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Added by Kankku on 9 Jul 2013 10:23
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Kankku's Gaming Diary

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Elden Ring - PC Games
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People who added this item 125 Average listal rating (81 ratings) 8.4 IMDB Rating 0
NieR: Automata - PlayStation 4

At the moment I feel like this might be the best video game ever made. I might come back writing something on this, maybe. I just absolutely love this.
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The Last of Us Part II - PlayStation 4

The smartest and best writers make any evil seem like they believe they are in fact doing good. They do what they believe is just and right. Evil is not there just for the evil’s sake, but the characters are independent actors. This is exactly what The Last of Us Part II does, and what it does the best. The game never feels like cartoonish, but in fact a very mature and well-thought story. The parallel storylines intertwine beautifully, and every character feels real. Ellie’s diary entries are full of life, and even the NPCs seem like actual people in the actual world, when they are crying out loud for the dead loved ones and comrades in a middle of a battle. The latter must surely be one of the most haunting things in the whole game about a zombie apocalypse.

Only few things on the story level I found bemusing: Take the part where the characters left the aquarium to go to the secluded island. This part felt like a complete filler storyline to write off some characters from the scene for the sake of the others. Luckily, the whole scene on the island is such a thrilling one, and the core gameplay in that storyline is nice and well-crafted mixture of action and sneaking around.

The second thing that irritated me is that how the characters are actually just vessels for the story. The player gets put in to different shoes from time to time, but the players never get their own say. If compared to Ghost of Tsushima, where the player gets at least to decide something in the end, The Last of Us Part II is somewhat flat when it comes to the endgame.

Please, don’t get me wrong, I really liked the ending the game provided through the straight narrative. The player gets sentimentally attached to the characters throughout the playthrough and therefore the conflicts and the contradictions of the endgame are brilliant as they are. But I do believe that I would’ve been stronger thematically the give the players the choice.

But man, do I still adore this whole game as it is.
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Death Stranding - PlayStation 4
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Ghost of Tsushima - PlayStation 4
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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - PlayStation 4
I like the game mechanics and everything which allows the player to choose, how would he like to play the game. But no matter if you go full tank of full stealth, the game won't be too enjoyable without the DLCs. I'm one of those fools that bought the game in full price in release but all the plot holes and cliffhangers here and there just make the whole game a small dissappointment.
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480 hours and counting. This game surely has changed my view on FPS multiplayer games. I really love the tactical aspect and the value of teamwork in this game. If only there weren't that many bugs and the servers were better.
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Fallout 4 - PlayStation 4
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Duplicate - PlayStation 4

The game looks beautiful and sound design is great, but I do have a feeling that EA just fucked us all with this. When it comes to the gaming experience itself, this game is everything but complete. The leveling system, the coins and the lack of storymode are all that big stumbles that it is almost impossible to enjoy this game.
Kankku's rating:
People who added this item 119 Average listal rating (77 ratings) 7.9 IMDB Rating 0
Batman: Arkham Knight - PlayStation 4

The whole Arkham series has been a pleasure and I've been always looking quite forward for the next game in series. Moving into Gotham City is great and the little sandbox is again really great. Writing is excellent in this one and on that level Arkham Knight might stand up on its own the most. Game also looks brilliant so there's that too.

But there is quite a lot bad too. First images and the game trailer made me quite excited, thanks for the addition of Batmobile. But when I got my hands on this game, the reason that made me most excited first ended up being absolutely worst part of the game. Batmobile is some sort of forced fun, a real pain in the ass. Fighting against enemy tanks is simply the worst since it gets repetitive before you know it. The whole Riddler part might be just as stupid as the Batmobile. Part of this is because the two go hand-in-hand. Riddler's race challenges are simply idiotic as are millions of hidden Riddler trophie puzzles.
Kankku's rating:
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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - PlayStation 4

I love Wild Hunt. I would like to compare my experience to Dragon Age: Inquisition, since this game seems to overcome all the errors of it. For an example, there are no actual boundaries like broken bridges in the game, which would keep you away from enemies on too high level. The story is well written, and even the side quests are interesting. Man, the storyline of Bloody Baron was maybe even better than the big plot itself!

I love when the choices matter, and in Wild Hunt even the littlest choices do matter. All in all, the game is escapism at its purest and is compareable to Mass Effect in all its greatness.
Kankku's rating:
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Battlefield: Hardline - PlayStation 4

Part of me likes the way they tried to make the single player like some tv show but the other part of me hates the delivery. The game really encourages to non lethal action which is nice, but then again, this is Battlefield. Making arrests is way too easy and the bots are simply stupid. I decided to play this game through second time with hard difficulty since I almost every time start a game with normal difficulty, but I got way too tired of un-skippable cinematic cut scenes. The plot itself ain't even that good though.

The THING in Battlefield Hardline is supposed to be multiplayer but what a disappointment it turned out to be. Part of the disappointment is caused by that I played this game online without any PSN friends, so the action in fireteams was pretty lame. But still, one of the most irritating things in the game was that every gun felt like a pellet gun. I like the idea of collecting money through the multiplayer performances which allows buying unlockable weapons. The bad thing about this is that the player isn't expecting any specific level anymore to get some rewards for weapons. The level system feels more like something that some players wants to flaunt with cooler emblems. Although there are few enjoyable playing modes and maps, without DLCs the fun is too soon over. With the DLCs then the price of the game is outrageous.
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People who added this item 265 Average listal rating (196 ratings) 7.8 IMDB Rating 0
Hotline Miami - PC Games

Praise the soundtrack over and over again. Hotline Miami is quite nice memory and velocity action game. I also happen to like the setup of the story, but shamefully it collapses after a while. Enjoyable game though, which is fun for quite many hours. Can't wait to get my hands of the second one.
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Dragon Age: Inquisition - PlayStation 4

It took me 85 hours to beat this game. I'm not sure if I have ever put this much time and effort in a single playthrough. I killed all the 10 dragons, completed the storyline, and did most of the tasks on the war table and minor missions.

What I liked first was the tactical battle camera, which allowed the player to take care of every move from every squad member. It was nice for a while, but as the level of the main character got higher, the fights went easier and there were no more need for the tactical camera. If there was, it could have been needed against dragons. If something was frustrating in this games, it was fighting against them. Squad members lost their survival instinct at once they saw these big fuckers. They forgot how to heal themselves and how to avoid their breath of fire. I think this could have been the time to use tactical battle camera but since every dragon has like million hp, the fights would take forever.

The player is given a chance to prefer or disallow fighting skills of the squad members before a battle which made these repetitive fights a bit more playable. Once the level of the player gets over a certain point, there is simply nothing much to enjoy from any fight. First the enemies are too weak and then you get tired of your character. I played the game as a mage and before long I realized that every fight would be the same: holding down R2 button and occasionally putting in some special shit. I could have tried to play as some team member to refresh the experience a bit, but what is the idea of playing as Cassandra if you have made your own character in a role game.

