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Added by Mackenzi on 6 Jan 2020 12:05

Mack's Movie Diary 2020

Hello and welcome to 2020. This is gonna be a year long list. Newest movies on top!
(Dividers from here~)

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Haywire (2012)
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Movie total: 15
Favorite movie of the month: Guimba the Tyrant or The Lighthouse
Least favorite: Horse Girl
Biggest pleasant surprise: The Detective Dee series
Biggest disappointment: Horse Girl, and The Wind
White Palace (1990)
Endless Love (1981)

I've been meaning to re-watch Guimba for a couple years since I enjoyed it a lot on the first viewing, but I couldn't remember enough of it to know if I should be recommending it or not. Well, now I know I can recommend it easily. It is a real shame it's so hard to find a quality version, I'm thinking I'll have to put in the money to buy a DVD and see if it's better quality than what I could find online. Currently the whole film is available to watch on youtube and through the Kanopy website.

It's a great little story of a village in Mali, under the thumb of an awful tyrant who controls the people through cruelty and just enough magic to stay in control. It's put together really well, the scenery and costume design are gorgeous, and there is a good balance between drama and humor that lends the story an epic or legendary atmosphere. The movie is bookended by a griot (praise singer or story teller, somewhat like a bard though often with a higher social status) telling us the story of Guimba. This dip into oral storytelling tradition makes the story feel kind of like a tall tale, some kind of cultural history with a few larger than life details. It's a lot of fun.

While the story itself takes place in a time period and place that is pretty foreign to western audiences, there isn't too much to throw our "western sensibilities" out of whack, so to speak. The characters have to fight against injustice through a strict set of societal gender roles that feels foreign and the dwarf character of the film is explicitly a dwarf because of his father's evil ways, which is troublesome, but these are small parts of a larger story that I personally find worth watching. I haven't seen a whole lot of African cinema and I find this movie accessible and engaging so I recommend it to anyone wanting to branch out a little. You can check out Roger Ebert's review right here, which gives a little more detail on the plot of the film and the political climate the film was created and released in.

Interesting but ultimately disappointing. Exactly like Take Shelter, the movie lays out an endearing and often hard to watch reality of someone dealing with some very troubling shit, and they couldn't resist making the movie "but what if it was actually true?" Look, it's not actually true. I get the allure of having that little "what if" through the whole movie, that sense of fun mischief, maybe this kind of movie is like our last bastion of "what if magic is real?" and we can only accept that in the form of very serious mental illness. It is a lot of fun to see play out on the big screen. But it's disingenuous as shit. It honestly just feels like spitting in the face of people who deal with this stuff for the sake of an entertaining movie, because the reality of not being able to tell what is reality and what isn't is a nightmare. There are plenty of films that play with reality in a very satisfying and intriguing way, but Horse Girl (and Take Shelter) are dressing up the concept in a schizophrenia costume is spitting in the face of people actually going through this. It's not bringing awareness or depth when the ending is "well it could be happening for real!" When that's the exact opposite message people in this situation need to hear.

This seems like a minor complaint but it's just enough for me that I can't enjoy this movie, despite many interesting and cool things it did, despite the earnestness of the acting, the end just dunks that hard work into the garbage bin for me personally. It's cheap, they're making a lighthearted end of some really dark stuff and it's been done before.
Horse Girl (2020)

While I liked the story alright, especially after I googled the end and the director's thoughts on the subject, the "final product" of The Little Stranger feels lacking. The setting is fine, the casting and acting is fine, but it still feels generic. It isn't a personal or touching movie- partially because the distance and self-suppression of the lead character is, intentionally, smothering the narrative with his refusal to engage. But in the end no one aspect of the movie really stands out as a masterpiece. It's a little boring, it's left me feeling like I would rather have read the book than watched the movie.

Challenge: Watch a director's debut movie
Imagine there is a snail- it's a normal, average snail, with average snail speed and size. This snail is always moving towards you, no matter where you go or how far apart you are. The snail is normal except for three things: 1) It can never die. 2) If it touches you, it will kill you. 3) The snail is Harvey Keitel and it hates your fucking guts. That is the gist of this little forgotten gem of a movie.

