After Thanos' army was disintegrated, van Dyne attended Tony Stark's funeral with Lang and her parents and later returned home to San Francisco to celebrate their victory with Cassie Lang.

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Madam B.

• Madame B. was responsible for training female assassins at a Red Room facility alongside Dreykov.

• One of the most skilled killers there was Natasha Romanoff, who proved herself to be a great ballet dancer, as well as formidable in martial arts and weapons training.

• Madame B. believed Romanoff could be the next Black Widow assassin and ensured she received the best training, although the regimen almost broke Romanoff.

• Eventually, Madame B. felt Romanoff was ready for the graduation ceremony but Romanoff began purposefully failing her tests.

• Seeing through her attempts to fail and escape, Madame B. put Romanoff through the graduation ceremony, sterilizing her.

• Romanoff went on to become one of the most feared assassins in Russia until she eventually switched sides and began working for S.H.I.E.L.D..

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Helen Cho

• Doctor Helen Cho is a world-renowned geneticist and the leader of the U-GIN Research Group.

• She was called to assist the Avengers with her research and technology in the war against HYDRA, asking her to treat Clint Barton.

• Later, she was approached by Ultron who enthralled her to created a new body for him.

• However, Scarlet Witch undid Cho's control and she managed to corrupt the process of the creation, although Ultron almost killed her for that.

Laura Barton

• Laura Barton is the wife of Clint Barton, also known as Hawkeye, and the mother of Cooper, Lila, and Nathaniel Barton.

• She and her children lived in secrecy for their own protection against enemies of her husband. However, during the Ultron Offensive, they were revealed to the Avengers, who were unaware of Clint's family.

• Barton reminded her husband of how proud she was of his role within the Avengers, but she needed him with her due to being pregnant with their third child. Clint chose to retire from the Avengers and be with his family, as Barton later gave birth to Nathaniel.

• After coming out of retirement and getting involved in the Avengers Civil War, Clint was originally arrested, but eventually made a deal to be placed under house arrest in order to return to his family.

• In 2018, Barton, along with her three children, was killed by Thanos in the Snap. Five years later, they were all resurrected and the Barton family were once again reunited, after which they attended the funeral for Tony Stark.

Meredith Quill

• Meredith Quill was the mother of Peter Quill, whom she had conceived with Ego.

• When Peter was eight, she died of brain cancer that Ego covertly implanted in her head.

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Irani Rael

• Nova Prime Irani Rael is the commander of the Nova Corps.

• She led her people to victory with the help of the Guardians of the Galaxy when Ronan the Accuser attempted to destroy her home planet of Xandar with the Power Stone.

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• Nebula is a former Luphomoid assassin, an adopted daughter of the intergalactic warlord Thanos and adopted sister of Gamora.

• As the right-hand woman of Ronan the Accuser during his and Thanos' quest to retrieve the Orb, she helped him fight the Guardians of the Galaxy during the Battle of Xandar.

• Fleeing the battle after a fight with Gamora, Nebula was soon captured by the Sovereign and handed back to the Guardians after a finished commission.

• She escaped and helped Taserface lead the other Ravagers in a mutiny against their former leader Yondu Udonta before leaving to find and kill Gamora.

• After forgiving and helping her sister alongside the Guardians during the Battle on Ego's Planet, she left in a ship to pursue a revenge mission against Thanos.

• Nebula was eventually captured by Thanos, however, and used as a bargaining tool to convince Gamora to reveal the location of the Soul Stone.

• scaping and then pursuing Thanos to Titan, Nebula learned that Thanos had killed Gamora and aided both the Guardians, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, and Spider-Man during the Battle of Titan.

• Despite their efforts, they failed to stop Thanos from obtaining the Infinity Stones, which he then used to wipe out half the universe's population.

• Nebula was among those who survived but was left alone in space while departing from Titan to Earth with Stark in Benatar until they are found by Captain Marvel, who brought the pair to the New Avengers Facility in New York.