I was also a bit bothered about the lack of interest I had towards the entire history and background of the things. One reason for this might be that this was my first Dragon Age ever, but at no point I was as interested about other tribes or great warriors as I was in Mass Effect.

I liked the way the open world was presented. This feeling comes a bit from my Mass Effect enthusiasm, since it is pretty much the same. But what I did not like was how the game put extra boundaries with blocks based on player's level: A bridge could have been broken from the middle, which made sure you could not get over the water until you were at least lvl 12. Once you got into this level, the bridge was magically repaired. Why they couldn't let the bridge be there for the whole time and once the player got over there, he could have seen how he got his arse kicked as a lvl 5 dickhole from the lvl 12 demons?

Collecting herbs was almost as frustrating as mining planets in Mass Effect 2 and money is just useless. Best weapons and armors are always found or crafted by handwork, which leaves money only for buying different horses.

The online multiplayer is a complete waste of time. Every mission is just the same: enemies spawn in the same places and they are all alike.

But why did I put 85 hours in the game? Simply, because I enjoyed most of it. I liked riding a fucking reindeer through the moors until a freaking giant threw a massive stone at me or a bear attacked without a reason (I mean, seriously, there weren't even cubs nearby). If there is something wrong with my riding experiences, it would be whole the fucking Emerald Graves. Shit is a stupid maze. The story is quite nice too but it lacks some opportunities for great decisions.
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People who added this item 40 Average listal rating (27 ratings) 7.6 IMDB Rating 0
Transistor - PlayStation 4

Transistor is a great amount of fun. As Child of Light already convinced me, I pretty much like these sort of turn-based combat style of games. The game itself ain't too long and after finishing the story once I thought I could give this another try. Visually the game is one of the most beautiful ones ever.
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People who added this item 83 Average listal rating (62 ratings) 7.5 IMDB Rating 0

The Walking Dead: Season 2 is a lot to play for a little game. Unfortunately though the season lacks tough choices to be made. Instead the game is filled with dull moral choices, like "would you like to stay and watch people getting beaten to death or would you rather leave". I mean that the character you are playing with is a little girl who is not supposed to see things like that in her age - even though it is a zombie apocalypse. Surely the adult players are curious to see that but man, not Clementine. Greatest thing in the game has to be the ending, when the drama and tough choices meets.
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The Last of Us - Remastered - PlayStation 4

Every superlative. Except the bad ones.
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People who added this item 75 Average listal rating (49 ratings) 6.1 IMDB Rating 0
Destiny - PlayStation 4

When Bungie revealed their first pictures and videos of Destiny, I couldn't have been any more excited. After all, we are talking about Bungie here - the creators of Halo. Well the game actually looks nice but that is pretty much it. This is why the actual release was such a disappointment.

Bungie had a great chance to create a great space opera but they totally missed it. Including different alien races in a post apocalyptic universe, Destiny doesn't tell just enough about the history of anything. Also all the missions are the same: player rushes into a certain spot, where the "Ghost" scans some shit for a while and then the player fights against few horde waves of enemies. If not that, then the player fights against some bullet sponges whose beating won't demand no planning or skill what-so-ever: only shooting, getting cover for reloading and more shooting. The story ends way too suddenly and hints obviously that there are some expensive ass DLCs incoming.

The stupidest thing in the whole game must be the leveling system. Player gains levels from the experience points til the 20th level. From there the player gains levels up until 30th from 'the light'. Light the player gets from armors, which forces the player to wear only and always the armor that has highest value of light. This takes away the freedom on choosing the look of character from players. Also the loots and rewards from the fights are just ridiculous, when the engrams are never fair. It would seem logical and fair that legendary engram would give you a legendary item, but it will most certainly not do so. I have got only once from, I dunno, thousand times a legendary armor from the Cryptarch and even then the motherfucker gave me a titan armor and in Destiny the player can't change any of the shit he gets with the other players.

The multiplayer mode would be much more fun, if there was more to do. The strikes that the player can fight with friends are all the same and worse than the single player (which you could play also with friends). TDM and Control are a bit fun activities but the problem here is again that the players are all only bullet sponges and kill streaks are almost impossible to get. Vultures are the ones that get the most kills, when they come to shoot the enemies that some have already softened up. This makes me miss Halo with its SWAT mode or all the FPS games with actually mortal characters.

Destiny just lacks way too many things to be liked and spent hours with. I chose to be a hunter in the beginning of the game and even if I have become interested about trying the game with a different class, I have zero interest doing anything I've done so far yet all over again (and again).
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FIFA 15 - PlayStation 4

FIFA series has taken few steps backwards. FIFA 15 is a terrible disappointment for me as a way to launch the new generation of video game consoles. This is pretty much the same game as FIFA 14 was before (which of I decided not to write anything) with a couple of improvement and couple of disimprovement.

The greatest improvement is that now the player is actually easily capable of skipping the quick throw-in. In quick throw-in, players never seemed to find any place of their own and making themselves available to pass from the throw. This is still a small problem in FIFA 15 but when the player can skip the option that easily, the problem isn't that annoying.

Second improvement is in quick tactics. When in comfortable lead, player can simply park the bus really quickly and in a desperate need for goal or two player can call all out attack way faster and more easily than ever before.

The biggest fuck-up in FIFA 15 must be the way the game is filled with animations. There is an animation for the cards that referee pulls from his pocket, the debate of a penalty kick, the goal celebrations. Name it. What is fucked up here is that these animations are always a must-watch. Player cannot skip these and these animations are freaking long. Worst animation must be for a penalty kick: there is a zoom to the referee pointing his hand to the spot, tacklers unbelievable reaction, replay of the tackle, another debate, shot taker placing the ball on the spot, him walking from the spot and after scoring the player can be forced to watch the goal at least once. And if you accidentally haven't placed your favorite penalty taker, there is another animation when the shot taker changes. Man. There are even animations for the goalkeeper placing the ball for the goal kick but still a fast goal kick doesn't come into a question. Yet another vainglorious adding into animations is the offside animation: no one wants to see the faces of the linesmen.

I want to believe that most of these animation things are just a temporary problem, which could be fixed in an update for the game. I've been waiting for that update for a month now, which seems now in this scenario a ridiculously long time.

Another fuck-up is the way the team lineups are performed. Even in the kick off matches or season matches other than FUT matches, the lineups are shown in the way familiar to FUT but without the chemistry lines. This kind of structure of layup leads in some of the tactics a total anxiety, when getting your hands in some of the players is simply impossible, because the pad movement is that rigid. This could work on a tabloid or computer version of the game but definitely not on a console controller. And when deciding the team formation, there are dozens of them named alike. For an example, there aren't formations named like 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-2-1 when both and many alike are named 4-5-1. This leaves the player to set his eyes into the graphical squad formation when looking for the differences in the team formations.

Adding the Turkish Süper Lig surely is a nice thing and adds many interesting teams but taking away Brazilian is another major fuck-up.

In the career mode the player values are totally un-realistic and it is way too easy to make great transfers in the market even with a strict finance policy.

