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DVDecember 2016

Movie list created by the giraffe Avatar

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The breakdown: 35 movies watched, one of which was abandoned, and 1 short film, 31 via DVD, and 5 in the theatre. Of those 12 were first views, 23 were re-watches, and they came from the following decades: 1930s, 50s, 60s, 80s, 90s, 00s & 2010s.

I met most of my goals for this month and watched more movies than there were days to watch them. Having significant time off between vacation time and holidays certainly helped, and keeping my choices upbeat helped me stay enthusiastic about getting them watched. Even my trips to the theatre were worthwhile. I did touch films from more decades than last month, and had I not insisted on watching films I haven't seen in a while that were fun I might have hit the few decades I missed. That aside the only goal I really missed the mark on was getting through all the films in my Don Knotts set, though it seems I may have seen the best of the bunch so that may not be such a bad thing. I can always pick them up next year if I really want to.

Overall it was a month well-spent for movies, and it delivered what I was hoping for. We leave 2016 behind us now, and good riddance to it.

Best new-to-me film for December: Mood Indigo - Director's cut
Best hidden gem: Nothing new & lesser-known was really discovered by me this month, but anything with less than 100 people having seen it that's rated 8+ stars below would count.
Worst film: Technically that's probably The Last Emperor, but if we go with the worst film I actually finished then it's Trail of the Pink Panther

Stats for 2016:
Total movies watched:
Total movies abandoned: 2 (not counted above)
Total short films watched: 3 (not counted in the total watched above)
Total movies watched in the theatre: 75 (2 of which were short films)
Most movies watched in a month: 38 (July)
Least movies watched in a month: 13 (September)
Best new-to-me movie of 2016: Swiss Army Man
Worst film I watched in 2016: Tough call, as there were 5 films I rated 4/10 this year & nothing I rated lower than that. Forced to choose I might say Spy Hard which was only good for the opening credit sequence. Final Girl & The Canal were both predictable but fortunately they're also forgettable. The other films were The Assassin and A Pigeon Sat on a Branch... both of which I found insanely boring to the point of being a chore to complete, but they had some great visuals & technical aspects which have earned them fans who would argue they're more worthwhile than I thought.
People who added this item 86 Average listal rating (52 ratings) 6.5 IMDB Rating 6.3
Re-watch - Dec. 1st

Let's face it, 2016 has pretty much sucked. Starting with the death of David Bowie it's been a downward spiral all the way through the election of Donald fucking Trump, and his presidency could well bring about 4 straight years of hell that make 2016 seem great by comparison. So I've resolved to spend the last month of the year mostly watching movies that bring me joy, that way I can feel like things aren't so bad for a little while longer. The worldwide fun machine may have taken a shit & died, but that doesn't mean we can't find ways to have fun if we want to.

So yes, I started the month off with The Lonely Guy which is still hilarious from start to finish and had me laughing hard throughout its run-time. It hasn't been too long since I last watched it, but this time it was my own copy which I scored on the cheap instead of via Netflix again. My decision to purchase has been reinforced, and I'll be watching it again from time to time over the years ahead.
the giraffe's rating:
Re-watch - Dec. 3rd

On this day the kiddo & I decorated the house for Xmas, and when we were finished I let her pick a movie off the shelves. She passed up all of our Xmas options in favor of this, and I saw no reason to argue with her. The last time we watched it together she fell asleep & I wound up finishing it alone, but this time she really enjoyed it. She thought Judge Doom was creepy, but she also wound up repeating one of his lines after it ended so his impression on her must not have been entirely negative. Having spent the past few years revisiting Disney films also helped me pick out more characters this time around than I have the past few times I watched it which added to my amusement. Mostly though I'm just glad the kiddo and I will be able to share our love for the film in the years ahead.
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People who added this item 152 Average listal rating (96 ratings) 6.3 IMDB Rating 6.5
Re-watch - Dec. 3rd

