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Added by Mr. Walker on 8 Nov 2015 09:40
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My Movie Ideas

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People who added this item 6518 Average listal rating (4532 ratings) 8.2 IMDB Rating 8.4
Psyhological Thriller/Horror

It's been 3 years that John Levine has overcome his struggle with scitzophrenia. Now, he's working as a doctor in an apartment in NYC with his wife - Cindy - that has been rumored to play mind games.

One night, he wakes up to find that his wife is gone...and it isn't long before he starts getting visions - sometimes even memories he doesn't know is real or not -, but the question is: has he really overcome his condition, or is the apartment really haunted?
Mr. Walker's rating:
People who added this item 372 Average listal rating (231 ratings) 6.9 IMDB Rating 7.1
Catfish (2010)

Two female best friends named Meryl and Ally start their own feminist-based youtube channel. They get more attention once a male youtuber (Don't have the names of the channels figured out yet) named Nick Carter starts a battle with them. Soon, the two channels will use any tactic they can think of to get the community to favor.

How I got the idea: I remember when I watched The Amazing Atheist's (A channel I used to love, but now hate) video on Feminism vs. Freedom of Speech (Back when he actually made some descent points.

I was fascinated at the two extremes. TJ on how far he went by saying "this is what feminism is like" and the feminist in the video who came across as an absolute cunt. But then I thought, between TJ's frequent attacks on feminism and the action that the feminist did to get her attention, "How far would someone go to prove their point - good or bad - and for what particular motive?"

And so, Cycle came into place. It may offend some people based on the concept, but I'm using how society clashes with their views.

Do I have a script?: Yes.

A pounding club beat is playing in tune with a pop-sounding electric guitar and the cluster of people talking, drinking, and their shoes hitting the ground from repeatedly jumping up and down with nothing but blackness showing. Then, in contrast to the muster of noise in the background comes the sound a girl who is starting to get a little drunk chuckling.

Drunk Girl
I..I never realized how open the world is when you're drunk…

Other Girl
Huh? Sorry Meryl, I'm a lil...

Drunk Girl
Hey...Ally...it's fine (Chuckles a little harder then before)

The black screen cuts away to a visualization of the sounds in the background. The neon lights are flashing, people are jumping up and down, and in the front are the two girls speaking. On the left is a girl with brunette hair, a pale face, and her head darting left to right slowly, while still trying to pay attention to the girl on the right. Her curly hair is dyed space colors, with some of the roots showing, and in front of her is a glass of beer, on the road to being finished.

Grabbing the glass in her hand, Meryl looks to Ally to keep talking

I still remember the time when we met in college (Ally starts to smile a bit) I had to...

Get away from my asshole of a boyfriend.

(Laughs and lose a bit of control of her beer glass as some of it spills on the table) Only one problem with that though...

What? Am I forgetting something?

Calling him an asshole is an insult to assholes, because, at least in the long run, outside an asshole is a beautiful exterior.

(Muttering with a shy smile on her face) You can say that again

What was that?

Huh…? I didn't say...

That I can say that again? Sure, outside an asshole, a beautiful exterior is on display.

Meryl, I swear, I didn't mean to call you an assh-

The only difference between him and me is that I'm a cunt, and the same logic applies to me.

(Chuckles) I hope you're not calling yourself a cunt, cause you're far from one.

Well...we have have a dark side beneath us all

Meryl raises her glass

..don't we?

She gives off an innocent smirk with a little devious side to it shows. Ally gives the same smirk, but it's less noticeable. She follows Meryl's lead and raises her half-full glass of soda.

What are we raising our glasses for?

I don't fucking know! "chuckles hard coming out slurred" Um…you want to come up with something?

Uh...OH, I GO-

YES, I THOUGHT OF ONE! "looks at Ally, who looks slightly pissed off" Shit, I interrupted you again. "face gives off impression that she has done something pretty awful"

Meryl, please don't beat yourself about it. "Meryl looks up, with the face giving less of the impression then before" It's just something you need to work on, and I'll be there to help you.

"starts to show a small smile" Really? "Ally nods her head" You mean so much to me, you know that?

