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True Blood: Humans (Includes Witches)

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Average listal rating (1378 ratings) 7.1 IMDB Rating 0
Sookie Stackhouse

First appearance: "Strange Love"
Occupation: Waitress
Species: Human Telepath & Fairy Hybrid

Sookie is a telepathic waitress in a small-town restaurant and the main protagonist of the series. Because of her ability, she has difficulty forming lasting human relationships. Upon discovering that she can't read Bill's mind, she becomes involved in a love affair that turns the entire town against her.

She also finds herself entering into a world of creatures and supernatural conflict that surpasses her worst nightmares. She has lived with her grandmother, Adele Stackhouse, since childhood, after the death of her parents. By the end of the first season, public opinion has shifted in her favor and her relationship with Bill is more widely accepted.

Sookie has been shown to have several powers in the show. The exact nature of all of her powers hasn't yet been shown. Her first power is telepathy which includes the ability to hear thoughts and read people's minds. She has had this power her entire life, and it often led her to become an outcast in her youth until she learned to gradually control it. So far, it's been explained that her grandfather, Earl Stackhouse, had the same ability.

Her second ability is Photokinesis which is the ability to generate, wield or control energies with her mind. It manifests itself as a blue/purple bright light emanating from her hands. The exact nature of this power is unknown with even Sookie being surprised by it. She uses this power for the first time against Maryann, ("New World in My View") then again on Maryann's offering statue to knock it down in the second season ("Beyond Here Lies Nothin'").

In the last episode of the third season, Russell Edgington, while handcuffed to Eric in the sunlight demands her to free him and take him back inside, he reliases that for Sookie to use her Photokinesis she has to get angry so threatens to kill everyone she cares about. thus her ammount of anger releases her power as a now blast of sunlight like light, similar to Claudine and the other Fairies, she then also uses it like Telekinesis by sending Russell flying into a wall.

Family: Corbett Stackhouse(father,deceased), Michelle Stackhouse(mother,deceased), Jason Stackhouse (brother), Adele Hale Stackhouse(grandmother,deceased), Earl Stackhouse(grandfather,deceased), Francis Stackhouse, (great-uncle,deceased), Bartlett Hale(great-uncle,deceased), Hadley Hale (cousin,vampire)
Average listal rating (261 ratings) 7.4 IMDB Rating 0
Jason Stackhouse

Species: Human
First appearance: "Strange Love"
Occupation: Road crew supervisor (Raynard Parish Public Works Department)

Jason Stackhouse also known as "The Stack" is Sookie's slow-witted brother and a road crew supervisor, known for bedding the women of Bon Temps. During the first season, he is the prime suspect in the murders of four women who all have a connection to him: Maudette Pickens, Dawn Green, his grandmother, and Amy Burley. He meets Amy at Fangtasia while attempting to score V, to which he has become addicted. After Amy is killed, he comes to believe that he is responsible for the murders and turns himself in; while in jail, he is recruited by the Fellowship of the Sun, an anti-vampire church.

During the second season, Jason becomes more involved with the Fellowship, attending a leadership conference with the Rev. Steve Newlin and his wife Sarah, the church leaders.

Although he and Sookie spend little time together, Jason will do almost anything in his power to defend and protect her. He bonds with Andy Bellefleur after the events at Sookie's house. He shoots Eggs in the head in the season finale when he thinks that Eggs is going to hurt Andy. He is told to run by Andy, who cleans his fingerprints from the gun, and assumes responsibility of the murder, claiming that Eggs was the wanted killer of Miss Jeanette and Daphne.

Season 4: In the 12 1/2 months after Sookie's apparent death, Jason becomes a full-fledged Deputy Sheriff under Andy and sells Sookie's house (inadvertantly, to Eric). After receiving his grandfather's fobwatch from a returned Sookie, he returns to Hot Shot, where he is rendered unconscious by the young werepanthers and locked in a freezer.

Average listal rating (79 ratings) 7.7 IMDB Rating 0
Lafayette Reynolds

First appearance: "Strange Love"
Species: Human/Witch
Occupation: Cook, Road Crew, Webmaster, Former Drug Dealer
Family: Tara Thornton (cousin), Lettie Mae Thornton (aunt), Ruby Jean Reynolds (mother)

Lafayette is a short order cook at Merlotte's, a drug dealer, a member of Jason's road crew, and a gay prostitute.