I know Ridley Scott's work mostly from his sci-fi: Blade Runner, Alien, Prometheus, The Martian. Visually stunning movies with a lot of atmosphere. Last year I probably would have said he's a "meh" director if I had to rank him, but I think I've turned around somewhat on his work. Seeing Alien in theaters last fall was extremely eye opening, it was a seriously impressive feat of production design, cinematography, atmosphere. And now seeing The Duelists I'm able to appreciate that RS probably has a dang good eye for bringing a film together. Instead of leaving a distinctive Ridley Scott smell over a film (Quentin Tarantino being one of the more obvious examples of a director who makes films that feel distinctively in his own style) it seems like Scott has an appreciation for letting other creatives come in and do their work, letting artistic minds create beautiful sets and letting cinematographers shoot beautiful shots without trying to push himself to the forefront. And while The Martian and Prometheus definitely felt faster paced, these older films of his feel most joined by how slow and quiet they are. There are a lot of peaceful moments, giving us time to contemplate as the characters are contemplating. We wait as they wait. We muse as they muse. The Duelists had very little outright action, despite having a decent amount of frustration and tension through the whole movie. That was something that surprised me when re-watching Alien too, it's super quiet and makes no attempt to keep you dazzled or your heart rate up. Instead the stories just play out and you have time to get into the actor's heads. Duelists makes you feel like you really get to know Harvey Keitel and David Carradine's characters, especially the latter. We spend so much time with him living his life, we get to see his body language and expressions and changes over time.

If anything I wish the characters had aged a little more visibly, but hey, it was 1977. No fancy CGI, and we wouldn't want to be distracted from the beauty of the film with some out of place makeup. Besides, the production design and costume design show the passage of time fairly well, even if Carradine ends the movie looking kinda like a typical 70's mustache dad.

While it basically runs like an extra-long episode of Supernatural, I appreciated the Gothic touch. I wish they pushed the cinematography a little harder. The sharp music chords and sudden cuts to ghostly pale actors in gray makeup where cliche, and practically all of the blood in the movie looked super fake, but there was enough atmosphere to make it worth watching once. I can't say I recommend it as a horror movie, but if you want to see a grim Gothic western with supernatural elements -dubious insanity, a fear of the dark and the night, isolation, a woman's lack of agency- and not especially well, but it's all there- then it might be worth it.

Painfully short, but a good start. Watching this poor sheep forge ahead with determination to end its own life was painful, and that it was a beautifully animated sheep adds a bizarre touch of humor. Definitely attention-grabbing and I'd love to see more of this story.
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Movie total: 21
Favorite movie of the month: Personal Shopper
Least favorite: Mansfield Park
Biggest pleasant surprise: Animal World
Biggest disappointment: Maybe Roma, though it's still worth watching
People who added this item 463 Average listal rating (315 ratings) 7 IMDB Rating 7.2
Harry Brown (2009)
Seemed kinda wishy-washy on the "message" of the film. What could have come across as nuance feels more like mixed signals. It's also hard to accept just how dastardly and evil some of the gangsters and drug sellers are in this movie, which I guess is the point since you want to cheer Michael Brown on, and it's not even like the kind of things they do haven't actually happened in reality. But we are given an almost cartoonishly evil group of bad guys, and the rest of the movie has an almost religious quietness, a beautifully framed chiaroscuro of a movie. It would have been kind of nice to see more to these random gun-toting buffoons who are terrorizing the neighborhood, or what caused this to happen.

I think, that this movie was made 10 years ago and in Britain lets it show a culture of vigilantism and an image of the police that isn't laughably bad (compared to say, if it had been made last year in the US for example, which probably would have been unwatchable... tho we did have Death Wish so the bullet wasn't quite dodged). I can see an American version of this movie having ultra-powerful, ultra-patriotic cops, and then having to beef up the gangsters to ridiculous proportions to make them seem like a threat, and at that point Harry Brown would have to have superhuman powers to stop them. But in the movie we actually have, Harry's actions are questioned, we are expected as an audience to at least consider Emily Mortimer to be a good and sane detective who cares about doing her job right, and the cops are not spineless or corrupt so much as willing to brush a mess under the rug if something they consider more important is happening. It is a shame we don't get the same subtle hints of layers for the drug dealers and users as we get for Harry Brown and the cops he both works with and against.

