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Added by Silver Falcon Soul on 6 Oct 2011 10:07
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All The Video Games I Have Beaten In My Lifetime

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Games Ive Beaten

All completely clean
Shadow of the Tomb Raider DLC-The Path Home-Challenge Tomb 7...
DLC Beaten July 30,2019

1-Starts off combat first dodging a gattling gun while fighting tons of soldiers off in frenetic combat

2:Tomb was very neat tons of spike traps and running through triggers with a final puzzle assembling a giant statue that was kind of trial and error too much personally

Verdict Rating-8/10-The last puzzle was sort of lame a cool boss or combat or a adrenaline rushing section would have been better but not a bad sendoff cant wait too see where tomb raider goes next!
Shadow of the Tomb Raider DLC-The Grand Cayman-Challenge Tomb 6...
DLC Beaten July 30,2019

1-Neat dark tomb at first finding your way through dark to find a crab artifact

2-Venture into a volcano raising a giant crocodile statue some slight puzzle solving with seesaws and awesome timing with fire jets and some really neat effects

3:Finishes with a gun fight on a platform that collapses slowly beating Trinity Soldiers

Verdict Rating-10/10-Super short but jam packed with fun
Shadow of the Tomb Raider DLC-Serpents Heart Challenge Tomb 5...
Game Beaten July 30,2019

1:Very adrenaline packed finding Hakans Brother AAron with a short combat section in a tomb

2:Awesome swampland you explore with tons of breakable platforms with hungry piranhas underneath so you constantly running and then ride a raft down a rushing river while dodging spinning blades and fire jets breaking plates to progress.

3:Climb a tower to reach the God Slayer Bow

Verdict Rating-10/10-One of the best challenge tombs so far story was lame but awesome gameplay.
Game Beaten July 27,2019

1:Very cool puzzle game no dialogue makes you think outside the box quite literally

2:You use tile pieces that interact with each other to collect fruit and appease a colorful dragon stacking them ontop each other and connecting them to guide a boy to his destiny

3:Very colorful and fantastic art

Verdict Rating-Must Play/Can Play-For puzzle fans not super difficult but could be for a niche crowd. Very original very unique puzzle game super short about an hour or 2 but great game cool story and makes you just feel smart after beating it.
Unruly Heroes
Game Beaten-July 22,2019

1:4 Player platformer with each character with own skills supers and abilities monkey has a staff to cross gaps,sleepy man can fire a projectile, the pig monk can use inflation kink, and ogre can smash rocks

2:Super artistic and just gorgeous hand painted scenery and levels

3:A rayman legends clone super well made and fun slapstick combat

4:INSANE DIFFICULTY SPIKE-The last 3 missions are insane especially the bosses take a ton of patterns to memorize and perfect dodges to stay alive its no walk in the park and only like 5% who bought the game has beaten its super rough and pretty difficult other than that the game is super fun to play and not too bad.

5:Based on Journey to the West

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY/BUY-Amazing gorgeous platformer thats super fun and engaging with a super big variety of levels 29 and it takes awhile to get through and 5 different worlds to venture through.

Star Rating-10/10
Kingdom Hearts Union X
Game Beaten-July 18,2019

1:Extremely complicated RPG just like rechain of memories you collect medals and build a deck with a rock paper scissors like weaknesses build but insanely customizable and complex.

2:Story is insanely good and complicated but it takes like 400 missions in to get too which is ridiculous grind but worth it but its tedious dont get me wrong.

3:Revisit worlds mostly from other games such as kh 1 2 and birth by sleep

4-Gameplay at first is just swiping and its just using medals would have been way better live action like the reg games and its based off a 3 star model so levels are super short and kind of dumb because they want you to beat all enemies in one turn so it makes the game too easy till the end.

5-Difficulty spike at like 700 missions in it goes from easy to just using gem medals you bought to barely scrape by its like enemies go from 200 attack to 1100 in less than 50 missions its so dumb and unwarranted.

6:So complicated again like warframe bad so many medals and builds and spirit to upgrade use avatar coins to buy costumes to level up your character even if you dont like them you have to buy them all to level up to get stronger and buy medal packs with gems and upgrade keyblades as well but the game doesn't explain any of this unless you read page after page of menus and it still doesnt make sense so this kh game is not for beginners and at the same time its not too hard its super hard to explain and deep.

7-Sadly the story is incomplete as is the game i got to 845 and the game stops and is not finished stops at wreck it ralphs world which is super cool because its a brand new original world to the kh series but yeah its complete as far as i can go and ill check back monthly and put out another review when its done.

8-Strelitzia i wish i could have saved her.

9-First time make your own personal keyblader male or female i love my furry cute female girl with cheshire cat costume most complete with a furry tail and paws OwO. I love being a cute blonde furry girl in this game shes so adorable.

Verdict Rating-Can Play/Must Play-If your a true kh fan you owe it to play through but honestly just watch the cutscenes from youtube because the game is a huge grind and slog to get through for not enough gain if that makes sense but the story is worth it and really deep and sad at the same time.

Star Rating-7/10
Super Mario Maker 2
Game Beaten-July 9,2019

1:This time the game has a 122 mission campaign made by nintendo and each level has a new gimmick or style to play super well done so much fun and full of nintendo magic like usual

2:Rebuilding princess peaches castle is very satisfying and as you build it the hub changes to come with new challenges and scenery

3:New endless modes for playing community levels as you play you unlock cool avatar shirts costumes and full sets such as reset dress,princess peaches dress and tennis outfits,mario and yoshi hats etc...

4:Can play mario levels from original mario bros 3 super mario world and 3d world and super mario bros u its all there with all the templates and more.

5:Some cool new remixes of classic mario songs

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY/BUY-This is the finest 2D mario game out there the 122 mission campaign is worth it alone but just playing 80 mario levels on endless mode so much creativity and just so much fun if your a platformer or mario fan you owe it to yourself to play or buy this game you will not regret it.
Super Cane Magic Zero
Game Beaten July 2,2019 Ps4

1:Top down dungeon crawler rpg with a huge overworld and dungeons tucked in places

2:No handholding no idea where to go like all the time so frustrating no guides online at all either so figuring out everything was a pain and a half.

3:Lots of items to collect and super complicated rpg starts on all things you get head piece body arms etc... its hard to tell how to make a build at times

4:Weapons are a variety my favorite being grass blades but to reach endgame you need all 4 types nature fire energy and water so you get them from enemies randomly or you can buy them.