In the first season of the television series, Lafayette's storyline revolves around the fact that he is a dealer of vampire blood. His main source for this narcotic known by the street name 'V' is the vampire, Eddie Gauthier. By the end of season one, Eddie meets a terrible end, and as a result, Lafayette is taken prisoner by the vampire Eric Northman.

Season 4: A year later Lafayette and Jesus are now living together. Jesus has been trying to get Lafayette to join the new Witch Coven in town lead by Marnie. Lafayette is still cautious or wary about the whole witchcraft thing but still goes to the meeting with Jesus.

Tara Thornton

First appearance: "Strange Love"
Occupation: Bartender
Species: Human
Family: Lettie Mae Thornton (mother), Lafayette Reynolds (cousin)

Tara Mae Thornton has been Sookie Stackhouse's best friend since childhood. Tara is the daughter of Lettie Mae Thornton and the cousin of Lafayette Reynolds. Tara is a strong-willed person who has had to deal with a multitude of abuses in her life. She currently works as a Professional cage fighter in New Orleans.

In the season 4 premiere it is revealed that Tara is residing in New Orleans under the pseudonym 'Toni' and making a living as a mixed martial artist. She appears to be a proficient fighter with solid stand up and ground skills, submitting her opponent (later revealed to be her girlfriend, Naomi) via armbar. The next morning while in bed with Naomi, Tara receives a text from Lafayette saying Sookie is home. Tara lies to Naomi, saying her grandmother has passed away. She returns to Bon Temps on this premise in the next episode.

Within hours of returning to her hometown Tara is caught in the middle of a confrontation between Eric Northman and Marnie's circle at Moon Goddess.

Average listal rating (46 ratings) 6.7 IMDB Rating 0
Hoyt Fortenberry

First appearance: "Strange Love"
Species: Human
Occupation: Road crew (Raynard Parish Public Works Department)

Hoyt Fortenberry is a friend of Jason and Rene who works on the road crew. Sweet and good-hearted, he is the only person whose thoughts are consistently kind when Sookie eavesdrops and is the first character (excluding Sookie) to first show kindness to Bill when he first arrives (Though he calls him "Vampire Bill").

Unlike Jason, he is extremely shy around women, and takes the prospect of forming a relationship seriously. For the majority of the first season he is bossed around by his mother, but stands up to her after Jason leaves his comfort zone to be with Amy.

In the second season, he begins a relationship with Jessica, a newly turned vampire and Bill Compton's vampire-ward, later traveling to Dallas to be with her. Both virgins, the two characters have sex for the first time in the Dallas hotel.

Hoyt and Jessica are currently living together. Hoyt comes home from work and gets angry at Jessica for not cooking him dinner. After an explosive argument, they eventually make up. Later, Hoyt brings Jessica to Fangtasia for a date night. Unknowing that his fiancee is eying a fangbanger.

Average listal rating (37 ratings) 6.8 IMDB Rating 0
Terry Bellefleur

First appearance: "The First Taste"
Occupation: Cook
Species: Human
Family: Andy Bellefleur (cousin)

Terry Bellefleur, a cousin of Detective Andy Bellefleur, is an Iraq war veteran and works as one of the cooks at Merlotte's.

He shows clear signs of posttraumatic stress disorder but, despite his unusual behavior, he is a gentle soul. While working at Merlotte's he begins to show interest in Arlene, and the two become romantically involved during the second season. Their relationship appears to progress more quickly than Terry wants under Maryann's influence.

Season 3: Arlene says that she's expecting a child and Terry assumes it's his and becomes excited. He hugs Arlene and thanks her for making his life complete. She fakes a smile, knowing inside that the baby is Rene's. Later on, Arlene confesses to him that her baby is Rene's, and that she fears she is bearing an "evil child". Terry comforts her and vows that they will surround the baby with much love, so that it never can become "evil".

Unbeknowest to Terry, Arlene undergoes a ritual with the intention of inducing her own miscarriage. Terry becomes very upset when Arlene starts to bleed from her crotch and tells him they might be losing their baby. However, Arlene's baby survives, leaving Terry intensely happy and relieved, but Arlene terrified that the fetus survived her induced miscarriage attempt.