Also, I don't know if this is just me, but the imagery of rioters fighting with cops in riot gear will always make me sympathize with the rioters. It's just not a good look for cops, by intention I think, and for me that weakened the climax of the film a little bit.

Mackenzi's rating:
People who added this item 1641 Average listal rating (997 ratings) 6.3 IMDB Rating 6.5
At this point I've seen too many of these. I can say, one positive of the endless romcoms at work is my newfound appreciation for Drew Barrymore, who never feels fake or contrived. Her goofiness is more believable than most characters in these things. I still don't "get" Hugh Grant though, I don't see the sex appeal that let him star in approximately ten million of these things.

Mackenzi's rating:
People who added this item 5943 Average listal rating (4115 ratings) 7.4 IMDB Rating 8.1
People who added this item 15 Average listal rating (12 ratings) 5.7 IMDB Rating 6.5

Went in totally blind and had a surprisingly good time. This is a BIZARRE movie and it proved very entertaining! Picked up on those anime vibes right away, and I think it suited this movie really well. It managed to be pretty fun in a silly way, if you watch super specific "themed" anime like sports anime or gambling anime, you will recognize the tone, but I can see it harder to get into for those not familiar with the genre. If you've never watched that kind of anime you should still check this movie out, just set all expectations (including if it will be good or bad lol) aside and accept the more ridiculous parts. All that said, it's got lots of surprisingly sincere scenes and I was surprised at how likeable the main character is. You really want this poor guy to make it through to the end.

Mackenzi's rating:
People who added this item 60 Average listal rating (45 ratings) 6.1 IMDB Rating 6.4
I really wanna read some other reviews on this because I have no idea haha.

They say real love is a banana. Sweet, with a golden hue.
People who added this item 4 Average listal rating (1 ratings) 4 IMDB Rating 5.3
By pure happenstance my boss picked this movie to watch the day after I watched Black Narcissus. I have the feeling they didn’t know how to market this film, as it’s listed as a “romantic comedy” or “romantic dramedy” in some places online, and some posters make it look like a dark drama along the lines of Doubt. But The Good Catholic is of totally different tone and theme, and while it still has its own hints of cliche, it totally surprised me for how good it was. While Black Narcissus is sweeping and grand, The Good Catholic is personal, alternating between lighthearted and poignant, with a narrow focus, quite and subdued.

It doesn’t do that thing that so many religious films do, where it tries to show us a miracle, preach the holy word, or look down on non believers. Instead we have a humble character study of four people who are faced with death, grief, loss, and a great deal of uncertainty. Here are four sincere and honest people who know love and faith and life are important to them, but are still faced with a lot of fear and questions. The movie lets us watch as their values and priorities get reshuffled, and it gives us room to contemplate their situations as they happen. The movie is punctuated by each of the three priests giving a really beautiful sermon that tells a different lesson each time (John C. McGinley is easily the highlight of the film), and we see the church around them go from cold and empty to lively and full of love as they all get closer to the conclusion that love and compassion might just be the best option we have. Us non-religious folk can still get a lot out of this movie and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for something quiet and thoughtful.

People who added this item 425 Average listal rating (252 ratings) 7.9 IMDB Rating 7.8
A really odd film that is especially striking for being made in 1947and somehow packs an emotional intensity, lushness is color and atmosphere, and simmering tension that really makes it stand out in a crowd. I am tempted to watch it again to pay more attention to the dialogue because for all the cliche of a convent having repressed sexual desire, there is a lot more going on here. I wish the movie went a little deeper into the other nun characters as they all seemed prime for fascinating strengths and weaknesses of character, but what we got was still quite the whirlwind. It’s a beautifully shot film on top of that, with a staggering amount of care put into scenery and costumes, that makes it a real pleasure to take in. I loved it.

