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Added by PvtCaboose91 on 9 Feb 2015 01:03
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TV Shows Viewed in 2015

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Viewed: All seasons

I cannot believe it took me so long to watch this animated classic. I blind bought the DVD box set after hearing great things from friends, and I've never looked back. It's funny and witty.

Viewed: Season 1

I wasn't crazy about Agents of Shield, but luckily this show is a whole lot better. It's such an obvious idea for a TV show, it's a wonder why it took so long to be made. This is a great period series in the same vein as the first Captain America

Viewed: Season 8

At last, this classic show has returned with a vengeance, with the brand new season 8 airing on Netflix. It's definitely getting a bit old, but I still have fun with every episode.

Season 9
Season 9 is the funniest season of this show in a long time. It's business as usual, but the various story developments are side-splitting, Ricky is still a hilarious buffoon, and the ensemble are all extremely funny. I laughed frequently throughout this season, and look forward to the next.

Viewed: Seasons 1, 2 and 3

I really hate myself for taking so long to watch this. After I saw The Imitation Game, I was in the mood for more Cumberbatch, and pulled out the Sherlock Blu-ray sets I bought ages ago that I never watched. And it only took me a few days to binge my way through them. Superb television!

Viewed: All seven episodes

Truly superb Australian television. The extensive Gallipoli campaign has never been properly explored in film before, but it's such obvious fodder for a miniseries that it's frankly astounding it took so bloody long. Thank goodness this series is worth the wait. The production detail is bloody astounding, and there's a sense of authenticity from the very first frame. It's well-written and well-executed, and - as someone who has read the Les Carlyon Gallipoli book and served in the army - I was very happy with it.

Viewed: Season 7

Yeah, this show definitely jumped the gun by transporting to the year 2017 for season 7, but after a few awkward episodes it settles back into the old-school Parks and Rec groove and provides some very entertaining final episodes. I loved the finale, it closed the show on a high note.

Viewed: Season 1

Breaking Bad is in my Top 5 favourite shows of all time, but even huge fans like myself can admit that the show didn't really pick up until season 2 or 3. Better Call Saul, however, hits the ground running. I'm all-in for this show, the first few episodes are better than I ever could have expected. I'll be tuning in every week.

Viewed: Season 1

The Flash is one of the best things currently on TV. The action and stories are rousing, and the show takes the time to really flesh out Barry Allen's backstory. I'll keep watching.

Viewed: Season 13

I still enjoy Family Guy quite a bit. It's definitely showing some signs of fatigue, but I'll be damned if I'm not joyed by every episode that comes out. The highlight of season 13, of course, was the crossover with The Simpsons that was mightily entertaining. I'll keep watching this show until it ends.

Viewed: Season 8

Yeah, this show is getting a bit old, but it's still pretty entertaining and amusing. Sheldon Cooper is still a great character. I've watched this far in, I might as well stick with it until it finishes.

Viewed: Season 2 + the special

The best episode of season 2 is the first episode, because it has Karl Pilkington. The rest of the episodes do not star Karl, and his absence is felt. Karl quit acting and didn't want to continue taking part in this show, and by all means it is his right. But perhaps it was a sign that season 2 was not a good idea. I would have been much happier if there was just a one-off special with Karl. It may seem odd to prattle on about Karl's absence, but he was the show's comedic centre. Without him, the show is too dramatic and often pretty drab. I didn't laugh much. The stuff with Kev is way too mean-spirited. Derek is an interesting show overall, but it's not one of Mr. Gervais' best creations. I can't imagine I'll return to it much, if ever.

Viewed: Season 1

Any new HBO show is worth a look, and True Detective is a real bloody standout. The cast is top-notch from top to bottom, with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson bringing their A-game to the amazing material. It's incredibly stylish as well, and the story just draws you in. It's riveting TV, and I doubt it will be topped anytime soon.

Viewed: All seasons

This is Ricky Gervais' best creation. The Office was good but got too dramatic towards the end, Life's Too Short was too inconsistent and not overly re-watchable, and Derek didn't entirely work. Extras is hilarious and enjoyable, on the other hand. It does get a bit dramatic, but not uncomfortably so. Its depiction of the film & TV industry is so astute. And seeing so many big stars willing to take the piss out of themselves is absolutely priceless. This show is fucking great!

