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Added by PreciousLittleNancy on 15 Jul 2012 08:50
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1 - Robert Downey Jr.!

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People who added this item 1097 Average listal rating (725 ratings) 6.3 IMDB Rating 6.6
Weird Science (1985)
as Ian.
This was the first RDJ movie saw before I knew who he was. I saw it in the early 90's. He plays a smarmy bully. Unfortunately, he didn't get my attention in this role so I didn't look for him in other movies.
People who added this item 2885 Average listal rating (1804 ratings) 7.1 IMDB Rating 7.3
Wayne Gale

I saw this shortly after it came out when I was flipping through channels one day. I didn't really like it. I can remember it being very popular. Mr. Downey didn't catch my eye.
People who added this item 1882 Average listal rating (1200 ratings) 5.4 IMDB Rating 5.8
Gothika (2003)
This is the 3rd RDJ movie I can remember seeing. I saw it back in 2006.

He was good in this role but not memorable so I still didn't seek him out in other roles.

I guess You could say I was a little let down that he wasn't the bad guy :P It was mysterious and it seemed he could've been at least one of them.

- He was constantly put off by women and his dates never lasted past the first one.
-The way they showed them on screen once where they were looking at their reflections and he was behind her. That was the same manner in which her husband stood earlier in the movie.
-Also the shots of him pinning her after he had told her that she had killed her husband. The shots just looked wrong, like he was raping her which is the plot of the movie.

Trivia: During a struggle scene, Robert broke Halle's arm.
People who added this item 5215 Average listal rating (3691 ratings) 7.5 IMDB Rating 7.9
Iron Man (2008)
This is the first time I noticed that Robert has some of the darkest most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.

Downey embodies Tony Stark. The hard-partying, arrogant, lovable bad boy is obviously a big part of Downey’s own persona, which is probably why he slips so effortlessly into Tony Stark’s shiny red rocket boots.

But it STILL didn't make me 'fall in love' with him as an actor so to speak. That was the movie In Dreams. :P:D

I liked him for being witty and a genius but his cocky arrogant side is immense. It seems like he's only one step away from becoming a 'super villain' instead of a 'super hero.' He seems like a character who get off on humiliating you and love to see you cry.


Christine Everheart: You've been called the Da Vinci of our time. What do you say to that?
Tony Stark: Absolutely ridiculous. I don't paint.
Christine Everheart: And what do you say to your other nickname, the Merchant of Death?
Tony Stark: That's not bad.

Tony Stark: Am I making you uncomfortable?
Virginia 'Pepper' Potts: Oh, no, I always forget to wear deodorant and dance with my boss in a room full of people I work with in a dress with no back.
Tony Stark: Well, you look great, you smell great. But I could fire you if that would take the edge off.
People who added this item 4150 Average listal rating (2758 ratings) 7.3 IMDB Rating 7.6
I love how he plays Sherlock Holmes. I love that he's such a great fighter and his brilliant deductions and he style of his speech. He's perfect for the role. He goes All OUT!!!

People who added this item 3752 Average listal rating (2532 ratings) 6.6 IMDB Rating 7
Iron Man 2 (2010)
Tony/RDJ would make a great Dungeon Master. Break out the whips chains and handcuffs. Master Stark. lol

Favorite lines:


Mrs. Hudson: [turning to Dr. John Watson] Doctor, you must get him to a sanatorium! For the past month, he's taken nothing but coffee, tobacco, and cocoa leaves. He never sleeps! I hear multiple voices, as if he's rehearsing a play.
Sherlock Holmes: Don't you have a goat that needs worming?
Mrs. Hudson: Ah, yes. Such fun. What would I do without you?

Dr. John Watson: You're drinking embalming fluid.
Sherlock Holmes: Yes! Care for a drop?
Dr. John Watson: You seem to be-
Sherlock Holmes: Excited?
Dr. John Watson: Manic. Verging on-
Sherlock Holmes: Ecstatic?
Dr. John Watson: Psychotic. I should have brought you a sedative.

Sherlock Holmes: It's so overt, it's covert!

Dr. John Watson: Will your beard be with us for the entire evening?

