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Added by Severin Severin on 16 Sep 2012 11:30
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When The Villain Steals The Show

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as Hannibal "La Cannibal" Lecter in Silence of the Lambs

Anthony was freakin' mesmerizing and creepy as hell and I was just like "OMFG" the whole time. Jodie Foster was great and so was Ted Levine, but this was Anthony's film. He even won 9 different awards for it!

Yup, he's just as horrifying in real life.

"Do you think that Jack Crawford wants you sexually? True, he is much older but do you think he visualizes scenarios, exchanges, fucking you?"
Severin Severin's rating:

as Frank Booth in Blue Velvet

This is probably my favorite performance EVER. Dennis Hopper's insanity and volatile nature is hilarious and terrifying at the same time. The man's a fucking nut and no one else exists when he's on screen.

Severin Severin's rating:
Average listal rating (2104 ratings) 7.1 IMDB Rating 0

as Castor Troy in Face/Off

How was this movie not a comedy? Seriously. Nic is too funny and crazy and just completely out of control. I mean, John Travolta's nice and all, but who the hell can out stage the psychotic Nic Cage?

"Hello, Doctor. I hope you don't mind: I took a few of your groovy painkillers. I'm just enjoying some of your greatest hits here. Oh God, this is excellent. Oh, bravo. Bra-fucking-vo."

as Caledon "Cal" Hockley in Titanic

When I was a kid, I'd watch Titanic over and over just for Cal. Billy Zane was incredibly hot. It was an awful, cheezy stupid movie, and still is but Cal is just fabulous. I mean, his drag queen eyebrows and sassy attitude, shooting at Leonardo DiCrapio, slapping Kate Win-Slut, using a kid to get off the ship, the man's a fuckin hero!

"Where are you going? To him? To be a whore to a gutter rat?"

as The Collector in Tales From The Crypt's Demon Knight

Flamboyant and nuts, man I love this guy. Trying to trick every dumb bastard hiding in the hotel, he's charming but super evil.

"Fuck this cowboy shit! You fucking ho-dunk, po-dunk, well then there motherfuckers! All you had to do was give me the goddamn key! Then we could get on with our lives. "
Severin Severin's rating:

as Al Capone in The Untouchables

Sean Connery, Kevin Costner, Andy Garcia? Who cares, it's De Niro at his most violent and crazy!! A serious temper problem and weight issues, this is one of De Niro's finest roles.

"I want you to get this fuck where he breathes! I want you to find this nancy-boy Eliot Ness, I want him DEAD! I want his family DEAD! I want his house burned to the GROUND! I wanna go there in the middle of the night and I wanna PISS ON HIS ASHES!"

as Johnny Boy in Mean Streets

De Niro plays Harvey Keitel's stupid and demented best friend and shows his brilliant acting skill in one of his first roles.

[referring to his epileptic cousin Teresa]
"I always wondered what happens when she comes. Does she have a fit?"

as Max Cady in Cape Fear

Robert De Niro in a thong....did not really need to see that. But the man does an awesome job as a crazy stalker and after seeing him go berserk, no one really cares about Nick Nolte or Juliette Lewis or even Robert Mitchum.

"I ain't no white trash piece of shit. I'm better than you all! I can out-learn you. I can out-read you. I can out-think you. And I can out-philosophize you. And I'm gonna outlast you. You think a couple whacks to my guts is gonna get me down? It's gonna take a hell of a lot more than that, Counselor, to prove you're better than me!"
Severin Severin's rating:
Average listal rating (3643 ratings) 8 IMDB Rating 0

as Tyler Durden in Fight Club

Ed Norton be damned, Bradley is what makes Fight Club great. Charm on full blast and anarchistic hilarity, Brad plays Tyler as loose cannon so get the eff out of his way!

