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Added by Raidengunfire on 8 Jun 2009 05:34
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Final Fantasy VIII (8) Walkthrough

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Final Fantasy VIII - PlayStation
(Balamb Garden)

From the classroom head toward the elevator to the south, and you'll run into another student that wants Squall to take her on a tour of the garden. I suggest doing it so you will get to know Balamb Garden a
little better. After agreeing or disagreeing to take her speak with the guy near the elevator for a starter set of cards and proceed down the elevator. From the Directory head east into the library, search the
bookcases for an Occult Fan I Magazine and there is an Esuna Draw Point to hit in here as well, which will be useful to junction. Leave the library and take the next east into the Training area, I suggest you hit the Blizzard Draw Point here and perhaps gain a level or two the monsters aren't too strong, If you get in trouble just call Shiva in and she will take care of the enemies. There are a few rare cards to pick up in the Garden, head to the Cafeteria which is to the left of the dormitory which is west of the Training Area. Inside you'll run into Seifer, after the scene head to the right, the Trepe Fan in the back has the Quistis Card you can win, he also has some boss cards that are
pretty good cards as well but make sure to pick up the Quistis card now, it will be a powerful card for a while. The other Card is the Mini Mog Card, there is a kid jogging around the garden whom you will see from
time to time, he has the card, its not as good as the Quistis one but this is the only place to pick it up, although I should note you will have other chances in the game to win these two cards, but I suggest doing it now. When you are finished proceed to the main gate south of the directory, making sure to hit the Cure Draw Point towards the exit. Quistis will teach you how to junction GFs and will give you your first two GFs, Quenzacotl and Shiva, if you have not already gotten them out of Squall's study panel. Then you will set out to the world map toward the Fire Cavern. When out on the world map proceed towards the mountain behind the garden and search for a Cure Draw Point, then head towards the town of balamb to the west to the tracks behind it to hit the Esuna Draw Point, a good spell to junction early in the game. There is one last draw point on the cliff behind the Fire Cavern to the east its a blizzard draw point. Now its time to start gathering items and learning GF abilities, the first items you should concern yourself with getting are the M-Stone Pieces which are dropped by the Bite Bugs, Glacial Eyes, and Caterpillars around the area, also take note that the caterpillars are mostly found in the forest and drop a Spider Web which will teach the blue magic Ultra Waves to Quistis. Get a couple of these because they are used to remodel weapons as well. Beward of the T-Rexaur enemy in the forest though he is quite the enemy, best to run away for now if you see one. As for GF Abilities I suggest learning Boost before you even go into the cavern on Shiva and Quenzacotl, after that focus on learning juction abilites, like HP-J and Str-J. Card for Quenzacotl is
also not a bad idea to start adding monster cards to your collection with Quenzacotl's Card Ability, the Bomb in the Fire Cavern is pretty good to turn into a card. The best place to earn AP here on the plains is on the beach, the Fastitocalons there give good amounts of AP. Also make sure you fight alot of battles to draw magic from the enemies, I suggest stocking up alot on Cure and Blizzard Spells for the Cavern.

(The Fire Cavern)

Enter the cavern and Quistis will explain how to junction magic as well as tell how to use the gunblade properly again. Talk to the two guards toward at the entrance and choose a time, I suggest 20 Minutes, because the lower the time left when you defeat the boss of the cavern, the higher your SeeD rank will be when you get ranked. Proceed into the cavern, nothing really to mark here except there is a Fire Draw Point to hit and the enemies here are very weak to blizzard magic so I suggest hitting them with blizzard and countinuing through the cave. Quistis will make comments as you proceed, none which matter much just continue on to the boss.

Boss: Ifrit

This is a simple boss, whomever has Shiva junctioned should summon her repededly, while the other character casts Blizzard Magic or summons Quenzacotl. Use Scan on Ifrit every once in a while until he has enough HP left that you can kill him in one more hit, then wait for the counter to get down to about 10 seconds left then finish him off. You get a G-Returner and Ifrit's Card for winning.

After the fight, the timer is gone and you gain Ifrit as a GF, make your way back outside the Cavern. If you run into a Buel make sure to stock up on all three elements it carries. Before you head back to Balamb
Garden though I suggest learning some abilities with Ifrit. When your done head back to the Garden, at the gate Quistis will explain how to teach GFs abilities. After this go to the Dormatory which is directly east and all the way north of the directory, or you may want to try and win the Quistis or Mini Mog cards now if you got a bomb card this will be alot easier. Search the bed in Squall's dorm room to change into his uniform, now proceed to the directory to prepare for the SeeD test. You'll meet your team members for the Test Zell and Seifer, when you are in the car on the World Map proceed east to the town of Balamb. Proceed to the dock and board the ship, there will be some conversation
explaining the mission in Dollet so pay attention to what is said. After Seifer tells you to go outside, head out to the east exit and the exam will start.

(Dollet Field Exam)

As soon as the boat lands make sure to give each party member a GF and junction your magic then proceed up the stairs and you will be attacked by some soldiers. Use this battle to draw plenty of fire, thunder, cure, and blizzard magic. This area is not complicated at all and is very straight forward just follow Seifer through the streets and take care of the soliders that attack. Note that your actions here determine your grade so make sure to do the following, except in that first battle to stock magic, finish all the soldiers off as quick as possible, also don't talk to anybody unless you have to, and follow all of Seifer's orders and you will be graded well. When you reach the center square, Seifer will order you to look for more soliders, check up behind the fountain and you will engage in another battle finish them and keep speaking with Seifer. When he heads off north follow him, now you will engage in random battles in the areas, take this time to draw more magic and gain some levels before proceeding. When you reach the area where a Dollet soldier is attacked by a monster make sure that Seifer finished it with his Fire Cross Limit Break which will become available when it is almost dead if you do not, your SeeD score will go down some, plus you get more exp if he kills it. Keep proceeding north, after overhearing some converstation between some Galbadian Soldiers, Selphie
will appear and Seifer will run off towards the tower. Do not follow Selphie by jumping down the cliff or your SeeD score will be lowered instead take the path to the right, at the bottom Selphie will take Seifer's place in the party so make sure to junction Seifer's GF and
Magic to her. Also run around the area and build some levels and draw magic. Head inside the tower, making sure to get the Blind Draw point to the left and saving your game on the right once inside. Take the elevator up and prepare for a boss.

Boss: Wedge, Biggs, Elvoret

The battle will start out with you against Biggs. He has Esuna magic which is a great help you should draw as much of it from him as you can, don't worry much about his attacks they don't do much damage. After you
do enough damage to him Wedge will appear, defeat them both and they will be blown away by the real boss Elvoret. Immediatly draw a new GF from him, Siren, and stock up on the Double spell he has, it junctions well. I strongly suggest drawing and casting Double on all three party members and have them double cast cure if need be to cure your characters. Elvoret's breath attack is the attack to watch out for it does around 150 damage to all three party members and you will probably need to heal after it. Other than that use normal attacks and your GFs on him and he will fall in no time if you can keep your party healthy. For winning you receive two elixers, two cottages, three G-Returners, and a Weapons Mon Mar Magazine.

After the fight you are ordered to return to the shore to return to Balamb. You have 30:00 to do it and the counter starts as soon as the conversation ends, head down the elevator and save your game. After leaving the tower yet another boss fight starts, although this one is quite diffrent.

Boss: X-ATM092

This battle is timed of course and it really isn't a battle you can win, the point is to every battle you get into with the monster you must deplete some of its hp and run away before it fully restores itself. The first battle is unavoidable but all of the others you will not have to fight if you can avoid X-ATM092. When the first battle begins have whomever has Quenzactol junctioned summon him repededly and have the other two cast double and then double thunder spells on him, when his HP is depleted (he will fall over and Zell will yell "lets get the hell out of here") run away from the battle. Proceed to the right trail and he will follow you again, in the area where Selphie jumped off the cliff make sure to stay as far away from the cliff as possible and hug the corner of the left path to the next area and you will avoid another fight with X-ATM092. In the next area DO NOT RUN down the path, walk, other wise his footsteps will stun you as you run and you will have to fight him again. The next area, the bridge, it becomes very difficult to avoid him. Run to the right until he jumps over your party, then proceed back to the left, this is where you have to be quick. Keep running and he will jump over your party a second time, this time immediatly turn back to the right and run towards the exit, if you don't do it fast
enough you will have to fight him. Now there is a way to get a ton of AP from the times you can fight him, if you manage to deplete all of his HP in every battle, you will be rewarded with 400 AP. My suggestion if you
are going to try this is to learn Boost, SummonMag 10,20,and 30% with Quenzacotl, this will do a ton of damage to him, and should be enough to deplete his HP in a couple of castings. Note that if you do this, your
SeeD rank will go down.

After this Squall jumps onboard the ship and Quistis blows X-ATM092 away with a machine gun and you return to Balamb.

(After the Exam, Back to the Garden)

When you return to Balamb Quistis says you have some time off and can do whatever you want but to return to the Garden soon. Take this time to explore the town of Balamb although there is not really much going on
here. You can pick up your first Timber Maniacs Magazine either at the Train Station on the floor or on the 2nd floor of the Inn, you cannot pick up them both seeing as once you pick up one of the magazine's the
other vanishes. I'm pretty sure that they are both the same magazine so just pick one. You can buy some items from the vendor near the train station and you should try to win the Zell card from Zell's Mother at his house. If you can get that card playing cards will be quite simple for a while to come, it is one of the best in the game. Also make sure to hit the Thunder Draw Point outside of the Junk Shop and make your way back to Balamb Garden. Although you might want to learn some abilities with Siren, your new GF, before you continue. When you return to the Garden you will see Xu, Quistis, and Headmaster Cid speaking after there conversation finished look outside of the library for Seifer and speak with him. After some move conversation there will be an announcement, follow the instructions. There you will find out you passed the SeeD exam and you will be taken to Cid's office to receive your scores. From now on you'll get paid at random intervales as you walk around, fight battles ect, how much your paid depends on your SeeD level you can open up the menu and go to into the Tutorial section and take SeeD tests up
to what Squall's level is to raise your SeeD level. After Cid gives you your score speak with him to receive the Battle Report, this will allow you to view your party info such as battles fought, how many times
you've run away from battles ect in your Tutorial menu. When in Squall's dorm change into his SeeD uniform which is on the bed and speak to Selphie to go to the party that is being held. After a little bit of
conversation and some bad dancing, Quistis will want Squall to meet her at the secret area in the Training Center. Return to Squall's dorm and change into his normal clothes and head towards the training area. Enter the training area and Quistis will join your party and you will head into the training area toward the secret area in the back. Nothing really special about this place, Make sure to give Quistis either Zell
or Selphie's junctions. Also make sure to hit the blizzard draw point on the path to the right. Watch out for the T-Rexaur enemies in here because they can pose a big threat, not so much one if you cast blind on
them and then use GFs on them but there attack power is really high. Nothing else really to note, you might want to gain a level or two with Squall and Quistis, then proceed to the very back toward the secret area. Squall and Quistis will have a conversation at the area then decide to return. Make sure to save at the save point outside the secret area and then proceed back to the entrance, you will come across some monsters attacking a girl.

Boss: Granaldo, Raldosx2

This battle is extremely easy to win. Simply draw and cast sleep from Granaldo on him and his buddies the Raldos won't even attack you with there master asleep. Take this time to stock up on Shell and Protect spells they have, these are great spells and will be needed for the entire game and they junction extremely well. When you have enough spells for your liking simply finish them with GFs.

When the battle is finished the men take the girl off. Return to your dorm and speak to Zell who tells you that you have a new room. Go to sleep in Squall's new room and you will be woken up in the morning by Selphie for your first mission. Pick up the Weapons Mon Apr Magazine on the desk in Squall's Room and head toward the garden entrance. At the entrance Cid will give you your first assignment as a SeeD. Squall, Selphie, and Zell are to go to Timber and help the resistance there.
Speak to Cid before you leave to receive the Magical Lamp item. I suggest going back into the garden and hitting all the Draw Points and gaining a few levels for Zell and Selphie in the Training Area, and also
head up to Cid's Room by way of the elevator and challenge him to a game of cards. He has the very powerful Seifer card you should try to win it
from him before leaving the garden, as well as you should try to get the Quistis and Minimog cards if you haven't yet because once you head off to Timber you won't have a chance to get them for a long time. When you finish in the garden head out to the world map and hit the Esuna Draw Point in the tunnel behind Balamb, make sure your fully healed, replace your characters ability to cast magic with using Items, save, and use
the Magical Lamp to call forth the GF Diablos.

Boss: Diablos

This battle at this point in the game can be really difficult but can be made easy by doing the following. Diablos' Favorite Attack is Gravija which reduces your partys HP into the critical. When this happens keep
hitting the button to change between your party member's turns til Selphie's Limit Break comes up and hit do over until Full Cure comes up, it shouldn't take long, that will restore your characters HP back to Max
so you can continue the fight. Have all your characters attempt to draw and cast Demi onto Diablos, this will fail alot especially if your characters levels are really low, but keep trying it will eventually work. Use Demi on him several times until it starts doing really low amounts of damage, say in the low 100s, then Summon GFs and use Squall and Zell's limits when he uses Gravija. Note that Diablos does have a very powerful physical attack which if your characters are not fully healed will most likely kill the character. If this happens use a Phoenix Down and continue the fight. Using the above strategy it shouldn't be too hard if you can just get the draws to work. You receive
a Diablos Card for winning.

When you defeat Diablos immediatly junction him and start learning the HP junction ability and then focus on learning mug. Learning mug early in the game will help you acquire alot of items that will be needed
later in remodeling your weapons.

(The Train Ride)

Make your way to Balamb, there is nothing else really to do here, might want to buy a few items at the shops, hit the Thunder Draw Point and the Cure Draw Point which is where the boat you took to Dollet once was, or
try to win Zell's card from his mom. When your finished head toward the train station and pay the 3000 Gil Fee for the train ride. When on the train, save at the save point and follow your party members into the cabin. Once inside Zell will get all excited and notice they have magazines which gives you Pet Pals Vol. 1. Selphie will come in feeling sick and your party will pass out suddenly. You will be in control of 3 new characters, Laguna, Kiros, and Ward. As them proceed through the
forest hitting the Cure Draw Point on the way, nothing special about the enemies here nor any interesting draws, might want to build a level or two, considering these three characters levels and junctions are
connected to Selphie, Squall, and Zell's. When you reach the area with the vehicle make sure to hit the water draw point and board the vehicle to Deling City. When the three step out of the car head east and into
the Galbadia Hotel and down into the bar on the right. Speak to the person in the blue and ask for your usual table. After some conversation as Laguna walk toward Julia at the piano but Laguna's leg will cramp up
and he limps off back toward Ward and Kiros in shame. After more conversation head back toward the inn and ask for Julia's room at the front desk. After speaking with Julia the scene will switch back to Squall's party whom is waking up just in time to arrive at Timber. When you gain control of your party again, you'll have to rejunction your party's GFs. When you step off the train reply "But the owls are still here" to the man's question to be taken to the resistance's train. You'll meet Zone and Watts inside and they'll ask you to go get the Princess at the back of the Train. Take this time to challenge Watts to a game of cards to get the Angelo card this will be your only chance for a long time to get it so don't miss this opportunity. Head toward the back room, after speaking with Rinoa she will teach you how her Limit Break works and you will head back to the others. In the meeting room they will explain your mission. Make sure to pay close attention to what to do because if you can do it all correctly your SeeD level will rise. After the meeting head back to Rinoa's Room and check the bed for a Pet Pals Vol. 2 Magazine. Make sure to save your game and talk to Watts to begin the mission. When the mission begins jump across to the other car and run toward Rinoa once you are across on the other car. Enter the Codes correctly that Rinoa reads to you and make sure to go back up if
one of the guards starts heading your way, do this in both areas and you will succeed in your mission. After the mission the party will head in to confront Vinzer.