One annoying thing in a kick off match is the goal replay system. When playing one-on-one match with a friend, the opponent cannot skip the goal replay by pressing options button (whatever happened to the start button). Replays roll as long as the goal scorer wants to see them. I'm guessing that FIFA Tournaments that we have with our friends end up in bruises on our shoulders way more often that those did before.
People who added this item 44 Average listal rating (31 ratings) 8 IMDB Rating 0
P.T. - PlayStation Network

I wasn't quite sure if this deserved to be here. Even the name of the game stands for initials: playable teaser. Then I came to think about the time I spent playing this and the way this game is being marketed, when the player isn't acknowledged that this game is actually just a teaser for a full game.

I played this game for whole two hours before I ended up in ever so clever internets looking for how to finish the game or if I had already done that. That idea should be enough the explain, how freaking cryptic the game really is. The game never explains itself or gives any hints and the player is forced to examine his surroundings really carefully to proceed in the game.

I don't believe that photorealistic has ever been before as suitable word to describe the visual beauty of any video game. The way the light reflects from the floor and creates contrast into shadows, water behaves on the windows and the little details everywhere. The ambient soundtrack full of howling radio shattering and noise in general is one of the greatest ways to cause atmosphere of terror.

It is tremendous how the game really builds its atmosphere and it surely doesn't rely only on its short, yet horrifying spooks. Together these work perfectly and my god was did I sweat and jump while playing this. Sadly, some of the feeling of terror is taken by the cryptic challenges of the game.

I read somewhere that Hideo Kojima designed the game the way that it would take a week to find the way to finish the game. When I found myself from the world wide web looking for an answer, how to finish the game or if I had already done it, I found that I was quite near but wouldn't ever been able to come up with the solution. The game ends in a phone call, which launches the ending animation. The way to get that phone call is simply ridiculous and it wouldn't ever crossed my mind. There are actually couple of ways to get that phone call, I guess, but that shit is some serious ass business.

I've never been before a fan of horror games but the upcoming Silent Hill really seems to be one to look forward to. Oh yeah, right, this is a playable teaser of that game. P.T. is a horrifyingly enjoyable game to take away your good night sleep. But lack of sleep never bothered me anyway.
Kankku's rating:
People who added this item 1021 Average listal rating (1029 ratings) 8.4 IMDB Rating 0
Half-Life 2 - PC Games

Half-Life 2 was my most wanted game for quite a long time. When finally I got computer powerful enough to run the game, I was given a perfect chance to cross this over from my bucket list. The game finds its perfect balance between puzzling and FPS action. Fight for survival is really often real. One of the most interesting parts of the game was the part where the player is forced to walk on a broken bridge on a narrow steel pillars above the river. I happen to have terrible acrophobia and therefore it was one of the most painful and horrifying moments of my gaming history. This is also a reason to love this game: never ever before I've felt as strongly that I was part of a game, swallowed into the game.

If I was to say something bad about the game, it has to do something with its style of forcing to solve some littlest puzzles only in one way. Explaining this is quite difficult and I didn't happen to take any screenshots of the case. Beware of terrible bitching about nothing but which also happens to be something I have to get off from my heart: In that scene Gordon was driving his boat, jumping into the sewing system from under a boardwalk. To make way under the boardwalk, player was supposed to explode a container, but I had made my way there by driving hard against the obstacles blocking my way, which finally flipped me over to the other side. When making the jump to the sewers, it always was left short and I was fucking losing it. After a while I found the other way under the boardwalk and just by exploding the container, I was able to jump into the sewers with the same speed as I had had before. End of bitching.

The story is definitely one of the most interesting ones around and the dystopian future scenario gives its own atmosphere for the game. Fighting against smaller guards and bigger enemies is fun and at its funniest when fooling around with the gravity gun, a crossbow or a missile launcher. With (the most of the) puzzles, shooting and the story, HL2 is a definite classic and just cannot be over-hyped.
Kankku's rating:
People who added this item 130 Average listal rating (87 ratings) 6.7 IMDB Rating 0
Gone Home - PC Games

Gone Home is a nice little story of a gameplay. By little, I really mean little. Player has come home after visiting Europe when she finds the house completely empty. This starts the investigations of the house when looking for the evidence, where have everybody gone. The history of the house also reveals something dark along the investigations.

Gameplay of investigations is really fun and interesting. Game doesn't stop to explain itself too much at any point which really leaves the player in the same condition as the playable character is. The house is a nice little sandbox where the player is free enough to gather evidence and have a little fun around. The story is satisfying and all in all Gone Home is quite enjoyable game.
Kankku's rating:
People who added this item 145 Average listal rating (108 ratings) 7.8 IMDB Rating 0
The Wolf Among Us - PC Games

The Walking Dead got me into Telltale Games. I like games where the player is given options which clearly affect the plot and this point-and-click kind of game was really my kind of cup of tea. The Wolf Among Us uses the same mechanism which is heavily based on the story itself instead of controlling the main character.

What sucked ass in Mass Effect trilogy was that you could be bad but it was almost impossible to be bad without being awkward. In The Wolf Among Us the badness isn't only based on the choices the player does in the dialogue but also in the actions of the player. There are options of torture or negotiate and of course killing or letting them be. The player is given a choice of deciding, how big and bad the wolf actually is.

Naturally the story itself is packed with awesomeness. That gives this game a great replay value but I think that I'll leave this for a while and come back some months (or years) later. Little twists of the game are pleasant and being an actual detective in a detective story is really interesting.
Kankku's rating:
People who added this item 57 Average listal rating (35 ratings) 7.2 IMDB Rating 0
Child of Light - PC Games

Red headed Aurora is an Austrian Princess. Once the castle is taken by fire, Aurora dies is sleep. Aurora wakes up in the magical world of Lemuria, where Dark Queen is ruling after stealing all the lights from the sky. Aurora stands up fighting for the people of Lemuria and gathers more or less accidentally her own little fellowship.

When it comes to Child of Light, one cannot praise enough the divine visual beauty of the game. This comes from the hand-painted pictures which gives beautiful, poetic look. The looks are not the only poetic thing since the whole dialogue is written in verse. This game is a book come alive. This all is finished by the exquisite soundtrack.

For a pleasant surprise, Lemuria proves to be quite wide land after all. This again means that there is quite a lot to play. Even that wide that I almost missed a certain quest which means that I almost missed getting a certain member for the fellowship.

In the fellowship there is quite a variation of the characters. Every one of them has their own specialties which prove more or less practical in the fights. Some of them are specialized against dark creatures, some of them against firy ones and some of them against ordinary earth creatures. The combat is turn based and the player is allowed to use two members of the fellowship at the time. Plus Igniculus – which is extremely useful in combat. Fighting is vital to gain levels and gaining levels for the characters is vital for surviving against bigger dark creatures. Levels provide skill points which can be used to teach new moves or strengthen the old ones.