5:Technically you can hit huge progress walls if you don't buy a spring you can't beat the game and guess what theres no hint on how to find or get it turns out after 5 and half hours and having the whole map explored you get it by repairing a COMIC BOOK STORE ARE YOU KIDDING ME! So yeah rebuild that first make your run so much easier jumping is key to beat the game.

6:8 Bit music is so catchy and i love it had to buy the ost tbh its awesome prob the best part of the game.

7:Multiplayer but i doubt you can get someone to play this its hard wierd and just plain brutal in combat.

8:You can pick up enemies after their stunned to throw them against walls to kill them very satisfying wierdly enough.

9:Story and game is completely wack and makes no sense.

10:Not for casuals unless you turn on easy this game is brutal having limited lives and enemies that are so overpowered they will 2 shot you easy super frustrating how weak you are.

11:Also you never feel stronger in the game because when you power up so does all the enemies so you can go to the first level and still die leveling almost seems totally pointless.

12:Way too many enemies they literally swarm you and its just stupid to die from overwhelming adds constantly and theirs generators you can't destroy so literally fighting all the time is tedious.

Verdict Rating-Can Play/Not Recommended-This was super rough of a game tbh and unless your super bored man its got awesome music and fun gameplay in pieces but its just not worth your time sad to say but listen to the OST its awesome.

5/10 Star Rating
Cadence of Hyrule
Game Beaten-June 17,2019

1:Top down zelda game but based on rhythm completely for movement fighting and puzzles if you can't keep the beat tho there is an option to turn it off but it blends really well with the music

2:The music is phenomenal just amazing remixes of all the zelda favorites from Link to the Past song of storms,gerudos desert,tal tal heights, dark world you name it and theres a vendor that sings and the music just gets hilarious and oh so good its like 8 bit opera

3:Can play as link zelda or cadence once you unlock them but you get to choose at the beginning i was Zelda ;)

4:The bosses and dungeons are the best parts with their unique music and patterns to beat

5:Kind of difficult and roguelike gets a little repetitive just looking around the map but dungeons are good not really any handholding unless you go to the fortune teller to find out where to go next for 10 rupees

6:Super fun to play but different has a slight learning curve for sure

7-Short and sweet took me 9 hours 42 min to almost 100 percent complete it like 96%

8-Lacking in puzzles there is some music remembrance puzzles which are super nostalgic tunes but other than sliding rocks theres no puzzles like a real zelda game which is a huge bummer its just constant combat.

Star Rating-8/10-Loved it but yeah it drags near the end i think its the rogue elements that make it alittle boring at times.

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY/BUY-IF anything you owe to yourself to hear the music its 8 bit gloriousness some of the best zelda remixes known to the fans and the game is fun too but honestly the music sells this game check out the ost on youtube and drown in it.
Electronic Super Joy DLC-Hot Sticky Mess
Game Finally Beaten! May 29,2019

1:One of the hardest of core platformers ever made think crushing difficulty like super meat boy and N or N plus hard

2:Insanely awesome edm music done by env its so lit

3:Crazy visuals colors strobe lights and flashing do not play in dark or if prone to seizures its crazy

4:HARD AS NAILS will not hold your hand in anyway this is soul crushing difficulty and takes you back to wanting to shatter controls rage worthy

5:So accomplished when you beat the chamber if you can beat it heh heh heh

Verdict Rating-Must Play-But tbh not many people will beat this game its insanely hard nearly broke me and my soul on the last level it requires total dedication insane timing and perfection at all times at the end.

Star Rating-10/10
People who added this item 41 Average listal rating (26 ratings) 8.2 IMDB Rating 0
Super Meat Boy - Xbox 360 Live Arcade
Game Finally Beaten Ten years later May 9,2019
Review Edited underneath funny to see what i wrote so long ago tbh.

Its kind of fun near the start but the difficulty ramps up so much that it begins to get to the point of rage.You might feel anger well up in your hands and feel like you just want to snap something. I never want to play this piece of crap again!!!

They never brought it to nintendo systems which ticks me off only because they had personal issues and got upset. GET OVER YOURSELF YOU WORTHLESS GAME COMPANY!!! TEAM MEAT YOU'LL NEVER BE ANYTHING COMPARED TO NINTENDO!!! Sorry i have pretty strong anger towards this company and game i dont recommend it to anyone!


I came back to this game like 10 years later to complete and i did. I'm still surprised i beat the game in like 3 and half hours straight in one sitting.

1:2D Platforming at its finest he can be a little floaty and sometimes wont respond to jumping commands but its pretty solid probably the one of the hardest platformer in the world

2:Amazing music very attuned to the parts your in very jamming

3:The cutscenes are funny but oh so sad everything dies poor squirrels,brownie pretty much anything

4:So much satisfaction when finally clearing the game

Verdict Rating-Can Play/Must Play-After years of coming back this is a perfect game to test your skill in reaction time and platforming im so happy i came back and bested this game years after i believed i could never beat it and then smashed it to pieces but yeah this game is pure challenge and rage inducing so be prepared and don't say i didn't warn you its extremely difficult game-SO GLAD I BEAT IT!
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
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No One Lives Forever
Game Beaten May 7,2019

1:First Person stealth spy game combat with several weapons pistols,smgs,grenade launchers etc...

2:Extremely difficult old school wise very few checkpoints and no way to heal health other than picking up armor to shield health

3:Beautiful red haired gorgeous woman spy Cate Archer is the main character aka you. Smart sexy and sassy. Game is very sexist towards her and women in general which i didn't like but in the end she finally is vindicated so i was rooting for her to succeed in every misson

4:Extremely long game like over 80 levels broken up into scenes like 6-9 at a time literally takes forever it doesnt count time failed im gonna say 25-40 hours depending on skill.

5:Levels can be downright brutal seen once,cameras spot you once,use a non silence gun FAIL IMMEDIATELY like you could be 20 to 30 min and boom you forget where a camera is and its over one of the most frustrating games i have played of all time if it had more checkpoints or like a save state feature it would be perfect but how it is man oh man its dreadful how much you have to memorize and perfect your runs oh yeah and fall damage kills you instantly most of time good stuff.

6:Extremely funny dialogue and highly sexually provocative themes at times way more than a teenager should hear tbh

7:Cate is just beautiful and awesome as a character so well developed throughout the game and grows as a woman too.

8:The music is hilarious cheesey spy music with an awesome horn or saxophone that goes off that sounds like YEAH YEAH and really cool calm beats too but the music gets tense when your trying to hide and stuff so it makes you nervous sneaking around worked well.

