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Added by Ashley Winchester on 25 Jun 2013 11:49
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AW's Favorite Game Characters

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Battle Arena Toshinden - PlayStation

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Duke B. Rambert

Yes, I know some reading are probably snickering that I would choose - and let alone start - a list of my favorite characters with some of the cardboard cutout personas from the short-lived Battle Arena Toshinden series, but I do not feel guilty as I really like some of these characters. Nostalgia DOES play a big part in that, but I am drawn to Duke B. Rambert due in part to his backstory. Prior to the opening the game, Duke was a proud Frenchman who had COMPLETE confidence in his swordsmanship until he was bested by Eiji Shinjo in a duel. Since that point Duke has been OBBESSED with the idea of defeating his rival.

I think the thing that attracts me to Duke is his obsession with defeating Eiji. Everyone has overly focused on something in their life at one point or another to an erroneous level. It should be mentioned that Duke DID defeat Eiji during the first tournament, but some of the more story driven versions of Battle Arena Toshinden (like on the Saturn) have story arcs where he becomes aware of his follies in the manner I spoke of. However, it's Duke's actions during the second game, and his love/hate relationship with the organizer Uranus that really solidifies his character to me.

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When it comes to the characters in Battle Arena Toshinden I think many people are drawn towards Ellis due to her relatively innocent looks. Yeah, that kind of changes the second she slices you with her dirks in battle but then there is her backstory (her search for her father who was believed to have perished with the rest of her family) that really helps the general likability along. Her father is revealed to be one of the other characters in the game but she is left with some rather unresolved feelings towards him at the conclusion of the tournament. This changes a bit at the outset of the second game when her father is marked for death and she aims to prevent his assassination. The fact that she is scantily clothed doesn't hurt either.
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Brave Fencer Musashi - PlayStation

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The star of what is perhaps the most underrated 32-bit offering from Squaresoft on the PlayStation, Musashi is no Zelda-killer. Of course, anyone with a brain would know that while Brave Fencer Musashi obviously takes and shares elements from the Zelda series, it was never a real attempt to usurp power from the Nintendo powerhouse. One game (Ocarina of Time) is a system seller, the other... well, most people bought it just to gain access to the dumbass Final Fantasy VIII demo.

To me it is downright sad that this is the extent of Brave Fencer Musashi's purpose to some people because I can't for the life of me love this game and the world within it any more than I already do. Brave Fencer Musashi has an extremely clever sense of humor that the game takes all the way to the bank. At the center of this is Musashi who can dish out the insults just as quickly as he takes them. Still, as much as I enjoy Musashi's exuberance in this game, the sequel Samurai Legend Musashi just squanders everything I loved about the character and the series.
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Breath of Fire III - PlayStation

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While I could have placed more of Breath of Fire III's characters on this list, I personally thought I should focus on Garr. Why Garr? Well, for as many times as I played through the game in my youth the surprising and profound nature of Garr's relationship with Ryu during the second half of the game is astounding. Such an observation only hit me the last time I played the game, not the previous playthroughs, meaning there can be new things to discover even in games we think we know backwards and forwards. Given the game's tagline, most know that Breath of Fire III doesn't really try to challenge most of the preconceptions of the J-RPG genre, but it remains an ever solid game that interested parties should definitely play.
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Breath of Fire IV - PlayStation

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Because of the quote unquote "hack-job" Capcom did when they localized Breath of Fire IV, Scias is an INSANELY misunderstood character to most of those outside of Japan. First of all, in the Japanese original Scias does NOT STUTTER when he talks... he SLURS his speech. Second, Scias does NOT have a BRAVERY PROBLEM... he's actually an ALCHOLOIC which explains the slurred speech. It's a REAL shame these details where glossed over because they make the character THAT MUCH MORE INTETESTING. Easily one of the most "bungled" characters I've ever come across, judge Sicas on the way he was MEANT to be portrayed... not the way he WAS portrayed by big wigs looking to keep the ESRB rating on the game more family friendly because of financial pressures.
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C2: Judgment Clay - Super famicom and SNES

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Despite the fact I'm a sucker for it based on the sole fact it's marketing was based on a Terminator 2 parody (Terminator 2 being one of my FAVORITE all time movies) C2: Judgment Clay is kind of a sucky game. Because it's the kind of game that only has value because of the loving embrace of nostalgia, it should surprise NO ONE that I love Hoppy since he's the continuation of the aforementioned parody. Well, I DO like Bad Mr. Frosty as well... and Blob... and okay I guess I like Nana Man too. Nana!
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First of all, that is one AWESOME piece of artwork. Second, despite being a professional artist, Ayami Kojima got the proportions of Hector's body COMPLETELY WRONG. It doesn't ruin the piece for me, but it is kind of funny.

Anyway, when I'm honest with myself I don't really have a good reason as to why I added Hector to this list. The game doesn't really give Hector much of a personality. It IS interesting that as a Devil Forgemaster he once worked for Dracula but beyond that he's just a goody goody trying to turn over a new leaf. There IS the whole revenge against Issac thing but to me it never felt like those battles really defined Hector as a character. Because of this I guess some could see Hector as a lousy protagonist - but I don't really see it that way. Curse of Darkness is just a decent game with a mess of identity issues - Hector is just a victim of that.

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Trevor Belmont

Known as "Ralph" in Japan (wtf guys?) many people were rather displeased with the over-the-top portrayal of Trevor Belmont in Curse of Darkness. As for my opinion? Dude, I just freaking loved it... Curse of Darkness just brought this character from the Nintendo days (Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse) to life in a fashion that I just ate up. The only thing that displeases me about Trevor is how one of the fights against him is fixed... it doesn't matter how good you are at fighting and dodging his moves (which I am REALLY good at) the end result is always the same. Easily one of my FAVORITE members of the Belmont clan.
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I'm not going to spend a lot of time talking about Alucard because most people probably saw this selection coming a mile away. However, I list Alucard under Symphony of the Night - despite the fact he was in some previous games like Castlevania III - because this is the game that gives us the take on the character we've all come to know and love.