I played the game in normal difficulty and therefore each member of the crew gained levels eventhough they were not involved in the action. I'm not sure what the deal is with advanced difficulty levels but this way it felt quite easy. As awkward as it is to confess, this easiness felt quite necessity. The characters that are specialized against ”normal” earth creatures are good use only against them – doing their job exquisitely well. But they are no good against bigger and darker creatures. The members of the fellowship that are good against big and dark creatures are also good against smaller ones and by this kind of leveling system the player gets some use for every playable character.

This game took me 15 hours and I bought it from Steam Summer Sale. If the game cost less than an euro for an hour, it is great value. In fact, Child of Light is fantastic value. I have never played a single Final Fantasy and I'm quite new for RPGs in general. But I sure love Child of Light.
Kankku's rating:
People who added this item 110 Average listal rating (56 ratings) 8.1 IMDB Rating 0
Tomb Raider - Xbox 360

This was my first Tomb Raider experience of my own. It is quite shameful to accept that fact but better late than never. I was quite excited when the game was released but decided to wait a bit until buying it, since I had quite a few games in progress. Then the GOTY edition was released with a reasonable price, including few DLCs. And incredible DLCs they are. Some manurish clothes for the heroine, multiplayer maps, weapons and characters, and some extra tomb for the single player. So forget 'incredible', it's mostly rubbish.

Survivor vision makes things easy but without it going anywhere in this game would be impossible. There I found me tapping LB button constantly and hating the SFX it caused. And muting voice of sound effects would have also muted audible dialogue, so there was nothing to do for avoiding that thump noise.

It was nice to see that Tomb Rider gives sometimes some great challenges. These challenges are the puzzles in the tombs but quite shamefully enough there are quite few of them. Some of them are just ridiculously easy, just because of the survivor vision. It shows the flammable objects and edges and walls that Lara is able to climb and does she climb well.

Game looks good and heroine is easily controllable. Story isn't sadly that great or even interesting which is a great shame, when almost everything else seems to work that satisfyingly. Guns are not comparable together, since there is absolutely no reason of playing with any other weapons than a pistol and a bow. Something was taken also from that satisfying feeling when the game ended that suddenly.
Kankku's rating:
People who added this item 176 Average listal rating (84 ratings) 8.4 IMDB Rating 0
BioShock Infinite - Xbox 360

I wasn't that interested years ago when seeing the first sneak peek material of the game. I hadn't even been interested about the first two of the Bioshocks. But when finally finishing the two, I just couldn't wait to get my hands on the game. I was a bit late with this one too, because when Infinite was released, I had just started playing the first one. Actually, seeing the video footage of Infinite early in 2013 got me first time really interested in the game series. I felt terrible need of playing the first the two previous games of the series, although I had been convinced that you don't have to be finished the two before this.

So about week or so before BioShock Infinite was released, I started playing the first BioShock. I played it kind of slowly as I did afterwards with BioShock 2 also. It took me four months to play the two as I enjoyed them quite a lot and in a small amounts of playing. When I had time and money to buy BioShock Infinite and when it finally came to me in a post, I gobbled the game in a few days. One of the reasons was the lack of quicksaving but the main reason was that I was not able to stop playig the game. It had gotten me hooked.

BioShock Infinite is a lot about the story. That comes as no surprise, when there isn't even a multiplayer ability in the game. Story is simply amazing and definitely the greatest one that I've witnessed in my gaming history. "Bring us the the girl and wipe away the dept." With the start-up of that kind you really have to get fascinated about it. Narration of the game works beautifully and the experience is simply one of the kind. Visually the game is total masterpiece and when praising this game being the most beautiful that I've ever played, I couldn't be much wrong. Biggest contender would be Halo 4.

It is interesting, how much the game series has changed from the first two. Whole set up is somehow vice versa, when the player is no longer in the underwater city Rapture but in the flying city of Columbia. The contrast is huge. Columbia has this heavenly atmosphere when Rapture felt much more darker place. Musics are again great, even greater than in the first two. The heavenly city gives the hero of the game, Booker Dewitt, freedom of movement when using these spectacular skylines. Fighting gets because of it a bit of variation alongside with the different biotic skills. Heavenly atmosphere is darkened with the values of the people in the 1920's and which just wraps up the whole idea and gives some great, guilty laughs.

Player doesn't seek for Adam anymore but basically the idea is the same when Booker is looking for Salts, which are now the source of the biotic skills. Skills are quite the same that they were in the first two but there are also some totally new ones replacing the unnecessary ones and maybe even turning into most important ones. Variation of guns is also something nice and after a little testing of all of them you come to find the best ones. There's been a bit of change in the use of the guns when the player is now allowed only to carry out two guns at the time. You cant have pistol in the holster, rifle on the back and grenade launcher in hands. You are supposed to leave one of them behind. Good thing though is that you just throw away the gun and still you keep the ammunition. This means that if you are out of ammo with your primary weapon, you can pick the gun from a dead enemy, having full magazines reserved for use!

The greatest thing for the smooth gaming experience must be Elizabeth. This might be the first time when I'm playing a video game where the ally is not in your way at all. Elizabeth avoids combat and is never a target of an enemy for being that clever that she is. She is still in combat making your work a lot easier. She gives ammunition, health packages and salts to keep you in form. She even makes these tears to make combat even more smoother and saving your arse for many times. Thanks for Elizabeth, there is no need for ability for the player to gather Salt or health packages like they used to do in the first two BioShocks. Elizabeth's great help reminds me of this great little Plasmid help of Eleanor's in BioShock 2 but still this is a lot better and ALWAYS handy. When not in combat, Elizabeth acts in such a realistic ways. She is sighing and leaning on the walls when you are taking rather too long while investigating the surroundings. When you are out of money and you see something that you just must have from a vending machine, she is there to help to you and flips a few coins. Also when investigating surroundings, Elizabeth might give a little hints if you have missed something like lockpicks and stuff.

I'm not maybe much of a gamer, which might be one reason why I have so a few games that has gotten me five starts out of five. There are Mass Effect and Batman: Arkham Asylum the only two games that has gotten full amount of points from me alongside with BioShock Infinite.

By the way, I recommend playing the first two before playing Infinite. That is the way you get the most out of this but it isn't a must. I just finished the game on medium difficulty but I am very much looking forward to try it out soon with hard and 1999 Mode. Also I am very much looking forward to the DLCs.

DLC Update:

DLCs are meant for those who have finished the original story of BioShock Infinite. I'm supporting that idea and if you haven't done that yet, I recommend not to read any further. Finishing first two BioShock games is also recommendable.

I bought the Season Pass for the game DLCs. I was not interested about The Clash in The Clouds like at all but since the price was same for two parts of Burial at Sea than for all three, I saw no reason to buy only Burial at Sea: Episodes I and II.

