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Added by Nattkrypet on 10 Nov 2014 11:27
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Computer Games Finished

I don't play many games anymore (as I don't have much time for it anymore), but every game that I remember to have played and finished I will put on this list.
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Finally we got a New Guybrush Threepwood game and it was a beautiful continuation that tried to combine both old and New stuff into an engaging story. It had some lousy supporting characters but also some New favorites. Hell, I even hoped Morgana LeFay would take Elaines place and then let Guybrush's wife become a voodoo demon lady forever as Morgana was a feisty nice girl who at least respected Threepwood as a pirate. The worst part was that we probably will never get resolved that small cliffhanger at the end.

This was a great graphic adventure supposedly based upon a rejected Movie script by Steven Spielberg. I remember I loved it and finished it too, but would I remember all the answers to the many problems that our astronaut hero got wound up in today - probably not.

Another game that I borrowed when I was younger. It's worst crime is that it was not that hard to finish as it was targeted for the youngest gamers. It is a good platformer and the animation looked like the cartoon. The gameplay was nice too and the levels was fun but the bosses were easy to defeat and the hardest part in the game was jumping over obstacles and a few wind machines.

Could possibly be the first game that I ever played (at the same time as Donkey Kong). It is all about collecting stuff on 3 platform levels and when finished you repeat it once again and then it's over if you don't get killed by Bluto. It is not that difficult and it is easily done in 10-15 minutes but there is something simply charming and nostalgic about it even now and it also makes me remember a simpler time when games didn't need to be so advanced and hard in order to be fun and entertaining for kids. It was best when two were playing against each other trying to win the levels.

It was a supernatural version of Deja Vu but had the same menus and engaging story with a lot of puzzles to solve.

I loved this game that combined film noir, mystery objects and the "point and click" genre together. It was also a little frustrating at times and the controls for the NES was not really built for playing this game that would have been perfect for PC if I had played it there. It was a cool little mystery really.

My personal favorites of the Mario Bros. games to the 8-bit Nintendo. It is the one where Mario moves best, has several cool "superpowers" and costumes. Cool worlds, fantastic hidden secrets and the most interesting storyline with some frustrating bad-ass flying pirateships with a LOT of cannonballs and haunted houses with so many ghosts that a zombie apocalypse movie would envy the hopelessness in getting away from them all. Great twoplayer functions as well where one either could play the game together or as villains.

I love how Nintendo decided to make a sequel for the rest of the world (that was so different in structure and gameplay that it was bound to be controversial with some fans) as the Japanese version was felt to be too difficult and similar to the original one. I love how you can play even secondary characters like the Princess and Toad and that they are a little different to play with. Sometimes one throw vegetables at the villains which is a fun touch and the stages are sometimes frustratingly hard and have nice themes which makes them varied and interesting.

The original and still (almost) the best platform gave ever played. It kickstarted it's own beloved franchise and has great characters, villains and stages. The game is playable and fun even today.

Pretty complex and hard to get through I seem to remember with a lot of places to explore. It was probably one of the first times I got exposed to Greek myth and Gods and I seem to have a lot of fond memories of it. It was some great battles against the Hydra, Medusa and even Hades in there I seem to remember and a lot of stuff and weapons to help me on my quest. Unfortunately the replay value in these days is low.

It has nice graphics but the quests are extremly easy and needs almost no brainpower to be completed. The "hardest" one is the puzzles where one has to locate the right button before time runs out. There is also a lot of repetive locations and areas to run through without any real exploration which makes it boring BUT the main story grabs attention as those the fact that one has three characters to control (although very briefly which is a shame) and that the main computer female character has a beautiful butt especially in underwear. The ending is also unforgettably unhappy and dark making one scream in frustration of the unfairness of it all.

Lost objects game which is maybe not the most complex one ever made but it is extremly addictive. Unfortunately easy to finish in a couple of hours.

With weird humor and an interesting story this is an engaging adventure from the early years of adventure gaming. It was also fun to play different characters (even if most of them say and behave alike). There were some difficult obstacles to overcome but mostly this was a great game only overshadowed by an even better and superior sequel.

It's like saying goodbye to an old family member and while the ending doesn't go through with it's depressing subject matter (which actually is a shame!) there is a lot of stuff that makes me happy too - especially the full circle with all the other three games as we meet again old favorite supporting characters and finally end a lot of plot built up through the three games. The gameplay is (as always) excellent and there is a lot of action or sneaking depending on my mood. Intense (and sad) boss fights where you kill of some drop-dead gorgeous but brainwashed female computer girls making you a sad old killer. Some better action sequences than in Hollywood action films is here (as normal in these games) and the levels are varied but also a nice return to old places we have been before (but with better graphics). As with all the Metal Gear Solid games there is a LOT of talking though and plot exposition and some of it should have been cut. Still enormously satisfying but there is a wasted opportunity where one should have gotten to play some of the supporting characters just for the fun of it for a scene or two - and Old Snake is a little strange weird-looking with the moustache for comfort.

This prequel is fun stuff as it balances the story and give answer to several open questions. It also has the most sexy supporting character in the "how not to spot the cleavage" big breasted Eva. The bosses are pretty weak though and easy to defeat this time around with lamer names than usual "The Pain", "The End" and so on. Cool jungle mileau though and the fact that Snake gets hungry, but both this and the medicine stuff takes too much time from the action angle of the game for comfort. Still it is a cool game and the game play is as usual excellent.

