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The Sexiest Female Superheroes & Super-Villains

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Publisher: Marvel

AKA: Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock

First Appearance: Captain Britain #8 (December, 1976)

Origin: British-born mutant whose consciousness was transferred into the mind of a female Japanese ninja.

Publisher: Marvel

First Appearance: X-Men #129 (January, 1980)

Origin: Mutant

Publisher: DC

A.K.A.: Karen Starr; Kara Zor-L

First Appearance: All-Star Comics #58 (February, 1976)

Origin: Kryptonian cousin of an alternate reality Superman.

Publisher: DC

A.K.A.: Diana Prince

First Appearance: All-Star Comics #8 (December, 1941)

Origin: Daughter of Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, and Zeus, King of the Olympian Gods.

Publisher: Chaos / CrossGen / Eternity

A.K.A.: Hope

First Appearance: Evil Ernie #1 (December, 1991)

Origin: Daughter of a Swedish nobleman who dabbled in the black arts. To avoid execution at the hands of an angry mob, she made a deal with a demon who brought her to Hell, where her soul was cursed by Lucifer, forbidden to return to Earth so long as life existed there. She thereafter vowed to eradicate all life in order to free herself.

Publisher: DC

First Appearance: DC Comics Presents #26 (October, 1980)

Origin: Princess from the planet Tamaran.

Publisher: Warren / Harris / Dynamite

First Appearance: Vampirella #1 (September, 1969)

Origin: Daughter of Lilith, the cursed wife of Adam, and thus born with the powers of a demonic vampire, yet raised by Lilith to fight vampires.

Publisher: AC

A.K.A.: Blue Bulleteer; Nightfall

First Appearance: Bill Black's Fun Comics #4 (March, 1983)

Origin: Given vast mystical powers by the wizard Azagoth following a life-threatening injury.

Publisher: Image/ WildStorm / DC

A.K.A.: Priscilla Kitaen

First Appearance: WildC.A.T.s: Covert Action Teams #1

Origin: Human woman abducted and experimented upon by alien Daemonites.

Demon Queen

Publisher: Marvel

A.K.A.: Madelyne Pryor-Summers

First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #168 (April, 1983)

Origin:Clone of Jean Grey of the X-Men, created by Mr. Sinister.

Publisher: Marvel

A.K.A.: Felicia Hardy

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #194 (July, 1979)

Origin: The daughter of a skilled cat-burglar, she took up her father's trade and the Black Cat costume to break him out of prison. Later gained minor power(s) from experimentation by scientists working for the Kingpin.

Publisher: Quality; DC

A.K.A.: Sandra Knight

First Appearance: Police Comics #1 (August, 1941)

Origin: Sandra Knight was a wealthy socialite who became a vigilante following an assassination attempt on her father.


Publisher: Amryl

A.K.A.: Meriem Cooper

First Appearance: Cavewoman #1 (December, 1993)

Origin: Physically enhanced and transported through time by her scientist grandfather, Meriem Cooper accidentally wound up trapped in the age of dinosaurs.

Publisher: DC

A.K.A.: Zatanna Zatara

First Appearance: Hawkman #4 (November, 1964)

Origin: Daughter of the magicians John Zatara and Sindella, giving her a natural control of magical forces.

Publisher: DC

A.K.A.: Kara Zor-El; Kara Kent; Linda Lee

First Appearance: Action Comics #252 (May, 1959)

Origin: Last survivor of Argo City on the destroyed planet Krypton, rocketed to Earth in a ship similar to her that of her cousin Superman.

Publisher: Marvel / Dynamite

First Appearance: Conan the Barbarian #23 (February, 1973)

Origin: Gifted with various martial arts skills by the goddess

Publisher: Marvel

A.K.A.: Meggan Puceanu

First Appearance: Mighty World of Marvel #7 (December, 1983)

Origin: Mutant

Publisher: Marvel

A.K.A.: Jennifer Walters

First Appearance: Savage She-Hulk #1 (February, 1980)

Origin: After suffering a gunshot wound, given a blood transfusion from her cousin Bruce Banner (a.k.a. The Hulk), his irradiated blood transforming her into a female version of the Hulk.