Star Rating:5/10

Verdict Rating-Not Recommended/Can Play-Like i said this is brutal game just not forgiving on anything other than combat and the instant fail mechanics everywhere really suck the fun out of the game i don't regret finishing it but holy crap there was so many times i wanted to through in the towel on this one glad i saw it to the end. If you really want a hardcore challenge this is for you especially stealth types i hate stealth games but i keep playing them for the beautiful chicks i can't help myself and Cate Archers story is awesome but tbh just watch it on youtube and save yourself the trouble cuz this game will chew you up and spit you out with no remorse you have been warned.

People who added this item 12 Average listal rating (8 ratings) 7.6 IMDB Rating 0
Fortnite - PlayStation 4
Saves the World Story Beaten-May 31,2018 LOL forgot to make this review oops

1:The story is pretty good excellent cutscene for intro and good tutorial in the beginning

2:Its tower defense but super fun with friends all of it is mostly defense but some cooler events like escorting a bomb,building towers,or saving survivors

3:Unlike battle royale you get to keep all the weapons and save and can rebuild them and get awesome rolls to blow away zombies and really cool stuff like lazer swords,beam weapons,flamethrowers and more

4:Characters actually have builds and powers unique to them adding to strategy

5:The dialogue from ray and the characters are just hilarious and honestly played the game alone for that

6:Played all the way to plankerton and thats where the story and beta stopped but it was definitely worth it after that the game is still unfinished.

7:Humongous and super complicated rpg tree and collection database to store everything you find

8:Everything is destructible and finding loot all the time is a blast

Verdict Rating-Must Play/Can Play-Its a steep learning curve but if your into a huge rpg tower defense game that evolves and has excellent dialogue and a huge repertoire of weapons at your disposal give saves the world a try its a blast while it lasts especially with friends.
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
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The Mummy Demastered
Game Beaten April 17,2019

1:Metroidvania 2D side scroller

2:Amazing ambient and isolation like music super epic 8 bit and techno sounding soundtrack its jammin'

3:The platforming is pretty clunky till late late game every hit makes you knockback and lots of unlimited enemy respawns make some jumps frustrating due to random ai spawning not skill which is super annoying at times

4:The aiming is a little off just when trying to shoot diagonally

5:Weapons are awesome late game plasma gun that auto aims and kills everything and a tri shooting rocket launch aka gjallahorn destiny reference

6:Bosses are all pretty fun and different if you collect everything there all pretty much pushovers even the last boss except the beetle in the gear tower that was tricky

7:Unlimited enemies is super annoying and spawn right when trying to make jumps really gets frustrating sometmes

8:SO MUCH BACKTRACKING!!! I understand it to a degree but it gets to be a chore in this game.

9:Pretty short i beat it in 4 hours and 32 min with 82% items collected 97% of the map explored 39 saves and only 2 deaths.

8/10 Star Rating

Verdict Rating-Can Play-Its a metroidvania but lacks polish platforming is a pain and way too much backtracking for things that you could have gotten earlier. Its a fun game don't get me wrong but sometimes your shaking your head at some pretty foolish decisions with ai and platforming that could have been worked to be so much better but tbh after you get phase shift the game is so much fun and traversal is easy but it takes too long to get there sadly still the music alone is an awesome reason to get it.
Blossom Tales The Sleeping King
Game Beaten April 14 2019

1:Top down side scroller just like Link to the past and heavily inspired by said game

2:Only 4 main dungeons but its a good solid 10 hour game if you explore around and get at least 50 percent of the stuff

3:Very good block puzzles and sound repeating simon says like stuff had to bust out old pen and paper to get through those which was nostalgic

4:8 Bit music is super catchy and well done

5:The story is super similar to zelda get 3 ingredients to wake the king with the grandpa narrating the story for the kids and you have some little choices that effect gameplay which is neat and super funny at times especially Jenny you know when you meet her.

6:Solid Zelda clone but enemy fighting gets just a tad repetitive

7:Final boss is flashy but a little too easy i did have overpowered bombs tho haha

Star Rating-10/10

Verdict Rating-CAN PLAY/MUST PLAY-Like i said an awesome Zelda clone perfect to scratch that itch. It has solid puzzles story and awesome 8 bit music its a fun short little nostalgic ride and almost as grand as the king of rpgs Zelda. Blossom kingdom is definitely worth visiting and pays homage to Zelda in a grand way in layout and gameplay all around.
Game Beaten April 5,2019

1:This game evokes elegance mystery beauty and sadness in amazing experience

2:This game is like Journey and Bound combined amibigous events has this cloth like girl setting out to reclaim her voice and venture into the world

3:Every sound and musical note has meaning and even builds the world as you play sometimes you stop just to hear what the game is telling you its a ethereal experience you usually will not find and its amazing

4:One of the most beautiful visually and melodious games i have seen since journey or abzu a complete mind trip of a game and i enjoyed every second of it.

Star Rating-10/10

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY/BUY-There is no other game out there like Gris the story is so good with no dialogue the music will really sound down into your soul like no other and its just such a visual trip your really missing out if you dont experience Gris!
Anthem Legion of Dawn
Game Beaten April 3,2019-Completely Solo with no Multiplayer (Best way to play games in my personal opinion)

1:The campaign is super awesome and such a well written story and dialogue characters feel very real and personable

2:Voice acting is top notch and exciting

3:The Graphics and world are beautiful the to the sleek javelins to the jungle cliffside and alien temples.

4:Not much variety to enemy design some cool creatures but all factions basically the same dominion scars and outlaws not really cool distinction

5:Gunplay is fun but highly repetitive. Flying around is super fun but the fact your thrusters overheat super quickly makes you basically easier to run which is kind of dumb.

6:The loot is super lame all the guns are just copies of themselves and nothing special literally only the power changes thats it like 5 different types of weapons its not like destiny where all the guns are awesome and you want to seek them all out in this you get one its basically the same as all the rest

7:Four javelin types to play but i chose interceptor super fast and agile didnt like any of the others

8:Music is really good and sound effects are cool and ambient

9:Dialogue trees between missons are honestly the best part really connecting with characters in the world and really feeling like your changing these peoples lives for the better and really makes you feel like a hero in the end.

10:The final boss is super tough and super cool the boss looks like the darkblade knights from destiny 1 and super well done hes got some one shot kill mechanics but all avoidable and super intense fight super fun awesome awesome boss battle one of the best things in the game really feel accomplished when you defeat it.

