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Added by FG93 on 26 Oct 2012 03:47
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The Walking Dead's best characters*Updated S3E16*

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Still Alive

Daryl Dixon, the absolute best zombie killer, not afraid of anyone -dead or alive. Great shot with the crossbow too, more effective for killing walkers quietly. Not too bad with a knife and in combat as well.

He doesn't need to rely on anyone although he has more compassion and willingness for friendship than his older brother Merle. Hopefully Merle doesn't drag him down and he stays with the group, where he is most effective.

He even named Rick's baby 'Asskicker'.

So harsh when Merle died and Daryl had to kill him! Although Daryl still continues to kick ass with the group and help defend the prison.

FG93's rating:
Average listal rating (961 ratings) 8.4 IMDB Rating 0
Hershel's oldest daughter, Maggie. To be honest the show really needed someone relatively hot after the loss of Amy in season one, and there was Maggie waiting at the farm, Glen was smart enough to get together with her ;)

She has turned into a good walker killer too and seems to be pretty badass so far. She kicked ass when the Governors army attcked as well!
FG93's rating:
Didn't really like Rick in season one, he got a bit more tolerable in two and now hes pretty much lost it after killing Shane which makes him a lot better in my opinion.

Rick's become one of my favourite characters in season 3, just seems to want to get on with it, whatever the task. He's also gone crazy, after Lori's death, which makes his character a lot more interesting!
FG93's rating:
Average listal rating (276 ratings) 7.8 IMDB Rating 0
Hershel's other daugher, Beth, shes a good singer, not seen her take out many walkers yet but she gets a chance because of the her singing and cuteness. Although if she keeps getting friendly with Carl she'll be falling down this list!

She has also proved herself useful by taking care of Rick's new baby 'Asskicker' while he's off doing important crazy stuff ;P. And she makes for an amazing singer too!
FG93's rating:
Average listal rating (100 ratings) 7.6 IMDB Rating 0
Pretty good at taking out walkers, Glenn's a bit too much of a cry baby though so hes limited to this position in the list.

HOWEVER! He took the beating Merle gave him without a word that would jeopardize the group, which made him a great deal more respectable in my opinion.

When Daryl left and Rick went awol, Glenn promoted himself to group leader, he wasn't bad at the job, but made a few reckless unthought-out decisions.
FG93's rating:
He looked badass on the trailers and he certainly is in the show.

I started off liking The Governor because of this and his cool personality, but then he allowed the torture of Glen and what he did to Maggie made me dislike him.

Having said that he's still as cool as ever, probably even more so after his fight with Michonne that left him with one eye.(I always think this looks awesome on characters)

He still keeps the rule in Woodbury and leads a revenge assault on the prison. All his lies and dirty play are starting to make him slip over the fine line from badass to annoying...then he killed his army except his two henchmen....
FG93's rating:
Average listal rating (143 ratings) 7.5 IMDB Rating 0
Michonne caries a samurai sword (which is enough to win me over). She also had the pretty good idea of having two walkers with their jaws removed for a sort of guard.

She is a little annoying but she seems to enjoy killing walkers and does it so easily which makes her pretty badass.

I think she actually wants to stay with the group now despite her early negative attitude, and even Carl finally exepts her when she helps him take on some walkers and rescue a family picture. It turns out she's pretty funny too!
FG93's rating:
Average listal rating (46 ratings) 7.3 IMDB Rating 0
Hershel, father of Maggie and Beth, and owner of the farm on which most of season two took place. He allows the group to stay on his land while he helps Carl recover (which made me not like him since I hate Carl, but then he helped Daryl too so I let him off)

He got bit but Rick saved him by hacking off his leg and so he's in need of a new one at the minute, hopefully he'll get a leg like Cherry from Planet Terror!

He's still hobbling around on his crutches like an old badass, not afraid to let people know his opinion and speaking up to keep the order within the group.
FG93's rating:
Carol wasn't really much of an asset to the group during season one and two, although she makes her place earned by doing the cleaning and stuff, I think up until the jail scene she had only killed about one walker! It was harsh what happened to her daughter Sophia though.

Wasn't sure if I liked Carol or not, but Daryl seems to like her so I'll give her a chance.
FG93's rating:
Average listal rating (44 ratings) 6.4 IMDB Rating 0
Morgan from season one, who first helps Rick, was an alright character to be honest, just wanted to keep his son safe.
Don't really know what happened to him and his son now though, as they never got in contact with Rick...

He came back for one episode in season 3, where it is revealed his son has died. But holy shit man this guy's even more crazy than Rick! He goes round 'clearing' walkers by trapping them in his maze of boobytraps. He also has collected an impressive armoury to protect his holdup.
FG93's rating:
Tyreese, not too sure about this guy either, one minute he's all friendly and seems like a good guy, next minute he's willing to help kill the whole group just because Rick kicked them out, which he didn't even do...
The other two men in his group I don't like either, always bitching about something, too bad they both died ;p.
Changed my mind about Tyreese for the hundredth time, I like him again now since he helped the group and rescued all the oldies.
FG93's rating:
Morales was pretty good at taking out walkers, don't know what happened to him after he took off with his family, near the end of season 1.
FG93's rating:
Caesar Martinez, the Governor's main man now that Merle is gone, and what a drop that is, from a badass like Merle to an annoying puppet like this guy...he looked scared shitless in the last episode after the Governor slaughtered the rest of their group.
FG93's rating:
Hate this kid. With a passion. Carl is so damn annoying, wish he would just get bit or 'accidently' killed already!
He continues to think he's so cool into season 3, my most hated of the all the characters in the show, dead or alive!
What a douche he really is, killed some kid and lied about it.. Hershel should of bitch slapped him.
FG93's rating:
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No longer with us...