Publisher: Marvel

A.K.A.: Raven Darkholme

First Appearance: Ms. Marvel #16 (April, 1978)

Origin: Mutant

Publisher: Eclipse

A.K.A.: Rainbow Roberts

First appearance: DNAgents #1 (March, 1983)

Origin: Genetically engineered telepath.

Publisher: DC

A.K.A.: Selina Kyle

First Appearance: Batman #1 (Spring, 1940)

Origin: Professional cat burglar whose obsession with cats, training in martial arts, and interest in Batman inspired her to adopt a costume.


Publisher: Dark Horse

A.K.A: Elisa Cameron

First Appearance: Comic's Greatest World #3 (June, 1993)

Origin: A murdered woman brought back to this world on a quest to discover the truth about her past life and death.

Publisher: Dell / DC / Marvel / Dynamite

A.K.A.: Princess of Mars

First Appearance: Four Color #375 (February, 1952)

Origin: Martian princess and wife of John Carter, Warlord of Mars.


Publisher: Marvel

A.K.A.: Shanna O'Hara

First Appearance: Shanna, The She-Devil #1 (December, 1972)

Origin: British zoologist who abandoned the human world to live in the jungle and protect animals, and then later traveled to the Savage Land. Later resurrected through use of the blood of Man-Thing, giving her some superhuman abilities.

Publisher: Marvel

A.K.A.: Wanda Maximoff

First Appearance: X-Men #4 (March, 1964)

Origin: Daughter of Magneto, genetically altered as a baby by the scientist known as the High Evolutionary.

Publisher: DC

A.K.A.: Dinah Drake; Dinah Lance

First Appearance: Justice League of America #219 (October, 1979)

Origin: Daughter of Dinah Drake, the original Black Canary, born with a deafening "canary cry." Adopts her mother's crime-fighting persona after years of extensive hand-to-hand combat and criminology training.

Publisher: Hillman

A.K.A.: Liselotte von Schellendorf

First Appearance: Air Fighters Comics #2 (November, 1942)

Origin: German woman raised to be a typical double threat seductress and killer. Trained as an ace fighter pilot, she became the leader of the German Airmaidens fighter squadron.

Publisher: Image / Wildstorm / DC

First Appearance: Deathmate Black (September, 1993)

Origin: Genetically modified by Project: Genesis to endow her with superhuman strength.

Publisher: DC

A.K.A.: Emily Biggs

First Appearance: Batman and the Outsiders #25 (September, 1985)

Origin: Due to her genetic heritage as a member of the ruling family of Abyssia, exposure to rays from a fallen fragment of Halley's Comet bestowed upon Emily Biggs extraordinary beauty and tremendous psychic powers. Later, after being killed by a vampire, she was reborn as a vampire herself.

Publisher: Marvel

A.K.A.: Anna Marie

First Appearance: Avengers Annual #10 (1981)

Origin: Mutant

Miss Victory

Publisher: Holyoke / AC

A.K.A.: Joan Wayne; Rad

First Appearance: Captain Fearless #1 (August, 1941)

Origin: Recruited by the U.S. government during the early days of World War II to oversee the creation of a secret compound to improve the human form and create the perfect soldier. After using the serum, V-47, on herself, she gained superhuman strength and cellular regeneration, which allowed her to maintain perfect health and youth.

Publisher: Marvel

A.K.A.: Amora

First Appearance: Journey Into Mystery #103 (April, 1964)

Origin: Asgardian who studied magic under the sorceress Karnilla.

Publisher: Marvel

A.K.A.: Invisible Girl; Susan Storm

First Appearance: Fantastic Four #1 (November, 1961)

Origin: Exposure to Cosmic Rays during space flight caused mutation of her DNA, giving her powers.

Publisher: DC

A.K.A.: Troia; Wonder Woman

First Appearance: Wonder Woman #140 (August, 1963)

Origin: Orphaned girl rescued by Wonder Woman and brought to Paradise Island where a special ray bestowed upon her powers similar to those of Wonder Woman.