Boss: Fake President, Gerogero

This boss will start out as a fake form known as the Fake President, you can draw some cure magic from him if you like, then finish him with a GF or a couple of physical attacks. He will transform himself into
Gerogero. The main threat with this guy is status effects, he can induce many of them to one party member at a time with effects such as Blind, Silence, and Berserk. This is easily taken care of by the ability to
draw Esuna Magic from him, so take care of status effects as soon as you can because if your whole party gets effected by them you'll be in alot of trouble. Now you can kill Gerogero by using a Phoenix Down on him but if you didn't equip the item ability just summon Ifrit and cast Fire and Cure on him. Note that you can Draw Double and Esuna from him which you should take full advantage of cause these will be great spells
throughout the entire game. He also has Berserk and Zombie which are not as great but worth getting a couple of.

After beating Gerogero and some more conversation it seems Vinzer is on his way to Timber to broadcast a message to the world, so it looks like the party is heading for Timber. Choose whether you want to take Selphie or Zell with you to Timber along with Squall and Rinoa. Take this time to try to win the Angelo card from Watts and get the Pet Pals Vol. 2 Magazine if you have not done so yet. Speak to Watts when your ready to
head to Timber.


When you step off the train head toward the left and check out the Pet Shop on the left side of the screen. Here you can buy two new copies of Pet Pals for Rinoa, as well as GF Hi-Potions which could come in handy.
The enemies around the area are nothing new, you've fought them before just some Galbadian Soldiers and Elite Soldiers which if you are near my levels have nothing new to draw. Once you finish at the item store head off to the right where you got off of the train, Rinoa will notice the trains have stop running, continue to the right. There is a weapon remodeling shop here but its doubtful you have the needed items to
upgrade yet, there is also an inn with a save point but you cannot stay in the inn at the moment. Continuing to the right you'll run into some elite soldiers threatening the Timber Guards. Rinoa will rush in to save them and you'll fight a battle with some Elite Soldiers. After the battle head back toward where you got off the train, at the area overlooking the train tracks talk to the boy there to receive a potion.
Everytime you enter Timber if you have Rinoa or Quistis in your party he will give you a potion. Heading north from the arrival area, go into the Timber Maniacs office. Check the piles of magazines for the Girl Next
Door Magazine, it has no use yet but will later in the game. The room on the left contains a Blizzaga draw point, make sure to hit it. The office to the north has a Timber Maniacs Magazine laying on the floor, make
sure to pick it up, and if you talk to the editor and ask about Timber Maniacs you'll get quite a story (notice how Squall really gets into his story). Back outside the office head all the way to the left to the
train tracks and enter the house up the stairs. Talk to the old man and tell him you like to drink and then search the faucet and it will heal your party. These are the Owls Tears you have probably been hearing
about. After healing check the cupboard several times until the girl tells you to bang on it, once it opens take the 500 gil out, after you take it you cannot get any more owls tears from the old man but who really cares when you can draw cure magic from the soldiers outside? Go back down the stairs and take the staircase down to the pub in the area you came from. Outside the pub you run into some Galbadia Soliders who fight you, after beating them they drop a Buel card. There is a shop on the left which sells the usual items, you might want to buy some of the ammo that is for sell for the character that will be joining soon. Hit the cure draw point on the right and head into the pub. Tell the drifter inside about the card and he'll give you a Tonberry card and let you keep the Buel card, when he moves take the door to the back alley. Hit the Scan draw point, save at the save point and head toward the TV Station up the stairs. After some conversation on the stairs and watching Seifer and Quistis storm Deling's announcment continue up the stairs and into the conference room. Follow Seifer outside the room and
he will dissapear with the Sorceress. Follow Quistis and Rinoa down the stairs and into the house beside the Timber Maniacs building. Talk to Quistis when you go upstairs, then head toward the door and Quistis will
tell you that they should head toward Galbadia Garden and that you need to take the train from east academy to get there. So form your party and you'll receive some items from the Chief. Outside you'll meet Watts,
he'll head off to gather more info. Head to the right toward east station and you'll run into Zone whom will give you some train tickets, head right across the bridge and down to board the train toward Galbadia
Garden. On the train talk to your party members a couple of times and you'll arrive at the station.

(The Forest Dream and Galbadia Garden)

Once you are off the train now is the time to start acquiring items to remodel your weapons, and alot of items that the enemies have in this area can be used for remodeling. First off the Thrustavis enemies can be
Mugged and also drop Shear Feathers, they also have the spells Aero and Float for you to draw if you are high enough level so make sure to draw alot of those spells. Try to get several shear feathers. Cockatrice
Pinions are mugged and dropped by the Cockatrice enemies within the forest areas on the world map around the area so try to get a couple of those as well. Screws are another item that are a must, and they are
stolen and dropped from the Geezard enemies in the area, make sure to pick up alot of these, 30+ of them, you'll be needing alot of them. The next item is a Dragon Fin. You can mug a Grendel for it in the forest
areas, they also drop Dragon Fins. Be careful though because Grendels are really powerful. One last enemy to look out for is the Wendigo enemy, they can be mugged for Steel Pipes as well as drops them, be sure to pick up several of those as well. After you have done all of this return to the Station where you got off and hit the invisible fire draw point on the right bridge next to the station and proceed to the forested area between the two mountains. Note that you can return to Dollet right now and get some items but if you do the quests there later on Disk 3 the rewards will be alot better. Once inside the forest the party has a conversation and then Squall, Quistis, and Selphie drop into Sleep again and you take control of Laguna, Kiros, and Ward who appear to be lost. Laguna has Squall's junction but if you didn't have anything junctioned to Quistis and Selphie give Kiros and Ward some GFs now and then proceed down the cliff. Hit the Sleep Draw Point at the bottom of the cliff and proceed across the bridge and the party gets attacked by two groups of Esthar Soldiers. Take note of the draws the Esthar Soldiers have in this battle, with a decent level party they should have Cura, Fira, Blizzara, and Thundara. Take full advantage to draw these spells they are great to use in battle and junction really well for this time of the game. Head straight and hit the Confuse Draw Point on the left, take the ladder down, search the area to the left and you'll find the first old key, Laguna of course will lose it like an idiot. Note the Gesper enemies that will appear in this area, they can be mugged for an drop an item called Black Hole, which will teach Quistis Degenerator which will instantly eliminate an enemy from battle so be sure to pick it up. They also have Shell and Protect to draw from so if you didn't get plenty from the Granaldo boss fight this is a good time to stock up. The Elastoid enemies have Dispel to draw from so pick some up of this because you'll be needing this spell in some future boss fights. In the next area have Laguna tamper with the middle panel so that the Esthar soldiers will fall through, also make sure to tamper with the other two
panels after tampering with the middle one, you'll have to go all the way around to reach the other one (notice when you leave the area an Esthar Soldier falls for it, Laguna is a genius after all!). Continue to the right and pick up the second old key in the debris near the bottom of the screen, and yet again Laguna loses another key. The path to the right leads back toward the beginning so head up. Continue up until you come across a switch on the ground, hit the red switch, then the blue one, then continue up across the bridge type platform. In the next area examine the boulder to push it away and reveal a Cure Draw Point, hit it and continue up. Save at the save point in the next area, and continue up again. Note that this is the end of the area and if you have not gotten the Black Hole item you should try to get it before heading up. On the cliff you'll fight a battle with some Esthar Soldiers and they will hit Kiros and Ward with an attack called Soul Crush. Laguna, Kiros, and Ward jump off the cliff into the river below and the scene switches back to Squall's Party. Make sure to heal Selphie and Quistis because
they will only have 1 HP left. Outside the forest Galbadia Garden is right around the corner but there are a few more items to get from enemies in this area. The Ochu enemies in the forest you came out of carry Ochu Tentacles. You can mug them for some or they can drop them, they are also a great source of Exp and AP for your party. I suggest right now learning Mug because mugging enemies for items will become
crucial for getting some of the items later in the game. Another item to get is the Saw Blade, which will be needed for some of Rinoa's weapons, they are mugged from the Belhelmel enemies outside of Galbadia Garden.
They also drop Magic Stones which will be used alot in remodeling later so be sure to pick a bunch of those up as well. After you have picked up the things I listed above and learned Mug head into Galbadia Garden.
Proceed through the front gates after Quistis and into Galbadia Garden and hit the Haste draw point that is hidden in the center platform of the garden. Despite the small part of the garden that you are free to
explore there are a couple of things to do. From the center of the garden head to the right and through the door on the right. The girl student in this room has all of the Level 6 Boss Cards which are all listed in the card section of the Guide. You should take full advantage of getting these cards right now because this is your only chance to play cards with the girl and it will save you alot of trouble getting those boss cards later in the game. The door on the left leads into the
hockey arena, take the door to the left of the one you came through to go into the locker room. Hit the Life draw point and head back to the center. Head up from here and all the way to the track area, hit the Shell draw point and proceed up the stairs that you passed on the way there. When up the stairs take a right and all the way to the auditorium. Hit the invisible Double draw point in here and then head through the door straight from the stairs. Speak to your party members
until Squall runs out of the room. Head back down the stairs and toward the center and you'll run into Fujin and Raijin. Heading back outside the gate, Headmaster Martine will explain your mission to assassinate
the Sorceress and Irvine will join your party. Squall will teach how to switch out party members and you will need to board the train outside to Deling city. So choose your party and head outside, you might want to
take the chance to get those boss cards now, get some of the dropped or mugged items, or gain some levels for Irvine. When finished board the train to Deling City. Follow Irvine when he leaves the room and listen
at his failed attempts to charm Selphie. Return to the other room and listen at another failed attempt this time at Rinoa. Quistis tells him to behave himself and Irvine rants on about being a loner. After Zell
damages the train a little with a punch due to Irvine's rants, the party arrives in Deling City.

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Final Fantasy VIII - PC Games
(Deling City and the Tomb of the Unknown King)

After you get off the train head up the stair type device and into the city. Head toward the right into the bussiness section and into the inn. Stay in the inn and pick up the Timber Maniacs Magazine on the floor
next to the bed and continue down outside. On the right side of the street you will find a item shop which sells the basic items, and a weapon remodeling shop, if you have been picking up a couple of the items I've been mentioning in this guide you should be able to make Squall's Shear Trigger, Zell's Maverick, and Rinoa's Valkerye and Rising Sun. Remodel your weapons and continue down and all the way to the right, in this area you'll hear somebody talking about Caraway, this is Caraway's Mansion. First take the bridge to the left side and hit the Thundara draw point, then return and speak to the guard that is across the street. He'll send you off to the Tomb of the Unknown King to find a
ID code of a student that was lost there. Speak to him again and ask him to escort you out of town that will be quicker than walking out. Out on the world map check the train tunnel below Deling city to hit an Esuna
draw point. Outside you won't find any new enemies, you have encountered most of them already, depending on your level the Thrustaevis enemies outside may have Blizzaga and Tornado to draw from them, I strongly
suggest picking these spells up, especially Tornado it is one of the best spells in the game. From Deling City head Northeast to the peninsula to the Tomb of the Unknown King. After watching some students flee, hit the protect draw point to the left, save at the save point and proceed into the Tomb. The enemies in here are nothing to worry about, the Armadodo enemies can be Mugged for Turtle Shells which you should pick up several of, the Blobra enemies are very strong against physical attacks so use magic against them. Toward the entrance you'll run into a blue sword on the ground, it has the ID code your looking for on it. The ID code is random for every play through so remember to write the code down. If you want you can return and give the code to the guard but there is a GF inside the tomb I strongly suggest getting. From that point keep heading right til you come to a statue, examine it to fight a

Boss: Sacred

First off take notice of the boss's draws. He has Life which you should draw alot of, this is one of the best spells to junction and you shouldn't need your item ability much after stocking alot of this spell,
other than that draw and cast protect on your entire party, cast Float on Sacred to prevent him from healing each turn, and just pound away with your GFs and Magic such as Aero and Tornado. He only attacks physically so he shouldn't be much of a problem.

From the 4 way section you came from, head right until you come to an area with a draw point and a switch. Hit the Float draw point on the left and hit the switch on the right. Continue heading right till you reach an area with a water wheel, hit the invisible Cura draw point on the right and the switch on the left. Once again continue heading right until you are taken outside of the tomb. Save and heal at the save point
and then head back inside, this time heading up until you reach a bridge over water, when you are ready step inside for a boss.

Boss: Sacred and Minotaur

This Boss can be difficult but not to difficult if you do things right. Begin the battle by drawing and casting protect on your party, as well as casting float on your party and the two bosses, this way the mad cow
special will not effect your party and they cannot heal some of there HP each turn. Use Diablos to take a big chunk out of there HP repededly and if you have stocked alot of Tornado spells draw and cast double on your
party and double Tornado or Aero spells onto them. They won't last too long if you keep casting float on them and using Diablos and Aero and Tornado Spells. For winning you receive a Sacred Card, and then a Minotaur Card shortly after the battle.

After the battle you receive the Brothers as a GF. Junction them immediatly and have them start learning abilities. To exit just walk down until your outside, head back to Deling City and speak with Caraway's Guard, give him the correct code and he will let you inside.

(Caraway and the Battle with Edea)

Once inside Caraway's Mansion speak to your party members until General Caraway enters the room. Follow Caraway as he explains the plan to assassinate Edea. After he briefs you, return to his mansion when you
are ready to start the operation. After Squall forms the partys and leaves the room, try to leave as Quistis and Rinoa will barge into the room. After some conversation as Squall follow Caraway out of the
mansion to the waiting spot. Switching back to Quistis she wants to go and apologize to Rinoa, so head back to Caraway's Mansion. Quistis and the party gets locked in the room by Caraway on accident and the scene switches to Rinoa. Save at the save point and proceed past the boxes over to an open manhole, enter it and proceed to the left to pick up a Weapons Mon May magazine, head back to the ladder and back up the manhole and climb the boxes up to the Sorceress' room. After listening
to Edea's speech, you'll take control of Quistis' party again. Take one of the glasses from beside the door and place it in the statues hand to reveal a passage down to the sewer. Make sure to junction your characters with GFs and magic before proceeding because there are
enemies down here. There are two enemies down here you should watch for, one is the creeps enemy, you can steal coral fragments from them which will teach Quistis the Electrocute limit break and they also drop Curse Spikes, which teach Quistis LV ? Death make sure to pick up some of those. The other enemy is called Grand Mantis, they can be mugged for Sharp Spikes which will be needed to remodel some of the weapons so make
sure to get some of those as well. Search the wheel to the left to climb over to the other side, open the door and as you move to the next area the parade starts. As Squall follow Irvine into the mansion. Climb up the boxes just like you did as Rinoa, Make sure Squall and Irvine are healed and have some GFs equiped because at the top you fight a boss.

Boss: Iguionsx2

Once the fight begins make sure to draw the Carbuncle GF from them. This boss if very simple, they have an attack that can cause gradual petrify on you which is easily taken care of by casting Esuna on the affected
character. The boss is immune to fire magic, so stick with using spells like Quake and Tornado and calling GFs such as Shiva and Brothers. Note that they do have the spell break to draw which junctions pretty well,
you might want to draw some if you have the battle under control.

After the battle equip your new GF and open the hatch in the area you came from and proceed down into it. Examine the rifle on the ground and after some conversation the scene switches back to Quistis' party.
Proceed up and into the next area. Head left and down and knock the ladder down into the water, procceed across it and to the left to hit an esuna draw point. Head back across the ladder and to the left again.
Head up and through the stretch there taking a right. In the next area proceed to the right, don't use the water wheel in this next area instead head down, not across the wheel in the area but there is a hidden Bio draw point you should hit here, Proceed back to the area you came from with the water wheel and head directly left from the down entrance a little to a Zombie draw point. Now head across the wheel and
then across the wheel to the right, proceed down and across the water wheel here, head down once more and across the water wheel in the area. Once again head down and to the right making sure to knock the ladder
into the water. Use the water wheel in the next area and proceed up, this is the last area, make sure that you have gotten some Sharp Spikes, save at the save point and head up the later to the 2nd floor. As
Quistis hit the switch to trap Edea, Irvine misses his shot so Squall rushes in to attack Edea but he must deal with Seifer first.

Boss: Seifer

This boss is pitifully easy, if Squall has Carbuncle call it and reflect Seifer's Fira spell back at him. Seifer has very little HP so a GF or two will finish him off.

After Seifer is knocked off Edea steps in.

