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Lists of watched, read or rated items.

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Is there a way to select a group of items & move them from one list to another without the exception of having to click custom each time? (Collections)
2 comments Added on Sep 21 22:14
You should be able to drop or raise all your ratings by 1 star, or eliminate all of them. Ratings will stay the same at 10 or 1, depending (Collections)
0 comments Added on Jun 5 21:04
same relations used to movies with imdb should be added for music with site like rateyourmusic and for books with site like goodreads. (Collections)
0 comments Added on May 11 12:28
Put "TV movies" under their own section (movie, people, etc.) cause TV movies are not TV shows. (Collections)
0 comments Added on Jan 13 23:14
On DVDs I would love the ability to edit the actors in the movie. Currently you have 5 people listed. Needs to be more accurate (Collections)
1 comment Added on Sep 9 16:33

Top voted Suggestions - View all

I think we should rate music by songs, not albums. I mean, many download Mp3 anyway. What if someone wanted to rate one off the radio? (Collections)
19 comments Added on May 8 5:25
Import/export lists of books in various formats: TEXT, CSV, XML, HTML, tab-delimited, etc. (like (Collections)
2 comments Added on May 28 6:49
Alternate backgrounds/shelves. (Collections)
0 comments Added on May 6 19:31
When I browse other users movie libraries, I wish there were also the "watched" and "want to watch" buttons (Collections)
1 comment Added on May 8 10:40
I wish the tag filter on 'My Movie' section included all the tags, not only the ones that I added. A search box would be even better. (Collections)
0 comments Added on May 8 10:47