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Added by Neurotic-Isopod on 22 Mar 2011 12:33
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Pretty Handsome (My most attractive List)

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My sister was a big Buffy Fan and when I grew up I wanted to be totally different then my big sis, soooo I very originally attached myself to the Angel Series.
Yeah, i know. I'm soooo Cool right?
ha, ANYWAYS. David is not someone I'd consider to be a top notch actor, but he's good at what he does and he's sexy while he does it.
When Angel ended I wasn't particularly disappointed, I mean honestly, after Season two the show started going seriously down hill (pretty much as soon as Conner showed up, stupid baby!)
Then came Bones and WOWZA! He's fan-fricken-tastic!

Things that make him attractive:

1) His strong jaw line/ puppy dog eyes.

2) Always the edge of lighthearted/humor

3) He was the first pretty boy-oh-so-tortured-vamp of my generation. Every girl falls in love with at least on in her life, and he was mine!
Neurotic-Isopod's rating:
Okay, this guy, I'll admit its all about the acting and his voice. There isn't anything I find particularly amazing about him when I take these attributes away, though I will note I like him better with facial hair. When he's clean shaven he's just a little too bone-y looking.
Anyone seen Howl's moving Castle with the English Dub? Yeah, that right. One of my favorite movies definitely has made me biased. I can just close my eyes and listen to his voice in any of his movies, I don't even know what it IS about it, it just makes me melt.

Christian Bale, for me is definitely one of those actors that either becomes more repulsive or attractive depending on what film you watch him in. He's just such a good actor that he throws you off guard every time. You just CAN'T love every character he plays because he's so damn good that you hardly get a gleam of the actor underneath.

Skills= attractive.

The only other thing I can think to explain this attraction is how real he seems. Weird, but its the same with Heath Ledger. The guy HATES having his picture taken apparently and he's got a temper. Real emotion, from an actor! not all shitty fake smiles and batting of the god damned eyelashes. He gets pissed in real life, and we hear about it because he's a REAL human being!

Reality Check= Awesome.


American Psycho- First film I ever bought on blu-ray cause it was in the sale bin. Totally worth it. I love it, its just so random and confusing, mind twisting. What is WITH that ending!? He's so great as a nutjob.

The prestige- Him and Hugh Jackman? DYNAMITE. Such a twist ending. Just awesome.

Howl's moving Castle- Its all about the voice in this one, and he so hits the mark!
Neurotic-Isopod's rating:
If it was all about the looks for me.. He'd probably come in at number Two or Three.
He's got a hot body, amazing boyish looks (both with and without facial hair). BONUS! He's a pretty good actor too (actually I haven't seen him in all that much admittedly) ... Well he plays in one of my favorite movies: Lucky Number Sleven.

Yum Yum.
Neurotic-Isopod's rating:
No wait.
heh, well that's not the only thing that makes this guy list worthy. Note the following:

1)He was a Soccer player. I love soccer players.

2)His voice! When he's castiel it's oh-so-sexy-and-serious. When he's talking normally its almost funny/cute, well its actually more funny when he transitions between them, cause when he suddenly goes baritone it just sounds so wrong! until you get used to it again anyways.

3)The HAIR, Castiel bed-head = A+ in attractiveness.
Neurotic-Isopod's rating:
1)The hair
2)The voice
3)The body!
4)The accent
5)The brown eyes!
6)The scruff

Jeff would, IS, the guy who I find most attractive throughout this entire list and the only romance I've ever seen him in is P.S I Love you, which is singularly amazing because of him.
I don't know why honestly, there's just something about his overall look that I find perfect!
Probably because he doesn't LOOK hollywood. He looks plain, normal, like a nice funny guy that you might meet one day.
Maybe its just me but I love his body type, Stringy,skinny,lanky guys are SO over-rated in the media and he's the perfect mix of lean/stocky.
He hits my 10/10 on attractive scale, and his acting is pretty good too!
Neurotic-Isopod's rating:
Robert Downey Jr.... He's the perfect mix of attractive eccentricity and humor. He's just so damn quirky and he always seems to pull humor through to whatever role he's playing, and whatever else we catch him doing.

I don't know how much there is to elaborate on this one, I mean it's pretty obvious why he's so freaking fantastic, so I'll just spout out some of my fave movies.

Natural Born Killers- He was SO funny in this movie, his accent is amazing, the movie itself is just CRAZY.

Tropic Thunder- Okay, so low brow I know, but in the beginning credits when he plays the priest.. I was watching it with my dad and I laughed SO hard. My dad thought the movie was dumb and well, it sort of was, but who cares? It made me laugh.

Charlie Bartlett- A great movie overall, funny, cute, with a great story. Rob plays his role well as an unhinged father.