Mackenzi's rating:
People who added this item 193 Average listal rating (118 ratings) 6.1 IMDB Rating 6.1
Wow, so glad I watched this one. It's been a slog to get through movies I haven't wanted to watch this month, and that's a great way to lose motivation to watch anything. But Personal Shopper was interesting, understated, deeply personal, and had a little flair of the paranormal, and it was so much exactly what I needed to see.

People who added this item 346 Average listal rating (249 ratings) 7.4 IMDB Rating 7.7
Roma (2018)
Roma is a very pretty film to look at, though also kind of hollow. It's a slow slice of life that doesn't give much strong opinion in one way or another, leaving a lot of room inside of it for you to nestle your own feelings and opinions in. It doesn't do much to foster strong feeling besides giving you the straight facts, gently and prettily but not very intense. While is was a bit sleepy for my tastes, despite some hints at heavy concepts, it was a balm on my soul after all the vapid romance films I've been subjected to at work, and I appreciated the break. Not a favorite for this month but I'm glad I watched it.
Mackenzi's rating:
People who added this item 2021 Average listal rating (1232 ratings) 6.9 IMDB Rating 7
While it does some things better than the lighthearted romantic fluff I've seen recently, it is still "good for the genre" and not an especially amazing movie. Yes, hearing the "P.s. I Love you" at the end of each letter did indeed bring some tears to my eyes, but that's a pretty easy thing to do these days on the subject of death. I liked the main actors just fine and honestly this movie holds up pretty well for the time period that it was made in, which spawned many more cringe-inducing romance movies. In the end it was alright, some high points and no seriously low points, and still just not the type of movie I'm into.
Mackenzi's rating:
People who added this item 980 Average listal rating (670 ratings) 7.4 IMDB Rating 8
La La Land (2016)
Mackenzi's rating:
People who added this item 15 Average listal rating (7 ratings) 5.6 IMDB Rating 5.9
The story and all the plot points worked GREAT, but this movie fell flat in a lot of ways. All the dialogue was too "perfect". All the acting was too "perfect". It was too shiny. There wasn't enough endearing about them as a couple or even as people. Maybe just picking different actors would have worked. Goofier actors, YOUNGER actors since they are both supposed to be teens. Have them make more mistakes and stumble over words some time, instead of feeling like they're always characters in a movie. It left this whole thing feeling stale when the story itself is actually really endearing and hearstring-tugging.
Mackenzi's rating:
People who added this item 739 Average listal rating (465 ratings) 5.7 IMDB Rating 6.2
Fever Pitch (2005)
Not as insufferable as many romances I've watched this month. In fact the goofiness of Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon is so genuine you actually beleive they can be a couple, the chemistry feels real. They're just two oddballs who happen to meet and get along great.

The other great thing about this film is that they didn't realize when they started filming, that the Red Sox would finally break their curse that very season, which makes this movie pretty darn cool and a quality baseball film.

The last interesting tidbit about this movie is that it's an Americanized remake of a British film, that one based around soccer/football, which is pretty funny. Switching the sport to baseball (and a cursed team at that) is one of the few good reasons to remake a British film into an American one.
Mackenzi's rating:
People who added this item 90 Average listal rating (56 ratings) 6.9 IMDB Rating 7.2
The Wife (2017)
This was a fine film and quite the literary feat. The story has a beautiful ebb and flow between the two leads and the events of their lives. Like poetry their emotions and clashings are reflected in the world they occupy. I liked the story a lot from the perspective of seeing them as two very fictional characters, being written Stranger Than Fiction style to make a beautiful, perfect tragedy.

However I watched it with my boss at work and he thought it was the most romantic thing ever, and I've been too pissed at him recently to really care for it, so many of the details where tainted just listening to him praise this relationship as if it is a good one to mold an IRL relationship after. Good luck with that, dude!

Glenn Close and Jonathan Pryce did an amazing job and deserve the accolades they received. They brought a fascinating story to life in a beautiful and sad way, bravo.