Sherlock Holmes: Lie down with me, Watson.
Dr. John Watson: Why?!
Sherlock Holmes: I insist.
Dr. John Watson: You... What are we doing down here?
Sherlock Holmes: We are waiting. I...am...smoking.

Madam Simza Heron: Can't you ride?
Dr. John Watson: It's not that he can't ride.How is it you put it holmes?
Sherlock Holmes: They're dangerous at both ends and crafty in the middle. Why would I want anything with a mind of its own bobbing about between my legs?

Sim: [Dancing with Holmes] I've never done this before.
Sherlock Holmes: Just follow my lead.

Sim: What do you see?
Sherlock Holmes: Everything. That is my curse.
People who added this item 2739 Average listal rating (1837 ratings) 6.5 IMDB Rating 7
as Kirk Lazarus
People who added this item 3933 Average listal rating (2730 ratings) 7.6 IMDB Rating 8
The Avengers (2012)
Favorite parts:

When they where on board the air ship and Tony zaps Banner trying to provoke him.

Favorite quotes: (((There are so many. Bare with me the making of this list and it's details are all in the making.))) That ENTIRE movie is full of great quotes.

"Dr. Banner, your work is unparalleled. And I'm a huge fan of the way you lose control and turn into an enormous green rage monster."

People who added this item 187 Average listal rating (112 ratings) 5.6 IMDB Rating 5.5
As Vivian Thompson he was magnificently disturbing and beautiful.

This movie was the tipping point for me. After I saw this, I sought out all of his movies I could get my hands on and fell in love with his beauty and talent like no other. For most of my life Johnny Depp was my favorite actor, until I saw what real talent looks like.
People who added this item 142 Average listal rating (84 ratings) 5.4 IMDB Rating 5.3
He had so much fake charm in the beginning of this movie. I couldn't believe how people would fall for him. I thought it was great that she brushed him off so many times. It pissed me off at the end of the movie when she came around he asked if she was playing with him. I guess he has a right to be dickish after he tried so hard to prove himself to her. She did walk away after that then he chased her...again.

He had a gap in his teeth in this movie!!! I couldn't believe it! But he still looked adorable. When I saw his teeth in recent movies I didn't think that he had had that sort of correction. They did look unnatural though, unnaturally white, unnaturally shaped. Next I saw him in Less Than Zero and was in awe at what those veneers had done for him. Unnaturally gorgeous.
People who added this item 300 Average listal rating (154 ratings) 6.4 IMDB Rating 6.5
His performance really surprised me in this movie. It's an old one and I didn't expect it to be that good. He played a coke addict who was trying to get clean. He was savagely gorgeous but some of it was hard to watch. He was really very good, it was disturbing.

Aside from that he was very energetic and fun though he did go through a lot of the movie trying to scheme money from people. From all the pretty actors that I've liked this actor again made me see what real beauty and talent look like. After seeing this I can finally say I understand all the hype that surrounded RDJ for the PAST 25 YEARS.

Favorite parts: In the club when he came up to Blair and Clay when they were making out. He puts his arms around them both and shouted, Blair who is that guy on your neck!

When he was teasing that little girl, he went on telling her how she's freezing him out and that she's a preteen hussy. He also said girls learn to do that at a young age and that they enjoy it just to steal some of her mothers jewelery.

People who added this item 1790 Average listal rating (1100 ratings) 7.2 IMDB Rating 7.5
People who added this item 91 Average listal rating (53 ratings) 4.9 IMDB Rating 4.6
as Leo
This is my favorite role of his. I LOVED him as Johnny's kooky insane energetic friend.

I love when him and Johnny would play fight, his facial expressions and how crazy he would talk. In every scene he's telling some crazy far fetched completely embellished story or all out lie. He's so fun and energetic here.

After reading repeatedly that he improvises heavily with many of his roles it got me thinking of how much improv he did here. The lines are just crazy enough for them to have come straight out of his head...
People who added this item 394 Average listal rating (249 ratings) 4.3 IMDB Rating 4.4
as Dr. Kozak

I was reluctant at first to watch this movie but then I saw he played a doctor and I thought, is it an evil doctor? That could be good. :P He was crazy weird and evil at the same time. I love to see him bad. Ever since I saw his role as the psychopath Vivian Thompson in the movie In Dreams, I live to see him bad.

