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Most Controversial and Hated Characters Ever

Characters list created by Agent Kermit D. Fonz Avatar

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Pretty much every “supe” in The Boys has a dark side, from A-Train’s secret addiction to Homelander’s continued egomania and violent outbursts, all feeding into the general “power corrupts” feel of the series.

But as the action continues in The Boys’ second season, it becomes clear that Stormfront’s story is a little more involved than the usual superhero sadism.

The character’s name, incidentally, comes from a white supremacist, neo-Nazi and Holocaust-denying website called Stormfront founded in 1996, which itself hints at the evolving power of the internet in spreading dangerous messages.

Openly racist and an enthusiastic supporter of Nazism, the comic book Stormfront was a more explicit riff on fascism, which makes this new version of Stormfront all the more interesting.

Today, hate and racism aren’t always right there in your face – they’re bubbling under the surface, hidden, less openly espoused but still worked towards.

And the new TV Stormfront shows just how appealing and persuasive these ideas can be when put in a new package, even for those who should know better. In this day and age, you need to pick your heroes carefully.
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Appeared in the Twilight franchise and films.

For some, Edward displayed countless red flags that would have us running in the other direction if he were a guy in the real world.

One example was how overprotective he is of Bella, wanting to restrict who she socializes with, and frequently disapproving of her friendships.

That and vampires, are not supposed to be “sparkly”.

Wicked Witch of the West

Appeared in: The Wizard of Oz

Controversy: For some she is every stereotype of witches, rolled up into one character.

Others have taken note, that witches themselves were passed on some of the most unsettling stereotypes of others.
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Appeared in: Lost

Controversy: Jack’s impulsiveness, pettiness, and tendency to be paranoid and go off handed, didn’t exactly endear himself to Lost fans, leading to wonder if he should have been a leader, in the first place.

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Appeared in: Peter Pan, books and films

Controversy: While Peter Pan, is mischievous, and Sprite full, some have noted that Peter essentially kidnapped Wendy, Michael, and John Darling away their parents.

Granted, you could argue that they went willingly, but still....

Others, have noted the depictions of Natives, in both books and films, and that they are problematic.

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Appeared in: Harry Potter books and film series.

Controversy: Criticism has taken two main forms: allegations that Harry Potter is a pagan text; and claims that it encourages children to oppose authority, derived mainly from Harry's rejection of the Dursleys, his adoptive parents.

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Appeared in: Batman comic books and films

Controversy: Batman, has taken on criminals after the tragic passing of Bruce Wayne’s parents at the hand of criminals.

For some, he is a vigilante and his methods of taking on criminals, is questionable at best.

Keep in mind, this is the more darker comic books and films, but still for some there is the core concept.

Then there is Batman and Robin, and it’s version of Batman.

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Appeared in: Star Wars; Return of the Jedi, Ewoks cartoon series, and Ewoks TV films, Battle for Endor and Caravan of Coursge

Controversy: How can one possibly hate the Ewoks? They are so cute and adorable!

That is why they are not liked, by Star Wars fan ps who would have sooner have Endor nuked from its orbit.

They feel that they were strictly made, for the sake of selling a product.

That being stuffed toys and merchandise.

And also for some they killed the Stormtroopers way too easily.

Agent Kermit D. Fonz's rating:
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Appeared in: Family Guy

Controversy: Peter was never going to win father of the year, but still his antics are questionable, he can be abrasive, and cause trouble where he goes.

There are also people who have highly critical of the show, and it’s humour and its candid sense of topics.

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Appeared in: The John Wick franchise

Controversy: John Wick, a hitman in a world full of professional killers, Wick went a vengeance filled spree, taking out those who killed his wife and dog.

There were those who felt that the John Wick series, is violent to a exceed degree, especially in a world where shootings have become frequent.

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Appeared in: Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Controversy: In Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi, audiences are expressly told that the character comes from nobodies, her parents aren't important.

However, Episode IX turns around and retcons that notion, instead shocking viewers by revealing Rey is the product of a clone of Emperor Palpatine himself.

