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Added by Seaworth on 11 Sep 2009 08:05
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Star Wars: Rebellion Era

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Journal Series, Book 1

Luke Skywalker has always felt a call from space, and eventually learned the ways of the Force and became a Jedi Knight. Now, Luke tells the inside story of his battle with the evil Empire.

"In just half a day, my whole world has changed. The farm, my aunt and uncle…. They're gone. Destroyed by the Empire. All my life I've been waiting for something to happen to me. Something important. And now that it has, I'm not sure I know how to handle it."
Journal Series, Book 2

Princess Leia makes regular entries in her data pad, a palm-sized computer hidden in her belt. In each entry she recalls all details of her intergalactic capture and rescue—and how she really feels about Han Solo and Luke.

"I don't know how I can escape this station of death. Or how I can continue to fight against the torture and the pain. But I vow that I will. And then the real battle will begin. Not for vengeance—for justice."
Journal Series, Book 3

Readers can now experience the personal side of Han Solo, from a prisoner of Jabba the Hutt to the would-be boyfriend of a princess, Han reveals his thoughts and feelings throughout every step of his starcrossing journey.

"Listen, monk man. I didn't care about any Rebellion. I cared about me, my partner Chewie, my ship, and my reward. I had debts to pay off. Goods to smuggle. My loyalites were to survival. Period."
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"Mos Eisley Spaceport. You'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy." With those words, Obi-Wan Kenobi introduced the most famous, not to mention dangerous, drinking establishment in the history of science fiction.

Now, you can get a table of your own. Belly up to the bar and let the patrons regale you with a tale of Tatooine, a story of interstellar romance, and a saga of Rebel triumph. And please be sure to check your droids and your blaster at the door.
Galaxy of Fear, Book 1


D'vouran seems like a normal enough planet. The friendly locals welcome Tash, Zak, and their uncle Hoole with open arms.

But Tash has a bad feeling about this place.

There's a madman running around the streets shouting that people are disappearing. He's saying they've just vanished into thin air.

Tash knows that's impossible. But something is really wrong on D'vouran. Will she find the courage to trust her gut instincts…before it's too late?
Galaxy of Fear, Book 2

Welcome to the city of the dead…

When Hoole, Tash, and Zak stop on Necropolis to look for a new starship, Zak immediately makes friends with the local kids. And he's willing to pull a crazy stunt—like going into the Necropolitan cemetery at midnight—just to prove he's as tough as they are.

The cemetery is silent as death and full of white, wriggling boneworms. And maybe Zak should have thought twice before accepting this dare. Just because the bodies are buried doesn't mean they're dead.
Galaxy of Fear, Book 3

When Hoole decides to visit the planet Gobindi, even a warning from Tash's anonymous HoloNet contact isn't enough to change his mind. He's determined to study the planet's ancient ruins. For Tash, it's a chance to discover what her mysterious uncle is really up to.

On Gobindi, Tash thinks she's discovered an Imperial plot to spread a terrible virus across the galaxy. But when Hoole assures her that nothing is wrong, Tash is relieved.

For a little while.

When a big brown bump appears on her arm, Tash is scared. Has Hoole lied to her? Is he working with the Empire? Tash knows she must discover the truth.

Meanwhile, the bump on her arm is getting bigger….
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Galaxy of Fear, Book 4

Hologram Fun World. It's a theme park visited by families from all across the galaxy. It's a place where Tash and Zak can safely hang out while Hoole continues his work.

It's a place where daytime fun turns into nighttime terror.

One of the park's attractions is called the Nightmare Machine. It scans your brain, then shows you your worst fears in holographic form. Hairy, creepy-crawly insects. Cyborrean battle dogs thirsting for blood.

But it's not real, so it's fun—right?


As Zak and Tash will soon find out, nightmares can come true.
Galaxy of Fear, Book 5

Tash, Zak, and their uncle Hoole are on the run from evil Imperial scientist Borborygmus Gog. The only place to hide is on Nespis 8, an abandoned space station.

