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Added by Mejo ♥♫ on 31 Jul 2011 10:20
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Creatures of Supernatural

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Acheri is a type of demon that exist in the form of a little girl. Though a special type of demon, they're lower than Black-eyed demons, definitely power-wise.

Powers & Abilities:
★ Body Materialization
★ Shapeshifting
★ Superhuman Strength
★ Invisibility
★ Superhuman speed


★ Salt: They aren't able to cross or touch a line of salt.

★ Iron: Like demons they can't touch or cross iron.

Average listal rating (17 ratings) 6.1 IMDB Rating 0


An Alpha is the progenitor of a line of supernatural beings - AKA: The original monster. According to lore they have a connection with all their "offspring" which allows the Alpha to locate them. Unlike their lower counterparts, the Alpha are stronger and more resistant to anything thrown at them that would normally at least hurt their "offspring". They originate from the Mother of All.

Known Alphas:
Alpha Vampire - - - - - - - - - Alpha Shapeshifter

Alpha Demon

Average listal rating (141 ratings) 8.1 IMDB Rating 0


The Amazons are an all-female race of near-human creatures. They are a tribe of warrior women who had no need for males, except for reproduction. They made a deal with Harmonia to save them from extinction, and she made them more than human, turning them into monsters. Tradition is very important to them, after mating, the child is created, must kill their father as a sign of initiation, they do this by first cutting off his limbs, and carving a symbol into there chest, before killing them.

Powers & Abilities:
★ Superhuman Strength
★ Superhuman speed

★ They can be killed as easily as a normal human

Known Amazons:

Emma's mom, Lydia


Angels are a spiritual race of celestial winged holy beings native to Heaven. They are extremely powerful beings that were created by God. But although both angels and humans were created by God, angels are very different and far supernaturally superior to humans. Their true form is nothing less of righteous monstrosities with one to six feathered wings, and can be as tall as skyscrapers in New York.

Powers & Abilities:
Celestials are extremely powerful beings that possess a wide range of powers and abilities.
★ Angelic Possession ★ Induced Sedation
★ Teleportation ★ Invulnerability
★ Telekinesis ★ Voice Mimicry
★ Superhuman Strength ★ Healing
★ Killing Touch ★ Resurrection
★ Time Manipulation ★ Immortality
★ Telepathy ★ Soulreading
★ Memory Manipulation ★ Astral Projection
★ SPN Perception & Senses ★ Reality Warping
★ Photographic Memory

Angels are very hard to kill. But, there are methods to stop or kill an angel.

★ Blood Seal: If a person places his or her hand upon this blood seal that is placed upon a solid surface then all angels in the immediate area will be banished away.

★ Exorcism Chant: There is an exorcism chant to expel angels from their human vessels and send them back to heaven.

★ Holy Fire: The best way to trap an angel is to place them within a circle of burning holy oil. The angel will not be able to leave the circle. If an angel touches holy fire then not only will the human vessel be destroyed and die, a low ranking angel can be killed as well.

★ Angelic Blade: An angel can be killed by stabbing him or her with an angelic blade. It seems that the angel must be stabbed in a vital area of the human body, such as the head, heart, neck, or stomach. When an angel is stabbed by an angelic blade, a burst of bright, white light is released and angel wings are burned on the surface underneath the body of the angel's human vessel

★ Lucifer's Cage: Strong enough to securely contain normal angels and archangels; it currently is holding the two strongest archangels in existence, Michael and Lucifer.

★ Enochian Sigils: When Enochian sigils are placed on humans' rib cages, they prevent any angel from detecting and finding them however archangels seem resistant to this ability. They can also be used to prevent angels from entering a building by painting them on the building's walls.

★ Hex Bags: Hex bags can used to prevent angels from detecting and finding someone.

★ Weapons of Heaven : Such as Staff of Moses and Lot's Salt It harms angels and archangels; so far it's been shown that a weapon of heaven can destroy an archangel's human vessel so that it can not be resurrected.

★ Colt: It's implied that the Colt is capable of killing normal angels.

★ Death's Scythe: This item is rumored to have the power to reap any being, whether it be human, demon, angel, or even Death.

Known Angels:
Castiel - - - - - - Balthazar - - - - - - Anna

Uriel - - - - - - Joshua - - - - - - Rachel

Seraphs are angelic beings, Not much is known about them ..
Zachariah is an example of a Seraph.
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Arachnes are supernatural creatures who have abilities similar to those of spiders. An arachne is a creature that can create strong webs, just like real spiders can do, so they can use to trap their victims with ease. In addtion, they are also capable to change humans of the opposite sex with a infecting bite into arachnes, so they can breed, or even kill them with poisoning thorugh their bites.