Clash in the Clouds is something like an arena based fighting game mode in Columbia, where enemies get stronger after each level which the player is supposed to clear. After all, it turns out to be a little bit of fun but still it is nothing compared to Burial at Sea. In the original story of BioShock Infinite the player saw a little blurry flashbacks about some detective office, where someone was knocking on his door and calling Booker's name. Burial at Sea finally opens that door, which takes us, SPOILER ALERT, to Rapture - the divine city under the sea. This connects the whole storyline with the earlier two BioShock games. Therefore talking more about the storyline is a little difficult when I'm trying to avoid spoilers from all the BioShock games, just in case. The assumption in the game itself is also that the player has played the first two BioShocks. If there is still some one who hasn't done that yet, I can see no big enjoyment from Burial at Sea for those. So please, play BioShock and BioShock 2 at least before this.

It is splendid how the story comes together and for the ones that are fans or otherwise interested about the story, DLCs are a must. Burial at Sea: Episode I took me somewhat three hours to finish and Episode II five hours or so. There are things to explore in both Columbia and Rapture from Voxophones to little easter eggs (am I using the term right?) with a great BioShock humor. The two parts are a little different from each other from the gaming style, since in the second part the player is supposed to be Elizabeth. With Elizabeth, the whole game supports more of a sneaking style of gaming, since you are just a little girl. With unnatural powers of course.

I loved every second in both parts of Burial at Sea and this might even ensure BioShock Infinite being my favorite game ever. Or is it Mass Effect? No time for stupid questions and thoughts. Horror is real in this one and it is damn good to be back in both Rapture in Columbia. And finally in Paris too.
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It's been a while since I bought CoD game. I was huge fan of both previous Modern Warfares but after seeing and trying friends' Black Ops games, it was clear that those would not come in my collection. Modern Warfare 3 was released in November 2011 and in February 2014 I bought it.

The whole game is all about the online multiplayer. The single player is more responsibility than a joy. There is only a need of playing it ever since you've paid for it. Nice thing here is that the story continues from the previous games but still the schuffling action of running places killing enemies is anything but a pleasure. Single player mode introduces the weapons and killstreak rewards for the multiplayer which is nice though.

Still almost two and a half years after the release there are online players for this. This is not a sursprise, since there are still for MW2 too. Creating custom classes is taken into a whole new level after MW2 and making them really takes its own time. But after a while, at least I found the three perks that I put almost in every class. Making custom weapons and choosing the killstreak rewards is fun. The ability of choosing between offensive and defensive rewards is also a good reformation. One thing clear here is also that the killstreak rewards don't play as big part in a match as they did in MW2. That is because of some perks and also because there aren't as effective air supports as there were in MW2.

After 10 hours of online play I have noticed one thing. It is not fun without a friend in a same party. I believe that means that this game is more of a social treatment for me. Playing alone online against 12-years-olds is less painful when you have a friend with you.

I also found my father by playing this game. Apparently, he is a 12-years-old, which means that he has Benjamin Button's aging disorder. Or maybe time travel is a thing after all.
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I loved the previous two Batman games in Arkham series: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. Therefore Batman: Arkham Origins was possibly the most anticipated game of the year.

Arkham Origins takes place before the two previous Batman games. Black Mask is causing terror at the Christmas eve and citizens of Gotham City are afraid. New vigilante, Batman, is trying to keep things in control when the police seems to be helpless. Things get a little complicated though, because there is also bounty on the vigilante's head and also some weirdo called the Joker is messing around.

Arkham Origins does pretty much the same that the previous Batman games did: the cavalcade of the characters and the plot is massive. It's more than nice to see the Penguin, Firefly, Bane, the Joker, Enigma and other fellas make the plot enormously huge and each and everyone of them gives Batman a little something to do. Some give it in the main plot, others in the side missions.

Gotham City in a massive playground and behind every corner there is little something to do. Sometimes there's a little crime in progress, when thugs are fighting against each other and sometimes there's a bomb placed to explode to ruin everybody's Christmas. All this is made extremely well. In GTA V, I had no interests of doing any side missions that had a little to do with the main story, because the meaning of them was so insignificance. In Arkham Origins, every little side mission gives a little deeper dimension to the main story. The motives of the villains are being exposed and the little stories of smaller, but still ambitious villains, are all interesting.

The little challenges in the story gameplay are also a nice add-up. By completing these challenges, unlockable gadgets and takedown combos are opened and can be bought to the abilities of Batman with this level points that the player is getting by gaining XP from the fights etc.

When there is this awful lot of villains, it is sure that Batman gets face-to-face with some of them. This is when the boss fights step in which also insures that the fight never get repetitive. This is also because the thugs evolve by the end of the game with the better arms and armors they are wearing. But what I meant so say about the boss fights is that I really enjoyed them. Every boss is handeled differently because the fighting technique of them is different. Some have wings, some are martial artist specialists and some are just incredibly muscular. And then some of them are just fuck crazy. This is something that was missing from the both two previous games in Arkham Series. Oh Batman did have boss fights, but only against enemies of the triple his size and they were always the same.

I've finished now the story mode once but it is rather lovely to know that there is still a lot to play. There are still some side missions to do now but after them I could start playing the Plus Mode that the Arkham City had too. Then there is also this "I'm the Night" type of playing this.
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Grand Theft Auto V - Xbox 360

Grand Theft Auto V was one of the most anticipated games of the year 2013. I've played GTA game series ever since GTA III and I've liked them a lot. Liked, but not loved.

The open world in the game series has always been something that has brought me to play these. In GTA V, the world is almost ridiculously open, giving the player options to do stuff like running an own enterprise, tuning your own car and blimp riding. And a bunch of extreme sports. GTA V is a sandbox. Unfortunately, I don't find most of that exciting. There is rathter much to do but the executions of the ideas are rather dull. The gaming playground is massive and the idea of it sounded amazing first, but after playing a while in the sandbox I realized that I didn't want a sandbox. I wanted a trampoline.

One thing that was also both scary and interesting in the game was the idea of playing with three main characters. How would they make three equally interesting characters to play with? At first, one feels as interesting as the other but the more you play, soon you realize that every character is actually as dull as the other. Supporting characters are mostly sad little creatures without getting any sympathy. First the player is a bit fooled that the Michael's family, Franklin's friends or Trevor's friends have something to give to the story. The love lives of the characters are also something rather dull and one does not simply get interested in bonding with any of the supporting characters.

The most annoying thing in the whole game still must be flying. When the player is given a chance to change the character in the middle of a mission, it is still quite strictly limited to some points. This means that almost everytime when one of the characters (Trevor) is on an aeroplane or a helicopter during the mission, you are supposed to fly the damn thing. The problem isn't actually flying, but the landing and hovering. If you are given a change to change the character to play with, why does it have to be that limited?

Lack of interest was also present when trying to play the side missions of the game. There was barely none in collecting abondoned cars around Los Santos and even less in collecting the strangers from the road or running the own enterprises.