I think I've put this on enough lists to not have to voice my undying love for it again. I thought though that the period setting tied in decently with Who Framed Roger Rabbit, so watching both in the same day worked for me.
the giraffe's rating:
People who added this item 5548 Average listal rating (3653 ratings) 7.6 IMDB Rating 8
Re-watch - Dec. 5th

It's been several years now since I last watched Big Fish, which was a good thing because it had all the power over me that it's always had. It's still easily Burton's last masterpiece, as after this he fell into repetition & self-parody. Which is a shame because he used to work wonders on the big screen, and had he been able to maintain the balance found here over the years we might have seen some amazing things. Fortunately those of us who have lost our enthusiasm for his newer works can still revisit his earlier films and find that the same joys are still there.
the giraffe's rating:
People who added this item 81 Average listal rating (46 ratings) 7.5 IMDB Rating 7.2
Re-watch - Dec. 6th

This movie always makes me happy with its mix of humor & fantasy & wisdom. The make-up effects are still mostly stellar & it's a great story to boot. Oh yeah, and Tony Randall rocks the hell out of the film by playing multiple roles expertly.

Just a thought: I should really track down the book so I can read it.
the giraffe's rating:
People who added this item 1354 Average listal rating (975 ratings) 6.8 IMDB Rating 7.3
Ant-Man (2015)
First viewing - Dec. 10th

There's a library within walking distance of my house, so I figured I'd check out a movie that falls in line with my theme of fun movies. I was actually hoping to pick up Krampus but it wasn't available. When I spotted Ant-Man, however, I figured I'd finally give it a shot. And after catching up with another Marvel superhero movie I figured pairing them would be a good way to pass my Saturday afternoon.

In fact it wound up being a complementary pairing & not just because both are consistently entertaining. There's also the fact that I've never had any real connection to either character, and honestly were it not for being amused by Ant-Man in Civil War I would probably have continued ignoring this one. Back when Edgar Wright was directing this was high on my list of films to watch, but when they lost him I decided I'd hold off on it. Evidently they kept his story idea & some things from his script, but the film lacks his style & had he remained on board it might have been one of Marvel's best films. That is, of course, if they would have left him to do his own thing with it, and it's my understanding that the lack of complete creative control was the main thing that turned Wright off. As a result we have yet another origin movie that's merely good. I liked the father-daughter dynamic for obvious reasons, though I felt like a little more could have been done with it to sell the emotional side of things. And at least the film keeps things fun along the way up through its battle among the toys finale. Much like Doctor Strange I wouldn't go out of my way to watch it again, but I also wouldn't mind doing so either.
the giraffe's rating:
People who added this item 2598 Average listal rating (1731 ratings) 7.4 IMDB Rating 7.8
The Goonies (1985)
Re-watch - Dec. 10th

I decided to end my Saturday night by revisiting The Goonies, which was long overdue. It's been in my thoughts lately between Drafthouse showing it several times in the past couple years (sadly I've missed all those screenings for various reasons) and the theatre here doing midnight screenings (on a kiddo weekend). And while I didn't plan it that way, it's connected to Scrooged by Richard Donner, Anne Ramsey, and some of the creative forces behind it.

I still love the hell out of this film. The cast is great, the story is great, and it's just pure cinemagic. It's amusing to think that ever since this film I've been watching Josh Brolin over the years, and to a lesser degree (since I'm not as big a fan) that extends to Sean Astin too. The friendship between the boys is believable and the adventure is just a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to seeing what the kiddo thinks of it a couple of years from now.
the giraffe's rating:
People who added this item 21 Average listal rating (14 ratings) 7.3 IMDB Rating 6.4
First viewing - Dec. 11th

So I've had this Don Knotts collection of 4 films sitting on my shelves for a while now but hadn't even opened it. Growing up I enjoyed everything I saw him in, so when I saw this set several years back for super cheap I figured there'd be something worthwhile in it or if not at least I wouldn't be out much money for taking a chance on it. This month I'm finally working my way through the films, and I decided to start with this one.

