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Added by Severin Severin on 15 Oct 2012 12:11
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Gross Sex Scandals That Shocked The World

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Arnold Schwarzengger. Bodybuilder. Actor. Politician. CHEATER! That's right, the most famous action star of all time has been in tabloids and gossip columns numerous times for being unfaithful to his wife Maria Shriver (whom it seems he only married because she was a Kennedy, and being with her would increase his own power and wealth). Maria already knew that Arnold was a horndog and had cheated on her on the set of Red Sonja with Brigitte Nielsen.

But shit really hit the fan when the world found out he had a kid with his....homely... Hispanic maid.

Look at that whoremonger get down! Arnold and Maria recently broke up and the whole affair has been a huge shit stain on his career.
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President Bill and loving wife Hillary. A smart, sharp power couple. Jk lol their marriage is a joke.

At first, it seems the two were in deep love. But Bill's womanizing ways kicked in just awhile after their marriage and he had numerous affairs, including a well publicized one with bodacious lounge singer Gennifer Flowers. Bill always played the part of the handsome and charming hick with great relish, and women ate it all up (both figuratively and literally.)

But when ol Bubba decided to get blow jobs in the White House from a young intern named Monica Lewinsky, shit got real.

When officials noticed the flirty way Monica behaved in front of Bill, they smelled something sour and transferred Monica to the Pentagon. She was heartbroken, and would confide to co-worker Linda Tripp about her lurid relationship with Bill.

Linda ratted to the media, and Bill was subjected to testify under oath about his affair with Monica. In these interrogations, he usually made ridiculous defenses like "It depends on what the definition of 'is' is," and he famously declared on TV "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky."

Well actually, they didn't really have sex. Getting blowed didn't count to Bill apparently. In one dirty tale, Bill stuck a cigar in Monica's vagina, which she masturbated with. These kind of scummy stories, and the fact the Bill perjured himself got him impeached from office in 1998. But Hillary still forgave him and they're still together to this very day.

Severin Severin's rating:

The sleazy prime minister of Italy resigned on November 2011. The man was a Grade A perv-o who often had skanky "bunga bunga" parties with strippers who'd dress up as nuns and prostitutes that were underage.

Well I don't think he was laughing when he was indicted for having sex with a minor. Paying those sluts with envelopes full of money and jewelry wasn't enough to make them shut up.

A more than prophetic picture. The fact that he was over 70 years old and in a position of power didn't seem to deter him from being a total slag who left such obvious evidence of his stupidity everywhere! Learn to cover up scandals better, bro.

President JFK and his darling, classy wife Jackie had a picture perfect family. Except for that fact that John was an avid cheater who had an uncontrollable libido and got away with hundreds of affairs, including some in the White House, while Bill Clinton couldn't even get off scott-free from one.

"JFK chased women like a man possessed. His numerous sexual encounters are so plentiful, there are just too many to mention them all. He has had affairs with White House workers, Gangsters girlfriends, staff members, reporters, and Movie stars. There was always a swarm of girls being secretly admited into the White House for Jack’s personal pleasures. And he used the Secret Service to cover his tracks and make sure there was no “evidence” of the affair left behind for his wife Jackie to find. It is even said that he had often participated in 3-somes as well with 2 women at the same time. Kennedy had the type of penetrating life style that any man would be jealous over.

Some of his more famous affairs were with Angie Dickinson, Kim Novak, and the most famous of all, Marilyn Monroe. JFK also had a suite on the 8th floor of Washington’s Mayflower Hotel always on his beck and call for any of his extramarital affairs.

(with Marilyn)

During his Presidential race with Nixon, Jack inquired if there were any girls waiting for him before one of their debates. An hour and a half before they were supposed to go on the air, Kennedy was in a hotel room with a hooker. He was also involved with a woman who was suspected of being a German spy at the time, named Inga Arvad who was being watched by the FBI.

