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A page for displaying a custom list

Example URL: /list/almost-unrecognizable
Please limit suggestions to a single idea for improvement (no lists of ideas), submit multiple suggestions as required.
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Ability to permanently set (=as a default setting) the order of my lists alphabetically. (View list)
0 comments Added on Aug 13 0:17
A new "review mode" for lists. Each item automatically shows in Notes the review for that item written by the list author, if they wrote any (View list)
0 comments Added on Aug 6 9:49
the ability to export a list to ms excel file and save (View list)
0 comments Added on Jul 26 8:21
Be able to delete views (so you can renew lists for space issues without feeling like a dick by stealing everybody's former votes) (View list)
0 comments Added on Jun 13 6:07
The ability to quick-jump on any page of a long list without having to scroll through the whole ordeal click by click. (View list)
1 comment Added on Nov 17 4:35

Top voted Suggestions - View all

Ability to add tags to lists (View list)
1 comment Added on May 7 13:55
Quick html code generator buttons that when pressed add [b][/b] or [img] etc tags in the Add Note section of lists. (View list)
1 comment Added on May 19 9:23
The ability to bookmark or put lists into a favorite section, so its easy to follow them. And some sort of "feed" on list's would be nice. (View list)
6 comments Added on Jul 24 4:03
The ability to delete a section without having to remove every single item listed under it first. (View list)
0 comments Added on Jul 18 20:45
Make the list searchable. Otherwise, if you want to see if the user has a movie on the list, you have to click through multiple pages (View list)
3 comments Added on May 13 3:32