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Richter Belmont

Seriously, Richter's description in the Symphony of the Night manual (were it claims he "pushed Dracula to the brink") is enough to make him cool... but Richter really shows off his awesomeness with his item crashes. Most people point to the Holy Water crash due to its usefulness but I personally love the knife crash as it proves to be powerful in some rather surprising ways. Of course, many players outside of Japan were introduced to Richter in Dracula X on the SNES, a very weak (and surprisingly expensive) game based on the original Rondo of Blood but people can easily check out Rondo - and it's somewhat disappointing remake - on the PlayStation Portable in the Dracula X Chronicles package for a more than affordable price.
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Croc and the Gobbos

While I have to admit that my recent playthrough of Croc: Legend of the Gobbos has informed me of why the game isn't a true PS1 gem that got buried in the past for some unfair reason, I DO have to admit that Croc and his furry Gobbo friends are pretty likable characters. The game and the voice acting for these characters - limited as it may be - does bring them to life to a rather fair degree and makes it kind of a shame that the series faded away. In the right hands Croc and the Gobbos could have been more than just a footnote in the evolution of the platformer during the 32/64 bit era.
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Dixie Kong

I was going to put Dixie AND Diddy Kong as they make up my favorite Kong team in my favorite DKC title, but I think Dixie deserves the nod for being the better half of the duo. I mean WHERE do you start? The helicopter spin alone makes her so versatile and THEN she whips out a guitar and plays a little ditty at the end of a completed stage. The ONLY thing that Dixie outright FAILS AT is having the worst rolling attack out of the four playable Kongs. Sure, it's a drawback but she easily makes up with it with sheer style.
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DOOM - PC Games

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The Stranded Marine a.k.a. "the Doomguy"

It simply bewilders me how such a simple and silent character as the Doomguy can invoke intense feelings of being in the deepest of trenches against the beings of hell. As most gamers know Doom and it's sequels didn't have much of a story (which is why I give the movie adaptation everyone but myself seems to hate so much leeway) but these games didn't need much story. Why? Because you were the Doomguy! It was either kill or be killed... no further explanation was necessary. While I like games and characters with layered narratives and purposes, it's games like Doom that remind us that we sometimes get too entangled in these kinds of trappings. A massive amount of context is not always needed or even necessary... sometimes all you need is a shotgun and a pocket full of shells. Having a BFG9000 and a ton of energy cells doesn't hurt either....
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Final Fantasy VIII - PlayStation

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Selphie Timlitt

Booyaka! (No one's using it!) Okay, but seriously who were you expecting me to list from Final Fantasy VIII? Squall? Rinoa? Pfff... those are two characters I can't stand and their "love" is an absolute joke. However, I should probably mention that Selphie IS the kind of character I would typically HATE in a game (she sings about trains while on a train for God's sake...) but for SOME reason Selphie works for me as a character. I can't really explain it, I think it has a lot to do with her outfit and choice of weapon. The fact that's she's such an odd ball choice for me just makes her more appealing.
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Final Fantasy IX - PlayStation

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Freya Crescent

Beyond Kuja and Quina (the he/she isn't THAT bad) Final Fantasy IX is full of characters that I generally like. Be that as it may, Freya Crescent is easily my favorite out of all of those involved in the game's narrative. It's really hard to explain why - and to explain how she manages to edge out someone like Vivi - but it's pretty much a three pronged attack between her move set (I love Reis' Wind early on for some reason), the fact she's a Dragoon (which doesn't really help earlier characters like Kain in my case) and her tragic love with Sir Flatley which her theme by Nobuo Uematsu captures perfectly.
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Killer Instinct - Super famicom and SNES

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Cinder (originally known as Meltdown)

You want to know how much I like Cinder? Even after all these years I'm STILL PISSED that Rare had Glacius kill him off in the first game. However, when I'm honest about it my fondness for Cinder IS kind of a mystery. I'm not sure why the fact that he's a convict fighting for his freedom interests me, and then there's the fact he's the easiest character in the game to actually master. Because of this he often gets left behind in the dust when people start learning how to play as one of the game's infinitely better characters. It's probably nostalgia combined with a little pity I guess. Cinder also teaches us when someone offers you early release from prison in exchange for using your body as a bio-chemical research tool you should just say no. Hear that kids, just say no to being a guinea pig....
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Legend of Legaia - PlayStation

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Gala (last name withheld...)

You know, I found it rather surprising how much of an attachment I had towards Gala when I was picking characters to place on this list. As a game Legend of Legaia succeeds at many things... but I never really thought it truly excelled at characterization. Well, that's a rather misleading statement... there are a few moments where Gala's character does manage to pop off the screen but it's generally the things that don't relate to the story that make me like Gala more than Noa or Vahn.

When the player first gets to play as Gala he is obviously the most limited member of the team. Far from being speedy and having an insanely small command bar Vahn and Noa overshadow him for a good portion of the game. When the player starts closing in on the end of the game Gala arguably becomes the best character, who you will want on the front lines thrashing anything and everything. From a statistical standpoint Gala just seems to grow the most as a character and it proves to be most rewarding. Also, it doesn't hurt that he looks ABSOLUTELY AWESOME when decked out in his final Ra-Seru armor and weapons. If I was a Seru he'd be the last guy I'd screw with....
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Mega Man - Famicom and NES

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Mega Man

Those that know me might be a little surprised at what I have to say about Mega Man. Yes, Mega Man is an INSANELY important character to me - SO important that he easily eclipsed Mario in my personal hierarchy. To most people that would be a very difficult thing to imagine... but at the same time I just like Mega Man's successor Mega Man X that much more. X's ability to think and feel for himself ultimately adds another dimension to that character that the original Mega Man is suppost to lack but sometimes doesn't. However, before you think that alone makes X a better character it should be noted that Capcom has gotten themselves in trouble with the difference between Mega Man and X and there's simply a character that demolishes X in the character department. Who is that you may ask? Read the next entry to find out!
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Mega Man X - Super famicom and SNES

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Mega Man X

As was stated above, I generally like Mega Man X more than the original Mega Man (both gamewise and personality wise) but the fact is Capcom has gotten themselves into a little bit of hot water with X over the years. X's hesitation towards violence is actually a rather clever story point in disguise... but when that plot point becomes an actual hindrance in a game (Mega Man X7) it becomes major-league lame. But X faces another problem...