The most enjoyable the game was when making the big jobs. The planning and the preparations were more or less repetitive in every gig with one exception, which I enjoyed quite a bit. That was when getting a getaway car for one job. The requirements were not that much: it should have five seats. I knew that things would get a little sweaty in the end, so I took my SUV to the Los Santos Customs, making it a real roadrunner. But things like that I realized maybe a little too late. But after saying that I also realize that too many jobs were based on using helicopters or submarines as a getaway vehicle. Other thing that I enjoyed in the sandbox quite a bit was stock market.
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Dishonored - PC Games

If I am given a chance to not to kill anybody in the game, I most likely prefer that one. It's always such big a job to get rid of the body and it always ends up in a messy situation, when you are surrounded by enemies and the freaking alarm is tearing the ears apart. And killing is always messy. You know - blood and stuff. I realized this after finishing the first mission, when I killed 42 enemies in total. I thought all by myself that I had failed in a tremendous way. I learned my lesson and afterwards I killed somewhat 10 enemies per mission in max and still felt fuck guilty.

There was this one mission though, when I had just learned and thought that the best way to get rid of unconscious, strangled bodies was to toss them into the sea. I thought that the waves would carry them safe to the shore in distance but fuck it. In the mission report it was clear that they had all died. The easiest way to get rid of the bodies is definitely when attacking from behind from an unaware enemy. After spending a few runes (the mana money in the game) every unaware enemy that gets killed turns into ashes. This makes assassinations a bit too easy but still un-preferable.

Sneaking sure is a lot of fun and it is always nice that the player is given choices of who shall be killed and who shall be saved. When the main objective in every mission is basically killing some important aristocrat, the way of killing is always into the players hand. You get to plan it in scene actually quite beautifully. Important thing is also always to secure your way to the back. After the objective is finished, the player is ought to return back to the point where the mission started. And that is always harder when there are more opponents that have seen your movement.

Sneaking surely is a lot of fun. Learning guards movements in their guarding posts and scanning the area for plausible ways of moving and proceeding in the city is something quite fascinating. There are only few harder boss fights in the game and actually every main target in the mission are quite easily killed. The hardest thing most often is the high guarding level of the target but the target itself is killed by a single cut or crossbow arrow.

Visually the game is astonishing. The world of the game is simply beautiful and the graphics are excellent. Environment is designed by care and it is shown quite well when giving the player almost unlimited freedom of movement in the town of Dunvall. Voice actors are also brilliant. Too bad that the story itself isn't quite that much interesting that the scenario would suggest. Everything is pretty straight forward except for one little twist. Player doesn't get attached in any character and the mysterious main character is that mysterious and distant that you don't get to care even what happens to him ether.

It is clear that there are a lot of ways to finish this entire game. There choices you make to save some sorry-ass and the choices to play this through by wrecking havoc or just by sneaking. I might not have interests to finish this game right away the second time, although my style of gaming didn't conclude to the ending that I was hoping for. Although, saying that must mean that I did have some feelings towards the characters in the game.
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The Walking Dead - PC Games

As you might know by reading my TV Journal, I'm not a fan of the The Walking Dead TV series. But the Telltale game has got so much of an attention from game reviewers and gamers in general that I just had to give this game a chance. Basing on the comic book, this story is rather an interesting one and the visual look has much of an influence of it, looking simple but beautiful.

One thing that tells actually pretty well how good the storyline actually is that I was quite often caught by a surprise when I was actually supposed to play the game, instead of just watching the story from a bit distance. I mean, I had not laid my hands on the keyboard and was lying on a sofa like the fattest worm you can imagine with the laptop on my lap. I'm not sure how many times I actually died because of that, since the gameplay is actually based quite a lot on the fast tapping of Q and E and then scrolling with the mouse on the options of dialogue.

The game works that way brilliantly. I love it when the player is given options for actions and The Walking Dead is much about it. Although, I think that the choices you make doesn't actually matter to the outcome but I'd give this another try and see if they really do matter. Dividing the game into episodes like a season of TV series is nice choice and makes the gameplay easy to regulate within a week or so, for example playing an episode in a day. But I kind of gobbled this all through within a few days, but when giving the chance of replaying this it might come out handy. The game isn't much about the action and when it comes it is always a little bit of a fun. Instead of banging guns around, the actions of the game might be like cutting a hair or finding a screwdriver. I haven'b bought the 400 Days DLC yet but I'm pretty interested about it.
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BioShock 2 - Xbox 360

I loved the first BioShock quite a lot. It might be one of the best games I've ever played. I played BioShock 2 also retrospectively straight after the first one, so I didn't have to wait three years to get my hands into this, like most of the fans had to. Story is again good ole BioShock type, but unfortunately not quite as good as it is in the first one. When BioShock reminded me about the masterpiece movie like The Manchurian Candidate with its story, BioShock 2 didn't give me that kind of kicks. I mean it could have given if I would have given more time between playing the two.

Gaming experience has gotten a bit easier, when now the main character uses guns single handed, leaving left hand for the fast use of plasmid skills. This little improvement makes fighting a little more fast forward and combining plasmids with weapons is made a lot easier. Puzzles are taken away from hacking and now it is more of a game of attention and reflexes when hacking. Atmosphere from BioShock isn't lost an Rapture is still as beautiful and scary at the same time than it used to be. But it has lost some of the panic that BioShock had.

One huge irritant thing there is though in the game: Big Sisters. Those just give a headache and fighting agains them is not fun at all. Slimy bastards are tough and strong pieces of shit and also as fast ones too. It might be a bit rewarding for gaining a little Adam from them but surely they come around when you are low at ammo and plasmids. This is the part when the panic is lost, replaced with the fuck balls and a headache. Saying this might give you a little piece of an idea of my stupid strategy of playing this game, since player is very much informed about when Big Sisters attack. But even then I had no money or fast way to get to the vending machines. I'm 100 per cent sure that I would't have the strength finishing the game without Vita Chambers, which are now a total must. Second thing that was no good or fun was collecting Adam from the Angels with an adopted Little Sister. Some might suggest that I should have changed the difficulty level but laatidaa.
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BioShock - Xbox 360

I had this game like two years in the shelf before playing it. It is really rare to me, since I don't consider me as much of a player, buying rarely games and quite strictly only specific ones. When I come to think of it, I think only Orange Box has gotten the same treatment from me to the date. And with the Orange Box the treatment was that ultimate that I even sold it because I got stuck in Half-Life 2 and therefore I had no reason to play the Episodes 1 and 2. I also didn't enjoy Team Fortress 2 or Portal. For a while now, I've felt ashamed for what I've done and dreamed of buying The Orange Box again. But enough with the Orange Box, I bought BioShock used for couple of euros at the day in a cool steelbook and only thought that maybe some day the future Kankku would give the game the interest it deserves. And I'm damn glad that the Kankku from the past did that.

After a few online games that I played for a while, it was nice to have a single player game again. Since there is no multiplayer in the game, this game is of course all about the single player. And what a single player it is. I made a huge mistake by harvesting accidentally one Little Sister in the beginning, just to see what it was like. I dealt with every one of them, when rescuing all the others but still the ending was what I didn't want it to be: brutal, told in a sad tone. Also I missed the Achievement of not harvesting any Little Sister. But it doesn't matter a lot, since I also got only 24 out of 68 possible Achievements of the game. Maybe I was too focused on the story to follow it than I was in completing Achievements. And still the story of the game left me confused for a while. All in all, the story is definitely one of the bests I've ever witnessed.