11:Fully customizable javelin to your hearts content colors look design and everything mines pink white purple and black with yellow eyes shes so beautiful OwO.

12:One very annoying thing is unlimited enemy sections and the game never tells you so you might need to pursue the objective and ignore the enemies to continue but you have no idea and they keep coming forever its pretty annoying when it happens and its often.

13-So much story most in lore you find which can be anywhere you just have to sift through and read it but so rich with lore itll make your brain hurt collect and read it as you go so the story really immerses you in the world of Anthem.

Rating 10/10 through campaign
Endgame 1/10-Sad lack of any compelling reason to play after the campaign no good loot at all.

Verdict Rating-Must Play/Can Play-The game is super solid and really enjoyed the campaign but afterwards its just a grind fest and a huge letdown nothing worthwhile to do and theres no really cool loot to chase so longevity in the game is lacking it feels like D1 all over again good premise but such an empty shell in the end and its sad especially with 6 years development really should have been more if only the loot was cool enough to chase no earnable cosmetics all cut and paste guns and abilities are the same way its super lame and had so much potential its far from being a destiny killer not even close to destiny's greatness.
Toejam and Earl Back In The Groove
March 30,2019

1:Same old top down old school goodness explore the map find the ship pieces open presents for powerups and everytime is a new experience

2:Amazing funky soundtrack that is hands down one the best videogame osts out there nothing like it

3:Now up to 4 players and is a super fun party game or solo adventure

4:Colors and graphics pop super well and different variety of stages this time desert winter dark where you have a flashlight and more

5:Awesome rap at the end when you beat the game super catchy

6:Unlockable hats and characters only one per play through for replayability

Star Rating-10/10

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY/BUY-If you have never played any toejam and earl games perfect first one to jump into such amazing funky jams and just good old school fun.
Destiny 2:Season of the Drifter-Jokers Wild
March 21,2019

1:Reckoning Endgame activity not very fun super enclosed terrible modifiers and feels like an evolved escalation protocol
Tier 1-Clear Adds
Tier 2-Form a bridge with no cover super chaotic and have to use heavy and supers to survive.
Versions-Darkblades and Oryx-only the oryx fight is any fun to do
I honestly hate the reckoning one the rewards are trash 90% of the time and its really not fun to play at all and the modifiers they put on it are highly unfair and force you to play with good team members

2:Allegiance Quest-Awesome new addition you make a decision to trust or defy the drifter with real consequences first ever for Destiny the story dialogue and steps were really neat and fun to do. I did both you can see both sides of the coin with multiple characters. My main i defied him and you get called snitch the whole time afterward which is funny.

3:Thorn is back super awesome quest ended with a super hard reprised edition of the Savuthuns song strike with a crazy cool new modifier and huge knights called Arbiters. The gun is a pve god slaying machine and super fun to use.

4:The new dreaming like city weekly event has been replaced by Invitations of the nine. Super cool little weekly quest that lets you meet with the emissary for a nifty vision of the Drifters past with a cool cutscene and really interesting lore.

5:Gambit evolved alittle with harder matches with different way to kill primeval in a one round takes all.

6:Sadly only endgame no new campaign stuff

7:Added super secret mission inside like whisper of the worm called Zero hour where you go back to the old tower and kill a ton of fallen and crazy platforming to beat a crazy hard boss in 20 missions to reclaim a fan favorite exotic outbreak prime oh and TR3Vor is waiting...

Star Rating-10/10

Verdict Rating-Absolutely Must Play-Reckoning and its loot sucks and its really not fun and even people who don't like gambit its got 3 awesome things the Thorn quest the Allegiance Quest and the Invitations of the nine well worth jumping back in for those 3 things alone
People who added this item 9 Average listal rating (7 ratings) 7.4 IMDB Rating 0
Kirby Star Allies - Nintendo Switch
Feb 25,2019

1:Very easy kirby game alittle bit too easy you can make up to 3 cpu allies and used to solve puzzles but honestly at times they play the game for you.

2:Some cool friendship powers like a train,bridge,warp star etc...

3:Not really anything cool or exciting level wise

4:The music is nostalgic city from snes to 64 to robobot the music is just awesome

5:The main campaign is a slog but heroes from another dimension is so worth playing its 4 parts with 30 optional hearts to find and it is tough so much harder than the main game puzzles that you only get one shot at and some pretty hard fights as well.

Verdict Rating-Can Play-Sadly its the worst kirby game ive played and thats saying something usually these games are fun dynamic and a blast to play but until the heroes from another dimension mode the game is really slow and kinda boring im sorry maybe people will feel different and ive played every kirby game there is it just feels empty minus the music.
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Owned Wanted Played Custom
People who added this item 33 Average listal rating (12 ratings) 8 IMDB Rating 0
Kingdom Hearts III - PlayStation 4
Feb 17,2019

1:This is the game for the true fans of the series the ones who have played all the games including the spinoffs and if you havent thats ok just make sure to watch all the movies to catch yourself up in the archives section but honestly the game will have much more meaning if you play all the games up to this point.

2:The disney worlds are all fantastic to explore and enjoy with amazing orchestral music to boot sadly just some are just overwhelmingly big to find all the lucky emblems and chests looking at you pirates and san fransokyo

3:The story is soooooo good and heartwarming in so many places it ties up what us fans have waited over 13 years for and if you don't at least tear up near the end im sorry but you might not have a heart. The fights the dialogue the friendship and bonds that are shared are just magical down to the end. This is the climax you have been waiting for and is the best finale i could have asked for

4:Lucky emblems are super fun to look for and really test the observant

5:Combat is a blast and is super similar to dream drop distance flashy and just plain fun alittle easy but its so enjoyable it honestly doesnt matter.

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY/BUY-This what the true fans have waited for and the game delivers everywhere higher than my expectations and ignore all the haters and complaints you owe it to yourself to see how the series ends and begins anew in a magical experience only kingdom hearts can provide!
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Owned Wanted Played Custom
Shadow of the Tomb Raider DLC 4-Price of Survival...
DLC Beaten Feb 12,2019

1:Backstory of Amaru and his brother

2:Tombs are pretty straightfoward a neat water puzzle and a couple momentum things with a cart but nothing special like the pillar or forge or nightmare they were far better

3:Unless you got the season pass this one was pretty lame compared to the earlier ones nothing special sadly.
People who added this item 12 Average listal rating (4 ratings) 9.3 IMDB Rating 0
Shadow of the Tomb Raider - PlayStation 4
Game Beaten Feb 8,2019

1:Insanely action packed like the first reboot game gripping from beginning to end

2:So much history explored and different cultures mayan incan christian and so much more

3:The story is so exhilarating featuring a far more developed lara and emotional in all the right places

4:Crazy action sequences that top all the other games Tsunamis Earthquakes, Fires, Storms, all kinds of over the top disasters and surviving them

5:Musical score is super good very tribal and fits the jungle scene

6:Ties up all the loose story ends

7:Insanely cool challenge tombs one with light refraction,climbing a pillar with lightning and rain,musical instruments that try to kill you,and gyrating totem powered by fire and much much more they really test your mettle and reaction time this time around.