I knew a badass like Merle couldn't be killed off like that, so glad he didn't die as he makes for a very interesting character! Plus he's Daryl's brother!

I'm not sure what to think of Merle in season 3, still think he's badass, especially now he has a metal arm, that he can either beat a walker to death with or attach a knife to, however I hated when he was beating up Glen, I just hope that now he's teamed up with Daryl again and saved Rick's life he'll become one of the group. Which looks like it's on the cards since he's staying in the prison, is trying to clear the air with Michonne and hasn't insulted anyone yet!

Plus in the episode just gone (Season 3, episode 11), after he shuts the gate when Andrea leaves, you see him kicking a walker through the fence. The badass is back.


Ah well, I guess he'd of never worked with the group in the long run.
FG93's rating:
Average listal rating (140 ratings) 7.6 IMDB Rating 0
Boom! and they killed off the best looking character in the show -_-
Amy, Andrea's sister, was by so far the best looking in the show, which is why she is top of the dead list, and they just killed her off :(. She never even got a good chance(in the show) to kill any walkers :(.
FG93's rating:
Bad ass T'dog, never got many lines in the show but could always be relied on to take out a load of walkers when needs be. He added some much needed muscle to the group.

The guy went out like a hero!!

He got bit while shutting the gate to stop more walkers getting at the group and then sacrificed his last few moments to give Carol time to get away from two walkers.
FG93's rating:
Thought Andrea was pretty lame at the start, but throughout season two she got pretty badass and started killing her share of walkers, if she had killed Daryl with that shot she'd be at the bottom of this list but she got lucky.

Thought it was harsh when she got left behind on the farm, but she got to meet Michonne and The Governor thanks to that.

Now shes had her time with Michonne and it looks like her time with the Governor is coming to an end aswell now that she knows her old friends are alive.

Didn't like her when she was the Governors slut, it seemed like she chose him over her friends, just like Michonne said to her face. Can't believe they actually killed her off though, should of picked up those pliers faster ;o
FG93's rating:
Average listal rating (16 ratings) 6.8 IMDB Rating 0
Axel, one of the prisoners, he seemed to be making his way into the group, and becoming actual friends with a few of them. He didn't seem too keen on taking out walkers but he was proving to be pretty useful.
He was the last of the prisoners alive and I thought he was going to be a permanent addition to the group, however he got absolutely obliterated by the Governors men, even in death he helped the group though, as his corpse shielded Carol from numerous shots.
FG93's rating:
Average listal rating (145 ratings) 7.1 IMDB Rating 0
Shane made all the right decision but like Andrea said, addressed them in the wrong way, thought it was harsh, however, when he killed Otis but that character was pretty lame anyway.

He made for a really interesting psycho during season two and was probably, at one point, the most intersting character in the show.

Was kind of annoyed when he was killed off but someone had to go and it was never going to be Rick!
FG93's rating:
Dale seemed to be a pretty lame character during the first season, but at the same time an interesting one and pretty important to the group.

Thought it was pretty harsh how they killed off Dale, just when he felt like he was on his own, bam dead. Had kind of passed his time in the show though. Was owner of the stupid R-V aswell, mr. breakdown-every-two-minutes.
FG93's rating:
Jim from season one, was pretty cool, I was quite gutted when he got bit but they had to kill off a few of the more known characters I guess, and sadly he was one of them.
Milton Mamet, one of the people in Woodbury, he's some sort of researcher, however he doesn't seem to have a clue about the walkers or how dangerous they are.
Can't really find much reason to like this guy, untill he burnt the walker pit which was pretty ballsie, too bad the Governor out smarted him.
FG93's rating:
Lori is almost as annoying as Carl, goes on like shes so important to the group when she's just lame and barely does anything.

So glad when she died! Best episode yet, although T-Dog left in the same one :(

Now she's back, but only in Rick's mind, which is good since she can't moan at the other characters and annoy everyone... just turn Rick insane instead.
FG93's rating:
Oscar, one of the prisoners, seemed to be slowly becomming one of the group, helping them on missions and then when you think they've all excepted him, he gets shot and killed by the Governors men. Harsh.
FG93's rating:
Dr. Jenner from the end of season one, last surving doctor at the Atlanta CDC. Was working on a cure but repeatedly failed. Died when the CDC self destructed, which he wanted.
FG93's rating:
Otis, was a pretty lame character to be fair, gets some appreciation for shooting Carl! Too bad it wasn't a head shot.

His time in the show ends when Shane uses their last shot to cripple him so he has time to get away from the horde of walkers
FG93's rating:
Felt well bad for Sophia, would be bad enough for anyone lost in a forest full of walkers all alone, least of all her. At least they eventually found her...
FG93's rating:
Jimmy, also pretty lame, not bothered that he got ripped apart in the stupid RV.

(He's in the background between T-Dog and Rick).
Average listal rating (8 ratings) 5.6 IMDB Rating 0
Never even really noticed Patricia tbh, didn't do much and quite appropriatly got killed off.

My list of The Walking Dead's best characters, just my opinions of course.

*Now updated to the end of season 3!

To view The Walking Dead in gifs, check out this list.

**This list contains spoilers for who is still alive and who has been killed, but how they died will be hidden with spoiler tags (probably).

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