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...and that problem is Zero. Sorry to say it (no, I'm not) but the fact is Zero is just like ten times cooler than Mega Man X could ever hope to be. When you really think about it, it's ironic that Zero (the character Inafune intended to be the hero of the Mega Man X series from the beginning) actually became more popular than the series main protagonist anyway, so Keiji got his wish in the end.

Also, if you're wondering if I'm interested in Zero beyond his place in the Mega Man X universe (say the Mega Man Zero games) no, I could really care less.
Ashley Winchester's rating:
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Mega Man X4 - PlayStation
Despite being an already excellent game, Mega Man X4 introduces players to what are some of the most pivotal characters/antagonists in the franchise. Well, pivotal as far as a Mega Man game is concerned....

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Magma Dragoon

Okay, you just have to love Magma Dragoon. Hell, the guy is just a big Street Fighter reference rolled into one character. Throwing fire from his hands like Hadokens and having a necklace much like that raging demon Akuma, Dragoon reminds us why we love these characters so much. However, he is much more than a silly parody, Dragoon is the first maverick boss in the series that gets his hands dirty beyond just being a boss. His betrayal of the hunters makes his battle against X and Zero much more personal and well, if you know WHY Magma Dragoon did what he did (this changes slightly depending on who you play the game as) you even find out he's a little bit of a tragic character. Yeah, his death doesn't mean too much in the scheme of things but those that think about it will realize it's a very interesting event.

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It's difficult to explain why Iris is such an important entity in the Mega Man X universe without COMPLETELY ruining it for those who haven't played Mega Man X4 and beyond. In the most simplistic of terms Iris and the following two characters are noteworthy because of pathos that surrounds them... they are truly the victims of circumstance even if they aren't completely innocent. Additionally, to those that have played the game, you may want to read up on Iris and her brother... there are some interesting plot points the game itself fails to explain.

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The same deal that applies to Iris above pretty much applies to her brother, the Colonel. However, as stated above the Colonel isn't as innocent as Iris is. Basically he's another victim of circumstance. I personally love the Aussie-like accent his voice actor brings to the table even though X4's VA is pretty bad.

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Outside the fact they weren't really creative with the names of these guys, the third time is the charm for the misdirected. The deal with Iris and Colonel also goes for General but with the added benefit of redemption though selfless sacrifice. Seriously, if you haven't played the game play it already :P
Ashley Winchester's rating:
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Mega Man Legends - PlayStation

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Mega Man Volnutt

I may have spoken too soon when I said that Mega Man X was my favorite incarnation of Mega Man. It's true that Mega Man Volnutt is a goody-goody through and through but the fact he headlines the criminally underrated Mega Man Legends series - you know, that series of games many Mega Man "fans" chastised for "not being Mega Man games" because they weren't side-scrollers. Sorry, I know I should probably try and stay objective on this one but the hate for the Legends games just pisses me off to no end when they offered an insanely rich and detailed world full of lovable characters.

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Roll Casket (I don't think those legs are long enough Capcom...)

To be honest, it's not hard to see why Roll Casket is my favorite incarnation of the Roll character. Unlike the original Roll she's useful way beyond being a pretty face AND she's not part of a somewhat ugly stereotype that the series should be ashamed of. Seriously, the original Roll is listed as a "housekeeping robot" in Mega Man 3's robot master overview at the end of the game... not really the kind of thing you should be proud of perpetuating. However, the animated cartoon is pretty guilty of that as well when she attacks robot masters with cleaning attachments. Still, Roll Casket is infinitely better than the character she's based on.

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Data (the save point to end all save points!)

Wow! I got to hand it to Capcom... they even made the save point in Mega Man Legends important! Seriously, I can't even go into why Data is so instrumental to the narrative of Mega Man Legends and Mega Man Legends 2 without ruining it, but Data's place and purpose within it is downright surprising. However, for those unfamiliar with Data, it should be noted that Mega Man is the only character than can understand the gibberish language the emanates from the character.

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I should probably get this out of the way, but if you are going to criticize the Servbots because they look like "Lego Men" quit reading now because I (expletive) LOVE the servbots - and this was way before they got their time in the spotlight in the insanely clever Misadventures of Tron Bonne. Games like Mega Man Legends and Mega Man Legends 2 wouldn't be the same games without the brief moments of comic relief these characters bring to the table. Oh man... the memories. Stopping what seemed to be a Servbot robbery, or when a servbot had the unfortunate duty of telling Miss Tron her clothing had been blown away in battle due to an explosion. The moments just came one after another with these guys...

"Right, we understand! You have to keep your costs and risks as low as possible and stay on schedule."