• Now on Earth, Nebula joined the Avengers, participating on the Ambush on Thanos. Following Thanos' murder at the hands of Thor, she spent the next five years traveling throughout the world with Rocket Raccoon under Natasha Romanoff's command.

• In 2023, she joined her fellow Avengers in the Time Heist, traveling to Morag in 2014 with War Machine to retrieve the Power Stone, creating an alternate timeline in the process.

• However, she was kidnapped and replaced by her alternate past self, who took her place and returned to the future. Teaming up with the Gamora from alternate 2014, Nebula killed her past self and participated in the Battle of Earth.

• In the aftermath of Stark's sacrifice during the battle to use the Infinity Stones to eliminate Thanos and those loyal to him, Nebula attended his funeral to honor him.

• Nebula, along with Thor and Rocket, left the Avengers and rejoined the Guardians of the Galaxy once again.

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• Gamora is a former Zehoberei assassin and a former member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

• She became the adopted daughter of Thanos and adopted sister of Nebula after he killed half of her race. Gamora served him for years before betraying him in an attempt to free herself from his ways.

• She was hired to steal the Orb, and after becoming involved in the Quest for the Orb, she befriended the other members of the Guardians of the Galaxy. After the Battle of Xandar, she left to work with them all.

• Having made a deal with the Sovereign to kill the Abilisk, Gamora was able to regain custody of Nebula with the intention of finally bringing her to justice in Xandar.

• However, her mission to punish Nebula was delayed when Gamora and the Guardians came into contact with Ego, the long-lost father of Star-Lord.

• While Ego claimed he simply wanted to bond with his son, Gamora was suspicious and, alongside Nebula who had freed herself, discovered Ego's evil intentions to destroy and rebuild the universe.

• Upon this discovery, the Guardians teamed up to destroy the living planet, succeeding with the help of Mantis, who joined the group, but at the cost of Yondu Udonta sacrificing his life.

• After Udonta's death, Gamora finally confessed that she had romantic feelings for Star-Lord and started a relationship with him.

• Four years later, Gamora and the Guardians intercepted a distress call sent by Asgardians. Thor warned them that Thanos had begun searching for the Infinity Stones himself.

• Realizing what Thanos intended to do with them, Gamora led her friends to Knowhere to procure the Aether, only for both it and Gamora to be captured by Thanos himself.

• Thanos took Gamora to Vormir, where he sacrificed her against her will in order to obtain the Soul Stone, a process that trapped Gamora's soul inside the Soulworld.

• In 2023, the Time Heist orchestrated by the Avengers with the intention of undoing the Snap inadvertently enabled the 2014 versions of Gamora and Thanos to learn how the future would unfold, causing a major divergence from the established timeline.

• Acting upon the obtained intelligence, Thanos successfully brought his armies from 2014 to the future where Gamora eventually turned against him after learning her tragic future before helping the Avengers and their allies to defeat him once and for all.

• After surviving the battle, Gamora fled, with Quill and the other Guardians searching for her.

Wanda Maximoff /Scarlet Witch

• Wanda Maximoff, also known as Scarlet Witch, is a native of Sokovia who grew up with her fraternal twin brother, Pietro.

• Born with the latent mythical ability to harness Chaos Magic, she developed a hatred against Tony Stark and rallied anti-American protests after the Novi Grad Bombings killed her parents.

• Years later, in an effort to help purge their country of strife, the twins joined HYDRA and agreed to undergo experiments with the Scepter under the supervision of Wolfgang von Strucker, with the Mind Stone awakening and amplifying Wanda's powers.

• When HYDRA fell, the twins joined Ultron to get their revenge on Stark, but abandoned him when they discovered his true intentions to eradicate humanity. Wanda and Pietro joined the Avengers during the Battle of Sokovia to stop Ultron.

• Pietro was killed during the battle but Wanda survived, and shortly after relocated to the New Avengers Facility in the United States.

• During the Avengers Civil War, she sided with Captain America and was briefly imprisoned on the Raft before Rogers freed her alongside his teammates.

