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Added by Joseph Grey on 24 Jun 2015 06:10
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Which Celebrity Would You Save? -the sequel-

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Average listal rating (1489 ratings) 8.1 IMDB Rating 0
You are a hot young actor that got invited to a celebrity house party. You feel as though you've finally arrived in the big time as you see famous names and beautiful faces. As you make smiles and shake hands, some idiot knocks over a candle and the house quickly becomes and inferno! Everyone scrambles out of the house in panic. Just as you reach the front door you hear the screams of two different women: Nina Dobrev and Hayden Panettiere! But just your luck, they are on opposite sides of the house! By the time you get safely outside with one of them, the other will surely perish under a pile of burning debris! So, who gets a breath of fresh air, and who tastes the flames of fate?

Nina Dobrev or Hayden Panettiere?

My answer: Nina Dobrev
Both are cute and lovable and attractive. But I feel as though Nina Dobrev is more attractive, and call me shallow, but there's only a few seconds to decide, and the choice is made.
Joseph Grey's rating:
Average listal rating (1466 ratings) 7.7 IMDB Rating 0
You awaken inside an odd steel room. You look up and see open sky. In the room with you are Kristen Bell and Sophia Bush. Everyone is confused as hell. Then suddenly, two of the walls start closing in! You've been dropped in some kind of hellish trash compactor! As the walls move closer, you panic to scramble up the side to safety. You jump up and grab the ledge, and pull yourself up. Both women are screaming for help! The walls closing! You only have seconds enough to pull one of the two women to safety! Who gets a hand, and who gets the big squeeze?

Kristen Bell or Sophia Bush?

My answer: Sophia Bush
Hey man, I didn't watch Veronica Mars when it came out. But ever since I watched the movie Stay Alive I asked myself, 'Who is this Sophia Bush and where can I see more of her?' Sorry Kristen.
Joseph Grey's rating:
Average listal rating (1034 ratings) 7.4 IMDB Rating 0
Zoe Saldana and Rosario Dawson are in Manila, hosting a fundraiser to raise money for new schools in the Caraga region of the Philipines. You are part of the security team. Everything is going well. The celebrities that attended are gracious and generous, as are the hosts. Two million dollars were raised, and the fundraiser looks to be a complete success. Just as people are about to leave, sudden rumbling and cracks in the walls mark an earthquake! Glass shatters, tables are upturned, the building is starting to collapse! Both actresses look at one another in terror. You are close enough to dive on one of them a split second before falling debris cause fatal injuries. A noble sacrifice on your part, but one you can make for only one of the two women! Which one will you protect?

Zoe Saldana or Rosario Dawson?

My answer: Zoe Saldana
This was the hardest choice of all to make! If saving them both was an option, but... alas, one had to go. Although Rosario Dawson is one of my favorites, Zoe Saldana is more captivating.
Joseph Grey's rating:
You are a photographer. Amber Heard and Teresa Palmer are doing a photo shoot in the desert. Suddenly, a freak sand storm sends everyone scrambling to their vehicles. After a couple of hours, everyone realizes that no one has seen Amber or Teresa! Were they left out in the storm? After a few hours, the storm dies down. There is no sign of them. The vehicles set out in every direction searching for them. You take a jeep and go East. Then, to your horror, the jeep dies out in the desert. You are stranded for twenty four hours. The next morning, you see two figures approach. It's them! They collapse just as they get to you. They are both dehydrated and suffering from heat exhaustion. And even worse luck, you only have one canteen of water left, having drank the rest yourself. They are both unconscious, and will go into shock soon. You only have enough water to keep yourself and one of them alive before help arrives. Who gets a drink, and who burns up on the dunes?

Amber Heard or Teresa Palmer?

My answer: Teresa Palmer
Both are beautiful, no question about that. But I like Teresa Palmer more, both in her acting, and the way she looks. Sorry, Amber. The well's gone dry.
Joseph Grey's rating:
It's the year 2001. Both Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jennifer Love Hewitt are hot ticket items in Hollywood. You've been picked to direct a new horror movie starring both actresses. The three of you are having a business dinner, discussing possible titles for your new movie. Halfway through your meal, you receive a complimentary glass of wine and a note from an anonymous diner. The note reads: "I regret to inform you that the three of you have been given a deadly dose of poison. You will be unconscious and dying in less than five minutes. The antidote is contained within this glass of-"
You drink half the glass down without even thinking. Looking at the rest of the note, it reads: "-wine. However, there is only enough antidote for two of you to survive. I hope you choose wisely."
That sick bastard! Now you have to choose which starlet survives, and which dies a horrible death by poison! If only you had known, you might have sacrificed yourself. But it's too late now! You have seconds to decide! Who drinks the antidote and who just finished her last meal?