Overall this was amusing but mostly in a mild way & thus nothing that excited me too much. Don Knotts is fun to watch and leading actress Barbara Rhoades is impressive in the stronger female role (not to mention insanely gorgeous). There are some funny moments, but nothing that had me laughing too heavily which was kinda disappointing. The story isn't overly predictable, so that was good. But yeah, I was underwhelmed by this one. Not enough to deter me from continuing on with the other films though.
the giraffe's rating:
People who added this item 223 Average listal rating (121 ratings) 6.6 IMDB Rating 6.5
Mood Indigo (2013)
First viewing - Director's Cut - Dec. 12th

Yes, I'd seen the theatrical release, but the home release includes an extended director's cut which in my opinion was an improvement. The theatrical cut left me feeling like something was missing to make it a great film, and it turns out I was right about that. The director's cut has a different ending and some added parts that enhance and improve the overall story while delivering a better impact in the end. Either way the visuals & creativity of the entire film make this one well worth watching, and I found myself geeking out over some of the same elements I loved the first time around. It was a great way to end my weekend, and I'm glad I have it so I can revisit again over the years ahead.

Director's cut rating: 9/10
the giraffe's rating:
Re-watch - Dec. 15th

What can be said about this film that hasn't already been said? The only thing I can really comment on is how amusing it is to me whenever I watch this & see the cameos peppered throughout the film, especially given the fact that some of them went on to be more well-known than the main actors.
the giraffe's rating:
People who added this item 4164 Average listal rating (2849 ratings) 6.6 IMDB Rating 7.3
Re-watch - Dec. 17th

The kiddo & I had a lazy Saturday at home instead of braving the cold, and among the various activities we entertained each other with we'd agreed to watch a movie at some point. She picked this one off the shelf, which I thought we'd watched not too long ago but turns out it was farther back in time than I thought. It's still a fun movie & she enjoyed it again though I'm pretty sure she'd forgotten some/most of it.
the giraffe's rating:
People who added this item 3143 Average listal rating (2083 ratings) 6.8 IMDB Rating 7.3
Gremlins (1984)
Re-watch - Dec. 17th

After The Simpsons Movie I gave her options of things we could do before dinner, and she picked watching another movie. So I persuaded her to pick a Xmas movie after stacking our options together, and surprisingly she chose Gremlins. Even more surprising is that she made it through the entire film without my having to turn it off, though I did have to pause it a couple of times at her request when things got too intense for her. After it ended she said she liked it & kept talking about Gizmo off & on throughout the rest of the evening, so hopefully that's a good sign of things to come.

Naturally I still love Gremlins, and it made me happy that we were able to enjoy it together. Also I'd forgotten that Spielberg pops up in the background at one point...seemed appropriate on the weekend he turned 70.

See also: This write-up on the film, courtesy of BirthMoviesDeath.com.
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People who added this item 1348 Average listal rating (896 ratings) 5.7 IMDB Rating 6.4
Rat Race (2001)
Re-watch - Dec. 17th

After the kiddo went to bed I wanted to watch something & picked this since it's fairly short. Rat Race isn't a great movie by any means, but it's a lot of fun & obviously inspired by It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. I find the jokes work most of the time for me, even if some of the situations get beyond ridiculous to the point the film feels more like a cartoon at times. My only real gripe is that the ending involves a performance by Smashmouth, with their most overplayed, overrated song ever. It's a poor choice that inspires me to either turn it off before they start playing or else just mute it & watch what goes on. Couldn't they have found someone better?
the giraffe's rating:
People who added this item 5185 Average listal rating (3564 ratings) 7.1 IMDB Rating 7.5
Batman (1989)
Re-watch - Dec. 19th

I haven't watched Batman since some time before my daughter was born, so revisiting it was long overdue. I still think Keaton made a great Batman and Bruce Wayne, and I really dig Burton's vision for Gotham. The cast is well-chosen for the most part, though I'd argue that while Jack brings some magic to the Joker role I feel like he's too old to play the part here. As a long-time fan of Batman I also find the overall handling of the character to be well-suited to the film but otherwise off-base from the established mythology. I'll also never understand why Burton decided to allow major characters to get killed off, when Batman isn't a killer & always seeks to bring criminals to justice. These complaints aside, I still enjoy the film overall & it's always worth returning to.
the giraffe's rating:
People who added this item 814 Average listal rating (416 ratings) 7.2 IMDB Rating 7.1
Re-watch - Dec. 22nd