There used to be a giant Jedi library on Nespis 8. According to Deevee, the library is still there, but it's cursed…and haunted by the ghost of a Jedi.

If they can find the library, maybe Tash and Zak can find a way to stop Gog.

But something evil dwells on Nespis 8.

And it's much scarier than a Jedi ghost.
Galaxy of Fear, Book 6

Tash, Zak, and their uncle Hoole want to make sure that Borborygmus Gog's Project Starscream has been destroyed. So they journey to Kiva, a planet on the galaxy's Outer Rim.

Kiva is dark, rocky, and barren.

Except for some strange shadows, the planet is completey lifeless.

And when they find Gog's laboratory, it's empty. Or so they think….
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Galaxy of Fear, Book 7

Uncle Hoole's idea of a vacation is visiting the palace of Jabba the Hutt. Of course, it's a working vacation. Hoole wants to study the B'omarr monks who live in tunnels beneath the palace.

If Jabba isn't enough to give Zak and Tash nightmares, the monks should do it. The most enlightened monks don't have bodies. They're just brains in jars. Brains in jars that walk around on robotic legs. Worst of all, one of the monks is mad—not just angry-mad, but out-of-his-mind mad. And if Tash isn't careful, she might lose her head.
Galaxy of Fear, Book 8

Uncle Hoole wants to study the S'krrr--a race of creatures that look like giant bugs. While Hoole works, Zak and Tash visit the S'krrr's huge garden--it's the most beautiful place they have ever seen. It's also full of very strange creatures.

When a batlike shreev swoops down at Zak, he panics and accidentally kills it. Suddenly, the garden is overrun by big beetles. When Zak wakes up in the middle of the night covered with creepy crawly bugs, he's terrified. Did Zak upset the garden's delicate ecological balance by killing the shreev? Or is something far more sinister at work?
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Galaxy of Fear, Book 9

Tash, Zak, and Uncle Hoole stop on the planet Ithor for supplies, including a mineral the Shroud needs for its engines. The mineral isn't available on Ithor, but one of the Ithorians knows where they can find it—on a mining colony in the middle of a space slug-filled asteroid belt. The journey to the colony is filled with many dangers.

But nothing prepares Hoole, Tash, and Zak for what they meet when they reach their destination. An ancient life-form has been released from its tomb. It has lurked there, waiting, for many years. It cannot be seen. It is made from pure evil. And its name is Spore.
Galaxy of Fear, Book 10

Bug swarms, space slugs, brains on legs, mad Imperial scientists—Zak has had enough! He's glad to be on board the luxury space yacht, Star of Empire, where at last, there's peace and quiet.

Until—"Abandon ship! Critical meltdown!" As a blaring siren sounds, panic-stricken passengers rush to get off the ship. Everyone evacuates…except Zak and Tash. But to their relief, nothing happens. There's no meltdown, no explosion. Everything is fine. Except that the ship's exits are sealed and all communications have been shut down. Zak and Tash are trapped. And they are not alone.
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Galaxy of Fear, Book 11

In the Ruins of an abandoned Jedi Fortress on the remote planet Dantooine, Tash Arranda stands, all alone. At least, she thinks she's alone. She senses something in the ruins — Something Dark.

The darkness is stronger than Tash, and Against her will, she reaches out to it. It makes her feel powerful. And it frightens her. Tash doesn't know that this is only the beginning of a terrifying journey into an evil world, where she'll be forced to fight her own brother and uncle .... to the death!
Galaxy of Fear, Book 12

A survey team crash-lands on an unknown planet. The planet is dark, and its fetid swamps are filled with flesh-eating flowers, fearsome swamp slugs, and deadly dragonsnakes. No one hears the survey team's distress signals. They are stranded.