8:Really scary in some moments alot more horror based scenes like the original reboot

9:Some really gruesome body scenes blood torture and lots of the f word used which is not necessary

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY/BUY-This is the cream of the crop for the tomb raider series and trust me you wont be able to put it down till the end and still be left wanting more but the season pass adds a challenge tomb and story mission till may 2019 one a month so thats cool write mini reviews for those.


Forge-Really neat totem that climbs up with some cool fire arrow puzzles

Pillar-Uses wind and lightning to traverse some crazy climbs and the storm really adds an edge in the tomb

Nightmare-Like scarecrows fear gas its quite a trip that you go through pretty scary stuff.
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
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Game Beaten Jan 29,2019

1:This is loli heaven the story revolves around the CPU goddesses sisters known as the CPU canidates and they are all charming cute and super adorable in their own ways. The game takes place in an alternate universe from the original but follows the events sort of its confusing at first

2:The combat is completely different still turn based but fight on a circular grid and you have to move close enough to enemies to attack them and you only have a certain area big enough to reach them its a super wierd battle style takes a bit to get the hang of but battles are fast fun and engaging the whole time.

3:The music is still good mixes of techno and electric guitar

4:Dialogue is beyond punny funny cute and cheesey all throughout and some really emotional scenes as well.

5:Character developement is pretty good all throughout for each cpu canidate and they are all super cute as there friendships grow and mature.

6:The game is way shorter than the original but its refreshing enemies drop huge amounts of exp at the endgame so you can powerlevel extremely fast and gets rid of the boring grind in most rpgs took me around 16 hours to beat the game compared to over 50 for the original.

7:Super bizarre and semi over the line with licking the loli girls scene with CFW Trick which will make most people highly uncomfortable nothing is shown but noises and highly suggestive dialogue be warned so glad when you shut him down in the mansion

8:The ending hits all the right notes combined with the ending love and peace it made me tear up with happiness one of the best game endings in the emotional department

9:So many beautiful anime girls "LOLI HEAVEN" it begs repeating sorry not sorry this game was made for me OwO.

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY/BUY-Other than the CFW Trick stuff its like a super enjoyable anime episode with hilarious dialogue and so many cute girls to boot whats not to like and story ends so well so good no regrets.
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Rise of the Tomb Raider - PlayStation 4
Game Beaten Jan 20,2019

1:Super Intriguing Story

2:Amazing huge areas to explore and hunt wild animals

3:Optional tombs are all very well done and unique puzzles and really make you think not looking up any hints and figuring it out is super satisfying

4:Combat is fun but kinda an afterthought

5:The Adrenaline is non stop everything breaks around you and is just plain awesome

6:Lara is so hot and really is fleshed out as finally doing things for herself finally realizing what it means to be a croft

7:Lots of blood and brutal deaths again thats not needed and several f words throughout that seems excessive.

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY-This is uncharted level good its not as scary as the first one or as good in my personal opinon because most of the environment is all snow so it gets alittle old but other than that its a super awesome 20 hour experience
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Game Beaten Jan 19,2019

1:First level kind of like mario a 2D platformer but after that everything gets super recycled and tedius

2:Story is basic and everyone lives happily ever after

Verdict Rating-Waste of Time/Not Recommended-Probably the worst of the dora games so far
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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Nintendo Switch
Game Beaten-Jan 18,2019

1:World of Light journey is amazing the cutscenes are phenomenal theres only like 3 but oh yeah there good

2:Modified fights all abound that change each fight to be super fun and different

3:Pieces of the map reflect so much history. Theres donkey kongs shack with the original screen from the snes,splatoons factory with zapfish puzzle,dark world from link to the past and so much more

4:Super long campaign around 20-25 hours if you do everything

5:THIS SOUNDTRACK is gaming history the best music and remixes you will ever find

6:The finale to the game will make you smile and maybe even tear up

7:The videogame quiz was great in the mysterious dimension got them all right 0w0

Verdict Rating-MUST BUY/PLAY-The craziest mash ups the best music and one of the coolest campaigns ever its not subspace emissary good but it comes pretty dang close.
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Destiny 2-Black Armory Annual Pass DLC 1
Game Beaten Jan 14,2019

1:Adds new activity called the forges first one at first was so hard no one could beat it cept pro pve players or you had to level up at least to 610 to beat it. To make things worse all bounties and the entire expansion was locked until you beat said forge. This was changed 3 days later and nerfed the overall difficulty of the first forge but it was a terrible design decision at first

2:Forges super fun small pve activity must kill blue bars to increase time and throw batteries to charge forge 2 waves of that then a major killer bullet sponge boss to put down reminds me of prison of elders being a 3 man activity. ALSO it has MATCHMAKING which is crazy and randoms arent half bad sometimes

3:The new weapons are all really awesome super fun to use and just plain good 4 burst pulse,super fast firing bow

4:The exotics are amazing i dont approve how they drop RNG with a powerful frame so 6 chances a week to get le monarque and Jotun but oh man the weapons are so fun the bow emits poison like thorn has a super cool scope out of like tron movie and jotun makes you feel like megaman with the power of the gjallarhorn its so strong and emits a tracking fireball that burns everything alive when it hits

5:ADA 1 is a super amazing character awesome dialogue backstory and really fleshed out more then most. Shes very likable and mysterious

Niobe Labs-Community and Streamers only the puzzles were so difficult that even with millions of people working on it couldnt be solved over 24 hours it was neat to watch but bergusia wouldnt be unlocked until complete poor decision again changed to open 2 days later so that was nice but should have been optional and the puzzle should have been solvable with things in game not stupid cia cypher puzzles that correspond to gems in the sword of charlemagne.