Atmosphere is one of the kind and Rapture is simply amazing. Visual looks aren't aged at all and fighting against Splicers and Big Daddies is something quite special. Making battle strategies to use a Big Daddy as an ally and then after Splicers are all dead in the battle and Big Daddy has lost even the littlest piece of health, it is time to kick Daddy's arse. Respawning system in Vita Chambers works well since the fights are sometimes quite difficult and that respawning system of avoiding of loading checkpoints is a must in the game.
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Halo 4 - Xbox 360

I've always been as much of a fan of Halo series than I've been a fan of Gears of War series. After a while, it is a pleasure to be in the boots of Masterchief again and the story being as good as it used to be. And even sentimental. Gladly Halo 4 has taken the most out of the console to the date. Not only the cut-scenes are breathtaking, but the actual gameplay is not far behind them. This game is a beauty.

Halo games have been the best shooter multiplayers ever and Halo 4 is no exception there. I enjoy SWAT the most and the updates to the game mode have been more than welcome for a long time. Nice little update is the alternate version for bursting DMR and all new modes of SWAT with Covenant weapons and so on. Also leveling system and the unlockable armour looks are trying to be something satisfying, but unfortunately I'm that lazy that I'm not even interested in evolving my character too much.

But Halos have never been best played online, but being played with two consoles and eight players. I haven't been able to enjoy Halo 4 by that way yet but I'm looking very much forward to it. Just need to make a date with a friend of mine and gather people to play it. Maybe then I could be able to respect the game the way it deserves to.
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Ether Gears of War has lost it a bit, or I have. One thing is sure, when talking about Gears losing it. That little thing is a little bit of originality. When in the first three parts of the game series player used the pad for changing the weapon or grenade of use, now changing of the weapon happens simply by Y button and grenades have the own quick access button. Gears of War is blending in into all the other typical shooters and not holding on the original recipe they had of playing.

But where the originality is lost in the gaming controls, it is won in the structure of the game. The story mode doesn't include Marcus Fenix anymore while telling the individual story of Baird and his group. Surely Cole is there, but not half the characters that we are used to see in the Gears'. The story is about the trial because of a war crime that Baird and his group are accused of. Story consist of four parts, each part being one of the squad member's testimony. Nicest thing here is that the gamer gets to play with each one of the squad member as a main character in a mission.

New Xbox games that I've played in 2013 have all been quite a stunners. Gears of War: Judgment might really seems to have taken everything off from the console and the visual looks of it are in that level. Alongside with few other games in this list, playing this game was pure visual joy. From the looks I'd give ten out of ten. Also the new modes of multiplayer are extremely fun and best played in a little Live party. I had the most fun while playing the game mode of Locusts versus Gears, where you Locusts are supposed to destroy the Gears' base. Maybe my excitement towards the game shows up here, where I don't even remember the name of the game mode or am not even googling that out. The game mode that opens after completing campaign is also fun and gives the story some more.

But the biggest problem in Gears is that I could not enjoy the game in the same way that I was used to. New guns and enemies are fun and the fact of the game being translated in Finnish from the names of the guns to the dialogue is quite something. But the fighting mechanic is something I could not enjoy anymore. The idea of jumping from cover to cover didn't feel like it used to and this is where I began to doubt my fanaticism towards the game series. In single player, it is surely nice that the squad is not that depended on you, as the revive one another when in troble and are not too busy to come and save you as well.
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Mass Effect 3 - Xbox 360

The trilogy comes to an end in a spectacular way. Mass Effect 3 really summarizes it all by showing the outcome of the choices you made in the first two. And it also shows in some points that your choices didn't actually matter. Again, I played this one with my imported Shepard.

Fighting mode has evolved into a better since Mass Effect 2 and the whole game doesn't feel like too fast and furious. Characters are no longer in ecstasy and the gathering of the squad is far more interesting than it was in Mass Effect 2, since you already know the characters you are picking up. But the heads up here is that you are also effecting on the galactic readiness of war, when you are gathering every possible army for the final battle. Relationships really matter and the possible losing of squad mates really shows up in this. The matter of relationships shows up in a smallest and the most irritating way possible, when making up a new romance. If you had a romance in Mass Effect 2 with a different person than in the first, it might be a bit awkward to face the squad in Mass Effect 3. And that co-living with the character and going through the same feelings that she/he has, is something quite fascinating. Or what am I talking about - you actually create the feelings that your character has and that is what the game is all about. And the intergalactic war.

Visually this game is ahead from the first two but so is the gaming technology in general as well. Although, one little thing that was a problem in the previous two Mass Effects, is still a problem in the third: visuals of the cut-scenes involving dialogue Shepard. Skin tone keeps changing and the mouth is never in sync of the words that the hero says. I can see that the problem is there because I created my own Shepard instead of choosing a already designed look of Shepard, whose facial structure could be better for the cut-scenes, since that is a face that the game is actually made for.

I don't really see the cause of all the mess of the ending, but that might be because of I had downloaded the extended cut before playing this. Correct me if I'm wrong, but did it include something like one cut-scene more - about Liara and co. and their destiny?

In the final mission, I had to play it through twice before getting an Achievement for completing the game. And that was pure torture. Freaking Shepard was injured and last save from a checkpoint was somewhere God knows where and Shepard was fuck slow stupid. From all the possible endings of the game, I actually choose the 'hidden' ending as first. I found it impossible to choose between the options I was given and therefore I decided to shoot the kid in the head. The end, no Achievements for you sonnova bitch. Funniest thing here is that Listal user Nosoki finished this game while chatting online and he did absolutely the same thing. We hadn't even talked about the game until the event.
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Mass Effect 2 - Xbox 360

When loving the first Mass Effect, I sadly found this a bit disappointment. Seems like all the characters have taken ecstasy and therefore the action is all in all just headless running and self-repeating. Every mission is alike. But then again the story is quite a case, eventhough it is not quite as good as the first one. I played this game by importing my Shepard from the fist Mass Effect, like the game is made to be played and therefore I was able to enjoy it by the best possible way.

Start-up is quite interesting and the possibility to recreate your Shepard is quite an idea. You are even able to change your class! And after playing the first Mass Effect as an Infiltrator, I modified my Shepard into an Adept. And that was a perfect choice. You are given also a possibility to change your character appearance but I decided not to.

Gathering all new squad is somehow both interesting and uninteresting. Meeting familiar faces just by a glance and teaming up with some of them has a mixed outcome of feelings but the narrative style of the game is not bad at all. Bonding with the squad mates is made a lot easier, with a simple fix of playing, when the squad is mostly in one deck of the ship and when they are in some other, they are in easy hiding places. And of course, the lift moves a lot faster. These little things makes the bonding with the squad a lot easier and it is more of a joy rather than a burden. After all, the new squad is also quite sympathetic and interesting and this shows up ultimately in the final mission, when you are giving direct orders for each one of them to what to do. And the worst outcome is that you give a wrong responsibility for a wrong character and then the ultimate outcome is that the one dies.

