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Added by TheKnight12 on 27 Dec 2012 10:19
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TV's Most Annoying Hottest Female Characters

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Rachel Green (Friends)
Rachel Green is the most annoying female ever. Maybe because Jennifer Aniston doesn't know how to act. She was so annoying when it comes to Ross she blamed him for everything. When Ross started dating other women she became jealous and sometimes caused his relationships to breakups. Her jokes weren't even laughable. I wouldn't blame her script it just she couldn't pull of a joke like Monica or Phoebe can. One of the beautifulest actresses but her character Rachel Green was overrated and never deserved a Golden Globe.

Marissa Cooper (The O.C)
Beautiful but is so annoying in The O.C. Marissa has a knack of becoming interested in new guys she meets while in a relationship or not in one. Lets start off with the first one. When Ryan Atwood comes to Newport and she started liking him while she was dating Luke Ward since they were children. For some reason she got jealous when she caught Ryan with a woman called Gabrielle which they were going to have sex and ran off and had sex with Luke for the first time. She argues with Ryan like they were a couple which they weren't. She met Oliver Trask in therapy and for some reason they became friends like she knew him her whole life, most of the times she neglected Ryan for him. Ryan warned her that he's obsessed with her but she doesn't believe him and breaks up with him. She eventually found out the truth and was saved by Ryan. After she tried to fix her relationship with Ryan but he ignored her as she was desperate to beg for his forgiveness. She then felt threatened by Ryan's ex-girlfriend Theresa Diaz that he would end up with her. She was noisy, trying to fix Ryan and his brother Trey's relationship even going behind Ryan's back when he told her to leave it alone. Another reason shes annoying was the new guy she met Johnny Harper. She was spending more time with him then Ryan who at the time they were dating. She even would had gone on a Surfing tour with Johnny who she properly knew for around a month and would had left her family and friends behind. She was always crying, drinking, arguing with her friends and having sex with random boys. That's why shes annoying.
Average listal rating (253 ratings) 8.3 IMDB Rating 0

Alex Dupre (One Tree Hill)
Why did One Tree Hill have alot of annoying but hot women on the show. Alex Dupre was the worst of them all. The reputation for herself and, while being recognised as a talented actress which she's not. She got caught up in the social aspect of her new found fame indulging in both drinking and drugs. She began having feelings for Julian Baker who at that time was dating Brooke Davis. After her involvement in Brooke and Julian's relationship caused them to break up and Julian took his anger out on Alex, she tried to commit suicide by cutting her wrists and drowning herself in a bathtub. Maybe it would been better if she died. She then began a relationship with Chase Adams which I think is the most annoying couple ever on the show. She was hot but was a drama queen character.
Lauren Reed- Alias

Annoying and hated but also beautiful, sexy and deceitful, Lauren Reed is such annoying character. She was a double agent working for The Covenant. She was threaten by Sydney Bristow when she returned from her missing in action for 3 years. But she did things to really makes Sydney jealous of her because of her relationship with Michael Vaughn.

Zoey (Two and a Half Men)
Without Charlie Sheen, Two and a Half Men has become dead with casting Aston Kutcher as the main male lead role. To make the show worst they cast Sophie Winkleman as Zoey Wolden's, love interest. The women made the better when Charlie was there. Out of all the hottest women on the show, Zoey is the worst one. She's very uptight, cocky and taunts Alan everytime. Her acting sucks big time and just because she is somehow related to The Royal Family, she thinks that she makes the show good. I don't watch it any more because Aston and Sophie destroys the show and of course Chuck Lorre.
Average listal rating (1711 ratings) 8.2 IMDB Rating 0

Elena Gilbert (The Vampire Diaries)
Elena Gilbert very beautiful character. Unlike her other character Katherine Piece who is hated in the show but fans would love her more, Elena was okay in season 1 but she can be too annoying at times. Elena finds out from a stranger that Stefan resembles somebody named Stefan Salvatore he knew in 1953. This leads Elena to question who Stefan really is. When she finds out that supernaturals live in Mystic Falls, she eventually becomes a part of them. When the Salvatores have to save her but she doesn't let them finish their mission which she is willing for to sacrifice herself to save her friends which is stupid because they the ones saving her. Everyone always dies because of her. It's like every season, she gets worser, especially in the new season. Her character is just too annoying. Every season, she just gets more annoying and hated, Nina Dobrev can't act.
Average listal rating (262 ratings) 7.6 IMDB Rating 0

Lila Tournay (Dexter)
She acted like a whore but she was really sexy and had a smoking hot body. She met Dexter Morgan in therapy and becomes his sponsor. Lila started off an okay character. Rita kicked Dexter out of her house when she heard a phone message left by Lila telling them about their secret trip. Dexter goes to confronts her and ended up having an amazing sex scene. After the sex Dexter told Rita about his affair and they broke up. Lila and Dexter began a sexual relationship but she got jealous of Dexter's relationship with Rita's kids and becomes aggressive even burning her own house down. Dexter breaks up with her and she then dated Angel Batista. She tried to frame Angel Batista by accusing him of rape. That why shes annoying but she's smoking hot.

