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Can someone please add "The Pact II" to Listal? IMDb link should help with cast and crew etc. (Suggestions)
0 comments Added on Aug 8 8:07
The cast for the game Alien: Isolation is not added yet, can someone add them. IMDb will help (link won't fit in this forum.) (Suggestions)
0 comments Added on Jul 22 10:15
The manufacturer for the game Dead Island 2 (2015) is wrong, can someone correct to Deep Silver. (Suggestions)
0 comments Added on Jul 22 10:13
Since many people are leaving Anobii it would be great to have a tool to import Anobii's exports. (Suggestions)
1 comment Added on Jun 20 9:20
Make Animated Gifs work when put on profile page, without having to be cropped or very short. (Suggestions)
0 comments Added on May 13 13:58

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Ability to mark Suggestions as being duplicates of those that already exist and merge them (Suggestions)
2 comments Added on May 6 23:59
Admin should delete suggestions that he is absolutely sure that it not going to happen so this wont be so full :p (Suggestions)
0 comments Added on May 18 14:18
I hope to be able to click 'owned' and 'read' for the book category, and not just either one. Thanks for the great Listal. (Suggestions)
0 comments Added on Jul 30 1:00
Add "Most Watched Tags" so I can see how much horror movies I watched just like you did with Most Watched Actors & Actresses / Directors (Suggestions)
0 comments Added on Aug 2 20:53
Show year in date added. Months, days, and time of day aren't as useful if you have been adding items for more than a year. (Suggestions)
0 comments Added on Sep 3 3:01