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Added by djprojexion on 4 Oct 2021 03:58

Fall 2021 Viewings

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Viewing: 3rd
Format: Streaming
Thoughts: Remo Williams will always hold a special place in my heart as I have fond memories of watching it as a kid whilst playing with my GI Joe figures on the living room floor. The action sequences definitely inspired a lot of my action figure playtime (if only I had a Wonder Wheel playset!) Revisiting it as an adult you really have to cut it some slack and just enjoy the B-movie ride. It's a lot of fun and serves up some really clever and enjoyable action set pieces. The martial arts craze and Asian mysticism was in full swing in the mid-80s and this movie definitely hopped on that trend. I may be alone here but I'm still holding out for a Remo Williams remake starring Jon Bernthal as Remo (the guy is a dead ringer!)
djprojexion's rating:
People who added this item 56 Average listal rating (42 ratings) 6.2 IMDB Rating 6.3
The Guilty (2021)
Viewing: 1st
Format: Streaming
Thoughts: This one man show of a movie pretty much solidifies Jake as one of the greatest actors of our time. The way he was able to nail every emotion this character required was beyond impressive. Putting his acting aside (which hands down is the best performance in recent memory), the anxiety-inducing suspense and twists and turns makes this an excellent edge of your seat thriller. Unfortunately the big reveal at the end hurts repeated viewings, but regardless just in awe of this man and what he can do.
djprojexion's rating:
People who added this item 197 Average listal rating (143 ratings) 6.7 IMDB Rating 7
The Mule (2018)
Viewing: 1st
Format: Blu-ray
Thoughts: I was hesitant to give this a watch as it got lukewarm reviews and just felt like it was going to be a slow, uneventful film. But being that this is Clint Eastwood I had to give it a watch. Sure enough the man can still make an enjoyable film at his age which is quite remarkable. This is definitely not any where near his top ten, but I did enjoy it. Mainly because it's just pure and measured storytelling that gets you invested in the characters and where they are going. The film is at its best during the almost Breaking Bad like scenes with Clint and the drug cartel personnel, most notably the bond that is formed with Julio, the cartel's head lieutenant. The film does have its flaws, respect to Clint for taking on the lead role but he's clearly too old now to pull it off convincingly. The rest of the characters are never really fleshed out, Bradley Cooper desperately attempts to make more of his FBI agent but there's just not much there. I think if the story was a bit more concise and focused mainly on the drug cartel side of things it would have been so much better. Overall this is a far cry from Clint's best but still an enjoyable film in its own right.
djprojexion's rating:
People who added this item 96 Average listal rating (46 ratings) 6.8 IMDB Rating 6.9
The Other (1972)
Viewing: 1st
Format: DVD
Thoughts: This is one of those movies I had kicking around in my DVD collection that I totally forgot I bought at a second hand shop years ago. Being that we're well into October I was in the mood for some spooky fare. The DVD cover clearly marketed this as something akin to The Omen, however the boy in this film is just so sweet and innocent that the events lose impact. Overall the film is kind of like giallo-lite, in that it has the feel of a giallo film but never really reaches that level of greatness. It's slow pace really drags things out but there is some impressive camera work and editing on display that makes up for it. I was looking forward to seeing John Ritter in this but the guy only shows up at the hour and a half mark (it's more of a cameo really). The ending is a bit of a shocker and it does have its moments, but I was just kind of underwhelmed by the whole thing and I feel like you can do far better with Hitchcock or giallo films of this era.
djprojexion's rating:
djprojexion's rating:
People who added this item 25 Average listal rating (19 ratings) 7.2 IMDB Rating 6.3
djprojexion's rating:
People who added this item 319 Average listal rating (202 ratings) 6.9 IMDB Rating 7.1
The Drop (2014)
Viewing: 2nd
Format: DVD
Thoughts: I don't recall thinking much of this movie the first time I saw it but I'm glad I gave it another try because man is this a solid little sleeper of a crime flick. It may just be that I didn't appreciate enough the powerhouse acting trifecta of Hardy, Rapace and Schoenearts. Or maybe I overlooked the awesomely gritty Brooklyn backdrop and the almost 70s era crime flick stylings. Whatever the case, I was glued from start to finish this time around. Gandolfini in his last on screen performance was also a treat. Ultimately I think it's a little too sparse to be something great, but Hardy's subdued performance is a nice change up and I just love Noomi Rapace in anything. It's a helluva movie that definitely grew on me.
djprojexion's rating:
People who added this item 146 Average listal rating (99 ratings) 5.4 IMDB Rating 5.9
Viewing: 2nd (or 3rd)
Format: Blu-ray
Thoughts: This somewhat forgotten comedy is definitely bottom-shelf John Hughes, and yet proves that even his lesser efforts are still quite enjoyable. Biggest reason is that the first half of the film is very much in the Breakfast Club vein, ie teens trapped in a place where they reveal themselves to each other and form a real emotional connection. The underappreciated Frank Whaley plays Jim, who's kind of like if Ferris Bueller graduated high school and just became a loser. He finally lands a job as the overnight janitor of a Target store, where the hottest girl in town gets locked in with him. Their initial encounter and subsequent antics whilst alone in the store are the real highlights of the film. It's kind of like everything you wished you could do in a department store when you were a kid. Once the bad guys show up it devolves into silly nonsense typical of the late 80s-early 90s era. But if you can forgive that part of it, this is an enjoyable Hughes comedy with a lot of signature touches he is known for.
