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Added by Severin Severin on 15 Feb 2013 01:50
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Holy Actors Whom I Love And Worship

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The only reason I'm in Hollywood is that I don't have the moral courage to refuse the money.

"Yeah, yeah, how typical! EVERYONE loves this guy!" Ya must be thinking it, but I say, well no DUH he deserves all the praise. Marlon IS the greatest actor of all time, and I push this fact on everybody verbosely and shamelessly.

He was a rare marvel to behold- a thunderous flash of bright lightning captured on the silver screen. Marlon was sensitive enough to have the acute intuition to play a character exactly how it should be played. He guided himself through numerous roles, good and bad, happy and sad, mad and glad, emotive and perceptive, positively deceptive and unpredictable. Even when he became middle aged and paunchy, to downright fat and morbidly obese, he still had that ole spark in his twinkling eyes.

Marlon told it like it was, and was bold and unapologetic about his actions and behavior. Unlike many other slags in Hollywood, he had a strong backbone and the utmost degree of talent and star quality. Plus, he was soooo good lookin! For that and much more, he's my number 1 and forever will be till I drop dead.

My Fave Movies Of His:

On The Waterfront

A Streetcar Named Desire

The Wild One

Last Tango In Paris

The Godfather

Apocalypse Now
Severin Severin's rating:
Average listal rating (174 ratings) 8.4 IMDB Rating 0
The truth is, I can never die. For I will be in everything and see you in everything and watch over you. I am your reaction in the water of a mountain lake.

The first thing you need to know about this man is that he was probably borderline insane. Or pretending to be. When he says things like this:

"About 25 years ago, I was in an apartment, and next door, they put on the radio, so I struck the wall with my fist, but they did not put the radio down. I took a tool and banged until I made a hole through the wall. It was like a comedy movie."

...It's pretty hard to tell exactly what he was. From claiming that he molested his own daughter to driving Werner Herzog to near madness, the guy had his share of depravities and scornful mental and social issues.

I like to think of Klaus as an extraordinary and unique thespian, loony or not loony, watching him is like watching a meticulously detailed train wreck. And I mean that in the best way possible, the dude was full of fluid energy and magical wonder.

Fave Movies:

The Great Silence

Nosferatu the Vampyre

Aguirre: The Wrath of God


Severin Severin's rating:
Movies are fun, but they're not a cure for cancer.

Although some may like to denigrate Warren as a vain and narcissistic pretty boy man whore, I don't- I mean he ....Dammit, alright, that's PART of what Warren is, but not the whole picture.

The man is a million dollar smile, an easygoing charm and a fancy name with swooping W's and crossed T's, but HEY he's more than just delicious at face value. Warren took vicarious advantage of a time when Hollywood was just coming out of its restrictively repressive studio era. Warren conned bigwigs into backing his ambitious and often provocative projects, which were and still are revolutionary and mind blowing. And so after Bonnie & Clyde, he ALWAYS got complete control of the movies he starred in, directing and producing many of them.

That's what I like about him- besides being a sleazy ladies man, he was a genteel hero of 60s and 70s cinema. Confident and crass, always kickin' ass.

Fave Movies:

Bonnie & Clyde


McCabe & Mrs.Miller


Splendor In The Grass
Severin Severin's rating:
With my sunglasses on, I'm Jack Nicholson. Without them, I'm fat and 60.

If you are casting an actor to play a maniac in your movie, Jack's name is usually the first one that comes to mind. Nobody, and I mean not even Nicolas Cage, can play a mentally unhinged lunatic better than this man.

He is, quite simply, a living legend. Jack's been buried in loads of drugs, sex and money, and in the end he still came out sane, iconic and top of everything. His animated and dynamic acting style is something only he could pull off, it's Jack's key trademark and claim to fame.

But he shouldn't just be pigeonholed and renowned for playing crazy, the dude is a masterful actor of mythic proportion and dynamic valiance. He is a total goodness gracious great ball of fire, and the apple of my movie- watching eyes.

Fave Movies:

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

Five Easy Pieces

The Shining


The Last Detail

Severin Severin's rating:
Average listal rating (503 ratings) 8.7 IMDB Rating 0
If you don't any have enemies, you don't have character.

The man with gorgeous blue eyes, the color of crystal-azure skies. Besides fangirling over his innocuously attractive face that looked like a Grecan sculpture finely carved from stone, I can also admire his long and illustrious movie career.

Paul was the big hotshot of his heyday, and with such precariously keen acting talent, it was a given. One of the biggest things I love about Paul is that he was so good natured and affable in real life. He just looks like the nicest, most friendly and handsome guy you'll ever meet, and he totally was all that.

