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Anything that doesn't fit in the other categories.

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Ability to view liked/voted images and unlike/unvote them if needed. (General/Other)
2 comments Added on Apr 14 18:52
4 ก้องรัฐ นกแก้ว มีเมียแล้ว … อย่าทำหน้า เหมือนคนไม่มีเมีย (General/Other)
1 comment Added on Apr 4 7:21
When I edit a list, I see "Choose the image that this list will use for it's thumbnail". Please fix this. It uses "it's" wrong. (General/Other)
0 comments Added on Feb 5 11:57
A sport section would be nice, I've had a few list ideas, but there doesn't seem to be a correct way to add sports teams to Listal. (General/Other)
0 comments Added on Nov 10 17:13
Terrible idea to put a banner ad that flashes on the bottom of each page. I keep hitting the ad unintentionally. Very annoying. (General/Other)
0 comments Added on Oct 19 4:25

Top voted Suggestions - View all

Ability to report spam profiles, and other bad profiles (General/Other)
6 comments Added on May 8 13:05
People shouldn't be able do rate movies before it's released. (General/Other)
6 comments Added on Dec 21 13:27
Display list of "similar movies" when on a movie or tv page. (General/Other)
1 comment Added on Jun 15 12:10
The ability to recommend lists to friends, much like what's already in place for movies, books, etc. (General/Other)
2 comments Added on May 21 18:19
A "select all" option when adding items to lists from a collection or search. (General/Other)
2 comments Added on May 17 7:11