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Added by The Enterprise on 10 Nov 2012 09:24
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Shouldn't Be Respected...yet are.

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Average listal rating (320 ratings) 5.3 IMDB Rating 0
A silly teenage role model, god knows why!?
Respected by the teen girls because of her bitchy attitude towards everything cultural. Respected by teen boys because of her repetitive boob slips, gigantic flabby arse and overly sexual music videos.
Corr.. what a role model we have today *sobs*

This is her face while looking at school girls getting good marks on their English tests.
The Enterprise's rating:
Average listal rating (322 ratings) 7.6 IMDB Rating 0
Ok, another silly teen role model. She spends more time editing her music videos and tweeting on twitter than realizing what message she is sending out to vulnerable teens everyday.
Respected by teen girls because of her 'giving up' attitude towards life which is what most teen girls think about today. Respected by teen boys because she is in the charts.
Wow!? What a excellent ..role model!? we have here *wails*

And here is Lana Del Rey herself telling teens off for studying instead of listening to her music about how we are all born to die.
The Enterprise's rating:
Right, yet another mistake for the place of a teen role model. Teens think that she is a punk artist when clearly her songs are none other than typical hip-hop and trashy lyrics about boys and crummy relationships. When she is no other than a Manufactured pop star. Teens think that they are 'with' the punk genre and generation when they are basically being fooled by the music industry.
Respected by teen girls because of her punk gear and skateboards(which she only uses for her music videos)and her(what she thinks)tough girl impersonation in the music videos. Respected by teen boys because she classes as punk to them and her skateboarding around malls in her videos and her shitty rebel look that she so desperately wants to be.

And here is Lavigne crying over the fact that teens are more interested in getting good grades instead of skating around malls and skipping school.
The Enterprise's rating:
Oh dear, where should I start, one of the world's most disgraceful teen role models ever to be of existence.
How this one pathetic person could change the world's teenagers so quickly. I hope to the limit that someone is willing to give up their life to eliminate Bieber, let us all wait in hope...
Respected by the teen girls because they (for some unknown reason) think he is handsome and gorgeous mainly because they are pre-pubescent, vulnerable girls with no common sense whatsoever.
Respected by teen boys because...Thank heavens! is NOT respected by teen boys at all, 99.9% hate this guy, except maybe gay teens of course.

Here is the disgraceful Justin Bieber, disgusted over hearing the fact that the majority of the world despises him because they would rather have dignity than listening to his noise which is claimed to be 'music'.
The Enterprise's rating:
Average listal rating (902 ratings) 6.2 IMDB Rating 0
Oh eh, another very well respected teen role model who shouldn't be one in the first place.
Just a dirty, predictable idiot.
Why the hell do teens respect someone who thinks its's acceptable to get beat up and stick with them and publicize that they are still in love with them. Whoa! teens really do know how to pick 'em!!!? *rants in head*
Respected by the teen girls because they are most likely upset about their appearance and so they think she is perfect and in the generation they are growing up in they think her noise should be considered the title of music and finally because of her sexual music videos.
Respected by teen boys because she is considered 'stunning'(???) and because of her sexual music videos that gets a teen boys hormones racing.

And here is Rihanna, upset and distraught over the fact that teen girls and women in general are moving on with their life and not sticking with a violent women beating monster.
The Enterprise's rating:
Average listal rating (805 ratings) 7.1 IMDB Rating 0
And here we have a melodramatic 20 year old with no independence whatsoever. Has nothing in life but the joy and thrill of writing petty and silly lyrics for her next shit album. Same old, same old with Swift and it shall never change until the teens get bored of her (which could be a while) Her lyrics only seem to contain failed relationships that lasted a week or less, about boys who upset her tiny, minuscule feelings. And here is a small example of how Swift gets her ideas for her songs:

Taylor Swift waved at a boy yesterday and he didn't wave back... So she will have a new album coming out tomorrow.

Respected by the teen girls because she is considered 'deep' to them, they think Taylor is understanding and gets them, they think she is pretty and they are quite jealous of her because she has dated many guys who starred in Disney TV shows.
Respected by teen boys because she is considered in their words 'fit'(??), is in the charts so pathetic teen boys think it's music and teen boys think she deserves better(??) from hearing her crappy, made up lyrics.