"Fuck off with your sofa units and strine green stripe patterns, I say never be complete, I say stop being perfect, I say let... lets evolve, let the chips fall where they may. "
Severin Severin's rating:
Average listal rating (337 ratings) 7.8 IMDB Rating 0

as Roy Batty in Blade Runner

I can't think of anyone who could've played a perfect killer android better. I've always loved Harrison Ford, but Rutger blows him outta the goddamn water, and gives the most beautiful soliloquy ever heard.

"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I've watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die."

as John Ryder in The Hitcher

Intense and disturbed, yet strangely charismatic, C Thomas Howell doesn't even compare to Rutger's kick-ass loon of a character.

"You wanna know what happens to an eyeball when it gets punctured? Do you got any idea how much blood jets out of a guy's neck when his throat's been slit?"
Severin Severin's rating:

as The Terminator in, no duh, The Terminator

This is the film that made Arnold who he is today. He went overnight from "that Austrian bodybuilder dude" to "ARNOLD FUCKING SCHWARZENEGGER." An almost wordless performance, yet you can't help but being drawn to the deathly serious powerful brute he portrays. And dat accent too.

"Fuck you, asshole."
Severin Severin's rating:

as Francis Begbie in Trainspotting

Major rage, have no fear, brawling scrawny ol Begbie is Trainspotting's big star. Ewan McGregor was stellar, Sick Boy was hot, Spud was hilarious but Robert Carlyle had the best chops and greatest perfomance out of the lot.

"It was fuckin' obvious that that cunt was gonnae fuck some cunt."
Severin Severin's rating:

as Colonel Hans Landa in Inglourious Basterds

I watched this film as a Brad Pitt fan, and next thing I knew, I was hooked on Christoph. Where the hell did he come from, and why had I not heard of him before?? The man's freakin amazing and plays the Nazi role to the edge of brilliance.

"What a tremendously hostile world that a rat must endure. Yet not only does he survive, he thrives. Because our little foe has an instinct for survival and preservation second to none... And that Monsieur is what a Jew shares with a rat."
Severin Severin's rating:

as Mr Blonde in Reservoir Dogs

He's handsome. He's cool. He's outta his goddamn mind! We all know the ear scene is like the best scene ever, because of Michael's wicked dance and slick delivery of those evil lines.

"You gonna bark all day little doggy, or are you gonna bite?"
Severin Severin's rating:

as Colonel Walter E Kurtz Apocalypse Now

Marlon is the most talented actor of all time, in my opinion, and his role as Kurtz just shows his versatility. A disillusioned captain who's lost his sanity in a muddled, humid jungle of hell. Martin Sheen, Harrison Ford, Dennis Hopper, Robert Duvall, Laurence Fishburne- they're all amazing in Apocalypse Now, but Marlon makes it what it is.

"The horror.....the horror..."
Severin Severin's rating:

as Amon Goethe in Schindler's List

Ralph plays an evil Nazi maniac with sadistic tendencies. And Liam Neeson is just like, out of the picture when Ralph has a scene. It's so intense and scary.

"They cast a spell on you, you know, the Jews. When you work closely with them, like I do, you see this. They have this power. It's like a virus. Some of my men are infected with this virus. They should be pitied, not punished. They should receive treatment because this is as real as typhus. I see it all the time. It's a matter of money? Hmm?"
Severin Severin's rating:
Average listal rating (1034 ratings) 7.2 IMDB Rating 0

as Catherine Tramell in Basic Instinct

If you look like Sharon Stone does, who's gonna care about the rest of the film? She actually is a talented actress though and is the best femme fatale who ever appeared on the silver screen.

"Killing isn't like smoking. You can stop."
Severin Severin's rating:
Average listal rating (2053 ratings) 8.4 IMDB Rating 0

as Stansfield in Leon: The Professional

He is so crazy and nutty and totally outperforms Natalie Portman and Jean Reno. Evil ass corrupt cop bastard!