Fave Movies:

Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid

The Sting

Cool Hand Luke


The Hustler
Severin Severin's rating:
There's something about my shaggy-dog eyes that makes people think I'm good.

Steve is the epitome of cool. The king of cool, the high mighty overlord, or whatever grand titles you can possibly conjure up.

He was THE primordial action hero before people knew what the hell a Schwarzenegger even was, he was walkin' fast and whoopin' ass like there was no tomorrow. I love Steve's cordial and candid acting style, and how smooth and slick he was on camera. Steve grew up in a bad and abusive home, but he persevered and became larger than life.

Fave Movies:



The Thomas Crown Affair

The Getaway

The Great Escape
Severin Severin's rating:
The two basic items necessary to sustain life are sunshine and coconut milk.

Dustin burst out onto the scene basically saying, "Look bitch- I'm short and Jewish, I'm realistic and imperfect, I'm not Robert Redford, I'm not fancy pants McClassy- I'm me, and I'm original." He is essentially, the very definition of adorkable.

Besides that, he's a barrelfull of fun and wisdom, and probably the most truly talented and versatile person on this list. Dustin makes any movie 1000% better and can act any role he puts his mind to.

Fave Movies:

Little Big Man

The Graduate


Midnight Cowboy

Severin Severin's rating:
It takes more than going down to the video store and renting "Easy Rider" to be a rebel.

I've mentioned lunacy and psychotic behavior in a few of these other actors, but Dennis is the real deal. He was practically blacklisted from Hollywood for his outrageous behavior on set. He was loaded up on drugs for more than half his life, and it was only when he went clean that began receiving job offers.

When Dennis was sober and working, he played his roles with fire and brimstone. He was a scene stealer, a wild weirdo, a savage savant at his craft. And it takes a monstrous amount of zest and zeal to be a truly great actor.

Fave Movies:

Blue Velvet

Easy Rider

True Romance

River's Edge

Apocalypse Now

Severin Severin's rating:
You'll have time to rest when you're dead.

Do I even have to make some sort of comment? You're spotlessly clear on who this man is, right? De Niro, De Niro, Robert fucking De Niro! Also known as the king of cinema.

He's a man for all seasons, a metaphysical morphing chameleon. Every role he takes fits him like a glove, like an old friend who's just been waiting for his arrival. De Niro's is accomplished in a major way, has made dozens of quality films and is an all purpose adaptable movie making robot who does his job with grace and an enviable perfection.

Fave Movies:

Taxi Driver


The Godfather: Part II

The Deer Hunter

Once Upon A Time In America

Raging Bull



Mean Streets

Angel Heart
Severin Severin's rating:
Average listal rating (1582 ratings) 8.6 IMDB Rating 0
I'm an actor, not a star. Stars are people who live in Hollywood and have heart-shaped swimming pools.

Al is one of my close faves because I've been in love with him since I was like 14. I saw The Godfather, and that was it. From then on, I idolized him like there was no tomorrow.

I think Al is such a skilled, instinctual and affecting actor. Sometimes he plays characters that are soft, benign and patient, and other times he plays ones that are so cold hearted and terrifying. He can travel back and forth between both ends of the spectrum so easily. Al's so charismatic and mysterious.

Fave Movies:

Dog Day Afternoon


The Godfather I & II



The Panic In Needle Park

Severin Severin's rating:
I think being able to age gracefully is a very important talent. It is too late for me.

Clint, oh Clint- the man with the formidable squint. Yet another baddass put on a heavenly pedestal by many and all. Everyone wants to be as tough and daring as him.

But they can't because he's a species of man on the verge of extinction. A beautifully admirable dinosaur, he is. His voice is so soothing, his eyes are so intelligent and his abilities are infinite. Clint is unbeatable, unbreakable and one hell of a man.

Fave Movies:

The Dollars Trilogy

Escape From Alcatraz

The Beguiled

Million Dollar Baby

Where Eagles Dare

Dirty Harry

Severin Severin's rating:
Average listal rating (267 ratings) 7.6 IMDB Rating 0
I don't know what my appeal is. I can see I've got blue eyes and don't look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame but I can't understand the fuss.

Omg, he is too humble. Rutger is hypnotic and spellbinding to watch. The appeal is much more than just his super angelic pale blue eyes, it's his aptitude and knack for acting that kills me and everyone else.

Rutger's been in an astounding load of stinkers, but I think that he always shines through despite his failings. Also he was so aristocratic and suave looking when he was young, *sigh*

Fave Movies:

Blade Runner

Turkish Delight

Flesh + Blood

The Hitcher

Soldier Of Orange
Severin Severin's rating:
Let's not get too precious about it: actors are not heart surgeons or brain surgeons. We are just entertaining people.