Publisher: DC

A.K.A.: Pamela Isley

First Appearance: Batman #181 (June, 1966)

Origin: A biochemistry student poisoned by her professor with an experimental plant-based poison which drove her insane, but also gave her a telepathic communication with and control over plants, as well as complete immunity to toxins and poisons.


Publisher: Penthouse

A.K.A.: Emily Feldman

First Appearance: Penthouse Comix #1 (May, 1994)

Origin: Was performing oral sex on the superhero known as Captain Adventure when an explosion of TNT went off at the same time as Captain Adventure ejaculated into her mouth. The combination of super-powered semen and TNT bestowed upon her the same superhuman abilities as Captain Adventure.

Publisher: DC

A.K.A.: Barbara Gordon; Oracle

First Appearance: Detective Comics #359 (January, 1967)

Origin: While attending a costume party as a female version of Batman, she helps rescue Bruce Wayne (a.k.a. Batman) from a kidnapping, inspiring her to embark upon her own crime-fighting career.

Publisher: Marvel

A.K.A.: Natasha Romanova

First Appearance: Tales of Suspense #52 (April, 1964)

Origin: Orphan trained in espionage and assassination by the Hand and the KGB. Later defected to the U.S. and was injected with a version of the Super Soldier Serum.


Publisher: Image/Marvel

A.K.A.: Aldrif Odinsdottir

First Appearance: Spawn #9 (March, 1993)

Origin: The daughter of Odin and therefore sister to Thor and Loki. Raised apart from her brothers as she was wrongly believed to have died as a child. She was raised in the dimension of Heaven, where she became a powerful warrior until she returned to our reality.

Publisher: Marvel

A.K.A.: Black Queen; Selene Gallio

First Appearance: New Mutants #9 (November, 1983)

Origin: Mutant

Publisher: Marvel

A.K.A.: Jean Grey-Summers; Marvel Girl; Phoenix; White Phoenix

First Appearance: X-Men #1 (September, 1963)

Origin: Mutant

Publisher: Top Cow

A.K.A.: April

First Appearance: Aphrodite IX #0 (April, 2000)

Origin: Genetically engineered, synthetic human created to be the perfect assassin. Rebelled against her programming to fight those who once controlled her.

Publisher: Marvel

A.K.A.: Ororo Munroe

First Appearance: Giant-Size X-Men #1 (May, 1975)

Origin: Mutant

Publisher: Marvel

A.K.A.: Elektra Natchios

First Appearance: Daredevil #168 (January, 1981)

Origin: Greek woman who was trained as a ninja by the Hand following the assassinations of her parents. Later resurrection by the Hand gave her psychic abilities.

Publisher: Marvel

A.K.A.: Captain Marvel; Ms. Marvel

First Appearance: Marvel Super-Heroes #13 (March, 1968)

Origin: Human whose DNA was genetically fused with that of the alien Kree race.

Publisher: DC

A.K.A.: Harleen Quinzel

First Appearance: The Batman Adventures #12 (September, 1993)

Origin: Psychiatrist assigned to the Joker, who essentially warped her mind into falling in love with him and becoming his partner in crime.

Publisher: Marvel

A.K.A.: Phoenix Force

First Appearance: X-Men #101 (October, 1976)

Origin: Immortal cosmic entity whose beginnings are unknown, possibly as old as time itself.

Publisher: Marvel

A.K.A.: Darkchylde; Illyana Rasputina

First Appearance: Giant Size X-Men #1 (May, 1975)

Origin: Mutant trained in sorcery while imprisoned in Limbo dimension.

Publisher: Top Cow

A.K.A.: Witchblade

First Appearance: Cyblade/Shi #1 (January, 1995)

Origin: Dying New York detective who was chosen by the mystical Witchblade weapon to be its latest host, granting her a second life and various magical abilities.

Publisher: Image

First Appearance: Bomb Queen #1 (February, 2006)

Origin: Super-villainess who took over the city of New Port and installed herself as its despotic ruler.

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