Arachnes are difficult to defeat as they can only be killed by beheading, as bullets or fire cannot.


Archangels are extremely powerful celestial beings that were created by God, and were imbued with immense power and authority. They were made before the other angels, and were born in this order: Michael, Lucifer, Raphael and Gabriel. Most mortal vessels can't properly contain them, and because of this, they require their true, predestined vessels in order to stay within a vessel for as long as needed because other vessels will eventually decompose and degrade from an essence of an archangel.

Powers & Abilities:
Archangels have the normal Angel powers in addition of these ..
★ Pyrokinesis/Pyrogenism ★ Cryokinesis
★ Electrokinesis ★ Holy White Light
★ Molecular Combustion ★ Weather Manipulation
★ Shapeshifting ★ Granting Invulnerability

Known Archangels:
Michael - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Lucifer

Raphael - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Gabriel

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The Buruburu are are Ghosts born of a person's fear after dying in a terrifying manner. They can then infect others with their fear, and this infection is known as the Ghost Sickness. The people they infect are usually people who have made a habit of terrorizing others. Because it is a type of Ghost, it has all the same abilities and weaknesses as a ghost, but it differs in one notable way: it can be "scared to rest." It is a spirit form first categorized and documented by the Japanese in the Edo period.


Changeling have been talked about as being the replacements for real children who are stolen away by fairies or other creatures and fed on. The changeling looks the same as the original child, but is evil in most cases and may abruptly return to the fairy family when older. In Supernatural, it was the changelings who fed on the parents and the real children were locked in cages. Changlings true form is discolored, slimy skin, hollow eyes and round mouth with many teeth. A changlings true form form can be seen only in reflection in a mirror.

The only way to kill a Changeling is by fire. Burning them to death.

A Changeling:

Croatoan Virus

The Croatoan Virus is a demonic virus that infects people and turns them into murderous zombie-like creatures with varying degrees of intelligence, ranging from cruel and cunning to savage and mindless. It is transmitted through blood to blood contact.

Average listal rating (5 ratings) 7.8 IMDB Rating 0


Crocottas can mimic any person's voice to lure their victims out so they can feed. They feed on human souls. Usually they hide in forests for days on end attempting to lure people in. But as technology came to be, they felt no need to hide. Crocottas like to live in filth.
Their main catch line is: Come To Me.

Powers & Abilities:
★ Can mimic human voice
★ Like most monsters. Crocotta's can take human form by shape shifting into a human.
★ Crocotta can drain the soul of any human they kill.
★ They have super strength and speed.
★ They have a longer life span than humans.

★ Sharp objects


Cupids, also called Cherubs in the celestial chain or sphere, are ordered as third class angels. Castiel thought that a cupid was the one making people kill each other for love. He appears as a naked man in the series. Their "handshake" is hugging someone very tightly and apparently nobody likes it, as evidenced by Castiel.
They all follow Heaven's orders, particularly serving Michael. In their occupation, they are responsible for manipulating affection in certain, special bloodlines likewise with Dean and Sam.

Average listal rating (91 ratings) 6.8 IMDB Rating 0


A Davea is a creature of shadow, a special type of demon, which is periodically used by others demons, similarly to hellhounds.

Powers & Abilities:
★ Invisibility
★ Teleportation
★ Claws
★ Superhuman Strength

★ Cannot manifest without shadows.
★ Extreme light


Demons are human souls that has been tortured in hell and turned into an evil heart loose creatures. Their true form is that of a black steam... When they possess humans, they enter through their mouths. Whenever they use their powers, they leave a trace of sulfur in the form of yellow dust. People suffering from stress, fear or panic can be vulnerable to demonic possession.

Powers & Abilities:
- Lower level demons (black eyed) powers ..
★ Possession ★ Magical & Occult Knowledge
★ Superstrength ★ Control of Hellhounds
★ Telekinesis
- Crossroads demons (red eyed) powers ..
★ Teleportation
★ Wish Granting
- Upper-hierarchy (yellow & white eyed) powers ..
★ Pyrokinesis ★ Control of Light
★ Control of Subconscious

★ Salt: Demons are unable to cross a line of salt. Salt can be used to torture demons. It can also be put into shotgun rounds to hurt and knock back demons.

★ Holy Water: Holy Water burns demons that come into contact with it like acid. Demons like Azazel proved to be immune to Holy Water.

★ Iron: Demons can't touch or cross iron.

★ Ruby's Knife: The knife originally belonged to Ruby. It will kill a demon that is within a host if the host stabbed in a fatal place.

