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Added by Seaworth on 24 Nov 2009 01:20
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Dexter's Rogues Gallery

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The Heroic Murderer

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The Season Antagonists

Dexter's greatest foes are fellow serial killers. Each season finds Dexter building a relationship with the following individuals (brother, lover, best friend, potential mentor) before he has to inevitably kill them.
Brian Moser

Also known as: Rudy Cooper, 'The Ice Truck Killer'
Season(s): One, Two (as hallucination)
Occupation: Prosthetic Surgeon
Victim(s): Various prostitutes, Joe Driscoll (his and Dexter's biological father)
Method: Brian would drain the blood of his victims and then dismember them.
Overview: Brian is the elder brother of Dexter. When their mother was murdered, Brian was committed to a mental hospital and lived his life underground from that point onward.

After eventually tracking down his brother and learning of his dark secret, Brian wished to reunite them. He set out an elaborate scheme to jog Dexter's memory so he would remember their past. Brian murdered their father and plotted to kill Dexter's step-sister, Debra, to get closer to him. Dexter regrettably rejected Brian and murdered him with his own method.

Killed by: Dexter

Average listal rating (262 ratings) 7.6 IMDB Rating 0
Lila West

Also known as: Lila Tournay
Season(s): Two
Occupation: Artist
Victim(s): Her ex-boyfriend, James Doakes
Method: Lila was a seasoned arsonist which she used to garner attention and to kill.
Overview: Lila attended Narcotics Anonymous meetings to discover emotions she was incapable of feeling herself. While Dexter was covering for his shady activities, he had to attend NA aswell. Lila became Dexter's sponsor and the two would grow to become close.

After Dexter finally got revenge on his mother's murderer, he felt a surge of emotion which he had never felt before, which Lila took advantage of. The two started to have an affair. Lila would learn more and more about Dexter's secrets and would soon believe them to be soulmates.

Her obsession hit an all time high when she started meddling with Dexter's work and home life. She accused Batista of rape after a one night stand and she kidnapped Astor and Cody with intentions to murder them. She also found Doakes imprisoned by Dexter after he found out the truth, Lila killed him in a fire to keep Dexter safe. Dexter would eventually rectify all the problems she caused and tracked her down to Paris where he finally ended her life.

Killed by: Dexter

Average listal rating (109 ratings) 6.8 IMDB Rating 0
Miguel Prado

Also known as: N/A
Season(s): Three
Occupation: Assistant District Attorney
Victim(s): Billy Fleeter, Ellen Wolf
Method: Dexter apprenticed Miguel and so his method closely resembled Dexters but without the skill and precision.
Overview: Miguel was an Assistant District Attorney of great esteem. His brother Oscar was accidentally killed by Dexter and he became distraught. Dexter managed to frame his original target, Freebo, for Oscar's murder and so both men would try and get to him before the police did.

Dexter found Freebo and killed him moments before Miguel wandered onto the scene. Dexter and Miguel were bound by this meeting and an unlikely friendship began. Dexter would begin to trust Miguel and would eventually teach him his methods aswell as 'The Code'. Miguel would eventually deviate from these teachings and murdered his rival, the innocent Ellen Wolf. Dexter would also learn that Miguel had been lying to him all along and was using Dexter to get what he wanted.

At this point, it became clear that Dexter would have to dispose of Miguel. A long battle of blackmail and one-upmanship ensued. Miguel would align himself with The Skinner, another serial killer, to take care of Dexter. Although, Dexter was able to get to Miguel and kill him but not before admitting his hand in killing Oscar.

Dexter would later talk to Ramon about Miguel and he would learn that Miguel was corrupt and had tampered with evidence and required Ramon's assistance in covering up his mistakes.

