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Added by SɦαŁ on 27 Apr 2015 06:52
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ShaL Movie Diary 2015 (pt. 2)

The other has reached 50 items, so I though it'd be great to keep it short! Part 1
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It is an astonishing action movie.
They used so little CGI that it's not hard to feel like being a spectator of the scene, it actually feels like you witness it. Even better, it feels like you are a character sometimes.
Still,I'm a bit disappointed that Brandt wasn't doing more action scenes but Faust was here to do it and she made the movie 10x better. She is from another planet!!

One of the best movie I've seen in a while, it's very clever, I love this kind of humour. The dialogues are really good and I smiled almost all the time. It feels really good to watch a movie like this one, really. I'm going to put Slevin Kelevra next to Tyler Durden on my list of favorite characters.
Maybe this movie suffered from a bad promo that's why the targeted audience is not the one that would actually love this movie. I've seen people say it's like a Tarantino but it's closer to a Ritchie than a Tarantino. Yet, the poster make us belive it's some kind of action movie with a lot of guns.
Every piece of advertisement we had about this movie lied to us. The movie is nothing like the poster and the trailers.
At the beginning it is interesting, we see the relationship between Ben and Reed and it's pretty much the only part that show some character dvpt. And then we wait for the Fantastic Four to gather and do fantastics things, but it never happens. The movie is called Fantastic Four but it is never about the Fantastic Four, it's about some random guys who got super powers and work for the governement. That's all. I skipped a lot of parts and I even skipped the final battle.

The guy tried to stick to reality too much. I liked better the old versions, they had charismatic actors and charismatic characters. The movies were not awesome but at least I watched them several times on TV. There was something charming about them. This one? I can't even watch it once.
Lame!! The characters, the lines, the plot... so lame.

I think the acting was really good, and the story was a good idea but I think it would have been better without making it a horror movie. In the end it isn't really scary, and not really interesting. I only wanted to know what happened to the ship so it was really annoying.

I think it's propably one of the most terrifying movie because we all know if this scenario was true it would exactly happen like that. We're not in a movie like 2012 where the workers manage to get a place, it's not a Hollywood movie. People would be treated the way they are in this movie. There are no good or bad people (maybe the creepy old guy who hunt them), it's just human trying to survive. I don't even really know how it rate this movie, it fucked me up.

GUYS. This movie is absolutely amazing. It's been a while since I haven't felt this way while watching such a story. Brian Taylor is such a smart characters, and the videos are so smart and everything is so smart it's unbelievable. Brian is the brain and Michael is the heart. It looked so realistic. It isn't like some bruce willis movie, they actually show them as humans and they are vulnerable.
It's boring too and I don't like the characters neither, the blonde psycho was interesting but left too soon. Too bad. It's like the poster is lying to us.
It's boring and I don't like the characters, all these hipsters.....

It's dark shit right here. And I like it. There's something in those kind of movies that we don't find in american ones. The end in american movies is always predictable, here I had no idea. Until the last second I was wondering what was about to happen, and I was very satisfied with what happened.
In case you are interested this movie is part of a saga, here's the first one: The Keeper of Lost Causes.

Way better than the first Thor if you ask me. I love this movie, it's very entertaining.

The plot is interesting, the era is interesting, the cast is great (Tom,Joel,Noomi,Gary,Vincent)... and yet the movie is incredibly boring. I feel like nothing makes sense in the movie, the direction is bad. Things happen and we don't know why, when or how.
I wanted to watch Easy Money but it's the same director so I'm not sure I will. I think even Joel will not save it. I love that guy and I want to see him in a good movie..

That's some disturbing shit here. I enjoyed most of the movie, except the end which was a bit disappointing. It was too far away from the reality.



I won't say it's hilarious but I smiled more than once. Melissa gets better and better all along.

This movie is the worst of all the Taxi, but I enjoy it anyway. It has a lot of failed attemps at acting but there are still some funny parts.

None of the human characters was likeable, they all overacted. I usually love Chris but he was ridiculous. The story is full of stereotypes.
The greatest characters were the raptors. The big dinosaur they created was also stunning.

This movie is mainly a lot of fun. Scott is funny and charming, he's awesome. The special effects are awesome too, I never thought ants had such a cute face.


Watched it again because I can't get tired of it. That's an awesome movie and I love it. I just love all the characters and can't wait to see them again in the sequel. My rating is now 10 because fuck it! I love it and it's awesome and it deserves a lot more recognition. It's freakin awesome. A W E S O M E

It was very good. All the fight scenes were incredible and the characters were very charismatic.

I watched only few minutes before it bores me.

I feel a bit dumb, I never really followed what happened in Iraq so I didn't understand what was the movie about and got lost very quickly.

After all the critics I've heard I have to admit I was expecting something better! It wasn't bad, but the first part of the movie didn't really catch me that much. I was waiting too hard for them to meet!! The second part however was awesome. I loved Charlize & Tom.

I would have never watched it if it wasn't for Emilia. I don't like Jai Courtney, I'm still looking for his charisma, but in the movie he was cool. Arnold was funny too, he made the movie better. He had a great chemistry with Emilia. I liked when the bad guy was full robot because I don't like the face of the guy playing John Connor... so the last battle was good. It was entertaining but I wouldn't have paid to see it!! It was my sister's choice, I wanted to go to see Mad Max.

I loved it. I laughed and giggled during all the first part of the movie, and then it was very moving. The characters are really appealing, usually I don't like when the story is about young adult/teenagers but these were amazing.