★ The Colt: Much like Ruby's Knife it will kill any demon that is shot while within a host if shot in a fatal place.

★ Bones: If the bones belonging to the demon is burned the demon will be killed much like a vengeful spirit. This can also be used to torture demons.

★ Exorcism: Will pull the demon out of its host and send them to hell. Hosts may not survive.

★ Devil's Trap: A Devil's Trap will hold a demon in place and prevent their escape. The Trap will also prevent a lower level demon from using their powers.

★ Angel's Touch: An angel can kill a demon by touching them on the forehead with their hand. This power will not work if the demon is too powerful or if the angel is too weak.

★ Special Children: Sam Winchester developed special abilities almost especially tailored to hurt or kill demons. Due to training from Ruby and ingestion of demon blood he first developed the power to pull demons out of humans. Later the powers advanced to killing demons like the knife or colt.

★ Palo Santo: It is basically the wood version of holy water/salt, when a demon is stabbed the demon screams in pain and the wound smokes. It immobilizes demons long enough for exorcism.

Known Demons:

Azazel - - - - - - - Crowley - - - - - Alastair

Ruby - - - - - - - - - - - - Meg
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Djinns are a rare race of supernatural cave dwelling hermits. Djinns have been encountered by other hunters and by Sam and Dean Winchester. Theses’ creatures come from Islamic and Arabian Mythology. On the TV show, Djinn's are not the wish making creatures that they are normally depicted as. Djinns are humanoid with tattoos and scarification covering their body. Their eyes glow blue when attacking their prey.

Powers & Abilities:
★ Altering reality- Can put people in a fake reality by touching them.
★ Poisoning touch- They can poison any person they want just by touching them.
★ Superhuman strength ★ Near invulnerabillity
★ Human disguise

Average listal rating (45 ratings) 7.4 IMDB Rating 0

Doc Benton

Doc Benton was once an ordinary doctor in the 1816. He found the secret to becoming immortal, but years later he began to kill people to get their organs and body parts, since his kept "wearing out".

Powers & Abilities:
★ Near invulnerabillity ★ Immortality
★ Inhuman enhanced strength ★ Pain resistance

Dr. Visyak

Dr. Elle Visyak a professor of Medieval Studies at San Francisco University. She also knows about the supernatural world. Later, it's revealed that she is a creature of Purgoatory which escaped and lived for more than 900 years on Earth.

Powers & Abilities:
★ Possession ★ Invisibility
★ Great strength ★ Agility
★ Magical knowledge ★ Longevity


Dragons are a rare race of supernatural creatures that haven't been hunted or seen by hunters for at least 700 years. Dragons are similar to the traditional dragons in lore, but they appear as more humanoid creatures than traditional art. But they have been descriptions of them locking like giant bat creatures when they haven't transformed to look like humans.

Powers & Abilities:
★ enhanced strength ★ Flying
★ Dragon Claw

The only way to kill a dragon is to kill it with a sword forged with the blood of a dragon although there are only 5 or 6 of them in existence--being Saint George's Sword, the Sword of Brunswick and the Excalibur a few examples of them.


Eve was a mysterious and powerful malevolent entity who was neither demon nor angel. She was cast into the pits and deepest bowels of Purgatory, untill she was released by Dragons, arrived on Earth, with a young virgin girl as a vessel. She was part of existence before Angels were, which gave her an advantage over them, being able to inhibit them from using their supernatural powers. She created the Alphas, which were the first monsters of their allotted kind, she calls them her children. She is also called the mother of all.

Powers & Abilities:
★ Invulnerability ★ Possession
★ Flight ★ Supersenses
★ Superstrength ★ Superspeed
★ Monster Creation ★ Shapeshifting
★ Magical Knowledge ★ Telepathy

Eve's only waekness and the only way to kill her by The Ashes of the Phoenix.

Mejo ♥♫'s rating:


Fairies are mischievous supernatural creatures that come in a variety of forms and can only be seen by those who have been to the Fairy Realm, or those whom they allow to see them. There are many theories about the reason they adbuct people--one of them being to bring people to Avalon so they can serve Oberon, King of Faeries.

Types of Fairies:
Leprechauns: They look like normal humans, including their size. Little details about them have been revealed, like the few abilities shown that could differ from other fairies: teleportation (being able to move from a place to other in the blink of an eye) and enhanced strength.
Tinks: They are little creatures that appear as naked, beautiful women with wings that shine like tinkles. It seems that they can get really angry when someone noted that they' are naked. They are able to fly, quickly and easily with the help of their wings, while they also possess enough enhanced strenght to defeat a human.
Gnomes: They appear as little humans with the size of a hand. Not much information was revealed about them.
Other: It is implied that other types of fairies include: sprites, spriggans, boggarts, brownies and goblins.