Neurotic-Isopod's rating:
Neurotic-Isopod's rating:
Average listal rating (1623 ratings) 8.4 IMDB Rating 0
Admittedly, Gary's getting a little older, but i just couldn't resist having him here. I mean, whats unattractive about this guy?

His acting skills- definitely attractive

His roles as psychopaths- Yup. Bad guys, always attractive.

His hands- CHECK.

Smoking a cigarette- why do men tend to look more attractive with a cancer stick between their fingers? I have no idea, maybe it adds to the psychopathic bad boy, generally disregard for human life look? Or maybe it brings attention to those really nice fingers...

His Age- Is it just me or has he gotten even MORE attractive around his 30 year mark? Actually, it probably has something to do with...

Scruffy facial hair- He's cute cute when he's clean shaven and young, but there is something about a bit of disheveled scruff I can't help but be attracted to.

That probably about sums it up.
Here are some movies that I just love watching:

Leon the Professional- he plays a socio-path drug dealing cop in new york who loves a good classical caset to kill to and hates to be interrupted during the overture.

Dracula- Ha! Okay, not the hottest movie, actually he's particularly UN-Attractive in this one, but somehow with that HAIR, he manages to be kind of kinky and attractive still. Just how dracula should be.

The Dark Knight- Jim Gordon is so... not. hot. haha, but he's so love able!
Neurotic-Isopod's rating:
Average listal rating (1811 ratings) 6.9 IMDB Rating 0
From what I've seen of this actor he's fairly typecast, but always attractive.

1) He plays the serious, semi indifferent anti hero really well which is his main attraction. My fave antihero movie:
Constantine, he's pretty much opposite to the character in the comic's in every visual way, but he got his personality spot on. And Constantine's personality= hot.

2)The voice.

3)Generous, apparently he took the entire stunt team of the Matrix films on vacation!

4)He's kind of considered the hobo celeb, or at least that's what I've gathered. He doesn't own any property and doesn't seem to give a crap about name brand. Its pretty refreshing.
Neurotic-Isopod's rating:
Average listal rating (1541 ratings) 8.5 IMDB Rating 0

Yes, he's dead, i got the memo, but lets face it, the guy is immortal in Hollywood and alive when I watch his movies which is why he's at the top of my list.
So... what makes him attractive and at the top of this list?
1) He's a great actor, and his movies are unforgettable, Here are the ones I can't stop watching:
A. Candy, This movie is heart wrenching and amazing. Such a sad but, Happy ending that I didn't expect! I love the character 'Dan's' (Heath's) narration of it all.
B. The Dark Knight, I'm a big batman dork and Heath really showed off his talents in this one. He would have been amazing in the third movie.
C. Brokeback Mountain, Okay. Honestly, I find the title a liiiitle laughable but the story itself is great. Sad ending, but how else should it have ended?
D. 10 things I hate about you, All I have to say for this cheezy/ cute teen romance is that it was the first thing I ever watched with Heath in it, hence its special place in my heart.

2) I don't know why, but he has really REALLY, nice hands. Its weird right? but some hands are just unattractive. Maybe its something about the shape..

3)Personality. Well as much as a fan can ever REALLY know their fave actor, in interviews Heath just comes across as a really laid back open/honest guy.

4)Voice/the mouth it comes out of. Voice is probably going to be in all of these, I love just listening to movies and voices can be very alluring (sometimes misleading). Heath's voice has a really nice roughness to it, like a offhand grumble when he's relaxed, and of course the accent becomes more apparent when he's speaking in higher, more forceful pitches.
And of course his really amazing smile. Do I need to elaborate?
Neurotic-Isopod's rating:
Yum yum.
First movie I saw of this guy was Dracula 2000 when I was in my early teen years. I loved it! He's the sexiest Dracula that I've ever seen. He definitely outscores Oldman in his Dracula role (in attractiveness). He looks so good with curly brown hair too!

The VOICE/ACCENT. I think a lot of girls will agree that if there is one really attractive guy with a plain unattractive voice vs. a semi unattractive guy with an accent that can curl your toes, the attractive guy wouldn't have a chance.
Good thing Gerard Butler would top both of them because he's both extremely attractive as well as owns his very sexy voice. Did I mention he's a good actor? Cause he is, seriously.


Dracula 2000

Phantom of the Opera- this movie was really over done and gaudy, but the singing was amazing!

RocknRolla- A really great movie overall, Gerard's character is really funny (love his reaction to find out his friend is gay!) Though he doesn't stand out particularly in the cast.

Dear Frankie- Such a cute movie, I much prefer it over his other emotional role in P.S I Love you.
Neurotic-Isopod's rating:

A list of all the Hollywood guy's that make me giddy. You'll probably actually find that these guys aren't the MOST attractive, GORGEOUS guys ever. I like them for a mix of things, not just a their pretty pictures.

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