... Very very very slow west then. Incredibly boring. There isn't a thing I liked about it. On the screencaps the movie looks good but I don't like the direction.

... It's a lot of crying,sceaming and incomprehensible talkings. Annoying characters, particularly the main. Awful. Even the action scenes look bad.

Keanu Reeves is really hot in that movie, I like him in black playing a bad guy like in John Wick.

Doesn't work for me. Liam is still good at fighting, that's a good point, but the whole story is quickly boring. We know how the numerous twists are going to end before it even happens. Kinnaman's character is a bit stupid, but I love him anyway. He's hot.

It's probably the kind of movie that make me the saddest because it shows real nature of humans and is so close to the truth that's it's actually scary


The story and the characters are kinda cute and funny, I've had a good time watching it.

I was bored in the afternoon so I watched it again.

NOT as good as the trailer says, but still funny. I'm a bit disappointed, hopefully the actors manage to save it. They are awesome.

It was v good to me, it's cool that the alien got to leave after that happened to him, and for once the children in a movie are not annoying. great

watched it again because i was bored, i really really love peggy
Come on guys it's stupidity stupid. It's currently on TV and I'm watching and just like "wow why is there nothing else on TV" i'm about to slam my head against the wall

Come on they are going to a casino??come on, is it someting about greek gods or george clooney??? Lady Gaga playing???? ok i'm done watching

I give it 2 stars because I'm a nice person, 1 for Rosario Dawson which I haven't even seen and 1 for ugh I don't know, well I'm gonna give it 1 star in the end

I actually loved that movie, I'm ??? ?? It's higly entertaining, the special effects are amazing and it actually shows a lot of great values!! The aliens are kinda cool. Rihanna has got a strong char, Taylor isn't annoying. It was my only worrying. Maybe I'm getting too soft but I really loved it.
For me the funniest quote is this one :
" Is this a super secret surprise Navy exercise? Cuz if so, they've gone way to far." Haha with the guy's face it's excellent

I though it was going to be entertaining and funny and actually it was incredibly boring. Not my kind of movie. Josh still managed to make me smile a few times.

This movie is a lot of fun and I have a lot of fun watching it. Will and Josh are awesome.

I'm actually surprised at how bad it is. I don't understand how Quentin Tarantino and Eli Roth got involved in that, it's so theatrical and the story is a mess. I mean I know it's made to be theatrical but sometimes it's great and sometimes it's not and here it's awful. I liked Lucy Liu anyway, she's THE woman, and I just realised Jamie Chung is a very beautiful woman.

Well, I watched it because I wanted to laugh. Actually, it's not that funny.
I like J. Bateman though, the way he stares blankly when he's buddies are being stupid is the funniest part. J. Sudeikis also has some good lines. Still, the first part of the movie is boring, it's interesting only when Chris joins them.

I'm not entirely sure but I think it's the worst Tim Burton movie I've watched yet. It's terrible, not even Eva can save this.

Altough the first one was surprisingly good, this one seems never-ending. The villains are not interesting. I liked Andrew and Emma anyway, they are very cute and it was still the best part of the movie. I really like Andrew as Spider-Man.

I'm not sure whedon realised that the characters actually have traits. I don't understand where he is going with Black Widow, she was SO great in The Winter Soldier and here she's just like "aaww hulk you're so great you're my hero come and save me " ok well, she reminded me of a teenager. Clint is also ???? i don't understand the point, it was SO annoying those scenes in the farm. I think joss messed up with their storyline, I don't understand where all this is coming from.
The first Avengers was fun because it was pure action, like Scarlet said back in time there's no time for love they have shit to avenge, and this one is a lot of love and it's SO annoying, I didn't enter the cinema to see that, I didn't enter the cinema to see teenagers in love.
There are also good points, I like Vision a lot ( look at him I put a picture of him he looks so innocent ), Captain is also very good, like always, in good shape and he's giving the best action scenes. The twins are also amazing, especially Wanda but I don't understand, I really don't understand why Pietro died. Ultron has got some funny lines and that's pretty much all about him.
At least the end is great, it leaves many opportunities.

Soooo, to sum up, I was expecting a lot from that movie and it failed. It's more annoying than exciting. I still give a 6 because it's Marvel and it's fun. BUT I'm angry ok ? bc Natasha and Clint are both of my faves and I like well written characters and here it just looks like the storyline of an average bad action movie. I think Joss tried to do something bc they don't have a movie yet but it's terrible, it doesn't belong in a movie like this one. If I watch it again I'd skip a lot of scenes.

I wanted to watch it because there's Channing, should have known it was about to be bad!

It wasn't as bad as I though it would be, actually I even think Andrew Garfield is a great Spider-Man, he's really cute. The spidey suit is also looking good.
The relationship between Peter and Stacy is probably the highlight of the movie, they manage to make me smile! It doesn't happen a lot when I see a couple in a movie, it's usually kinda gross and seems forced, here it's really sweet.

v good movie! The story doesn't get ridiculous, the characters are awesome, I mean Emily is awesome, Tom is good, I have to say I don't like Tom usually but in that movie he's alright.

You know what ? I think it's actually the best Marvel movie so far, I really can't get tired of that movie. I want to watch it all over again, all the characters are gold and the storyline is , well I can't find a specific word but it's a hell of a story.

The movie focuses more on the character than the story, it could be great if the end wasn't coming out of nowhere.

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