"I like these calm little moments before the storm. It reminds me of Beethoven. Can you hear it? It's like when you put your head to the grass and you can hear the growin' and you can hear the insects. Do you like Beethoven?"

(Ironic because he played Beethoven in Immortal Beloved)

as Drexl Spivey in True Romance

Gary in TR is one of the greatest things I've had the pleasure to see in my whole life. A dirty, lowdown, pimp wigger with dreads and weird eyes. This man can play anybody!

"He must have thought it was white boy day"
Severin Severin's rating:
Average listal rating (358 ratings) 8.7 IMDB Rating 0

as Frank in Once Upon A Time In The West

With his crystal blue eyes and leathery old face, Henry Fonda projects menace and hostility yet eerie, murderous wisdom. He hypnotized me and I forgot about Charles Bronson, Jason Robards and Claudia Cardinale. The man's a legend.

"People scare better when they're dying."
Severin Severin's rating:

as Max Zorin in A View To A Kill

This is one of my favorite Bond movies and Christopher Walken is probably the best bad guy of all the series, next to Robert Shaw. It was weird to see him as a bleached blonde albino, but he and Grace Jones were just wicked. Screw Roger Moore! Chris made the film immensely enjoyable.

"If you're the best they've got, they'll more likely try and cover up your embarrassing incompetence."
Severin Severin's rating:
Average listal rating (369 ratings) 7.1 IMDB Rating 0

as Sgt Hartman in Full Metal Jacket

Anyone who's seen this film will always remember R Lee Ermey's hilarious rants and taunts that ultimately caused Pvt Gomer Pyle to completely lose his shit. Gut bustingly funny, yet fucked up at the same time!

"Private Pyle I'm gonna give you three seconds; exactly three-fucking-seconds to wipe that stupid looking grin off your face or I will gouge out your eyeballs and skull-fuck you! ONE! TWO! THREE!
Severin Severin's rating:
Average listal rating (145 ratings) 6.9 IMDB Rating 0

as Sgt Barnes in Platoon

Tom's scarred face looks super cool and he's just unpredictable and psychotic and what I really paid attention to when watching Platoon. Charlie Sheen is the first billed guy, but this is Tom's greatest acting.

"Why do you smoke this shit? So as to escape from reality? Me, I don't need this shit. I am reality. There's the way it ought to be. And there's the way it is. Elias was full of shit. Elias was a crusader. Now, I got no fight with any man who does what he's told, but when he don't, the machine breaks down. And when the machine breaks down, we break down. And I ain't gonna allow that in any of you. Not one. "
Severin Severin's rating:
Average listal rating (1616 ratings) 7.4 IMDB Rating 0

as Bobby Peru in Wild At Heart

Look at those goddamn pictures. Have fun trying to get to sleep tonight! I didn't think it was possible to be crazier then Nicolas Cage, but Willem Dafoe has accomplished it. Holy shit....

"Ya know, I sure do like a girl with nice tits like yours who talks tough and looks like she can fuck like a bunny. Do you fuck like that? Cause if ya do, I'll fuck ya good. Like a big ol' jackrabbit bunny, jump all around that hole. Bobby Peru don't come up for air."
Severin Severin's rating:
Average listal rating (623 ratings) 7.7 IMDB Rating 0

as Tommy DeVito in Goodfellas

Joe Pesci has vowed to always play criminals who need to go to anger management therapy. But that's a good thing. No one can be the crackbrained maniac that Tommy is, other than Joe "nutso" Pesci. A small package, but a loose cannon packed with dynamite and lots of F-bombs!

"You mean, let me understand this cause, ya know maybe it's me, I'm a little fucked up maybe, but I'm funny how, I mean funny like I'm a clown, I amuse you? I make you laugh, I'm here to fuckin' amuse you? What do you mean funny, funny how? How am I funny?"