Boss: Edea

This battle is not so difficult. Summon carbuncle as soon as the battle begins to send Edea's magic back at her, she will often cast Dispel on one of your characters at a time to remove the reflect but simply
resummon carbuncle when this happens and you shouldn't get hit with anything besides Edea's Astral Punch. While she is casting Dispel have the character with mug try to steal an elixer from her while the others draw dispel and double magic from her. After that a few GFs should put her down, note that you can still lose this battle and continue the game, but you'll miss out on some AP.

When the battle is over Edea sends a giant ice shard toward Squall knocking him off the float to the ground below bringing an end to the first disk.

(Winhill and the D-District Prison)

Disk 2 Begins with Laguna being told there is somebody waiting for him in the pub. Check the cabinet in Laguna's room for a hidden Curaga draw point and head downstairs. Downstairs speak to Ellone and then head next door to the pub and speak with Kiros. Speak with him about all the subjects and then head outside. The enemies around the area are nothing new, bite bugs and caterchipillars, if you are high enough level the
caterchipillars may be carrying Curaga and Thundaga magic which you should draw alot of because Thundaga is the best thunder magic and curaga is the best curative magic in the game. From outside the pub head all the way to the right and down to hit the dispel draw point then head down into the next area. Proceeding down hit the Drain Draw Point on the right and continue right, in this area search near the truck for a hidden reflect draw point, hit it and continue down into the next area. Continue all the way down until Laguna tells Kiros that the patrol of the area is finished. Before heading back check out the item shop at near the end of the village, Laguna has 3000 Gil on him so spend it all
here on items so it will be added to Squall's item list. Proceed back up to the pub and speak with Raine. After speaking with her head back to Laguna's house and rest in his room and the scene will switch back to
Squall's party. Seems Zell and the gang have been thrown in jail after attacking Edea. Speak with your party members and after a scene with Squall, some guards come in and take Rinoa away after kicking Zell
several times. The scene switches back to Squall once again, Seifer questions him and tortures him several times and the scene once again switches back to Zell's party. A Moomba enters and drops a plate of food and a guard comes in to scorn him, choose the option to stand up for the moomba and Zell will chase the guard away. Seifer tortures Squall some more but when given the option don't lie to the warder about SeeD. As Zell they devise a plan to escape and Zell knocks the guard out when he steps into the room. As Zell head up the stairs to the left to retreive the party's weapons. On the next floor engage the soldiers with Zell, aftwards he will pick up the weapons. The moombas will free Squall and Zell will return the weapons (notice how cheesy the scene is when Zell gives the weapons back to Selphie and Quistis). After this it seems Biggs and Wedge from earlier are back for round two. This really isn't a
boss fight and it is extremley easy to win. Make sure to steal from the two to get a Regen Ring and a Strength Love, also making sure to draw some Regen and Haste spells from Biggs then finish them off with a GF or two. Stepping outside the cell, Biggs sets off an alarm that sets enemies out onto the floors. There are a few enemies to look out for here, one is the GIM52A which can be mugged for a Missile items which teachs Quistis Micro Misslie and the other enemie is called GIM47N which can be mugged for Steel Orbs which are need to remodel some weapons. Instead of heading up the stairs, head down the stairs because there are
plenty of items to pick up on the bottom levels. There is nothing on the first floor down so pass it up and head down again. The man in the room on this next floor will play cards with you for 500 Gil per play but
will give you an item if you win. He is really easy to beat but the items you can win are really not worth it. I was able to win some HP Up and Gysahl Greens from him as well as some potions but that was about it. Continue down to the next floor. On this floor you can pick up a
tent, continue down to the next level. This floor has a Pet House to pick up so continue down to the next floor, this level has a Pet Nametag and a Strength Up to pick up, so pick them up and continue down. This
Floor has a Combat King 001 Magazine to pick up which teaches Zell the Dolphin Blow Limit Break. Now head all the way back up to the floor where you escaped from and head up the stairs. This floor has an item shop that sells the normal items, you might want to stock up on some potions and tents. Head up to the next floor, this one has a berserk draw point so hit it and continue up to the next floor. On this floor is another man that will play card with you for 300 Gil, you'll definatly
want to win this match though because when you win he'll give you the Character Report which will show your character data in your information section of the tutorial. Proceed up the stairs to the next level. On
this level is an invisible Thundaga draw point so hit it and there is also another card player who will give you items if you play, this time for 200 gil, once again the items he give you are not worth your time so
continue up to the next level. Nothing in this area so just follow the moombas up the stairs and to Squall. When you take control of Squall, speak to the moombas and have them create some shortcuts. Walk outside
and Zell will operate the crain to send Squall's party to the bottom floor, hit the red button when Zell tells you and you get sent to the bottom. Head to the right and open the door to find nothing but sand. You hear gunfire and the party runs back outside to rescue Zell. As Zell head along to the right and you'll probably run into a fight with a few guards, finish them and Squall will come down and rescue Zell (notice how grateful Zell is that Squall saved his life and how Squall reacts heh). Irvine casually walks in and fires his gun off (Notice how Rinoa kicks his ass down the stairs for trying to act so cool). Choose your party and head up the stairs while Irvine holds them off. As Squall
continue up the stairs and the scene will switch back to Irvine's party. Proceed down the stairs. This is your last chance to get the Missile item and some Steel Orbs from enemies so take advantage and get some
before proceeding to the bottom floors. Once at the bottom the scene switchs back to Squall. Speak to the Moomba's there to receive a Rename Card and Cottage and continue into the next area. Head up the stairs and up the stairs in the next room. Make sure you are fully healed then head right into a boss fight.

Boss: Elite Solider, GIM52Ax2

This boss is not so difficult. Draw and cast haste on your party from the GIM52A's. The elite soldier will cast support spells such as Aura and Protect on the two machines which is easily countered by drawing and
casting dispel from and on the GIM52A's. Summon a GF early to get rid of the Elite Soldier then just have your way with the two machines.

After the battle head back into the other room and you'll raise the arm for Irvine and the rest of the party to come to the top of the prison. Return outside and across the platform, it will start to give way and
Squall will be holding on. Make sure to hold the right directional button the entire time to move Squall to the right because its game over if Squall doesn't make it. At the bottom your party takes vehicles outside the prison and they stop to discuss what to do next. As Squall hit the Aero draw point and speak with your party members some more. Have Squall decide the partys and then the team will head off. As Squall board the train to Balamb and the scene will switch back to Selphie's party.

(The Missile Base and the Return to Balamb Garden)

Head back to Deling City with Selphie and to Caraway's Mansion. Speak with Caraway about his cards and he says he'll use Rinoa's card if you give him your Ifrit Card. Play cards with him and make sure that the Ifrit card is your best card in your hand and lose to him, he will take it, challenge him again and he will play Rinoa's card, win it from him. You won't be able to get your Ifrit card back just yet but you will later. Next you should head to the Weapon Remodeling Shop and you should be able to make Quistis' Slaying Tail and Selphie's Morning Star. Once finished in Deling City take the vehicle into the Missile Base. Once inside head to the left and through the door. The doors are locked so check beside the door for an ID Card slot. One of your party members mentions to have found one in the truck and you use it to get inside. In the next area try to act casual and blend in to whats going on around the area. If you can get through this area without getting caught your SeeD rank will go up. Take the path to the right and continue right and down the stairs. In this next area you should notice an arrow pointing down, follow that path outside and hit the blind draw point and speak to the soldiers to the right. They want you to deliver a message to the
missile room so go back inside and through the door to the north. Hit the invisible Full-Life draw point on the left and speak to the soldier by the control panel and tell him to go on ahead. Go back outside and speak to the soldiers again. Head back inside and to the door on the left you passed when you came into the base and speak to the guard there. Head inside and hit the Blizzara draw point inside. Choose whatever to mess around with the controls in the Circuit room until the
lights go out. Back outside you run into some soldiers whom question you, I strongly suggest talking it out this time because if you choose to fight you'll have to deal with random encounters and a timer inside.
Choose to talk it out and Selphie will go inside with the crew and beat the crap out of them. Next head back to the missile control room, choose to help out the soldiers inside, push the square button to help them
push the launcher into position. Back outside check the control panel, go to target and to error ratio and hold the right directional button to increase it to max. Then go to data upload and select yes to confirm your decision. Speak to the guard beside the stairs to be let upstairs. Up the stairs you run into the base leader and some soldiers, they discover your an intruder and engage you into a fight, this fight isn't
much at all just finish them off with a GF or two. After the fight search the controls on the left, then check the control panel on the right in the room to the north to set the self destruction device for the base. Set the timer and head back outside the base. Make sure your healed because outside is a boss fight.

Boss: BGH251F2

The only thing really difficult about this boss is beating it before the timer runs out if you set the timer low. As soon as the battle begins draw and cast Protect on your party members. Then I suggest casting
double on the two party members that aren't junctioned with Quenzacotl and then have them double Thundara and Water Spells onto it and have the other character summon Quenzacotl. After BGH251F2 is defeated the
soldiers come out to take its place, finish them with a GF. For winning you receive a Weapons Mon Jun Magazine.

After the battle Selphie's party is locked inside and the base explodes. The Scene then switches to Squall's party outside the gates of Balamb Garden. Junction your characters and proceed inside. Head past the guy
shoating orders and proceed up the stairs. You are stopped and questioned, swear allegiance and you won't have to fight an enemy or say the other and fight a normal battle, proceed into the next area. Speak the the guy outside the gates and he'll give you a Mega-Potion. Inside speak to Fujin and Raijin and head to the right and into the Library. The enemies inside Balamb Garden can be dangerous especially the Grendel
and T-Rexaur enemies, but there are a few good items to pick up, first Bombs can be mugged for Bomb Fragments and the T-Rexaurs can be mugged for Dino Bones, make sure to pick up several of those. In the library
defeat the monsters that the garden faculty sends at the you and speak to the girl in the Library and she will give you a mega phoenix if Zell is in your party, if not you'll just get a Remedy. Head back outside and
up to the Training Area. Save the kids inside and speak to the SeeD to receive a Remedy, also the man from garden is in the Training Center and he will sell your party items. Head back out and up to the Parking Lot
area. The SeeD here will give you a Tent for beating the monsters, head back out and up into the Dormitory. Defeat the monsters here and you can use Squall's room to rest and save from now on, head back out and to the
left into the Cafeteria. Defeat the monsters here and speak to the SeeDs (Notice how excited Zell gets about there being hotdogs only to find out the SeeDs already finished them all heh) they will give you some Gysahl
Greens make sure to hit the invisible Demi draw point by the tree here then head back out and down to the Quad. Defeat the monsters here and tell the SeeDs your with the Headmaster and one of the SeeDs will give
you an X-Potion, proceed back outside and down into the Infirmary. The Granaldo enemy you fight here is probably carrying the Pain Spell to draw. I strongly suggest drawing alot of this spell, junction it to your
status attack and you can inflict multiple status effects on an enemy with each strike. Speak with the doctor after beating the monsters to receive an Elixer, now head up to the Elevator and speak to Xu, Follow
her up to Headmaster Cid's office and speak with him. Squall volunteers to search the underground levels for controls for the once was shelter at the Garden and he gives Squall a key card to the lower levels. Head
back to the elevator and down into the MD Level. When the elevator stops running search the floor for a trap door and proceed down the ladder into the open crawl space below, open the hatch at the end of the crawl
space and crawl drop down into the next area. Squall tells the party to junction fire to there elemental attack which can be helpful in this area. proceed down the ladder and into the next area. The enemies here
are nothing really to worry about, the Tri-Faces will probably give you the most trouble although you don't run into them very often. Head through the door at the bottom and turn the valve by repededly hitting the square button until you finally do it, then head back outside the door. Head down the ladder and the stairs and hit the Full-Life draw point on the right, as Squall head up the ladder. It will give way and send Squall flying through a window into a control room. Search the controls to open the floor then use the ladder to head back down to your party members. You'll notice a flashing green light near the botton, examine it and head down the ladder there. Save at the save point and hit the switch to the right, head across the bridge and two Oilboyles engage you into a fight.

Boss: Oilboylex2

These guys can present a problem, they have an attack called Oil Shot that does alot of damage and causes status effects. You can draw and cast Esuna from the bosses to get rid of the effects but also make sure
to heal the hit character if need be because they will probably be close to critical condition after the attack. The good thing though is that the Oilboyles are extremely weak against fire, so hit them with Diablos
to cut there HP then finish them off with an Ifrit or two.

After the fight proceed across the bridge and into the control room. Have Squall mess with the controls until it activates and the Garden raises up from the ground and moves just as the missile connect with where the garden once was. Speak with Cid then head down to the second floor and outside the door past the class room. Head back to Cid's office and speak with Cid. Squall manages to stear the Garden out of the way of Balamb and into the sea. Later Squall wakes up in his room, head to the directory and one of the Garden Faculty members tells you the Garden Master wants to see Squall, so head to the elevator and down to B1. Speak with Cid and then proceed to the left to speak with the Garden Master. He wants to turn over the SeeDs that were involved in the assassination of the sorceress, after some more conversation NORG gets furious and attacks the party.

Boss: NORG

Start the battle by casting Shell and Double on the entire party and mugging the two orbs for a Mag Up and a Spr Up. After that use GFs and Double Attack Magic onto the NORG pod, stopping to attack the orbs if they change to red to prevent them from using magic on the party. You might even want to Summon Carbuncle to reflect NORG's magic back at him. Once you have done enough damage to the Pod it will open and you can
attack NORG. Once the NORG pod is open immediatly draw Leviathan a new GF from him and make sure your Shell spells are still on your party members and mug NORG for a Circlet. After this Double Aero and Tornado spells onto NORG and use GFs to finish him off. Note that the Left Orb has the Bio spell to draw so be sure to stock up on it.

After the battle search NORG's pod for a hidden Bio Draw point then head to the Infirmary to speak with Cid. Speak with him about all the subjects then head to the directory and speak with Xu who says a ship has approached. Head up the elevator to the outside deck by the classroom and speak with the White SeeDs whom are looking for a girl named Ellone. She is in the Library so proceed there and speak with her. After some conversation, Squall will wake up in his room, proceed
outside the dorm and the garden will crash into Fisherman's Horizon. Speak with Cid and he will want you to go out and apologize to the Mayor of the town. So head down to the outside deck by the classroom to
Fisherman's Horizon.
Raidengunfire's rating:
(Fisherman's Horizon and the Invasion of Balamb Town)

Outside the Garden Squall runs into somecCitizens which tell them to go see the Mayor, so head to the right and proceed down the stairs. Keep proceeding right and you'll see some stairs leading down, head down them
and then all the way to the left to speak to the Master Fisherman. Tell him what are you talking about and he'll give you an Occult Fan III Magazine. Speak with him again and he'll want you to talk to his Pupil down at the docks, head back to where you went down the ladder before and continue to the right. Speak with the man operating the elevator to proceed down. From the elevator head to the right, in the next area continue right and hit the Regen draw point you pass by. In the next area take another right to the docks, hit the shell draw point on the far right and speak with the old man there, its a junk shop, you should be able to make Irvine's Ulysses Weapon now. Speak with the kid in the boat out on the water, this is the Master Fisherman's Pupil. Keep speaking with him as he breaks everything in the shopkeepers store and almost kills him (gee what foul language heh). Head back and into the inn on the left, you can also buy the usual set of items here, proceed into the back room and search the stack of magazines for a Timber Maniacs magazine then head back outside and proceed up into the next area. Take the small path down into the circle and head up the stairs to hit the haste draw point. Head back down into the circle and up the path again into the Grease Monk's house on the right. Pick up the Timber Maniacs Magazine laying on the floor and proceed back to the area with the path leading down the the mayor's house. Head to the right beside the mayors house to run into Former Headmaster Martine, he has all the Level 7 Boss Cards and your Ifrit Card if you lost it to Caraway
earlier. Now proceed into the mayor's house, on the second floor speak to Mayor Dobe, search the right side of the room for a hidden Ultima draw point and take this time to challenge Mayor Dobe to a game of cards. He has the Quenzacotl card to win so make sure to get it then proceed to head back to the garden. On your way back Galbadia attacks, and mayor dobe heads off to talk to the soldiers. Follow him to the right, the enemies in this area are not tough but you should watch out
for the SAMO8G's because they can be mugged for an item called Running Fire which will teach Quistis Gatling Gun. Continue to the right all the way to the circle. Seems the Galbadian Soldiers don't like talking
things out too much and your party rushes in to save Mayor Dobe. After the battle an old enemy shows up to fight once again.

