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Added by Silver Falcon Soul on 6 Oct 2011 10:07
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All The Video Games I Have Beaten In My Lifetime

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Games Ive Beaten

All completely clean
People who added this item 2 Average listal rating (2 ratings) 4 IMDB Rating 0
10 Second Ninja X - PC Games
Game 1038 Beaten

1:2D Platformer/Puzzler

2:Simliar to super meat boy in concept very quick and hard to execute requires near perfection mostly a puzzle game tho

3:Thank goodness for hint tokens other wise maybe not have been able to finish this no lie

4:Cute storyline about Benji feels bad he gets hurt so bad

5:Very short

6:3 Star game which i hate that concept in games that came from mobile its so annoying

Verdict Rating-Can Play/Not Recommended-Ehhhhhh its ok nothing exciting the story dialogue is funny but theres far better games out there you can give this one a hard pass unless your beating games for completion like Foxy
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
People who added this item 14 Average listal rating (6 ratings) 8.2 IMDB Rating 0
Game Number 1037

1-3D Mario game similar to galaxy

2:Story is simple enough save bowser from his unending rage to help baby bowsers dad

3:Collect 100 Cat shines through doing various things each island has 5 hidden shines

Bowsers fury blocks-Most annoying have to wait fur fury bowser to activate then breathe fire on seemed super redundant and annoying to do
Blue Coin Rush
Finding the Key to the Cage
Pound Switch timed Challenge
Fury Luigi Chase Battle
and Alternate level versions

To find all the shines have to revisit several times over to get them all

4:Fury boswer is so incredibly cool looking but his concept is highly annoying he appears when your trying to do something so you either have to find a shine or wait for him to leave or it takes forever for him to show when you need him to destroy a block was highly annoying interesting concept super poorly implemented

5:The islands are like miniature levels and its similar to open world go where you want collecting only 50 shines to beat the game 100 to 100% it

6:Not really any cool music except fur fury boswers fight its like sephiroth one winged angel super cool

7:Super sayian Cat Mario with the golden hair and everything was super epic

8:Super cute cats everywhere there so freaking adorable and everything is cat themed a furrys dream come true

9-Moderate in length

10-Awesome final boss except for the plessie section kind of poorly designed

Verdict Rating-Must Play/Can Play-The fury boswer mechanic Foxy found to be super annoying and highly ruined the experience tbh the boss fights were ok kind of fun but the real great experience is the cat shines very cool and unique collecting all of them makes a great mario game but could have been so much better Fury bowser should have only activated at certain points not randomly it really dragged down the experience fur Foxy
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
People who added this item 13 Average listal rating (5 ratings) 8.4 IMDB Rating 0
1-Real time RPG

2-Very slow moving kind of complicated learning curve with jobs and gambits

3:Combat is alot of auto play just select commands to fight characters can be customized to fight by themselves as well so it can be boring at times

4:Traps on the ground are so annoying and some are invisible and can kill your whole team so unnecessary

5:Very steady gameplay nothing ever felt to hard or out of place it was really nice great great pacing as long as you fully explore areas and fight everything no unnecessary grinding

6:BEAUTIFUL WAIFUS EVERYWHERE-Especially the bunny girl village where Fran is from she is so sexy and so beautiful beyond words in her black lingerie Foxy loves her and played as her the whole game bunny girls are the best even her sisters are so gorgeous foxy is jealous how pretty they are they love them all 10/10 S tier waifu

7-Amazing deep storyline that was so beyond amazing from start to finish so amazing omg

8-Cutscenes are movie like quality and so engaging

9-Good length like around 45-50 hours not too long not too short

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY-BUY-For Fran the bunny girl alone jokes aside amazing story characters waifus and such an engaging interesting world and tale you dont want to miss OwO
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Metroid Dread
Game 1035-Oct 11,2021

1-2D Metroidvania game

2-Insanely gripping storyline in dialogues with Adam Malkovich and super awesome cutscenes that are threaded all througout the game

3:Insanely difficult like the hardest metroid game in the series by far no hand holding no telling you where to go or what to do it could be confusing at times but the map will guide you well enough

4:Emmi robots create the sense of dread cant be caught you cant counter them but its a 1 and 100 chance you can do so

5:Boss Battles galore filled with them and each one is so unique and difficult to master even some old favorites return in new ways

6:No spoilers but Metroid Fusion comes into play around half way through with a super unique twist on the game

7:Adams robot voice is so sexy

8:Finally get to know more about the chozo race and Samus's relation to them

9:A insanely cool climactic hard as nails final boss its 3 phases of non stop action and requires perfection to beat them.

10-Not for casuals this game is the dark souls of the metroid series its brutally hard but satisfying but sadly not many will ever get to see such an amazing end to the metroid saga story


Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTLEY MUST PLAY/BUY-If your a metroid fan this is for you it ties up the game and story perfectly but the extremely brutal difficulty may turn some away but keep at it and its well worth finishing what an amazing ride from start to finish. Metroid Fusion is my favorite Metroid game but this comes close to it for Foxy.
Axiom Verge 2
Game 1034-August 24,2021

1-2D Sidescrolling metroidvania

2-First off Foxy has to say the music is just plain awesome 8bit music heaven to the ears

3:Story is super shallow and barely makes any sense at all

4:Interestingly you upgrade the woman and a drone she carries seperately then can earns things for both like busting through walls or breaking stones and even hacking doors and enemies

5:Pacing is really really bad the game tells what quadrant you need to go to next but then nothing sometimes you would have to backtrack several areas to find something new opened up or circumvent walls by going into the breach as a drone and pop out outside where your closed off but the game never tells you any of this most of the time your spent just aimlessly looing for what to next makes for a very frustrating experience

6-No bosses at all not even counting the final because your invincible and it was more like just an annoying puzzle and you cant even die.

7-Overworld is too interconnected and makes the metroidvania aspect pointless because you can explore almost anywhere with just a wall being there at the end also making it confusing on where you should even go and the breach is just the same but smaller

8:Story is super shallow when you find your daughter you dont even care your just like let this please just end.

9:Terrible ending too

Verdict Rating-Waste of time/Deplorable Crap/Not Recommended


Had no direct relation to the first game and wasnt fun in anyway really its just a really convoluted puzzle mess of a game wouldnt even call it metroidvania it doesnt deserve that much praise. The music is completely stellar support the soundtrack but as a game smh it didnt meet even my low expectations going it totally a waste of Foxys time.
People who added this item 2 Average listal rating (1 ratings) 8 IMDB Rating 0
Returnal - PlayStation Network
Game 1033-Aug 21 2021

1-3rd Person Shooter/Roguelite/Platformer/Bullethell

2:Extremely challenging game like were talking dark souls hard

3:The story is so beyond intriguing following a woman space pilot stuck in a timeloop on an alien planet

4:Every death you lose everything minus some permanent upgrades its super brutal no permanent health upgrades weapons items nothing all gone start from scratch

5:Game fur Foxy kinda resembles their life it really sucks being in the pandemic and kind of isolated and just feels like its on repeat with nothing good happening but you push through because their has to be something better beyond the next day. Returnal is like that its hard it beats you up chews you out but you just keep bashing your head against the wall till it breaks or you might break but you learn from every fight every jump every boss to do better each time and you get faster and more knowledgeable until you overcome every obstacle and when you finish a biome it is so freaking satisfying beyond belief.

6:House sequences take a turn telling the story from a resident evil like perspective super creepy jump scares a plenty and just plain terrifying but a nice break from the action.

7:Planets are so well designed each biome so lifelike from forests deserts ice temples robotic citadels and even underwater lot of cthulu inspiration lots of tentacles

No save points you fail and die you start over unless you beat a boss or get a permanent upgrade which is actually ridiculous because a run can last 1 to 2 hours or more and literally put like life on hold or friends because of having a good run like sorry cant put Returnal down its badd like really bad optional save points before bosses would have been so great

Also no optional difficulty in Foxys personal opinion difficulty should always be optional it doesnt make it a bad game if its not game breakingly hard and Returnal is crazy hard only 9.6% of players even beat Act 3 the true ending

9:Death is a concept and handled super interestingly everything is different each run can be a good or total crap one thanks to RNG

10:Boss Fights are the epitome of Awesome like Hyperion and playing the organ gets louder until you come to him like Gannondorf from Ocarina of Time.

11-Fear the reaper song love it OwO

Verdict Rating-Must Play/Can Play-This Foxy wishes could recommend but its so difficult not many people are going to be able to enjoy such a crazy difficult experience its too bad because its story gameplay and worlds every gamer should see its a masterpiece but like many things will go unfinished due to its high caliber of skill needed to best it.At least watch all the story on youtube and bosses because its so cool.
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
People who added this item 25 Average listal rating (15 ratings) 7.6 IMDB Rating 0
Titanfall 2 - PlayStation 4
Game 1032-Aug 13,2021


2:Really cool parkour wall running like prince of persia

3:Storyline is kind of shallow but the relationship between a titan and its pilot is really cute and sweet Foxy fell in love with BT hes such a good guy esp when he says trust me wanted to cry

4:Environments so well done hard to believe its a PS4 game its so pretty

5:So many different ways to play with guns and titans so the gameplay never feels stale or overstays its welcome.

6:A little too bloody and gory for my tastes alittle excessive tbh

7:The final mission is so amazing and the ending so climactic

8:Short but sweet only 5 to 6 hours long.

Verdict Rating-ABSOUTELY MUST PLAY-Absolutely fun gameplay experience brimming with action and the best ai interaction between you and BT who knew you could fall in love with a robot so easily a thrilling mecha exp beginning to end!
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Game 1031-Aug 12 2021

1-Twin stick shooter on a grid top down view

2:Geometry wars clone with a color swapping mechanic rip Foxy being color blind

3:Challenge mode wish it was a campaign but not really some bosses but not even set up like real fights

4:At first different stuff each level you have zones waves funtime with a wrecking ball fun until endgame survival and free form but never add on to anything just make you do it for higher points and just gets harder and harder

5:Music is EDM to the max really really cool tunes until you have heard all 8 tracks about 40 times lol

6:Game crashes alot on PS very annoying

7:Enemies can spawn literally on top you so dumb

8:Every hit you lose your multiplier which Foxy thinks is a terrible mechanic you should have kept it been more fun regrinding it back up gets old.