Season 4: Terry is happily raising Mikey Bellefleur as his own, with Arlene. Arlene is spooked by Mikey but Terry continues to treat Mikey no differently.
Arlene Fowler

First appearance: "Strange Love"
Occupation: Waitress
Species: Human
Family: Coby Fowler(son), Lisa Fowler(daughter)

Arlene Fowler is a waitress working with Sookie. She has been married four times and is the mother of two children. While she has a good heart, she is often apt to resort to bigotry (directed at vampires) and openly disapproves of Sookie's relationship with Bill. Toward the end of the first season, she becomes engaged to her boyfriend Rene, but her happiness is short-lived when she discovers that he is the Bon Temps serial killer. When 'Rene' is killed by Sookie, Arlene tells Sookie that she wants her to check inside the head of her next would-be husband. In at the end of Season 1 and for the entirety of season 2 she begins a new relationship with Terry Bellefleur.

In season 3, it seems that Arlene has become pregnant, at least she suspects. Also she has started to exhibit typical pregnancy signs such as morning sickness. While Arlene believes that the father is Terry it is quite possible that someone else is the father, due Maryann's mystically induced orgies, not that she remembers them.

Detective Andy Bellefleur

First appearance: "Strange Love"
Occupation: Detective
Family: Terry Bellefleur (Paternal first cousin), Portia Bellefleur (Sister), Caroline Bellefleur (Paternal grandmother), Bill Compton (Great-great-great-great Grandfather)
Species: Human

Detective Andy Bellefleur is a police detective in Bon Temps who is regularly disrespected by the town's citizens. He is assigned to investigate the series of murders that occur during the first season.

Throughout the season, Jason Stackhouse is Andy's primary suspect even when evidence doesn't point toward him being responsible. Though he is initially praised for his actions, he begins drinking heavily once the true killer's identity is revealed. During one of his binges at Merlotte's, the body of Miss Jeanette is left in his car in the parking lot; making him a suspect in her death.

Because of his nearly constant state of impairment during the second season, Sheriff Dearborne takes his badge, his gun, and suspends him from duty. There are signs that the Bellefleur family was more prominent in its past. When Bill first hears Andy's name, he remarks at it. Possibly a descendant connection.

In Season 4, Andy is struggling with a V addiction and harasses Lafayette at Merlottes. Jason has to come in and help keep Andy off of him.
Average listal rating (31 ratings) 6.4 IMDB Rating 0
Lettie Mae Thornton

First appearance: "The First Taste"
Occupation: Unemployed
Species: Human
Family: Tara Thornton (daughter), Lafeyette Reynolds (nephew)

Letty Mae Thornton is Tara's abusive, alcoholic mother. After attacking and driving Tara away in a drunken stupor during the first season, she unexpectedly shows up at Adele Stackhouse's funeral and acts unusually composed.

She convinces Tara to fund an exorcism to expel a demon that she is convinced is responsible for the terrible things she has done, and chooses to corrupt her because of her closeness with Jesus. While the fake exorcism appears to have the desired effect, it has become clear that she can be just as cruel sober. After Tara gets arrested for drunk driving, Letty refuses to pay for her daughter's bail. This leads to Maryann bailing out Tara.

In season 2, after Miss Jeanette gets her heart ripped out, Lettie Mae is called to the police station for questioning. While there, Tara tells her that the exorcism is fake but she doesn't believe it. She teams up with her nephew, Lafayette Reynolds, to forcibly remove Tara from living with Maryann and Eggs.

Ruby Jean Reynolds

First appearance: "Beautifully Broken"
Species: Human
Family: Lafayette Reynolds (son)

Ruby Jean Reynolds is Lafayette's mother.

Ruby Jean is visited by her son and his cousin, Tara, at the hospital. When the two enter her room she explains to them that the man feeding her, an orderly named Jesus, is the actual Jesus. ("Beautifully Broken")
A few days later after Tara and Lafayette's visit, Ruby leaves the hospital when she is left unattended. She goes to her sons house to protect him from those who would harm him. When Jesus comes to get her Ruby threatens him with a knife, saying she won't go back to the hospital and she's not crazy. Jesus talks her into giving him the knife and into just watching some TV.

