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Added by Taker90 on 29 Jan 2013 05:35
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Best Video Game Cross-overs

From all game platforms comes the best cross over games, in gaming history so here's my list of best cross over games along with honorable mentions.
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Honorable Mention's

Game's to check out.
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Dishonrable Mentions

Games I wouldn't recommend...
To me it's a real odd concept and all combining historical figures with mecha's game play is eh... not my cup of tea so to speak.
I played this game and I have to say it has a lot of elements like SSB's but at the same time it's a 30% a guilty pleasure.
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Adventure Crossover

Warrior Orochi series is a cross over between two games of historical figures of Samurai Warriors of Japan, and the Dynasty Warrior's of China. Along with Mystics of different Dimensions to help fix the time rift the Orochi (a mythical creature) corrupting time and space.

Why this game, because it story is good, as well as the gameplay, and the inclusion of

Ryu Hayabusa: From Ninja Gaiden
Joan of Arc: Historical Figure
Achilles: Historical Figure
Ayane: From Dead or Alive Series
This series and it's spin-offs have made an impact over the years. With it's crossover between square enix and Disney. With exploration of different worlds, adapting with the surroundings, and interations with different characters.

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Top JRPG Crossovers

Cross Edge is a traditional Japanese role-playing game complete with world map, random battles, level grinding, item combining/creation using alchemy, etc.

Pokémon Conquest:

Crossover game, between Pokémon with the style of Nobunaga's Ambition.

It's a unique concept and a game for both young and older players.

You play as the Hero(male or female) of the Ransei reign and your starter is a Eeve.

Throughout the game you battle on a grid map with your warrior(s) and their pokemon and conquer lands and level up pokemon and the warriors in your party's and stop Nobunaga Oda and his retainers from conquering the region.

One of the largest rosters of female character of different game and anime/manga companies.

I really wish this game released in America, if you looked past the fan service and Eye candy it's a pretty decent game for story wise.

the gameplay is like Superrobot wars, with
when a stage begins, the character receives introductory dialogue between playable characters, leading to the scenario on the battlefield. To complete a scenario, the player must accomplish scenario objectives. Some scenarios are longer, with multi-part missions or have new objectives added as the story unfolds. On battlefield, the player and enemy take turns to order their units with commands available, such as movement, attacking, forming tag match ups.

Your objective to break off enemy's armor to KO them.
Once the scenario is cleared, more dialogue is exchanged between characters before the player is taken to an intermission menu. Here, armor is upgraded as well as characters' stats and skills can be changed, and other maintenance actions can be performed before the player continues on with the game.

Plus awesome opening theme song:

when a stage starts, the character receives intro dialogue between playable characters, leading to the scenario on the battlefield.

To complete a scenario, the player must accomplish scenario objectives. Some scenarios are bit longer, with multi-part missions or they have new objectives added as the story unlocks.

On battlefield, the player and enemy take turns to order their units with commands available, such as movement, attacking, forming squads and casting "Spirit Commands", a set of magic-like spells unique to each pilot.

Once the scenario is cleared, more dialogue is done between characters before the player is taken to an intermission menu.

Units than can be upgraded or optional parts installed, characters' stats and skills can be changed or upgraded, and other maintenance actions can be performed before the player continues on with the game.

The game centers around two original characters created for the game named Reiji Arisu and Xiaomu.

They work for a special unit called Shinra (yes same name like in FFVII))and their objective, investigating spirit and otherworldly disturbances.

They are initially investigating a strange "sleeping sickness" in the Shibuya area of Japan, when it becomes unraveled that something much larger is at stake.

Characters, both good and evil, from other times periods and other worlds begin showing up in Japan in the year 20XX.

The game is a hybrid of an action-RPG and a tactical-RPG.

Movement's done on a square grid with turns being determined by figuring out which character has the highest AP (this AP system is smiliar to the CT system used in Final Fantasy Tactics).