Verdict Rating-Can Play-If you really love geometry wars its really fun and similar but way harder for the old school retro challenge
Woodle Tree 2 Deluxe
Game 1030-Aug 9,2021

1-3D Platformer a little fighting

2:Totally different than the first game now open world free to tackle any level at your leisure

3:Many abilities double and triple jump dash and wall jump and carrying water on your head to water plants

4:Super amazing music this time around esp the tropical and desert themes really catchy

5:3 Water Droplets to find like usual but this time you really gotta look for them no hints at all some are head scratchers or take a really long time to find tucked away a buyable detector would have been nice

6:Worlds are just way too big personally fur Foxy way too easily to get lost and so so so many places to explore almost overwhelmingly so.

7:Optional really hard challenges waking up flowers they are super frustrating controller breaking hard lol.


Verdict Rating-Can Play-Not bad totally a better game than the first in everyway only the world just is a little daunting at times and can be frustrating finding things but other than that woodle tree was a fun little gem to play for awhile.
Woodle Tree Adventures Deluxe
Game 1029-Aug 7,2021

1-3D Platformer as a tree collecting fairy water drops 3 per stage then find the goal

2-Music is super calm and relaxing

3-Really short took 1 hour to 100% lol like 8 levels

4-Jumping can be alittle laggy and touchy but not super bad

5-Combat is fine once you upgrade your leaf at first unbearably bad lol

6-Checkpoints are there but super inconsistent


Verdict Rating-Can Play/Must Play-A super cute fun mellow platformer that is super relaxing Foxy really enjoyed it simple but fun
Suicide Guy Sleepin Deeply
Game 1028-Aug 7 2021

1-Same as the first game 3D Platform Puzzle Game

2:Way worse than original everything is way too big and spread out and only 5 levels compared to the first 24 just way larger and more time consuming not even fun

Tamagatchi and final level really rubbed foxy the wrong way the tamagatchi was just plain boring and such a waste of time and then the final world had no hints and you just wandered fur hours till just got frustrated and looked up how to do it such poor game design had hints the whole time till the end why?

4:Very short


Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY DEPLORABLE CRAP-Such a drag compared to the first game super hard confusing and frustrating and not fun in anyway other then the mad max driving at the beginning its total garbage that Foxy regrets playing should have stopped after the first one. Such a waste
Suicide Guy
Game 1027-Aug 7 2021

1:A 3D Platform/Puzzle Game

2:The goal is to disturbingly so kill yourself to wake your self up from a coma before you drop you beer so your thrown into several mini like areas where your tasked to commit suicide its says super bad and to a degree it is but such a interesting concept where in games your always trying to avoid dying the in this one its the point and actually hard to figure out sometimes xD

3:Death comes in so many ways compactor electrocution spikes dinosaurs and more

Items can clip through areas forcing a restart of the level if your not careful not a huge deal since there so small
Jumping is really laggy like almost has a cool down and you will fall alot sadly


Verdict Rating-Can Play-There is some non optional stuff like witches potion and a dark summoning ritual your forced to do other than that the game was remarkably fun original and downright funny if your can see death with a slice of humor this is for you but may be triggering for some because it is semi life like in places
DC Super Hero Girls-Teen Power
Game 1026-Aug 5,2021

1-A 3D platformer/beatem up

2:Super girly like beyond so all about girls being teenage girls all about fashion and hanging out together its super cute and very feminine the purfect game for foxy the girls are all so cute in their own way omg OwO Love the concept that all the girls are friends in highschool than as heros and villians their enemies like Harleen and Babsies are adorable together OwO Foxy loves their friendship dynamic such a cool twist.

3:Story is paper thin just toys attacking randomly and petty fights amongst the girls

4:Combat is ok super cheesey almost laughable actually later some heros and villians are so much easier to play as fur sure esp Star sapphire

5:Eventually get to play as 3 hero girls and 3 villians each with their own side missions there is Batgirl Super Girl and Wonderwoman Harley Catwoman and Star Sapphire which is Foxys favorite and cameos from several other girls such as Poison Ivy Zatarra etc...

6:Boss fights are pretty challenging can be killed easily if you play sloppy but pretty fun

7:World maps are huge to explore find hidden things all over hamster collectibles and hero and villian logos to take pics of.

8:Music is just ambience really nothing stood out at all

A-Huge maps cant really sprint lots of running back and forth gets old
B-Side missions but instead of all showing up on the map you have to switch characters to see them kind of annoying and alot are super super repetetive only a handful feel different or fun
C-Much of the main story is building a building and defending but nothing changes just a 3 min defend this thing it gets old
D-Super girl is super annoying cant stand her so self centered only cares about her image and no one else
E-A personal pet peeve i guess enemies didnt have cool names but instead just generic names like bob or carol or steve it didnt make sense and so lazy of the game developers also most new enemies are just clones different colors or size different very lazy

10-Final boss where heroes and villians unite to beat toyman was pretty awesome loved that


Verdict Rating-Can Play-If you really love girly stuff like Foxy does you will definitely get a taste of your feminine side and get to embrace it like Foxy did which was really freeing and enjoyable but alas the game as a whole is pretty repetitive with little moments that are fun and then instantly gone and such a drag to the next one but the ending was pretty worth it. But hey if your dying to play a girly beatem up its as girly as they come dont say i didnt warn you wink wink.
Blue Fire
Game 1025-Aug 1 2021

1:3D Platformer/Souls Like

2:Extremely difficult like one of the hardest games Foxy has played in a long time will challenge you like no other in precision platforming and combat that will question your rage and sanity

3:Loose story environment more tells the story then the game left to interpretation

4:Music is so perfect for the atmosphere of the game the intro song is one of Foxys favorites honestly would just stay on the title to listen too and the castle theme a lot of the music is top quality

5:Soulslike-Only limited heals,brutal combat,save enemies come back,die have to get back to corpse to get your ore back,no handholding not really told how to do anything

6:The void challenges are like super mario sunshines shines were they take away flood a 10 min gauntlet of platforming wall running and dashing perfection that will take hours to master especially if you try them before earning like Foxy did.

7:Bosses are pretty fun but the climax at the end with the Final boss is super epic the Shadow Queen is what makes this game beating her is beyond difficult and will take lots of practice when you earn that final slash and end the game it feels ungodly awesome

1-The economy sucks needing ore for buying everything Foxy means everything abilities, to save, tunics, swords, to even talk its actually freaking annoying

2-Not enough checkpoints or save points esp for bosses and void runs to make someone go through a 10 min section for one screw up to do the WHOLE THING OVER its stupid and a waste of players time and to reclimb the ice tower just to fight the boss a 5 min climb everytime just makes your angrier each time you fail such a disrespect to the players time its such bad design

3-Fast travel and double jump should have been unlocked from the beginning it would have made the game far more fun and less time backtracking everywhere

4-The game also just doesnt work sometimes like wall running or the stun locking really gets old and can ruin a run literally because you can't get free

5-No map is sort of annoying too trying to remember where everything is alittle much but souls like so Foxy gets it but nonetheless its dumb

6-Optional difficulty on voids because their the only thing that gains you more max health and trust Foxy some are so difficult that most players are not going to be able to pass them at all omg especially the tier 5 difficulty saw one uuuuuuuuugh. If their was checkpoints or a way to restart where you fell would have increased the fun of this game ten fold


Verdict Rating-Can Play-This is a hard judge because now knowing it was going to be this hard very difficult to recommend because this game is not for everyone only people who really want a challenging unforgiving platformer or a souls like game other than that steer clear or blue fire will kick your apples chew you up and spit you out but hey dont say Foxy didnt warn you if you go in just be ready for the rage to burn xD.Also with added optional checkpoints or difficulty really could have shined its a shame so much potential.

Kaze and the Wild Masks
Game 1024-July 25,2021

1:A Furry Bunny Girl 2D Platfomer

2:Great snes like level design and sprites Kaze she is so cute

3:Its a donkey kong country clone but made extremely well doesnt do anything different but it doesnt need too

4:Every level feels fresh with a new ability or environment to master

5:Masks grant powers such as flight swimming or ramapaging at top speed or wall climbing and dashing

6:Music is very calm and mellow nothing memorable but very soothing

7:Collecibles galore letters KAZE to find 100 gems and 2 bonus rooms to find and complete

8:Only thing that triggered me was some of the bonus rooms are so hard to find only because their hidden off screen which is super lazy and took hours to find

9:Game is old school difficulty hard on its reg setting a very fun challenge

10:Final boss is super climactic and a 100% ending felt accomplishing


Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTLEY MUST PLAY/BUY-Its a really really well made 2D Platformer that borrows ideas but exceptionally pulls them off. Also you get to be a cute furry bunny girl Foxys dream come true OwO.
Tokyo Olympics Doodle
Game 1023-July 23 2021

1-16 bit sports rpg flash game on Googles Home Page

2-Get to be a cute furry cat named doodle who takes on the champions of an island in sports combat minigames climbing rugby and even ping pong

3:Lots of fun little side quests in helping the fellow islanders

Verdict Rating-Must Play-What a great way to remember the 2021 Japan olympics its really made feels like an snes game and to be a cute furry cat doesnt get better than that lol
Balan Wonderworld
Game 1022-July 20,2021

1:A 3D Platformer

2:Very similar to Night Journey of Dreams get to be a cute girl or boy and go through dreams to help people overcome their trauma its really amazing

3:Collecting gold statues similar to power stars in mario several spread out across the world hidden all over to find

4:Super adorable costumes to wear and use each one having one set power some useful others useless actually like spinning to destroy blocks, swim up water, see invisible items etc...

5:Cutscenes have no dialogue all story told through presentation but its well shown

6:Bosses are really all unique and a puzzle you have to find 3 ways to hurt them really well done except for the clown he can just die lol

7:Music is super good and very well done super snappy and jazzy for balans theme and each world has its own theme that fits perfectly

8:Hub where you raise tims cute adorable chickens with bunny ears and the like where they play and mill about like chao garden from like sonic adventure 2.

9:Some annoying things that need polish

10:Balan bouts very cool reaction based cutscene/timed commands each one unique but so easy to mess up and no way to reattempt sadly its rough unless you beat the boss again.

11:Musical performance with each character was amazing

12:Final boss with lance was amazing the boss design so freaking cool too such an amazing finale

1-Half the characters cant jump are you serious
2-No way to revert to human form once you get a costume
costumes have to be reattained everytime your hurt with a key unlock its annoying
3-For 100% the game you have to backtrack in levels by regetting costumes then going back but it doesnt tell you which ones you need its beyond annoying they should have been perma unlocks
4-Final boss phase 1 is terrible phase 2 is amazing
5-The only way to replay a balan bout is by beating the boss and retrying if you mess up one little reaction command beat boss go through the whole level just to reattempt such bad game design omg.


