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Added by sleepless101 on 1 Jun 2010 05:37
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The characters I probably shouldn't find sexy...

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Character: Hannibal Lector
Film: Hannibal Rising
Why I shouldn't find him sexy:
He's a sadistic psychopath in the making. He kills several people throughout the course of the movie in strangely creative ways for only a budding pycho, and eats pieces of at least two of them. He also developes and unhealthy crush on the mother figure in his life. None of this is supposed to be sexy.
Why I do anyway:
An inherent weakness for hurt puppies.
A strange attraction to quiet, calm, and calculation.
It's Gaspard Ulliel!
sleepless101's rating:

Character: Dr. Spencer Reid
TV Show: Criminal Minds
Why I shouldn't find him sexy:
He's extremely introverted, bordering on obsessive compulsive, is addicted to drugs at one point in time, presents signs of Asperger's syndrome, has schizophrenia in his genes, and spends his entire life staring at maps, code breaking, and spouting random facts...
Why I do anyway:
He's a standout prodigy in the FBI with an eiditic memory...long story short: a sexy nerd.
He's got a tendency to put himself in harm's way to save people. Who doesn't love a hero?

Character: Lyle
Film: Manic
Why I shouldn't find him sexy:
Well, first of all, there's the age factor. I'm not sure, but I think he's supposed to be 16 in this one. And then, of course, there are the outlying anger issues. He beat a boy into a coma with a bat and ended up in an institution for troubled teens.
Why I do anyway:
What can I say? Self-discovery is sexy.
He threatens to kill a rapist to help the girl he likes. Protective and violent shouldn't be that appealing of a combination...but it is.
There's just something about that caged lion look.
Average listal rating (369 ratings) 7.4 IMDB Rating 0

Character: Charlie Prince
Film: 3:10 to Yuma
Why I shouldn't find him sexy:
He leads a group of outlaws on a two hour killing spree with no respect for anything or anyone except his leader. Someone looking hard enough into this plot could probably find some homoerotic implications in that aspect of his personality.
Why I do anyway:
I myself just see loyalty. Sigh.
Confidence and arrogance make for one very sexy bad guy.
He's pretty much a mystery. All we really know is that he hates posses...I love a mystery.
sleepless101's rating:
Average listal rating (1112 ratings) 8.2 IMDB Rating 0

Character: Mr. Tumnus
Film: Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
Why I shouldn't find him sexy:
Yeah...he's half man, half goat who lures little girls to his home and drugs them.
Why I do anyway:
He sees the error of his ways, repents, and pays for it.
James McAvoy, people!

sleepless101's rating:
Average listal rating (1735 ratings) 8.2 IMDB Rating 0

Character: Severus Snape
Film: Every Harry Potter film out there...
Why I shouldn't find him sexy:
He's not exactly the sex symbol of the century. The book describes him as having oily black hair and a large hooked nose. He places every hate he has on an orphaned child and goes out of his way to make that child's life a little more miserable. He spends his life moping about his adolescent traumas and he was once a henchman and a murderer.
Why I do anyway:
I love a man who's full of secrets.
And one who will dedicate the rest of his life to honoring the memory of the woman he loved and avenging her murder.
Its the dark past. I just love a dark past.
sleepless101's rating:

Character: Dr. Jackman/Mr. Hyde
TV Show: Jeckyll
Why I shouldn't find him sexy:
He has possibly the worst multiple personality disorder ever. One side of him is married with children while the other side is an impulsive driven homicidal child who refers to his other half as...get this..."daddy." It's quite clear that there are some issues there.
Why I do anyway:
His bad side can control electricity and survive 80 story drops.
Both sides are willing to die for his family.
It's the accent. I'm a sucker for accents!
I'm pretty sure I'll go to hell for admitting this one...

Character: Amon Goeth
Film: Schindler's List
Why I shouldn't think he's sexy:
He's a Nazi--and a particularly vicious one. He's the commandant of a concentration camp, shoots human beings at point blank range without blinking, take random sniper pot-shots at those anyone outside his window, and supervises genocide. Pretty much the worst guy on here.
Why I do anyway:
It's purely Ralph Fiennes. He plays evil so beautifully.

sleepless101's rating:
And as long as we're already headed to hell...

Character: Joseph
Film: The Nativity Story
Why I shouldn't find him sexy:
Because technically, he's the stepfather of, well...GOD!
Why I do anyway:
Come on! He accepted the whole virgin story, faced public ridicule, and loved Mary for the rest of his life. That kind of dedication is sexy.
He's a self made man.
He goes without food and water to get Mary safely to Bethlehem.
You know, he's not bad looking. (I'm going to hell!)
sleepless101's rating:
Let's just seal that coffin right now!

Character: Jesus Christ
Film: Mary, Mother of Jesus
Why I shouldn't find him sexy:
Sexy thoughts about the son of God? Yeah, I can tell where this is headed.
Why I do anyway:
Aw come on! Who puts CHRISTIAN BALE as Jesus and doesn't expect hoards of females to suddenly end up in hell!
sleepless101's rating:

Character: Dexter
TV Show: Dexter
Why I shouldn't find him sexy:
He's yet another sadistic psychopath, fascinated with his own inability to feel normal human emotions and WAY too good at pretending that he's normal. He kills in brutal ways, not because he enjoys it (though I'm pretty sure he does that to) but because he's actually physically compelled to do it.

Why I do anyway:
His distanced, purely scientific analysis of his own thoughts and sadistic nature fascinate me. He is a walking contradiction...with a cute smile! Besides, he only kills the bad guys, right?
Average listal rating (71 ratings) 7.3 IMDB Rating 0

Character: Deadpool
Film: X-men Origens: Wolverine
Why I shouldn't find him sexy:
He has been tortured, mutilated, turned toward evil, and inserted with the powers of a large amount of mutants. He could probably end the world, and most certainly could end me in a literal blink of an eye. He has no face, and looks pretty much like a walking corpse.
Why I do anyway:
Yes, but a walking corpse with amazing abs and some killer mobility. Mmmm...walking murderous corpse.

Character: Robin Hood
Film: Disney's Robin Hood
Why I shouldn't find him sexy:
He is an animated fox!
Why I do anyway:
He was my first childhood crush.
Right off the bat, it was the accent. I was born a sucker for accents!
Average listal rating (526 ratings) 7.5 IMDB Rating 0

Character: Captain Hook
Film: Peter Pan
Why I shouldn't find him sexy: First and foremost, because he was possibly the only Captain Hook with the power to scare me. He was evil. He is also a cut throat pirate singularly obsessed with the death of one little boy.
Whay I do anyway:
He's just got an air of evil confidence that exudes sexiness.
I love a man in uniform...especially a Captain's uniform.

Characters that I find quite appealing...but probably shouldn't.

As I was making this, I came across another list that was quite similar. I'm justified in making mine because opinions differ, and we only match in one, but I'm promoting it here too, since it was a marvelous idea!

Characters I shouldn't find attractive, yet I do by dizzy_claire

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