I sure do "Smiles sweetly"

The two somewhat struggle as they stand up out of their seats and attempt to stretch their upper bodies for a hug. They eventually succeed, but after 5 early heartwarming seconds, the sound of a bone barely cracking is barely heard. They sit back down.

Alright then.

4-second awkward pause. Ally looks a little confused.

Alright? You wanna leave?

No, I mean, what was the idea you came up with before I interrupted you?

Oh...um..."chuckles nervously a little"...to be honest, I forgot.

You want me to say mine then?

Sure. I'm not judging you.

Meryl smiles sweetly and raises her glass, and Ally follows her lead.

To being persistent! On life, on our future, and most of all, not giving two shits on what people think about us!

But only slightly for the last part, right?

Sure, why not?

They clash their glasses together and attempt to chug what's left of it down. Ally puts it down and starts breathing heavily, but Meryl is too busy focusing on chugging it down. Ally keeps on breathing heavily as she waits for Meryl to finish. In less then 10 seconds, Meryl puts her drink down and gives off a big burp.


Whoa indeed!

The two chuckle hard
Mr. Walker's rating:
Lead Us Home

It's been 7 years since the ruthless King Marcus was exiled out of his own kingdom, and now the kingdom is led by his little brother, Jason. However, what nobody knows is that, with a great disguise and one of the first uses of make-up, Marcus has posed under the name Victor, and has been framing his own little brother for crimes.

Using it to his advantage, "Victor" leads a rebel group to get Jason out of the throne and "Victor" as a "new" king.

How I got the idea: The final lines of The Who's 'Won't Get Fooled Again' says it all.

Meet the new boss
Same as the old boss

Only this time, I mean it literally.

Do I have a script?: Not yet.
Mr. Walker's rating:

A married couple try to care for their 10-year-old son suffering from schizophrenia.

How I got the idea: Honestly don't remember, but I do have the memory of wondering how parents may behave because of it.

Do I have script?: I used to, but when I got my computer fixed, all but two of the scripts I was working on were deleted from the hard drive. I plan to start it sometime soon.
People who added this item 3031 Average listal rating (1987 ratings) 6.6 IMDB Rating 7.1
Ghost (1990)
To the Point

After regretting his suicide, young adult Gabe goes back to visit Natalie, his former girlfriend that he has mistreated. Together, the two try to make peace with all the people that the two of them treated like shit

How I got the idea: I was going through a period where I wanted to kill myself, and while I'm not at that place anymore, I often thought what the people who hate me will think about when they hear the news. Despite me being an atheist, I sometimes hoped that I could go back in spirit form and quietly make peace with those people who I treated like shit. So, I started writing short things I would to make up for people, and when I revisited the list, a feeling a goodness went into my heart that made me say "I have to show this"

Do I have a script?: Not yet.

People who added this item 4337 Average listal rating (2929 ratings) 8.3 IMDB Rating 8.7

Two father-and-son rival criminals - one with a son that's new to the experience, and one with a son that knows the road - make a bet to see how much chaos they can spread in Greenbird City in one week with the losing duo has to turn themselves in.

How I got the idea: Sometimes, ideas just fall on my head like an acorn.

Do I Have a Script? Yes.

Ext: Road near Forest: Sunrise
The sky is peaceful as the clouds slowly drift by. The sun is close to shining as the moon is barely visible. Below the sky is a road, with no cars driving on the path. The trees are blowing in the wind and in the distance is a small city, with only one skyscraper piercing the sky. On the right side of the road are two green signs connected by two grey-holed poles. The first sign says:

Welcome to
Greenbird City!
Est. 1946

And the second sign reads:

Crime-Free for
over 50 years!

But that changes when we see two cars pass by, both black, but shaded differently. The first car we see has two people - one driving and taller and one in the shotgun seat and somewhat shorter - both different heights, while the other car has the same thing, with the only difference being that the person in the shotgun seat is slightly shorter then the other person. Immediately after the second car passes by, a big branch falls down and scratches out "5" in the "50" on the second sign, resulting in the sign to say that Greenbird City has been crime-free for 0 years instead of 50.