Favorite quotes/parts:

I also found out on the full length dvd commentary that parts of my favorite lines Robert improvised.

(after injecting his boss with a drug)

"Lance, Lance I'm so sorry that I had to do this to you but I couldn't let you take all the credit again. ((plus you're a pig and I hate you. I hate you in so many ways.")) That last part improv, wasn't in the script. XD

Some people wanted Kozak to kill his boss but the studio thought it would be too dark for a kids film.

"No he's not dead, he's fully conscience but he's unable to speak. The doctors will think it's dementia. The drug itself will wear off in a few months ((but by then I'll be CEO and I will be fabulously, insanely, unimaginably wealthy.")) Last part also added by him.

"I'm sorry you're a dog, I am. Also, very, sorry that you won't be leaving here alive. People will be wondering where you disappeared to. Then again, dogs do wonder off. None the less before, you die, we're going to want to run some tests on you. Einee meeni cut you, hurt you, ow, your nose is coming off because we just don't understand how you turned into him. I'm very excited." "We're going to have to work on that attitude when I get back."

This ENTIRE scene was improvisation and was also controversial because his dialogue ran dark for a Disney film.

It's amazing that all of my favorite lines of his came directly out of his head...He was mean, oh so mean. He couldn't get anymore mean for a Disney villain threatening to chop you up. lol
People who added this item 75 Average listal rating (37 ratings) 6.2 IMDB Rating 6
As Jimmy Parker
Favorite parts:

His friend Morgan was being terrorized by a group of guys at school. One day he sees their car and runs. The car chases him down and corners him. But the person we see get out of the car isn't any of the guys that bullied him, it was RDJ's character, Morgan's friend just playing a joke on him. That was heinous if you ask me but I liked it.
People who added this item 1532 Average listal rating (999 ratings) 6.2 IMDB Rating 6.5
as Peter Highman

Ethan was SOOOO ANNOYING!!! I could hardly stand it. I felt so bad for Peter's (Robert's) character. I can say that I would not have went back after I left him that one time. With Ethan being so hard to take hearing Peter threaten him made it all worthwhile. XD

favorite parts/quotes:

When That little boy annoys him and he punches the kid out. Then the little girl stares at him and and he asks "What?"
And she said 'Nothing."
And he says, "Nothing is right."

(to the dog)
"Sonny you will be sorely missed you little bat faced piece of shit."

(Peter negotiating the conditions of him letting Ethan ride with him and his friend.)
"Number one is if you ask me a single question I'm going to flip out on you. So don't do that. Do you understand? Two, If you fall asleep for any reason other then you are in a bed and it's nighttime I will disembowel you."

(Peter couldn't drive because he was on Vicodin so he told Ethan to drive.)
"I will tell you this. If you blink, if you even look like you're dozing let alone fall asleep I'm going to put hands on you. Choke you out with your own scarf. Wrap that thing around you and choke you the fuck out, promise."
People who added this item 260 Average listal rating (187 ratings) 6.2 IMDB Rating 6.7
as Derek Lutz
People who added this item 339 Average listal rating (223 ratings) 5.3 IMDB Rating 5.8
Air America (1990)
as Billy Covington
People who added this item 783 Average listal rating (463 ratings) 6.8 IMDB Rating 7
as Nathan Gardner

Nathan to Charlie - "PARK IT CHUCK."

Nathan to Charlie - "Some of us are privileged enough to vent to you in the boys room stall and the rest of us have to settle for less then conventional methods like a bottle of booze and a hand gun." (Shoots gun) "I'm sorry. I'm not putting you on edge with my behavior am I?"

He did very well playing the school principal and the heart broken and protective dad. The casting for his daughter was enormously accurate. A dark haired pale beauty with voluptuous lips and teeth strikingly similar to his back in his Pick up Artist, Tuff Turff and Back to School days circa 1985-1987.
People who added this item 344 Average listal rating (203 ratings) 6.2 IMDB Rating 6.5
Only You (1994)
as Peter Wright

After all the characters I've seen him play, the love interest is the weak one. His cost star Marisa Tome had no trouble convincing me that she was in love with him. When Robert reciprocated it just doesn't come off as sincere.