Mackenzi's rating:
People who added this item 2875 Average listal rating (1851 ratings) 6.5 IMDB Rating 6.8
Yes Man (2008)
I saw this one in theaters when it came out (2008?!?!? Seriously?! That's crazy) and I felt totally different about it this time. The story is entertaining but I really don't see how it is supposed to motivate anyone who is already thinking in a rational manner. Jim Carrey bounces between two terrifying extremes that make him possibly the least fun person to be around in the whole movie, and one honestly wonders why Bradley Cooper considers him a friend at all, except that Bradley Cooper seems like the only truly sane human in a world of lunatics in this film so maybe this is just his life and he's come to accept it. They try to make Zooey Deschanel's character seem reasonable by the end but she did blind herself while driving her scooter and veer into oncoming traffic totally blind, laughing maniacally. I didn't forget that, Yes Man. They're all insane here.

Yes Man would have been better if Carrey didn't do any of his weird manic slapstick stuff at all, but it was tolerable. And for a serious drama about change I think it would have been more impactful if Jim Carrey had to come around and realize "yes isn't always correct" by himself instead of having to go back to the bizarre cult guru man, it just felt like if Jim can't change without being told to he's still screwed at this point.

But on the plus side, they coulda made Rhys Darby's character the douche corporate head honcho and instead he's like, this ray of sunshine, a pure awkward doofus, an absolute goofball, and I would want to be best friends with his character IRL. He definitely made this bizarre film worth watching.

Mackenzi's rating:
People who added this item 321 Average listal rating (163 ratings) 6.9 IMDB Rating 7
Absolutely insufferable. None of these characters is in any way likeable, they are ridiculously clueless, and the absolutely absurd juxtaposition of the horrors of the slave trade are used only to sort the characters into (ultimately pointless) categories of those who are or aren't deserving of finding romance depending on how upset they are by the realities of slavery. Even the "bad folks" in the movie who get some kind of "karmic justice" for being... adulterous at worst... end up living a significantly more priveledged life than most. The story is trying to do something here by pointing out that these differences in class and race exist but it leads to absolutely no end, much like the clueless white liberals of America today who give each other brownie points for acknowledging social injustices but don't do anything about it. Ultimately pointless as both a romance (even at its core this seemingly smart and wordy woman has to wait for this dude to say "I love you, and actually romantically" and has to sit around and watch him almost marry someone else and yet still pine for him, pathetic on all counts) and as any kind of social commentary. In that way it does seem very 1999 doesn't it?

Mackenzi's rating:
Startlingly sad. I watched this one seven or eight years ago in college, it's definitely on one of my first watch lists here on listal. I felt caught up in a whirlwind the first time, unable to sense the looming dread hanging over this poor, desperate man basically from the first moment. It was more of an uncomfortable confusion on first viewing, probably just the state of mind I was in back then, way too depressed and watching 2-3 films per day just to get through school work.
But even though I'd mostly forgotten the contents of the film, this time the melancholy was too much to ignore. Every interaction Neddy has is sad, sometimes because of the response of others and sometimes because of how Neddy can't seem to see the sadness himself. There aren't many happy moments here, and what few there are lead to even more sad ones. It is a very literary film, the story and themes are solid, every moment ties in and tells us the story of this poor sad man in just a tiny little swimsuit desperately trying to swim back home. I'm looking forward to reading the story it was based on some time this year.

"When you talk about The Swimmer will you talk about yourself?" This has become a household quote now because it's one of the best, and most hilarious, taglines I've ever seen. And yeah, maybe I do a little bit. I want to revist The Swimmer some time in the future, and see how much more I talk about myself, because it seems like the kind of movie that you feel more a part of as time goes by. The more years behind you, the more you can see yourself looking back over that vista, counting the number of pools it would take you to swim back home yourself.

I was amazed to find that this film has a good portion in common with The Garden of Words, both with themes of an age difference and a kind of weird focus on feet. I have spent too much time on the internet and it's hard for me to believe anyone can have any kind of focus on feet without it being some kind of fixation or fetish. I suppose the water theme is also a big one in both, though in two very different ways. It was really interesting to see these two back to back. There's probably a ridiculous college essay somewhere in there, comparing the two, 60% bullshit but still one I would read in a heartbeat!.