Boss: BGH251F2

This battle if very simple and basically just an easier repeat of the last battle with it. Draw and cast protect on your entire party, then cast double on the party members not junctioned with either Leviathan or
Quenzacotl and double Thundaga and Water Spells onto him. Then have the other characters call Quenzacotl and Leviathan to finish him off. Also make sure to mug an item called Adamantine from the boss it will be
needed later to make some of the better weapons.

After the battle Selphie's party emerges from the machine and everybody but Squall and Rinoa heads back to the garden, speak with Rinoa, then return to speak with the Master Fisherman's student. After he succeeds
in fishing correctly go speak with the Master Fisherman again, stopping to speak with Irvine on the way. The Master Fisherman wants to talk to you in the inn so head there and speak with him. Then decide to stick
around a little longer and follow him over to the docks, after some more conversation and learning about Fisherman's Horizon's history he'll give you a Megalixer. Now at the area where the Master Fisherman once was is a Full-Life draw point so make sure to it it and head back to the Garden. Irvine wants to go and cheer Selphie up so head down to the Quad and speak with her. Squall gives his report to Headmaster Cid and Squall is appointed the leader in defeating the Sorceress although he is not to pleased about it. Meanwhile Selphie wants the party members to play at
the concert for the garden and you have to choose which party members play which instruments, it really doesn't matter which members get what instrument but the following sounds the best in my opinion.

Irvine:Eletric Guitar
Quistis:Bass Guitar

After selecting the Instruments speak with Rinoa outside and head to the concert. Speak with Irvine and find the magazine he left. In the morning head to the bridge to speak with Xu, Quistis, and Nida. You know have control of the garden, pilot it back to Balamb which is just north of Fisherman's Horizon and land near Balamb. Enter Balamb and speak with the Galbadian Soldier at the entrance of town. Head inside Zell's house on the right and speak with his mother, then speak with the Big Bad Rascal (oooooo menacing name)inside Zell's house and he will run off, if you need to leave town for some reason return to the entrance and he will help you get out. Head down to the hotel and speak with the guards there, they will tell you to find the captain. Head down onto the docks and speak with the soldier with the dog, he says the captain caught some fish and went to eat them, so head back to Zell's house and speak with his mother. She says he went to eat with his men, before heading to the train station, you can now go up to Zell's room to rest you should check it out because his room is pretty cool in my opinion. Speak with the soldiers at the train station then return to the docks and speak to the soldier with the dog again. Follow the dog back to the train station, and follow Raijin back to the hotel, after some conversation he will engage your party.

Boss: Raijin, GSoldierx2

Start the battle by drawing and casting Protect on your entire party from Raijin and then get rid of the two Galbadian Soldiers with him. Then Cast Pain or Blind on Raijin to take his attack accuracy way down. Then have the character with mug steal some Str Ups from him then pound him with Bio Magic or GFs besides Thunder and Quenzacotl because he absorbs lighting type magic, he shouldn't last too long.

After the fight the party heads inside the hotel to face off with Fujin.

Boss: Raijin, Fujin

This battle can be difficult, as soon as the battle starts draw and cast protect and shell from Raijin and cast it on your party members, then cast Pain or Blind on Rajin. Next draw Pandemona a new GF from Fujin.
Now cast double on your party members and have them double Bio Spells onto both the bosses. Make sure to mug them both, Fujin is carrying a Megalixer and Raijin has two more Str Ups. Then finish them off with any
GFs besides Quenzacotl and avoid wind spells against Fujin because she absorbs them. Note that Fujin has a move that brings a party members HP down to one, make sure you have a Curaga or Cura ready for that
character after the attack. You receive a Combat King 002 Magazine for winning.

Back on the bridge Selphie wants to head to Trabia Garden, but before that head back to Balamb. The man outside the inn will now play cards and has the Pandemona card. Now board the Garden and head for Trabia Garden.

(Trabia Garden, Winhill, and the Centra Ruins)

Take the Garden to the continent in the northeast to Trabia Garden. Before entering the Garden though there are a few enemies and items to get outside the garden. You'll run into enemies called Mesmerize and they can be mugged for Mesmerize Blades which with a few of these you can make Squall's Cutting Trigger weapon and Rinoa's Cardinal. Another enemy you should look out for is called Gayla and you can draw a very useful spell called Meltdown from them, this spell not only causes good damage but also drastically lowers an enemies defense, you can also mug it for a Mystery Fluid which teaches Quistis Acid. The last enemy to look out for are Blue Dragons which you can encounter in the forest
areas. They can be mugged for Fury Fragments which are needed to make Zell's best weapons so pick them up. Thats it for this area so pick up those items then head inside Trabia Garden. Follow Selphie inside by climbing the netting on the right. Hit the Thundaga draw point by the statue and speak with Selphie. Toward the bottom of the screen, although you will barely be able to see it, is a Weapons Mon Aug issue make sure to pick it up and head to the path on the right. Hit the hidden Zombie draw point here in the graveyard and pick up the Timber Maniacs Magazine then head back to the last area and to the left. There is a save point on the right and the Tech Squad is trying to fix a broken computer so
head to the left. Search the stage for a invisible Aura draw point then continue to the basketball court on the left. Speak with all your party members until Selphie arrives. Irvine will begin to speak of his life in
an Orphanage and little by little your party members start to remember growing up in the same Orphanage along with Irvine. As Squall follow the kids outside and down to the beach. After some more conversation follow Irvine outside and speak with him. Quistis will reveal some of her feelings, speak with her after this. More conversation will go on with your party members to find out that Edea was also at the Orphanage with
everybody. The party decides to head to Edea's house to check out the Orphanage. Before you leave head back inside Trabia Garden, you can win the Selphie Card from Selphie's friend by the Gargoyle statue. Now there
are a couple of side areas that are open at the moment and I'm going to walkthrough a couple of them next so if you want to continue with the story skip the rest of this section and head to the next one. Board the
Garden and take it to Winhill, which is located on the southern tip of the Continent to the west of Balamb. When in Winhill head to the big house at the northern end of town. Speak with the man on the stairs and
he will tell you about his broken vase, so its up to you to find the broken vase pieces and bring them to him. For the first piece head down to the old woman's house at the middle of town and search the white
flowers, the old woman will tell you about Raine giving them to her, then search the flowers for the first vase piece. Head to the Chocobo crossing area and try to catch the chicobos that run across the road. One of them has a vase piece and it will float the ground. Also note that if you catch more Chicobos you can get a Gsyahl Greens and a Phoenix Pinion. Head to what use to be Raine's house in the north party of town and talk to the woman on the top floor until she mentions smelling the fragrance of Flowers. Heading back downstairs and search the table in the bottom right and the party will see Raine's Ghost, go try to speak with it and it turns out to be a cat, speak with the cat and it will drop a vase piece. Now head back to the mansion and search
the suit of Armor for the last vase piece(If you are having problems getting this vase piece from the suit of armor come back on Disk 3 once you have the Ragnarok and you should be able to get the piece then, for
some reason some people can get it on disk 2 while others may have to wait till disk 3). Speak to the man on the stairs and hand over the pieces and he'll give you a holy stone for your efforts. Now head back
outside equip your item command ability and get into a battle. Use the Phoenix Pinion to summon the Phoenix GF. After using this item the Phoenix GF will randomly appear and help your party if all party members
die in battle. Now board the Garden and head to Timber. Go to the train area and save the boy from being hit by the train, you'll get a free nights stay in the inn and you can pick up a copy of Timber Maniacs on the table the next morning. Outside Timber head out to the forest areas and try to run into some enemies called Anacondaur. They will drop Dragon Skin which is necessary for making some of Quistis and Zell's
weapons so make sure to get at least 6 of these. Now board the Garden and head toward the Centra Ruins which is on the southwest continent. You'll know it when you see it, it looks kinda like a tripod. Before you
enter you should know that throughout the tower you will be timed, so I strongly suggest equiping either Diablos' Encounter None or Encounter Half abilities because you do not want to waste any time with battles
while inside. When you are prepared head inside and down the hill, up the stairs in the next area, around to the left side and up the stairs to the right. In the next area climb upon the alter and it will carry you up to the next area. Climb the ladder to the left to the top and flip the switch. Return to the bottom and hit the glowing blue orb on the alter to make a stair way appear to the right, proceed all the way up it. Take the ladder to the left and take the eye out of the statue, now head up the stairs and up the ladder to the left. Place the eye into the statue and remember the code it gives you. Take both eyes from the statue and return to the other statue, put both eyes into the statue then input the code. Head into the door that opens into a boss fight with Odin.

Boss: Odin

The only hard part with this battle is the timer because Odin will not attack you at any time during the battle. Start the battle by reducing his defense by casting Meltdown on him then have the character with the mug ability steal a Luck-J Scroll from him. If you have over 5:00 Left I suggest drawing as much of the Triple spell as possible from him, then finish him off with some GFs or use physical attacks and strong magic if you are short on time.

After the battle Odin will join you as a GF but not as one you might think. Just like the Phoenix he will appear randomly to kill your enemies before a battle. Although he will never appear during a boss fight. Now that the timer is gone there are a few items and Draw Points to pick up on. Head up the stairs on the right and search the right side of the area for a invisible pain draw point, hit it and head back down the stairs to the area where you touched the orb to create the
staircase. Head up the stairs to the right and hit the Aero draw point then proceed back down the stairs. Head back down toward the entrance, in the circle area check the area to the far right for a hidden Drain draw point. The only enemy you should look for in this area is the tonberry, there is another side quest that involves them but for now just mug one for a Chef's Knife then run away, the side area will be alot easier later in the game. Thats all for the Centra Ruins so head outside and board the garden. Take the Garden to Edea's house which is located just south of the Centra Ruin. Notice that Galbadia Garden is sitting near Edea's house in the forest area. Make absolutly sure you don't get near it or you will start the next scenario, instead proceed past the Garden and to the tip of the Continent to the north. You'll reach an area you can't pilot the garden through so get off and head
through the space between the moutains. Here you will find alot of enemies that carry items you need to remodel your weapons. You'll run into Grand Mantis' here which like before carry Sharp Spikes, you'll
also run into enemies called Blitz which can be mugged for Betrayal Swords and they drop Dynamo Stones. Farther in the desert area you'll run into Enemies called Chimeras which can be mugged for Red Fangs and
they also drop Water Crystal's which teach Quistis Aqua Breath. I strongly suggest picking up these items and returing to an area like Timber to remodel your weapons. You should be able to make Squall's Flame Saber and Twin Lance, Zell's Gauntlet and his best Weapon Ergheiz, Quistis' Red Scorpion and Irvine's Bismarck. Now Board the Garden and head toward Galbadia Garden.

(Galbadia Garden and the Showdown with Edea)

Head toward Galbadia Garden near Edea's house and the battle with Galbadia will begin. As Squall give the orders, you should stick with the important ones like the Garden's defenses and the Junior Classmen
although it really doesn't make a diffrence what orders you give. Head down to your party members and form a party to take down to the quad. Before heading to the Quad go to the 2nd floor and order the people there to there positions, also the Junior Classman there will give you a Cottage, now head down to the Quad. Speak with Zell and Squall will hand over his ring, after speaking with Rinoa head back to the bridge with
Squall. Once Galbadia storms the Garden Take Zell's Party down into the Quad. Rinoa falls as the two garden's collide, so take Zell's party to the front gate and speak with Squall. As Squall head up to the 2nd floor classroom and save the junior classmen. Help them then proceed back to the bridge to speak with the Doctor. After Squall's speech head toward the outside deck on the second floor. As soon as you rescue the child a battle between a Galbadian Soldier and Squall ensues. Take the option to look for another way and the two will fly outside and the fight will continue. The best thing to do is try to land at least two punches then just defend and hit with the deathblow when it comes up (it will be the triangle button). Winning this can be very frustrating but keep trying. After the battle Squall rescues Rinoa, she asks what the name of the lion on Squall's Ring is. You get a chance to name it, its name is Griever (although I'm not sure why they let you name it, it really doesn't matter). Before heading inside there is an invisible Aura draw point to the upper right so make sure to hit it and head inside. Select your party and head to the right, then to the right again and up the stairs. Speak with Fujin and Raijin, then head to the left and through the doorway on the right, speak with the student and he'll hand over the Key Card #1. Head back down the stairs and back to the room you where in when you first came into the garden, head to the left and unlock the door on the left. Hit the protect draw point and go through the door on the right. Continue across the hall and into the door on the right, the student here will give you the Key Card #2. Back outside the room head down and back up the stairs and to the third floor. Proceed through the door at the top and jump down onto the track. Head to the left, this area of the garden should look familiar to you, now head down into the center of the garden. Make sure to avoid the beast in the center until you use the save point just behind him. After saving and healing go up to engage him.

Boss: Cerberus

As soon as the battle begins Cerberus will cast Triple on himself, immediatly cast dispel on him to get rid of this. Then draw and cast triple on your party, followed by casting shell and protect on your party, then have the party member with the mug ability steal a Spd-J
Scroll from him. Now I suggest drawing as much Quake and Triple magic as you can from Cerberus then triple magic onto him such as Blizzaga and Firaga, or use GFs other than Quenzacotl and Pandemona. You get the
Cerberus Card for winning.

After the battle Cerberus joins you as a GF, junction him, then head to the left and through the door on the left, the student here has the Key Card #3. Head back to the center of the garden, head north again and up
the stairs to the left. Unlock the elevator and confront Edea and Seifer at the top. After some conversation Seifer will engage the party.

Boss: Seifer

This is a very simple fight, start the battle by drawing and casting haste from Seifer on your party, the cast protect on the party. Then summon Cerberus to double and triple your party, also make sure to mug
Seifer for a Mega Phoenix. Then rriple or double Bio Spells onto him along with a few GFs and he won't last too long.

After the battle Edea retreats to the auditorium. head back down the elevator and all the way past the stairs to the right and all the way around the area overlooking the center of the garden and into the
auditorium. Inside the party battles with Edea.

Boss: Seifer, Edea

Your first priority in this fight is to take care of Seifer. Once again draw and cast haste from him on your party as well as summoning Cerberus to double and triple your party, then cast shell and protect onto your party. Make sure to mug a Hero from Seifer it will come in handy, then finish Seifer with a GF or two and Edea will step in to take his place. Edea is a strong fighter and can easily overpower your party with magic,
so make sure to keep Shell up at all times. Her Maelstrom attack will cut your party's HP in half and curse them so they cannot use there limit breaks. immediatly triple Cura or Curaga onto your party after
this, also make sure to mug Edea for a Royal Crown, as well as making sure to draw Alexander from her a new GF. Also make sure to dispel her reflect magic when she casts it on herself. She also likes to dispel your party's support magic so make sure to resummon Cerberus and recast shell when needed because you need to protect your party from her magic attacks. Keeping your party protected and tripleing magic such as Bio,
Tornado, and Quake onto Edea along with any GFs you like will bring her down eventually. You receive a Force Armlet for winning.