He does exceptionally well with characters that are: arrogant, cold, brilliant, hard, power hungry, mean, witty, volatile, professional, one's who suffer, a complete goofball, or a psychopath.
People who added this item 657 Average listal rating (392 ratings) 6.8 IMDB Rating 7.3
Wonder Boys (2000)
as Terry Crabtree
People who added this item 61 Average listal rating (20 ratings) 4.7 IMDB Rating 3.6
Wtf was that?
People who added this item 704 Average listal rating (476 ratings) 5.6 IMDB Rating 6.4
Bowfinger (1999)
as Jerry Renfro

Notice: Not enough RDJ :P He had like 5 minutes of screen time but over all it was an entertaining goofy movie.
People who added this item 213 Average listal rating (140 ratings) 6.5 IMDB Rating 7

as Thomas Reilly
This movie was really surprising in both how enjoyable it was and how great he was in it (Which wasn't all that surprising, he's amazing every movie he's in but not every movie he's in is so, well, amazing.) :P

I loved when he was in his business meeting and the spirit of one of the ladies took over his body and he poured himself all over 2 of his male co workers. He moved so sensual and fun.
People who added this item 677 Average listal rating (355 ratings) 7.6 IMDB Rating 7.7
Just as TERRIBLE as Love and Distrust but with one amusing scene :P The scene is where he plays a husband who is a photographer and his morbid photo shoot includes him painting his wife up to look like she's been beat up and killed.
People who added this item 229 Average listal rating (127 ratings) 5.5 IMDB Rating 5.9
Lucky You (2007)
People who added this item 93 Average listal rating (44 ratings) 5.8 IMDB Rating 5.5

as Blake

He is phenomenal in this movie!!! He makes me hate his character but be concerned for him at the same time. By the end he had me in tears. :'( However, no matter how right the women where in interrogating him, eventually it got to be grating on my nerves. That makes it loose it's repeat viewing appeal.

I just read that he improvised much of his character here. His improvisation seems to have a link to roles that are favorites of mine and or roles he's particularly brilliant in. I'd probably fall over dead if I found out just how much of Vivian Thompson he improvised.

People who added this item 130 Average listal rating (85 ratings) 6.7 IMDB Rating 6.4

As Alex Finch

Another really great part for him but I was dissatisfied with the story. To me, she should've wanted to stay with the re-incarnation of her husband.

She wasn't able to get over him since he had died and he came back the same person. It didn't seem like either of them changed however, that was the said reason why she didn't want to be with him anymore which I think is crap. They showed how 'strange' them as a couple looked in public which I think is also a crock of shit. The story is about 2 souls destined to be together reconnecting, not how them as human beings look on the outside. It would've been right for them to be together.

The angle of him and his daughter being attracted to each other was however, very amusing.
People who added this item 662 Average listal rating (461 ratings) 6.1 IMDB Rating 6.5
as Special Agent John Royce

I put off watching this one but it turned out that I was so impressed with it!

He played his role superb with a great twist. I don't know if I saw the twist coming or if it was just wishful thinking. I wanted him to be the bad guy and it didn't disappoint.
People who added this item 189 Average listal rating (106 ratings) 5.9 IMDB Rating 5.5
as Dan Dark

Downey is ferociously good, filled with rage and scorching the paint off the walls, and it's disturbing.

"Yeah, Downey is great in this; he goes from a sick, vicious, venomous invalid in the first half to a slightly-less sick, more charming, more frightening nut case in the second half. More frightening, as he becomes less insane? Absolutely. In the first half of the movie, you know what he will do--he's going to break every bone in your body, if he could just get past the pain enough to lever himself out of bed. In the second half, he is a gentler lunatic, still lashing out, but also experiencing moments of dotty clarity; he is picking up pieces of his own broken mind and saying "Oooh. Look at that." Watching the expressions flicker across Downey's face is amazing. There is a moment when his wife says something to him, something innocent which still brings up a flare of insanity. You see a blaze of fear and paranoia, an "Uh oh, what am I doing?" moment, then a forced calm as he reminds himself that he shouldn't follow that impulse." -Amazon Review

I LOVE it when he breaks the 4th wall.