djprojexion's rating:
People who added this item 28 Average listal rating (6 ratings) 7.7 IMDB Rating 7.7
The Last Duel (2021)
Viewing: 1st
Format: Theater
Thoughts: For my 3rd trip to the theater this year and one of my most anticipated movies of the Fall movie season, I went to see Ridley Scott's The Last Duel. A challenging film with difficult yet very timely subject matter. From a technical standpoint, the movie is breathtaking as can be expected from Scott, the period medieval setting is right in his wheelhouse for sure. The ending duel battle scene especially stands out as an intense and savage event, but what nailed it for me was the emotions going into this finale. Everything sort of builds towards this crescendo of male posturing and brutality. This is a movie we rarely see nowadays, with a powerful message that isn't overhanded and relies heavily on facial expressions and ambiguity to get the point across. The acting was great, especially Driver and Comer, and as difficult as it was to separate the celebrity from Affleck and Damon, I think they did a solid job here. Overall this was an intense and difficult movie that will stay with you. As all great films should.
djprojexion's rating:
People who added this item 99 Average listal rating (46 ratings) 6.1 IMDB Rating 6.5
Blood Ties (2013)
Viewing: 2nd
Format: DVD
Thoughts: Watching The Drop again put me in the mood for some more gritty NYC films, and I remember really enjoying Blood Ties the first time I saw it. This time around it definitely feels like the filmmakers were a bit too obsessed with Scorsese and 70s crime flicks, but it still manages to work somehow. It's a passion project, with an awesome ensemble cast, most notably Clive Owen and Zoe Saldana turning in great performances. The one thing that bothered me this time was the overly stylized action sequences that were trying too hard to replicate the 70s Italian crime film aesthetics. I would have been on board for this if the whole movie was filmed that way, but it doesn't flow well with the rest of the movie. Similar to The Drop this is an American crime film made with foreign film sensibilities, which adds a level of depth to the characters that we don't see in films of this type too often. Despite it's flaws this is a solid period crime film that captures the feel of the setting and characters really well.
djprojexion's rating:
People who added this item 71 Average listal rating (40 ratings) 5.8 IMDB Rating 6.2
Viewing: Umpteenth
Format: Streaming
Thoughts: There's definitely a level of guilty pleasure and nostalgia that makes me return to this movie time and time again. It was one of the first movies I saw in a theater with my friends as a teenager and it takes me back to a simpler time of light-hearted comedy. Sure the film is beyond silly and ridiculous with every possible football related joke thrown in the mix. I mean it's got Kathy Ireland as the kicker for the team with the seemingly sole purpose to kick an opposing player in the nuts while saying "welcome to foot...balls" Overall the film has this former football star redemption story with Scott Bakula returning to college which kind of harks back to Rodney Dangerfield in Back To School a bit. Other highlights include Sinbad being Sinbad, a fresh off SNL Rob Schneider as the announcer, Jason Bateman baby-faced and full of pathos, and Hector Elizondo and Robert Loggia bringing the veteran acting chops to the table. It's far from perfect but I feel it maintains this level of enjoyment throughout both on and off the field and has a nice balance of comedy and drama. I know I am being way too forgiving of this movie but it does have its place in sports movie history. Somewhere.
djprojexion's rating:
People who added this item 139 Average listal rating (55 ratings) 7.5 IMDB Rating 8.3
Dune (2021)
Viewing: 1st
Format: Theater
Thoughts: As my most anticipated movie of the year, I was beyond excited to finally see Dune in all its glory in IMAX. Did it live up to the hype for me? For the most part, yes. This is quite the experience that has to be seen in the theater, the visuals and ambient score is just amazing to behold. Villeneuve doubling down on his previous vision in Blade Runner 2049 to create a new and exciting take on the by now well-known Herbert story. What he as executed so brilliantly here is a tangible world that we can immerse ourselves in for 2 and a half hours. The cast/acting was great, bringing real life and emotion to the proceedings. Ultimately I feel the biggest flaw of the film is that it tries to tackle too much in this first installment and spreads itself a little too thin. Jumping too quickly from scene to scene and not really giving certain characters enough screen time. My favorite characters, Duncan Idaho and Stilgar (played by Jason Mamoa and Javier Bardem) did not get fleshed out enough here. Would have also liked to spend more time with the Harkonnens as well. Aside from that, the film is an epic almost operatic sci-fi odyssey and a breath of fresh air amidst the overly saturated super hero landscape. I was very close to giving this 9 stars, but an impressive feat nonetheless from Villeneuve and very much looking forward to the continuation of the story.
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10 stars = Flawless
9 stars = Excellent
8 stars = Great movie
7 stars = Good movie (solid)
6 stars = Enjoyable (on some level)
5 stars = Mediocre (unremarkable)
4 stars = Sub-par
3 stars = Bad movie (but watchable)
2 stars = One element that keeps it from being unwatchable
1 star = Unwatchable

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