The game starts fantastic and then suddenly in one of game history's biggest WTF? plot twists I play a new ninja character called Raiden who has never been in the storyline before and even worse it seems that by the end of the game it all was most possibly a VR-training programme as well where Raiden was programmed into a weapon or something like that. It is a shame really because this game should have had Snake in it being a little more flexible (like jumping and hanging from ledges and stuff) and there are some excellent devastating plot twists here involving Octagon's sister. Raiden and his love interest talking about old movies and really wanting to just f*** their brains out with talk because they can't get hands on each other is boring and easily skippable. What is cool though is the long intense Metal Gear fight, some of the boss-fights and the location and a more intense sneaking / action mode that builds upon the original and makes it even better to play. Just a shame the hero is so bland and that we who bought the game did it for Snake.

The beginning of the new era for Snake on a more adult video-game platform. The plot has action movie quality, the supporting characters and villains are engaging. The game play fantastic and the twists devastating. The graphics good for it's time and the game control like your own hands doing the action. Bloody fantastic.

It was a game going into the same universe as my most beloved film and several actors returned to beloved characters. It was a fun futuristic noir as the original with good clues, engaging story and with different endings depending on how I played it. Could possibly be a greater "sequel" than the planned new upcoming film.

It is always nice to see beloved characters return and there is several good things about this game BUT I don't like the CGI Guybrush and the puzzles are not so fun this time around. The story is still engaging though.

With a more animated feel (that suits this game series perfectly) and good puzzles this is close to being just as good as the first two games except that the ending could have been better and the new game play takes some time getting used to.

The ultimate "point and click" adventure game full of great humor, characters and stuff to explore. It is still one of my top 10 games ever made.

The first Monkey Island game is the one who started it all. It had a few clues that were annoyingly hard when I first played it and the graphics has not been good to it - untill they remastered it and give it the same visual style as the second game and I became almost a perfect game on it's own. Necessary game for all of us who love this type of "point and click" adventure.

Had I not been a fan of the TV show and loved it I would never have finished the game due to it's horrific game controls and repetive levels. The storyline was fascinating and tried to have some connection to the show but in the end this is a game that is only for fans who want to see their favorites as CGI with the same voices as in the series. Unfortunately not a very good game but an addictive one for fans none-the-less.

It is mostly a shoot'em up game as we have seen many times before but with the cool Frank Castle and his huge weapon arsenal. What makes it stand apart is that it has some of the most extreme torture / death sequences put in a video game as our hero uses everything around him in the game to kill characters off with special kills. An engaging story also helps which at least was more interesting than in the "Punisher: War Zone" movie. I liked it even if it doesn't change moralists screaming about video game violence and brutality.

The worst thing about this video game is that it was a better 007 outing for Pierce Brosnan that almost all the other films he did. It also had fantastic ties to former films even having Richard Kiel reprising his Jaws. The biggest problem it is short and maybe too easy for it's own good.

This game reprises Tim Burton's film following the storyline pretty close. It has some variation and I remember it being fun to play and complete though it was pretty easy. It was the first time I ever played a comic book hero in a game and I remember my happiness in playing this repeatedly. Huge nostalgic factor on this one.

I had to complete this game due to a highly engrossing story and (at the time) fantastic cut scenes that keeps you playing on and on - even if the jumps and enemies kill you off repeatedly over and over again. In the end when I completed this I actually felt like a ninja - a ninja of the game playing world.

This game continued the engaging story (even if it was a little more predictable this time around) with cut scenes, shocking deaths and new levels that were almost impossible to survive through. I loved this game almost as much as the first one.

The game that made me a fan of Snake and the tachical sneaking action games that would come later on Playstation. This was more a platform actioner but the story was so involving, the possibility of use different weapons cool and the search for level cards and getting further into the story massive. This game needs to be seriously updated with better graphics. But just keep everything else there.

Willow was a likeable film so I bought this game. Since I had never played Zelda at that time I found this to be a cool game where one found objects, fought monsters and villains and it had fascinating areas to explore. Of course it was more action here than Willow Ufgood ever had in the film but I didn't care. What was annoying though was that there was a lot of time where one just had to go around killing off enemies back and fourth the screens in order to get to a new level that would make Willow magical stronger to use stuff. That was so annoying in fact that I never replayed the game even if there was a lot of good stuff in it.

The "beat em' up" game that started it all. Colorful characters with special moves, cool scenery, great background stories for every character. Different endings after which character you played. This is one of the few games of this type that I have actually enjoyed and played through.

This is what the fourth Indiana Jones movie should have been had it been made 15 years earlier. The storyline is fantastic, the puzzles worthy of a smart professor and can be frustratingly hard at times. I love the design, the classic "point and click" menu from LucasArts and the music. If every game was like this I would never leave my home

A great adaptation of the movie that actually deepens the story with some puzzles and great action. I loved it enormously - almost as good as "Fate of Atlantis" even if this story was not an original one - but it was a great adaptation perhaps the best ever done from a film.

It was my first King's Quest game and one of the first "point and click" games. It was played in a time when there was no solutions on the internet to be found (for me) but I did manage to complete this game all on my own anyhow. Which means I was proably smarter then than now.

Gruesome Control over Robin Hood when he was doing sword p

Hugely frustrating at times but I actually liked it as well when I was going around in the city blasting away monsters and aliens of different types or trying to fight evil big bosses in houses. What I didn't like was that it was extremly hard and I had to start (almost) all over when I died.

Mario's first appearance where he jumps over barrels and tries to save his girlfriend from the villainous Donkey Kong. It is a classic pure and simple from the arcade time and games would never have evolved if it hadn't been for this game. It is still fun to play.

This game has a lot of varied levels and different cool gadgets but the villains has stupid names and is pretty easy to beat.

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