Killed by: Dexter

Seaworth's rating:
Average listal rating (349 ratings) 7.4 IMDB Rating 0
Arthur Mitchell

Also known as: 'The Trinity Killer'
Season(s): Four
Occupation: High School Teacher
Victim(s): Trinity has been active for over 30 years and has murdered over 200 victims, Rita Morgan
Method: Trinity would start a 'cycle' of killings based on the deaths of his family. The cycle would begin with him burying a young boy in cement (symbolizing his lost innocence), then to cut the femoral artery of a young woman in a bathtub, then forced to mother of two to jump to her death and finally bludgeon a father of two to death.
Overview: Arthur Mitchell was a troubled man ever since he witnessed the deaths of his family. He would travel all over the country to start his cycles to settle his own internal demons. Only one man was aware of this pattern and believe it to be a serial killer's work; Special Agent Frank Lundy.

After retiring, Lundy would spend his time looking for the Trinity Killer (who at the time was unaware of the boy's killing to start the riutal) which would bring him back to Florida. He immediately asked for Dexter's help. Dexter was amazed at how Trinity was able to evade capture for over 30 years and decided that he needed to learn from him before he stopped him.

To his surprise, Trinity was a family man and a loving one at that. He had the perfect cover and was able blend in with his community. Dexter decided to get closer to Trinity and eventually got entangled with his family life. His families happiness was a facade as Arthur was a controlling father and abusive husband.

After Arthur went too far with his abuse, Dexter decided to stand up to him but his family were still willing to side with him. Arthur in turn decided to find out more about Dexter which would eventually lead him to the police station. Arthur asked Dexter to leave him alone but Dexter killed him anyway.

Although, before Dexter caught Arthur. He had made a stop by Dexter's house and murdered his wife Rita in the bathtub.

Killed by: Dexter

Seaworth's rating:
Eugene Greer

Also known as: Jordan Chase
Season(s): Five
Occupation: Author, Motivational Speaker
Victim(s): Emily Birch
Method: The Circle would entice young woman into captivity and then rape, torture and finally murder them. Jordan's role was to motivate them to do what they desired; inspiring confidence and bringing out their true natures.
Overview: Jordan was the leader of a raping circle with his childhood friends. It all started when they met at summer camp and they dragged an unconscious girl to an abandoned cabin and he would instruct his friends to take advantage. He would motivate them to take what they believed belonged to them.

Once an overweight youth, Jordan radically change his appearance and name to start his career as a motivational speaker and became worldly famous.

However, he would still meet with his Circle of friends to commit heinous crimes against women. Jordan never took part but he derived pleasure from manipulating and motivating his friends. This went on for years until Dexter Morgan stumbled across their victims stuffed in barrels in a swamp.

Dexter rescued their 13th victim, Lumen Pierce, from being murdered and after some convincing, he would help her take vengeance upon the Circle. After a few of his group had disappeared, Jordan became suspicious and, quicker than his previous foes, worked out that Dexter was a killer. Jordan didn't turn Dexter in and instead tried to manipulate him like his own group.

Jordan became irrational when he was about to get caught and this allowed Dexter to gain the upper hand. Lumen was finally able to take her revenge on Jordan and end the vicious cycle he started.

Killed by: Lumen Pierce

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Dexter has made enemies on both sides of the law. These guys are trained to capture people like Dexter but he has managed to evade capture thus far...
Average listal rating (34 ratings) 6 IMDB Rating 0
James Doakes

Also known as: 'The Bay Harbour Butcher'
Season(s): One, Two
Occupation: Homicide Detective, Sergeant
Overview: Doakes never liked Dexter. From the pilot episode, Doakes is constantly on Dexter's case as he doesn't trust him at all and believes him to be a 'freak'. Dexter's actions become more suspicious as the Ice Truck Killer murders progress and Doakes instantly picks up on it.

Doakes begins stalking Dexter, following him around everywhere he goes and so Dexter cannot satify his Dark Passenger. Although, due to some mishaps Dexter is accused of being addicted to heroin by Rita and starts to attend Narcotics Anonymous meetings. When Doakes finds out, he assumes that this addiction is what he was hiding and decides to leave Dexter alone as long as he stays clean.