Verdict Rating-Must Play/Can Play-A super unique experience Foxy doesnt regret playing it has some amazing moments but you can see it does need polish in areas and its made clearly for kids but its still a fun ride and getting a 100% is a huge challenge so many things to find. Helping people get past trauma has even helped Foxy with their own problems to be honest and emotional healing.
The Great Ace Attorney 2
Game 1021-July 19, 2021

1-No release in USA until this year the year Foxy decided to watch the whole game series online actually was localized 10 years later out of nowhere on July 27,2021 honestly cannot wait to play it for myself once its out

2:Ties up all the loose ends of the first game Jezail Bret what happens to her and Asougis reason to go to England and so many plot twists and turns its amazing

3:The final case has you on the edge of your seat right up until the end what an amazing climax

4:Super tear jerking ending and the romance between Naruhodo and Susato is just the cutest thing I need a susato in Foxys life one day omg shes the best

5:The music is awe inspiring


Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST BUY/PLAY-One of if not the best Ace Attorney games in the series the storyline the characters the cases and murderers are so well done a master piece in solving the truth.
Ratchet and Clank:Rift Apart
Game 1020-June 14,2021

1:First Female Lombax in the game series other than angela she is just the cutest and so pretty a blue lombax furry girl Foxy is so in love with her and loved playing as her OwO'

2:The story is so well done adds onto Ratchets Past and Future and relatable feelings fear disappointment not measuring up friendship and much more its freaking amazing and having alternate dimensions of all the characters is so well done

3:Most visually impressive PS5 games and Ratchet and clank games in general the planets are all so gorgeous to explore with a variety of wildlife and space ships and environments its just a beautiful looking game the visuals are out of this world.

4:The combat is pretty fun lots of stun locking and some attacks seem unavoidable without phantom dashing but the weapons some of the fights are just so chaotic and fun you can get lost in the combat literally you feel like a one furry army.

5:The music is spectacular very good soundtrack

6:Collectibles galore gold bolts spy bots and armor pieces to customize your self in with throwbacks and cameos from all the other games which is neat

7:The Fixer and the Final Boss are so well done and jaw droppingly awesome

8:Somethings not explained well as far as 100% goes but other than that its a blast from start to finish you will be on the edge of your seat

9:Not linear not open world kinda straddles the line between the 2

10:Some puzzles but not enough not any gadgets anymore which is sad you have glitch and the dimensional anomalies but there used to be much more i miss the puzzles tbh

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST BUY/PLAY-Short but sweet ride you dont wanna miss in this dimension or any for that matter

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road
Game 1019-May 17,2021

1:An idle RPG gacha game very simplistic match 3 of the same color and the first card in the stack uses the ability

2:The game is so grindy theres literally an auto button it become so booooooooooring

3:Story is pretty good but not worth the effort tbh its about xeanhort and eraquis kind of as kids growing up in cala ad scalem. It is however leading up to the next game in the series and is really neat to see all the organization XIII before they fell to darkness.

4:Only 2 worlds agrabah and wonderland its a huge letdown

5:Leveling takes way to long and is pay to win hard core

6:Game becomes offline with whole story playable for KH Union and Dark Road so will revisit this game in Sept but its down for now

Verdict Rating-Can Play/Not Recommended-This is rough Foxy has been a kh fan from the beginning but this game is literal garbage if not for the story never would have played something so boring in my life. In sept just download the new version to see the storyline and skip this dumpsterfire

Kingdom Hearts Union
Game 1018-May 13,2021

1:A 3D gatcha game kingdom hearts edition played in 3rd person perspective

2:Combat is based off medals which you earn or can buy the game is very pay to win based but if you work your butt off and do all the events every month you can get there in power for the endgame. Medals have 3 different types power magic and speed and work like rock and paper and scissors how each one beats each other. Use medals to beat heartless and eventually a end target to finish the level

3:Levels are pretty plain explore open chests pick up collectibles and fight heartless rinse and repeat for about 978 levels

4:Game is overly complicated and convoluted controls are barely explained building in power is not explained at all so much to learn the most complicated kh games in the entire series its plain dumb.
So theres the rockpaper system between magic speed power
super novas
avatar items upgrading
a spirit to train and use
Medal types to add special abilities and traits
subslot medals
spirit medals
and lux still with foxy lol or did i lose and thats not including enemies that reflect types of attacks and medals to build perfectly to counter them its ridiculous

5-Story is freaking phenomenal the only reason to play the game it teases the future of Kingdom Hearts and gives a back story to Ven and Master of Masters the Darkness and much much more no spoilers

6-Games artificially difficult not skill the endgame bosses have over 3 and half million health just sponges that become such a snore to fight except for the end against the darkness that fight was so cool and well done.

7:-Game has no optional difficulty its just too hard for any casual or reg player it takes lots of patience and research to know what your doing like 12 hours worth maybe

8-Very long so many different worlds for the first time Wreck it ralph but omg you never want to see a cybug ever again after playing that world TRUST FOXY JESUS ITS BAD!

9:Music is very well done not many new songs but the old ones return that are near to your heart

Verdict Rating-Can Play/Must Play-So Foxy is torn this game had so much potential but its just way to hard to play luckily there taking the game off the servers May 31,2021 and you can enjoy the entire story without playing the game at all which is so nice because honestly its just too hard for the average gamer so if your looking forward to kingdom hearts future redownload the offline version and watch the storyline you dont wanna miss it but the game yikes its rough thats all foxy can say on that one.
Pikmin 3 Deluxe
Game 1017

1:Game is a port from the wii u one the only difference is controls Foxy prefers the wii you game but switch isnt bad

2:DLC is added you can play the first 4 missions of olimars journey at first the DLC missons are pretty fun but hated that there all timed is just sucks the fun out of the game for foxy hate timed things just a personal opinion there very well designed and going for the plat in each mission takes great coordination.

3:After you beat the game you unlock the remaining dlc with olimar repairing his ship similar to pikmin 1 but the final mission was kind of too easy just a daddy long legs and shaggy one double boss fight way too easy just saying wanted a new original enemy boss

10/10 Stars

Verdict Rating-Must Play-Its a great pikmin game for veterans and beginners alike very fun but just prefer 2 over this one tbh it seems too easy and miss the dungeons but the story is really intriguing and great and the crossover with olimar was awesome. My full review will be on the WII U version so read that one since this is the second time playing through the game.

N Verlore Verstand
Game 1016

1:First person puzzle game and platforming

2:Surreal dreamscapes of different types, Viking Nefelheim,Pt simulator creepy abandoned house,road dodging incoming traffic,complete darkness sadly they get old and repeat 3 times each

3:Really bad checkpoint systems needs to be better have to do the most ridiculous of jumps over and over gets old

4:TOUCHPAD CAMERA IS SO BAD. I cant tell you how annoying this is on ps4 if you even slide your finger just slightly it screws up your jump so bad and this game is brutally hard in platforming this isnt ok

5:This game is so beautiful in visuals and music you can get lost in the levels there so amazing. The music is so amazing orchestral sitar in the desert piano in the forest they fit so so well its magical.

6:Low completion rate its very very hard esp the final viking level so rage inducing game sits at a 7% completion rate. 93% give up dont blame them.

Verdict Rating-Can Play/Must Play-An amazing visual and platforming experience but its so hard it may turn people away which is sad because it really was so cool.
People who added this item 17 Average listal rating (14 ratings) 5.7 IMDB Rating 0
A Way Out - PlayStation 4
Game 1015

1:A simultaneously coop interactive movie experience playing local with split screen at the exact same time

2:Unnecessary language so many f words its actually annoying didnt need to be there

3:A bond of two inmates told beautifully as their friendship is strengthened fighting a common enemy until the end.

4:Music is really good and fitting for the theme of each scene

5:You escape prison which is super well done,survive in the wilderness,see the backstory of both characters fall in love with them for different reasons for each.

6:Some amazing chase sequences in cars there so adrenaline rushing and cool in the car and the bike very well done.

7:Games ending is wow...umm SPOILERS SKIP THIS-The game tears down everything you did the bond broken you fight each other to the death and since i was playing this with my sister and were so close to betray each other even in a virtual space felt so wrong and no matter what one person has to die its too sad at the end Foxy let his sister win because Foxy would rather die then ever shoot my sisters character even in a virtual game to be forced to do this in a game is so wrong in so many levels and just so sad the emotional weight is so heavy i understand why they did it but no no there should be a pacifist option where leo gets away and Vincent goes back and delivers the letter and then they cross paths or something but this is unacceptable as a game ending its too sad.

Verdict Rating-Can Play/Must Play-Im so torn the game was so amazing up until the end and that twist just destroyed it for me im sorry i don't know if i could recommend it knowing what happens i can't its too sad and depressing. Skip this one folks its a tear jerker its heavy on the emotions but hey if you can handle it get the tissues ready and see if you can find a way out.
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
People who added this item 18 Average listal rating (10 ratings) 8.6 IMDB Rating 0
Game 1014

1:Dark souls like difficulty in platforming nothing like the original 3 its soul crushingly difficult just to beat trophy is only at a 16% of players beaten with all levels at a 4.4% know this will not be a good time

2:Music isnt grand or good at all just mainly ambience you dont even hear it half the time

3:Actual cutscenes and dialogue thats really good story pretty funny actually but not much is said

4:Enemies trash talk you mid level and you can even shut them up its great

5:Getting all the collectibles will kill you and make you rage back to the good ol n64 hard difficulty days when you wanted to break your controller its back

6:Tons of levels around 45 plus then with Nverted modes where its backwards with new box placements and completely looks different like itll be dark with echolocation or tron like and or fill in color as you go very very cool filters no lie.

7:Flashback tapes are bouncy block puzzles

8:Bonus rooms are harder than the actual game no lie their crazy

9:Masks that change up gameplay with super spins freezing time spatial phasing in and out objects and flipping gravity

10:Also other playable characters Tawnya from the future dingodile and cortex each with their own move sets

11:Every level is beautiful and very well designed and everything wants you dead

12:The game as you play it literally feels like the developers hate you and hate fun its wierd until you accept that its just a super hard dark souls like game you hate it then after you laugh off your 80th death in the same level you finally enjoy it or maybe foxy is just a masochist lol xD.

13:Boss battles are super cool and the best part of the game

14:Super cool skins to unlock with clear gems for coco and crash coco is so cute as a tiger girl and even called the skin her pursona foxy is in love with tigress coco shes so cute OwO. So many to collect but so much work to do so.

15:Tons of replay value but playing the same level over and over gets repetetive.