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Top Fighting Game Crossover's

Jump Ultimate Stars

The bulk of the gameplay is based around using koma ("panel" in Japanese, referring to the panels in a manga comic) that represent characters to create decks on a four by five grid. Koma come in various shapes and sizes, taking up one to eight blocks. There are three kinds of koma that can be initialized in battle: Battle, Support, and Help koma, with decks needing at least one of each type and an assigned leader before being playable. Battle koma are four to eight block koma that represent playable characters. They are based on various manga panels and are used to represent what kind of special attacks the characters have. Support koma are two or three block koma that represent non-playable characters that can perform actions such as attacks, healing or status effects. Help koma are one block koma that can give different boosts to characters they are placed next to. Each battle koma comes with a certain nature. These natures (Knowledge, Strength, and Laughter) act in a Rock, Paper, Scissors relationship with Strength beating Knowledge, Knowledge beating Laughter, and Laughter beating Strength. The stronger type will deal more damage to the weaker type. New komas can be unlocked by clearing challenges in Story mode, or evolving existing komas using gems collected in Story Mode to unlock new paths and komas, such as stronger variations of Battle koma.

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

A game, crossed over with Street Fighter and Darkstalkers a simple puzzle game where the objective is to match colors in order to launch attacks at your opponent.

It's cute and fun!

Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion XL

A first ever crossover of new and old cartoon shows of Cartoon Network from the 90's- early 2000's.

Story, it's silly concept, Announcer of Cartoon Network decides to take the day off and watches Dexter's Laboratory.

However, to his horror, he sees Dexter's world facing a very strange, destruction, which soon crosses over into the network's other shows such as examples, Kids Next Door and The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. Much to his surprise, he then sees Ben Tennyson's nemesis, Vilgax invading Marzipan City of Chowder, as well as other worlds.

Gameplay wise, is a lot like SSB but; the only thing is Players may use various items that appear randomly to get the fighting edge over their opponent.

In the XL version, fighting characters can team up with certain assist characters (the equivalents of Assist Trophies) and do Synergy attacks.

For example, Madame Foster brings a plate of cookies to the arena, Chowder eats them, turning fat, and Madame Foster rolls him around the stage. Each character has their own special move set that uses different elements from their respective shows. Each has an up, down, and side attack. Most characters have a projectile attack. Captain K'nuckles is the only character who has a disabling attack.

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars

A first time for everything for this, Capcom facing a manga artist's characters. A fun game that is a tag team-based fighting game with the mechanisms similar to Marvel VS Capcom 3

J-Stars Victory Vs

This game, is a team battle action video game.
Was released by Bandai Namco for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.
This game combines the universes of several Shonen Jump series.

It is fun and a good way to pass the time. With different modes.

J-Adventure(Story Mode)is fun and you get to to see Characters interact with one another while battling clones of J-Star characters.

Here's the intro to the game featuring the J-characters in the game.

Street Fighter X Tekken

After so many years they finally decide for both of these games to cross over.

The game itself is good in story wise, I mean the there was so much hype for this game. Including the live action mini movie "Devil With in" showing a straight forward encounter of Ryu and Kazuya.

Gameplay wise, it could have gone better, more of a street fighter style mixed with the Tekken Tag mechanism.

Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy

This game crosses over of many Final Fantasy games from it's very first to the 13th installment of the series.

Story wise it's pretty neat,the characters are caught in the middle of the battle between Chaos an Cosmos and a huge battles between the hero's and villein's of their respected games.

The game consists primarily of one-on-one battles, taking place on a battle map where the two characters fight each other. Players are able to perform two
types of attacks:

a Bravery attack and an HP attack.

Both characters start with a set amount of Bravery points, the number of Bravery points being equivalent to the amount of damage dealt by an HP attack.

Thus, the player must perform several Bravery attacks to steal Bravery points from the opponent so as to increase the power of their HP attack, as Bravery attacks do not cause any damage.

The reason I chose this other than it's first version:
More characters
More Back story
Conflict between chacters

Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Has one of the biggest crossovers since its first release in 2000 and to this day is still played by many with its release on the Play Station Network(PSN) XBox Live, ect.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

This game and it's predecessors in the SSB series have made impacts in our culture of today; and with it's style, game play and character's, has made a name for itself in the game industry.

Capcom vs SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium 2001

Another fighting game with the elements of Street Fighter and The King of Fighters series.

This version is actually a good one with ultracombo's game play, graphic, opening pretty much tells the story and the comic panel style endings as well.

This is the type of game that will make your blood boil if you get to into it.

The fighting mechanism, is like Marvel vs Capcom 2 but more fixed up.

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