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Added by Joseph Grey on 9 Jan 2013 03:40
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That's Gotta Hurt: The most painful movie deaths

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People who added this item 2421 Average listal rating (1670 ratings) 7.1 IMDB Rating 7.5
Total Recall (1990)
Paul Verhoven is the master of fucked up deaths. More than one of his masterpieces of violence make it on this list.


I feel sorry for Richter. He had a verbally abusive boss, he lost his girlfriend, and- well this happened.

Richter's last thoughts may have been "I should have exercised more... Shoulda done more pull ups..." Observe his screams in this video.


Benny was a mutant. He seemed to be on the side of the mutant resistance, helping Quaid and Melina... Unfortunately, it was all an act and he was really working for Cohaagen. Benny tried as he might to kill Quaid, but it just wasn't his day.
I could describe his death to you, but it's really easier if you just watch the video.
Needless to say, Benny died screaming.


Cohaagen specialized in being the evil overlord of Mars. I'm sure that wasn't his official title, but that's really what he was. He bribed, manipulated and murdered his way to the top. He though he was well on his way to controlling an entire planet...

Unfortunately, he found himself outside without a space suit.

Man, that looks painful. I couldn't find a video, but believe me, you don't wanna see it on video.
Joseph Grey's rating:
People who added this item 2750 Average listal rating (1866 ratings) 6.9 IMDB Rating 7.6
Another great work by Paul Verhoven. He really knows how to make people cringe with the use of well placed violence.

Alex Murphy:

Murphy was a gung-ho cop that liked to rush into danger, all in the name of the law.

Of course he probably wished he had waited for backup when getting ambushed by Clarence and his thugs, and losing his hand to a shotgun blast.

Of course he didn't just lose his hand. He pretty much lost every other part of his body as well. Believe me, there wasn't much left.

If you don't believe me, see attached video. It isn't a pretty sight.

Emil Antonowsky

Emil was one of Clarence Boddicker's trusted thugs. He liked to cause destruction, terrorize and murder.

He probably never expected to be washed in a bath of super strong acid... I mean who ever sees that coming?

He tried to get help from his buddy Nash, who obviously considers all friendships void in cases of toxic acid meltface.

I don't think I can even begin to describe to you what happens next. This video should illustrate it rather well.
Joseph Grey's rating:
Ah, we reach the great Indiana Jones trilogy, and begin with Raiders of the Lost Ark... A lot of great deaths here, but we only have time for a few.

Satipo was one of Dr. Jones' assistants. He lacked bravery, loyalty, coordination... he wasn't a very good assistant.

Of course, once he got his hands on the precious idol, he ran off with it.

Unfortunately for him, he didn't get very far. This looks seriously painful. I mean, just look at his face. Hell, even Indiana Jones feels sorry for him.

Boxing Mechanic

Here's a man that revels in the sweet science of pugilism.

After beating Indiana Jones pretty soundly in a fist fight, he doesn't bother to look behind him, to see the approaching propeller blades. I can't get a pic of this, so you'll have to watch this collection of Indiana Jones movie deaths for a complete breakdown.

Arnold Toht

Toht is a sadistic SS Major that is searching for the secrets of the Ark. He's hoping to bring a great prize to Hitler and Nazi Germany.

Once Dr. Belloq, Colonel Dietrich and Toht open the Ark, they get a lot more than they bargained for.

It seems pretty nice at first, until-

We're talking grade-A face melting! He was screaming the whole time. That means Toht was still alive as he was reduced from a solid to a liquid state in under thirty seconds. As far as painful deaths go, this is way near the top.
Joseph Grey's rating:
The Temple of Doom had so many fearsome death scenes. Let's get started.

This Guy

He was one of Lao Che's chief henchman. He made the mistake of killing Dr. Jones' friend Wu, and laughing about it. Big fucking mistake.

And he probably thought so too, as he felt the pokey end of a giant flaming shish kabob fly into his guts...

Chief Guard

He was a cruel, slave driving child abuser. You could say he deserved death and worse... He definitely died in a way more horrible than most movie villains. Going back to the Indiana Jones movie death resource, you can see how this guy dies on video... it involves a giant wheel.

This Poor Guy

Alright, let's do the run down of this gruesome death.

First, Mola Ram does a crazy chant, reaches into this guy's chest, and pulls his heart out.

Second, thanks to dark magic, the dude is somehow still alive.

And after that, he's lowered into a lava pit, where he is burned alive. As he burns, so does his heart. Definitely the worst death in the movie.
Joseph Grey's rating:
Walter Donovan
A Nazi sympathizer and rich bastard. He manipulates Indiana Jones to get him to the location of the Holy Grail. He'll do anything for the power of eternal life.

So, when he thinks he has his hands on the Cup of Christ, he drinks deep. Take a look at Elsa, she doesn't look confident of his chances.

Oh shit! He's aging a decade every second! That kind of cellular destruction probably hurts more than cyanide poisoning.

He literally rots to death while still alive. It doesn't get much worse than that.

Cue the one liner:
Joseph Grey's rating:
Not a memorable movie by any means, but there was one part of this movie that I'll never forget.


Dovchenko is Irina Spalko's head henchman. He fights Indiana Jones a couple of times. The most memorable scene is after he is beaten and lands on top of a pile of ants... a really big pile of giant man eating ants.

This was already a big fear of mine, so watching this in a movie just made it even worse for me.