• Over the next two years, Maximoff reunited and reconciled with Vision, and together the two started living off the grid in Europe, forming a romantic relationship.

• However, the two soon came under threat from Thanos and the Black Order, who sought the Mind Stone. After being ambushed by the Black Order, they sought refuge in Wakanda with the remaining Avengers.

• Maximoff took part in the city's defense when the Black Order invaded the city, and died in the Snap after Thanos completed the Infinity Gauntlet. After the victims of the Snap were resurrected in 2023, Maximoff was among the many heroes who fought during the Battle of Earth, defeating Thanos and his armies.

• Soon after, Maximoff became overwhelmed by immense grief from her recent personal losses, unwittingly unleashing her powers to create an alternate idyllic paradise of classical sitcom tropes within the town of Westview.

• She enthralled its inhabitants as cast members, and cut the town off from the outside world through an energy field. With a recreated Vision as her husband, Maximoff lived her ideal life, even producing twin sons, Tommy and Billy.

• Further complicating the crisis was Agatha Harkness, a fellow witch who sought to understand the nature of Maximoff's new reality, and S.W.O.R.D., an organization led by Tyler Hayward who wished to eliminate her.

• After defeating Harkness and the S.W.O.R.D. agents, Maximoff dispelled her reality, erasing her family in the process. Realizing the amount of damage she had done to Westview, Maximoff fled into isolation, and began studying the Darkhold.


• Hawley is a member of the World Security Council and one of the prime overseers of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s operations.

• During Loki's campaign for world domination, Hawley and her fellow council members favored the idea of utilizing Phase 2 as a defense over the Avengers Initiative, bringing her at odds with Nick Fury.

• She supported the decision to nuke New York City during the Battle of New York, though this ultimately failed when Iron Man redirected the missile to the Chitauri battle fleet in outer space, effectively ending the invasion.

• Hawley continued to serve on the Council after the Battle of New York. Following the battle, Hawley and the rest of the council coordinated with Alexander Pierce and Nick Fury to develop a stronger role for S.H.I.E.L.D.. To that end, they created Project Insight.

• Shortly before the launch of Project Insight, Hawley was replaced and impersonated by Black Widow, who needed access to the Triskelion and to confront Pierce.

• After the Clash of the Avengers, Thaddeus Ross arranged a meeting with the World Security Council, asking them for resources so he could bring in Natasha Romanoff. He believes that Romanoff helped Steve Rogers escape.

• Hawley was surprised by Ross' decision, claiming that Romanoff had saved her life during the HYDRA Uprising and fought against Captain America, as evidenced by a newspaper. Ross tried to persuade her, but she denied all his affirmations, believing they were not strong evidence. Hawley even challenged him to change her opinion about Romanoff.

Sharon Carter

• Sharon Carter is the great-niece of legendary S.H.I.E.L.D. founder and Director Peggy Carter.

• Following in her aunt's footsteps, Carter became an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., although she never revealed her relation, not wanting to be put under the pressure of living up to any expectations.

• Under direct orders from Nick Fury, Carter was tasked with going undercover as a nurse, living next to Steve Rogers.When Fury was attacked, she blew her cover to Rogers.

• After HYDRA was revealed to have been operating within S.H.I.E.L.D., Carter chose to stay loyal to her organization, and fought during the Battle at the Triskelion to protect millions of lives.

• In the aftermath of the HYDRA Uprising, Carter left the disbanded S.H.I.E.L.D. and joined the CIA, before being stationed at the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre.

• When the Vienna International Centre was bombed, Carter returned to the JCTC after giving Rogers information on Bucky Barnes.

• When Barnes was arrested and brought into the JCTC, Helmut Zemo reactivated his mental programming, causing Carter to try and stop him, to no success.

• She later assisted Rogers in handing over his team's equipment, which would indirectly spark the devastating Avengers Civil War.

• Her involvement in helping Rogers would cause Carter to go on the run after being branded an enemy of the state by the US government and isolated from the intelligence community.