Thirty years later, Zak and Tash Arranda and their uncle Hoole, with Boba Fett in hot pursuit, land on the planet. Descendants of the survey team—half-starved and crazed with strange fevers—are still alive. They call themselves the Children, and how they have survived is a mystery. Does the strange creature named Yoda have the answer?
People who added this item 7 Average listal rating (3 ratings) 8.7 IMDB Rating 0
Star Wars: Allegiance - Timothy Zahn
Five idealistic but fed-up Imperial storm troopers led by Daric LaRone share the stage with young Rebel Alliance crusaders Han Solo, Princess Leia Organa, Luke Skywalker and Chewbacca in this politically fraught but still rollicking early years Star Wars adventure.

Emperor Palpatine's favorite Sith, Darth Vader, has a new rival, the 18-year-old Countess Mara Jade Claria, whom Palpatine has schooled in the Force to assume the special agent role of "Emperor's Hand." The intrepid Rebel quartet and the turbulent development of the Alliance while revealing the human faces behind the storm trooper armor of Daric and company, who become unexpected allies of Han and friends once the troopers are on the run after killing a superior officer.
People who added this item 19 Average listal rating (7 ratings) 7.6 IMDB Rating 0
Stranded on a jungle planet, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia found themselves desperately racing Imperial Stormtroopers to claim a gem that had mysterious powers over the Force.

Accompanied by Artoo-Detoo and See-Threepio—his two faithful droids—Luke and the Princess set out for the Temple of Pomojema…and a confrontation deep beneath the surface of an alien world with the most fearsome villain in the galaxy!
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Rebel Force Series, Book 1

The Death Star has been destroyed. But back at the Rebel base, the celebration is over. The Alliance has intercepted a coded transmission, indicating that the Empire is determined to discover which pilot was responsible for the destruction of the Death Star. New security protocol is in effect: The details of the Death Star mission are now top secret, and no one is to know that Luke fired the decisive shot.

But that's hardly the Alliance's only problem. Almost all their finances were lost with the destruction of Alderaan -- and they are out of money. Their last hope is to access the secret accounts on Muunilinst, the former home of the InterGalactic Banking Clan, and the financial heart of the galaxy. So Luke, Leia, Han, Chewbacca, and the droids head for Muunilinst.

The Empire's top assassin will be waiting for them.
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Rebel Force Series, Book 2

The deadly assassin contracted by the Empire, X-7, is closer than ever to discovering the identity of his target. He's already infiltrated the top levels of the Rebel Alliance and gained Leia's trust. But he still hasn't been able to get Leia to give up the classified information he needs.

After all, Leia Organa is unbreakable: the youngest, toughest member of the Galactic Senate, and after its dissolution, the fiercest opponent of the Empire. She's survived kidnapping and torture under Darth Vader, but she's never had to do anything more difficult than her latest mission. She is going home.

And X-7 knows it will be the perfect opportunity to destroy her.
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Rebel Force Series, Book 3

Deadly assassin X-7 has infiltrated the Rebel Alliance. Trained by ruthless Commander Rezi Soresh, X-7 is the best there is: he feels nothing and sees everything. Now, he's gunning for the ultimate prize: Luke Skywalker, the pilot that destroyed the Death Star. The seemingly clueless kid from Tatooine proves more resourceful and difficult to eliminate than X-7 could ever have imagined. Surrounded by friends and allies, and with a connection to the Force that grows stronger every day, Luke seems all but impervious to the usual tactics.

But X-7 isn't done with him yet. This time, he knows how to bring Luke down. He'll shatter the trust that holds the Rebel Alliance together -- and manufacture the ultimate betrayal.
Rebel Force Series, Book 4

Deadly assassin X-7 has never failed to complete a mission--until now.

Unmasked and unarmed, he narrowly escapes from the Rebels with his life and little else. His cover may be blown, but he's not returning to Commander Rezi Soresh until his target has been eliminated. This time, he has a new plan. He'll gather six of the best pilots in the galaxy–all of them roguish mercenaries who care only about money–and turn them loose on Red Squadron.