After the battle a strange scene happens and Rinoa passes out, but Edea seems to be herself again. This ends Disk 2.
Raidengunfire's rating:
(The White SeeD Ship and the Great Salt Lake)

The disk begins with Squall thinking about what has happened. Quistis tells Squall to head to Edeas house, but first head over to the training area of Balamb Garden. There is now a Weapons Mon July Magazine lying on the ground, after picking it up head for the bridge and then instead of heading to Edea's House head back to Balamb with Zell in your party. At the entrance you'll notice a girl walking toward the exit, speak with her and she will tell Zell that a girl with a pigtail was looking for him. So head to Zell's house and Zell asks his mom if anybody came by for him, she says no, so proceed to the inn and stay the night, the next morning Zell will be nowhere to be found. Downstairs Zell is speaking with the pigtail girl, after some conversation she gives him a Combat King 003 Magazine then leaves. Now head back to the garden and to Edea's House. When inside pick up the Timber Maniacs Magazine on your right and head down the stairs to the north, hit the Curaga draw point then return and speak with Cid, follow him down to speak with Edea. Speak with Edea and she will explain about Sorceress Ultimecia and her plans for Ellone and Sorceress Adel. After speaking with her and returning to the garden
head back to Edea's house and Challenge Edea to a game of cards, she has the Edea card so make sure to pick it up. Then head to the Infimary to see Rinoa. Squall falls into the dream world again and you take control
of Laguna's party. Seems this time Laguna has got himself a part in a movie, but it appears a real dragon has become Laguna's costar. Just repededly push the circle button to attack the dragon and when the dragon reers back push square to defend and you should put the dragon away soon. Laguna runs away only to have the dragon block his path. Kiros and Ward (for some reason sometimes Ward will not be with Laguna's party) show up to help Laguna fight and you engage the Ruby Dragon, make sure to say to prepare for the battle first because neither Kiros or Ward is juctioned with anything. When your ready engage the Dragon. The
battle with the Red Dragon isn't too difficult stick with GFs like Leviathan and Shiva and make sure to steal a Inferno Fang from him. You can either use the Inferno Fang to Remodel Selphie's next weapon or
teach Quistis Fire Breath, you won't be able to get any more Inferno Fangs for a while so its your choice. After the battle the scene will switch back to Squall, head back to the bridge and to Edea's house to ask her about the location of the White SeeD Ship. She will give you the Sorceress' Letter and tell you to look around the Centra Area, so return and board the garden and search all around the small islands of Centra.
Alot of people have trouble finding it but its just north from Edea's House in a small cove, so search carefully because its easy to miss. Once onboard the White SeeD ship, head to the right and you'll run into
Watts and Zone. After some conversation follow Zone up the stairs speak with him many times until he notices you have the Girl Next Door Magazine, hand it over to him for free and he'll give you a Rename Card and the Shiva Card, also pick up the Timber Maniacs Magazine in the cabin, then return and head down the stairs to the right into the leader's cabin. Hit the Holy draw point and continue speaking with the Leader and he informs you that Ellone is in Esthar. So enter the garden
and go see Rinoa in the Infimary and Squall will carry her off toward Esthar. Your party, along with Edea who has joined your party at this point, catchs up with you toward the end of the train tracks. Speak with them, form your party and head into the Great Salt Lake. The only enemies in this area consist of a left and right hand and a head. The head cast protective magic, the right is manly physical attacks and the left bombards the party with powerful magic, make sure to take out the left arm as soon as possible because its Meteor Spell causes a ton of damage to your party, also you can mug the left hand for Life Rings which you should pick up several of those. Head down the hill after your
party talks and up the dragon bones to the right and up into the next area. Hit the invisible Meteor draw point on the far right, continue across the bone walkway on the left over to the other side. Hit the Thundaga draw point and drop down to the ground below. Head up and to
the right to a save point, then to the left, and a monster drops in on the party.

Boss: Abadon

This boss is very simple to beat, when the battle begins summon Cerberus and triple Cura and Curaga Spells onto Abadon and you should kill him in a couple of rounds. Or you can try for an instant kill by using a Phoenix Down or casting Life on him. Abadon does have some nasty attacks though, most having to do with status effects, so if one of your party members gets hit with a status effect draw and cast Esuna on the
character from Abadon. When Abadon is standing up tall note that its defense goes way up and you should just draw Flare magic from him until he resumes his normal position. Also make sure to mug him for a Power
Wrist. He is also weak against Holy and Fire so Alexander and Ifrit will deal big damage to him.

After the battle continue to the right and examine the flashing screen to reveal the entrance to Esthar.

(Esthar and the Lunar Gate)

Inside Esthar head to the right. You can see how Esthar cloaks itself by using the control panel you pass on the way by. Once the elevator stops head out the door and into the city of Esthar. At the bottom the party
passes out and you take control of Laguna's party once again. Speak with the guards and then the other prisoners until a Soldier comes in an engages Laguna. Another Guard comes down the elevator to stop Laguna.
Kiros and Ward join up with Laguna so make sure to junction them with GFs first. In the battle make sure to take out the Gesper first because of its ability to use Degenerator which removes a party member from
battle. After the battle head up the elevator to Odine's Lab. Listen in to Odine's conversation until you hear him mention a copy of Weapons Monthly, then the party heads outside. Hit the Death draw point before heading back inside the lab make sure to pick up the Weapons Mon 1st at the bottom of the screen and head down the elevator to speak with Odine. Some Soldiers will engage the party before they can speak with Odine, the only thing special about this battle is that the Elastoid enemy can be mugged for a Laser Cannon which teachs Quistis Homing Laser. Follow
Odine up the Elevator and outside and he'll give the location where Ellone is being held. Laguna's party heads to Odine's lab and is attacked by some Esthar soldiers at the entrance. Hit the double draw point on the right then head up the elevator in the center of the room. Search the upper left for a hidden Flare draw point and proceed through the door. Defeat the soldiers and have Laguna mess with the controls on the right to unlock the door. Proceed back down the elevator and into the room to the north to rescue Ellone. The scene switchs back to Squall's party and they are taken to meet with Odine in Esthar. Odine will take you to meet with Ellone as long as you let him observe Rinoa.
Squall agrees and he tells your party to head to the Lunar Gate to the northeast of the city. Before leaving the room challenge Odine to a game of cards and win the Ward card from him then head outside the room. Head
to the right and use the lift to leave the palace. Hit the Blizzard draw point on the left and then head to the left, then left again, then right in the next area. Speak to the soldier standing there and he will say
"Oh yeah, thats right" keep him in mind and continue to the right. Hit the Curaga draw point at the end of the walkway and head down the stairs and down into the next area. Now head all the way left until you run into a man in blue and a woman in green talking, speak with the man in blue who is the Presidential Aide. Now head all the way back to the right and down the first chance you get. Hit the Quake draw point here then head back and keep heading right into the shopping arcade. Search
on the left and right sides of the area for shops. There are new Pet Pals Magazines to buy and you should be able to remodel Selphie's weapon into the Crescent Wish if you didn't use the Inferno Fang to teach
Quistis Fire Breath that is. The shops here in Esthar will randomly give you an item when you shop with them. The Shops will give Hi-Potions first then give better items such as Mega-Potion, Mega Phoenix, and X-Potions. When your done shopping head out to the north and all the way north heading left at the second left you come to, this will take you back to the Presidental Palace. Head back inside and outside the room where you left Rinoa you will run into the Presidental Secretary whom
will complain about the President's growing collection of magazines. When he leaves pick up the Occult Fan IV magazine he leaves behind then head back outside the palace and use the Lift type device to head outside of town via the Shopping Mall. Keep going past the shopping mall then head down to reach outside. In this next area, examine the flashing red control panel to rent a car. I strongly suggest renting one because
the way to the Lunar Gate is long and there will be alot or random encounters. Most of the enemies outside are nothing new but you should beware the Marlboro enemies, you can mug them for some Malboro Tentacles
which teach Quistis Bad Breath and they are also used for numerous other things so pick up several of them. But the Malboro also uses Bad Breath which gives just about every status effect in the book on your party so
be cautious when fighting them. Don't head for the Lunar Gate just yet, instead head past it and to Tears' Point. There is a new GF to acquire there. Head all the way down into Tears' Point hitting the Life and Reflect draw points on the way and pick up the Solomon Ring at the end. In order to draw the GF Doomtrain from the ring you'll need several items. 6 Steel Pipes, 6 Remedy +, and 6 Malboro Tentacles. You should have several Steel Pipes and Malboro Tentacles if you have been
following the walkthough, and you can make Remedy + items by using Alexander's Med LV Up ability along with a few Remedy items. Once you have the items use the ring to obtain the GF Doomtrain. Now head out of
Tears' Point and back to the Lunar Gate. Head inside Lunar's Gate and the party will run into Angelo, after some conversation, let Zell be Edea's escort then choose the party you want to take to the Lunar Base,
step inside the capsule and the party is launched into space. As Zell head outside to watch Lunatic Pandora head for Esthar. Head back to Esthar and return to the area with the guy I told you to remember earlier who says "Oh yeah, thats right" speak with him and this time he will hand over his Combat King 004 magazine. Now head to Odine's lab which is the first down to the left of the entrance of the city and speak with Odine. He will explain the situation and tell Zell's party
the three places they can enter Lunatic Pandora at. Pay close attention to the places as he speaks about them, he will give you a map you can look at with the Square button, head outside and the mission starts. From Odine's Lab head all the way to the right to the shopping mall, Cheryl's shop will give you a Rosetta Stone, but only during this event and this is a VERY worthwhile item so pick it up. Then head back to the
left and up, then up the stairs and to the left, this is the first contact point, so wait for Lunatic Pandora to pass by. Defeat the soldiers that come out in time and head inside Lunatic Pandora, if you miss it at this point, head to the Skyway Crossing which is north from
the shopping mall and to the first left, if you miss it there head to the screen just north of the Shopping Mall and wait for it. Once inside hit the Meteor draw point on the right and head up the stairs. Hit the
Curaga draw point on the left and proceed to the elevator on the left. Continue north making sure to hit the Holy draw point you pass by on the way. At the end of the passage the party meets up with a machine and are thrown out of Lunatic Pandora as it heads for Tears' Point. Zell's team falls back and the scene switchs to Squall's Party.

(The Lunar Base and the Ragnarok)

After having there capsules recovered by the people at the Lunar Base, Squall and the party are thawed. Float around the room until Piet comes into the room, speak with him then pick up Rinoa and follow him into the
room on the left. Take this time to play cards with Piet, he has the Alexander card, then head into the room to set Rinoa down. Follow Piet out of the room and into the Control Room, speak with Piet here then
head back out and up the stairs to Ellone's Room. Hit the hidden Meteor draw point on the left in here then challenge her to a game of cards, she has the Laguna card, then speak with her. Take Ellone to see Rinoa,
but on the way something comes over Rinoa and she walks out of her room and down the to the control room, follow her there. She unlocks Adel's tomb and the Lunar Cry begins, follow her up the stairs and into the
door on the right. Rinoa heads outside in a space suit, so as Squall get one of your own on the right and head out the door Rinoa went out. Outside head down and listen to the three men speak then head back up
and into the control room. Rinoa will free Adel, Piet and the crew will escape into the escape pods, follow them to the right and down the elevator, hit the hidden Meltdown draw point on the left then head into
the door on the right to the escape pods. Speak with Ellone on the escape pods and have her take you back into Rinoa's past. After some more conversation Squall heads outside the escape pod to save Rinoa. As
long as you keep Rinoa in vision with the directional buttons you should save her in time. The two drift along for a while and come in contact with a spaceship known as the Ragnarok. Inside is filled with Creatures
called Propagators, these are mini boss type creatures that can easily be taken care of by casting pain on them then finishing them with a GF or two, but you must kill them in a certain order, by there color. Once
inside make sure to junction Rinoa and save at the save point. After some conversation head into the Ragnarok, and you meet up with your first Propagator. Head down the stairs and kill the purple one here, head north and to the left, kill the purple propagator here, this
eleminates the purple ones. Proceed back into the room you came from and eliminate the red one here and hit the cura draw point to the upper left, then back to the other room and up the stairs, kill the other red
one here to take care of the Red Propagators. Head down and into the area Rinoa and Squall began in, kill the Yellow one here and proceed back out. Hit the life draw point that is now to the left, then head down the stairs, back to the area you finished the last Purple
Propagator in. Head to the left and through the door to the northwest, finish off the other Yellow Propagator here. Then kill the Green one that is blocking the elevator in the next room, then head back to the
area below the stairs and enter the door on the right. Finish off the last Propagator here and hit the Full-Life draw point that is hidden in the room, then return to the elevator and ride it up to the bridge. After some more conversation, Squall is told how to take the Ragnarok back down to the planet. (Quite a touching sight on the Ragnarok if I may say so myself). Back on the Planet the Esthar soldiers take Rinoa away, as Squall head back inside the Ragnarok and after some
conversation your party members show up and convince you to go to the Sorceress Memorial to save Rinoa. The awesome Ragnarok is now in your possession.

(The Sorceress Memorial and the Meeting with Laguna)

Take the Ragnarok to the Sorceress Memorial near Esthar and head inside, make sure to hit the Stop draw point you pass on the way in. As Squall proceed around to the left to free Rinoa, after you free her the party is confronted by Esthar soldiers outside. A strange man comes and calls them off and the party boards the Ragnarok. Rinoa wants to go to Edeas House so take the Ragnarok there, note that Rinoa now has a new Limit
Break called Angel Wing which you can find more about it in the Character section. At Edea's House follow Angelo to the left to a field of flowers, after some conversation Zell tells the party that a man name
Kiros wants to meet them in Esthar and he has a plan to defeat Ultimecia. So board the Ragnarok and fly it to Esthar's Airstation. Unfortunatly there are enemies within Esthar this time, there are a couple of enemies to watch out for though. The Iron Giants can be mugged
for Star Fragments and the Torama enemy can be mugged for Regen Rings, two items that will be needed to remodel weapons, also here this is your first chance to encounter Elnoyle enemies. Head north from the area
where you can enter Doc Odine's lab and down the stairs to the left you will notice a guy in black, talking to him with ALWAYS get you into a battle with a Elnoyle, they can be mugged for Moon Stones which are needed to make Irvine's best weapon the Exeter, and they drop Energy Crystals which are needed to make Quistis' and Rinoa's best weapons, they can also be refined to Pulse Ammo which is needed to make Squall's best weapon the Lion Heart, so make sure you take this chance to beat
some Elnoyle's because they are very rare encounters elsewhere. Every time you beat one just leave the area, then return and you can fight the Eloyne again. Next head for the Shopping mall and hit the Tornado draw
point that is now here. Also use the Junk shop here, if you acquire a few of the items here you should be able to make Squall's Punishment weapon, Irvine's best weapon the Exeter, and Quistis' best weapon the Save the Queen. Now head north to the Presidental Palace. The President's room is on the far left, enter and come face to face with Laguna. You can challenge him to a game of cards to win the Squall card at this time or when he is on the Ragnarok. Speak with him on the
various subjects and he will explain the mission to defeat Ultimecia. Agree to the mission and the party will head back to the Ragnarok to discuss the matter furthur. After the briefing you take control of the
Ragnarok again, your destination is Lunatic Pandora but before you head there are a few side areas to do that you won't be able to do once you head inside Lunatic Pandora. I'll go over these side areas in the next
few sections so if you want to continue with the story just skip the next few sections.