• Relying on her skills and ingenuity to survive, Carter established herself in Madripoor as the Power Broker, who ruled the city's criminal underworld, amassing her wealth during the Snap, in which she was believed to have died.

• Carter would later reunite with Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes and Helmut Zemo, assisting them in uncovering the truth about the Flag Smashers.

• She would later hire the mercenary Georges Batroc as a means to spy on their leader and a former soldier of hers, Karli Morgenthau, before joining Wilson and Barnes in New York City as the Flag Smashers attack the GRC.

• After Carter killed Morgenthau, Wilson was eventually able to get her pardoned, unintentionally allowing her to secure direct access to government resources for her buyers in Madripoor.


• Carina was a Krylorian slave of the Collector, acting as his aide and servant.

• She eventually grew tired of her master's cruel treatment of her and, in an attempt to kill him, she tried to harness the power of the Power Stone, but she could not handle its extreme power and was quickly killed.

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• Eir is an Asgardian maiden and talented physician.

• When Frigga discovered that Loki was alive after falling into the Yggdrasil itself, and that he intended to conquer Earth, Odin sent Thor using dark energy to retrieve Loki, since the Bifrost Bridge was destroyed. However, that process left Odin in a very weakened state, and he was put under Eir's care.

• When Jane Foster became infected by a primordial force known as the Aether, she was brought to Asgard for treatment. Eir was then called upon to treat Foster, although she could do little to treat the human.

• However, she was able to provide information about the nature of the infection through use of the Soul Forge.

• She initially ignored Foster's attempts to understand Asgardian technology. She was surprised and somewhat impressed when Foster correctly guessed the Soul Forge's basic functions.

• Eir was later present at Frigga's funeral.

Ellen Brandt

• Ellen Brandt was a United States Armed Forces veteran and amputee, who was consulted by Aldrich Killian to participate in A.I.M.'s Extremis experiments.

• Soon after, Brandt became one of Killian's agents, assigned to cover up a conspiracy connecting Chad Davis' death to an explosion in Rose Hill and the Mandarin terrorist attacks.

• Brandt worked with Eric Savin to capture Tony Stark after he survived the destruction of his home, but was killed by him in the process.

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Maya Hansen

• Doctor Maya Hansen was a scientist who was the mastermind behind the Extremis project, and later began collaborating with Aldrich Killian to perfect the program under Advanced Idea Mechanics.

• However, the project began killing people in violent explosions, which Killian framed as terrorist attacks, so Hansen betrayed him and sought Tony Stark's help to fix it.

• When Hansen attempted to stop Killian after he captured Stark and Pepper Potts in his plan to take over the War on Terror, Killian murdered her.

Maria Hill

• Maria Hill is the former Deputy Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., and also held the title of "Commander". She enjoyed a well-deserved reputation as tough-minded and by the book.

• Her clearheaded pragmatism was a valued source of reason during the critical discourse surrounding the Avengers Initiative.

• After Nick Fury faked his death, Hill worked with him and was a part of the assault team that took down the Helicarriers from Project Insight.

• Hill joined Stark Industries in the immediate aftermath of the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D. to help protect herself from prosecution. However, she stayed in touch with Phil Coulson and S.H.I.E.L.D., acting as an intermediary between the organization and the Avengers during the War on HYDRA.

• Hill temporarily rejoined Fury as his second-in-command on the Helicarrier No. 64 during the Battle of Sokovia to help defeat the genocidal artificial intelligence Ultron. She later moved to the New Avengers Facility to assist the Avengers.

• Following the Avengers Civil War, Hill was fired from Stark Industries by Tony Stark.

• In 2018, Hill and Fury, along with fifty percent of the universe, were killed when Thanos completed the Infinity Gauntlet.

• Five years later, Hill was resurrected by Bruce Banner using the Infinity Stones and was among those present at Tony Stark's funeral.


• During World War II, Lorraine served in the United States Army and the Strategic Scientific Reserve as the secretary of Chester Phillips.