Powers & Abilities:
★ Magical knowledge ★ Telekinesis
★ Invisibility ★ Immortality
★ Enhanced strength


★ Iron: Fairies hate iron as it is proven to be harmful against them.

★ Silver: This can be used against dark fairies--as they burn when they are touched with silver.

★ Sugar/Salt: If someone pours salt or sugar in front of them, they have to stop to count each grain one by one.

★ Cream: They also love cream, which, like alcohol, intoxicates them.

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are four wise creature-like natures who all assume human form while on Earth. They portray heralds of the Apocalypse, and are triggered by Lucifer's release from the Cage. Although it was insinuated by War's claim that their essences and influence were still very-much present before Lucifer's release. The four are known respectively as: War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death. The Horsemen are neither angels nor demons, but rather a separate kind of being that cannot be destroyed. Each possesses a special ring that allows them to channel and focus their powers. The Horsemen are revealed to not truly be on either side, Heaven or Hell, but rather they are ultimately loyal to one another and their jobs for which they were created.

The only way to kill the Four Horsemen or Deactivate them is to take their ring off.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse:

War - - - - Famine - - - - Pestilence - - - - Death

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A Ghost is the spirit of a deceased person that for some reason or another was unable to pass on to the next life, or who's rest had been disturbed. Ghosts are neither good nor evil, as their behaviour is ultimately dictated by who they where in life and how they died.

Types of Ghosts:
★ Violent Spirits: Generally the ghosts of violent people or people who died from violent deaths. They are the most dangerous type of spirit and will attack anyone that reminds them of their deaths. Benevolent ghosts also have the potential to turn violent as a result of staying on earth too long or emotional stress.
★ Death Omens: While they appear violent and intimidating, they are not dangerous ghots but rather trying to warn people who may be murdered by the person who killed them. They are tied to the earth because they wish to find out who killed them.
★ Death Echo: An ocasional byproduct of murder by a ghost; a Death Echo is considered one of the more pitable spirits in the the series. They are spirits who are trapped in an endless cylcle of their murder and the pain of death. An Echo can be shocked out of the cycle and then pass to the afterlife if they are confronted or calmed by a person they share an emotional link with. They then disappear in a flash of light
★ Vengeful Spirits: While dangerous and violent, these ghosts are not evil in nature. They are simply seeking vengeance for a wrong committed against them or a loved one. On the rare occasion they can still be attached to their body.
★ Buru Buru: This kind of ghost is born from fear, so it strikes fear into its victims--in other words; ghost sickness. It is found in Japanese lore. The only way to kill a buru buru (if there is no body to burn) is to kill it with fear.

Powers & Abilities:
★ Teleportation ★ Area Manipulation
★ Enhanced Strength ★ Death Inducement
★ Telekinesis ★ Fear Inducement
★ Invisibility ★ Disease Manipulation
★ Intangibility ★ Possession

Hunters have to methods to repel ghost, which are iron and salt, respectively. They are used to make them dissapear briefly, but they cannot destroys them.
There are genrally three ways to defeat a ghost; the first is to salt and burn the bones which is used on violent spirits, the second can be helping a ghost resolve its issues which can be used to help benevolent spirits, while the third can be an external element which can include magic that can be used to hold a ghost on the earth plane against it's will.
When a ghost is succesfully put to rest, it will go up in flames.

Average listal rating (147 ratings) 7.8 IMDB Rating 0


Ghouls are scavenger creatures that live in graveyards and traditionally feed on the flesh and blood of the dead. At times ghouls will change their diet and will feed on living humans instead of the dead. Ghouls will also take the form of people they eat (dead or alive).

Powers & Abilities:
★ Shape Shifting ★ Enhanced Speed
★ Enhanced Strength

Decapitation: Complete removal or destruction of the head is lethal to a Ghoul.

Mejo ♥♫'s rating:
Average listal rating (100 ratings) 7.6 IMDB Rating 0


Hellhounds are deadly supernatural creatures which serve demons for various reasons. Described as demonic pitbulls, hellhounds appear most often as servants for Crossroad Demons, collecting the souls of people whose deals are come due. Hellhounds can only be seen by those whom they have come for, making them a sort of reaper of the damned. When not under the employ of Crossroads Demons, Hellhounds sometimes act as foot soldiers and guard dogs.