Viewed: Seasons 1-3

I'm really digging this show so far. Of course, I got into it because of The Flash, and I'm pretty happy that I did. Rousing action scenes, some great characters, and great scripts. It's good quality viewing which further solidifies why I prefer to watch TV shows over movies these days.

Viewed: Season 1

As soon as this hit Netflix, it became a priority for me to binge through all thirteen episodes, which took up a big chunk of my weekend. No regrets. This show is amazing. Trust Marvel to do justice to the source material after the shoddy Ben Affleck adaptation many years back. It's the best superhero show on TV, much better than The Flash and Arrow. It's pretty much an R-rated series, and it's very adult, but still great television and very involving. It gives me hope that a violent Punisher show will come to Netflix soon... and I am SO in for season 2. The only thing I think could improve the show? Some "Daredevil Vision" shots.

Viewed: All seasons

The earlier seasons of HIMYM are amazing. Like everyone, I love Barney Stinson. I laughed a lot. I found each episode enormously enjoyable. But eventually, the quality just starts to decline. Season 8 is so-so, but season 9 becomes interminable. It's clear everybody was over it. Still, with the exception of season 9 and that fucking ending, this is a funny show and I do not regret seeing it at last.

Viewed: All seasons

I had only seen up until halfway through season 2 of the show, though I did see the Red Wedding and the season 3 finale too. But I didn't get the chance to catch up for a while, until I finally decided to sit down and binge through seasons 1-4, before getting into season 5. I'm glad I did finally catch up. It's a hugely engaging show with superb production values and an ideal cast. Plenty of sex and violence, too.

Viewed: Seasons 5&6

I had started watching Skins last year, watching seasons 1-4, and series 7. Thus, I figured I should dive into the show's third gen period with seasons 5&6. Series 5 was actually not too bad, as it remained fairly compelling, though the characters weren't as instantly iconic. But series 6? Godawful. The writers completely betray all of the characters, and the show becomes utterly naff. It was a chore to get through.

Viewed: Seasons 1&2 + The Xmas Special

I would say BoJack Horseman is the best show that nobody is watching. I only investigated after a few internet ads piqued my interest, and quickly found myself hooked. The satire of the entertainment industry is sharp and ever-reaching, and there are plenty of non-sequiturs and sly visual gags which pepper each episode to amplify the flavour. Naturally, the ensemble are great, too, and the teleplays give the voice actors plenty of witty lines to chew on. I'm enjoying it immensely. Bring on season 3!

Viewed: Season 3

One of my favourite TV shows finishes with a respectable, though not quite perfect third season. The budget cuts are obvious, but the show is still carried by superlative performances across the board, and the visuals are consistently eye-catching. But I'm not quite sure about that ending...

Viewed: Both Episodes

Colour me impressed. I've been told to watch this for so many years, and at last I have. It's compelling science fiction with surprisingly good special effects and production values, and I found myself getting invested in it. So yeah, next up: the four seasons of the show.

Viewed: All Seasons + Specials

What a superb series this turned out to be. I've been getting pressure to watch this for years, and now I can see why it's such a hot cult item. It's gripping science fiction, and it dabbles in human drama, mystery, politics, action - the works - and manages to do everything successfully. Seasons 3 & 4 aren't quite as good as the first two seasons, but I still love this show. It's a new favourite.

Viewed: Seasons 1-9 + specials (of the Revival)

Wow. Doctor Who. A show I've heard so much about for the past 10 years, and I keep seeing promos for, but never thought to actually check out...until now. The density of the program kept me away for a while, but with 2015 being the year that Cal gets into TV, this was a no-brainer. And my lord, what a journey this has been. I'll start with the Doctor. Christopher Eccleston is flawless, David Tennant is likewise flawless, Matt Smith IS the Doctor (his departure still saddens me), and Peter Capaldi is also terrific...though perhaps I'll like him more as time goes on and I adjust. This show has its bad episodes (Love & Monsters....), but it also has its masterpieces (Blink). It's fun sci-fi that has grown so much over the years, with the transition to HD bringing about noticeable advances in production value which ensure this series will stay relevant for years to come. And what about that 50th anniversary special? Wow.

I'm a Whovian now.