Sarah Michelle Gellar or Jennifer Love Hewitt?

My answer: Jennifer Love Hewitt
Both deserve life, but I just couldn't watch Jennifer Love Hewitt expire like that. Sorry Sarah.
Joseph Grey's rating:
Jessica Chastain and Bryce Dallas Howard are set to play long lost sisters, reunited by fate in a frozen border town in an upcoming movie. Most of the film takes place in Northern Alaska. In order to prepare, Jessica and Bryce go up to Northern Canada and try to rough it in a cabin for a few days. You are driving them there, but the damn car dies on the way. The cell phones don't have a signal. It's freezing, and you only have supplies for a few days. A week goes by. No rescue. No more food. The three of you are starving. It's decided then that one must make the ultimate sacrifice. Become the next meal for the sake of the other two. Both women insist that they can't do the carving, which leaves the job up to you. They also left the task of deciding who gets to eat dinner and who gets to be dinner. You've never felt so horrible in your life. But you've gotta choose one life to save two.

Jessica Chastain or Bryce Dallas Howard?

My answer: Bryce Dallas Howard
I know they look similar, but I like Bryce Dallas Howard a lot more. Time to ring that dinner bell.
Joseph Grey's rating:
You've been kidnapped by a sick fucking bastard who fantasizes of creating his own Saw style deathtraps; but for real! He's hooked you up to a device around your torso that will eviscerate you unless you can reach a key and unlock it in time! The keys are hanging from the ceiling and are connected by chain to another room which houses his two other victims: Kate Beckinsale and Naomi Watts. The only way to save your own life is to reach for one of two keys. Once you grab it and pull it down, the chain attached to it trips a device that kills either Kate or Naomi! He has forced you to choose one or the other to die. He also promises you that if you do nothing and die, he'll simply pit them against one another! Now you must choose! Life for one, and violent death for the other!

Kate Beckinsale or Naomi Watts?

My answer: Kate Beckinsale
I gotta go with Kate on this one. Though no one deserves death by some awful horror movie metal device, but letting Kate Beckinsale die that way would be an affront to all that is good and decent in the world... and she's more beautiful. So, I guess there's that.
Joseph Grey's rating:
The year is 1989. You are touring the city in your badass Kawasaki motorcycle. It's late at night, perfect time for going fast and breaking the rules. When taking a turn, you hear an awful crash behind you. Coming back around, you see a wrecked car, smashed into a light pole. You quickly rush to investigate and see Sharon Stone and Kim Basinger, badly injured, barely conscious. The pay phone on the sidewalk is out of service and the car doesn't have a phone. You've gotta get to the hospital! You can only fit one passenger on the bike, the other will bleed to death of a ruptured spleen before an ambulance arrives. Who gets a ride to the emergency room, and who bleeds out in the car?

Sharon Stone or Kim Basinger?

My answer: Sharon Stone
What a horrible choice to have to make! I like them both! Both are beautiful! Both are talented! But I gotta choose Sharon over Kim.
Joseph Grey's rating:
Reese Witherspoon and Alyssa Milano are cast in a sequel to Fear, wherein Reese's character has a teenage daughter that falls under the same circumstances, in a reworking of the first movie's premise. Turns out, Reese and Alyssa have a truly crazy fan who manages to get hired to the lighting crew. You are also on the crew, as an assistant director. When shooting an indoor scene with both actresses, you notice someone in the scaffolding, messing with the heavy light fixtures above. Before you can say anything, the whole fixture begins to fall! You have just enough time to shout and pull one of the two actresses out of the way before the heavy lights crush them both! The question is, who gets pulled to safety, and who falls victim to the bright lights?

Reese Witherspoon or Alyssa Milano?

My answer: Alyssa Milano
If this was about careers, Reese Witherspoon would win hands down. But this is life and death, dammit! Try to imagine a world without Alyssa Milano! It's too terrifying to realize!
Joseph Grey's rating:

This is the second in my series of lists where, in horribly morbid fashion, you will have to choose between saving one celebrity or the other from their appointment with Hades. This sequel focuses on women.

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