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in profile add function update view by Categories & subCategories (Profile)
1 comment Added on Feb 7 6:44
allow a section for workers available in certain catergorys (Profile)
1 comment Added on Jan 17 2:27
Explore deluxe Resorts are more lavish and typically costly placed along beautiful regions with various facilities http://www.hotelmongas. (Profile)
1 comment Added on Nov 19 12:02
Fix the "submitted a image" typo. It's submitted *an* image. (Profile)
1 comment Added on Aug 6 8:28
Create an option to not allow users to be followed. (Profile)
1 comment Added on Jun 16 19:54

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Bring back the "Member since (insert date)" at the top of profiles. (Profile)
0 comments Added on May 17 0:08
A "Poll(s)" section for your profile where you can place one or more polls for others to fill out. (Profile)
3 comments Added on May 9 19:41
For Compatibility ratings like: 54% (184 items), add link to see what those items are (Profile)
2 comments Added on May 6 6:23
View ratings you have in common with profile you are viewing (Profile)
0 comments Added on Aug 4 3:04
Give users the option of how many lists are displayed on their profile (e.g., 5, 10, 15, 20). (Profile)
3 comments Added on May 12 15:18