I've seen gifs and screenshots of The Garden of Words pretty often, because the beauty of the animation is deservedly praised to high heaven. Things like raindrops, pencils sketching on paper, leaves rustling on trees, phones glowing with an alarm, are all staggeringly pretty. The short 40min runtime allowed for some really focused animation work, which I appreciated.

The story itself took me a little bit by surprise. It was somewhat uncomfortable, but my girlfriend mused later that this was made for a younger audience, people closer to the kid's age, where it's not so dangerous to romantisize about a romance with an age gap. It's normal, in fact, and common, for youth to develop feelings on older people- part of being young is figuring out you can actually have those feelings at all, and then they can start pouring out of you at a rate that you don't know what to do with, and you don't have the life experience or perspective to know how to handle it. It's a pretty wonderful time if you're one of the lucky ones, so I will try to go easy on The Garden of Words and view it from that perspective.

And in the end it didn't disappoint, it never crossed a weird line and it remained innocent. Two people hurting, trying to learn to walk- one for the first time, one for the second time. On that level it did work. I could see the perspectives of both of these characters and they made sense.

It is made in a time where I can't consider the shoemaking to be 100% innocent just because... I've seen too much, there are too many people who are too into feet, and if this was 100% innocent I just didn't have the capacity to enjoy all of those scenes, I've been tainted. :P But I appreciated the gesture here and the handmade shoes did carry some metaphor or other for the story so I'll allow it.

People who added this item 838 Average listal rating (543 ratings) 7.4 IMDB Rating 7.4
My least favorite Carry Grant film so far, and my least favorite Hitchcock. This film won an Oscar for cinematography! Absurd! There where a couple scenes with lighting that where lovely, especially Grace Kelly talking to Cary Grant in the hotel room at night, diamonds sparkling at her neck. Cary Grant on the roof at the end had a decent moment as well. But for the most part I wasn't charmed, I've seen older films do a better job cobbling scenes together than this. Awkward and cheap spectacle. And the characters where despicable. Cary Grant literally smacks a teen girl in the face during the funeral of her father, in front of her father's casket, in front of the priests and the entire crowd and everyone! He is a huge dick through the whole film and there is zero reason Grace Kelly would fall in love with him. Honestly I wish Grace had been the other thief the whole time. If she had been play-acting this infatuation to get the list of names of other diamond owners along the Riviera, her behavior would have been a lot more engaging and believable.

Disappointing, to say "it didn't age well" is just being dismissive of its amateurish flaws. It COULD have been something great even given the context it was created in. Wasted a great setting and two wonderful to look at actors for an absurd story.

Mackenzi's rating:
People who added this item 457 Average listal rating (334 ratings) 7.5 IMDB Rating 7.8
An interesting, somewhat entertaining character study that had a lot of bravado (and a little Ray Romano which was a delight, haha) but in the end felt a little empty and cold. And not just because the lead became empty and cold himself.We get like two and a half hours of celebrating in the violence and crime, and then at the very end it tries to have a little morality, a little come to jesus moment. It is a good lesson but the slick acting and gratuitous headshots of the first two hours are too cool, too romantic even, to really drive home any lesson of being lonely in the end. It's more like, alright, so your kids hate you and your friends are dead and you gotta buy your own coffin (I'd have picked the green one too, looks damn beautiful) but you had a damn good life huh? I mean, it says it all there when the priest asks if he feels anything for all the people he killed. Nope! Nothing. Just a bunch of bastards in the end. It was a neat spectacle of a film and had some absolutely hilarious moments- hey maybe that's it, watch this movie like a comedy, because you're gonna be laughing at Pacino anyway, he's a gem here. That's where you come out loving this movie. Some grand tragicomedy about the mob. I like it better now, if we can just expect to laugh through it. It's still too dang long but at least it's entertaining.

Mackenzi's rating:
A fine start to the year, watched mid-day on the 1st of January while I was at work. Still a beautiful movie, I definitely appreciate the extended edition. It never feels slow or boring, always quite magical, the entire world comes to life. Great stuff, as expected.

Happy 2020 everyone, I hope this decade is a good one.
At least when it comes to cinema, I've got a really good feeling about it.

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