Doakes eventually finds out that this is a ruse and starts to investigate further into Dexter's past. Dexter gets agitated by this and decides to provoke Doakes at the station which leads to his suspension. Doakes, now able to commit himself fulltime to finding out what Dexter is hiding, unveils that Dexter is in fact the 'Bay Harbour Butcher'. Pre-empting this, Dexter manages to frame Doakes for it and captures him in a wooden shack in the everglades.

As Doakes does not fit Dexter's Code, he cannot murder him and so Dexter decides that he must turn himself in. However, with the intervention of Lila who wants to protect Dexter, she manages to blow up the shack and kill Doakes.

Killed by: Lila
Seaworth's rating:
Frank Lundy

Also known as: N/A
Season(s): Two, Four
Occupation: FBI Special Agent
Overview: Lundy was a renowned agent with the FBI who had tracked down and caught many serial killers all over the country. He was brought to Miami when the Bay Harbour was found littered with bags full of body parts. A new serial killer had been discovered.

Dexter would eventually see Lundy as an adversary that may actually catch him. If it wasn't for Doakes acting up to all his suspicions and making himself a target for blame, Lundy may have discovered Dexter's secret. Also, Lundy was distracted by his relationship with Debra. Dexter was able to frame Doakes and with Lila's intervention he was unable to be captured.

A few years later, Lundy retired. He found himself back in Miami looking for a serial killer that he had been tracking for 15 years. 'The Trinity Killer', as he had named him, had begun a new cycle in Miami and he returned to his old task force to ask for their assistance. Dexter, who he mainly needed, was more than happy to help which eventually lead Dexter to track Trinity himself.

Lundy resumed his relationship with Debra but not long after, he was murdered by Trinity's unstable first daugter, Christine, who she thought was going to catch him. Dexter laments Lundy's death.

Killed by: Christine
Seaworth's rating:
Ramon Prado

Also known as: N/A
Season(s): Three
Occupation: County Sheriff, Lieutenant
Overview: Ramon was the brother of Miguel and Oscar Prado. Upon hearing about Oscar's death, Ramon didn't take it very well. He criticised the Miami Metro for their handling of the case and succumbed to alcoholism.

Ramon did not like Dexters sudden introduction into his family life and would hold a grudge against him. Ramon would also take the law into his own hands; he beat up & tortured friends of Oscar's suspected killer, Freebo, which eventually got him suspended and his reputation disgraced. When the differences between Dexter and Miguel began to surface, Miguel hired Ramon as a bodyguard. After Miguel's death by the Skinner (actually Dexter), Ramon would come to Dexter for revenge but he was arrested.

As opposed to killing him, Dexter spoke with him while he was in jail and Ramon came to realise that his life in Miguel's shadow was what really frustrated him. The two men came to an understanding and Ramon has not come after Dexter since.

Killed by: N/A (Still Alive)
Joseph Quinn

Also known as: Joey
Season(s): Three, Four, Five
Occupation: Homicide Detective
Overview: Quinn was a narcotics detective that was transfered to homicide to fill in for the late Sgt. Doakes. He was initially a thorn in the side to Deb but his people skills made him a valuable asset to their partnership.

With the birth of Harrison, Dexter found his sleeping pattern extremely disrupted. He was asked to give evidence at a case that Quinn was working on but because of his lack of sleep he brought the wrong file and ther case was ruined. Quinn was furious.

Later, Dexter saw Quinn taking money from a crime scene and Quinn made various attempts to befriend Dexter to keep it between them. Dexter didn't really care and so a friction started to build between them.

Quinn was the only person to suspect that Dexter may have something to do with Rita's murder. He initially started investigating on his own but when LaGuerta found out, he was suspended. As a result, he hired Stan Liddy to do all the leg work for him.

After starting a relationship with Dexter's sister, he decided to back off but Liddy wouldn't. After Liddy turned up dead, Quinn was the prime suspect but thanks to Dexter, Quinn was found innocent. They reconciled as a result.