Verdict Rating-Can Buy/Must Play/Not Recommended-This is the dark souls of platformers be warned it is extrememly hard nothing like the og crash games other than characters and boxes it is fun only if you just play through the game and beat the levels dont go for boxes or anything till after beating the game if you can even do it. heh heh heh its brutal but hey you like crash you want the ultimate challenge then sign the waiver buddy because its about time to do die repeatedly.
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
People who added this item 98 Average listal rating (28 ratings) 7.4 IMDB Rating 0
Resonance of Fate - PlayStation 3
Game 1013

1:Acts like a third person shooter but its not its a tactical turn based game that plays out in real time

2:Game is brutally hard from the get go super steep learning curve and never holds your hand the difficulty spikes in places as well its not for the faint of heart.

3:Your characters dont level up by kills rather damage inflicted through scratch or direct damage or thrown items such as nades and molotovs

4:The guns are found in dungeons and can be bought then you must assemble them in a wierd puzzle like grid where to build pieces ontop of a gun scopes handles barrels sights and more its very strange how it works and no tutorials at all.

5:Not enough guidance in how to play makes for a very frustrating no interactive tutorials except for combat the rest is literally read with not enough detail to understand unless your fine comb it.

6:Story is like an anime with some religious significance but a charade holding a machine as a God similar to like horizon zero dawn but more steam punkish. Amazing story you have to piece together as you play yourself but very intriguing.

7:Characters are well developed and all have interesting back stories Leanne is so beautiful pretty and cute too i love her zephhry has a super dark past and vahshron as his own secrets too. All threaded very deeply in fmv format all the cutscenes amount to 2 and half hours like a real movie.

8:Combat is super flashy and super cool firing bullets in midair flipping and shattering foes and the tri attack is like a epic anime attack where all 3 just go ham firing all out in a barrage on the enemy. There is one terrible thing tho your characters if you do a move attack and run into anything i mean anything the stone on the ground each other enemies pillars anything stops your attack and everything just shreds you its so beyond annoying worst thing in the whole game.

9:The map is its own puzzle to progress you collect tetris puzzle pieces to lay down and form your own paths to areas and laying down the whole map is well worth and pretty fun grinding pieces can be a bore tho. The map is huge and there is no fast travel so it is a literal pain going up and down elevators literally over 1000s of times just to finish tasks trust me you wont want to see one ever again.

9:The enemy design is really cool it recycles them after like 30 or so types but till then some robots some organic and alien like all kinds of enemies even scarecrow women with breasts that fire missles.

10:Can design your own characters how you want huge fashion editor like Leanne into a cat neko girl nyyyya so sexy OwO. Also there is a scene with barbarella that is beyond hot with her breasts vigorously bouncing up and down its so sexy best fanservice cutscene ever. Also if you speak to her she speaks in orgasm moans its pretty hilarious xD.

11:Game is just brutally difficult on psn the completion rate to past ch4 is only 20% so 80% of players quit at that moment i almost did too but once you can dual wield and have more bezel shards for hero attacks the game actually becomes fun but it takes a good while. Foxy feels so amazing for beating it finally game sits at a 9% of players that have beaten it and now Foxy is part of that 9% lets go so 91% cant beat it.

12:Final boss is crazy and such a crazy ending that was well worth playing to and very similar to the Bible in ways which is interesting.

13:Music is so amazing best part of the game minus neko Leanne you got jazz techno orchestra and some of the beats are so catchy you find yourself humming to them they are so good OwO.

14:Game is heck a grindy even for an RPG even after doing all optional sidequests and the whole story i still had to grind for another 4 hours straight to get my characters strong enough for endgame which is like level 80.

15:Also the characters dont level off kills or exp. Your character level is based off your gun skill so you have to swap between hand guns machine guns and grenades constantly to balance and level your characters which is never explained either.

16:Games mad complicated they say it takes a min of 16 hours to understand it took Foxy about 4-6 and still i learned more by watching others play on youtube then the real game thats not ok lol.

17:Pretty lengthy took Foxy 69 Hours and 14 min to complete it doing all the missions in the game.

Verdict Rating-Can Play/Must Play-I wish this game was for everyone but its not for people who love tactical games guns and a crazy anime like story. Highly recommened watch all the cutscenes on youtube but save yourself the heartache of playing the game because it is BRUTAL dont say i didnt warn you one of the toughest games Foxy has ever put himself through.

Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Astro's Playroom
Game 1012

The same day i GOT A PS5! (Platinumed The Game too)

1:Super fun basically tech demo to how amazing this controller is haptic feedback is unreal it can feel like a spring it can resist you and make the button click instead of press down and walking on surfaces feels brittle or hard its insane the amount of senses you can feel from this little game

2:Cameos are everywhere from all the series and games like solid snake ape escape,horizion zero dawn, death stranding, ratchet clank and so much more there everywhere

3:Platforming is so well made and timed with such a variety of environments to explore jungle, ice , cliffs, inside data clouds and more

4:Every world is exploring inside the ps5 and you collect 4 puzzle pieces and two artifacts of sonys history like move controllers and consoles literally.

5:Minigames with the controller like a gattling gun and a bow and arrow its short lived but phone and like minigame sections where your a spring frog a ball controlled by the touch pad that one is sort of annoying and a space ship with 2 thrusters controlled by the back triggers.

6:Final boss is well worth it a polygon dinosaur boss fight that is just spectacular.

7:Music is super lackluster and really sucks other than the beach track which is a huge let down tbh

10/10 Game
4/10-Music xD

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY-Free to all PS5 owners it really is the best way to introduce how epic the PS5 is and such a nostalgic history of sonys finest games and such an epic interactic museum that i wouldnt ever mind visiting.
Game 1011

Game Beaten-Dec 27,2020

1:2D Platfomer sort of more like semi glider because you grind meat to float

2:Levels are very bland and pretty hard if you die even once you have to restart the whole thing and their like 5 to 10 min long and some really cheap tricks like holes and instant kill anvils

3:Mechanics are super clunky at times

4:You eat animals to consistently keep meat levels high which is your health and how you fly so you have to constantly shred woodland creatures to get meat skunks rabbits armadillos birds all kinds of stuff.

5:Music is super good mostly country riffs but a really cool song for the swamp levels like banjo kazooie good.

6:No real story vegan girlfriend throws you out for a blender rearn your way back to house to unplug him.'

7:The corn boss fight exposing her sexy cute red lacey bra *Whistles* even does so in game best boss fight ever OwO

Verdict Rating-Can Play-Its a semi fun challenging platformer with some amazing music i highly enjoyed it but mostly a shovel ware game for 6 dollars.
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
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Rogue Legacy - Xbox One
Game 1010

Game Beaten-Dec 25,2020 (PS4 Version)

1:2D Roguelike platform hack and slash game

2:Game is always different every castle refresh is never the same exerience chests enemies and path are different making it fresh everytime later you can lock down your castle to make progression to find armor and what not

3:Progression is very slow and you will die ALOT ALOT ALOT. But its part of the game similar to a souls type game every enemy has tells and theirs traps galore but with quick reflexes you can surivive

4:I think leveling is alittle too slow for my taste and finding armor you should be able to equip it right away but all progression requires gold so you basically live as long as you can gathering as much gold as possible to buy as much as you can because to enter the castle a grim reaper takes it all which is really stupid and slows progress.

5:Game is solid platformer and super fun and addicting just dont get frustrated and keep learning with every failure and eventually you get there and find the armor first to become stronger and runes help you double jump restore health through killing enemies and much more.

6:Every death you use a different class and traits and weakness like cant see or controller randomly vibrates and much more the annoying part is you cant pick the class you like playing with its totally random which is super annoying because you have to keep dying with trash classes till the game assigns you the one you need.

7:Bosses are super tough and will eat you up and spit you out just have to whittle them down one hit at a time.

8:Final boss was a cool plot twist and a double boss fight did not expect that and so satsifying to cut down the fountain at the end.
8/10 Stars

Verdict Rating-Must Play/Can Play/Not Recommended-Its tricky to recommened roguelikes i kind of hate slash love them and they just take alot of time practice and dedication but the action is basically always fresh just be ready to replay parts over and over to perfection but hey if your down for a challenge Rogue Legacy awaits.
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Sackboy A Big Adventure
Game 1009

Game Beaten Dec, 20 2020

1:3D top down platformer like super mario 3D world

2:Amazing music super big variety of styles very bopping tunes especially some of the boss fights

3:Super cool original story saving craftworld from the Nightmare Jester Vex.

4:Vex is a super likeable funny and dark villian you grow to love him like a mixture of joker and scarecrow

5:Levels are all super well designed and very fun to play

6:Huge variety of worlds asian mountains,tropical jungles,crablantis,Outer space and Vex's haunted topsy turver

7:Real songs like uptown funk make a big surprise and toxic from britney spears and houdini from the people and much much more these copywright music levels are so cool and designed around the songs very fun

8:SO many things to collect costume pieces, dreamer orbs aka dragon balls, and aceing the level like the old little big planet without dying

9:Overall the game is safe and super fun for multiplayer my sister is like the best other gamer i know we had a blast until 2 things.

10:This game is not easy in two respects it will make you want to shatter your controller

11A:The world after you beat the main campaign is like star world from mario except its super super SUPER HARD! i mean difficulty spike of like maybe 200 percent no joke. these levels are ridiculous if you try to go for gold and if your a masochist like me ace them dont say i didnt warn you.

11B:The knitted Knight trials are super tough and for hardcore platformer masters only rage inducing like the good ole days. Then even if you beat all 15 oh hoh hoh hoh how bout you do them all again this time with one life oh and if you die start over ALL THE WAY OVER FROM THE FIRST TRIAL. Yeah the final challenge in the game is insanely hard but i did it trophy is a only.4% completion rate on playstation right now its one of the hardest platforming challenges i have seen in a great while.

12:So many cute beautiful girly costumes to adorn yourself in as a sack girl or really cool fantastic appealing duds for the sack guy as well ranging from dragons mermaids mechs vikings fairies egirls and much more! OwO

10/10 Stars

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY/BUY-One of the best platforming games out there besides mario tons of hours to sink into a great overall game just dont play the wonderplane and turn it off after you beat vex you will thank me later if not enjoy your nightmarish punishment hands down a fantasic experience all around great single and multiplayer game fun for all ages till the extra world xD.
Reed Remastered
Game 1008

Game Beaten Dec 13,2020

1:Very tight platfomer and very hard like super meat boy

2:Requires intense precise platforming but reed is super slippery and moves more than he should when you land so its super annoying you die aton to him accidentally running into spikes constantly that you wouldnt hit if he stayed still.

3:Atmospheric no music

4:Really hurts your eyes extremely bright and lots of unnecessary flashing epileptics beware!

Verdict Rating-Can Play/Not Recommended.