The last time I watched Thirst was in the theatre, and in fact my copy hadn't been opened yet (which I usually do shortly after bringing a movie into my home). It's still a great film that mixes genre elements with a love story to deliver a fresh & rewarding experience. I love the contrast between our central characters, and Park earns some solid laughs along the way from the situations that arise. As usual the visual elements are especially strong too, and while the story takes its time to reach its end it's never dull for a moment.

See also: Review by TeamDaiGurren
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People who added this item 44 Average listal rating (26 ratings) 7.7 IMDB Rating 7.3
First viewing - Dec. 23rd

Old-school movie day

I've got a 4 day weekend thanks to the holiday, and it's not my weekend to keep the kiddo so I figured I'd spend at least one day burning through movies. After breakfast I began with The Ghost & Mr. Chicken, which is the best-rated of the films in my Don Knotts set. And much like the last film of his I watched it was good but nothing great. Clearly these films want me to laugh at his characters, but I find them more sad than humorous, and feel like the people surrounding him mock him enough that I'm reluctant to be on their side. Here we have a haunted house whodunit which is interesting and fairly entertaining, albeit at times predictable & not as funny as it thinks it is. I was amused by it all, but I don't think I'd go out of my way to watch it again. Still, it did make for a nice way to ease into a day of watching movies at home.
the giraffe's rating:
Re-watch - Dec. 23rd

Old-school movie day

After the film above I ate lunch before diving into Dr. Strangelove. I still love the hell out of this movie, though I think it works far better on the big screen than it does at home. There's something more powerful about seeing it in a theatre with an audience that doesn't translate to watching it alone, and I felt that difference. That doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it of course, but I think I'd be better off just watching this in the theatre whenever it pops up there. Then again, maybe my enjoyment was dulled by the fact that the events seem more plausible heading into 2017 than they have in the past. Regardless, the humor of the film still hits the mark every time with me, and it was a big step up from the film that preceded it today.
the giraffe's rating:
People who added this item 1262 Average listal rating (803 ratings) 7.5 IMDB Rating 7.9
King Kong (1933)
Re-watch - Dec. 23rd

Old-school movie day

Next up was the original King Kong, which meant I wound up with a pair of films whose finales involve military planes (though I can't honestly say I planned that). I can't imagine there's much I can say about how great this film is, so I won't try to. It's still a powerful film with a wonderful cast & story, and there's nothing about it that I don't enjoy.

Just a thought: Now I kinda want to revisit Peter Jackson's version, which I haven't seen since its opening weekend.
the giraffe's rating:
People who added this item 668 Average listal rating (382 ratings) 8.1 IMDB Rating 8.1
Diabolique (1955)
Re-watch - Dec. 23rd

Old-school movie day

After dinner I dove into Les Diaboliques, which according to the screenshot above I'm still not allowed to tell you about. Much like the first rule of Fight Club, we're not supposed to talk about what happens in this film. I will say, however, that I'm still impressed by the way it's all put together. The cast is perfect and there's so much going on that it's as rewarding the second time around as it was the first. I'm glad I picked up a Criterion copy of it this year, and will certainly return to it over the years ahead.
the giraffe's rating:
People who added this item 1240 Average listal rating (805 ratings) 8 IMDB Rating 8.2
Re-watch - Dec. 23rd

Old-school movie day

I decided to end my Friday night with a return to this Hitchcock classic, which I still think is among his masterpieces. Granted he took a play that was already successful & a surefire hit, but he found a stellar cast to bring the whole thing to life while also putting his own masterful touches on every aspect of it & guaranteeing it would be elevated to greatness. It was the perfect end to my day-long movie binge.
the giraffe's rating:
People who added this item 193 Average listal rating (124 ratings) 6.5 IMDB Rating 6.9
The Ref (1994)
Re-watch - Dec. 25th

I had some alone time on Xmas morning, so I decided to watch The Ref which has been a holiday favorite of mine for many years now. I've probably put it in enough lists that I shouldn't need to comment on its genius or why I love it, but those reasons never change no matter how many times I watch it.