(The CC Group and Dollet)

Fly the Ragnarok back to Fisherman's Horizon and enter Balamb Garden. There is a card playing group here known as the CC Group. In order to challenge them you must have won several card battles within the garden,
I'm not sure exactly how many you need to win before you can challenge them but its around 20 games or so and you should be able to challenge them. The first person to challenge in the group is Jack, and you can
find him wandering from the gates of balamb and up the directory. After beating him you need to challenge Club to a game, He sometimes appears outside the Cafeteria walking in that general area. After beating him next is to challenge Diamond. Diamond is a pair of female students that are near the area where Jack was. Finish off Diamond and the next oponnent is Spade, head up the elevator to the 2nd floor and Spade is one of the two Students that is usually in this area, after beating
Spade head to the Bridge and Speak with Xu. She is Heart and she also has the Carbuncle card to win. Finish her and head for the training area of Balamb Garden to challenge Joker. He randomly appears on the right side of the area overlooking the water, he has the Leviathan card and will give you the GF Report that will display your GF's kills and KOs in your tutorial menu. Now you are ready to challenge the king, head to the Infimary and challenge Dr. Kadowaki to a game, she will tell you that King should appear soon, so head back to Squall's room in the Dormatory and take a rest. King will appear when you wake, King is actually
Quistis and she has the Gilgamesh card. After you beat King you have beaten all the CC Group members and you can challenge them at any time you wish, plus on disk 4 they will be inside the Ragnarok for you to play cards with. Head back to the Ragnarok and take it to Dollet now. The beach area near Dollet is home to an enemy called Adamntoise, which can be mugged for an item called Whisper which teachs Quistis White Wind, and they also drop Adamantine which is needed to make most of the best weapons in the game and with them you should now be able to make Selphie's best weapon the Strange Vision. Now head inside Dollet. Inside Dollet head down to the right, then to the left. Proceed to the north and into the pub on the left. Head up the stairs and pick up the Timber Maniacs Magazine laying on the table then speak with the pub owner and say yes to his question. He'll challenge you to a game of cards. Beat him in cards and follow him to his secret room to the right. He'll give you several cards a Geezardx5, Red Batx4, Buelx3, Anacondaurx2, and a
Cactuar Card for beating him. Also he has the Siren card to win so keep challenging him until you get it, also check the various magazine stacks in his room for an Occult Fan II Magazine and there are also several
random items such as potions, antidotes, and softs. Head back out of the room and down the stairs and outside the pub. Continue to the north, in the next area there is a item shop that sells the regular items and also a junk shop, continue north, hit the Silence draw point on the right then head into the hotel. Stay the night and pick up the Timber Maniacs Magazine on the table. Head back down the street and you'll notice a boy standing outside his house, speak with him then follow him inside. Inspect the painting then head to the center square where the hotel is located. Search the dog on the right to receive an X-Potion, now head
back to the Painter's house and examine the next painting. The dog is now outside the pub, search him this time for a Mega-Potion, and once again head back to the Painter's House and examine the next painting.
The dog is now right outside the house, so search him, this time for an Elixer. After this the old man sends his son to "Tickling Hell" (heh) and this completes the events, head out of Dollet and board the Ragnarok. There are a couple more items to get out on the world map though, first Pilot the Ragnarok to the Forests near Trabia Garden. The Blue Dragons here which you should remember from getting the fury fragments, they drop Dragon Fangs so pick up a couple of these, and if
you have been getting the items I've been mentioning in the guide you should now be able to make Squall's best weapon the Lion Heart. The next enemy is usually found outside of Deling City, and you should have run into several of these during your play through the game, they are called Thrustaevius and they should be high enough level for you to be able to mug Windmills from them, make sure to pick up several of these, then
head to a weapon remodeling shop to make Rinoa's best weapon, the Shooting Star. Also if you failed to win the Alexander card from Piet at the Lunar Base you can still win it from him, you'll need to fly the Ragnarok to the crash site of the pod you took down from the base. The crash site is located on the Esthar continent at the bottom right tip of the continent. There is an area here that you cannot see but it is there. Land the Ragnarok near the tip and search around and you should
go into the area where the escape pod is. He will only be there on Disc 3 though so this will be your last chance.

(Jumbo Cactuar and Shumi Village)

Board the Ragnarok and take it to Cactaur Island which is a small island north of the desert area north of Edea's House. You'll notice a Cactuar on the island pop in and out of the ground. Land the Ragnarok and engage
it in combat, this is the Jumbo Cactaur.

Boss: Jumbo Cactaur

Before the battle make sure to have one of your party members equiped with the Revive command ability and the rest have alot of life and water magic stocked. As soon as the battle begins summon doomtrain to slow and lower Jumbo Cactaur's defenses, then summon Cerberus to double and triple your party. If your Max HP is below 5000 I also suggest Casting protect on your party as well. Being slow Jumbo Cactuar will not attack your party very often so assault him by summoning Leviathan and tripling water Magic onto him because he is extremley weak against water. Jumbo Cactaur also has a random counter attack called 10,000 Needles which is
instant death to a party member, when this happens just use the Revive ability or cast life on the party member and continue the assault. Note that if you cast life that party member will be in critical condition and you should be able to use their limit breaks which makes this battle a breeze. When Jumbo Cactaur's HP gets really low you'll see a message he is hesitating, this means he is about to run away, now you must hit him with your most powerful attacks before he escapes. Summoning Leviathan is probably your best bet, so stick with that. After the battle you'll receive the Cactaur GF.

Now board the Ragnarok and take it to Shumi Village which is located at the far tip of the Eastern Continent. Land and head inside. For 5000 Gil you can hit the Ultima draw point on the left on your way inside, I suggest paying the price in order to draw. Ultima is a great spell not only to cast but to junction as well. Anyway when you are ready head into the elevator and take it down into the village. The house on the right is an Inn with rather familiar music playing in it. Further down is the Elder's house which you cannot enter at this time. Continue down the path, the first house on the right is the Artisan's home, pick up the last issue of Timber Maniacs inside and then head back outside and into the next house on the right. Squall will notice the statue looks like Laguna and the Sculptor will tell you to go speak with the Elder, hit the Firaga draw point here and then head back and into the Elder's House making sure to hit the Blizzaga draw point outside his house first. The Elder will tell you about Laguna then offer you a gift for
coming if you help his Sculptor complete the Statue, so head back and speak with the Sculptor. Agree to find the stones then search the Blue Stone to the left of the Laguna statue for the Blue Stone. Now for the Wind Stone head back toward the Inn and inspect the rocks to the left of the Inn, Squall will notice a breeze blowing and you get the Wind Stone, take it back to the Sculptor. For the Life Stone head back to the Elder's House and search the vegetation to the right of his home where there are roots growing on the rocks, take the Life Stone back to the Sculptor. For the Shadow Stone head back up the elevator and search the shadowed area to the right for the Shadow Stone, take the stone back to the Sculptor. Now for the Water Stone head to the Artisan's House and search to the left of where he is standing for the Water Stone, take it back to the Sculptor. Now that you completed your task head for the
Elder's house and speak with him. He'll present you with the gift of seeing his hands (Squall sounds kinda pissed at his offering heh) heading outside though the Attendant gives you a Phoenix Pinion. The Quest is not over yet though. Exit the Village then reenter. Visit the Attendant that is suppost to be helping work on the statue, then go speak with the Elder. Speak with the Moomba outside and follow him back to the statue and speak with the Attendant. Once again proceed back to
the Elders House and speak with him, return to the statue again and speak with the Attendant. Next head over to the Artisan's house and ask him to help, he won't help, so return and speak with the Elder. Now head back to the Ragnarok and take it to Fisherman's Horizon and speak with the Grease Monk on the far left of town near the train station. He'll tell you to give the Moomba Doll to the Artisan and he'll help, so
return to the Ragnarok and take the Moomba Doll to the Artisan. On your way outside if you went through the Master Fisherman event earlier in Fisherman's Horizon he will appear and will have a conversation with
Squall. The Artisan decides to help, so head back to the Elder's House and speak with him, he'll give you a Status Guard and this completes the Event. Also now that you have all the Timber Maniacs Magazines take the
Ragnarok back to Fisherman's Horizon and enter Balamb Garden. Head into the Classroom and to Squall's Study Panel, choose to look at the Garden Festival Commitee's Page, and then choose Sir Laguna's Page. Here is where the Magazine's come into play. With every one you have picked up Selphie has posted the article Laguna wrote in the magazine and you can learn about all the places and things Laguna saw and wrote about during his travels.
Raidengunfire's rating:
(Obel Lake and the Card Queen)

To start the Obel Lake Side Quest take the Ragnarok to the small lake that is near timber, its easy to spot because it has a small circluar piece of land jutting out into it. Land on that spot and search the lake
area, you'll be given the choice to either Hum or Throw Rocks. Hum until a shadowy Creature appears, continue humming and he'll ask you for a favor, he'll want you to find his friend Mr. Monkey. He also tells you that he is in a forest in the area and he may have took a train to Dollet. So board the Ragnarok and fly to the forest near Dollet. Search it to find Mr. Monkey, you can either throw a rock at him or Sing for him, either way he says "You Suck" and disappears. So head back to Obel Lake and tell the Creature you found him. Speak with him again and he'll tell you several diffrent riddles which I beleive its random in what order he tells you them. Listed below are the riddles and what they mean. After completing each one just return and speak with the Creature for another riddle.

"At the beach in Balamb something special washes Ashore at times" Board the Ragnarok and fly to Balamb and search the beaches. You'll find a rock that reads STSLRM.

"Take a break at the railroad bridge" He is refering to the areas where there are bridges that the trains cross, on one of them is a Fire draw point.

"You'll find something on an island east of Timber, too" Board the Ragnarok and land on the island that is beside the tracks that connect the continent where Timber is and Fisherman's Horizon, search here for a
rock that reads REAIDR.

"Mr. Monkey had a rock like this I think..." Throw rocks in Obel Lake until you get the message that the rock skipped many many times. Then fly to the Forest near Dollet and throw rocks at Mr. Monkey until he
throws one back at you that reads URHAEO.

"Take some time off at Elbeak Peninsula" Take the Ragnarok directly north of the continent where Balamb is and there is a peninsula jutting out into the water half covered with snow. Search here for a pillar that
reads TRETIMEASUREATMINOFFDEISLE. Now the Riddle says to take time off there, so take the words time and off out of the writting on the pillar and you get Treasure at Minde Isle. So board the Ragnarok and head for
Minde Isle which is located at the southern tip of the Esthar continent to the west side of the tip. Search the Island for Luck-J Scroll.

"Back in the day, south of here, there used to be a small but beautiful village surrounded by deep forests. Everybody lived a happy life there" Take the Ragnarok to Edea's House and search in between the many forests
that are grouped together to the northern area of her house. Squall will find the rubbled remains of the Village.

"There's also something on top of a mountain with a lake and cavern" He is refering to a mountain area near timber where there is a cavern with water flowing into a river and it is located near the area where Galbadia Garden once was. Land on the mountain and search there until you find a bird warming an egg, choose to check it out and you'll get into a fight with some Thrustaevis enemies, defeat them and you find a rock that reads EASNPD.

When you have acquired all four rocks return to speak with the Creature and he'll align the four rocks up for you to figure out the secret message. If you read starting from the left and read down you'll notice
the message says Mordred Plains has Treasure. So board the Ragnarok and head toward Mordred Plains which is located directly north of Esthar. You might want to equip the encounter none ability because you'll be
searching alot in this area. While searching around the area you'll run into four faces that will tell you diffrent locations of where the treasure is. The only one you need listen to is the red one because he will always lie, just head the opposite of whatever direction he tells you to head and keep searching until he tells you the treasure isn't here, now you know you've found the treasure. Search the area again for
a Three Stars, this completes the quest. Now before I begin the next Quest with the Card Queen note that every card you get in this next quest can be won from the Card Queen on Disk 4 and you'll have to do alot of running around the world and losing and then rewinning some of your cards in this quest, so its up to you weither you want to try the Quest or not. Take the Ragnarok to Balamb and to the train station, the Card Queen is here. Challenge her to a game of cards and either lose a rare card to her or win a rare card from her, any level 8 card she has will do. Speak with her again and she will give a hint as to where her next location may be. It is randomly choosen between the following places: Estahr, Fisherman's Horizon, Lunar Gate, Shumi Village, Balamb, Dollet, Deling City, and Winhill. Below are the hints she gives and where she could be headed.

Card Queen Says: Location:

Fisherman's Horizon or FH Train Tracks at Fisherman's Horizon
Trabia Hotel in Shumi Village
Far Away Lunar Gate
Dollet Pub in Dollet
Esthar Presidental Palace in Esthar
Galbadia Hotel in Deling City
Balamb Train Station at Balamb
Centra Hotel in Winhill

Card Queen's Location: Will Move to:

Fisherman's Horizon Dollet, Winhill, or Esthar
Shumi Village Balamb, Dollet, or Lunar Gate
Lunar Gate Randomly picked out of all areas
Dollet Balamb or Deling City
Esthar Dollet, Shumi Village, FH, Lunar Gate
Deling City Balamb, Dollet, FH, or Winhill
Balamb Dollet, Deling City
Winhill Deling City, FH, or Dollet

The idea is to track the Card Queen down where ever she goes and play cards with her, of course losing or winning a rare card every time, until she eventually heads to Dollet. Once there speak with her normally
and ask her about her father. At this point she will ask you for a specific card, lose it to her in a card game. Her father will then make a new card and give it to somebody around the world. Once again you'll have to chase the Card Queen around the world until she reaches Dollet again and she will ask you for another card. You must do this 5 times and lose the MiniMog, Sacred, Doomtrain, Chicobo, and Alexander cards to her, for her father to make new rare cards. Note that if you have been following this walkthough you do not yet have the Chicobo Card, if you wish to finish the quest, see the Chocobo Forest side Quest later in the guide on where you can get the Chicobo Card. Also while chasing her
around to diffrent areas you can pay her gil to spread new rules around the area but I find this worthless unless you are really big into cards. After losing those cards to her, her father will make 5 new cards and spread them throughout the world, here are the locations of them:

MiniMog - Kiros - Deling City, man dressed in black near the junk shop

Sacred - Irvine- Fisherman's Horizon, Flo, Mayor Dobe's Wife

Chicobo - Chubby Chocobo - Balamb Garden, Man outside of Library

Alexander - Doomtrain - Timber, Pub Owner

Doomtrain - Phoenix - Esthar, Presidental Assistant at the Palace

After you obtain the cards this completes the quest. Note that the cards you lose to her that are used to make new cards, can be won back from her brother, who lives in the house with the Artist down the street. If
you have been following the walkthough he is the boy that was messing up his father's paintings.

(Lunatic Pandora and the Beginning of the End)

Take the Ragnarok into Lunatic Pandora which is hovering over Tear's Point on the Esthar continent. The party blows a hole into it with the Ragnarok and heads inside. When you step outside the Ragnarok you are
greeted by Fujin and Raijin.

Boss: Fujin, Rajin

Start the battle by summoning Cerberus to double and triple your party, then Haste your entire party, followed by drawing shell and protect from Raijin and cast it on your party. Now summon Doomtrain, this will blind both Fujin and Raijin, put them to sleep, and lower there defenses drastically. Take this time to draw alot of the Full-Life spell from Fujin because it junctions extremely well. Then mug Raijin for a Power
Wrist and then Fujin for 2 Megalixers. Now finish them off by using Diablos to cut there HP then using GFs such as Cactaur and Ifrit, but once again like the other battles with them stay away from Thunder and
Wind Magic, including Quenzacotl and Pandemona. Fujin and Raijin also like to cast support magic so make sure to use dispel to counter there support magic. Be sure to cast dispel on Raijin as soon as he casts Aura on himself because he will start to use a very powerful attack while it is cast on him.

After Fujin and Raijin run inside follow them and head up the stairs, making sure to talk to your old buddies Biggs and Wedge before heading inside. Follow the walkway heading left, then head to the right and you'll notice at the bottom of the screen some stairs that lead down. The enemies you will run into in these areas may look threatening but they are very low level monsters and are easily taken care of. Note that the Behemoths enemies can be mugged for a Barrier which teachs Quistis Mighty Guard. Take the stairs and then the ladder that leads down, this is the area Laguna went through during the forest dream scenario. At the
bottom of the ladder hit the confuse draw point and head to the right into the tunnel to pick up a LuvLuvG Items, then proceed to the left. In the area with the panels search all three of them for a Power Generator
which teachs Quistis Ray Bomb, a Phoenix Pinion, and a Silence Draw Point. Contining to the left, pick up the Combat King 005 Magazine and hit the Ultima draw point at the end of the tunnel, then proceed back up the ladder and stairs you came from and head up the elevator there. In the next area proceed across the room to the elevator on the far left, continue to the end of the tunnel making sure to search the hole in the
wall to the left of the path for a Spd-J Scroll. In the next area, save and heal at the save point. Proceed through the north tunnel and Fujin and Raijin have a suprise for you.

Boss: Mobile Type 8

Start the battle as usual with Cerberus and Doomtrain. Then haste and protect your entire party, as well as Mug Mobile Type 8's 3 parts for a Laser Cannon, 2 Str Ups, and 2 Vit ups. This boss basically has two forms, one is when all the parts are connected, if you attack the body the other two parts will shoot lasers at the party member for around 600 damage. The other form is when the three parts are spread out. In this form Mobile Type 8 will use a move called Corona which takes your entire party's HP down to 1, you'll defintly want to triple Curaga onto your party after this one because Mobile Type 8's next attack will be Medigo Flame which does decent damage to your entire party. Quistis works well in this fight so she can use her White Wind Limit Break to fully restore the party's HP after he uses Corona on the party. The good thing about this battle is that Mobile Type 8 is extremly weak against lighting, so put Quenzatcotl to use and triple Thundaga spells onto the main body.