Cut To: Interior Car No. 1:
We see the first duo in the first car, as the person in the shotgun seat is looking out the window as if he heard a noise from outside. However, he realizes that it's a waste of his time as he faces forward. He then turns his head to the person driving the car: a man who looks like he's nearing his 40's, with an outdated mop-top hairstyle and a casual black pollo shirt. The passenger is wearing a smaller version of his clothes, as if he was a Mini-Me.

With a bored look on his face, the passenger removes his hand of his slumped head.

You know Dad, there's so many other clothes to wear…and out of all the clothes you chose, you had to chose most uncomfortable.

Style is important for first impressions, Dan.

Really? (Uh-huh) Important enough for a day that's supposed to reach 80 degrees?

You shouldn't always trust what the weatherman says. Sometimes, you have to go by what your gut tells you.

So your gut told you to drive far away from home and to the town you grew up in for no reason?

If you think this is about nostalgia Dan, you're wrong.

I'm not trying to bring up memories of how great your time was here when you were young. Somewhere in the future, you're going to look back and realize "Fuck, what was I doing when I decided to….to…."

Dad starts to become nervous as his son starts talking and gives him a vaguely outraged look as if he just realized something that never occurred to him before.

Oh my fucking god!


No! None of this makes sense! You wake me up early morning and then two fucking hours later, you buy these crappy polo shirts, and now we're at your hometown again with this….come to think of it..fuck it, I'm going in!

Dan! You stop it right now! (Pushes his face out of the way while still trying to maintain control of the wheel)

Fuck you!

Dan uses all his strength to grab the bag out of the middle and unzips it so quick, it's like he broke the zip trying to do it. When he looks inside the bag, he has an even more angry face with some shock to go along with it.


Were you going to kill me?!

Fuck no!
Mr. Walker's rating:
People who added this item 1735 Average listal rating (1086 ratings) 7.1 IMDB Rating 7.6
Dark/Screwball Comedy

5 co-workers get caught in was is dubbed as "The worst traffic jam since the chocolate flood (A plot element later in the movie that you may see soon)" and as they sit there, they all try to keep their sanity. Meanwhile, the boss lives out his typical day...without his employees.

How I got the idea: This may surprise you, but I got the idea when I was stuck in traffic when coming back home from boarding school. I was about to freak out: my phone was dead, the driver had the station tuned to one that played a shitty hip-hop station that sounded like it was playing the exact same song, and I had nothing to distract me. Just when I was about to break a window, I realized how different a person I was in a situation like this, and wondered might other people do if they were on they're way to work. I decided to build it up from there, and at a certain point, I just made it more insane as I made it go along.

Do I have a script?: Not yet.

A dying old man uses telekinesis to create a fantasy world with teenagers and kids through their dreams, and make them feel their lost innocence before it's too late

How I got the idea: I remember having a dream where there was a magical land. All of my good friends were there, even the ones I no longer liked. I don't remember what we did, but I remember being so happy. However, I also remember me crying at a store because I couldn't get the hat that seemed vaguely similar to one I had as a kid and loved. I stayed behind the crowd I was with, and cried and yelled "WHEN WILL I EVER FIND HAPPINESS?!"

After that, I immediately woke up to see my roommate at boarding school pacing around, listening to Eminem on his iPod, with a pissed-off look. It made me think of why so many people are nostalgic, they want to remember the good times to shield them from their shitty life. I took the idea of the dream with other elements, and named the world I experienced: Jahogal (Just a random nonsense word that popped into my head)

Do I have a script?: Yes.

of a body is barely seen as if it's lying down on a bed, and the only light given to her is coming from the cracks that the door exposes even when it's fully shut. Then, we hear a squeaking as the door moves gracefully open, revealing more and more light. The more the door opens, the more we can see the outline of the body, as well as the rest of the room the person is surrounded by.

The lights reveal for it to be a young girl. She has a flustered look on her face and her part of her hair is either messed up or coving her eyes. She groans and tries her best to get up, almost as if she's trying to get to that 400th sit-up. With her head sinking down to the floor, she starts dragging her bare feet to the floor.