She is later taken back to the hospital.
Steve Newlin

First appearance: "Mine"
Occupation: Preacher
Species: Human
Family: Rev Theodore Newlin (father, deceased), Sarah Newlin (wife)

Rev. Steve Newlin is the head of the Fellowship of the Sun, an anti-vampire church that Jason joins. His father is killed in the first season, an event he blames on vampires; an accusation that Stan later confirms. During the second season, he's featured using the Fellowship organization to engage in what he believes is a war between vampires and humans. He strongly believes that all vampires are evil and should be destroyed. Though the kidnapping he arranges for Sookie when she arrives in Dallas is unsuccessful, he later takes her hostage when she tries to infiltrate the church in order to investigate the disappearance of Godric, Eric's maker.
Sheriff Bud Dearborne

First appearance: "Strange Love"
Occupation: Sheriff of Renard Parish
Species: Human

Sheriff Bud Dearborne is the sheriff of Renard Parish and an old friend of Sookie and Jason's deceased parents. While he is well respected in the town of Bon Temps, he goes out of his way to show his distaste for vampires and vocally objects to Sookie's relationship with Bill. He doesn't believe Jason is the murderer in the first season. Despite the blatant prejudice he shows to Bill himself, he regularly scolds Andy for being unfair and biased in his dealings with suspects. In season two, he investigates the murders of Miss Jeanette and Daphne. His attempts at identifying and locating their killer is complicated by the outrageous behavior of Bon Temps' residents while under Maryann's influence.
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Average listal rating (230 ratings) 6.1 IMDB Rating 0
Marnie Stonebrook

First appearance: "She's Not There"
Species: Witch
Occupation: Business Woman, Witchcraft Priestess

Marnie is a witch that was introduced during Season 4 of True Blood. As a witch, Marnie often speaks in a monotonous voice and also has a strong connection with the spirit world. She is the owner & operator of the Moon Goddess Emporium, where she and her coven practice magic. She is the main antagonist of Season 4.
Jesus Velasquez

First appearance: "Beautifully Broken"
Species: Human
Family: Don Bartolo (grandfather)

Jesus Velasquez is introduced in the 3rd season as a potential love interest to Lafayette. On their first meeting, he seems to take an immediate interest in Lafayette, followed by a personal visit to Merlotte's to spend time with Lafayette while he is at work. Although they like each other he leaves once he finds out Lafayette is a drug dealer.

When Lafayette calls Jesus to help with his mother, their attraction is once again ignited and they spend the night together.

Jesus reveals himself to be a "witch", having been taught magic by his uncle, Luca, in the Season three finale.
Average listal rating (21 ratings) 7.7 IMDB Rating 0

First appearance: "I'm Alive and on Fire"
Species: Human
Occupation: Magic and Witchcraft

Antonia was a powerful witch that lived during the Middle Ages of 1610. At some point during her life, Antonia was burned at stake and killed by the Catholic Church. Before her persecution, Antonia sought revenge against her capturers by casting a powerful spell that would summon all vampires within a twenty-mile radius to expose themselves to the sun.

Antonia first appears by taking over the body of Marnie Stonebrook after Eric Northman invades her coven, and threatens their lives. After rejecting his deal, Eric attacks Marnie and is later hexed by Antonia as punishment for heinous behavior.

Average listal rating (6 ratings) 8.3 IMDB Rating 0
Don Bartolo is the grandfather of Jesus Velasquez and also a brujo.

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Rene Lenier/Drew Marshall [DECEASED]

Species: Human
Occupation: Road crew (Raynard Parish Public Works Department)
First appearance: "Strange Love"
Last appearance: "You'll Be the Death of Me"
Cause/reason of death: killed by Sookie Stackhouse

Drew Marshall was originally introduced in season one as Rene Lenier, Arlene's supposedly Cajun fiancรฉ who worked on the road crew with Jason Stackhouse. He is the main antagonist at the end of season 1.

Before the events of the series, he lived in Bunkie (a neighboring city to Bon Temps) and murdered his sister Cindy when he discovered she'd been sleeping with a vampire. He disappeared before the Bunkie police investigated his sister's death.

Before moving to Bon Temps, he grew a goatee and learned how to speak with a Cajun accent. He eventually started a relationship with Arlene upon moving to town, but the events of the first season reveal that he began murdering women that (like his sister) he'd discovered had slept with vampires. While attempting to kill Sookie for being with Bill, he was distracted by Sam (in the shape of a dog), and Sookie was able to decapitate him with a shovel.

Family: Cindy Marshall (sister, deceased)
Average listal rating (504 ratings) 7.9 IMDB Rating 0
Amy Burley [DECEASED]

Species: Human
First appearance: "Burning House of Love"
Last appearance: "You'll Be the Death of Me"

Amy Burley is Jason's bohemian, drug-addicted love interest. Originally from Connecticut, she becomes a drifter in the South to spite her rich parents. She becomes involved in environmental and drug culture while studying philosophy at Wellesley College.

