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Added by Seaworth on 3 Sep 2009 07:30
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Outer Heaven (II)

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Liquid Ocelot

This is the liberty we've won for ourselves: Outer Haven! And with this weapon I will destroy JD! Then, everything ends, and everything begins! But as for you, brother, you'll stay here to mark this island's watery grave!

Also known as: Liquid Snake, Revolver Ocelot
Nationality: American/British/Russian
Role: Leader of Outer Haven
Skills: Master of CQC, SOP Manipulator, Metal Gear Pilot
Equipment: Syringe, Metal Gear RAY
Battles with Snake: 2 Times

My Thoughts: The result of hypno-therpy and nanomachines creates Solid Snake's greatest nemesis yet! Liquid Ocelot provides the know-it-all and schemaholic nature of Ocelot and the arrogant and physical prowess of Liquid, not to mention an entire army of women to back him up!

For me, Ocelot has evolved exponentially. From a moderately alright nuisance in the first MGS to the over-arching mastermind of this chapter, he has proved himself as an extremely complex character who went to the greatest lengths to accomplish his goals.


The "spirit" of Liquid Snake and the body of Revolver Ocelot; also an ability similar to Volgin's electric discharge.
Seaworth's rating:
Average listal rating (68 ratings) 6.2 IMDB Rating 0

Could you be the one to finally finish me?

Also known as: N/A
Nationality: Romanian
Role: Member of Outer Haven
Skills: Knife Expert, Extreme Agility, Walking on impossible surfaces, Invulnerability
Equipment: Standard-issue army knives, Stryker Transport
Battles with Snake/Raiden: 3 Times

My Thoughts: As stated in my earlier list, Vamp's apparent death was a massive plot hole so they had to bring him back for this edition! However, he is starting to appear more demonic for whatever reason.

Sadly, Vamp has taken on a similar persona to Fortune where he awaits death. Boring. Ploughing him with my trusty M60E4 was the highlight of our clash. I also found it quite tricky to CQC him into submission. Bloody leech.


Vamp is Vamp, globviously.
Naomi Hunter

Live, Snake. That's all I can say to you.

Also known as: Queen
Nationality: Rhodesian
Role: Researcher for Outer Haven
Skills: Expert Geneticist, Medical Doctor
Equipment: Syringe
Battles with Snake: 0 Times

My Thoughts: Hottie alert! Well. Naomi's return was a welcome inclusion after her absence from MGS2.

Naomi once again serves in an underhanded role where all of her actions are questionable and suspicious.


Like Olga; whose side is she fucking on?
Screaming Mantis

Let me hear you scream!

Also known as: N/A
Nationality: Unknown South American Country
Role: Leading Member of BB Corps, Leader of Praying Mantis PMC
Skills: Controlling the Nanomachines in Others, Psychic Blasts, Levitation
Equipment: Psycho Mantis & The Sorrow Dolls, Sickled Blades
Battles with Snake: 1 Time

My Thoughts: One of the most tedious boss battles ever! Its so specific to actually take Mantis down that by the time you've figured it out, you're probably running low on ammo and supplies! Although, now I know what to do, its probably one of the easiest!

The cameo of two former adversaries (Psycho Mantis & The Sorrow) in this fight makes it all the more worthwhile!


Derived from the name and has the doll of Psycho Mantis, the doll of The Sorrow, the thrown knife weapons of Vamp and the emotional mixture of The Fear and The Pain.
Average listal rating (21 ratings) 6.9 IMDB Rating 0
Crying Wolf

Cry for me. Cry until your eyes turn red!

Also known as: N/A
Nationality: Unknown African Country
Role: Member of BB Corps, Leader of Werewolf PMC
Skills: Highly Agile, Accute Sense of Smell, Ramming Strength, Call for Wolves
Equipment: Elephant Railgun, Grenades
Battles with Snake: 1 Time

My Thoughts: My favourite boss battle of MGS4. In the hurtling wilderness of Shadow Moses island lies a deadly beast in wait. This quadrupedal menace roams around the snowfields at incredible speeds, doesn't show up in infra-red and packs a mighty good punch when it locates you and it will!

To use Fortune's Railgun, mounted on its shoulder, Crying Wolf has to remain stationary and peer out of its armour to fire it. This just became a sniping game! She can also call in her own FROG troops which allows you to practice your sharpshooting while you wait for her to make another pass!


Derived from the name and fighting style of Sniper Wolf, the railgun of Fortune, the emotion of The Sorrow and the sniping capabilities and camouflage of The End.
Raging Raven

Show me your rage!

Also known as: N/A
Nationality: Indonesian
Role: Member of BB Corps, Leader of Raven Sword PMC
Skills: Flight, Explosives Expert
Equipment: MGL-140, Heat-Seeking Missiles, Explosives
Battles with Snake: 1 Time

My Thoughts: Quite a bland battle if I do say so myself. You stand high above an Eastern European city and wait for Raging Raven to swoop in and blast you with her many explosives. All her attacks were quite easy to avoid and she remained stationary when she was right in front of you.

I don't think I changed weapons once while fighting her. M4 Custom was all I needed for this high-tech menace. The motorcycle chase before hand was more of a thrill and a better boss fight than the tower.


Derived from the name and flying accomplices of Vulcan Raven, the explosives of Fatman and the rage of The Fury.
Average listal rating (2 ratings) 7.5 IMDB Rating 0
Laughing Octopus

It's all so fucking hysterical!

Also known as: N/A
Nationality: Unnamed Scandanavian Country
Role: Member of BB Corps, Leader of Pieuvre Armement PMC
Skills: Expert Impressionist, Projecting Ink
Equipment: Advanced OctoCamo Suit, Exo-Tentacled Helmet, P90 Submachine Gun
Battles with Snake: 1 Time

My Thoughts: The ultimate game of hide and seek with the fittest member of the BB corps. Not sure whether I prefer the look of her suit or Crying Wolf's but I guess whats on the inside counts. (H)

She is one slippery customer and is only detectable with your NV Eye, otherwise you might find yourself walking into a trap!


Derived from the camouflage and name of Decoy Octopus, the P90 submachine gun and tentacles of Solidus Snake and the emotion of
The Joy (The Boss).

Part of the Metal Gear Series.

In 2014, the world is in chaos, the "War Economy" plunging the world into never-ending battle. This fuels the need for Private Military Companies, the five largest of which (together rivalling the power of the entire US Army) are owned by a single mother company, Outer Heaven, with Liquid Ocelot at the helm. Liquid Ocelot, a fusion of Liquid Snake's consciousness with that of Revolver Ocelot, is once again set on world domination and Solid Snake, now suffering advanced accelerated aging, is dispatched as a personal favor to Roy Campbell to assassinate him. This is Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

The voice actors are displayed here as the entry for each member.

Interesting Note: The Beauty and the Beast Unit (aka BB Corps or SNAKEHOUND) in MGS4 have traits, weapons or fighting styles similar to multiple past bosses in the Metal Gear series. Where it is relevant, I have placed a picture of the past boss that relates to the new one. I have done the same for the obvious connection for Liquid Ocelot and Vamp; aswell as a minor comparison with Naomi.

Metal Gear Series Characters

Cyborg Ninja
The Patriots
Metal Gear Models

Metal Gear Adversaries

The Mercenaries (MG & MG2:SS)
The Rogue FOUXHOUND Unit (MGS)
The Sons of Liberty (MGS2)
The Groznyj Grad Elites (MGS3)
The Renegade FOX Unit (MGS:PO)
Outer Heaven (II) (MGS4)

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