Verdict Rating-Super tight hard platformer if you want a challenge go for it but not very interesting in the slightest no story so meh.
Attack of the Toy Tanks
Game 1007
Game Beaten Dec 13,2020

1:Very similar to tanks on the wii but more variety of tanks that you fight and cool arenas.

2:Music is a little kid playing a kazoo its great.

3:Controls are atrocious if it worked like tanks on wii it would be so great but because of the controls it makes the game really hard still fun but such a bummer.

4:Tanks have super fast rockets richochets mines and double and triple headers but you never really get anything lol.

5:60 levels to beat its pretty hard maybe like 1 to 2 hours or more not too long


Verdict Rating-Can Play/Must Play-If you like the Tanks game on the wii like wii play its pretty fun and similar but yeah the controls are major yikes but still great for a boring afternoon and for 2 dollars well worth it!
Nightmares from the Deep-The Cursed Heart
Game 1006
Game Beaten Nov 22,2020

1:A point and click adventure with hidden objects,puzzles and escape room like sequences

2:Very clever but easily be stuck looking for the places to backtrack to find the pieces you were missing got a tad annoying.

3:Needs a difficulty in the middle of easy and expert but its still great

4:Awesome story about saving your daughter from a sea captain and about his revenge and romantic love to his countess very romantic OwO.

5:Awesome environments to explore crypts,beachs,ghost ship and more

6:Music is very relaxing and perfect for puzzles

7:Extra chapter is perfect getting back home to the museum.

8:Some creepy voodoo stuff in it i would have preferred to skip but not as bad as it could be.


Verdict Rating-Absolutely must play/Can Play-Its a great hidden object adventure with a captivating love story threaded in and plain fun to play through pretty long will take a bit and the puzzles are all quite a brain tease well worth your time.

Marvels Spiderman DLC 3 -The City That Never Sleeps Part 3-Silver Lining...
Game Beaten 1005
Beaten Nov 11,2020

1:A Explosive finale with Silver Sable returning tying up loose ends with a war in Symkaria and the motivations behind her personality and her back story and bringing down the cyborg hammerhead once and for all.

2:New crime type protecting a trucker from enemies trying to break into his supply.

3:New enemy type super soldiers with crazy mechanized armor with lazer beam guns and giant digging machines burst through the ground like incredibles underminer.

4:Finally the end of screwball taking her down in season 3 really fun new bomb throw challenges and gadget one wasnt that bad this time. Final chase bringing her down was super cool.

5:Black cat shows up so its already a perfect expansion spoilers shes not dead but you knew that and saves spidey with a little flirting missing him shes so beyond gorgeous OwO Meow.

6:Amazing side missions one with David a school teacher nearly killed Sable saves his life so you help him get supplies to his country and even hugs spidey to thank him getting a job it was really sweet loving scene.

7:Yuri has turned to crime she now is taking justice into her own hands and you track down clue breadcrumbs of a therapist session of her and a maggia hitman ending in finding his body with pictures tied to everyone he killed it was prety crazy cool side mission.

8:One of the levels take place underground in a super cool sewer system environment.

9:The final boss with hammerhead is an amazing showdown thats so worth playing for.

10:Finally Sable accepts spidey with a handshake it was cute but no hugs lol.

11:Sets up for the new game miles morales cant wait to play it!

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY/BUY-This is definitely better than number 2 but not 1 because of black cat hahaha im biased but anyways its still such an amazing sendoff to the game and series and sets up perfectly for miles morales you cant miss it!

10/10 Stars
Marvels Spiderman DLC 2 The City That Never Sleeps Part 2-Turf Wars...
Game Beaten 1004
Beaten Nov 10,2020

1:Extremely action packed with crazy opening cutscene that is brutal like MA17plus with hammerhead executing cops in a very violent fashion.

2:New enemies are introduced rocket pack shield thugs super fast can disable your webs and gattling gun heavy brutes that are just ridiculous to take down.

3:Story is about Yuri Watanabe and her grudge against the maggia and Hammerhead things get super personal.

4:New escort cop missions in the city. New screwball challenges that suck esp the stealth ones where theirs motion cameras that are trying to spot you constantly and then you have to kill enemies in you guessed it photobombs.

5:Crazy final boss against Hammerhead and saving the dons from being drowned alive in concrete.

6:Also optional new hammerhead bases with one thing optional challenge of an 85 hit combo doable but very rough and the enemies are super out of control its mass chaos but super fun even though your being blown up like 24/7.

Verdict Rating-Can Play/Absolutely Must Play-Compared to black cat this was ok still awesome but yeah could have been better.

8/10 Stars
Destiny 2:Season of Arrivals
Game 1003
Beaten Nov 10,2020

1:The first season to have an actual cutscenes and story missions for the first time setting up for the new era of Destiny. With the darkness from the vanilla finally reaching titan with first contact and seeing them in action the doritos are here.

2:New pve contact event and weekly story mission where we intercept messages of darkness and even a new exotic called ruinous effigy which turns enemies into void spheres to heal you and slam into the ground distintegrating in a big radius.

3:Brand new Dungeon the best one they put out takes place in the Agent of Nines realm all completely retro and white aesthetic with puzzles using the environment and light and dark to solve bosses alike. An evershifting room that changes perspective. The best part Ribbon Road a rainbow road parody of a sparrow race with awesome super long drive down red ribbons where any mis boost is a one way trip to death. Crazy boss fight fighting kell echoes and in a platforming and climactic boss fight best dungeon yet!

4:Other super cool exotics is witherhoard a grenade launcher that fires taken pools super damaging and was so bugged it inta killed raid bosses for awhile xD. New quest for Travelers chosen sidearm made the first gun in D2 into an exotic its super good has great perks refilling grenades and abilites and fires faster and faster with the more kills you have.

5:Moment of triumphs came back getting a new superbowl title.

6:Solstice of heroes fun new free event easier to do the armor some awesome epic new glows magnificient armor not bad of a grind. EAZ returned which was a bummer nothing new.

7:Festival of lost returned great new werewolf mask best mask in the game glowing eyes and osiris based sparrows ghost and ship. New quest to get an ascendant lens which no one knows what it does but it is interesting.

8:Ended with a super cool live event of running through the last city and the traveller healing so excited for beyond light and the future of Destiny as a whole it is the best videogame series on the planet!

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTLEY MUST BUY/PLAY-Best season of destiny 2 yet tbh your missing out if you didnt participate.

10/10 Stars
Marvels Spiderman DLC 1 The City That Never Sleeps Part 1-The Heist...

Game 1002
Game beaten Nov 9,2020

1:Storyline is so intriguing involving Felicia hardy aka the Sexy black cat and her father and being wrapped up in crime bosses taking drives from famous artwork.

2:Black cat is so beyond sexy in this shes one of the most beautiful women i have ever seen her mannerisms her flirting with spidey the upside down cutscene with her is so seductive and their is some great fanservice of her all throughout even her backside and hips meow all her curves are downright gorgeous. Her suit is so hot with how skin tight and so beautifully designed it is definitely my favorite girl of the spiderman series Black cat is an 11/10 just play the expansion just to see her to be honest.

3:The expansion has two new crime types
Spiderbot disabling car bombs in a timely fashion and some electrical puzzles disabling bombs

4:Some new things on the map to do find hidden stolen art by vandalizing things which is super fun. Also some new challenges similar to task master from screwball they are super cool but i gave up trying to hit ultimate status they are waaaaaaaay to difficult. In combat you have to ko enemies in camera photobombs and then time the picture in the swing race same thing take pics through water towers. The last challenge is using only two gadgets simultaneously the whirlwind and web mines its so hard to even get spectacular on that misson its the dumbest thing ever and doesnt work right.

5:Missions are action packed with a break in at a muesuem stopping thugs stealing art and then meet the elusive sexy black cat and then you have to help her track down her missing son in amazing team up missions and play as mj to get info as well just as good as the main campaign if not better.

ABSOLUTELY MUST BUY/PLAY-Campaign is the best dlc campaign ive seen in a while with an amazing cliffhanger you dont see coming and for the Sexy Black Cat enough said Meow OwO.

10/10 Stars
People who added this item 69 Average listal rating (48 ratings) 8.1 IMDB Rating 0
Marvel's Spider-Man - PlayStation 4
Game Beaten #1001
Day-Nov 6,2020

1:Game is kinda a slow burn very similar to star wars fallen order your super weak and can be one shot by gunfire for like the first couple of hours until you start gaining powers even the first boss is super brutal at the beginning.

2:Story is fantastic so well written intense the missions are a variety of stealth action and pure combat awesomeness

3:Side missions are also pretty well done and quite varied my favorite being a twitch streamer called screwball.

4:Some things are just overly difficult the challenges esp thankfully their optional to get 3 stars but like the drone and bomb challenges take hours to perfect a run swinging through the city.

5:Lots of things to do in the overworld
Crimes-fun for like the first couple but after the 80th one its pretty monotonous
Black cat photos-This was fun and the flirty messages from black cat are always welcome and you get a super sexy suit for doing it.
Tower Activation-Kinda boring like the detective puzzles in Batman Arkham but not as cool.
Landmark photos-not bad you can take the pictures in midair so thats cool
Fisk Towers Prison Riots and Sable Outposts-Waves upon waves of enemies to beat up not bad but the bonus objectives make the game suck at times
Pigeons-Catching them was actually fun
Research Stations-Little mini challenges of helping the environment-I really enjoyed these some were overused but several were different

6:Cameos from all over electro rhino doc ock scorpion the new guy mr negative no spoilers and king pin.

7:The romance between MJ and Peter is so cute and i just love them together in this one

8:Other playable characters the thicc MJ OwO and Miles Morales

9:Some really really intense M rated content in this game

Miles Morales part of a terroist bombing and the demons open firing on innocent people and stabbing them as they try to escape it shows it all its very intense.

Tombstone breaks a guys arm and then stamps his face in with him helpless on the ground

Mr Negative corrupts a guy to shoot himself with a gun committing suicide and it shows it all the bullet go through his temple and then blood shooting out afterwards

I dont think this is proper things to be showing a 13 year old or less tbh their M17 plus scenes i didnt even want to watch.

10:Amazing ending i nearly cried its so good.

11-Ratchet and clank like puzzles with a spectrometer putting slides to match bars of light and a math/pipe layout puzzle using pieces to charge machinery.

12:Ironic with the game ending with a pandemic that must be cured called devils breath and were in Covid 19 Pandemic in real life sadly no cure for us.

13:Jonah Jameson spiels are nonstop funny to hear him rant about spidey

Verdict Rating Story 10/10-Amazing Spiderman game start to finish one heck of an amazing ride.