She meets Jason at Fangtasia during the first season and the two become involved with one another due to their mutual interest in V. However, their drug supply eventually runs out, and Amy kidnaps and drains the vampire Eddie Gauthier with Jason's assistance. Following a disagreement between Amy and Jason over the treatment of Eddie, Amy stakes him while he's in their custody. Jason is disgusted with her and makes her give up the drug, save for one last use.

During this last use, Drew Marshall strangles her to death while Jason lies unknowingly at her side.

Cause/reason of death: Strangled by Drew Marshall
Average listal rating (60 ratings) 5.8 IMDB Rating 0
Adele Hale Stackhouse [DECEASED]

Occupation: Retired
Species: Human
First appearance: "Strange Love"
Last appearance: "You'll Be the Death of Me"

Adele Stackhouse (nรฉe Hale) is Jason and Sookie's paternal grandmother. She is often referred to as Gran by both Jason and Sookie. She was portrayed by Lois Smith in season one of True Blood. When the character's son Corbett and daughter-in-law Michelle die in a flash flood, she is left to raise her grandchildren Sookie and Jason. Adele is portrayed as a motherly figure, not only to Sookie and Jason but to their friends as well (most notably Tara Thornton). Adele's interest in history prompts her to lead a Civil War historic group called "The Descendants of the Glorious Dead."

When Sookie first tells Adele about meeting Bill Compton, Adele becomes interested in learning about his history, and the history of Bon Temps. She is the only character shown as being supportive of Sookie's relationship with Bill, and invites Bill to speak for her historic society. Following the club meeting, Sookie returns home and finds Adele murdered in the kitchen. At the end of the season, her attacker is revealed as being Rene Lenier, a close friend of Jason Stackhouse.

Cause/reason of death: killed by Rene Lenier

Family: Earl Stackhouse (husband, deceased)
Corbett Stackhouse (son, deceased)
Michelle Stackhouse (daughter-in-law, deceased)
Jason Stackhouse (grandson)
Sookie Stackhouse (granddaughter)

Hadley Hale (granddaughter)
Bartlett Hale (brother, deceased)
Francis Stackhouse (brother-in-law, deceased)

"Eggs" Benedict Talley [DECEASED]

Species: Human
First appearance: "To Love is to Bury"
Last appearance: "Beyond Here Lies Nothin'"

"Eggs" Benedict Talley is a guest of Maryann Forrester's who has a less than reputable past; he gradually begins a romantic relationship with Tara Thornton during the second season. After he and Maryann move into Sookie Stackhouse's house, the water heater breaks, and he travels out of town with Tara. During the drive, he leads the two to a site where a human sacrifice seemingly took place; later this suspicion is confirmed with the victim identified as Miss Jeanette. Unnerved by the experience, he becomes increasingly more alarmed every time he is unable to account for his whereabouts when he "blacks out" (more specifically, when Maryann has taken control of his actions).

Once he's freed of Maryann's influence, he has a complete breakdown upon finding blood all over his hands. Later, he asks Sookie to help him regain his memories. Finally being shown the deaths of those he killed under Maryann's control, he becomes lost in guilt and confusion.
Later that night, he approaches Andy Bellefleur with a large ritual knife, looking to confess for the crimes he committed. Deeply disturbed, he attacks Andy in his confusion and knocks the detective to the ground. Trying to protect his friend, Jason Stackhouse shoots Eggs and kills him. However, Andy takes Jason's gun and quickly dismisses him before people come out for the gunshot, taking the responsibility upon himself.

Cause/reason of death: killed by Jason Stackhouse



So i had to make a list of true blood characters. I made two lists, one for the humans other for the vampires. I've been watching true blood from the start and I love it. I'm not into that "vampiremania" like many teenagers nowadays and I just hate twilight and that shit.

Sookie is here, even though she's part fairy.

The witch is something that was just introduced at the end of True Blood, season three. There are two types of witches in True Blood. The first is the Wiccan. These witches aren't as powerful as a full witch, though they are more numerous. Wiccans can perform ritualistic magic which is most often nature oriented. The other type of witches found in True Blood are true witches. These creatures - who appear human - are MUCH tougher than their Wiccan counterparts. They have power over vampires and shifters, alike.

True Blood: Vampires
True Blood: Shapeshifters, Fairies, Witches

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