Killed by: N/A (Still Alive)
Average listal rating (96 ratings) 7.4 IMDB Rating 0
Stan Liddy

Also known as: N/A
Season(s): Five
Occupation: Narcotics Detective
Overview: Liddy was a corrupt cop working for the narcotics department. After a sting operation was spoiled, he was suspended and was looking for redemption. Quinn apporached him about a favour he needed and for the right money, Liddy accepted.

Liddy became obsessed with Dexter and his peculiar behaviour and gathered enough evidence to begin an investigation. However, Quinn started to have second thoughts and so Liddy was left out to dry.

Determined to get back on the force, Liddy needed Quinn to bring Dexter in and so he abducted Dexter with all the evidence in tow. However Dexter was able to free himself and was forced to kill Liddy.

Killed by: Dexter.
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Minor Antagonists

Sometimes the main bad guys had back up to help with their dastardly schemes.
Jorge Orozco

Also known as: George Washington King, 'The Skinner'
Season(s): Three
Occupation: Tree surgeon
Victim(s): Various contacts of Freebo
Method: The Skinner liked to cut off portions of his victims flesh to watch them suffer in agony.
Overview: Freebo had borrowed a large sum of money from The Skinner and when Freebo went missing after the murder of Oscar Prado, The Skinner started to follow the police investigation. Anyone who may have known anything about Freebo's whereabouts was in instant danger.

Miguel Prado would eventually tell The Skinner that Dexter was the only person who knew where Freebo was. The Skinner was able to apprehend Dexter. However, Dexter was able to summon the strength to break free and subdued The Skinner. The police were closing in and so Dexter had to make a quick escape using The Skinner's dead body as a decoy.

Killed by: Dexter
Christine Hill

Also known as: N/A
Season(s): Four
Occupation: Journalist
Victim(s): Frank Lundy
Method: She shot Frank (and Deb) in a manner similar to the Vacation Murderers.
Overview: Christine was the long lost daughter of Arthur Mitchell. She had come to Miami to help him after she discovered that he was the Trinity Killer. As a reportrer, she used her looks to bed Joey Quinn who would share various details with her about the cases he was working on.

When she heard that Frank Lundy was in town to find Trinity, she staged copycat hold-up like the Vacation Murderers were doing and killed him instantly.

Deb was eventually able to put together all the pieces and discovered that Christine (who had arrived at the crime scene instantaneously) was the shooter. Christine had a heartbreaking phonecall with her father earlier and she was driven to suicide.

Killed by: herself.
Boyd Fowler

Also known as: N/A
Season(s): Five
Occupation: Dead Animal Pickup Officer
Victim(s): Various young women
Method: The Circle would entice young woman into captivity and then rape, torture and finally murder them. Boyd's role was as the group's finisher. After the girl's were completely tainted and unresponsive, Boyd would place them in a steel barrel and electrocute them. The barrels were then placed in a swamp where Boyd seldom visited.
Overview: Boyd was the first member of the Circle to come under Dexter's radar. Dexter was amazed at Boyd's intuition, intelligence and observation skills. Boyd also had the instinct to turn against Dexter after he was injected. This resulted in Dexter getting shot with a tranq dart, rendering them both unconscious.

This resulted in a cat-and-mouse chase until Dexter finally managed to kill Boyd. Although after he had done so, he noticed that he wasn't alone in the house and he discovered the 13th member of the Circle still alive. He would take Lumen into his care.

Killed by: Dexter
Dan Mendell

Also known as: N/A
Season(s): Five
Occupation: Dentist
Victim(s): Various young women
Method: The Circle would entice young woman into captivity and then rape, torture and finally murder them. Dan's role was to capture the women. He would pick them up at bars and then bring them to the others. He would then rape the women along with his cohorts.
Overview: Lumen wanted revenge on the Cirlce and before Dexter decided to help her, she managed to pick up Dan at a bar. When she got him somewhere quiet, she shot him but couldn't kill him and so she called Dexter.