100%-like 4/10 some challenges and difficulty spikes are just plain stupid and to get 100% you have to do fights with bonus objectives that are just plain annoying and drags the whole experience down quite a bit and way way way too many crimes to do their beyond boring at the end.

Final Verdict-Just beat the game do not go for everything and its one of the best spiderman stories i have ever seen but man does it have some intense things be warned.

Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Astrobot Rescue Mission
1000 GAME BEATEN!!! OCT 17,2020
I had such trouble picking a game special enough but i couldnt be more happier with this pick this game is one of the best and coolest experiences i have ever had VR is the real deal and more immersive than i could have possibly imagined its not a gimmick its insanely cool.

1:A 3D Platfomer like mario you must collect 8 robots hidden all over the place in the level and a hidden chameleons which will make you twist your head literally.

2:Most immersive experience ever like you feel like your in the caves or under the water or the lavas so close you can touch it.

3:Every level is jam packed with secrets and just plain enjoyable to play and all so unique theres jungles,ninja castles,gravesites,construction yards and more to traverse through.

4:The VR experience is so unreal it literally cant be put into words how immersive and crazy it is and this game captures it perfectly.

5:The boss battles are so crazy and literally like 2 feet in front of your face like the monkey and shark are so close to you in VR its like the first time i was actually scared to fight a boss it feels so real.

6:The music is ok at the entry but really expands love the cave and metal themes esp and the boss songs.

7:To 100% this game is mad hard their is challenges for each chameleon and also to flawless the bosses and the vulture is so mad difficult to beat flawless so much RNG but i did it and other challenges are highscore runs or timed platforming challenges where you execution has to be nearly perfect not for the faint of heart but they are optional.

8:Gadgets to use such as a grappling hook,water hose,gattling gun,laser shurikens,flashlight and how you use each one is so creative.

9:The final boss is spectacular visual and gaming masterpiece.

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST BUY/PLAY-I literally bought the Playstation VR to play this game and to be honest it was worth 350 dollars that sounds crazy but once you play this visual and immersive masterpiece its beyond words YOU HAVE TO PLAY VR AND EXPERIENCE THIS FLAWLESS MASTERPIECE!I am completely satisfied that this was my 1000th Game!
Phoneix Wright-Ace Attorney:Spirit of Justice...
999th Game Beaten Oct 14,2020

1:One of the best Phoenix Wright games made there is a reason why this is series is so amazing disclaimer there is 2 things that i really dont like nor condone in the game
1-Seances-Visions of the dead-merely used as another piece of evidence in court but creepy none the less
2-Spirit Channeling-Causing a dead person to testify in Mayas body like the first 3 games in the series less creepy but still wrong

3 cases contain spiritism 3 do not have any so its a conscious matter if you decide to play or not

2:Game has amazing music with intense court themes and amazing testimony theme and ambience more than most of the games

3:Game is super hard compared to the earlier games really make you think and you will make several mistakes but when you finally figure it out and it all clicks theres nothing like solving each and every trial and murder you feel SO SMART! They really flip your thinking everytime some of the location questions are rough but all around its super enjoyable trying to figure it out.

4:Visions are neat but super hard to find inconsistencies and may prove to be a pain for most they are rough at times spent a lot of time trying to figure out case 3 specifically.

5-Cases is what makes the game and each one is so unique i will go each one in just neat details and avoids spoilers as much as possible

1-Case 1-First time ever a witness gives testimony with playing of an instrument and its so cool and then he switches over to metal and its so well done an such a crazy witness. Lots of puzzles and no trust in Lawyers and Phoenix's life is on the line its intense!

Case 2-Magic show gone wrong with trucy and a cute bunny girl with a dark conman and apollo justice gets to work this case really cool backstory with Troup Gramarye

Case 3-Mystic Maya your partner from the other games returns as beautiful as ever wrapped up once again framed as the killer and what a story it is and very sad and heartwarming at the same time. One of the hardest cases in the game its brutal.

Case 4-Get to be Athena Cykes from Dual Destinies shes so gorgeous case about a rakugo artist and super gorgeous gal named geiro with amazing balloons she shows off during the case. First time case with a person with a disorder that becomes evidence in an interesting way and simon blackquill is so cool.

Case 5-The finale-Completely learn of Apollos justices past his parents and his friend Nharyuta and saving him from himself. Exposing Khurains dark secrets and the gorgeous Garan in her dark prosecutor outfit he is beyond sexy and so is her sister as well. Finally earning the adorably cute and beautiful Princess Rayfas trust as well. The flames of Revolution reach a climax you cant miss in the series ITS AMAZING! Also every main character from every game in the series joins up for the most epic crossover ever!

DLC Case for 5.99-So worth it about a Time Traveller and her husband and a premeditated grudge that may have you in tears by the end of it and such a great ending and so many twists its hard to keep up with one of the best cases in the game and the villian i pegged but bringing him down is so crazy first time you have to make the witness make testimony by asking direct questions and refuse to tesitfy such an amazing trial and such a great ending i just love it and know i will find my own beloved one day i cant wait till my own wedding day! OwO

There is also 2 dollar asinine attorney interactive short videos you play out a mock trial and its kind of cool.

1-First one is convincing pearl is the real princess rayfa and becomes queen hahaha

2-Is finding Princess Rayfas dream vacation to stay in the country

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY/BUY-I understand there is things in this game i dont approve of but the entire story and theme and cases of this game is just as legendary as the rest of the series and should not be missed one of the best game series of all time!
People who added this item 21 Average listal rating (12 ratings) 7.6 IMDB Rating 0
Game Beaten-Sept 22,2020

1:Amazing opening i must say so well done super action packed and perfect to start the starwars adventure

1.5-Game is a mix of Uncharted with Souls like combat with Metroidvania power up system.

2:The story wow its fantastic from beginning to end better than most of the movies tbh

3:Such memorable characters Cal,Second Sister,Nightsister Merrin,BD11,Greez,Cere all so well developed and you come to love each one of them and how they add to the overall game.

4:The planets are breathtaking to behold and just gems to be on with rustic mountains of bogano,settlements and snow in Zeffo,Jungles of Kyshhhk with the wookies, and icy tundra of ilum,the desert and swamps of Dathomir and the underwater planet of Ner there all so cool to adventure on.

5:Combat i dont like it one bit its souls like and it just doesnt work parrying doesnt work half the time and the enemies always have the advantage until you get some upgrades for the lightsaber which are super cool will not spoil.

6:Upgrading is super nice but you dont get even a single damage increase till the games almost over kind of annoying.

7:When you heal it calls back to life all the enemies its super annoying and not needed because you have to backtrack through them constantly.

8:No fast travel you have shortcuts you unlock by opening doors and cutting down ropes but honestly where the meditation circles are should all be fast travel points but i digress.

9:The map is amazing its a 3D top down map and you can see the entire planet on it its so complex well done and makes it a absolute joy to track down all the secrets and chests because each section is marked so you have a set place to look which is amazing so many games should adopt this! Also it shows which areas open up due to your new powers you get.

10:Metroidvania like unlocking new force powers and other abilities and BD1 also gains more power hes so cute i love him.

11:Finale with REDACTED is so thrilling and amazing and the last chase sequence was the icing on the cake!

12:THE LOADING TIMES ARE ATROCIOUS!-Like they are super bad dont die you will regret it more than you should.

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY/BUY-Game is so amazing one of the best starwars experiences out there the combat is alittle hard to master and sloppy but honestly if you have to switch it down to story mode and just enjoy the game because its Star Wars fans dream to play this and basically experience what it would be like to become a Jedi in the Star Wars Universe.
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The Great Ace Attorney: The Adventure of Ryūnosuke Naruhodō...
Game Beaten:#997-Sept 14,2020-Technically not available in the US its Japanese Only sadly so either you have to mod your 3DS or can watch complete walkthroughs online.

1:The characters are so amazing
Naruhodo-Very similar to phoenix wright kind insanely smart and never gives up and believes in the client
Susato-Cute Japanese girl in a kimono who is the legal assistant helps in most cases extremely loving warm and just plain adorable and respectful to all i love her OwO.
Asougi-Plain Awesome cool vibes all around and a flowing headband encourages Naruhodo to become an attorney
Sherlock Holmes-Funny brilliant a dunce at times and a jerk but you still love him
Iris Watson-10 year old adorably cute loli girl John watsons daughter a prodigy and child genius with super cool tech.
The Reaper Barok Von Zieks-Vampiric Prosecutor a bully and so funny throwing his feet chalices and bottles around so much like edgeworth but cooler and much colder.

2:Music is orchestral instead of edm midis like most of the series but still has great great soundtrack just amazing esp for the reaper intros and cornered themes.

3:Cases are all super intriguing and really have to think outside the box to solve

4:New techniques are the british court convincing Jourers to not plead guilty by presenting their statements against each other which is really neat. Also when comparing testimony to others thoughts when giving it. Also deductions are giving by Sherlock holmes in such a cool way by obeservations that you must refine to get to the truth really well done.

5:So intriguing has a Phenomenal ending and ties all the cases together in a way you could not see coming and just is plain amazing

6:There is no series when it comes to mysteries then Ace Attorney being the detective and battling in court is so much fun and makes you feel so smart solving the cases.

7:The ending is such cool not cliffhanger but tease of whats to come and i cant wait to play the sequel now!

10 Stars out of 10

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY/BUY-This game is stunning and so intriguing from beginning to end with a colorful cast of unforgettable characters to thrilling over the top court cases and murder trials it has it all if your an Ace Attorney Fan or never started this game series cannot be overlooked you have to start it you will never forget it. Another masterpiece by the Ace Attorney Team im speechless and in tears its so sad Capcom refuses to localize such breathtaking games because of greed and pure laziness thanks to all the fans who subbed this unforgettable title!
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Sonic Forces: Bonus Edition - PlayStation 4
Game Beaten Aug 25,2020

1:The cutscenes are super well done movie like quality and pretty awesome

2-Its a way darker game beginning out with sonic defeated about to be killed and eggman controlling the world bleakest ive seen them go.

3.Classic sonic levels are mixed with 3D levels like a mix of generations and lost world.

4:Dialogue cutscenes before each level is nice and their banter is cute and welcoming

5:You can make your own male or female custom avatar furry boy or girl from a bird,dog,cat,hedgehog,and wolf. My wolf girl is so cute omg OwO.

6:Infinite is one of my most favorite sonic villians now next to chaos he is so cool and dark his voice sounds so familiar but i can't place it sounds like an anime villian.

7:Game is relatively easy except for the final boss its pretty rough with the death egg.

