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Added by Juli on 16 Aug 2012 11:19
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Down The List With 30 People [Juli]

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-1. Actor/Actress I Discovered Last Year [2011]-

I first saw her in X-men: First Class & immediately I thought she was adorable & sassy. I wasn't aware of the Hunger Games when I first heard of her but she's really the only reason I went to see it. I love her & she appears to a have a great film career ahead of her.

Juli's rating:
-2. An Underrated Actor/Actress-

I personally love her, but I can see why a lot of people don't. I don't want to base my choice around The Grinch, but that was what made me dislike her at first. As she got older & started playing more diverse parts, I started liking her more & more.

Juli's rating:
-3. Favorite TV Show Actor-

I am a huge Stargate fan, & when I started watching the series, I was a little hesitant to see the new cast taking over the film actors' roles, but I fell absolutely in love with them, most prominently RDA. He's absolutely hilarious & made me curious to watch Macgyver.

Juli's rating:
-4. Favorite TV Show Actress-

As a kid, Sabrina was one of my favorite shows & I really have yet to find another show that is quite that amazing. Although I'm a fan of Friends, Boy Meets World & other great shows from the 90's, none of the characters mesmerized me so much.

Juli's rating:
-5. Hottest Actor-

Obviously he's my first choice, I mean, look at the guy. He's gorgeous. I really don't need any other reason than that.

Juli's rating:
Average listal rating (2146 ratings) 8.2 IMDB Rating 0
-6. Hottest Actress-

I honestly just think she's the most stunning woman I've seen in a long time.

Juli's rating:
Average listal rating (2077 ratings) 8.6 IMDB Rating 0
-7. Favorite Smile-

I was really determined to have Heath on this list no matter what & I really would have put him in more than one spot, but I figured that wouldn't be fair. So, I sat for a moment & it was only obvious that his smile be honored. After all, it is amazing.

Juli's rating:
Average listal rating (2223 ratings) 8.3 IMDB Rating 0
-8. Favorite Eyes-

For a while now, I've been really infatuated with Eva's eyes & I wasn't sure how I'd been so unaware of her up until last year or so. It's really a shame that I'm only now becoming familiar with her, but I can only see her getting better with time.

Juli's rating:
-9. Actor/Actress With A Great Voice-

Alright, so this one took some debating. I wanted very much to put someone with a British accent because I find them very sexy, but as I thought further, I remembered Anton in Star Trek. No, he doesn't talk with the accent ALL the time, but that doesn't matter, he can read me the dictionary & I'd be captivated.

Juli's rating:
-10. Favorite Classic Actor/Actress-

My childhood just about revolved around classic movies like Mary Poppins & The Sound Of Music [even some older films] so I can't just ignore the fact that I grew up loving Julie in all of her glory. I adore that she still does films from time to time.

Juli's rating:
Average listal rating (183 ratings) 6.4 IMDB Rating 0
-11. Actor/Actress That Changed My Opinion On Something-

This is probably going to sound very cheesy or lame, but before I was aware of Jay, I figured being awkward was just something else stopping me from acting - which I very much know may never happen for myself - but I didn't think it was possible to be so socially awkward & be a decent actor. But watching him in... well, everything he's in has significantly changed my mind. Not to mention he's a sexy little thing.

Juli's rating:
Average listal rating (816 ratings) 7.7 IMDB Rating 0
-12. Actor/Actress That I Dislike-

I tweaked this one a bit. I don't really "hate" anyone. I find it stupid to say you hate someone when you don't personally know them, so I just very strongly dislike people. Especially this one. I won't put a picture because I really don't feel like looking at him. So yeah.
Juli's rating:
Average listal rating (874 ratings) 7.8 IMDB Rating 0
-13. Actor/Actress I Have A Huge Crush On-

Okay, so this is pretty self-explanatory. I find this man extremely irresistible in the least sarcastic way possible. Oh yes.

Juli's rating:
Average listal rating (1509 ratings) 5.6 IMDB Rating 0
-14. Actor/Actress No One Expects Me To Love-

I had to ask my mom about this one, & this was the answer I got. Apparently, according to her, my style is very different. I am usually a fan of horror or fantasy-type stuff & I never usually like chick-flicks, which Miley make frequent appearances in, but despite that, I really like her. Most people don't & I may get some flack for it, but I don't think she's the worst actress out there.

Juli's rating:
Average listal rating (1346 ratings) 7.1 IMDB Rating 0
-15. Actor/Actress I Used To Like But Now Dislike-

Another one I tweaked. I never really loved Hilary & like I said, I don't hate people I don't know. But I really cannot stand her. She was okay as Lizzie McGuire & I can stomach some of her movies but I do not like her for reasons even I'm not sure of.
Juli's rating:
-16. Actor/Actress That Has Disappointed Me The Most-

I tried for a long time to be a fan of her & when she started out, I did like her. Princess Diaries was almost bearable, but as she went on in her career, she just started getting more & more annoying. I highly disapprove of her as Catwoman & I'm almost completely convinced that I don't want to even see The Dark Knight Rises because of her.
Juli's rating:
-17. Actor/Actress Who Is Surprisingly Good-

I never really had a doubt that he'd be a good actor, seeing how I've known of him for a sort of long time, but I have to admit I get a little shock every now & then with his talents. He's not just that Twilight guy in my opinion, he's done so many other things, it's hard for me to just associate him with one film/show.