2ND FAULT-Izanagis burden Quest

First off the first item is glitched key mold only drops on one character when its supposed to drop on all 3. Then you need to complete a rare bounty which relys on complete RNG. Then if you get lucky enough to get one you could get screwed with one that requires 12 bounties when you can only pick up 5 day so if your at the end of the week well too bad. Heres the worst part after this you have to beat shattered throne which is only on third curse week. So you miss the rng rare bounty your stuck waiting a whole month to continue the quest its literally the worst quest Destiny 2 has come out with yet and yes im stuck waiting a month cuz of screwed up RNG crap.

7:The gem of the expansion is the New scourge raid. Super fun high action super fast and reminds me of wrath of the machine from the first game also its the only raid on the last city on earth. The sparrow racing part is just awesome and i so hope srl comes back because riding sparrows its just plain epic. The final boss is literally bringing down a giant fallen Gundam and its so much fun. Scourge is the best raid in D2 right now.

Verdict Rating-Must Buy/Can Buy-Black Armory is a huge step in the right direction but the bugs and the stupid rng quest were super annoying as a player but forges and scourge more make up for the 15 dollar price tag of this DLC.
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Hollow Knight - PC Games
Game Beaten Jan 8,2019 PS4 Version

1:2D Platformer/Brawler/Metroid Vania

2:Hauntingly lonely but beautiful music and extremely good ambience in each unique section

3:Alot of cool characters and intriguing dialogue to listen to

4:Very strategic you can just go in guns blazing so to speak will punish spammers have to study boss patterns and movements to succeed.

5:Ridiculous difficulty spikes id say around cuphead level very frustrating at times esp feels unfair with some of the room sizes and the bosses movements but when you finally complete it very very satisfying

6:No direction ever where to go unless you count adding the hollow knight spirits to the map but that doesnt really count because you get lost all the time and backtracking is a real chore there is a form of fast travel but its super back track heavy so much so i got irritated with it

7:Optional boss fights can appear midgame and there near impossible to defeat so you could think you have to beat them to progress nope they shouldnt have been added until the main campaign was beaten just saying to fight and unwinnable fight to realize your completely outmatched because its optional is super annoying.

8:Dark soul like element where you die you lose everything if you cant get to the place you died i dont appreciate this concept but it fits the game well. Also the only way to heal is by channeling bug juice which leaves you very open to attack so it makes it very difficult to heal but adds strategy to the game so i get it.

Verdict Rating Can Buy/Must Play-It really is an amazing title that none should miss but the bosses difficulty is pretty high and overall game is really tough old school tough but the story tone and environments you explore made it worth going through hollownest at least once.
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Spyro Reignited Trilogy
Game Beaten Nov 28,2018

1:Suped up PS4 graphics of all 3 games with just amazing details to everything the flame effects are all different and even burns the grass around you

2:New dialogue for the original games dragons and redesigns

3:Minigames and challenges are way too easy now except for the stupid skateboard challenges in spyro 3 those need to die sorry hate them.

4:So beautiful and hidden thoughtful easter egg toys for bob put in spyro 3 for a deceased mother and fan amazing and such good developers for doing this

5:Exactly as you remember minus the amazing sound effects from the original are WAY BETTER but i digress its still a beautiful port and remaster

The Last Tinker City Of Colors
Game Beaten Nov 23,2018

1:Super original concept 3D action platformer very similar to ratchet and clank

2:Super colorful worlds

3:Amazing heartwarming story all throughout

4:Game is ho hum until a point and then just takes off and becomes so fun to play and see what happens next

5:The music is so unique indian sounding mixed with metal,jazz,orchestra all kinds one of the coolest soundtrack

6:Amazing finale i nearly cried

7:A stellar way and moral lesson to show all people are equal no matter color or culture everyone should experience this game

Burly Men At Sea
Game Beaten Nov 18,2018

1:Story book setting with bearded men unfolds like a beautiful childrens tale

2:Highly illustrated and well written dialogue

3:Super short charming stories with tons of branching paths

Verdict Rating-Can play
Gex The Gecko
Game beaten Nov 10,2018

1:2D platformer old school dfficulty and you gave to play it D pad only ewwww

2:Its Tail Time!!! Literally here that a million times

3:Worlds bases off tv show types horror cartoons karate etc...

4:Old school difficulty

5:Still uses password system which is super nostalgic

6:One liners are hilarious

Verdict Rating-Can Play
Destiny 2-Forsaken
Game Beaten Oct 25 2018

1:Finally became what everyone wanted Destiny 2 in the beginning

2:Dark sad campaign that is super well done but i still cant believe they killed cayde 6 i lovedhis character

3:Finally weapon versatility is back snipers and shotguns in secondary slots

4:Exotics are super cool but extremely hard to obtain which can be frustrating

5:Triumphs added and grimoire score is back with literally 1000 things to do

6:Awesome new exotic quests malfeasance boss spawn was terrible but after patch its a super cool gun my favorite of the exotics think dark last word.

7:New enemy type is really cool the Scorn super aggresive like fallen

8:Last wish hardest raid ever created like kings fall pumped up to 11 but extremely well done and even with cheesing riven its a blast especially queenswalk it feels like a metroid prime self destruct run sequence its so epic.

9:Raid exotics went back to being RNG which totally sucks cuz 1000 voices is awesome i finally got 19 runs later.

10:New endgame destination dreaming city is the coolest area in destiny ever always changing and still building up to something. 6 mini ascendant challenges for 6 weeks straight. 3 week curse cycle that is progressing a story. Every third week teases the future of the series which is super intriguing and exciting.

11:Blindwell is escalation protocol perfected super fun and crazy chaotic with supers.

12:Best Destiny has been since age of triumph now is the time to jump back in.

13:Nostalgic throwbacks like good ol thunderlord coming back and revisiting the og cosmodrome.

14:Amazing new supers for every class whirl wind of knives, fire tornadoes of fire,and super saiyan 5 goku


There is a reason i tell everyone this is the best game series ever made and always will be not to say it dont have flaws but the fun alone and the friends ive made is completely worth every penny.
Planet Alpha
Game beaten oct 14,2018

1:Eyecandy breathtaking sights to take in while trudging through on a hostile alien planet

2:No dialogue the game tells its story through the atmosphere and the environment itself and lets you piece it together as you play.

3:Stealth and platforming at its finest fair but brutal with a good couple jumpscares thrown in.

4:Such an intriguing game never able to predict what will happen next builds tension while exploring

5:The places you go through are so varied for example pink and purple jungles to dark forests where lights are the mushrooms lining the forest floor and a alien hive undergound with huge scary bugs that can snuff you out in a single hit.