After the battle chase Fujin and Raijin into Seifer's Room to the north. Its time for the last showdown with Seifer.

Boss: Seifer

At the start of the battle Odin rushes Seifer and Seifer defeats Odin, but you'll notice a mysterious hand catches Odin's Sword. This battle is extremly easy, mug a Hero from Seifer then start drawing the Aura spell from him like crazy. Once you have stocked enough of it cast Meltdown on Seifer and draw and cast Aura on your party from him then pummel him into submission with your party's limit breaks. Once you have done enough damage, Gilgamesh will appear and blow away Seifer ending the battle. From now on Gilgamesh will be taking Odin's Place.

When the battle is over Seifer kidnaps Rinoa and takes her to Adel. This ends Disk 3. Head back to the area where you fought Mobile Type 8 and proceed across the platform over to the ladder and head up it. Follow
this path to the right and into Adel's Chamber, inside Adel takes ahold of Rinoa, its time to finish Adel.

Boss: Adel

Take this boss fight very seriously because if Rinoa dies its game over. Start the battle by drawing and casting Regen from Rinoa onto her, then cast Shell on Rinoa. Then Summon cerberus to double and triple your
party, then triple Haste and Shell onto your party. Next cast Meltdown on Adel and mug Adel for a Samantha Soul, you can also mug Rinoa for 8 Megalixers which I strongly suggest doing, but make sure to have a Curaga or two ready for her after you mug her. It would also help if you have any scan spells stocked to cast it on Rinoa so you can keep a track on how much HP she has throughout the battle. Now that your defense is set up Triple your strongest magic onto Adel. Flare, Firaga, Bio, Blizzaga, and Thundaga work extremely well, stay away from holy though because it heals Adel. If you don't have a good amount of spell stocked you can always use physical attacks, which may work better depending on how high your str stat is. Take time outs from casting attacking to cast Curaga onto Rinoa though because Adel will be slowly draining her of HP. Don't worry too much about Adel's magic, its strong but if you keep Shell up you should rarely have to heal. You can also speed up Rinoa's recovery with regen by casting haste on her.

When the battle is finished Laguna and the party carry out there plan and the party is sent into Ultimecia's World. When the party awakens they are within what looks like Edea's Chambers in Deling City, Save at the save point and heal (the first save point in the group is the only real one). When you head outside the door you come face to face with Sorceress' from the past.

Boss: Sorceress

This battle is really not all that hard, you'll be facing a number of enemies just known as sorceress. All of them are pretty easy to defeat using GFs and Magic. At the start of the battle summon Cereberus for double and triple Magic, and haste and shell your party. Take out the diffrent Sorceress' as they appear with normal attacks and GFs. Your strategy should change when the last Sorceress appears though. Now you'll not only want haste and shell on your party but cast protect because the Sorceress has a counter attack that deals a good bit of damage a party member. She has Flare and Holy Magic which you should definatly take the chance to draw, but do not draw unless she has begun her counterdown from 5 or else you'll get a counterattack. At the end of the countdown she'll cast Ultima on the party, make sure to have a few Curagas ready after this one. Now bring in Doomtrain to lower her defense then send a barrage of tripled Magic at her, such as Flare,
Holy, and Bio, as well as using your strongest GFs against her. Note that you can steal various stones from the Sorceress' none which are really that important but they can refine into powerful magic.

With the Sorceress' gone now you awake in the Orphanage. Head through the door on the right and head outside, its time to enter Ultimecia Castle.

(The Final Battle, Ultimecia Castle)

Outside the scene switchs from what once was the Orphanage to Ultimecia Castle looming overhead. Proceed down to the left and north onto the chain that connects to the castle, making sure to hit the Triple draw
point as you head by. Proceed up the chain ignoring the portals to the left for now. At the gates to her castle the party meets up, select your party members and head inside. Inside the party's abilitys get locked by
Ultimecia's Servants and you must defeat them one by one to unlock them. I suggest heading back outside to heal and save before heading further also make sure to hit the invisible Flare draw point to the far right of
the save point, now head inside. First I must note that every single monster in the game is somewhere within Ultimecia Castle and there levels are random so you may receive alot of experience from battles or you may not, so it can be kinda hard to level up within the castle if you need to. Now head up the stairs you will find the first of Ultimecia's Servants.

Boss: Sphinxaur

If your characters have decent strength this fight is extremely easy. Before the battle I suggest junctioning the magic to your strength that increases it the most. Also Drain on your elemental Attack with heal some of your HP when you strike and enemy so I strongly suggest that as well. The Sphinxaur is nothing to really worry about in the damage dealing department, just keep hitting him with physical attacks and get rid of the monsters he summons, especially if he summons a Forbidden, they can be deadly so you should get rid of them quickly then continue to pound on Sphinxaur with your normal attacks. He can also be mugged for an Elixer.

After the battle you get the chance to unlock one of your abilites. I strongly suggest getting your GFs back. I must note that if you have missed any GFs throughout your playthrough the many bosses within the
Castle have GFs to draw if you have not already got them. If this is the case you may want to unlock your Draw ability first. Below is a list of what GFs you can draw from which bosses:

Siren - Tri Point
Leviathan - Trauma
Pandemona - Red Giant
Carbuncle - Krysta
Cerberus - Gargantua
Alexander - Catoblepas
Eden - Tiamat

Now head up from where Shinxaur was and through the door, head onto the Chandelier. It will fall to the floor below but will break the rusted hatch below it. Open the hatch and head down inside the Wine Celler for
the next of Ultimecia's Servants.

Boss: Tri-Point

Before the battle begins junction Thundaga spells onto your elemental defense because Tri-Point has a counter attacked called Mega Spark that is thunder elemental and if you have enough Thunder Magic Junctioned to
your elemental Defense you should be able to absorb the attack. Tri-Point also has an elemental weakness to either Fire or Ice which switchs each time you strike him so I just suggest starting the battle by summoning Doomtrain to lower his defense then use other GFs such as Leviathan, Pandemona, Alexander and Cactaur.

After the battle unlock your magic ability so you can heal your characters and although you probably cannot draw magic at the moment there is a hidden Aura draw point in the upper right hand corner of the room. Now I suggest you head back outside to save and heal before
continuing. Back inside the castle use the green circle to switch to your alternate party and take them through the door on the left and up to the room where the chandelier fell. Step on the green circle to the right and you'll hear a click, switch back to your other party and you can now take them across the Chandelier without it falling, on the other side is the next of Ultimecia's Servants.

Boss: Krysta

This boss can deal some serious damage so begin the battle by summoning cerberus to double and triple your party, then cast shell and protect on the party. Krysta has very high defense and most physical attacks will
do 0 damage, this is easily countered though if you summon Doomtrain to lower his defenses. Now finish him with GFs other than Shiva. You can use physical attacks and magic but Krystal counters these with a very
powerful counter attack, so stick with GFs. Note that Krysta's final attack is an Ultima spell so make sure your party's HP is high before finishing him off, shell hopefully should take most of the damage.

Unlock your draw ability after the battle and hit the hidden Meteor draw point then head back outside to heal and save. Back inside head up the stairs and through the door on the right. Head down the stairs and into
the door at the bottom, the next area is an art gallery. Search around the room and examine every painting in the room, there is also a Meltdown draw point at the top of the stairs to the right. Once you have examined all the paintings examine the large painting at the bottom of the stairs on the far wall. The paintings read as followed:

JUDICIUM (Judgment)
VIGIL (Watchman)
IGNUS (Fire)
VIATOR (Messenger)
INAUDAX (Cowardice)
VENUS (Love)
XIPHIAS (Swordfish)
XYSTUS (Tree-Lined Road)

For the answer to this stand on the balcony overlooking the clock on the floor near the Meltdown draw point. Notice the hands are pointing to VIII, IIII, and VI. The V Represents that you should only use titles with a V in them and the I's represent how many I's are actually in the titles. So for the large painting choose VIVIDARIUM, INTERVIGILIUM, and VIATOR. The next servert of Ultimecia will appear behind behind you.

Boss: Trauma

Begin the battle as usual by summoning Cerberus and Doomtrain to slow Trauma and lower his defenses, then triple Protect onto your party. Trauma creates miniture versions of himself called Dromas, they are very fast and blast a party member with there cannons for around 700 damage. Begin by eliminating them any time Trauma creates them, then focus on tripling Aero and Tornado spells onto Trauma as well as Summoning GFs such as Pandemona and Quenzacotl.

When the battle is over unlock your party's ability to revive themselves and head through the door to the north of the big painting. In the next area head down the stairs and into the Dungeon. To the left there door
leading into a cell proceed into the cell, hit the invisible Full-Life draw point in the cell and take the key out of the Corpses' Hand and the next of Ultimecia's Servants Appears.

Boss: Red Giant

This is probably the easiest battle inside Ultimecia Castle. When the battle begins summon Doomtrain and this will lower the Red Giant's defenses plus blind him. Now have the character junctioned with Diablos
repededly summon him to cut the Red Giant's HP while your other characters draw and cast Demi onto him. After cutting his HP down drastically with Diablos and Demi, finish him with GFs and physical attacks.

When he is defeated unlock your Item ability and unlock the door you came out of using the Prison Key. Head back up the stairs and up the stairs to the left. Hit the Cura draw point here and continue on to the left. In this area you will find two elevators. The idea here is to get a veavy party to lift the lighter party. Setting the characters up like this should work:

Heavy Party: Squall, Rinoa, Zell or Squall, Zell, Irvine
Lighter Party: Irvine, Quistis, Selphie or Quistis, Selphie, Rinoa

You can switch party members at the save point outside the room if need be, so proceed back to the area where you went up the stairs from the dungeon and switch to the lighter party via the green circle. Have them head up the stairs and through the door on the left. In the next area head down the stairs, through the door and down the hall. Use the green circle to switch to the heavy party. Take it back to the previous room they where in and step on the elevator with the green circle to lift the lighter party up to the other side. Use the green circle to switch to the lighter party and have them head into the room on the left. Hit the Curaga draw point in here and pick up the Floodgate Key lying on the floor, head back outside and switch back to the heavy party. Step off the elevator to bring the lighter party back to the ground, use the green circle to switch your party members if need be. Now head back to
the dungeon and with the floodgate key use it to unlock the floodgate which is to the right of the door that leads to the cell you fought the Red Giant in. Pull the lever to close the floodgate, this will drain the water in the castle which will come into play a little later. Now I suggest you head back outside to save and heal. Back inside head back to the area where the chandelier feel and through the door to the north, pick up the Treasure Vault Key from the fountain and hit the Slow draw point on the left side of the room and head into the Chapel via the door to the north. Inside the chapel hit the Dispel draw point to the left, in this area you can also encounter Elyone enemies if you have not picked up some Moon Stones, Energy Crystals, or Pulse Ammo yet. Now head up the stairs to the right, and WALK NOT RUN on the bridge to pick up the Armory Key, if for some reason you run on the bridge and it falls off you can pick it up in the Dungeon. Now head back down the stairs into the chapel and examine the organ. The key to the organ is to hit all the buttons at the same time this includes X, Square, Triangle, O, R1, R2, L1, L2 and then press start. Now head outside the room and off
to the right, if you played the Organ right all the spears should be removed from the door and you can proceed through. Proceed to the right and you'll see a small box in the corner, pick it up for a Rosetta Stone
then head down back into the cell you fought the Red Giant in. Head back outside the cell into the Dungeon and use the Armory key to unlock the door on the right. Inside hit the hidden Ultima draw point on the left
then search the Vysage head to come face to face with another one of Ultimecia's Servants.

Boss: Vysage, Lefty, Righty, Gargantua

This battle starts out against a Vysage and his pair of arms lefty and righty. Begin the battle as usual, summon Doomtrain to put every status effect in the book on the three parts plus lower there defenses. Then
summon Cerberus to double and triple your party, next draw and cast Haste, Protect, and Shell on your entire party from the parts of the Vysage, then finish them with a GF or two and the real servant of Ultimecia shows himself, Gargantua. Summon Doomtrain to lower his
defensives immediatly. Gargantua counterattacks every physical attack with a strong physical attack of his own, but does not counter GFs or magic so triple strong magic onto him such as Holy, Flare, Ultima, and Meteor. Gargantua has an attack called Evil Eye which curses and slows your entire party, make sure to triple haste onto your party if he uses this. He also likes to cast berserk on your party so immediatly cure a character with Esuna that has this cast on him. Gargantua shouldn't last too long considering his low HP and having his defenses weakened, just keep up the strong magic and GF attacks and he will go down soon.

Unlock your Command Abilites next and head back outside the castle to heal and save. Back inside head up the stairs and to the left through the door, down the stairs and into the door at the bottom you will find
a dark hallway. On the left side of the hallway, although you can barely see it, is the Treasure Vault, unlock it using the Treasure Vault key and step inside. There is another puzzle here although not quite as hard
as the one in the Art Gallery, also near the center of the room there is a invisible Holy draw point to hit. The solution to the puzzle is as followed.

1: Shut the First Box on the far left
2: Shut the Fourth Box from the left
3: Shut the Second Box from the left
4: Open the Third Box from the left

This will make another one of Ultimecia's Servants appear in the room.

Boss: Catoblepas

Start the battle like always summon Cerberus to double and triple your party, and Doomtrain to Slow, Blind, and lower the defenses of Catoblepas. This battle is rather simple from here on. Catoblepas has the Meteor spell which you should draw until you have 100 of because enemies with this draw are extremely rare. Now finish him off by tripling magic onto him such as Water and Quake, also you can draw and cast Meteor from him but the damage often proves to be random, so just
stick with powerful magic and GFs such as Brothers and Leviathan he won't last too long. Stay away from Quenzatcotl and Thunder magic though because Catoblepas absorbs them.

Unseal your Limit Breaks after the battle and head for the Chapel. Head up the stairs to the right, cross the bridge and enter the door to head into the Clock Tower. Climb the stairs as they twist around all the way
until you see a bell swinging from side to side. Position yourself next to where the bell swings and when the bell swings near the party have your party jump onto it to swing to the other side. Head through the hole in the wall to the outside, here you'll find the last of Ultimecia's Servants.

Boss: Tiamat

This battle is extremely easy. Start the battle by summoning Doomtrain to slow and reduce Tiamat's defenses, then cast shell onto your party as well as draw Eden from Tiamat it is the strongest GF in the game you don't want to miss this chance. The only attack Tiamat has is called Dark Flare and he uses it when he finishes spelling it out. It causes a ton of damage to the party but most of the damage will be taken by shell being cast on your party. Now finish him with strong magic such as Flare, Meteor, Holy, Blizzaga and strong GF attacks such as Alexander, Leviathan, Cactuar and Shiva. Stay away from Wind, Fire, and Thunder attacks though as they are ineffective against Tiamat.

When the battle is finished unlock your last ability, which is save, and hit the Triple draw point which is on the upper right side of the screen, then proceed back across to the other side of the stairs using
the bell, continue climbing the clock tower. When you reach the top of the clock tower hit the Stop draw point then head outside, across the clock and down the ladder. At the end of this walkway lies Ultimecia's
Chambers and the final battle. Save and heal at the save point and make absolutly sure you are ready for the final battle with Ultimecia. Some things to do before the final battle are below.

Switch your Draw Command for Item
Junction Water to your Elemental Attack
Have a good supply of Magic Spells, including Shell, Flare, and Meteor
Have over 6000 HP
Your party is near Level 70 or Above
Have a good stock of Megalixers and Mega Phoenixs
Have Esuna Junctioned to your Status Defense

When you are prepared enter Ultimecia's Chambers for the Final Battle.
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Final Fantasy - Famicom and NES
Final Boss: Ultimecia

The first thing about this battle you should know is that your party members are choosen at random, so quickly kill off any party members you won't be using in the fight until they are replaced by the party members you wish to use for the battle. This battle resembles the last battle with Edea but is ALOT tougher, immediatly summon Cerberus and triple Haste and Shell onto your party. Like Edea before her Ultimecia will use Maelstrom which cuts your party's HP in half and curses them to where they cannot use Limit Breaks. Triple Curaga onto your party and Esuna them when this happens. Now start to use your most powerful GFs on Ultimecia as well as cast Meltdown on her to reduce her defenses. Ultimecia will assault your party with magic, some of which includes Meltdown and you will want to Esuna that party member quickly because
you can't afford to have that characters defense low in the battle. Also she will cast Double on herself from time to time, quickly eliminate this by casting Dispel. Eden works extremely well in this battle, so use it and your best GF. Try to keep your stocked magic for now. When Ultimecia's HP gets low she summons Griever to face your party.