• In 1944, she was in London on a meeting of the senior staff of the SSR. Lorraine was reading a newspaper which headlined the Liberation of Allied Prisoners of War when he came to speak to Phillips.

• She tried to seduce Steve Rogers by kissing him, claiming to be thanking him for his bravery on behalf of the women of the country, but was interrupted due to Peggy Carter's interference.

Peggy Carter

• Dr. Margaret Elizabeth "Peggy" Carter, Ph.D., was one of the most prominent agents of the Strategic Scientific Reserve during and after World War II and one of the founders of S.H.I.E.L.D..

• Originally a code-breaker working at Bletchley Park, she joined the Special Operations Executive following her brother's death. Carter later joined the SSR, formed to fight HYDRA.

• On the mission in Germany, she saved Abraham Erskine from Johann Schmidt. The success of her mission enabled the SSR to start Project Rebirth and develop their Super Soldier Serum to make the army of Super Soldiers.

• During the project, she had befriended Steve Rogers, one of the project's candidates.

• In 1943, after the abrupt end of Project Rebirth and Rogers' transformation into the only Super Soldier, Carter assisted him in becoming the world's first superhero, eventually falling in love with him.

• After Rogers' disappearance in 1945, she continued the SSR's fight against HYDRA, capturing the last high-ranking HYDRA officer Werner Reinhardt, and continuing her service in the SSR once the War ended.

• As an agent of the SSR, Carter helped former colleague Howard Stark clear his name when he was accused of being a traitor, and later traveled to Los Angeles where she clashed with Whitney Frost over the extra-dimensional Zero Matter.

• She helped Stark found the new peacekeeping organization, the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division, better known by its acronym S.H.I.E.L.D..

• Carter eventually married an Allied soldier and became a mother of two children, though she would continue her service in S.H.I.E.L.D. during the turbulent years of the Cold War, becoming the agency's director by 1970.

• By the beginning of the 21st century, Carter retired and saw her great-niece, Sharon Carter, follow in her footsteps.

• During her retirement, a young Rogers was pulled from the ice and found to be alive, but by this time she had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and struggled to recognize him. She died peacefully in her sleep in 2016.

• After discovering a method to travel through time in 2023, Rogers returned to the 1940s, creating an alternate timeline where he married Carter and grew old with her.


• Frigga was the Queen of Asgard and wife of Odin, mother of Thor, and adoptive mother of Loki.

• She attempted to keep the peace between the family even when Loki discovered he was the true son of Laufey and became vengeful towards her and her husband.

• When Thor brought Jane Foster to Asgard to protect her from the powers of the Aether, Frigga took care of her and defended her against the attacking Dark Elves, even sacrificing her life at the hands of Malekith to ensure her safety.

• Frigga's death allowed Loki, whom she had always cared for, to reconsider his life choices and join with his brother to avenge her death, although her death was not enough to change Loki's desire to rule.

• In 2023, after discovering a method to traverse through time, Thor traveled back to Asgard in 2013 where he encountered his mother, who was able to detect that her son had arrived from the future.

• Frigga imparted guidance to Thor to succeed in his task, informing her son that she was there to help his future and did not want him to prevent her death and alter her future, before allowing him to return to his own time.


• Lady Sif is a fearsome Asgardian warrior and a good friend of Thor and the Warriors Three.

• When Thor almost provoked a war with the Frost Giants and ended up powerless on Earth, Sif and her friends disobeyed the orders of their new king Loki and went to Earth to save their friend.

• Thanks to them, Thor returned to Asgard and Loki's reign of terror ended.

• Later, along with her friends, Sif bravely fought against the Marauders, an intergalactic ragtag band of pirates who pillaged the unprotected realms of the universe.

• After the Second Dark Elf Conflict, she was sent to Earth and successfully captured Lorelei.

• A year later, Sif returned to Earth again, this time to investigate the arrival of Vin-Tak who was hunting down the Inhumans.