6:Just as good as Journey tbh

Guacamelee 2
Game Beaten Sept 1,2018

1:Juans back better than ever super bright color palette as usual

2:Good mexican dubstep returns

3:Rpg like fighting trees this time unlocking moves also chicken has bigger part with its unique combat

4:Chicken illuminati yes im not making this up

5:Time travelling through worlds for the sacred guacamolle is amazing so many ref

6:Story is just plain hilarious ridiculous this time around

7:Amazing combat and its so fun the endgame challenges will put your skills to the test

Verdict Rating-Absolutly Must Play/Buy

Better if not as good as the first game hands down
Guacamelee Championship Edition
Game Beaten August 30,2018

1:2D metroidvania mexican wrestler based environments and attacks

2:Mexican themed music is amazing esp a favorite is temple of the rain its culture mixed with dubstep

3:Flip between living and dead realms really shakes up platforming

4:Romantic story about true love and to even see the real ending you have to find almost all the secrets

5:Combo moves and fighting is a blast

Verdict Rating-Absolutely Must Play/Buy
Donut County
Game Beaten Aug 28,2018

1:Super simple concept just move a hole around and consume all! Dogs cars letters houses everything.

2.Funny dialogue and cute furry animal story about a racoon working for a company that makes holes

3:Very charming relaxing music

4:Just plain fun gets a bit tedius but hilarity does ensue at times especially when two rabbits make love in your hole xD

5:Very cute adorable game only like 2 to 3 hours at most maybe less

Verdict Rating-Must Play/Can Play
Slimesan Super Slime Edition
Game Beaten Aug 25,2018

1:2D platformer super fun and precise fashioned in 8bit graphics and sound the chibitunes are just plain adrenaline pumping jams that stick in your head

2:Every section is timed and acid fills the stage unless u escape but you can slow down time

3:The levels are all done differently and the environments are varied never a dull moment

4:Classic platformer fans rejoice

5:banjokooie like grunts for dialogue that will have u rolling with laughter

6:Humoungous overworld hub thing to talk to animals just hilarious dialogue makes no sense.

7:Awesome boss fights

Verdict Rating:Absolutely Must Play/Buy!
Game Beaten July 8,2018

1:A 3D platformer/puzzler

2:Game is art type of game with super mellow soothing soundtrack that will put you too sleep

3:Interesting mechanics and brain teasers and no hints at all or dialogue you literally have to figure out everything by yourself

4:Last puzzle is ridiculously complicated to solve but spinning enough stuff i got it

5:Super fun to play with a sibling or fellow player and cutesy with a fun little short story

6:Very happy satisfactory ending

Verdict Rating-Must Play/Can Play-Similar to journey its just a beautiful game and peaceful gaming experience that is definitely worth taking.
People who added this item 23 Average listal rating (16 ratings) 5.2 IMDB Rating 0
Super Mario Run - iPhone
Game Beaten July 8,2018

1:2D platformer like the original just controlled by tapping the screen to jump

2:Each level does change a little bit but not enough to really have fun or variety at all

3:Bosses are too easy and not a challenge

4:Levels are too short and the only challenge is getting the coins but theres really no point

5:Final boss was more rng than skill and annoying

Verdict Rating-Not recommended/Can Play-Kudos to nintendo for trying the phone game market but no this is bad and not fun and definitely not worth 10 dollars mario is a console game not for phones enough said.
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
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Splatoon 2-Octo Expansion
Game Beaten June 26,2018

1:Splatoon 2 at its finest even better than the original game to be honest

2:Its like they mashed portal into the game where you wake up in a subway lost all memories and you have to find 4 thangs to escape and do 80 mini test chambers super similar to portal. Each test is different and will test your mettle and skill in all ways patience timing skill endurance all ways.\

3:Some challenges are so brutally hard it harkens back to old shatter your controller against the wall days,but fortunately if you can't pass the test in so many tries you can skip the test completely but honestly beating all 80 feels so good and is alot of fun frustration aside.

4:Even after all 4 thangs its not over...no spoilers but dang so amazing the game is just perfect compared to the original game

5:Ending is so satisfactory and i just cant praise it enough

Verdict Rating-MUST PLAY/BUY-Best splatoon experience for your time and one of the best dlcs i have ever bought or experienced well done Nintendo well done.
Game Beaten-June 25,2018

1:Friend bought ps vr so finally got to play this been looking foward to it got a metroid prime like feel fps vr stuck on strange alien planet

2:Story is told through holograms of people passing by ahead of you and some nice cutscenes but its super confusing and at the end left with more questions than answers hopefully a sequel can answer them

3:Gameplay is super fun till you have to snipe in vr thats a no go but gunplay is good and the immersion of being in vr is just awesome fog coming off the mountains the lava bubbling beneath some caves its really cool to see in vr not gonna lie

4:Pretty short but awesome 4-6 hours id say

Verdict Rating-Must Play/Can Play-Awesome vr experience if you end of getting one you got to play this definitely worth going through.
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Contra III: The Alien Wars - Super famicom and SNES
Game Beaten June 13,2018

1:Super difficult old school game 2D shooter

2:Played on snes collection so save states yay two player with a friend to the end lets just say lots of resets

3:Wierd top down 2D maze section almost 3d like

4:Interesting bosses and lots of explosions

Verdict Rating-Can Play/Not Recommended-If you have save states give it a try but without that yah na bruh
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Owned Wanted Played Custom
Destiny 2-Warmind
Game Beaten June 11,2018

1:Good story but super short only about 4 missons lol

2:Cool new area to explore on mars about the size of titan i would say with new icy terrain and ice hive to go with it

3:New raid Spire of Stars is super fun but definitely the hardest of the bunch and takes alot of good coordination over skill this time around but oh so much fun. A new tossing ball mechanic to master.

4:New activity Escalation Protocall is fun but really flawed. To sum up its a 9 man activity but you can only bring 2 people in and have to message random players to build a team which can take like 30 min to and hour then you got to go through 7 waves of enemies culminating in a boss which takes around id say 20 min. The worst part is the weapons are super rare drops and super hard to get which wouldn't be bad except finding players to do the activity. So i have a strong hate relationship with the activity well made poorly executed.

5:2 new strikes against nokris and the worm god xol and ps4 exclusive insight terminus which is the coolest one.