And the fact that they were going into a dude's mouth as he screamed... I've got the shivers just thinking about it.
Joseph Grey's rating:
People who added this item 4782 Average listal rating (3372 ratings) 8.1 IMDB Rating 8.4
Alien (1979)

Kane was an officer aboard the Jupiter mining vessel Nostromo. He had a keen sense of curiosity that he really should have shelved while exploring a derelict alien space craft.

After finding a whole bunch of eggs, he got to close to one as it opened. You can see the results of his folly here...

But it gets worse. So much worse. After the facehugger fell off and died, Kane seemed okay. Until mealtime, that is...

He started convulsing, and freaking out and WHAT THE FUCK!

An alien came ripping out of his torso! That looked more painful than any Discovery Channel show on child birth that I've ever seen.

And of course the process killed him.
Joseph Grey's rating:
People who added this item 2591 Average listal rating (1877 ratings) 7.3 IMDB Rating 7.8
Predator (1987)
Dillon was an old friend of Dutch and accompanied Dutch's crack squad in the rescue mission.

Dillon was working with Mac to ambush the Predator. Unfortunately, with Mac dead, Dillon didn't stand a chance.

The Predator's arm cannon shot Dillon's arm off, making him a lefty.

But after that, the Predator ran over and gutted Dillon with its wrist claws. This wasn't a quick death, by any means.

Everyone that was killed by the Predator died painfully. But this one seemed a little excessive. I couldn't find a video of the entire scene, but here's what I meant about the arm thing.
Joseph Grey's rating:
People who added this item 955 Average listal rating (657 ratings) 5.4 IMDB Rating 6
Grandma Ruth (pictured standing with her grandchildren)

Grandma Ruth was a kind old woman that loved her family. However, when faced with the threat of volcanic eruption, she elected to stay in her cabin, instead of evacuating... Such a bad idea.

Moving on, Ruth, Harry Dalton (Brosnan), Rachel (Hamilton) and the kids are trying to escape imminent danger on a metal raft.

When the lake turns acidic (or highly basic, either extreme is bad) the boat starts to spring holes. Also, the prop on the boat melts. All seems lost, until Ruth decides to be brave.

So she jumps in the damn water, and walks the boat to shore. Ouch...

After that, Ruth just isn't her cheerful, positive self again. In fact, she dies not long after...

There isn't a screenshot of what happened to her legs, but if you saw the movie, you know it's not a pretty sight.
Joseph Grey's rating:
People who added this item 2023 Average listal rating (1339 ratings) 6.9 IMDB Rating 7.2
GoldenEye (1995)
Alec Trevelyan

Former 00-agent and British spy, Alec Trevelyan sold out to the Russians, and became a criminal. One of his main motivations throughout the movie was to kill James Bond, a man he used to call a friend.

At the climax of the movie, Alec and James are exchanging gunfire, and beating the shit out of each other. Eventually, they take their fight to a ladder that hangs over a very large radar dish.

The fight is eventually settled when Bond unceremoniously drops Trevelyan. Look at Alec's face. He looks surprised it's gonna end like this...

But wait! He's not dead.

Too bad for him. Because soon afterward, the entire radar antenna array collapses right on top of him. He sees it coming the whole way.

One of the coolest Bond movies, and a great fight scene between the two characters. Watch the video here:
Joseph Grey's rating:
People who added this item 6360 Average listal rating (4343 ratings) 8.7 IMDB Rating 9.2
The Godfather (1972)
(Suggested by Severin Severin)

Sonny was Vito 'Don' Corleone's oldest son. He was violent, impulsive, and impatient. When that son of a bitch Carlo beat up Sonny's sister again, Sonny jumped in his car to straighten Carlo out. Unfortunately, it was all a trap. And Sonny got pumped full of lead at a toll booth.

After getting shot up, Sonny actually gets out of his car, only to be shot even more.

In the end, he probably has around fifty bullet wounds. Overkill, to say the least. As a result, his funeral was closed casket.

Luca Brasi

Luca Brasi was tasked with gathering information on Sollozzo and his operations by pretending to be fed up with Vito Corleone's organization. However, Corleone's opponents were onto this move, and countered with a move of their own.

What you're not seeing here is Luca gets stabbed in the hand with a knife before getting choked/garroted to death. Judging by the look on his face, this is an extremely bad way to go.
Joseph Grey's rating:
Lt. Zander

Lt. Zander was a little manipulative, but otherwise an okay guy. He did his best to protect Carmen when the two of them were trapped underground, surrounded by an army of killer bugs.

Unfortunately, there was no escape from the bug boss, a brain bug with a hidden spike in it's face that to no one's surprise, eats brains. But Zander didn't go down like a bitch. He says some brave words before getting the spike shoved into his brain.

This is the face of a guy who only has 10% of his brain still inside his head... it looks painful, but I'm not sure he has enough of a mind left to process how much this sucks.

Here is his awful death on video. It's pretty visceral, so make sure you're not eating lunch.
Joseph Grey's rating:

I have to warn you about two things when looking through this list:

1. This list is basically made of spoilers. It highlights fantastic death scenes in movies. So if you reach an item (movie) that you haven't watched yet, you might want to skip over that particular item, if you don't want to know who dies and how.

2. A lot of these deaths are incredibly violent. If you can't handle movie violence, then you can't handle this list. You've been warned.

You'll also notice the lack of horror movies on here. I would need to make a separate list for horror movies, since so many of them feature gruesome and over the top murders. I'll be adding more to the list, when I can find more.

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