Young Girl
I swear...if this door keeps opening and squeaking, I'll...

She's unable to finish her sentence as it's interrupted by a long and pretty loud yawn. Her arms stretch up to the ceiling and drop back down to her sides.

Young Girl
Forget it. I'll worry about it tomorrow.

Just as she starts to walk back to her bed, she hears footsteps creaking on wooden floorboards.

Young Girl
"groans" I'm too tired for this shit.

The footsteps keep getting closer, but the young girl ignores it and starts to slam the door, but immediately stops it as the deadbolts make a faintly loud sound upon impact. She puts the fingertips on her left hand on her forehead and rubs it gently

and another scene to tie into the above scene (I plan for it to be the opening scene)

Int: Living Room: Night

We see a middle-aged woman wearing reading glasses. The room around her has two bookshelves - filled with books that look like they haven't been dusted in years - that stretch up to the ceiling. The floor is planked with wood beams, and the door is closed all the way.

On the computer, we see that she is typing what looks like a report for her job, but the vision is blurred, not by much, but enough to block some of our vision. She has a slightly annoyed look on her face, but one that's also determined and ready to fall asleep. The speed of her typing slows down as she tries to stop her eyelids from shutting tight. Eventually, she gives in to her own body, and falls asleep. It isn't long until she wakes up to a couple of knocks on the door.

The woman jumps slightly in her swivel chair, and tries to get out the words, but she can't get them out fast enough for there to be more knocks on the door. Finally, she barely snaps at whoever's behind the door.

Tim, I'd love to talk about how Charlie's doing, but I-

Person Behind the Door
Who's Tim, Mommy?

Confused for a few seconds, and realizing who it is, she stumbles out her seat, closing the computer lid, and walks to the door as fast as she can without falling down to the floor in exhaustion. She turns the doorknob as it makes a squeaking noise, and opens to find a kid standing in front of her. His eyes are slightly crusted, his hair is in all different directions, and is wearing bright checkered pajamas - red and black.

The woman rubs her eyes with her hands closed.
People who added this item 1060 Average listal rating (719 ratings) 7.1 IMDB Rating 7.4
Early Exchanges
Dramedy/Coming of Age

Two college roommates - one with a foot fetish and one who's gay - try to set aside their differences to help each other with their love life.

How I got the idea: I'm not afraid to admit that I do have a foot fetish, but sometimes I wonder how some people who aren't so accepting of it, especially if I'm at college. I started to come up with the premise, but felt like something was missing. So, I figured to make the story more interesting, I'll add another character who's have a different kind of trouble with his love life, set in arguably the hardest time of a young adult's life.

Do I have a script?: Not yet
Mr. Walker's rating:
The Lost Light

In a near-future where more and more people are becoming atheists, an devout Christian named Alex Novarro , tries to convince others - and himself - that there really is a God.

How I got the idea: Like I said before, I'm an atheist, but sometimes I wonder why people need religion. I'm not talking about ordinary people; I'm talking about assholes like Pat Robertson or Kim Davis. Why would assholes like those two want to believe in God?

The main character is an anti-hero. He can come across like an asshole and pushy a lot of the time when trying make people believe, but why does he want to? It's my take on the psychology of those types of people.

Do I have a script?: Not yet
People who added this item 967 Average listal rating (680 ratings) 5.6 IMDB Rating 6.2
Devil (2010)
Chasing Satan
Black Comedy/Fantasy/Horror

Satan is losing his power because are starting to not fear him anymore. Embarrassed, he takes shelter with Danny, the nearest asshole's house. Determined to help him get his power back (As far as he knows), Danny will help Satan be believed in again no matter what the costs

How I got the idea: Basically an r-rated version of the "Ghost Host" episode from Spongebob.

Do I have a script?: Not yet.
Mr. Walker's rating:

Many people prepare for a future that may not happen, but I keep optimistic, and while I do, I'm in the process of making scripts and movie ideas. I'd love to hear some feedback and advice.

Thanks for letting me waste your time.

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