6:A cool time gated quest that took 5 weeks to get a super cool pulse thats similar to the original black hammer from D1 and they brought back sleeper simulant which is awesome

7:Finally added secrets to find 45 collectibles to search out and break to earn an awesome sword that allows you to teleport and a sick looking sparrow to ride also a little quest to find sleeper nodes all over the place by following the music and clues which was pretty fun as well.

8:Added Exotic catalysts that are insanely insanely low rng and super rare so its really cool to get them and some are fine to get like just kill yellow bar enemies or use a sword but some are just plain stupid such as mida being locked behind the final ranking of comp called legend at 5500 points which only 2% of the community can even get to i can't even get to probably and its a super stupid move of the developers to do this because the catalysts exponentially make the weapons better and more fun to use. For example graviton gets hidden hand and crimson max range its a blast to use them and they make orbs of light after getting a catalyst. So just like escalation good idea poor poor execution and it sucks because as a collector i want everything in the game and it was doable until now so very sad and frustrated with the catalysts being locked behind the hardest activities ever but alas it is what is. Rant aside catalysts are super rare and fun to chase the ones within reach.

9:Added ranked crucible which is nice to go for some cool rewards but comp is broken no radar and if you lose repeatedly you could gain like 350 points one day and if you go on a 5 game loss streak you could lose all progress in minutes which took hours to get its so broken its not even funny so only can play with a 4 stack team and since its such high stakes i had to say no to playing with some of my friends cuz i couldnt risk glory points. Again here we are new idea awesome and poorly executed literally the theme of warmind and destiny 2 right now. Also they put out a gun seasonly in comp that they said 40% of players would reach called reddrix claymore with a a specific perk called desperado only available till sept hahahaha only like 4% of players will reach fabled which is about halfway to legend rank 2100 points which i did and is a humongous grindfest and honestly not worth it at all but i got it which a proud accomplishment that im top 5000 players out of 480000 so thats pretty cool. Come july 17 which is tomorrow haha there patching loss streaks so may try some more with the new patch and bounties coming back so excited.

Verdict Rating-Must Play/Must Buy-Even tho destiny 2 still isnt as awesome as the first its getting better which sucks because it should be outshining the original but the memories ive made the activites that ive done with friends will always justify playing destiny. Its my favorite game of all time and im always looking forward to it getting better and new things to do all the time.
Bit Trip Runner 3
Game Beaten May 31,2018

1:Very fun bright colorful 2D rhythmic platformer

2:Insanely well designed levels that always keep you guessing and dirty developer traps to keep you jumping

3:The music is just unbelievably catchy i had to buy the soundtrack its one of the best gaming soundtracks out there huge variety and just an amazing listen

4:Pretty long lots of secrets to find and replay levels for unlockable characters even the glorious shovel knight.

5:The hardest bit trip game yet but difficulties are coming with a patch so hang on if you cant beat it just yet.

Verdict Rating-MUST PLAY/BUY-This is the pinnacle of the bit trip games so much fun and the soundtrack is out of this world good you have to give it a chance.
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Legend of Kay Anniversary - PlayStation 4
Game Beaten May 21,2018

1:3D platformer/fighter

2:Combat is a little wonky but fun to a degree

3:Overworld is filled with things to find and collect with some sidequests sprinkled in

4:Super cheesey little kid dialogue that will make you smile or cringe

5:Pretty good storyline

6:Super bad final boss fight though really really poor game design but up to that point very fun similar to like a zelda game tbh.

Verdict Rating-Can Play-Fun for like id say around 20 hours little platform adventure not bad but wait for that final boss ewwwww.
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
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People who added this item 49 Average listal rating (25 ratings) 8.2 IMDB Rating 0
Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - PlayStation 4
May 3 2018

1:First the first time no male lead only chloe and nadine on an adventure and the girly chat is actually quite refreshing and funny

2:Insanely beautiful area the game takes place in India and temples and cool lush jungles

3:The puzzles and mechanics are quite neat

4:Combat is still superb

5:Open world section with optional like mini puzzles and minigames and exporation was awesome feature

6:Good orchestral soundtrack as usual

7:One of my favorite uncharteds and better than 4 in my personal opinion really enjoyed it

8:Is only half as long as a main uncharted game but amazing the whole way through

Verdict Rating-MUST PLAY/BUY
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Owned Wanted Played Custom
People who added this item 49 Average listal rating (24 ratings) 7.8 IMDB Rating 0
Game Beaten April 30,2018

1:Very beautiful remaster in graphics just amazing

2:Was sad the music wasnt the exact same and alot of nostalgic sound effects werent there or completely gone
Ripper roos crazy laugh
enemies sounds
jet ski engine
bike engine
dingodile explosion
and the water vehicle

3:Crash 1 is now perfect and pretty playable so much better over the original

4:No restart button is super frustrating especially not being in a remastered version comon people

5:Bosses were toned way down and super easy compared to the og but some levels felt way harder in this one

Verdict Rating-Absolutely Must Buy/Play
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Owned Wanted Played Custom
The Adventure Pals
Game Beaten April 25,2018

1:2D side scroller beatem up and exploration

2:Heartwarming ending

3:Really Really funny and childish dialogue a perfect kids game or kid at heart

4:Similar layout to levels but the theme changes every world

5:Bosses very creative

6:Super fun to play through except near the end with only fighting

Verdict Rating-Can Play

8 out of 10 Stars
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Shows all the games ive beaten clean no walkthroughs,cheats or help at all over all video game consoles. Also i used to own all these games actually over 1000 games in total so far but i sold around 800 and kept only my favorites

My inspiration and personal motivator is myself haha and Pumpkinate without him i would have never had energy to build this humongous list for your personal enjoyment so i owe him deep respect and gratitude and thank him for loyally sticking to my side! :D

I just ask please that my review does not make your decisions for you i am but one humble man so my opinion is not always just and reflects how i feel. Please look at several reviews or just do research on a game or play a demo if you like it buy it if not i guess just enjoy gaming its one of the best things of life :D.

I will qoute myself in saying to many people when they ask me to do something for them that i dont want to.

"I carve my own path through the uncharted seas of this world and unto what i have done is completely of my own mind"


Verdict Ratings may differ from actual rating score I give a game.

Verdict Ratings
Absolute Must Buy 10
Must Buy 9
Can Buy 8
Absolute Must Play 7
Must Play 6
Can Play 5
Not For Me 4
Not Recommended 3
Don't Buy or Play 2
Waste of Time 1
Deplorable Crap 0

My username on Miiverse is just Falcon smiling light blue shirted mii hahaha hopefully noone else has that name :D

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