Powers & Abilities:
★ Enhanced speed ★ Enhanced senses
★ Invisibility

★ Salt ★ Death's Scythe
★ Goofer Dust ★ Archangel Blade
★ Devil's Shoe String ★ The Colt
★ Demon-Killing Knife

Mejo ♥♫'s rating:


Hookman is a creature of urban legend. The hook man story has been told many times and there is many different versions as well. He summoned by someone to take revenge on those the person thinks deserve it.

Powers & Abilities:
★ The ability to appear anywhere, anytime
★ Teleportation
★ Claws
★ Superhuman Strength


★ Salt: Since he is a spirit, salt can be used to slow him down.

★ Remains: Spirits can only be killed by their remains.


Well, we all know what Humans are!

Known Humans:

Dean - - - - - - - Sam - - - - - Bobby

John - - - - - - - Jo - - - - - Ellen

Lisa - - - - - - - Bela - - - - - Adam
Mejo ♥♫'s rating:

Jefferson Starships

Jefferson Starships are new monster hybrids created by Eve as a test subject to see if she could create the ultimate supernatural creature. They are named by Dean Winchester after the band formed in the early 1970's. He stated that his reason was "Because they're horrible and hard to kill.". They are a combination of most of the monsters Sam and Dean have faced. They have the teeth of a Vampire and the spike of a Wraith. They can also shift into whatever they want,whenever they want.

They have to be beheaded by a silver blade to be killed.

Average listal rating (103 ratings) 7.9 IMDB Rating 0

Khan Worm

The Khan Worm, named by Dean Winchester, is a new type of supernatural creature created recently by Eve, Mother of All. There is no official name for it, as it is a new, and humans have not given it a proper name.

Powers & Abilities:
It that can enter a person's body through the ear and control their actions. While possessing a person, it greatly enhances the strength of its host. The hosts retain no memory of the time when the Khan Worm was controlling them.

Electricity: when the Khan Worm was electrocuted it caused it pain and then caused it to die, when it was inside Bobby.

Mejo ♥♫'s rating:


A Kitsune is a monster that, in appearance, looks very similar to werewolves. Kitsune's seem to be very rare and uncommon. They feed on a certian part of the brain to live, and without it, they will die. Kistunes looks like a regular human being but have the ability to partially shapeshift themselves into animal-like qualities. A Kitsune's primary weapon is their claws; they can extend claws from their finger tips upon demand. And, if they are feeding or attacking, their eyeballs turn yellow and fox-like while the pupils narrow. All in all they take on a very similar appearance a werewolf does.

Powers & Abilities:
★ Enhanced Strength
★ Claws ★ Speed

Heart destruction: A Kitsune can only be killed by being stabbed in the heart with a knife or dagger. This is the only know method to kill them.

Known Kitsunes:
Amy Pond

Amy's Mom


Lamias, As most of the other creatures that appear in the series, they can look like normal women that seduce young human men. One of their features is that they squeeze their victims' hearts and suck their blood. In addition, as it is implied, they can transform into a non-human form, which apparently has large claws.

Powers & Abilities:
★ Strenght and agility.

★ There are two methods to kill a Lamia - one of them being the use of a silver knife blessed by a curate or priest, while the other is preparing a subtance with salt and rosemary blent. After doing so, the Lamia must be burnt with fire.

Lamia's Claw


Leviathans are beasts created by God long before the creation of angels and humans. As they were too much to handle, God created Purgatory and locked them therein. It is revealed that the Leviathans operate on a form of hierarchy, with several of them taking orders from a yet unknown leader. The Leader orders several Leviathans to hunt down those in their group who have been feeding indiscriminately and to deal with the Winchesters and their allies. Though their true form is yet to be shown, they appear under the water to be serpents. In a vessel, they can dislocate the jaw and reveal a mouth full of large teeth and a twin-forked tongue.

Powers & Abilities:
★ Shapeshifting
★ Regeneration
★ Impervious to silver
★ Superhuman strength
★ Immortality
★ Invulnerability

Known Leviathans:
Dr. Gaines



The ashes of a Phoenix is found out to be what will be needed to kill Eve, the Mother of All. These creatures are very rare and hard to find. They appear in Frontierland. The Phoenix was believed to be a mythical bird, but it was revealed that the phoenix was a man named Elias Finch. The Phoenix has been shot and hanged without dying. The Phoenix has the power to burn anyone into ash with a simple touch of his hand. Even though the Phoenix is immortal and powerful, it is still is weak to iron like many other supernautural creatures. Like every creature, the Phoenix was able to die by being shot by the Colt.