Dexter initially believed Dan to be innocent and wasn't sure how to handle the situation. However, when Dan managed to get phone he revealed his true colours. Dexter killed him outright and, with the victim of another killer in his trunk, manipulated the scene to look like a homo-erotic counter gone awry.

Killed by: Dexter
Average listal rating (16 ratings) 5.7 IMDB Rating 0
Cole Harmon

Also known as: Suit & Tie
Season(s): Five
Occupation: Head of Security for Jordan Chase
Victim(s): Various young women
Method: The Circle would entice young woman into captivity and then rape, torture and finally murder them. Cole would be the one who would put the women through the most torment with torture and savagery. He also video-taped most of the encounters.
Overview: After Boyd had gone missing, Cole was tasked with removing the barrels from the swamp but due to a traffic collision, he was forced to abandon the bodies sprawled all over the road.

Cole was a suspect until Dexter shifted the blame on Boyd (who had already been disposed of) by placing his wallet in the car. Dexter and Lumen then planned to take Cole out, which proved to be hard task due to his extensive military training.

Killed by: Dexter
Average listal rating (55 ratings) 6.6 IMDB Rating 0
Alex Tilden

Also known as: N/A
Season(s): Five
Occupation: Bank Clerk
Victim(s): Various young women
Method: The Circle would entice young woman into captivity and then rape, torture and finally murder them. Alex' role is mostly unknown but he was essentially a slave to Jordan's commands. He did whatever Jordan told him to do, even things he couldn't imagine himself doing.
Overview: He was by far the easiest to take care of, mainly because Jordan was willing to use him to get rid of Dexter. But Dexter's meticulous planning prevented Jordan's scheme from succeeding.

Alex proved to be a very weak-willed and scared. Alex was also Lumen's first victim.

Killed by: Lumen Pierce
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Notable Killers

These are individuals that have committed murder and intend to do it again and so Dexter is usually forced to track them down and silence them. The candidates picked for this section are the more prevalent of the many victims of Dexter's endless mission.

Also known as: The First Nurse
Season(s): One (Flashback)
Occupation: Nurse
Victim(s): Various in her care
Method: She would overdose them with morphine to end their suffering.
Overview: As the name implies, the First Nurse was the first victim of Dexter's mission to stop other murderers. When his step-father, Harry, had a heart attack he was placed into her care and he realised what was going on, he asked Dexter to use his training to stop this woman.

Killed by: Dexter
Average listal rating (62 ratings) 5.6 IMDB Rating 0
Emmett Meridian

Also known as: N/A
Season(s): One
Occupation: Psychotherapist
Victim(s): At least 3 women.
Method: He encourages women to commit suicide during their therapy sessions.
Overview: Dexter would go to therapy sessions with Emmett to learn more about his intended victim. At this time, he had a breakthrough in understanding his past which would eventually help his relationship with Rita and his nemesis; the Ice Truck Killer.

Killed by: Dexter
Seaworth's rating:
Little Chino

Also known as: N/A
Season(s): Two
Occupation: Gang Enforcer
Victim(s): Various
Method: He used a machete to hack up his victims.
Overview: Ironically, Little Chino was a 6ft9in heavily built gangland enforcer. He was Dexter's first target after having killed his brother but Dexter managed to botch the operation twice because he underestimated someone of Chino's size. Chino managed to escape but Dexter eventually pulled his act together to finish him off.

Killed by: Dexter
Ken Olson

Also known as: N/A
Season(s): Two
Occupation: Wannabe vigilante
Victim(s): Two
Method: Olson ran down one of his victims and pushed the other down a flight of stairs.
Overview: Olson was inspired by reports of the Bay Harbour Butcher only killing criminals and started to deal his own kind of justice on people that had wronged him and those close to him. None of them fit The Code and so Dexter was forced to step in.