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The Bonnes

The Bonnes... where do I even begin with these guys? It should probably be said that the Mega Man Legends series does have - in my opinion - a good grasp on it's villains. However, calling any of your adversaries in Mega Man Legends "villains" is kind of misnomer. I mean the Reaverbots really aren't evil - they're just following the orders they were programmed with. Teisel, Bon and Tron do some rather immoral things in their mission to plunder and pillage treasure, but when faced with greater threats these characters tend to do the right thing. There's a lot of conflict between the Bonnes actions and core beliefs which makes them much more interesting than your run-of-the-mill maverick or robot master.
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Metal Gear Solid - PlayStation

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Psycho Mantis

I know a lot of people were probably expecting to see Snake on the list. I DO like Snake but when I think about Metal Gear Solid (which is the only game in the series I've sat down and played through to completion) I don't really think so much of Solid Snake as I do about some of his adversaries. Of course, as most know, these characters ONLY become interesting after you've gunned them down and they tell you their tragic backstories. In a certain sense it is kind of a sorry ploy but it manages to work. Once the player hears Mantis' back story it only seems natural he'd become the twisted being he ultimately was. Still, he knows I like Castlevania... GET OUT OF MY HEAD! GET OUT OF MY HEAD you memory card reading bastard!

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Sniper Wolf

There isn't much of a reason to go into the details surrounding Sniper Wolf as she's on the list for the same reason as Psycho Mantis. Like most members of Fox Hound she is merely a roadblock until you hear her tragic backstory. It also doesn't hurt that the two battles with her rank among the best in the game. I love to "cheat" with the Nikita launcher the second time however.
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Metroid - Famicom and NES

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Samus Aran

This is kind of a special entry for me because out of all of Nintendo's properties Metroid easily ranks as my top favorite. However, I'm sure some of those reading will probably dislike the reasoning behind it. While I don't mean anything towards characters like Mario or Kirby by saying this, I just find the sobering sense of seriousness and maturity Metroid titles present to be more interesting. As a series Metroid and its main character just beautifully dispense with some of the unnecessary frills of other mascots. More often than not (well, excluding some of the more recent ones like Prime 3 and Other M) Metroid games just distill the experience they present down to their purest form. While they've tried to inject more of a story into some Metroid games - and kind of gotten in trouble for it - it all really comes down to the gameplay. The unfortunate thing about Metroid is it alone wasn't enough to keep me from joining Sony's camp during the 32/64-bit era - which seemed to make even more sense when the series took a eight year hiatus at that point. However, I caught up on the games I missed out on and despite the problems it's great to be back. I know this small block of text focused more on the games than the character of Samus herself, but in a certain way she pretty much represents what Metroid offers with it's gameplay. At the end of the day Metroid and Samus are just pretty damn inseparable.
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Mortal Kombat - Sega Genesis and Mega Drive

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Scorpion... ol' skull face....

I know what some people are thinking... oh great, ANOTHER Scorpion fan... JUST what the world needed! Well, before I really get into what I like about Scorpion, I should probably mention that I pretty much liked every character that graced the Mortal Kombat series (outside bosses like Kintaro) up until the fourth game where things just started getting weird. I started to care even less when the 3D games became even more prevalent. However, in the defense of the newer games, I don't feel the older games have aged too well, which means to someone like me all that is really left to enjoy about the series IS the characters.

Given such a situation, I don't know why out of such a huge roster I'm so attracted to Scorpion. A big part of the attraction is probably his signature spear move and the sound bite that accompanies it... but I think part of it has to do with the abrupt turn his character makes in Mortal Kombat II. If I remember correctly, in the original Mortal Kombat Scorpion seeks the assassination of Sub Zero. Scorpion accomplishes his goal... but then somehow Sub Zero enters the second Outworld tournament. Later on Scorpion realizes he actually killed Sub Zero's younger brother. Because of this, Scoprion decides to protect Sub Zero, which becomes a sticking point in Shao Khan's relationship with Scoprion in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 when Khan desires access to the souls in the earth's underworld. Personally I find Scorpion's about face in this situation to be kind of surprising and it ultimately makes him a much more interesting character than he'd be otherwise.
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Ninja Gaiden - Famicom and NES

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Ryu Hayabusa

So we follow up one of the most popular ninjas with... another Ninja! Once again this is a rather special entry for me because the NES Ninja Gaiden games - outside the third one - were very instrumental in my early years of gaming with their in-game cut scenes successfully driving the narrative of these games forward. Indeed, Ryu and the other characters presented gained A LOT of from the presentation of the story but I think the reason Ryu Hayabusa remains such a great character is - like most ninjas - that most of the things about him are still shrouded in mystery. Sure, we get to see his face sans mask at the end of the games and how his relationship with Irene developed but there are things - like his upbringing in the Hayabusa clan - that were never touched on, at least in the original Nintendo trilogy. Still, I'm sure some out there will scold me as I have yet to play any of the newer Ninja Gaiden games... so I don't have any idea what they added to the series mythos other than continuing the series unyielding level of difficulty. However, despite that I'm not really clamoring to play them.
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Panzer Dragoon II Zwei - Sega Saturn

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Lundi and Lagi

First things first, Lundi is the human and Lagi is the Dragon. Second, despite the fact I absolutely *LOVE* Panzer Dragoon II Zwei (it's the reason I own a Sega Saturn) I'm just going to come out and admit I'm not terribly vested in these characters as much as I should be. For an on-rail shooter Zwei has a pretty extensive story but in the context of the game it just seems to get buried underneath all the action to me. However, I think a BIG sticking point in all of that is the ending... which I've never seen. Quite honestly I think the relationship between Lundi and Lagi would be more important if I could beat the game and SEE what happens, even though I already know WHAT happens. Not a real ideal situation per say, but they're on the list because they deserve it despite my personal failings.
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Resident Evil 2 - PlayStation

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Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong

While I'm sure some aren't too surprised to find these two here, I'm sure some ARE surprised to see them listed under Resident Evil 2 rather than Resident Evil 4. This is purely the result of childhood memories; I literally played THE CRAP out of Resident Evil 2 when I was younger. Seriously, I played Resident Evil 2 so much I could S rank on either of Claire and Leon's scenarios without blinking an eye. I played Resident Evil 2 so much that when the third game came out it didn't even register on my gaming radar. Yes, I was THAT burned out. Obviously Leon and Ada were a big part of what made me come back to the game time and time again and in general it is the relationship in the RE universe I have the most interest in. However, while I still have a great amount of respect for Resident Evil 2 being a much cleaner game than the original, it's still hard for me to sit down and play it....
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Rival Schools - PlayStation
Before I really get into any of the characters from Rival Schools, I have to say that like the roster from Star Gladiator Capcom doesn't really pay enough attention to the fighters in Rival Schools when they whip up one of their crossover titles. Both games have some excellent characters to contribute despite the fact they weren't really the blockbusters Capcom had probably hoped for.