In February, 2008, newspaper reports came forward about an illegitimate son of JFK found living in Canada. Allegedly the outcome of an affair he had had with a Texas woman. Supposedly, the child was conceived in February 1961, about one month after Kennedy’s innaguration as President. The mother was introduced to the President by Vice-President Lyndon Johnson."

Fortunately for him, he was never really exposed in an embarrassing way and was only shamed after his death. And yet, he's still considered a great president.
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Often considered to be the best golfer of all time (and the only famous one because let's face it, golf SUCKS), Tiger Woods was held to the highest praise in the world of sports. Until, of course, his numerous affairs were exposed. Godamn, all those infidelities with innumerable amounts of mistresses! It was a real surprise to everyone that their goody goody family man golf hero was a total sleazeball.

C'mon, when did tabloids ever lie to us?

Besides Tiger's beautiful wife leaving him, he lost a lot of respect, but more importantly, MONEY! Endorsements begone:

"In the days and months following Woods' admission of infidelity, several companies re-evaluated their relationships with him. Accenture, AT&T, Gatorade and General Motors completely ended their sponsorship deals, while Gillette suspended advertising featuring Woods. TAG Heuer dropped Woods from advertising in December 2009 and officially ended their deal when his contract expired in August 2011. The magazine Golf Digest suspended Woods' monthly column beginning with the February 2010 issue. In contrast, Nike continued to support Woods, as did Electronic Arts, which was working with Woods on the game Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online. A December 2009 study estimated the shareholder loss caused by Woods' affairs to be between $5 billion and $12 billion"

Wow, his supermodel Barbie-doll wife was so ugly, he totally needed to cheat on her!
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Mia and Woody. Woody and Mia. What a sweet, darling couple who made such great movies together! What a beautiful family full of adopted children of different races, long before Brangelina made it popular! HAHAHA JK LOL.

"They were a quirky couple for sure. Woody Allen: the neurotic filmmaker with a penchant for psychoanalysis. Mia Farrow: a soft-spoken movie star focused on humanitarian causes. He had no kids. She had six. Despite being in a committed relationship with each other for more than 12 years, having three children together, and worked together non-stop as Allen put Farrow in more than a dozen of his films, they never married and never even lived together. "The two of us have so little in common that it always amazes us. We're always marveling on why we threw in our lot together and stayed together as long as we have," Allen said while they were together.

The whole thing seemed charming, until, in 1992, it turned into something worlds away from charming. Farrow found nude pictures of her daughter Soon-Yi Previn (whom she adopted at the age of 8 from Korea with former husband Andre Previn) in Allen's apartment and discovered Allen, then 56, had been having a sexual relationship with 21-year-old Soon-Yi.

As the two bitterly broke up and battled over custody, Farrow also accused Allen of sexually abusing their then-7-year-old adopted daughter, Dylan. What would play out in the media would shock the world and go down in history as one of the biggest celebrity scandals of all time."

Poor Woody. Despite what Mia claimed in her rage and bitter accusations, I'm pretty sure Woody was no pedo who molested a 7 year old. Seriously. Having sex with a 7 yr old and a 21 yr old is not even in the same ballpark. He and Soon Yi are still together and don't really care about the huge age gap.

They do have a really messed up family now though.

Severin Severin's rating:

Religion. The only decent and honest thing in our lewd and lascivious world. HAH! And who better to preach us the teachings of the lord and judge the guilty than a hypocritical adultering sinning televangelist?

In 1986, Jimmy ratted on fellow Assemblies of God minister Marvin Gorman for having affairs. 2 years later, Jimmy himself was found to be a John who went to prostitutes more than often. What a dickhole.

He went on TV in an infamous speech where he cried crocodile tears and confessed "I have sinned against You, my Lord, and I would ask that Your Precious Blood would wash and cleanse every stain until it is in the seas of God's forgiveness, not to be remembered against me anymore."

In 1991, Jimmy was found again in the company of a prostitute. LOL!