Severin Severin's rating:
Average listal rating (442 ratings) 7.4 IMDB Rating 0

as Ray Sinclair in Something Wild

Honestly, this was a really stupid movie but Ray Liotta made it watchable. Melanie Griffith and Jeff Daniels were totally bland but Ray's bitchiness and crazy blue eyes were fuckin A!

"I'm glad to see you finally made it to the suburbs, BITCH!"
Severin Severin's rating:

as Anton Chigurh in No Country For Old Men

Not a huge fan of this film, but Javier Bardem is really great as a placid hitman with no mercy. The coin flipping scene is really memorable. Also his hilarious haircut! WTF was with that??

"If the rule you followed brought you to this, what good is the rule?"
Severin Severin's rating:

as Vicomte De Valmont in Dangerous Liaisons

John plays a strangely attractive sleazeball in one of the best period films ever made. Although it has the beautiful Michelle Pfeiffer and Uma Thurman, and the not so pretty Glenn Close, John shines through as a cheating douche.

"I ended by falling on my knees and pledging her eternal love. And do you know that, at that time, and for several hours afterwards, I actually meant it."

as Cyrus The Virus Grissom in Con Air

This film is a guilty pleasure because it's so stupid, but so damn enjoyable. John jacks the limelight from Nic Cage and even Steve Buscemi cuz he's bad as hell!

"Make a move and the bunny gets it."
Severin Severin's rating:

as Lisa Rowe in Girl, Interrupted

Not really a conventional villain, but Angie plays a mean psychopath antihero in this loony bin drama. Winona Ryder, Whoopi Goldberg, Jared Leto and Brittany Murphy aren't really tough competition though and Angie takes the spotlight on a platter.

"Razors pain you, rivers are damp, acid stains you, drugs cause cramps, guns aren't lawful, nooses give, gas smells awful, you might as well live."
Severin Severin's rating:
Average listal rating (47 ratings) 7.4 IMDB Rating 0

as Chong Li in Bloodsport

Bolo's gigantic pectoral muscles are really distracting, and so are his kick ass moves. A more than worthy opponent for the great JCVD.

"Very good. But brick not hit back! "
Severin Severin's rating:

as Ivan Drago in Rocky IV

Personally, my fave Rocky film. Dolph barely even says a word, yet he gives a powerful performance as a gigantic, evil Soviet boxer who wants to beat the shit out of Rocky. At 6"5, he towers above the barely 5"8 Sylvester Stallone. Which dude are you really gonna pay more attention to?

"If he dies, he dies."
Severin Severin's rating:

as Le Chiffre in Casino Royale

Definitely not my favorite Bond, but Mads is just a thrill to watch and one of my fave Bond villains. That one funky blue eye with the scar and those stylish classy suits, and the laid-back suave attitude- kind of ironic because Le Chiffre is a moron in the book. But still, I think Daniel Craig and Eva Green were overrated, Mads deserved all the attention.

"You know, I never understood all these elaborate tortures. It's the simplest thing... to cause more pain than a man can possibly endure. "
Severin Severin's rating:
Average listal rating (794 ratings) 7.6 IMDB Rating 0

as Stuntman Mike in Death Proof

Another not really great film where a single actor manages to save it. Tarantino has done better, but Kurt Russell is one of the best evil dudes I ever did see. Bless this man for murdering those babbling bimbos!

"Hey, Pam, remember when I said this car was death proof? Well, that wasn't a lie. This car is 100% death proof. Only to get the benefit of it, honey, you REALLY need to be sitting in my seat."
Severin Severin's rating:

as Imhotep in The Mummy

As a kid, The Mummy was like my favorite movie. Yeah, OK, it's not exactly Citizen Kane, but a it's a personal fave. And Arnold just totally blew me away as the evil mummy zombie dude. Plus, he's pretty sexy for a guy who's been dead for thousands of years.

"Come with me, my princess. It is time to make you mine, for all eternity."
Severin Severin's rating:

AKA the bad guy makes the fuckin movie.

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