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Suggestions for improving Listal submitted and voted on by members.

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Recent Suggestions

i need Mobile app for Listal on (iOS, Android...) (Suggestions)
0 comments Added on Apr 16 11:30
When adding pics of ppl, be able to tag other ppl in the pic and have that link to that person's page. Maybe under a "tagged photo" section. (View image)
0 comments Added on Apr 10 2:33
An IMDB button on a person's page that links directly to their IMDB pages; like other IMDB linked content (movies, tv). (Person)
0 comments Added on Apr 3 1:34
The ability to add a note when adding something to a custom list this way you don't have to navigate to the list to add a note after the fac (General/Other)
0 comments Added on Apr 2 13:19
1 http://www.zh (View list)
0 comments Added on Apr 2 0:55

Top voted Suggestions

Ability to upload multiple images at once and set the same Image Type and Title for all of them (Item)
11 comments Added on May 6 2:17
I think we should rate music by songs, not albums. I mean, many download Mp3 anyway. What if someone wanted to rate one off the radio? (Collections)
23 comments Added on May 8 5:25
Ability to add multiple titles so that the movie title of each country is listed in the database. (Item)
12 comments Added on May 8 1:14
Ability to report spam profiles, and other bad profiles (General/Other)
7 comments Added on May 8 13:05
Require some minimum resolution for images so we won't have all that pictures too small (View image)
9 comments Added on Aug 15 14:16