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Kyosuke Kagami

If you look up the words cool, calm and collected in the dictionary you will find a picture of Kyosuke Kagami. Well, that's not entirely true, but damn it someone should call up and petition Webster to make that dream of mine a reality. To those who have played Rival Schools I don't really need to explain WHY Kyosuke's levelheadedness is so legendary... and it makes a TON of sense why the game's scenario writer paired him up with Batsu, a person who's temper generally gets him into trouble, and Hinata who isn't as cautious as her demeanor would lead one to believe. Actually, the three fighters from Taiyo high school are all great characters but Kyosuke takes the cake, even after one considers the gravity of the secret he keeps from his comrades for the majority of the game.

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Hyo Imawano

Hyo Imawano is the kind of high school student president you don't want your school to have. Seriously, when the STUDENT PRESIDENT of YOUR SCHOOL carries around and wields an ACTUAL SWORD, well, that's when you know you're obtaining life skills at the wrong indoctrination center. Still, what makes Hyo such a great character - other than the fact I can outright demolish the competition when playing as him :) - is the fact he's not beyond redemption. Yes, Hyo will go to extreme lengths to achieve his goals but there are some relationships (like the one he shares with Kyosuke) that prove he is not beyond hope. What's his connection to Kyosuke? Well, play the game and find out! It's an excellent fighter that anyone can pick up and play.
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Sonic the Hedgehog 3 - Sega Genesis and Mega Drive
Before I get to the characters themselves, I should probably let the Sonic fans out there know (somewhat bluntly) that I have next to no faith in this franchise. I know the true, blue Sonic fans out there will say Sonic has lived successfully beyond the 16-bit generation and then point to Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast but in a certain respect I'm just not interested in their various defenses. When I'm honest with myself Sega has whored Sonic out one too many times and when I saw him in a Progressive Insurance commercial recently I became livid and started to believe that the series was more about marketing than actual gaming. Even more damaging is my opinion that the original games - the ones from the so-called "golden age" - haven't aged well and I was severely disappointed the last time I played them.

Additionally, don't think I see the parallels between the failings of the Sonic series and the failings of the various Mega Man franchises. Both have been abused and mistreated at various points. However, when a Mega Man game sucks it usually sells poorly despite the fact us blind fanboys still buy it.

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Knuckles the Echidna

As a character I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Knuckles because as a game Sonic 3 essentially gives him the middle finger. Yeah, I know we would have gotten to PLAY as Knuckles a lot SOONER if Sonic 3 hadn't turned into a massive behemoth that needed to be split into two games but the side effect of that - a game that essentially turned the NEW character into a mere PROP - is so insulting that it makes me feel bad for the character. Given such views I CLEARLY don't like the character for the RIGHT reason, but that doesn't stop me from finding a little humor in Sega's missteps. Now snicker at Sonic Knuckles! Snicker!
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Soul Blade - PlayStation

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Li Long, Siegfried and Seung Mina

While I have a great deal of respect for fighters on the PlayStation like the underrated Star Gladiator and Rival Schools, even I have to admit that Soul Blade beats them all with one proverbial arm tied behind it's back. I know many are very taken with hand-to-hand fighters like Tekken but I've always been more attracted to weapon based fighters which easily explains my infatuation with Soul Blade. In general I find the character roster in the game to be EXCELLENT but like anyone else, I obviously have my favorites which include Li Long, Siegfried and Seung Mina. Much like Cinder from Killer Instinct, the absence of Li Long in some of the future games SEVERELY ANGERED me because I just loved the unpredictable nature of his fighting style. (Yes, I know there's a nunchuck guy in SoulCalibur but it wasn't Li Long.) Siegfried being one of my favorites isn't much of a shocker either considering his importance in the events that conclude the game and Seung Mina, well, I'm at a bit of a loss as to explain my fondness for her. On the most basic level is has to do with her choice of weapon. Still, the thing that kind of INFURIATES me about the Soul series is how many people completely forget about the first game since the word "calibur" isn't in the title.
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Star Gladiator - PlayStation

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Hayato Kanzaki

Unlike the Street Fighter series, Star Gladiator doesn't really have a pair of characters that are a quintessential take on Ken and Ryu. Those types of characters are kind of rolled into one and represented by Hayato Kanzaki. Hayato, the main character of the franchise, was abandoned by his parents on the streets of Neo Tokyo as child. After growing up in an orphanage Hayato turned to life as a bounty hunter to support himself and the orphanage operator. Feeling conflict over his profession and the criminal activity it often leads to, Hayato pins his hopes on Project Star Gladiator to change his and other's lives for the better.

As you'd expect, Hayato is very similar to Ryu and Ken personality wise. He has a strong sense of justice and forges relationships with most of the earth federation warriors in the game - especially June. Still, perhaps the most interesting aspect about Hayato is his past connection with Zelkin... which is mentioned in various promotional material but is NEVER fully explained. In this sense Hayato and Zelkin are VERY MUCH like Ken and Ryu but the distinct look of the characters broadens the respectful competition more than it does for the aforementioned duo.

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Zelkin Fiskekrogen

Oh geez... what can I possibly say about Zelkin? Well, maybe I should just admit that I absolutely ADORE the design of the Klondike race of people he's a part of in Star Gladiator and his back story is pretty interesting for a character in a fighting game.