• In 2018, Sif was among the many who died when Thanos completed the Infinity Gauntlet and wiped out half the life in the universe.

• However, she was resurrected by Hulk and the other Avengers in 2023.

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Darcy Lewis

• Doctor Darcy Lewis is a former student of political science at Culver University who became an intern for Erik Selvig and Jane Foster's assistant.

• While working with the scientists, Lewis came into contact with Asgard when Thor arrived on Earth, only to be followed by the Warriors Three, Lady Sif, and the Destroyer.

• Lewis and Foster became focused on understanding the Bifrost Bridge and when Thor returned to Earth, Lewis assisted him in his war against Malekith and the Dark Elves.

• Returning to school, Lewis eventually graduated with a doctorate in astrophysics.

• Years later, in the aftermath of the Blip, Lewis was recruited to take part in a government operation headed by S.W.O.R.D. to investigate a mysterious supernatural phenomenon occurring in Westview.

• Lewis herself discovered that the town was actually trapped in an illusion reminiscent of past sitcoms, and that Wanda Maximoff was the culprit.

Jane Foster

• Doctor Jane Foster is one of the world's leading astrophysicists, the world's foremost astronomer, the creator of the Foster Theory, as well as one of the premiere experts on Asgard.

• She found Thor after he was banished from Asgard and fell to Earth while she and her team were in New Mexico studying astronomical anomalies. She helped him in his mission to return to Asgard, eventually falling in love with him along the way.

• They were separated due to the temporary destruction of the Rainbow Bridge. During Loki's assault on Earth, S.H.I.E.L.D. kept her out of harms way by transferring her to a remote observatory where Loki could not find her.

• She found out of Thor's return through the footage of the Battle of New York; this left Foster disappointed and angry that Thor didn't attempt contacting her.

• During the Convergence, she became host to the Aether and helped Thor defeat Malekith during the Battle of Greenwich.

• Once free of the Aether, Foster returned to work and Thor had decided to remain on Earth with her. Due to her work studying of the Convergence, Foster was being considered for the Noble Prize in astrophysics.

• Following the Ultron Offensive, Foster ended her relationship with Thor.

• In 2018, Foster was amongst the victims who died when Thanos wiped out half the life in the universe with the Infinity Stones. Five years later, the Avengers were successful in reversing the effects of the Snap, bringing back everyone who died, including Foster.

• When Thor and Rocket Raccoon traveled back to an alternate 2013 to steal the Reality Stone, this version of Foster was resting on Asgard.

• Rocket snuck into her room and extracted the stone from Foster's body, causing her to alert the Einherjar of his presence. Moments later, Captain America arrived in the alternate 2013, returning the Reality Stone.

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Chess Roberts

• Chess Roberts is a news reporter for WHiH World News.

• Was present at the opening of the Stark Expo in New York City. Once Tony Stark made his opening speech and exited the stage, Roberts did a live report on the Expo.

• She reminded her viewers that the Expo would take place all year round and WHiH World News would continue to give reports on the different exhibits.

Natasha Romanoff /Black Widow

• Natalia Alianovna "Natasha" Romanoff (Russian: Наталья Алиановна "Наташа" Романов), also known as Black Widow, was one of the most talented spies and assassins in the entire world and a founding member of the Avengers.

• As a child, she was indoctrinated into the Red Room by General Dreykov, and briefly lived as the surrogate daughter of Alexei Shostakov and Melina Vostokoff while they were undercover in the United States of America.

• After the Destruction of the North Institute, she underwent extensive psychological conditioning, before graduating from the Red Room as a Widow.

• Working as an operative for the KGB, she was targeted by S.H.I.E.L.D., before given the chance to ultimately defect to the organization by Clint Barton by assassinating Dreykov.

• Romanoff succeeded, although having to use his daughter Antonia Dreykov's life as collateral damage would haunt her for the rest of her life.

• Having extensive mastery in martial arts and armed with her Widow's Bite, Black Widow became one of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s most efficient agents.