Here is Taylor Swift furious because teen girls are being more sensible before getting into a serious relationship and actually being strong about the fact that not everything can be perfect.

*But on a more serious note; she could just look like this because she's now ending her 54th "relationship" in a month.

Who know and who cares?.....Well I know some idiots do!
The Enterprise's rating:
Some shitty boy band, who can't sing at all and will soon be as unpopular as all the rest of the boy bands.
When will teen girls learn!?.
Respected by the teen girls because they are the 'now' and their ear hurting noise is considered music so teens are over them quicker than flies over shit.(same scenario actually) Respected by teen boys because (same story as Bieber). Last words on them, they are shit.

And Finally, here are the soppy bunch of twits One Direction crying over hearing the news that they are getting more unpopular by the second and that girls are are changing their interests instead of starring at ugly , horrifying posters of them.
The Enterprise's rating:
Average listal rating (772 ratings) 4.8 IMDB Rating 0
A disaster for the position of a teen role model, I mean who can like this woman!? She is engaged at the age of 19!!! Some of you thought she would stay the sweet and innocent little Miss Hannah Montana, well you were wrong,

Respected by the teens because she is the 'now' so they think by liking her they themselves will become popular, self conscious teenager girls think she is totally gorgeous(???) although that may have changed a bit now(?).
Well what a great choice for a teen role model *howls*

Oh, and here is the degenerate Miley Cyrus getting in a furious rage over hearing that teen girls are not getting engaged at the tender age of 19 and for not getting their hair cut in such a vulgar way for ridiculous, pathetic and basically for all the wrong reasons.

Who the hell actually gives this woman a stage to perform on??!!!! Did daddy ask someone for a favor...
The Enterprise's rating:
Average listal rating (386 ratings) 6.7 IMDB Rating 0
Just another one of the many stupid, selfish and overall irritating teen singers that exist today, I mean people love her, they shouldn't, one of the main reasons why that is is because she is a complete attention seeker, like when she cuts herself a few hours before she goes out and then gets photographs taken off her. What a attention seeking b*tch, just because you haven't been in the papers for a few days does not mean you need to self harm yourself, stupid, daft girl.
And she loves the attention she gets when publicizing about her eating disorder, Bulimia and Bipolar Disorder.
You should not become well respected and famous because if you do that and act like that. God help the teens of the world !!!.

YES, in fact she never did stop and she won't until her stupid, ignorant teenage fans get bored of it and move on to another waster of a teen role model.

And this video proves another one of my points, and that man deserves a medal.

Oh, and Shut Up Britney! I'd feel uncomfortable being in the same building with a drug-addict, mad ass whore like yourself!.
The Enterprise's rating:
A slutty piece of sh*t, her fame only really continued
because her sex tape was leaked and her 'bigger than Mount Fuji' ass!. She hogs the news, it's all about her irrelevant presence somewhere and what dirty over revealing dress she is wearing.

An Armenian Paris Hilton; she's even beaten that disgusting, unimportant white trash at her own game.

Her father supported and was the lawyer to a murderer.

You shouldn't respect a socialite- Plain and Simple!
The Enterprise's rating:
Average listal rating (242 ratings) 3.7 IMDB Rating 0
Well let me start of by saying... he is a nasty, ignorant, jackass, fiend and a violent woman beating monster, hate him yet!? Cause I do!
This twit needs to be swept of the face of the earth and it's not as if he can sing anyway, so what's the harm? keeping him here is the harm let me tell you!. I also heard him and that stupid Rihanna are dating again, my opinion is; them two losers deserve each other.

^^And yes I know a "meme" or whatever they call them, I don't like them at all but this just made me laugh and does what I want it to; tells you that this is a stupid person who you shouldn't respect, get it!?

You shouldnt respect someone who beats up people
(even if they do deserve it).
The Enterprise's rating:
Average listal rating (630 ratings) 6.8 IMDB Rating 0
*Coming Soon*

You shouldn't respect someone who is mainly famous for dating the most hated guy in the world.
The Enterprise's rating:
Average listal rating (332 ratings) 4.9 IMDB Rating 0
*Coming Soon*

You shouldn't respect a woman who portrays a drunken whore so perfectly.
The Enterprise's rating:

Not in any particular order.

Please do not take anything on this list too seriously.

As Helen Lovejoy from The Simpsons would say.."Won't somebody please think of the children?!”

This list is based on this one!

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