Also amusing...the last time I watched this in December was also the last time I watched Scrooged & Gremlins in the same month.
the giraffe's rating:
People who added this item 521 Average listal rating (376 ratings) 5.9 IMDB Rating 6.5
First viewing - Dec. 25th

The kiddo got this on DVD for Xmas, so I watched it with her, the ex, etc. at their house after we had lunch together. There are some really funny moments throughout the film, though I felt like they put too many of the better ones in the trailers. Between that & the somewhat predictable plot this never crossed the line into greatness, but it was worth watching once. I could probably even sit through it again at some point, but I wouldn't need to.
the giraffe's rating:
People who added this item 249 Average listal rating (184 ratings) 5.8 IMDB Rating 6.2
Re-watch - Dec. 25th

When I got done watching Krampus in 2015 I vowed to make it an annual tradition to revisit it. When my efforts to check a copy out from the library didn't work out, I tried the used media store up the street from me & bought it for $12. After the kiddo was in bed for the night, I sat down to properly kick off my new tradition. I enjoyed it just as much the 2nd time around, and it was a great way to end Xmas Day. You can count on my ending it the same way for years to come.

Just a thought: I like how this has a fancy dinner that the family can't stand in common with The Ref.
the giraffe's rating:
People who added this item 798 Average listal rating (525 ratings) 7 IMDB Rating 7.2
Re-watch - Dec. 26th

The kiddo wasn't feeling well on this morning (too much sweets the day before methinks), so I told her to pick out a movie for us to watch. She chose this one after initially voicing her surprise that the game was also a movie and confirming with me that it wouldn't be too scary for her. The sexual humor went over her head, but overall she enjoyed it & was still talking about it as the day rolled along. I was also amused that she knew that the boxes would have all the weapons in them.

I still love this movie & it makes me laugh from one end to the other. The cast is wonderful, and every so often I notice things I hadn't the last time around. I can't really think of anything that could have been done better, but it also falls just shy of earning a full 10 from me.
the giraffe's rating:
First viewing - Dec. 27th

I could have sworn I saw this already, but as it rolled along I realized I hadn't. I do recall that when it came out my dad never took me to see it, and I can only conclude that I saw so many ads for it over the years that it became familiar enough that I figured I'd seen the entire thing. And yet I gave it an accurate rating. It's a big step down from the first film, and never reaches the excellence of the sequel that followed it. Most of it is predictable, and the plot is unlikely as even McClane comments on. Fortunately Willis's charm keeps it all worth watching, as well as some well-staged set pieces. Now that I've finally seen it I can get rid of my copy (which I'm pretty sure I got in a package with the other aforementioned films from the series), as I have no reason to watch it another time. Once is enough.
the giraffe's rating:
People who added this item 201 Average listal rating (129 ratings) 5.9 IMDB Rating 5
First viewing - Dec. 28th

I thought I'd seen this one before as well, but if I did I caught parts of it on TV at some point or something. I definitely didn't recognize it beyond the clips lifted from other films in the series. If you didn't know anything about this entry, you'd be forgiven for thinking they'd started filming it and incorporated Sellers's death in real life into the plot (such as it is). Actually he died before any work went into this film, and Blake Edwards decided to patch together a film out of unused footage mixed with recognizable clips from other films & some new bits put together specifically for this one. As such it's a mixed bag and honestly overall it's pretty terrible. The first third of the film that uses the unseen footage has some hilarious moments & thus saves the film from a lower rating. But it quickly becomes obvious after that point that there was never really any plot & it's just a poorly conceived & executed way to send off the character while paying homage to Sellers's work in the series. The last half is especially tedious & I had to fight off sleep just to get through it. This one will also be leaving my collection, and I'll replace it with The Return of the Pink Panther instead.
the giraffe's rating:
People who added this item 1164 Average listal rating (721 ratings) 7.1 IMDB Rating 7.2
Re-watch - Dec. 29th

I still love the dark comic weirdness of this film, plus the fact that the teens in it are far more realistic than the ones in any John Hughes movie. I think you'd be hard-pressed to get this film made today, so I'm glad it escaped into the world when it did.