When finding the joy of handling biotic skills and commanding squad mates, I found the best possible way of playing this through with two biotic squad mates. And those would be Miranda and Jack. Overload, warp and throw are the tree ultimately best moves in the game and three of us handling those we were just unstoppable. And boring. And what's up with the lack of modifying weapons? That was one thing I missed the most alongside with Liara.

Funny thing here is that I played this game a few more hours than I played the first Mass Effect, eventhough I didn't like this quite as much. The thing was that I had heard about the responsibility of the final mission and I did almost everything to bond up with my squad mates, because of the perfectionist nature that I have. I think this is also a right place no note involvement of Yvonne Strahovski, whose performance in this game is quite something. After 25 hours I still think that I should give this game another try after playing the first one also for the second time. Fighting was just fuck boring because of fighting was always a handicap match, me being the one stronger one. I think that eventhough I would play the game a second time, I would still choose Jack and Miranda to every mission - just because I could. Only if I dared to buy the DLCs...
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Mass Effect - Xbox 360

If I was nerd enough, I would have posted here a picture of my Shepard. She is a stunner. Now when I come to think of it, maybe I'm nerd enough since I called my video game character a 'stunner'. But still I'm missing the skills. Mass Effect really introduced me into RPGs, while I fell in love with this game. I sure have played games like Gran Theft Auto, where you have a choice to kill another gangster and saving the other and having the outcome of it is different basing on your choice. But with Mass Effect the choices are harder and the outcome is more interesting. I mean we are now talking about your own squad and intergalactic interests. In GTA, choices might have been in a level of killing your own boss or a possible rival gang leader and the outcome is that you are going to work for another. In Mass Effect, you could have bonded with your squad members quite strongly and therefore the choices are harder. Choices are both emotional and rational, when you are thinking about the abilities of a team mate or the possible outcome of killing entire alien race.

I love the ability of choosing how you strengthen your Shepard by levels and the gears that she/he is wearing. This is what the RPGs are about. I also love the fact that gamers have abilities to play this ether with a paragon or renegade character, which has a affect on the characters charisma. This requires bonding or unbonding with the squad and the reactions you make for other people when talking. By evolving your charisma, you could talk yourself out of awkward and alarming situations.

Story is amazing and it also got me interested about sci-fi in general a lot more than I was used to. Graphics are great and the game mechanic rocks. Space is huge and lack of pressure of which mission you are about to commit next gives this a free floating feeling. Fighting is a lot of fun when the guns are all different and the squad too. I was quite a moron while playing this, when I had mostly good soldiers on the missions and rather rarely included biotics in the squad. Funny though that I learned how to use both own and squad mates' special skills when fighting against Matriarc Benezia. And God I fought for hours, since the minions of the villain were horrifyingly good at fighting with all their biotic, super soldier or engineering skills. Maybe that late founding of LB was one of the reasons I had so much fun while playing this. The boss fight in the end might have been a disappointment of being that easy but the main thing here all the time was the story, which I enjoyed quite a lot.

I played this as an Infiltrator and after playing the other two of the series, it crossed my mind of playing this also with another class. And with another gender. But we have to remember the fact that when we are given a chance of being a woman or a dragon in a video game, one should never refuse. All in all, this game is a pure masterpiece.
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FIFA 13 - Xbox 360

Every single autumn, the two biggest things are the start of the English Premier League and the releasing of a new FIFA game of EA Sports. Last autumn was no exception of this tradition that started in 2002 with my brand new PlayStation 2. And virtual football has gone better and better ever since. I know that PES series was some time ago better than FIFA, but for me the licence for the use of real player and team names was that thing that made the difference and made me the man I am now.

Players move more in a realistic way than they were used to and the first touch technique is something that FIFA had lacked ever since I got myself introduced with the games. Ball control and the movement of players has gone also better. Nice things with FIFA 13 were also arena sandbox with all the exercising challenges and weekly challenges based on the real life football events.

I've never been a fan of Ultimate Team and I haven't ever given it a further try, which seems quite stupid now when I come to think of it. I got interested about it rather late and because of that I didn't even start it, because there is FIFA 14 coming also rather soon. Maybe the reason I wasn't interested about the Ultimate Team was that I kind of loathed the idea of it. I had kind of a problem with my career mode (where I'm coming quite soon) but lately I've become interested of what the idea really is with the Gold Packs and so on.

I've always considered myself more as a multiplayer person, but with FIFA 13 it was the first time I played through the manager mode for several seasons. First I played with Tottenham Hotspur for two seasons and then being sacked I was given an opportunity as a Borussia Mönchengladbach manager. I got bored somehow and started playing with Sheffield United and after two seasons I was playing in Premier League and I thought that it was time for me to move on and started playing with Manchester City - which was definitely worst possible decision. After two seasons I was facing a problem that it was simply silly playing with that big a team with an endless bank account I started playing with Spurs again and I made myself clear that there was no other team that I would be interested of managing. I tried to make as realistic transfers as possible and that being done I was delightfully satisfied with the career mode. Nice thing with the career mode was that I was also able to manage an international team but which I totally always did only as a secondary job and simulated almost every single game.

Playing as my main team manager, I most rarely simulated a game which why it is almost scary to think of the hours spent playing this game. When added all the online games and friendly games played via same console against my friends and mostly against my brother, it is almost impossible to think of the time I've spent with this game. And this being annual thing, FIFA games have totally gotten into me.

I had given this game a rating of 4½ stars out of five, but when I thought about a rating for a while I decided it was better off without. This isn't a real football but by baby steps it comes closer and closer every year with the mechanics. I'm a fan boy and it surely makes me a bit blind also for rating. Maybe the half star lack of jackpot that this used have as a rating is rather a formality that I just feel responsibility to make. Football is a crucial part of my life and FIFA has been so for a while too. There surely is some irritating things in career mode like the AI making every single time same transfers when you start anew campaign. Manager mode is also brain dead when you're playing with any else financial policy than 'strict'. But even then playing with a financially wealthy team you are able to buy almost any player you want and to make more money with your want-away players. Then again, there is this moral question, whether you want to make your campaign easy or interesting. Surely AI has its ways of ruining your interesting way of playing but whatever. With the hours I've spent playing this, it hasn't been overwhelmingly big a bug. And all the bad little things from the career mode this game fixes with the multiplayer mode, which is best of the kind. Another minor reason of un-rating this might be the fact that I never really tried Ultimate Team.

When I said that BioShock Infinite was my favourite game ever, I also said that I was not overreacting too much. It is hard for me to compete FIFA with any game since when ever a new one comes, I toss the old one in the corner and never play it again. With a game like BioShock Infinite the quality stays there forever and the replay value lasts as long.

Lets give this a try. Not sure whose idea this first was, but here I am now also. I suppose that the list won't be an annual thing that I do, so this list will be my ever lasting journal starting with the games I played in 2013.

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