Killed by: Dexter
Seaworth's rating:
Santos Jiminez

Also known as: N/A
Season(s): Two
Occupation: Bartender
Victim(s): Laura Moser (Dexter's mother), various others
Method: He used a chainsaw to kill Laura and her associates.
Overview: Santos is one of the men responsible for Dexter's current state of being. He hacked up Laura Moser with a chainsaw in a shipping container with Dexter (and Brian) witnessing the whole thing.

He was able to cut a deal with the police and was saved from prosecution. Dexter eventually tracked him down and decided to finish him once and for all.

Killed by: Dexter
Seaworth's rating:
Fred Bowman

Also known as: Freebo
Season(s): Three
Occupation: Drug dealer
Victim(s): Two college girls
Method: Never stated.
Overview: Freebo was a drug dealer that had various debts to pay (The Skinner) and people indebted to him (Oscar Prado). Dexter tracked him down to his house but he came to blows with Oscar which forced Dexter to kill him. From that moment on, Freebo was a wanted man as Dexter managed to frame him for the crime.

Dexter obviously found Freebo first and killed him, which leads on to his tumultuous friendship with Oscar's brother; Miguel.

Killed by: Dexter
Zoey Kruger

Also known as: N/A
Season(s): Four
Occupation: Police Officer
Victim(s): Her husband, daughter and the man that supposedly killed them.
Method: She used her sidearm to kill her victims.
Overview: Zoey killed her family because she couldn't stnad the ties of family life. Dexter drew many contrasts with his own situation but felt that she acted wrong for the situation.

As a police officer, she was initially suspicious of Dexter who she thought was going to re-open the case. When she realised that he might have evidence, she decided to stage another home invasion at Dexter's house. Dexter, as always, was one step ahead and captured her and then ended her.

Killed by: Dexter
Johnny Rose & Nikki Wald

Also known as: The Vacation Murderers
Season(s): Four
Occupation: Criminals
Victim(s): Various tourists around Miami
Method: They would hold up anyone from out-of-town and those who were uncooperative were shot.
Overview: The Vacation Murderers were the initial case that Miami Metro was working on before Trinity. The pair were targeting tourist couples for their money and belongings.

They were also the initial suspects in the shooting of Deb and murder of Frank Lundy. It fit their M.O. perfectly. To catch the pair, Batista sent out a message to the press that Johnny had multiple partners and had an STI. As the news broke out, within hours they were found. Nikki had shot Johnny for his supposed betrayal. Distraught on the streets, she was captured by the Miami Metro.

In her interview, she admitted to never having killed Frank or shot Debra. Which eventually turned out to be true.

Killed by: Johnny was shot by Nikki. Nikki is still alive in custody.
Carlos & Marco Fuentes

Also known as: The Santa Muerte Killers
Season(s): Five
Occupation: Career Criminals
Victim(s): Various
Method: Their most common method would result be to decapitate their victim and then remove their eyes and tongue post-mortem.
Overview: The Fuentes Brothers would force their victims to empty their bank accounts from ATMs by holding their loved ones hostage and then they would dispose of the evidence.

The Miami Metro would eventually track them down to Club Mayan where a shootout woulderupt.

Killed by: Carlos was shot by Debra, Marco managed to escape.
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Innocent Victims

The casualties of war. These people were killed despite not having done anything to break the Code or anything wrong at all. Their deaths are also crucial to Dexter's psyches development.
Average listal rating (2 ratings) 5.5 IMDB Rating 0
Oscar Prado

Also known as: N/A
Season(s): Three
Occupation: Community Organiser
Overview: Oscar was the younger brother of Miguel and Ramon Prado. He was a drug-user that was indebted to the local drug dealer, Freebo.

Dexter had targeted Freebo as his next victim but upon entering his home. He was confronted by Oscar. In self-defence, Dexter killed Oscar. Oscar was not a murderer and was the first known instance of Dexter killing someone who didn't fit the code.