• During one mission, she was sent undercover into Stark Industries to watch Tony Stark due to the fear that he was dying. During this mission, Romanoff assisted Stark with defeating Ivan Vanko's terrorist plots against him.

• When Loki declared war on the Earth, Black Widow was recruited into the Avengers after Hawkeye had just been enthralled by Loki.

• Romanoff assisted in recruiting Stark and Bruce Banner into the team while they tracked down and attempted to capture Loki, eventually saving Barton from his grasp.

• Once Loki's entire plan had been uncovered, Romanoff joined the team during the Battle of New York and was instrumental in destroying the portal over the city which had been created by the Tesseract, effectively ending the entire invasion while Loki was defeated and deported back to his homeworld by his brother Thor.

• In the wake of the Avengers successfully defeating Loki, Romanoff continued her work with S.H.I.E.L.D., this time working with Captain America.

• While working together, Romanoff and Rogers uncovered a conspiracy following an assassination attempt on Nick Fury, which had eventually led to them discovering that HYDRA had been infiltrating their entire organization since its foundation.

• Despite the efforts of the Winter Soldier to stop them, Romanoff helped expose Alexander Pierce's evil schemes to the world, which also resulted in all of her own morally dubious history being revealed. As a result, Romanoff was forced into dropping off the grid again and began rebuilding her cover.

• Romanoff eventually rejoined the Avengers, working to bring down various HYDRA cells across the world and assisting in the capture of Wolfgang von Strucker.

• However, before she could form a romantic relationship with Banner, the rogue artificial intelligence Ultron was created by him and Stark, forcing Romanoff and the rest of their team to join together and defeat him.

• Despite being captured, Romanoff was able to inform the team of Ultron's location on Sokovia, resulting in a final battle in which the Avengers had defeated Ultron once and for all, though Banner fled into self-exile. Along with Captain America, Black Widow remained a member while forming the second incarnation of the team.

• As many of the world governments demanded the Avengers to sign the Sokovia Accords in the wake of their recent battles, Romanoff agreed to their terms and signed the Accords.

• She later joined Iron Man in a fight against Captain America due to his disagreements with the Accords and his criminal activities with the Winter Soldier who Rogers was attempting to protect.

• As the two Avengers' factions fought against each other, Romanoff betrayed Iron Man's team to assist Captain America in finding the one incriminating the Winter Soldier, inherently violating the Sokovia Accords.

• As a result, the fugitive Romanoff worked with Rick Mason to escape the government for aiding Rogers. In the process, Romanoff intercepted messages from her former surrogate sister Yelena Belova about the Red Room's resurgence.

• In possession of the Red Dust, Romanoff and Belova were relentlessly pursued by Taskmaster, who worked for Dreykov, who was believed to have been killed. Reuniting with her surrogate parents, they worked together to bring down the Red Room once and for all.

• Upon learning Taskmaster was actually Antonia, who had survived all these years but was mind-controlled by Dreykov, Romanoff freed her from Dreykov's enthrallment, and put an end to Dreykov's plans for world domination. Romanoff soon joined Rogers in freeing the incarcerated Avengers.

• With the Avengers broken up, Romanoff, Rogers and Wilson went on the run for two years as international fugitives, working alone to stop terrorist cells in Syria.

• When the threat of Thanos approached Earth, Romanoff, Rogers, and Wilson protected Vision, who had the Mind Stone, which Thanos was after.

• They later defended Wakanda from the attack, but were ultimately defeated when Thanos destroyed half of all life with the Infinity Gauntlet, where Romanoff emerged as one of the survivors.

• Romanoff was part of the Ambush on Thanos in an effort to retrieve the Infinity Stones and undo the Titan's snap, with no success.

• Five years later, Romanoff led the Avengers alongside Captain America, now formed by Okoye, Rocket Raccoon, Nebula, War Machine, and Captain Marvel.