8-You have a grappling hook known as a wispon with different abilities from Sonic colors to attack and platform in different ways.

9-Highly rewarding game maybe too much so hahaha earning tons of customizable parts for your avatar such as head gear, skins, clothing,dresses,bows,gloves,boots and msasks and much much more you can make your avatar as cool or cute as you want OwO.

10-Amazing soundtrack and music all throughout has super catchy live voice acting songs like the old games like sonic heroes and they are super catchy and fun to sing along too.

11:Final boss song is epic

12-The levels are nostaligic with old and new stages alike that are downright visual masterpieces so well designed blazing through them are so neat

13-Rouge the bat is in the game in all her gorgeous beauty shes so beautiful and so sexy OwO. She is the best sonic character hands down a furry white mouse bat hybrid girl. Im literally a furry because of her to be honest and named my own fursona my pink fox vixen girl after her in her honor. Rouge i love you so much OwO.

14:Episode Shadow DLC-3 Missions where you find out the origin story of why Infinite became a villian good ol shadow being a jerk once again hahaha. Also this episode is all about Shadow talking to the lovely miss Rouge the bat more screen time with the beautiful lady is definitely worth playing for OwO Rouge is so gorgeous OwO.


Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY-This is a super cool fast paced epic sonic adventure game with epic villians like infinite and original story with awesome music and just a blast to play it is alittle too easy but honestly who cares its so fun and Rouge the bat and a customizable female avatar option its a furrys dream come true. You don't wanna miss this unforgettable game its just too short sadly xD.
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Samurai Jack:Battle Through Time
Game Beaten Aug 23,2020

1:3D Platformer and Combat Beatem Up

2-Animated cutscenes really pop like the show very well done

3-Art Style is like living through eps of the tv show and feel nostalgic and iconic and visit well known areas of the show.

4-Not many characters they just give out items but no real use at all and briefly camo for one line of dialogue thats not necessary

5-Story is really boring and flat

6-Combat is a blast at firt but so terrible in the final level. Jack is so slow and feels like he is weighed down constantly when hes so fluid in the show. The parry system is so bad it doesnt work half the time and you just get caught in a stun lock sequence that leaves you with no health when trying to pull it off. Stunlocking is beyond annoying you can literally get hit once and then 20 enemies gather around and lock you in a corner where you can't move or see because of the horrid camera its such bad design.

7:Game never has any puzzles only to make more difficult enemies multiply you can take less hits just all artificial and such lazy developement

8:Enemies are classic baddies like wakandi,beetle drones,robo crocs,celtic demons,zombies and then they just recycle the same foes the whole game and even put enemies in levels they dont belong or feel so out of place again so lazy.

9:Different weapons can be used but they have durability and break which is pointless because your main sword doesnt ever so theres no point in switching it gives you a slight upper hand on bosses and a different move set but not really makes any difference.

10-You dismember enemies with the same slice patterns as the show which was cool

11-Music is not even really there just ambience or a track of just a melody. Doesnt even have the epic theme song.

12-Skill tree is a neat addition but its implemented so poorly the progress is SO SLOW! Even after finishing the game i had less than 25% of it done its way too grindy and not fun to level at all you would have to replay the exact same levels just to become stronger so pointless.

13-Enemies are so much more powerful than you always your always like 4 steps behind them in power no matter how far you progress its a constant annoyance.

14-The Super bar known as a Chi attack is really flashy and cool but its all automated and you don't control it all which is super lame.'

15-Aku boss fight is really cool visually but a pain in the neck to play and i was so happy when i could finally just stop playing. Stun lock city and hes invincible half the fight just getting hit by everything because Jack is beyond slow.

16-Game is unfairly hard for the wrong reasons and you die alot just pure to bull crap stun locking mostly.


18:Platforming is atrocious its like link wearing iron boots trying to jump gaps its so bad.

19-Combat is slow takes to long to animate and is a really unfun choppy experience over all.

20-8 different button mappings but i didnt like anything of them its 2020 you really couldnt have added custom button mappings god such a lazy game developer i cant even.

Verdict Rating-Can Play/Not Recommended-4 Stars out of 10
The game had so much potential in the beginning but after the second stage its just a slow repetitive sloppy choppy mess with so much stunlocking you just wanna punch a baby seal. Does not do the amazing series justice which you should go watch RIGHT NOW! Samurai Jack is such an amazing show and its so epic in all ways and this game...ugggggh im so utterly disappointed at how bad a cash grab it is and such a slap in the face to the fans i regret spending money on this garbage!
Mushroom Men The Spore Wars
Game Beaten Aug 21,2020-Nintendo Wii

1:A 3D platformer/Fighter

2:Game is pretty fun mostly explore a small environment picking up tools and pieces to build weapons from lightsabers to poles with chess pieces and much more

3:Combat is simple dodge rolling blocking and 3 different weapon types stabbing,thrusting,smashing and they all have different styles of play on ground and in air and i love shaking the wii remote to attack its just fun i love waggle mechanics.

4:Music is super funky and the electric guitar parts are mad cool with insane solos.

5:Games story isnt super deep but enough to be interesting the different species of mushrooms are all cool and actually real mushrooms in real life like shiitake are japanese samurai mushrooms pretty neat

6:Levels are linear with hidden weapon pieces concept art and objectives to complete no hand holding at all so you can literally look for hours trying to find one thing which can be alittle frustrating at times but other than that a solid experience.

7:Game is strikingly brutal and grotesque at times like dropping a running fan on a rabbit and the screen pans away to show fluff shooting up funny but so brutal lol im so dark hahaha.

Verdict Rating-Can Play/Must Play-Game is hands down fun interesting and really strange theres nothing really like it an interesting short ride thats good for at least a couple hours kind of short less than 10 hours but the mushroom men dont disappoint.
Barbie Island Princess
Game Beaten Aug 4,2020-PS2 Version

1:Game is just 28 minigames spread out across 4 worlds.

2:Earn roses by highscores for each minigame usually 300 to get all 3 you unlock extra videos to watch from the actual movie and dresses and accessories for Barbie to wear.

3:A dressing room to see all the beautiful and glamourous dresses necklaces shoes and bracelets you have unlocked. Barbie is so pretty in this game but even after you customize her apparel you can only view it in the room you can't keep the appearance in game so its really lame you cant keep the skins on as you play.

4:Most of the minigames are super easy with some ridiculously difficult like the javelin throw its pretty rough. Some controls are super janky and work really bad. Favorite mini game is tracing the dresses to design and for Barbie to wear that one was fun.

5:Cutscenes are cute but super short probably scenes from the movie.

6:Lullably minigame is the best and sounds like a really good disney song when played.

7:There is just like two lines when you play each minigame thats super repetetive i found it hilarious but probably just annoy most people.

8:Super great ending marrying prince Antonio in a honey moon disney song send off that was just plain lovely and adorable.

9:Majestic castle like music for the intro its a lovely song

10:Unlocking all the roses on each island unlocks some more cutscenes from the movie with singing songs featuring Barbie not only is she gorgeous but man her voice is heavenly in these cut scenes i love her melodic tone. Each one is pretty magical and brings you joy watching them.Favorites are All i Know, Wedding Song,Rat Song.

Verdict Rating-Can Play/Not Recommended-Its only minigames with some cutscenes thrown in but other than that not much substance as a game sadly but barbie is super cute and beautiful and all the dresses and accessories are very stylish and glamorous so if you want some blonde eye candy she is that.

Star Rating 5/10
Paper Mario-The Origami King
Game Beaten Aug 3,2020

1:3D Game Based on exploration combat and puzzles.

2:Combat i cant stand it maybe people will appreciate it more than i did but its terrible anyway how it works is mario is in a middle of a bullseye and you have to rotate and slide rings to make enemies into a complete line or a 4x4 square sounds easy right wrong!-You are timed given so many seconds to solve and only so many moves and if you dont solve it your just curb stomped by the enemies sheer number of attacks even if you block. If you solve the puzzle you beat all the enemies in the one move. Its really watered down and not fun at all like the other paper mario combat styles and only boils down to jumping and hammer its really lame when other games had all sorts of moves you could do and special abilities but none of that is here. Every fight is the same just with different enemies.

3:The music is some of the best in the series theres jazz sitar heavy metal oriental japenese all sorts of varied music tbh the bower heavy metal theme is freaking epic.

4:The locales you go to are plain so original and awesome like desert cities,the ocean saling on a boat like zelda windwaker,temples of the vellumentals, japanese mountains, forests and so much more a shogun amusement park.

5:Story is so intriguing so funny so emotionally moving for a mario game i actually cried at one point ive never seen a story so emotional stirring its fantastic and the dialogue is so well written and comical it will have you rolling laughing at times. Its so original i just love the origami girl olivia shes so cute ;D.

6:So many cool things to do you can throw confetti in an amazing display going everywhere to fill in holes of the areas to trigger all sorts of things. Find toads folded into all sorts of things bugs dogs paper planes stuck in all sorts of objects so fun finding them and they have a quick quip when you find them and hidden object blocks and treasures all over and if you get 100% you get a secret ending.

7:One of the strongest and darkest intros to a paper mario game.

8:Vellumentals are awesome like origami mechs you find that are animals to summon.

9:Boss fights are amazing there are still ring based but more like a giant mario party board and you have to use powers and attacks in a certain order to bring them down but its way more fun and super creative when you fight the bosses. Some are literally office supplies no spoilers.

10:Even some fights against paper macho enemies which you fight in real time some of my favorie fights.

11:INSANE Final boss so spectacular in effects and so climactic.

12:Motion controls used are super fun but wonky.

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY-The game is near perfect if not for the base combat being so lame and repetitive and so constant and just plain annoying at times and unnecessary it doesn't ruin the main experience.The music is legendary. The story is phenomenal and the characters and their interactions the worlds are all magical and this a paper mario game that once again is an unforgettable unfoldable experience you cant miss.

Star Rating-I debated so long to give this game a less then perfect score but other than combat i love everything so you win this time Nintendo ill still give it a perfect 10/10 but the next paper marios combat better not be a stupid gimmick like this one or ill fold.

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Gravity Rush 2 - PlayStation 4
Game Beaten June 17,2020

1:Mechanics are better and smoother than the first one far less complicated flying is still just as fun and amazing flying as Kat in all the areas

2:Music is just as good with some really nice new jazzy and orchestral tracks and they fit the theme of each new area, slums have like slow guitar riff and the rich as slow jazz and pompous trumpets its really well done.

3:Story is just fantastic it has an original storyline seperate from the first game, it has kat losing her powers dealing with reg day life for awhile, regains powers and no one remembers her and then you get to even explore her past what happened over 100 years ago and it connects to gravity rush 1 perfectly.