Killed by: Dexter
Camilla Figg

Also known as: N/A
Season(s): One, Two, Three
Occupation: Miami Metro Records Supervisor
Overview: Camilla used to work alongside Dexter's step-father, Harry. She was one of the few people aware of Dexter's past but kept it secret. Dexter and Camilla were good friends and were still on speaking terms after Harry's death.

Camilla eventually contracted terminal lung cancer and she asked Dexter to end her suffering. Although a mercy kill, Camilla didn't fit the parameters of the Code.

Killed by: Dexter
Average listal rating (46 ratings) 5.2 IMDB Rating 0
John Farrow

Also known as: N/A
Season(s): Four
Occupation: Photographer
Overview: John Farrow was a photographer who took contraversial photos of women he abused. When one of his models' arm was found inside a crocodile, he was the prime suspect.

Dexter found the evidence he needed at Farrow's studio and captured him. Unlike his other victims who would admit what they did, Farrow cries of innocence fell upon deaf ears.

It was later revealed that it was actually Farrow's assistant who committed the murder, aswell as many others. He was captured by Miami Metro with concrete evidence. Farrow hadn't killed anyone and so Dexter had deviated from The Code once again.

Killed by: Dexter
Average listal rating (619 ratings) 7.9 IMDB Rating 0
Rita Morgan

Also known as: Rita Bennett
Season(s): One, Two, Three, Four
Occupation: Former Hotel Concierge, Real Estate assistant
Overview: Rita is Dexter Morgan's wife. Although she provided a cover for Dexter to seem normal, she was also an obstacle. Her demands as a wife were sometimes detrimental to Dexter's double life.

They had many ups and downs in their relationship but Rita was happy with Dexter and he was somewhat happy in return. Arthur Mitchell (Trinity) was able to track her down at their home and cut her femoral artery and left her to bleed out. Rita died in her bathtub with not a single crime to her name.

Killed by: Arthur Mitchell
Average listal rating (7 ratings) 5.3 IMDB Rating 0

Also known as: N/A
Season(s): Five
Occupation: Unknown
Overview: While Dexter was extremely distressed over Rita's death, Rankin provoked Dexter into a confrontation by insulting his recently deceased wife. Dexter severely bludgeoned Rankin to death as a result with a small anchor.

Although he was an extremely vile and unpleasant individual, he didn't fit the Code. Dexter didn't even do a background check on him in the aftermath either.

It was noted by Harry that killing Rankin was the first human thing Dexter had done since Rita's death.

Killed by: Dexter


Dexter is an American drama about a serial killer who works as a blood splatter analyst for the Miami Metro Police Department. Something of a vigilante, Dexter follows a Code (sanctioned by his late former detective father, Harry) where he must only kill those who have killed and have the capacity to kill again. This list comprises of all the individuals who are opposed to Dexter, whether they are a serial killer, a law enforcer or a minor criminal that breaks the code.

Dexter is the product of a traumatic event when he was just a baby. His mother, who was a police informant, was hacked up with a chainsaw in a shipping contrainer by three criminals. Dexter was left unharmed but had to sit in the container in a pool of blood for 2 days before Harry found him.

Harry took Dexter home with him and adopted him. As he grew, Harry started to notice many aspects of Dexter's personality which made him suspect he had urges to kill. Harry deemed it necessary to train Dexter to suppress these urges and when that failed, he trained him to kill and get away with it. Harry devised The Code to give Dexter's activities a 'moral' goal while still being able to live a 'normal' life.

Dexter feels a shallow range of emotion and rarely expresses the right one at the right time. He finds his relationships with other people hard but with practice he has managed to create a 'personality' which most of his colleagues endear. His step-sister, Deb, who he feels closest to sets him up with an emotionally and physically abused woman; Rita. Rita is a mother of two who is so insecure that she does not make any advancements on their relationship which suits Dexter just perfectly but as the series evolves so does Dexter and his relationships.

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