He counts on his pilot's mercenary instincts to keep them in line. But one of them has a secret that could cost X-7 his victory.
People who added this item 23 Average listal rating (11 ratings) 8.1 IMDB Rating 0
In a wild and battle-scarred galaxy, assassins, pirates, smugglers, and cutthroats of every description roam at will, fearing only the professional bounty hunters—amoral adventurers who track down the scum of the universe…for a fee. When Darth Vader seeks to strike at the heart of the Rebellion by targeting Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon, he calls upon six of the most successful—and feared—hunters, including the merciless Boba Fett. They all have two things in common: lust for profit and contempt for life.…
People who added this item 44 Average listal rating (19 ratings) 8.2 IMDB Rating 0
It is a time of crisis. Han Solo, frozen in carbonite, is being taken to the vile gangster Jabba the Hutt. As Princess Leia mounts a rescue mission including Luke Skywalker, Lando Calrissian, and a brilliant young pilot, Darth Vader pits himself against a cunning and ruthless rival.

Xizor is the leader of a powerful crime syndicate who seeks to supplant Vader for the favor of their mutual master, the dreaded Emperor. Their target: Luke Skywalker. Suddenly Luke finds himself the potential prize of the two most evil entities in the galaxy - one who wants him alive...and one who wants him dead.
People who added this item 4 Average listal rating (3 ratings) 7 IMDB Rating 0
Star Wars: Mara Jade - By the Emperor's Hand - Carlos Ezquerra,Michael A. Stackpole,Timothy Zahn
Mara Jade is beautiful, intelligent—and deadly! She is the personal assassin of the Empire's dark overlord. But after the Emperor's death, an unforeseen variable is about to enter the scene of her final mission, the assassination of the leader of the Black Nebula crime organization. Though her master is dead, Jade must complete her final mission… even if it costs her life!
In the dusty heat of twin-sunned Tatooine lives the wealthiest gangster in a hundred worlds, master of a vast crime empire and keeper of a viscous, flesh-eating monster for entertainment (and disposal of his enemies). Bloated and sinister, Jabba the Hutt might have made a good joke—if he weren’t so dangerous. A cast of soldiers, spies, assassins, scoundrels, bounty hunters, and pleasure seekers have come to his palace, and every visitor to Jabba’s grand abode has a story. Some of them may even live to tell it.…
People who added this item 3 Average listal rating (1 ratings) 6 IMDB Rating 0
Star Wars: Tales from the Empire - Peter Schweighofer
From the desperate flight of a civilian mail courier carrying vital Rebel intelligence through an Imperial blockade, to a suicidal commando raid on an impregnable Imperial prison, to a Corellian smuggler mysteriously hired by an actor turned Jedi Knight turned Imperial assassin for one final transformation, these tales capture all the high adventure, imaginative genius, and nonstop action that are the hallmarks of the Star Wars saga.
Bounty Hunter Wars, Book 1

He's the most feared and successful bounty hunter in the galaxy. He is Boba Fett, and even the most hardened criminals tremble at his name. Now he faces the deadliest challenge of his infamous career—an all-out war against his most dangerous enemies.

As the Rebellion gathers force, Prince Xizor proposes a cunning plan to the Emperor and Darth Vader: smash the power of the Bounty Hunters Guild by turning its members against each other. Only the strongest and most ruthless will survive, and they can be used against the Rebellion. It's a job for the fiercely independent Boba Fett, who jumps at the chance to destroy his rivals. But Fett soon realizes the game is rigged, as he finds himself the target of murderous factions, criminal conspiracies, and the evil at the Empire's dark heart. Boba Fett has always finished first. And in this game, anything less is death.
Bounty Hunter Wars, Book 2

He's both feared and admired, respected and despised. Boba Fett is the galaxy's most successful bounty hunter. Now he finds himself hunted in the oldest game of all: survival of the fittest.