A super rich democrat and the governor of New York with a pretty good looking wife, Eliot Spitzer had the life. And then his use of an elite prostitution call girl service was revealed.

His liaison with escort Ashley Dupre was heard on a wiretap and Eliot was forced to resign afterwards.

Having a good time isn't always easy. C'mon, give the freak a break, he already looks like a spazzmoid monkey. Is it any wonder he had to pay for it?

Severin Severin's rating:

Petit and ballsy film director Roman Polanski is well known as one of the greatest directors who ever lived. Films like Rosemary's Baby, Chinatown, and Repulsion are classic cinema. But there's a dark side to him though. A side that likes little girls.

On 10 March 1977, Roman, then aged 43, had 14 year old Samantha Gailey over at his friend Jack Nicholson's Mulholland Drive home for a Vogue photoshoot. Samantha was still uncomfortable from the last time, when Roman asked her to pose topless, but she posed again anyways.

Roman slipped a Quaalude into her champagne, and proceeded to have sex with her despite her resistance and the fact that she said "NO" like a hundred times. But Roman doesn't tell the story that way:

"Describing the event in his autobiography, Polanski stated that he did not drug Geimer, that she "wasn't unresponsive", and that she did not respond negatively when he inquired as to whether or not she was enjoying what he was doing. The probation report submitted to the court concluded by saying that there was evidence "that the victim was not only physically mature, but willing."

Whatever the case was, Roman fled to France and will be arrested if he enters the US ever again. Dumb bastard just had to ruin his chance to film great Hollywood movies.

Idaho Republican Larry Craig was accused of using cocaine and having sex with underage teen boys in 1982. Larry brushed it off and said that people just made up rumors to defame "unmarried persons like himself."

To prove his valiance, Larry pushed to have Representative Barney Frank thoroughly investigated for a gay prostitution scandal in 1989. Larry was also very anti-gay and rejected all bills that gave homosexuals protection from hate crimes.

Then in 2007, Larry tried to solicit a blow job in an airport bathroom. Turns out the dude was a cop and Larry was arrested and charged.

"At 1216 hours, Craig tapped his right foot. I recognized this as a signal used by persons wishing to engage in lewd conduct. Craig tapped his toes several times and moves his foot closer to my foot. ... The presence of others did not seem to deter Craig as he moved his right foot so that it touched the side of my left foot which was within my stall area. Craig then proceeded to swipe his left hand under the stall divider several times, with the palm of his hand facing upward."

Larry defended himself and claimed he just had a "wide stance" when he peed in public urinals. Eventually, he pled guilty and his career went down the same urinal he was pissing in that day and he resigned from the senate.

Still, he claimed:

"I am not gay. I never have been gay.... In June, I overreacted and made a poor decision. I chose to plead guilty to a lesser charge in hopes of making it go away.... Please let me apologize to my family, friends and staff and fellow Idahoans for the cloud placed over Idaho. I did nothing wrong at the Minneapolis airport. I did nothing wrong, and I regret the decision to plead guilty and the sadness that decision has brought on my wife, on my family, friends, staff and fellow Idahoans."


Severin Severin's rating:

In a scandal that is erupting presently, distinguished, well respected and honored General David Petraeus has been found to have been banging his biographer, Paula Broadwell.

He was forced to resign as director of the CIA because he supposedly revealed military secrets to Paula, among other things. And this is probably the most powerful guy in the army! Just take a look at all his fucking decorations:

That's right. He ain't no itty bitty private or colonel. Paula admired David so much as to the point of obsession and even after he cut off the affair with her, she couldn't stop chasing him. She threatened socialite Jill Kelley online and told her to back off from David or she would cut a bitch. Jill freaked and told a friend of hers in the FBI and the extramarital relationship was discovered from the emails Paula and David had written to each other. Can you really blame the guy, like ew look at his wife:

This one is currently unfolding so who knows how much shit David will be in.

Man-whores who just could not keep it in their pants.

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