Rachel Gatina (One Tree Hill)
Another hottie but she's so annoying but so hot. When she arrived in One Tree Hilll' she wanted Lucas Scott which she purposely made Brooke Davies jealous. She loses interest in Lucas and dated Nathan Scott's uncle Cooper. She lied to him saying that she was as old as him but he finds out shes a cheerleader at Tree Hill High. She made a scene in Nathan and Haley's wedding which she exposed her relationship with Cooper to everyone. She then lied about being pregnant to Cooper while he was driving she grabbed the wheel and crashed into a lake. Nathan saved her and she had feelings for him despite of him being married to Haley. Her character was hot but was too annoying to handle.
Average listal rating (1268 ratings) 7.9 IMDB Rating 0

Penny (The Big Bang Theory)
What an overrated character and actress. Penny is super hot but I find her annoying. Penny is the girl next door to Sheldon and Leonard. She's a blonde hot but dumb girl. There has been times where she's really has hurt the main four. It revealed that she was a bully in school. She doesn't appreciates the main four for being intelligent. How dumb did they make her that she doesn't know about comic book characters. But besides her character the actress is really sexy.

Haley James Scott (One Tree Hill)
Haley was just plain annoying after season 2. One Tree Hill really made some annoying characters, especially the female ones. She was so innocent until she started seeing Nathan Scott. Despite that knowing that her best friend Lucas doesn't like Nathan, she secretly tutored him and even after she started changing by getting Nathan's jersey number tattooed above her ass. She also kept crying and at times and argued with Lucas. She was beautiful but annoying.

Ruby (Supernatural)
I loved Katie Cassidy Ruby. She had a character that was slick, tough and a badass demon. When they re-casted her with a new actress I was like shes hot. But it turned out to be disappointing. Ruby manuplated Sam Winchester sexually by making him drink her blood and have sex with her. She so cunning that she turns Sam against his brother Dean Winchester even getting Sam on her side when Sam fights and protected Ruby from Dean who he was trying to kill her. She made up something to Sam that he would be rewarded but when Sam kills Lilith and Lucifer got released as Ruby told him she planned it all along. Shes beautiful and sexy but just annoyed from her character.
Average listal rating (243 ratings) 7.3 IMDB Rating 0

Victoria "Vicki" Donovan (The Vampire Diaries)
Vicki Donovan was one of the annoying hottest characters on TV. She got caught in a love triangle with Jeremy Gilbert and Tyler Lockwood. She shared an interest in sex and drugs which led Vicki to maintain a sexual relationship with Jeremy. Unaware that he had feelings for her, Vicki ignored Jeremy and startd seeing Tyler. She becomes a vampire after Damon turned her. That why she's annoying but she's hot.

Lana Lang (Smallville)
Lana Lang is so beautiful and annoying. Season 1-3, Lana was so innocent and generous. Season 4 and onwards, she became so annoying. While dating Clark, she's obsessed with spaceships, even secretly working with Lex Luthor who she knows that Clark hates. When Clark breaks up Lana, the first person she went to was Lex. There's Chloe, Martha and Lois but she went to him. Lana and Lex was annoying which she wanted to make Clark jealous even warns her that hes dangerous but she tells him that hes jealous of her and Lex and that he had never lied to her unlike Clark. But we all know Lex had the most secrets and defends Lex many times, turning on Chloe Sullivan. Lex and Lana announced their engagement which she begged Clark to tell her the truth after she think that Chloe was hiding his secret but Clark found out about her being pregnant when he was going to tell her everything. Clark got effected by Red Kryptonite and Lana sees Lex stabs Clark with a screwdriver and sees it bent. She becomes obsessed with finding out the truth about Clark's secret.
TheKnight12's rating:

Brooke Davis (One Tree Hill)
Brooke Davis one of the hottest characters on One Tree Hill but I found her so annoying from season 1 - 4. She was the captain of the cheerleader of Tree Hill's basketball team and fell for the new team member Lucas Scott. She soon dated him but they broke up after she discovered that Lucas broke up with her to be with Peyton Sawyer who were having affair. She soon becomes very negative towards Peyton and Lucas even telling Lucas a lie that she was pregnant with his child just to punish him. Again in season 2 she becomes involved in a sexual relationship with Felix, which made her just boring. Season 4, the same story from season 1, the love triangle with Lucas and Peyton splitted them up again and then she joined her former rival Rachael as an ally. After season 4, I found her more interesting as her character became more mature and lovable but the first 4 seasons was too much but she was the hottest on the show
Average listal rating (1387 ratings) 7.1 IMDB Rating 0

Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood)
Sookie Stackhouse the hot waitress but also annoying. She is a supernatural creature a fairy and is surrounded by vampires. She begins a relationship with Bill Compton. She's annoying that she's obsessed with a vampire and Bill was willing to make sacrifice for her. Even Eric Northman who she has brief relationship with would willing to die for her. She's a fairy and she can fight off vampires with her powers but still need to be rescued at times.

Quinn James (One Tree Hill)
Quinn James is one of the beautifulest women in One Tree Hill. But like most women on the show, they hot and annoying. The most annoying thing about her his her love for Clay Evans. Quinn James reception from Haley who told Quinn not to talk to her given that she played a huge part in Nathan losing his job. She then started to pack her bags and leave their house causing another argument between her and Haley, who said that Clay got careless by spending time with Quinn. Stating that Clay worked extremely hard for Nathan and that he received nothing in return, she was glad Clay wasn't in Nathan's life anymore. She met Clay for a while and went against her family for him. Although later on Clay's misunderstanding was cleared up but it showed that she would rather support Clay then her family. That's why she's annoying but beautiful.

A list of the hottest TV female characters who I find annoying. TV have some hottest female characters but I find some of them annoying. Here are my rants about these characters. Sometimes I would suggest the actresses can't act or their script or character is horribly wrong.

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