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Any page for viewing a individual movie, book, game etc. Also includes and sub pages, e.g. Pictures, reviews or lists for that particular item.

Example URL: /movie/avatar-2009
Please limit suggestions to a single idea for improvement (no lists of ideas), submit multiple suggestions as required.
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If an item is part of a series it would be useful if the other parts were shown on the item listing screen. (Item)
0 comments Added on Feb 22 10:13
Add Item field for fictional characters to put who the character is portrayed by if it is a movie or tv character, with the option to add mu (Item)
0 comments Added on Feb 17 13:21
Movies should have tags for director and star automatically added. This would make it easier to find stuff. (Item)
2 comments Added on Jan 9 18:52
In movies the number of people that have added this item should be visible(just like the blue 'human icon' in lists) (Item)
0 comments Added on Jan 4 6:37
there should be the option to vote against incorrect tags, if enough votes against were placed the tag could be removed. (Item)
1 comment Added on Dec 11 18:09

Top voted Suggestions - View all

Ability to upload multiple images at once and set the same Image Type and Title for all of them (Item)
10 comments Added on May 6 2:17
Ability to add multiple titles so that the movie title of each country is listed in the database. (Item)
12 comments Added on May 8 1:14
Add individual episodes of tv series (Item)
2 comments Added on May 8 18:29
Divide actor images into types (just like for movie images). I'd be easier to search and avoid duplicates (Item)
3 comments Added on Dec 3 15:48
Add "Watching" to TV Series, so you can filter the one's you've watched, want to watch and watching. Series takes some time to watch :-] (Item)
4 comments Added on Jul 27 1:47