Juli's rating:
-18. Actor/Actress I Wish Played In More Movies-

I honestly just think he's the most adorable person ever. He's so goofy & dorky & I think it would be interesting to see him more. I'm a huge fan of Criminal Minds & I know he'd probably get somewhat type-cast as the smart/quirky guy but I still think it would be fun to watch.

Juli's rating:
-19. Worst Actor/Actress-

To be perfectly honest, he wasn't my first choice, but watching one of his films with my mom really pushed him up there. I won't say which one, but most people would disagree, I'm sure. I could have put Nicholas Cage or Ben Affleck but in all truth, I think their efforts put them way higher on the totem pole.
Juli's rating:
-20. Actress That Plays One Of My Favorite Characters-

She may not being doing much anymore, but she's always been my role model. I loved her as The Nanny, & in Beautician & The Beast she was amazing. She may only do one accent, but you can't forget it once you hear it. I'd love to see her do something other than TV in the next few years.

Juli's rating:
-21. Actor That Plays One Of My Favorite Characters-

I had to include Harry Potter at some point & I wasn't sure how, but this turned out pretty perfect. Neville was one of my favorite characters from the moment I saw/read about him. He was adorable & so cute, I couldn't help myself. As the Harry Potter movies went on, he just got more & more sexy.

Juli's rating:
-22. Most Overrated Actor-

This had to be the easiest decision I made while making this list. I cannot stand this guy & I don't know why everyone likes him. He isn't hot/sexy/cute/anything, he can't act, his voice is annoying & I'm not saying all of this to "fit in" or whatever, I've disliked him from the moment I saw him in Sharkboy & Lavagirl. I just do not see the appeal.
Juli's rating:
-23. Most Overrated Actress-

From the second she spoke in Mean Girls till now, I haven't been able to finish a movie with her in it & be able to say if I liked it or not. She ruined so many movies for me & I don't know why people think she's that great. Her acting is sub-par & her voice is nerve-grinding.
Juli's rating:
Average listal rating (8 ratings) 8.3 IMDB Rating 0
-24. Favorite Comedy Actor/Actress-

Not a lot of people are aware of the Broken Lizard comedy troop, but I love them to death. Collectively, me & my brothers own all of their films - which admittedly isn't a lot - & I consider them some of my favorites. I chose Steve to front the group as a whole because his character in Club Dread is my favorite of their originally-created characters.

Juli's rating:
Average listal rating (3053 ratings) 7.3 IMDB Rating 0
-25. Actor/Actress I Love, But Everyone Else Seems To Hate-

I really don't give that much of a crap that people hate her, that doesn't affect me. She's, in my opinion, a good actress with a beautiful face & a not-too-annoying personality. All-in-all, she doesn't seem that bad of a person, therefor, I love her.

Juli's rating:
Average listal rating (1080 ratings) 8.2 IMDB Rating 0
-26. Actor/Actress I Wish I Could Meet-

There is a very long list of people I wish I could meet, & there are different reasons for each one, which made it hard to pick just one. But I think if I could meet anyone, Chris would be the funnest & most entertaining. He seems nice & not at all jerky.

Juli's rating:
Average listal rating (2501 ratings) 8.3 IMDB Rating 0
-27. Actor/Actress I Never Want To Meet-

To be truthful, I used to like Emma, but recently something about her annoys me. I feel like if I meet her, I'd be bored to tears or just really frustrated. She does seem nice but I just don't think we'd get along that well.
Juli's rating:
-28. Actor/Actress That Scares Me-

He doesn't really scare me, actually, no one really scares me, but if we're going by being "disturbed" then I guess Gary fits. He's just... unsettling.
Juli's rating:
-29. Favorite Actress-

This took me the longest to slim down. It was a three-way tie & it was almost impossible to do, but I finally settles on Christina. I love her movies & I've been watching them since I was little. Mermaids is & always will be one of my all-time favorites. She's beautiful & not fake or annoying like a lot of actresses now.

Juli's rating:
-30. Favorite Actor-

Another hard decision, but really not an impossible one. I do have a lot of favorite actors, but none of them are really for their acting skills as much as their looks. Yes, I'm sort of that shallow. But I love Aaron for a few different reasons - his cougar wife/baby mama isn't really one of them though.

Juli's rating:

Full credit to RockerChick seeing as I stole this from her. Haha.

I had at least 2 or 3 alternates for each category so this wasn't easy. But somehow I managed. :)

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