Prior to the events of Star Gladiator the forces of the Federation came into conflict with the bird-like race of the planet Klondike. In order to end the fighting and arrange the release of POWs, Zelkin surrendered himself and was imprisoned in a prison on the planet Zeta. Eventually rumors of his death allowed the Federation to keep him imprisoned there indefinitely, but when Bilstein (the game's main antagonist) breaks out he takes Zelkin with him. In order to repay his debt he joins the Bilstein's Fourth Empire in their conquest of earth.

The above may seem to be an open and shut case that Zelkin is a villain... but you couldn't be further from the truth. While Zelkin really does despise humankind as a group he ultimately got caught up in events beyond his control. Additionally, in Plasma Sword (the awfully-named sequel to Star Gladiator) Zelkin's allegiance is quite different than it is in this game. A proud and respected fighter, it's not hard to see why I like him so much.
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Opera Vectra

Anyone who has EVER played Star Ocean: The Second Story or Star Ocean: Second Evolution SHOULD KNOW why I LOVE Opera Vectra. Out of all the characters in the game it is simply INSANE how BROKEN and OVER USEFUL Opera's move set really is. One of her first moves - Alpha on One - is simply one of the best killer moves in the game and can be executed for next to nothing at the end of the game. Then there's the Healing Star technique which can restore HP faster than Rena could ever dream of. The only thing that really offsets how broken the game is because of Opera is the fact that she is VERY VERY difficult to locate and you can actually screw yourself out of getting her if you don't do some very specific things. Still, once the player realizes how good Opera is in combat, chances are they will never pass her up again in exchange for Ashton. Sorry Ashton!
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Cliff Fitter

You know, I'm going to start off this entry with a bit of personal truth. I REALLY need to replay Star Ocean: Till the End of Time because I NEED to know if my fond memories of the wise-cracking Cliff Fitter and Nel are for real or just rose-tinted apparitions of a game where the combat system is the main and only draw. Reflecting back on the game, which I haven't touched in over half a decade at the least, I don't remember it being too stout in the story line and character department. Again, I guess those have never been Star Ocean's strongest suits - but such a query is a question I should look into re-answering. Sorry to those looking for more to read about Cliff as a character, but I just don't have too much to go on despite having played the game.

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Nel Zelpher

Much like Cliff above, my memories of Nel Zelpher are pretty hazy, but unlike Cliff I think Nel is a character that would survive the contortions of time better than Cliff since she's a much more serious character. I was rather impressed with her drive in ending the war between Airyglyph and Aquaria, so hopefully such an observation holds true when I replay the game at some point... hopefully not too far down the road.
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Street Fighter Alpha - PlayStation

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When it comes to my favorite characters Charlie is kind of a special case. In regards to his overall appeal, I find I only like Charlie as a character outside of actual combat. The crazy hair, the over sized jacket and how the yellow and green color scheme of his clothing just works for some ungodly reason. Throw in the fact that his stage theme in Alpha 2 is really cool (on the somewhat nerfed Super Nintendo port) and you can see how this is a case of look but don't touch. As for his abilities in combat I just find Charlie boring as he's basically a carbon copy of Guile. I mean it's OBVIOUS why they would be similar from a combat perspective considering they're buddies but he's simply not the kind of character I like to play as in a one-on-one fighter.
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Syphon Filter - PlayStation

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Gabe Logan

Actually, it's Gabriel Logan, but we'll forgive him for the somewhat silly name. Regardless of what he goes by, the PlayStation Syphon Filter trilogy has come under fire from some critics for not standing the test of time. Personally I disagree quite vigorously, though when I'm honest with myself my continued love of the franchise is largely based upon nostalgia. Sure, I've played the games rather recently and still think they work well enough, but those reading have to understand HOW IMPORTANT Syphon Filter was in forging the PlayStation brand to me in the late 1990's. Still, as much as I can talk up Gabe and his comrades Lian Xing, Lawrence Mujari and Teresa Lipan (characters I COULD NOT find a decent picture of online) Syphon Filter is one of those things where you kind of had to be there to get why it was such a big deal. To those that came into gaming after the series served its purpose I can completely understand the lack of interest or awareness. As for the Syphon Filter titles beyond the inital three PS1 games my interest kind of ended - somewhat fittingly - with the console's life span.
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Famicom and NES

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Out of all the characters on this list, Raphael probably deserves the most props because he was one of my favorite fictional characters prior to getting into games themselves. Like most children in the late 80's and early 90's I LOVED the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Raph was my favorite. Why Raph? Well, I always thought Donatello had the best weaponry (which is due in part to the first NES game) and I loved how he tinkered with technology (which I did as a kid), then Michelangelo always seemed like he's be the most fun to hang out with and Leonardo was respectable being the leader of the group... but Raph, Raph was the smart-ass. Being a smart-ass is just something that kind of runs in the various members of my family. Then there's the fact his color of choice is red which attracts me to him for some reason. It's almost like a matador trying to get a bull's attention. Yes, I know it's NOT the color that pisses the bull off but the MOTION but just let me have this one unsuccessful analogy, okay?
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Tetris - Game Boy

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The "I" shaped piece

From Russia (with fun!) comes one of the most popular and plagiarized games of all time. It's really hard to underestimate the importance of Tetris when it helped launch the original GameBoy but at the same time I can kind understand those who criticize it for being held in too high of regard. Tetris IS the quintessential puzzle game if there ever was one, but when was the last time anyone was TRULY excited about a Tetris game? Anyway, I know some people may be thrown off by me considering the "I" shaped piece in Tetris as a "character" but I doubt many (if any) will argue with me how much they like to see this piece pop up in the next box. However, the thing that's aggravating about the piece is how darn uncommon it seems to be... you just never seem to come across it when you need it.
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ToeJam & Earl: Panic on Funkotron - Sega Genesis and Mega Drive