Final Boss Form Two: Griever

Now the fight starts to get hard. Make sure that your party still has Haste and Shell cast on them, then add protect to it. Griever has some nasty attacks, he has a very strong physical attack, he can cast Diablos' favorite spell Gravija which will take your party's HP into Critical, he can draw magic from you and cast it, and he can also blow away some of your stocked magic. Cast Meltdown on him and assault him with your GFs, Eden, Shiva, Ifrit, Cactaur, and Quenzacotl should work
fine if you cast magic stay away from Bio and Doomtrain because it heals him. When you deplete about half of his HP, the sky will turn red. Griever is preparing to use his ultimate attack, Shockwave Pulsar on the
party which does a ton of damage, might even kill them if you don't have shell cast. Immediatly Triple Curaga onto your party or use a Megalixer after he uses it. If you can survive this keep pounding with powerful GFs and the battle moves onto the next form.

Final Boss Form Three: Ultimecia/Griever

This form is extremely deadly, you cannot use GFs in battle anymore or they will be blown away by Ultimecia so don't even try it. Make sure Haste, Shell, and Protect is still cast onto your party then cast
Meltdown on Ultimecia to reduce her defenses. This form of Ultimecia is extremely weak against water so Triple Water spells onto her and use normal attacks, which if you junctioned 100 water onto your elemental attack, your normal attacks should do 9999 damage. Keep using normal attacks and tripling strong magic such as Meteor, Flare, Ultima, and Water onto her, stay away from Holy though because it heals her. When she summons two Helixs she can now cast Ultima which will deal alot of damage to your party, make sure to keep Shell up throughout this entire fight. Triple Aura onto your party and unleashing your limit breaks onto her helps alot too, especially if Irvine has some Pulse Ammo for Hyper Shot or if Squall has the Lionheart. When this form starts floating in the air after its bottom falls off, it now switchs to using very powerful physical attacks and casting Ultima you'll definatly need Shell
and Protect for those attacks. Once that form has been defeated its on to the final form of Sorceress Ultimecia.

Final Boss Final Form: Ultimecia

She will begin the battle by using Hell's Judgment on your party which takes there HP down to 1, use a Megalixer to bring your party back to full health again. Begin by casting Meltdown on Ultimecia to lower her defenses and making sure your party has Shell and Haste cast on them. This is the final form so hold nothing back, triple all the magic you have onto her, Ultima, Meteor, Flare, Holy, Tornado and Quake work
really well, once again don't try to summon your GFs or they will be killed by Ultimecia. This form really doesn't have a whole lot of attacks she will cast Hell's Judgement repededly and cast Holy and Flare
on your party from time to time. The fight is really not that hard until Ultimecia starts to draw Apocalypse magic from her bottom half, this spell is the most powerful in the game and like Griever's Shockwave
Pulsar can wipe out your party if they do not have shell casted on them. If you happened to take the draw command into this battle you can draw Apocalypse magic from her bottom half and cast it on her but the draw
command is rather useless in these final battles in my opinion. To finish this form quickly cast Aura on your characters and let there Limit Break pound her into submission. When she begins talking to the party she is dying, put Ultimecia to rest and releive the world of Time Compression.

Now that Ultimecia is defeated watch the magnificant and beautiful ending that you have worked oh so hard for. This may be the end of the story but the game is far from over. There are still a few more side areas to complete so reload your game before you fought Ultimecia and head outside of the castle.

(Back to the Ragnarok, Finding the Card Queen and Tonberry King)

Head outside of Ultimecia Castle to the chain area, and jump across and through the portal in the middle. Your now back outside on the world map and you can return anytime through one of these portals to get back to
Ultimecia Castle. Access your big world map that takes up the screen and you will see the location of the Ragnarok marked by a red flashing dot and it is a long ways from here and you will need a chocobo to get
there. There is a Chocobo Forest on the far right tip of the continent, its hard to see because it is hidden behind a mountain range and you'll have to go around it to see it. Inside the forest speak with ChocoBoy and he will tell you all about catching Chocobos. I'll go indepth on catching them in the next section, for now just listen to how it works and then ask him for help and to catch you one. He'll give you a chicobo named Boko, which is the chocobo you summon with the Gysahl Greens. The idea of Boko is to use it with the pocketplaystation to build him up, but unfortunatly it was never released in North America so I've never
had a chance to play it. Anyway take the chocobo back near the area where the gate you came out of is and head down across the continent, past the centra ruins, and across the beach and water to the continent with Edea's House on it. Now use the map to find the Ragnarok which is located at the far tip and across the desert. Back on the Ragnarok you will notice that the CC Group Members are on board, if you completed the
CC Group Side Quest that is, and you can play them in cards from now on. Now you should use the Card Mod to refine the Gilgamesh Card for 10 Holy Wars, these will come in handy very soon, and you can win another
Gilgamesh Card by playing cards with Xu onboard the Ragnarok. Also the man from garden is onboard and he will sell items and runs a junk shop for the party. The first thing to know about the world map on Disk 4 is that all towns are sealed off due to Time Compression but there are still few areas you can return to, also there is a fourth portal that returns to Ultimecia Castle near where the Ragnarok was, make sure to put it to use. Now you should try to find the Card Queen which is quite a task. Take the Ragnarok to the Esthar Continent at the bottom right tip of the continent, there is an area here that you cannot see but it is there, land the Ragnarok near the tip and search around and you should go into the area where the escape pod from the Lunar Base crashed. The Card Queen is here and you can challenge her to a game, she has most all of the rare cards inclucing some Player Cards, GF Cards, and the Rare Cards from the Card Queen Quest on Disk 3. Play her with caution though, often returning to save after winning a rare card because she uses just about all the rules available including
everybody's most hated rule, Random. When you are finished with the Card Queen board the Ragnarok and take it to the Centra Ruins where you fought Odin. In the first couple of areas in the Centra Ruins you will
run into Tonberrys which are quite nasty in battle, and in order to get there master, the Tonberry King to show himself you must kill 18+ Tonberrys. Now this may seem very hard but it fact it really isn't, first I suggest not using Irvine or Selphie for this. The first thing
you need to do is get your three party member's HP down into the critical so they can use there limit breaks, and then don't heal them, just repededly use your limit breaks on the Tonberrys until they go down which won't take too long. Irvine's Limit Break although very powerful tends to be short lived and your ammo in this quest will be gone after several battles. Selphie's Magic Slots won't do enough damage to the Tonberrys thats why I don't suggest either in these battles. If a
tonberry happens to kill off a character just use a Phoenix Down or cast life and resume the process, after killing several Tonberrys the king will show himself.

Boss: Tonberry King

Immediatly when this battle begins Curaga your party members or use a Megalixer to bring them back up to full health, then summon Cerberus to double and triple your party. Then Protect and Haste your party. The
Tonberry King is extremely fast whem compared to his other tonberry pals and deals alot of physical damage. Thankfully keeping protect up in this fight will keep you alive though. Bring in Doomtrain to lower his
defenses and triple powerful magic onto him, Blizzaga, Ultima, and Meteor work wonders as does Shiva, Quenzacotl, Pandemona, Cactuar, Ifrit, and definatly try summoning Eden for big damage to the Tonberry
King. The two attacks you should look out for from Tonberry is the "Its Sharp" attack which will do 6000+ damage to a character and his Junk attack which does around 4000 to the entire party. As long as you keep
Protect up in this fight you shouldn't have too much of a problem. Note that he has a rare draw in Full-Life and you should try to draw it to 100 if possible.

When the battle is over Tonberry joins you as a GF, he doesn't bring much power to the party but his abilites do allow you to shop from any shop you have ever visited, plus it adds some rare items to the shops
with his familiar ability. This completes the quest.

(The Deep Sea Research Center and Omega Weapon)

The last side area of the game is rather tricky to find. Board the Ragnarok and fly it to the bottom left hand corner of the world map, and although you won't be able to see the Research Center on the map, its there floating along. Land on it with the Ragnarok and head inside. Inside the party finds a pulsating blue core. The idea here is to walk when the core is not shining blue, or else you will run into some monsters you have to fight. When you get close enough touch the core and
you are asked several questions answer them as followed.

Its not our will is not to fight
The hidden option below none of your bussiness

After each question you are forced to fight a Ruby Dragon, take these fights very seriously, these Ruby Dragon's Breath attack can deal 7000+ damage to the entire party and cast Meteor. Cast Meltdown on him and
pummel him with GFs and physical Attacks. After answering the questions you are taken into a fight with Bahamut.

Boss: Bahamut

This battle isn't as hard as it looks. Start the battle by drawing and casting Curaga from Bahamut on any party members who are still weak from the battles with the Ruby Dragons, then summon Doomtrain to weaken his
defenses, blind and wlow Bahamut, then summon Cerberus to double and triple the party. Then triple shell onto the party. After this the battle is a breeze, use GFs such as Shiva, Eden, Cactaur, and Leviathan, stay away from Quenzatcotl and Pandemona though because Bahamut is immune to Thunder and Wind Magic. Tripling Meteor and Ultima onto Bahamut also deals good damage, just about anything but Thunder and Wind Magic goes in this fight. With the boss blinded the only thing you should have to worry about from Bahamut is his Mega Flare attack which deals alot of damage to your party, fortunatly if you have up shell the damage won't be too great. Bahamut also has a Hyper Wrist that you can mug from him. For winning you receive a Bahamut Card.

After the battle Bahamut joins you as a GF, now return to the Ragnarok. Then land at the Research Center again, you can now enter the below levels. Climb down the struncter to the 2nd floor. Hit the Dispel draw
point on the left and speak with your party members. Squall will notice a device that controls steam power to open the doors to reach the bottom floor. Squall will automatically spend 4 Units on this floor, so head
down the stairs and to the next floor. In these areas you'll start to run into alot of Tri-Face enemies and they can be mugged for several Curse Spikes, now is the best chance to get 100 of them to refine into a Dark Matter to teach Quistis her most powerful limit break Shockwave Pulsar, keep in mind though that your Siren GF must be on level 100 before you can refine the Curse Spikes into a Dark Matter. On the second floor examine the steam device and expend 2 units to open the door to
the third floor. On the next floor use the steam device to the left of the stairs and expend 4 units to open the steam room. Head inside the steam room on the left and hit the Esuna draw point to the left, and examine the steam device to the far right, use it to restore 7 of your units, then return outside the door and use the steam device on the far right of the stairs, expend 1 unit here to open the door to the fourth level. On this floor use the steam device on the right and expend 1 unit to open up the entrance to the fifth floor. On then next floor once again expend 1 unit at the steam device on the right, now you can use the elevator to the left to go down the the sixth floor. Here Squall
will autmatically expend 4 units at the steam device in the center of the room, this will open the way to the excavation site. Head through the door on the right and proceed down the stairs. In the next area continue down the stairs hitting the Triple draw point as you continue all the way to the bottom, note there is an invisible Ultima draw point to hit to the left at the very bottom of the stairs before heading into the bottom room. At the bottom equip Siren's Move Find ability to see the hidden save point here, make sure to heal up and save, then expend the last 10 units at the steam device. This will make Ultima Weapon appear.

Boss: Ultima Weapon

This guy is extremely deadly and you have not faced a boss like this up to this point so be very prepared, Ultima Weapon has an attack called Light Pillar which is instant death to a party member, immediatly cast
Full-Life to bring that party member back when he uses it. He also attacks the party with powerful magic such as Quake and Meteor. Start by trying to summon Cerberus to double and triple the party, if he kills Cerberus just cast Triple on your party members. Then Cast Meltdown on Ultima Weapon, Haste, Shell, and Aura the party. Don't bother with GFs in this fight just pummel him with your limit breaks, if you have Squall's Lion Heart weapon this battle will be over very soon. Irvine's Hyper and Armor Shot work very well in this battle, as does using Quistis' Shockwave Pulsar and Rinoa's Wishing Star. Also if you want to take the chance you can mug a Three Stars from Ultima Weapon. Also note that if you missed drawing Eden from Tiamat in Ultimecia Castle, Ultima Weapon has the GF to draw. For winning you receive the Eden Card.

After the battle simply walk back outside and to the Ragnarok. This completes the quest. Now all the side areas are finished, but there is still one more thing left to do, and that is to take on the strongest
monster in the game, Omega Weapon. If you thought Ultima Weapon was hard, you haven't seen anything yet, Omega Weapon is extremely hard to defeat and it takes a sound strategy to defeat him. Take the Ragnarok to
one of the portals and back into Ultimecia Castle. Save and heal your characters at the save point outside, make absolutly sure you have refined the Gilgamesh Card for 10 Holy Wars and set your characters up as followed.

GFs: Eden
Has Lion Heart Weapon
Magic, GF, Item Commands
Several Haste and Meltdown Spells
HP+80%, Mag+60%, Str+60%, Spd+40% Abilities
Junction 100 Death Spells to Status Defense

GFs: Cactaur
Knows Wishing Star
Magic, GF, Item Commands
Several Aura Spells
HP+80%, Mag+60%, Str+60%, Spd+40% Abilities
Junction 100 Death Spells to Status Defense

GFs: Bahamut, Cerberus
Has Several Pulse, AP, and Fast Ammo
Has Exeter Weapon
Magic, GF, Item Commands
HP+80%, Mag+60%, Str+60%, Spd+40% Abilities
Junction 100 Death Spells to Status Defense

You can switch the characters junctions up any way you like as long as the basic idea remains the same. Rinoa, Squall, and Irvine is the best party for fighting Omega Weapon, they can deal the most damage to Omega Weapon and that is the key to the fight. You'll need your GFs at the highest possible compatibility with the characters they are equiped with. You can refine the Chubby Chocobo card for 100 LuvLuvGs which works wonders on raising compatibility for all your GFs but you cannot get another Chubby Chocobo Card, you decide if its worth it or not. Below are some other items you can get for raising Compatibility with some of the needed GFs to fight Omega Weapon.

Cerberus: Dragon Fin, which are mugged from Grendels
Cactaur: Cactus Thorn, which are mugged from Cactaurs

Now for the battle take the party that will fight Omega Weapon to the green circle outside of the chapel and use it to switch to the other party, take them up the stairs, through the door on the right and down the stairs. Have them ring the bell on the left at the bottom of the stairs and then quickly use the green circle in the area to switch to the other party, have them head inside the chapel before time runs out to confront Omega Weapon. Note that if you have an extremely high level Selphie if you are lucky she may find her The End Limit Break in her slots, this will finish Omega Weapon off in one hit. Thats kinda cheap
though don't you think?

Boss: Omega Weapon

Omega Weapon will begin the battle by casting LV 5 Death on your party, killing all whose levels are multiplies of 5, if you juctioned 100 Death spells to your status defense this should miss your party, then have Irvine summon Cerberus to double and triple your party, then have Squall triple Haste onto the party and have Rinoa triple Aura onto the party. When Irvine gets his next turn have him use a Holy War which will make
your party invincible to Omega Weapon's Attacks for several turns, now have Squall cast Meltdown on Omega Weapon then pound Omega Weapon with your limit breaks. Squall's Lion Heart, Rinoa's Combined Wishing Star,
and Irvine's Hyper Shot will do tons of damage to him. Use your limit breaks until Aura runs out, then start to summon your GFs, Eden, Bahamut, and a high level Cactaur work very well. When the Holy War runs out, recast Aura onto your party then use another Holy War then resume the process of Limit Breaks until Aura runs out then GFs, repeat this until Omega Weapon is defeated. Your Victory over him yields you a Three
Stars, 250 AP, and a nice little thing in your tutorial menu called Proof of Omega.

With Omega Weapon defeated that ends the quest and it also ends the Walkthough.
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A walkthrough for FF8

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