Dan Dark: When you're dealing with the devil praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

Dan Dark: You get a load of that? Murder, he says. I call it...pruning.
People who added this item 155 Average listal rating (102 ratings) 6.4 IMDB Rating 6.6
Soapdish (1991)
as David Seton Barnes

David: You're fired.
costume designer: Oh god.
David: Just kidding

I didn't like how he was Montana Moorehead's bitch, but I'd rather see him going around making everyone else HIS bitch lol. He was adorable and portrayed his character very well as someone manipulative and generally slimy but also flamboyant which I LOVE too see. He did a little dance and waved his hand in the air and snapped his fingers, that was great. XD
People who added this item 169 Average listal rating (93 ratings) 6.5 IMDB Rating 6.6

as Tommy Larson

OMG I fell in love with his character in this movie! From his entrance of sneaking into his mothers house the night before Thanksgiving and ripping the covers off his sister and taking Polaroids of her. He's so absolutely crazy in this movie. It reminded me of his character Leo from Johnny be Good.

Jodie Foster who directed and did commentary for the dvd said most of what his character said and did was improvised.
He improvised on what he said when he danced with his mother;
when he told the graphic embellished story of when his friend had a broken nose;
when his sister got out of the car upset with him. He yells at her to get her skinny little ass back here;
when she touched the door handle to go back in he sped off then slammed on the breaks and came back.

She was talking on the side of the road with a former classmate and he kept speeding passed them with the music blasting going back and forth and slamming on the breaks and honking. Love how he calls her babe.

He tells her seriously to come back in the car and that they have to go but just as she touches the door knob he speeds off again. I love how he plays around.

Jodie said Downey would play his character always going 5 inches too far and that was why he fit so well as the character of Tommy.
There where SO MANY great screen caps but I focused on him and his sister for the collage.
as Jerry

I LOVE when he pretends to be a record executive. How he dances around the office and kicks a globe and the boy catches it like he can give him the world. He puts a rose in his mouth dances around some more and throws it to the boy and then give his hand to him, pulls him up and dances with him and they throw things around his office. Then he sits at his desk seriously and says;

"Do you have any idea what its like to sit in this chair day after day, night after night morning after morning trying to desperately be a creative catalyst in a town brimming with neurotic no talent nitwits!"

Then he starts climbing onto his desk further indulging that hopeful boy.

"Then, you, come in here with that music, with that hair...what color is that baby?" I was floored when he called him baby. XD XD XD
He had a very small part but what he did with it places it at the top of my favorite performances of his.
People who added this item 91 Average listal rating (52 ratings) 5.6 IMDB Rating 5.8
1969 (1988) (1988)
as Ralph
People who added this item 183 Average listal rating (93 ratings) 7.1 IMDB Rating 7.4
Richard III (1995)
as Lord Rivers

I'm not a fan of Shakespearean style speaking. I was floored when I saw him and Annette Benning again. They were also in the the movie In Dreams together. I barely got 10 screen caps before he got killed though but made it easy to do a collage though.
as Dito
People who added this item 3419 Average listal rating (2189 ratings) 7.2 IMDB Rating 7.7
Zodiac (2007)
as Paul Avery

I've stared to watch this one so may times. I finally got through it.

Paul Avery: Jesus Harold Christ on rubber crutches, Bobby, what are you doing? You're doing that thing. The thing that we discussed, the thing that I don't like, starts with an L...
Robert Graysmith: Oh, looming.
People who added this item 50 Average listal rating (27 ratings) 5.9 IMDB Rating 5.9
as Steven Schwimmer

Quotes and conversations about him before he even shows up:

"This man's taken over my mind. He's in my head and I can't get rid of him. I can't write one word without imagining what his response is going to be."

"Steven Schwimmer, the exterminating angel ready to strike."

Elliott: This from a critic who lives like a fallen monk who's very address is a carefully guarded secret.
Waiter: A critic who has to disguise himself.
Nicky: What do you mean?
Waiter: To go to the theater, you know wear's make up and padding.
Nicky: Why?
Waiter: Cuz he's so deeply hated by so many people in the business.
Elliott: He has to disguise himself Nicky
Waiter: Yeah for his own safety and piece of mind.