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ToeJam and Earl

Considering the fate that awaited Sonic when my current views of that series are taken into account, it should surprise no one how ToeJam and Earl and their second adventure - Panic on Funkotron - became more important to me as characters and a game. Being the only Sega property I'm really vested in outside Panzer Dragoon, the second ToeJam and Earl became synonymous with the Genesis to me, which is a big deal considering the console gets very little love from me. But speaking of love, Panic on Funkotron is a game that doesn't seem to get enough. Having played the second game first, I'm always been puzzled by the fact that most fans consider the first game to be superior - which is the exact opposite of how I feel. However one feels, it is kind of sad that the franchise ended up where it did... another series that wasn't correctly groomed in it's short-lived revival.
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Tomb Raider - PlayStation

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Lara Croft

Much like Raphael of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I can even begin to explain HOW IMPORTANT Lara Croft was to me as a character in the mid 1990's. Tomb Raider, my first proper 3D platformer, along with Squaresoft's Final Fantasy VII (my first role-playing game) were responsible for me leaving camp Nintendo for the Sony PlaySation. Such games just seemed more mature from a story standpoint which the adolescent me was subconsciously looking for at the time. However, unlike most of the other characters on the list (outside of the various Mega Men) Ms. Croft is one of those characters where overexposure eventually took it's toll. With a new Tomb Raider coming down the pike every year, the games creeping further and further away from the vision of the original and only adding the most basic of features it's not too surprising that I gave up on the franchise after the third (rather unforgiving) game. I did catch up on some of the games after being away from the property for a while but as much as I like Lara a little more care in cultivating the character over the PlayStation years would have saved the character and her fans a lot of anguish.

The Cowboy

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I could not find a decent picture of this guy... but then I guess that's to be expected considering he doesn't play a huge role in the game. Being one of Natla's hired henchmen, the player battles The Cowboy in the Natla's Mine level with their recently reclaimed pistols in order to reacquire the Magnums. As his name suggests he is dressed much like a cowboy and tells Lara "it ain't nothing personal" before engaging her in combat. In the scheme of things The Cowboy isn't much of a character, and he was actually nuked out of existence by Crystal Dynamics and combined with Larson in Anniversary (much to my disappointment) but I just like and remember the guy for some odd reason.

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Jacqueline Natla

Again, it seems easy to find pictures of Natla from Tomb Raider Anniversary but hard to find pictures from the PlayStation original. Thing is as much as I like Natla - who in my opinion is THE BEST villain that has ever graced the series - I STRONGLY DISLIKE how she was portrayed in Anniversary. Yeah, I know the final fight with her in Tomb Raider is far from being anything special (really, the fight with the Abomination at the start of The Great Pyramid is much more fun) but Anniversary turns it into an over-flashly event filled to the brim with annoying QTEs. But really, who in the Raider universe can even compare to Natla? Bartoli? Nah.... Dr. Willard, the scheming evolutionist from Tomb Raider III? Hell no! Natla is just an awesome villain despite the cliche nature of her character.
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Tomb Raider: Chronicles - PlayStation

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Father Patrick Dunstan

Sorry for the blurry photo... it's kind of hard to find a good picture of this guy. Anyway, as stated above in the section on Lara herself, Tomb Raider III was the last Tomb Raider game I played during my youth. Follow-ups like The Last Revelation and Chronicles didn't even register a blip on my gaming radar and were essentially replaced with other games like Syphon Filter. Despite that, I did back track and play some of the games I missed, one of the most surprising being Tomb Raider: Chronicles. While I wasn't really blown away with the game as a whole, I was REALLY taken by one of the characters it presented: an Irish priest/demon hunter named Father Patrick Dunstan. Seriously, this guy made the Black Isle section of the game SO entertaining it wasn't even funny. The unfortunate part about Dunstan is he puts some of the other game's other, even more stereotypical characters to shame.
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Wild Arms - PlayStation

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Cecilia Adlehyde, Rudy Roughnight and Jack van Burace

While such a statement may stun some of those reading, I personally like Wild Arms more than Final Fantasy VII or any other Final Fantasy. I'm not really sure WHY I feel this way but a BIG reason this so-called "filler-RPG" managed to accomplish such a feat are the characters shown above: Cecilia Adlehyde, Rudy Roughnight and Jack van Burace. It's true the game is your standard save the world fare like most role-playing games, but when I'm faced with the trails these three must overcome I just forget about the things Wild Arms lacks compared to its "superior competition." Additionally, what makes this group even more special is the fact that while Rudy IS CONSIDERED the main character (he's mostly silent the whole game outside a few lines at the Volcannon Trap) I feel ALL THREE characters are on par with one another then it comes to character development. To me Wild Arms doesn't really have ONE main character, it has three and they all made the RPG (and anime itself) come alive for me.

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Belselk (Berserk), Mother, Zeikfried, Boomerang, Luceid, Zed, (???), Lady Harken and Alhazad - the Metal Demons/Quarter Knights

Now these are villains! Seriously, I just LOVE the Metal Demons / Quarter Knights and how they represent a single, formidable threat to Figaia despite the fact they attack the player's party one at a time. I don't know where to begin.... Well, I should probably admit that I don't like Belselk (Berserk) too much - he's easily my least favorite - and the game thankfully takes care of that not too far in. Boomerang and Luceid more or less just want a good fight and nothing else. Harken and the (???) character in the middle are easily the most sympathetic of the group (play the game already!) and Alhazad is just an unapologetic sadist that loves mayhem. Then there is Zeikfried who has some freaky mommy issues. All and all I just love these guys.
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Wild Arms 2 - PlayStation

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Ashley Winchester

Come on! Given my profile name on Listal you just knew this guy was going to show up! Unlike the characters from the first game, there is little room to debate that Ashley Winchester is the main character of this game and he fills the bill perfectly. Throughout the narrative of Wild Arms 2 Ashley fights an ever personal battle against his inner most demons in order to challenge what those around him see as a hero. Does the war-scorched land of Filgaia even need a hero? Are heroes just a symbol of sacrifice for those too weak to fight for themselves? Wild Arms 2 attempts to answer these questions and is definitely worth a playthough despite the fact it was somewhat beaten down by those in the press.