For some, she is a Mary Sue. The label first got attached to the character after her introduction in The Force Awakens, as fans saw Rey's skills and competence as unexplained and poorly written.

Appeared in: The Boys comic book series and TV series.

Controversy: Homelander's powers and sense of entitlement have led him to exhibit extreme megalomania, causing him to commit crimes against innocent people, including acts of rape and mass murder, out of the idea that he can do anything he wants because of who he is.

There were those who thought he was “cool”, despite every evidence to the contrary.

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Appeared in: Friday the 13th

Controversy: He slices and dices and kills teenagers in many different way, and critics have taken issue with just how violent the Friday the 13th series, has become over a period of time.

Appeared in: Game of Thrones TV show and books

Controversy: Joffrey, is a despicable horrible king, who has really horrible despicable things, and is cruel and spoiled.

Which is why, he is hated by many fans, included. Suitable killed in way, befitting of the horrible acts he committed.

Long Live the king.

Appeared in: Spider-Man trilogy

Controversy: Peter Parker/Spider-Man (the Tobey Maguire version), has become a fan favourite over the years, with some considering him to be the definitive Spider Man/Peter Parker.

But however, in Spider-Man 3 Spider-Man/Peter Parker gets infected with a Sumbiote a alien like goo.

And becomes the darker version of Peter Parker/Spider-Man.

But however, it’s “Emo Peter Parker”, that really didn’t go well with fans to the point where it be years before a Spider-Man film (the one with Tom Holland) that fans of Spider-Man, garnered endearment as a fictional film character.

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Frank Castle/The Punisher

Appeared in: The Punisher comic book series, films, and TV series.

Controversy: He is The Punisher, and he punishes criminals, who commit crimes, and has a tragic past.

And as such becomes a vigilante in order to clean the streets of punks, and criminals.

Does the end justify the means?

Appeared in: The Terminator

Controversy: Before he was The Terminator in Terminator 2: Judgement Day, he was the T-800 a unstoppable killing machine, who killed many people (cops included!)

Granted, he is called The Terminator, and terminates people, hence case is The Terminator.

With some feeling that the original film, was exceedingly violent to the point of overkill.

Jesus of Nazareth

Appeared in: The Last Temptation of Christ

Controversy: Willem Dafoe's earnest depiction of Christ in Martin Scorsese's provocative biopic asks the strictly non-Gospel question: what if Jesus was free from sin, but not free from human desires and temptations?

The answer is: if you ask this question Christians all over the world will get really mad with you. Ignoring the theological value in the film (it's meant as a way of understanding Jesus rather than degrading him) several countries banned the film, and a riot in France ended with one cinema being firebombed. Do unto others, eh?

That and anytime that there is a depiction of Jesus that doesn’t fit the over narrative of many, there will be controversy.

Charles Foster Kane

Appeared in: Citizen Kane

Controversy: The enigmatic figure at the centre of Orson Welles' masterpiece bore such close parallels to media magnate William Randolph Hearst (a proto-Rupert Murdoch) that Hearst waged a campaign to have the film discredited or destroyed.

He ordered his newspapers not to cover the film, tried to buy the negative to prevent its release, and, according to Welles himself, attempted to snare the director in a honey trap - he had a naked underage girl and photographers waiting for Welles at his hotel room, which he only avoided thanks to a tip-off.
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Tony Montana

Appeared in: Scarface

Controversy: Is Tony a tragic villain? It all depends on who you ask. He is still a villain, a drug dealer and a sociopath whose actions have impacted countless of lives, and Tony also killed his way to the top.

For others, Tony Montana is a uncomfortable Cuban stereotype as well.

You’re not supposed to admire Tony Montana. He is a precautionary tale all wrapped in one man.

Jimmy McGill / Saul Goodman

Appeared in: Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul

Controversy: Saul’s tactics may have helped some win cases, but morally speaking, what he does is unethical at best.

Some would argue but that’s the whole point, but others may argue otherwise.
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TV and film characters, who are considered to be some of the most controversial and hated characters, ever.

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