Powers & Abilities:
★ Incineration by touch ★ Immortal

The Colt: Since this gun was created to kill all creatures, the Phoenix can be killed using the Colt. Which Dean does in a showdown.
Iron: Dean figures out that the Phoenix can't go near Iron.

Average listal rating (23 ratings) 7.3 IMDB Rating 0


Chuck Shurley is a Prophet of the Lord. He appears as a human writer who has published numerous novels that record every detail about the lives of Sam and Dean Winchester. Each novel recounts one episode of the TV show. He was inspired to write these by visions he kept having--visions that left him with headaches, which led him to drink liquor. However, as his visions compelled him. He did not know that Sam and Dean were real until they found out about the novels and sought him out, angrily confronting him at his rundown shack where he lived. Also, because Chuck is a prophet, the archangel Raphael, who demonstrates powers strong enough to scare even Lilith, is his guardian and protects him at all costs. Chuck's books contain some details that even Sam and Dean do not know.

Mejo ♥♫'s rating:


Rakshasas are creatures from Hindu mythology and are very nasty. They eat human flesh, sleep on a bed of dead insects and are great at shapeshifting. A rakshasa cannot enter a house without first being invited. The one in Supernatural appeared as a clown at the fair who would follow children home, get the child to let them into the house and then eat the parents.

Powers & Abilities:
★ Shapeshifting ★ Invisibility
★ Invulnerability ★ Super strength
★ Super senses

★ Rakashas can be killed with a brass knife.


Only someone who is dead or near-death can see Reapers. The Reaper can be controlled by Black Magic and was ultimately defeated by smashing the Rosario controlling it, upon which it turned on the person who was controlling it. Reapers will sometimes appear in mass gatherings in prelude to a great disaster such as the the eruption of Pompeii. They consider Death as their father.

Powers & Abilities:
★ A Reaper has the power to take lives and give life to anyone it chooses. However, when a life is resurrected, a life must end. The Reaper can also be controlled with a Rosario and Black Magic.
★ A Reaper can also stop time.
★ It is revealed that Reapers can alter human perception to make themselves appear any way they want.
★ They can fly in their true form and like ghosts, can teleport anywehere. They can teleport in spirit or human form.

Known Reapers:


The Reaper from 1x12

Mejo ♥♫'s rating:


Rugarus are creatures that feed on human flesh. They start out human, but they will suddenly begin craving more. This is not a virus, however; rather, it is passed down through genes. A person who possesses this gene will eventually give into the urge to feed and will devour a human. Starting out with an increased hunger for all food that eventually changes into a craving for flesh, the change itself is very fast. Once the Rugaru gives into his urges for human, however, there is no going back; the Rugaru will lose its human appearance and change into a monster.

Powers & Abilities:
★ Super Strength ★ Speed
★ Flesh Eating

Fire: Rugarus can only be killed by fire. Hunters need to burn them alive.


Shapeshifters are common. Hunters seem to run into these creatures a lot. Shapershifters are humanlike creatures that start out human, but later learn how to change their form to look like anyone they want. Shapeshifting, also known as transformation or transmogrification, is a change in the form or shape of a person, especially a change from human form to animal form or a change in appearance form one person to another. When a Shapeshifter takes the shape of the person they chose to change into, they literally shed their skin, teeth and nails. When they change into the persons physical appearance, they access the thoughts of the person they are mimicking.

Powers & Abilities:
★ Shapeshifting ★ Superspeed
★ Superstrength

★ Identified by retinal flare that shows up when they are filmed.
★ Vulnerable to silver they can be killed by a bullet or blade to the heart.

Mejo ♥♫'s rating:


A Shōjō is a Japanese ghost-like monster but is different in that it's tangible and alive, however similar to ghost, it is invisible, and only those who are drunk can perceive them.

Powers & Abilities:
★ Telekinesis ★ Invisibility
★ Teleportation ★ Claws

Katana: This sword blessed by a Shinto Priest (although a Shinto blessing by a normal person will surfice) can kill a Shōjō.


Shtriga is a creature that feeds off of Children' lifeforce, and takes on a friendly appearance in society.

Powers & Abilities:
★ Live forever ★ Drain Spiritus Vitae
★ Near invulnerability ★ Human disguise
★ Superhuman strength ★ Superhuman speed

Can only be hurt while feeding, and shot with an iron round.