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Irving Vold Valeria

A wealthy nobleman who bought the rights to ARMS (the Agile Remote Mission Squad [NA] or Awkward Rush & Mission Savers [Japan]) on the verge of it's collapse and turned it into a private and independent fighting force, Irving is a living descendant of the Sword Magess - a revered women of legend that saved Filgaia from the Blaze of Disaster. Throughout the game Irving attempts to unite the nations of the world against the oppressive actions of the reform party Odessa with the help of Ashley and his comrades. Irving's love and desire for Filgaia is unflinching and absolute, but is he hiding something from those under his command? Despite being a non-player character, Irving and his actions are deeply important in the scheme of things in Wild Arms 2 and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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Caina, Antenora, Ptolomea, Judecca and Vinsfeld Rhadamanthus - collectively known as the terrorist organizaion/reform party Odessa.

When it comes to my favorite villains, there is ONLY ONE group that can challenge the Metal Demons / Quarter Knights in my book... and that is the reform party Odessa. The four lower members (named after levels and circles of hell) only take orders from Vinsfeld Rhadamanthus who seeks to unite Filgaia under one party through fear and intimidation and dispense of foolish national boundaries. The acts of terrorism committed by these outlaws (especially those committed by the lunatic Judecca) are far from excusable, but part of the reason I love Wild Arms 2 so much is learning why these characters cause the harm they do. Unfortunately, the motivations of one character (Caina) was changed during localization. In the Japanese original Caina was originally male and had homosexual feelings towards Vinsfeld, who used this to take advantage of him - an interesting twist that was buried for no good reason.
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Wild Arms 3 - PlayStation 2

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Clive Winslett

While it won't be the last time I'll say this, finding a decent picture of Clive online, a character from a rather misbegotten title like Wild Arms 3, wasn't too fruitful. Of course, if I wasn't too lazy to hook up my scanner I could have easily solved that... but, well, I am that lazy. Anyway, Clive's obvious appeal over the other three characters in Wild Arms 3 is his intellect. From the get go it's made clear that Clive is the brains of the player's party and he fills that role quite well to the very end of the game. However, as his introductory mission proves, sometimes his lack preparation comes back to haunt him. In the end a character like Clive made a rather boring game a little more tolerable.
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Wild Arms 4 - PlayStation 2

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Raquel Applegate

While I've been a big fan of Raquel Applegate since the debut of Wild Arms 4 back in 2006, I've only recently discovered that the rest of the game is pretty good as well. Sure, the attempt to rescue the series from it's inescapable fate of discontinuation was too little too late but at least those looking at the game beyond the obvious declaration of pass/fail got something out of it. Still, while most of the characters in the game were good - even the villains - Raquel easily takes the crown when it comes to who grabs my attention. As a character Raquel delightfully turns a few stereotypes on their head and what makes her even more interesting is that some things about her remain unanswered even after the credits roll. However, on the flip side this is what makes Raquel so infuriating, as the general lack of information and description about a certain aspect of her being simply won't be enough to satisfy anyone vested in the character.
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Wild Arms 5 - PlayStation 2

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Greg Russellburg

Considering some of the things I said about Wild Arms 5 in reviews and on other lists, some may be surprised by the fact I would consider a character from it's rather hollow experience to be one my favorites. Still, before I get too carried away, I should probably mention that while Greg's backstory won't be winning any awards for originality, it was enough for me to forge more of a connection with him than any other character in the game. Yeah, the event that spearheaded Greg's "golem crushing" activities unfortunately introduces the player to one of the worst villains in the game - let alone the entire series - but when one's looking for a bright spot in an otherwise disappointing game, well, you take what you can get.
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Xenogears - PlayStation

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Citan Uzuki

Like most of those who sit down and play the long-winded and somewhat over-valued role-playing game Xenogears, I just can't get enough of Citan Uzuki. Being a character that is simply too smart and too shady for his own good, the thing is we really shouldn't like Citan as much as we do. When you examine the bulk of the guy's actions during and beyond the game in the Perfect Works book he is kind of a jerk and likes toying with the people who surround and trust him. I can't really go into a list of the ignorant things he's done since I haven't played the game for over a decade, but TheDarkId over at the Let's Play Archive has already done that for us:


Note: You'll probably have to copy and paste the link into your browser... I can't really get the link to display properly.
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Andrew Cherenkov

You know, it's somewhat sad that it was rather difficult to come across a decent picture of this guy for the list when he was THE BEST PART of first episode. Seriously, Cherenkov - a non-player character - and his backstory simply wipes the floor with everyone else in the ENTIRE game. Yes, KOS-MOS is cool and so are Ziggy, chaos and Jr. but Cherenkov successfully challenges the player's ideas of good and evil and the game is much stronger for it. As you can probably tell, I could talk about this guy ALL DAY LONG but he is literally the only reason I'd replay the game. Of course, I found a way around that as I simply nabbed a copy of the Xenosaga II pre-order Xenosaga movie scene bonus disc. Cherenkov's story is faithfully preserved on this item where the gameplay (Xenosaga's second fiddle) doesn't get in the way. Be that as it may, it's almost fitting that he's the last character on the list... as they say "save the best for last."

A list of my favorite video game characters. Some of them are insanely obvious... some are dug up from the corners of games people have forgotten... but they all make me think about the worlds they live in whether they are original or not.

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