See also: My Best movies of 1989 list
the giraffe's rating:
People who added this item 4717 Average listal rating (3261 ratings) 7.3 IMDB Rating 7.5
Beetlejuice (1988)
Re-watch - Dec. 30th

It hasn't been too long since I last watched this movie, but I didn't pick it. Actually, the kiddo chose it & I have to add here that she did so after dismissing Back to the Future because she thought that film would be "too scary". Granted she only had a couple of moments where she got scared here, but overall she highly enjoyed the film & even commented that she likes how Burton's films are a little scary but really funny.
the giraffe's rating:
People who added this item 2421 Average listal rating (1670 ratings) 7.1 IMDB Rating 7.5
Total Recall (1990)
Re-watch - Dec. 30th

Still brilliant & fun. The main reason I wound up watching this this month is because of the AV Club article on how great it is, which is well worth reading.
the giraffe's rating:
People who added this item 5372 Average listal rating (3694 ratings) 8.1 IMDB Rating 8.3
Amélie (2001)
Re-watch - Dec. 31st

I chose to end the year with Amélie for a number of reasons, chief among them the fact that I wanted its optimism to carry me over into the new year. It's a wonderful cinematic celebration of life, full of dazzling and impressive images & a cast I can't help falling in love with. Our heroine goes out of her way to bring joy to others & finds time to skip stones to calm herself, not to mention waging a war against injustice as she sees it with the grocer. After a year of sadness & disappointments & losses I think it's important to remember that we're in charge of our own happiness & how we approach the world, and when someone else upsets us we have our own little ways we can fight back. I needed to be reminded of these things, and will be keeping them in mind as we move into 2017.
the giraffe's rating:
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Big screen attractions

Films I caught in a theatre
People who added this item 37 Average listal rating (31 ratings) 6.6 IMDB Rating 7.7
First viewing - Dec. 4th

This was the short that preceded Moana. It's super fun, and probably would have been a better companion to Inside Out.
the giraffe's rating:
People who added this item 775 Average listal rating (569 ratings) 7.1 IMDB Rating 7.6
Moana (2016)
First viewing - Dec. 4th

The kiddo & I woke up Sunday morning & headed off to catch a screening of Moana after breakfast, as it's one of the few animated films I've been genuinely excited to see this year & we haven't been to a theatre together since I moved here. As it turns out it was very much worth seeing, and we'd both gladly watch it again. It's funny, heartfelt, and while the story isn't especially original the characters and storytelling help keep it fresh. The visuals are quite impressive as well, especially on the big screen where you get the full effect. The songs mostly helped move the story along too, though I personally could've done without one or two of them ("Shiny" being easily my least favorite). If you're on the fence about seeing it while it's in theatres, I'd say go for it.

On a side note, the theatre we caught this in was located in Monroeville Mall where the original Dawn of the Dead was shot. We didn't have time to check the entire place out inside, but at least I can say I've been there now. And the theatre was nice enough we'll go again, so there will be more opportunities to explore it further.

Just a thought: The Fury Road homage was a nice, unexpected touch.
the giraffe's rating:
People who added this item 993 Average listal rating (674 ratings) 6.5 IMDB Rating 7
Scrooged (1988)
Re-watch - Dec. 9th

So it's Friday night and I've got nothing going on, and I'm browsing what's playing around town over the weekend & notice midnight screenings of Scrooged. I text my co-worker friend to see if he plans to go & suddenly we're headed to the theatre that very night. Now when Scrooged originally came out I completely skipped it for some reason...unsure whether it was due to my age that my dad decided against taking me (I was still a couple years removed from teenhood, though around this time I'd seen Aliens so that's probably not it), or he wasn't interested in it at all, or maybe I didn't care about seeing it at the time or something, but I didn't see it until some time in the '90s when I caught it on TV at home. Since then I've seen it a few times (far less than most Xmas films I enjoy for whatever reason), but I was excited for an opportunity to finally see it with an audience in a darkened theatre.