4:The human element in this game goes way deeper than most games like prejudice against people because their poor and how the rich look down on such people and just how terrible humans can be without their qualities put in check and is very realistic and their is points where you might cry or be overjoyed because the character developement and NPCS feel real and their problems are what we deal with everyday.

5:Sidemissons are all over around 50 of them ranging from doing stunts for a movie as a nurse, to walking and playing fetch with a dog, training for the police and much much more most are fetch quests but all of them are pretty fun and varied.

6:Kat and Raven Kali and Durga and all the women are so beautiful including all the NPCs you have girls in tops,biknis,fancy dresses,school uniforms,v Necks,suits all sorts of clothing really varied so neat. Kat also has her own sexy outfits from this game she is so gorgeous the outfits are Jazz singer in a fancy sparkling red dress with a slit by the knee,hot dog stand workers outfit thats cute with striped leggings, a nurse costume,a Kali angel uniform thats like wonder woman, school girl, anime idol dress and twin tails with beautiful blue hair,and free dlc outfits dark angel,crazy kitten and 2B from nier automata shes so pretty in all of them.

7:A photo mode to take screen shots of anything and everything you want including Kat with some really cute poses you unlock through play.

8:Game brings back the racing challenges, and combat but its way more achievable and way more fun this time around theres also stealth sections and finding a location based on a photo added into the mix

9:Pacing so i though at first this game was not as good as the first and i still like the og better because of the pacing so the game is split into 3 major arcs

Part 1
Kat losing her powers arc-mining-This is by far the most boring and slowest part of the game and was such a drag

Part 2 is technically spoilers so im just going to say Redacted.

So you regain your powers and go somewhere REDACTED its amazing how well this is threaded in and the action starts to pick up tremendously like the first game.

Part 3
The finale to this game is freaking awesome way better then i could have hoped for. You discover Kat's past from 100 years ago how it ties to the first game and a crazy anime level ending boss fight and just insane its so over the top amazing you have to play the game to the end. The people sing the apple song and i nearly shed a tear when Kat tears through the final boss its a sight to behold no spoilers tho xD its too good you have to see it!

10:Game is very very long like 50-60 hours if you do all the side missions challenge and story but well worth doing.

11:Actually unlock gravity styles lunar being more lightless and jupiter which makes you super heavy and a complete badapple able to crush anything thats my favorite one xD.

12:Update Ravens Tale DLC-Find out about Ravens past and what happened to the kids on the ark in the first game and what she sacrifices to save them an absolutely amazing dlc and you get to play as sachya shes so freaking adorable and cute and regain ravens memories clash with light and darkness and rebuild the world but how much will she lose to save the ark find out in this time bending tale you cant miss!

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST BUY/PLAY-So until the part 2 and 3 of the game i hated it so slow and just kind of repetetive but holy cow was i wrong when it gets after 20 hours in and you get to parts 2 and 3 of the story all your regrets melt away and i cannot wait to play Gravity Rush 3 on ps5 which is confirmed coming what an amazing series you have to see this game to the end its worth every hour sunk in!

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Gravity Rush Remastered - PlayStation 4
Game Beaten June 8,2020

1:Games story is so intriguing and so action packed never a dull moment and you start off a blank slate just like the main character. Also theres fantastic cut scenes and comic book dialogue sequences that unfold like a manga

2:Kat is so cute and beautiful and relatable and such a lovely girl has dlc outfits you can unlock that are so sexy dark kat,military,school girl,maid,and normal Gravity suit shes so gorgeous in all of them only available in the remaster or dlc and has their own great side missions to earn them they should be just in the game because the lore they add is so integral to the game and just plain awesome.

3:Music is great very jazzy and orchestral different for each zone

4:Combat is a whirl on the ground kicks,evasion counters,gravity kicks and special moves

5:The flying and gravity manipulation is insane you really feel so lightless and flying as cat is like a dream come true and so fun to glide around everything.

6:Game has optional challenges such as racing,fighting or a mix of the two that cant be gold medaled till you level her abilities out with gems from challenges and scattered all about the city.

7:The game has you on the edge of your seat constantly and is so gripping and all the characters are so interesting-Syd Raven Zaza Aki and more.

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY/BUY-This game is so fun and original and flying and manipulating gravity is so dang cool and Kat is such a fully developed character and has such an interesting past if you never heard of it or gave it try because it was vita only this is the best version and you wont regret taking Kat out for a spin in Gravity Rush.
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Destiny 2:Season of the Worthy
1:The trailer for this season was one of the most hype driven and coolest sounding in sfx i have ever heard.

2:Seraph towers a crazy chaotic event like escalation protocol but more fun and so intense i really enjoyed them defending the plates to release charges then slam dunking them into the tower pistons to charge them fighting hundreds of adds.

3:TRIALS OF OSIRIS RETURNS-New and old maps alike just as intense as D1 but way sweatier and rounds go by super fast.
Lighthouse is just as cool in design and the speech from St 14 is really well done. But the loot is garbage. No Adept weapons and no flawless armor but you get an epic emblem that turns all your stuff deep red with all the symbols and going flawless makes you glow like crazy on your armor and guns from trials and the armor is from d1.

4:Battle pass has alot of good things Tommys matchbook exotic is super cool a gattling gun that sets you on fire but does more damage. Armor and ornaments are trash tho but the emotes and weapons are awesome.

5:Seraph Bunkers are the new obelisks huge grinding journey just doing bounties for days and then eventually unlocking mods that are insane a warmind cell or ball comes out can be shot to heal yourself and wipe out everything in like 60 m its so amazing warmind guns all super well designed and have neat scopes and sound different when fired. Have to clear them out a mini like lost sector with champions basically.

6:Story-Phenomenal-Cabal sabotage the almighty to be on a crash course for planet earth to wipeout humanity. Guardians make an alliance with Rasputin to take it down. Find out the origins of Felwinter and Rasputins betrayl with SIVA super cool deep lore. Pyramids are heavily teased and going to arrive on Titan on June 9 for the next season.

7:Legendary Lost Sectors-Insanely tough lost sectors with crazy champions like overload captains they are ridiculous can summon giant mechs called heavy frames gundams on your side and valkyries to help you out very fun to solo once 1000 light.

8:Guardian Games-TERRIBLE EVENT ALSO RIGGED-Titans were destined to win from the beginning SMH. Anyway event was completely trash it was cool to redo old things like forges but whole event was bounties it was such a slog but super cool emblems and tower design for the event and the Heir Apparent exotic is so cool a Heavy machine gun same as the one the Colossus use from the Cabal and even generates an arc overshield around you.

9:Grandmaster ordeals a crazy fun new challenge-Nightfalls with limited revives and sent to orbit if all 3 of you die and if you play over 45 min darkness approaches and takes all revives super fun super hard and we used cheeses to beat them all in a sort of way so great tho well done.

10:Iron Banner had a pinnacle quest point of the stag super good bow.

11:The Lie Quest for Felwinters Lie and ungodly powerful shotgun. Community event was so bad it literally was boycotted we had to do 9 MILLION SERAPH TOWERS. 3 MILLION ON EACH PLANET so after one day it was 3 percent it was impossible to do with randoms and they made it twice as hard for the event so it was really impossible everyone boycotted it i did as well. They added a multiplier to it 5 times and 10 times on weekends i then helped after the patch. I did 111 with over met over 60 different players and put in 1,100 completions alone was pretty fun experiened.

SO when we finished we were all hyped on a sunday did the 1000 shotgun kills and did the story mission about to finish it and do the final mission go to moon bunker door and you warp back to eris the DARN DOOR WAS BUGGED! IT TOOK BUNGIE FREAKING 5 AND HALF DAYS TO FIX THE DOOR TO FINISH THE QUEST!

Receive the shotgun from a hologram of felwinter and learn about him from Rasputin. Using the gun you collect the lore about Felwinter himself and it was so cool collecting his story by blasting aliens felt like you were experiencing it with him and the Liar is one of the best lore books yet revealing the Betrayl of Rasputin him programming SIVA why he attacked the Iron Lords in the first place and the purpose of Felwinter in the lore such an amazing book so good.

this event took a long time but holy crap was one of the coolest things i have seen in a game it happened live you saw almighty in the skybox and then missles hundreds approach slowly then make contact tiny explosions around the wings then the core and then...


A piece of the wing burns as it flys overhead the NPC can be heard screaming from the city and the fire crackling on the wing as it crashes over into the mountains and then detonates with a ringing in your ears like a grenade going off. Then the aftermath has a fire billowing in the distance and pieces falling like shooting stars.

Verdict Rating-Can Play/ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY-So with content not much to do as a pve player and relied on bounties far too much in game and in guardian games but Felwinters Lie shotgun the story progression is the best ive seen and finally connected pieces we've been wondering since Destiny 1 and the Live event was the coolest thing i have ever seen in Destiny or in any game and to be there was Freaking Amazing. Can't wait for more Destiny it literally is the best video game in the world and my favorite hands down.

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Shows all the games ive beaten clean no walkthroughs,cheats or help at all over all video game consoles. Also i used to own all these games actually over 1000 games in total so far but i sold around 800 and kept only my favorites


My inspiration and personal motivator is myself haha and Pumpkinate without him i would have never had energy to build this humongous list for your personal enjoyment so i owe him deep respect and gratitude and thank him for loyally sticking to my side! :D

I just ask please that my review does not make your decisions for you i am but one humble person so my opinion is not always just and reflects how i feel. Please look at several reviews or just do research on a game or play a demo if you like it buy it if not i guess just enjoy gaming its one of the best things of life :D.

My nicknames are Foxy and Falcon feel free to use either one OwO.

I will qoute myself in saying to many people when they ask me to do something for them that i dont want to.

"I carve my own path through the uncharted seas of this world and unto what i have done is completely of my own mind"


Verdict Ratings may differ from actual rating score I give a game.

Verdict Ratings
Absolute Must Buy
Must Buy
Can Buy
Absolute Must Play
Must Play
Can Play
Not For Me
Not Recommended
Don't Buy or Play
Waste of Time
Deplorable Crap

How Foxy Rates Games
10-Outstanding in every way possible
9-Amazing only a slight flaw here or there
8-Fantastic but need a little more
7-Great but not the best or close to it
6-Just floats above average
5-Meh just average nothing else
4- Could have been better but was downright awful
3-Waste of my time
2- Completely regrettable
1-Deplorable Crap that should have never aired and no one should see

My username on Miiverse is just Falcon smiling light blue shirted mii hahaha hopefully noone else has that name :D

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