Average listal rating (46 ratings) 6.7 IMDB Rating 0


A Siren can take different forms to lure compels people of the opposite sex to destroy themselves as a show of devotion, or to their death. Sirens are creatures that have two forms, like many other creatures, to be able to deceive typical humans - being their true form is that of an ugly monster with no hair and unhuman features. However, they hide it by transforming into what their victims desire. Through physical contact, they can infect people with some sort of "essence", which is composed by oxytosin, a hormone that is produced during childbirth, lactation, and sex, and called the "love hormone". Victims show a high level of oxytosin amount on their blood. After being infected, humans desperately depends on the siren and would do anything, as if they were controlled by it. The victim will only want the siren's current form and do what it desires as a show of devotion - if the siren wants its victims to kill someone, they will do it. However, the effect of the "essence" does not last too much, as the victim can recover complete consciousness of their acts after hours of being infected.

Powers & Abilities:
★ Shapeshifting ★ Control

A siren's weakness is the blood of one of her victims, which means that the siren can only be killed with the blood of a person who is still under its spell with a brass dagger.


Skinwalkers are like cousins of werewolves, due to their similarities--much like them, skinwalkers can transform into animals. All skinwalkers originate from the Alpha Skinwalker. This Alpha placed 30 skinwalkers in dog form with families. He planned to create an army of skinwalkers by turming the families in skinwalkers all at one, turning 30 into 150. Skinwalkers can look exactly like typical humans--however, they can shift back and forth from a human form and a dog form whenever they want. Whenever they are killed in their animal form, they will turn back into their human form.

Powers & Abilities:
★ Shape-shifting ★ Increctious bite
★ Enhanced Smelling ★ Accelerated Healing
★ Enhanced Strength ★ Enhanced Speed
★ Invulnerability

Silver: It has been demonstrated that a silver bullet can kill one of them if they are shot in a fatal place.

Special Children

Special Children refers to children whom Azazel fed his blood when they were babies, having snuck into their homes after making a deal with their families. The result was that the blood awoke psychic abilities in them and who would later lead an army of demons in a war against humanity and God. Azazel started testing these children to find who would emerge victorious and also be the strongest. So he put them in an abandoned town called Cold Oak and told them only one could survive which eventually triggered a huge fight between all the special children. Azazel led everyone to believe that he wanted a leader for his demon army. However as it was later revealed, the endgame was bigger than just leading a demon army: the strongest one was to contain Lucifer's essence and Sam Winchester, the solo survivor later became possessed by Lucifer himself.

List of Special Children:
Andrew Gallagher - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Ansem Weems

Ava Wilson - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Jake Talley

Lily - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Max Miller

Sam Winchester - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Scott Carey
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Vampires are blood drinking creatures of myth. Little has been revealed about vampires, such as their organization, weaknesses and their origin - all vampires originate from the Alpha Vampire. A vampire's appearance is that of a normal human. However, they all have common features, such as sharp, pointed, retractable teeth that emerge from their gums and extend beyond their human teeth, and immortality. They live forever, and several depicted vampires are hundreds of years of age or older. Their diet is based strictly on blood, and while human blood is prefered, they can survive by ingesting the blood of other animals. Vampires are organized into nests, with eight to ten vampires residing in each, with a mate for life.

Powers & Abilities:
★ Superstrength ★ Invulnerability
★ Superagility ★ Supersenses

Beheading: Beheading is the most used method to kill vampires.
Dead man's blood: The use of blood from the recently deceased can also be used as a method to incapacitate vampires briefly.
Sunlight: While sunlight can hurt them it's not lethal as it only causes pain to vampires. Other kinds of lights can be harming to their eyes, as they shine more to them than to normal humans.
The Colt: As it can kill almost anything, can be used against vampires.
Angels: Can can kill them without difficulty.

Known Vampires:
Gordon - - - - - - - Luther - - - - - Lucy

Lenore - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Dixon

Dean (temporarily)
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Vetala are a type of monster, almost snake-like, that hunt in pairs so they can capture their prey. They don't usually hunt solo. They also appear to be loyal and protective of their kind, obviously having a strong pack mentality that extends like family.

Powers & Abilities:
★ Fangs
★ Feeding On Blood
★ Paralyzing Venom
★ Enhanced Strength


Silver Knife: They can be killed by being stabbed in the heart with a silver knife. When they die their bodies crumble apart.


Wendigos were once humans, but after being forced to eat human flesh to survive, they become supernatural monsters that retain little human features in common. After doing so, they crave human flesh, and appear to not have a greater intelligence than when they were complete humans. At the same time, Wendigos are embodiments of gluttony, greed, and excess; never satisfied after killing and consuming one person, they are constantly searching for new victims. It is also common that wendigos just capture humans to hoard their food, and then eat when hungry.