And I've got to say, it was totally worth the trip. I noticed several things this time around that I'd missed before, and seeing everything full size was quite a treat. It's still hilarious & heartfelt, and Murray kills it the entire time while also delivering one of his best performances. Ah, and because the theatre owner & my co-worker friend are buddies we got in for free, which was a nice bonus. That said, I would gladly have paid the $5 for it.
the giraffe's rating:
People who added this item 1144 Average listal rating (813 ratings) 6.8 IMDB Rating 7.5
First viewing - Dec. 10th

I was never into Dr. Strange back when I kept up with comic books, but I've long known who he is at least. The film is of course a fairly typical origin story so there's nothing too new there. Cumberbatch does a solid job of bringing the titular character to life & has an equally solid cast to back him up. Some parts are more predictable than others, but thanks to the exceptional visual effects it's consistently worth watching. Sure it takes some influence from Inception, but they do enough with the world manipulations that it feels like its own thing & impresses. It's not one of the best Marvel films, but it's definitely worth seeing especially on the big screen. I don't know that I'd go out of my way to watch it again, but if someone wanted to watch it with me I wouldn't talk them out of it either.

Just a thought: Had this film been made 20 years ago, Christopher Walken would have played Mads Mikkelson's role.
the giraffe's rating:
First viewing - Dec. 18th

The kiddo & I woke up Sunday morning & took off to catch Rogue One at the same theatre where we saw Moana, though I think this time around I was more excited than her about the film. It might have been a little dark for her tastes, but she definitely had some fun with it. As we left she commented that too many people died, and said she thought either Episode 8 should have come out before this one or they should allow more time between the films in the series. I agree wholeheartedly that we should all be given more time between each film, and it's safe to say that eventually I'll wind up skipping some of them unless someone can convince me they're essential (a moving about young Han Solo? Pass!).

Overall I thought this one was really well done & it now owns the title of best since Return of the Jedi. It's still far from perfect & has flaws I'm reluctant to mention here, but the fact that I left the theatre without nagging feelings of disappointment is a good thing. That hasn't happened in far too long. I'd watch this again just for K-2SO and Chirrut Imwe, both of whom won me over greatly. Best of all this film can't be expanded upon because of when it takes place, which is kinda genius. I'm not saying we need more prequels/stopgaps between the films that already exist, but this one proved it had a purpose & told a story that for the most part fired on its cylinders & left a satisfying feeling in the end.

Just a thought: It's about damn time a Donnie Yen movie topped the worldwide box office on its opening weekend.
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I tried, but I gave up

People who added this item 1089 Average listal rating (609 ratings) 7.4 IMDB Rating 7.7
First attempt - Dec. 11th


And I was watching it right after lunch, so I wasn't tired or anything. But it was putting me to sleep. So I decided I'd play on my phone for a little bit until something interesting happened, but eventually I realized I wasn't paying attention to what was going on anymore. And I thought to myself, hey, I wanted to watch a movie, not play on my phone. So I turned it off & watched a Don Knotts movie instead. I'm sure this movie is fine if you like boring historical dramas where almost nothing happens, but it's just not my taste.

I also feel I should note that I was trying to watch the director's cut which is an hour longer than the theatrical release, and the copy loaned to me didn't have the theatrical option on it. So maybe the theatrical cut is better? I have no idea but it's unlikely I'll go out of my way to take a stab at it to find out.

Time for my annual month-long focus on the films on my shelves instead of what's on Netflix. Since last month was overrun with newer movies I'm making a point to include some older films in the mix (looks like I'll be spending a fair bit of my time with '60s films) & minimize the number of films that are more recent. And of course there will be at least a couple trips to the theatre to see some movies there too. Hope everyone ends the year on a good note!

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