The once powerful Bounty Hunter's Guild has been shattered into warring factions. Now the posting of an enormous bounty on a renegade Imperial stormtrooper is about to start a frenzy of murderous greed. Hoping to fuel rumors of his death, Boba Fett abandons his ship, Slave I, and sets out to claim the prize. Yet his every move leads him closer to a trap set by the cunning Prince Xizor. Fett will die before becoming Xizor's pawn in the Emperor's war against the Rebels. And he may have to. For in order to gain his freedom he must outwit a sentient weapon that feeds on Human spirits. Then he must escape a galaxy of deadly enemies who want to make the rumors of his death a reality.
Bounty Hunter Wars, Book 3

Feared and admired, respected and despised, Boba Fett enjoys a dubious reputation as the galaxy's most successful bounty hunter. Yet even a man like Boba Fett can have one too many enemies….

When Boba Fett stumbles across evidence implicating Prince Xizor in the murder of Luke Skywalker's aunt and uncle, Fett makes himself an enemy even he fears: the unknown mastermind behind a monstrous deception, who will kill to hide his tracks. Fett also finds himself in possession of an amnesiac young woman named Neelah, who may be the key to the mystery—or a decoy leading Fett into a murderous ambush. Fett's last hope is to run through the list of Xizor's hidden enemies. And since Xizor's hidden enemies are almost as legion as Fett's, the chance of survival is slim—even for someone as skilled and relentless as Boba Fett.
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No sooner has Darth Vader's funeral pyre burned to ashes on Endor than the Alliance faces a new challenge at the far-flung Imperial outpost of Bakura. The Ssi-Ruuk, a race of cold-blooded reptilian invaders, plan to enslave human minds to pilot their invincible machines of war and destruction.

With the hope of turning Bakura's loyalties toward the fledgling New Republic with defensive aid, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia race to the besieged planet. Yet as the eve of the final onslaught rapidly approaches, Rebel and Imperial forces still must come to terms with each other. And there is already evidence of a traitor hidden in their midst…

1 BBY - 4 ABY

aka The Galactic Civil War

"The Alliance to Restore the Republic, was a loose alliance of planetary-, system-, and sector-level resistance forces formed in direct military opposition to the Galactic Empire. It was originally formed by a group of Loyalists, united by Galen Marek, determined to preserve the ideals of the Galactic Republic. The Corellian Treaty and the Declaration of Rebellion formally organized the alliance, and the crest of the Marek family stood as the symbol of the Alliance after his death on the First Death Star.

Although it had fewer troops and resources when compared to the Imperial Military, the Alliance possessed a strong will to fight, dedicated soldiers, and brilliant commanders. The Alliance found its first major victory at Toprawa, and would later deal a massive blow to the Empire at the Battle of Yavin. Following the deaths of Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader during the Battle of Endor, the Alliance became the Alliance of Free Planets, and would finally realize its goal of reviving the Old Republic, following the capture of Coruscant."

Star Wars Timeline
BY refers to the Battle of Yavin and the Destruction of the First Death Star.

Knights of the Old Republic - 3,956 BBY
Knights of the Old Republic II - 3,951 BBY
The Golden Age Era - 1,000-22.5BBY
- - I: The Phantom Menace - 32 BBY
The Clone Wars Era - 22-19 BBY
- - II: Attack of the Clones
- - TV '03
- - Film
- - TV '08
- - III: Revenge of the Sith
The Rise of the Empire Era - 19-1 BBY
- - Droids - 15 BBY
- - Force Unleashed - 3-2 BBY
The Rebellion Era - 1 BBY-4 ABY
- - IV: A New Hope - 0 B/ABY
- - Holiday Special - 2 ABY
- - V: The Empire Strikes Back - 3 ABY
- - VI: Return of the Jedi - 4 ABY
New Republic Era - 5-22 ABY
- - X-Wing Series - 6.5-13 ABY
Junior Jedi Knights - 22 ABY
Young Jedi Knights - 23-24 ABY
New Jedi Order - 25-29 ABY
Dark Nest Crisis - 35-36 ABY
Legacy of the Force - 40-41 ABY
Fate of the Jedi - 43.5-??? ABY

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