Powers & Abilities:
★ Excellent hunters (Night or Day)
★ Imitating humans voices ★ Agility
★ Unhuman speed ★ Strength
★ Invulnerable to normal knives and guns

Hunters can protect themselves from Wendigos by creating protective circles with Anasazi symbols. The most common way to kill a wendigo is burning them to death, or using a special-made weapon, like The Colt, that can kill anything.


Werewolves were once human, but now have the power to transform into a wolf whenever there is a full moon. It has been stated that werewolves and skinwalkers are cousins, and that there is no known cure for a werewolf to turn back human. a person becomes a werewolf by being bitten by a one of them. After becoming one, they hunt down humans and they kill them to feed on their flesh. When they do so, they leave a recognizable trace on their victims that can be considered as a typical feature - they always eat the heart.

Powers & Abilities:
★ Shape shifting
★ Enhanced Strength
★ Infectous bite
★ Enhanced Agility
★ Enhanced Speed
★ Night Vision

A werewolf's only weakness is silver, as they can be killed with a silver knife or bullet to the heart.

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Whore of Babylon

The Whore of Babylon appears only when Lucifer rises. Once she appears it is her job to damn all the people she can to hell. As Leah, she pretends to get visions from the angels, and "foretells" where the next demon attack is going to be. She even gives them an 'excorcism' that expels the demons. Although, she is the one controlling the demon attacks and the excorcism is, as translated by Castiel, "You breed with the mouth of a goat".

Powers & Abilities:
★ Shape-shifting ★ Strength
★ Mind Reading ★ Demon Control

She can only be killed by a stake made from a branch of a Cyprus tree. This stake can only be wielded by a holy man.

Average listal rating (86 ratings) 7.8 IMDB Rating 0


A Witch is a person who has the power to effect change by magical means ("witchcraft"). Keeping with historical usage, "Supernatural" seems to reserve the term "witch" for practitioners of black magic. Witches receive their power from Demons - presumably in exchange for their souls. It is notable that Sam, Dean, and Bobby often use the same spells and rituals, but would not consider themselves witches.

Powers & Abilities:
★ Spell Casting ★ Telekinesis
★ Witches Brew

★ Amulets and Talismans ★ Book of Shadows
★ Hex Bags

Known Witches:
Tammi - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Renee

Elizabeth - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Amanda


A Wraith is a type of supernatural creature, that feeds on human's brainfluids and can infect them with high doses of dopamine. It is shown that the best survival site for a wraith would be a psychiatric asylum, as it is the perfect place to feast on a regular basis--not only the patients' brains, soaked in dopamine, are delicious, but no one in the staff would believe them if they claim that there is a monster killing them. As other supernatural creatures, wraiths can look like typical humans. However, their real faces can be seen, and recognized as wraiths, when they are reflected on a mirror. Their true form is that of a humanoid creature with a rotten face.

Powers & Abilities:
It has been shown that wraiths possess an ability to infect people through physical contact, and make them psychologically unstable so they can suffer from severe hallucinations and episodes related to their inner problems. The victims slowly become more and more unstable, and depending on the victim, their inner problems will begin to surface as realistic hallucinations (E.g. Dean and Sam Winchester's problems related to their life as hunters and their guilt over the Apocalypse, caused them to have hallucination, as they began to not be able to tell apart reality from fantasy). However, when the wraith is killed, the venom has no longer effect.

Wraiths are relatively easy creatures to kill, mainly because of their extreme weakness to silver.


Like most known lore out there, Zombies are the living dead. They are created by magic bringing the dead back from their graves. But they don't always come back the same. They become more twisted versions of themselves. In the persence of zombies, no plant life can survive. Not to mention their grave sites would take on the similar appearance.

Powers & Abilities:
★ Super strength ★ Faster

★ Silver Rounds ★ Stake back into grave beds
★ Head shot


Ōkami are monsters rarely seen outside of Japan. Similar to many other supernatural creatures, ōkami look like normal humans. However, like werewolves, they grow canine-like teeth. In addition, they feed on human victims.

Powers & Abilities:
★ Superhuman Durability
★ Superhuman Agility
★ Superhuman strength

It is been shown that there is a method to effectively kill ōkami, which consists of stabbing them seven times using a bamboo dagger blessed by a Shintō priest. However, Bobby Singer made use of a wood chipper, and shoved the ōkami into it to completely get rid of it. This also proved most effective.

These are the Creatures that showed up in one or more episodes in Supernatural ..
Which is one of my Favorite TV Shows ..

This list is inspired from Drugs' True Blood: Shapeshifters, Fairies.
And is updated to the end of season 7 ..

Also see my other Supernatural list "Characters of Supernatural" ..

Source for most info: Supernatural Wikia ..

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