• With an opportunity to undo the Snap presented by Ant-Man, the remaining Avengers split up into teams to retrieve all Infinity Stones from several alternate timelines in the Time Heist.

• Sent to retrieve the Soul Stone on Vormir with Barton, Romanoff, against Barton's insistence, willingly jumped off the Vormir mountains into the abyss below, sacrificing herself in the process in order to obtain the Soul Stone for the Avengers.

Kathleen Sparr

• Major Kathleen Sparr is an officer of the United States Army and an aide to Thaddeus Ross.

• She assisted him in the pursuit of Bruce Banner following the latter's transformation into Hulk, but was later subdued by Emil Blonsky.

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Betty Ross

• Doctor Elizabeth "Betty" Ross is a scientist and professor at Culver University, who became infatuated with her colleague Bruce Banner.

• In 2005, she joined Banner in the Bio-Tech Force Enhancement Project, administering Banner with a primer she developed that allowed him to survive his exposure to gamma radiation and become Hulk.

• For five years, she was separated from Banner, while her father Thaddeus Ross spearheaded an international manhunt.

• In Banner's absence, Ross had begun dating Leonard Samson.

• In 2010, she became an accomplice of Banner after she was reunited with him in the United States. Together, they went on the run from the Strategic Operations Command Center, until Banner was captured in New York City while consulting Samuel Sterns.

• During the Duel of Harlem, when Banner was released to fight the Abomination, Ross' life was saved by Hulk.

• Afterwards, she and Banner went their own separate ways.

• In 2018, Ross was a victim of Thanos' Snap, but was resurrected by Bruce Banner five years later.

Amira Ahmed

• Amira Ahmed is a news reporter for FBX.

• Reported on the various attacks against several villages by the Ten Rings in Afghanistan. She also reported on the refugees from Gulmira.

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Christine Everhart

• Christine Everhart is a journalist who worked for Vanity Fair before being employed as an anchor for WHiH World News.

Pepper Potts

• Virginia "Pepper" Potts is the CEO of Stark Industries. Originally working as Tony Stark's personal assistant, she would take care of his schedule and perform any task he wished.

• During this time, Potts became good friends with Stark and soon, they had begun developing romantic feelings for each other. However, neither was able to act on these feelings, as they each feared that the other would not accept them.

• When Stark returned from captivity in Afghanistan, Potts was trusted enough by him to see his Iron Man suits and his workshop.

• She helped Stark defeat Obadiah Stane, who tried to kill Stark, by overloading the Arc Reactor, killing Stane. After Stane's death, Stark made Potts his new business partner, taking Stane's place.

• Believing his death was imminent, Stark stepped down as CEO and appointed her as his replacement. After Stark defeated Whiplash at the Stark Expo, both Potts and Stark finally admitted their attraction to each other and began a romantic relationship.

• During the crisis surrounding the Mandarin's terrorist attacks, Potts was kidnapped by Aldrich Killian and injected with Extremis.

• She was freed by Stark during the Battle on the Norco and went on to kill Killian herself. Stark cured her of the effects of Extremis, who temporarily gave up being Iron Man just for her.

• As the War on HYDRA began, the Avengers needed to be remobilized. Without S.H.I.E.L.D. active to run the team, Stark and Potts took over, allowing Captain America to retain field and team leadership while he designed everything else, including creating new armors and rejoining the team himself as an active duty combatant.

• Sometime after the Ultron Offensive, he and Potts broke off their relationship, which affected Stark and left him wondering why he could not make it work while his father could.

• However, shortly after the Avengers Civil War ended, Stark and Potts resumed their relationship, where Stark eventually proposed to her. The two married following the Snap and had a daughter, Morgan Stark.

• The three of them resided on the Stark Eco-Compound until Stark departed for the Time Heist. Later, Potts joined the Avengers in the Battle of Earth as Rescue, wearing the Mark XLIX armor, when Thanos' forces invaded.

• After Stark died by her side, Potts was present at his funeral, where she set adrift Stark's first Arc Reactor onto a wreath into their residential lakeside.

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