Yeah, ok there, I don't think you even know your own power you majestic creature, you!

Malc was another one of the first actors I got hooked on, presumably for his foxy face and captivating personality. He emits an aura of enthralling elegance, with that sophisticated Brit accent and blinding smile.

Though Malcom's been in a lot of crapola too, I can so forgive him because he's Alex effing DeLarge.

Fave Movies:

A Clockwork Orange


O Lucky Man!


Cat People

Severin Severin's rating:
Average listal rating (195 ratings) 8.2 IMDB Rating 0
I don't really have the fear of death. I think to life.

The thing that always got me most about Alain was that he looked completely perfect in every way. I mean so perfect, that he resembled a celestial being. A lot of his characters were cold and inhuman, like some sort of otherworldly aliens.

But the frigid and frosty facades finely perpetuate his persona. It goes with his acting style, and I buy it fully everytime I see him on screen. Alain is like an icy French god, an arduous algorithm.

Face Movies:

Le Samourai

Spirits of the Dead


Rocco And His Brotheres

The Leopard
Severin Severin's rating:
With whom do you argue? With a woman, of course. Not with a friend, because he accepted all your defects the moment he found you. Besides, woman is mother-have we forgotten?

If you've ever heard the Italian phrase "Fuoco Nelle Vene," you'll know that Marcello definitely had fire in his luminous blood. His collaborations with Fellini are like total cinematic bliss. They're dynamite, the two creative goombahs go together like a horse and carriage.

And Marcello himself is a thrill to watch. He's flashy yet graceful, captivating yet sorrowful, a guy who finds solace from indulgence. The man was strikingly sensational!

Fave Movies:

La Dolce Vita

The Stranger
Severin Severin's rating:
Average listal rating (1070 ratings) 8.1 IMDB Rating 0
I admit I'm being paid well, but it's no more than I deserve. After all, I've been screwed more times than a hooker.

This guy is the venerable, all around lovable Scotsman. He's rough n tough, ballsy and gruff, and is forever (to me at least) the best James Bond, period!

But it ain't just those tacky ole action flicks that I so dearly love. It's the fact that Sean stars in those mindless adrenaline junkie types of movies, and makes them so irresistible and fun. And his accent is like music to my ears.

Fave Movies:


Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade

From Russia With Love

Diamonds Are Forever

The Rock
Severin Severin's rating:
I've done the most awful rubbish in order to have somewhere to go in the morning.

When people consider Rich to be a "hammy" actor or only famous because of Liz Taylor, I get the strongest urge to wanna punch their lights out. The guy was a boozing, alcoholic Welshman who drank himself to death, but acted his wholesome heart out in every role. The dude's a Hemingway-esque tragic figure.

He had such animated anger in films, this zeal and mania for acting that flared up everytime a scene got intense. Rich's acting was also poetic and dramatic, an ode to classic theatrical acting. I always know that if he's in a movie, it's gotta be quality stuff.

Fave Movies:

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

The Spy Who Came In From The Cold



The Night of the Iguana
Severin Severin's rating:
"I don't want to be a flying grandpa of the French cinema" (about his further participation in action films).

Jean Paul has a face that looks he like ran into a fucking WALL! And I mean that as a good thing- he's unique and attractive all in his own way. That and the laconic wit, broad smile, and eternal cigarette clenched between his teeth, are the portrait of an icon.

Like Alain, he's a pillar in French movie history and one of the most well known faces from the Nouvelle Vague. Jean Paul was funny and cool at the same time, with multiple layers of pure, unbridled skill at his profession.

Fave Films:


Pierrot Le Fou

Le Doulos

A Woman Is A Woman

Two Women
Severin Severin's rating:
I'm not always great in pictures, but I'm always true to the Japanese spirit.

Whenever Toshiro fixes villains with his penetrating, steely-eyed glare in a Kurosawa movie- I always know some shit's gonna go down. That and the gruff, barking tones of intimidation and mad sword skills make him a genuine baddass.

Toshiro played hilarious and foolish characters who had wacky wiles, or he played serious and dedicated characters who were hell bent on some kind of a mission. Point is, whatever he played, the guy was brills to the brim. He's definitely the pride of Japan's celebrated and distinguished cinema.

Fave Movies:

Seven Samurai



Stray Dog
Severin Severin's rating:

I like movies. And I like actors. Sometimes I like certain actors a little too much, and then it turns into a ridiculous case of nauseatingly overpowering adulation.

NOT IN ORDER BY THA WAY...I can't even choose between these wonderful S.O.B.s!

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