I liked how he was a dark cloud looming in most of this movie. I was expecting to see something really crazy as far as him disguising himself. He did wear a very odd gray almost Afro like wig. While wearing crazy wig, was able to seduce the main character's (Nicky's) daughter.

The only thing I don't understand is when Nicky stormed into his house to shoot him why he didn't just grab his gun that must've been at his feet, he just ran and hid lol. It could've got really ugly.

Instead of running and hiding I could I imagine Steven grabbing his gun and swiftly hiding them both around a corner. Then when Nicky starts yelling at him for his to show him self and fires his gun then his daughter would yell, Dad! Steven would look over at her shocked and realize he could use this to his advantage. He'd come out with the gun to her head demanding Nicky put his gun on the floor. I guess I was expecting Agent John Royce to come out :P (U.S. Marshals)
People who added this item 108 Average listal rating (52 ratings) 5 IMDB Rating 4.9
as Terry Donager
People who added this item 137 Average listal rating (90 ratings) 5.3 IMDB Rating 5.7
as Clyde Pell
People who added this item 46 Average listal rating (20 ratings) 5.5 IMDB Rating 5.2

as Franz Mazur

Quotes: "I'm off like a dirty shirt." -Franz

Franz to Minerva, Hugo's mother; "Don't worry mother I won't consume you daughters pouch. It's you I will consume shortly."

Franz to Hugo: "I like it that your including your mother in your work. Is she a gift for me?" -Franz

Franz to Hugo: "Your momma's sure lovely. I wish she were my momma."

Hugo: "What is the matter with you?"
Franz: "You don't know what it's like not to have anybody. I want to be part of your family. Is that ok?"

Franz to Hugo: "I'm bewitched by your mama."

The actress who plays Minerva, Hugo's mom, is the same actress who plays Montana Moorehead on Soapdish (1991). Roberts' character was bewitched by her in that movie as well. I have an urge to watch Soapdish again.
People who added this item 23 Average listal rating (11 ratings) 5.5 IMDB Rating 4.6
Danger Zone (1996)
as Jim Scott
People who added this item 36 Average listal rating (12 ratings) 6.5 IMDB Rating 6.2

as Lee

"Where are the cookies. I must have the cookies."
People who added this item 1184 Average listal rating (875 ratings) 6.1 IMDB Rating 6.8
Ally McBeal (1997)
as Larry Paul
People who added this item 60 Average listal rating (34 ratings) 6 IMDB Rating 6.7
True Believer (1989)
as Rodger Baron

It's not a stand out role for Downey but it was a good story.
People who added this item 927 Average listal rating (534 ratings) 7.5 IMDB Rating 7.6
Chaplin (1992)

As Chaplin
It took me so long to actually get around to watching this. Is it that I thought it would be bad? Is it that I didn't trust Mr. Downey not to bore me? :P At this juncture, that's ridiculous. I've read nothing but great things about it. However I also know almost nothing about the real Charlie Chaplin. Regardless of that he gave an out standing performance, succeeding once again in making a character unique and bringing it to life. I enjoyed the delicate way he spoke. He kept my attention and I even learned a bit about Chaplin in the end. :D

What was also fun about this movie is all the familiar faces I saw in it. There was Anthony Hopkins, David Duchovny, Dan Arkroyd and Mila Jovovich.
Also Elizabeth Shue who was with him in Heart and Souls (1993)and Soapdish(1991).
Geraldine Chaplin who he later joined in Home for the Holidays(1995).
James Woods who was also in True Believer.(1989)
People who added this item 1105 Average listal rating (830 ratings) 7.4 IMDB Rating 8.5

Welcome to my obsession list.

Robert Downey Jr. edition. :P

[This list is in order of the first movie I seen him in to the most recent.]

(In the making)

There are so many actors who's filmography I've explored after having been impressed by one of their roles. Roberts Filmography has been the most exciting filmography I've ever watched. Johnny Depp used to be my favorite since Edward Sissorhands but since then he's been in so many craptastic movies and his acting has been less then memorable. :(
Not every movie Robert's been in has been great, but he almost always makes his part unique and stand out.
Robert is just so free and so comfortable in himself and what he can do. It's been said that if you are directing him, say what you want him to do and then let him do what he wants to do. I'd watch any of his movies.

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