Viewed: Seasons 1&2

I really hate that I was a Columbo virgin until this year. And now I cannot wait to watch the rest of the seasons. What we have here is a selection of telemovies, mostly of a high quality, which are always enjoyable thanks to Peter Falk's ideal performance as Lt. Columbo. I'm having a ball with this show.

Seasons 3-9

After wetting my appetite, I frantically looked for more outlets to watch Columbo, and wound up watching up to Season 7 on Netflix, and renting some DVDs from the library. I love this show. I love Falk as Columbo and I love the structure. I love the "gotcha" moments. I love the humour. I will need to watch the rest of the series, but I might need to slow down and savour it.

Viewed: All 18 episodes

I'm now officially onboard the Freaks and Geeks bandwagon. On a whim, I bought the DVD, and on another whim, I gave it a whirl. What I experienced was 18 magical episodes, with plenty of heart and humour, plus Biff Tannen as the gym teacher! It's amazing to see all of these actors looking so freaking young, and the period recreation is spot-on. This show feels so real, and I got so into it. When the final fadeout occurred in the final episode, my heart sunk. I wish there was more, but at least we'll always have this perfect season to treasure.

Viewed: Seasons 1&2

I'm glad I finally got around to binging through this series. With other great comedy shows having come to an end, and with The Big Bang Theory hanging around like a bad smell, there aren't many good TV comedies out there...except for Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Exceptionally cast, with sharp writing and superb characters, the show is consistently bright and enjoyable. I'll be watching this show right through to the end.

Viewed: Series 2

Finding out about a new series of The Moaning of Life was like Christmas come early. Karl is moving progressively out of the spotlight, so we must cherish everything this bald-headed mank twat does. Luckily, Series 2 does not disappoint. I still prefer seeing him put in uncomfortable positions and being poked with a stick (a la An Idiot Abroad), but his imagination is still hilarious when he's confronted with odd things.

Viewed: Season 1

Jessica Jones is not as good as Daredevil, but only because it's not Daredevil. Comparisons aside, this is another standout show for the folks at Netflix, a compelling real-life superhero story driven by enthralling characters and a fascinating narrative through-line. It's not as bright or as colourful as a typical Marvel outing, but it's by no means dour, mixing in a suitable amount of superhero action whilst keeping the show believable. And deary me, this show is violent and most certainly not suitable for children. David Tennant absolutely kills it in a villainous role, though he's almost too likeable, but then again this creates a riveting character dynamic. The two days it took to binge through Jessica Jones were extremely rewarding, and it's great to see more excellence coming from the Netflix/Marvel collaboration.

Viewed: Seasons 1&2

I don't love this show, but I have become enraptured by it. The characters grow on you, the production values are better than expected considering its origins, and it's cheesy but undeniably entertaining. I've got this far, I will be sticking with it until the very end.

Viewed: Seasons 1-3

This is another cult TV show I know I should have watched sooner, but the HD remaster made it impossible to put it off any longer. After watching one and a half seasons on Netflix, I swiftly purchased the Blu-ray set and have been happily chewing through ever since. There are some dire episodes (Space is notoriously terrible), but there are more hits than misses. Mulder and Scully are interesting characters played to perfection, and the stories are frequently compelling. Sign me up for more!

Viewed: Episodes 1-10

The Muppets is easily one of the better comedy shows on television, and it's precisely what I wanted from a new TV show featuring our favourite felt characters. The adult humour is frequently right on target, the celebrity cameos are a frequent source of amusement, and the faux mockumentary style really works. Apparently the show is being retooled, which is a damn shame, but at least we have these borderline perfect 10 episodes.

Viewed: Season 1

The only drawback of this show is that each episode is undeniably too short, with each running between 20 and 25 minutes. It keeps the pace taut, but it's not a satisfying weekly show. But if my only complaint is that there isn't enough of it, that's a pretty badass show. I consider this series to essentially be a four-hour sequel to Army of Darkness; it's incredibly gory, with its tongue firmly planted and cheek, and each episode serves up plenty of belly-laughs. Bruce Campbell slips back into his iconic role without missing a beat, and the reliance on practical effects is appreciated. Zombie shows are so trite these days, and Ash vs. Evil Dead is the perfect antithesis.

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