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I have just received a final warning from a moderator having not been earned before. I have not been told what list or picture has offended. (Forums)
0 comments Added on Oct 20 13:50
Sort messages in a thread from newest (on top) to older ones (bottom and next pages). Even better, allow users choose the sorting they like. (Forums)
0 comments Added on Aug 14 19:52
A first and last page button on forum pages. (Forums)
0 comments Added on Aug 1 7:46
MySpace,UBS TYSKLAND IFRÅGASATTE ÖVER PÅSTÅDDA SKATTEBEDRÄGERI bp spain holdings topics Schweiziska banken UBS tyska dotterbolag är under ut (Forums)
0 comments Added on Nov 27 8:53
Find out how business can achieve their milestones on right way with Tej Kohli Business Guide, its world first online business guide . (Forums)
0 comments Added on Aug 31 5:11

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On the main forum page, an extra column telling us when the last post was made in each particular forum. eg. Movies > Last Post 1 hour ago. (Forums)
1 comment Added on May 20 8:54
Some method of preventing those under the age of 18 from contacting adults through private messages and vice-versa. (Forums)
3 comments Added on May 11 20:11
Seperate sections for adults over the age of 18 and teenagers/children. (Forums)
2 comments Added on May 11 20:10
The ability for thread authors to create polls that show up at the beginning of the thread. (Forums)
0 comments Added on May 9 19:25
Button to change order of posts to show most recent posts first. (Forums)
1 comment Added on May 14 21:04