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Added by Silver Falcon Soul on 6 Oct 2011 10:07
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All The Video Games I Have Beaten In My Lifetime

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Games Ive Beaten

All completely clean
People who added this item 6 Average listal rating (3 ratings) 5.7 IMDB Rating 0
Game Beaten 1114-Nov 30,2022

1-Third Person Platformer Fighter and Puzzle Game

2-Levels are very well designed perfect mix of fighting platforming and puzzles and really fun to go through

3-Awesome metal guitar music when in combat and pretty good ratchet and clank like music in exploration

4-Uses all the alien forms in creative ways to solve puzzles and traverse the alien Planets

5-Gwen and her grandma are such beautiful women omg Foxy loves them

6-Pretty good length about 4 hour game

7-Fall damage but not enough to be annoying at least

8-Death screams when you fall off things pretty funny spider monkey sounds like a cat

Verdict Rating-Must Play-One of the best ben 10 games in the series an absolute blast to play so well made Foxy definitely really enjoyed this one
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Bayala The Game
Game Beaten 1113-Nov 25,2022

1-Third Person Platformer/Puzzler

2-The girliest fairy game ever Foxys ever played so perfect fur her gender dysphoria making her feel like the woman she is inside and so happy the whole time being a loving fairy sister to other fairy girls was so nice fur Foxy

3-Really solid platforming and even challenging in some places

4-Fun Minigames that arent too hard and different

5-Doing main campaign is fine but doing all the quest has you revisit the same areas alot so it gets tedious and with no map it starts to get really old

6-Really charming beautiful girly girls all are so fantastic Foxy she cant wait to be a girl herself one day soon

7-Great cutscenes feels like a disney movie like frozen no lie


Verdict Rating-Can Play-Its a great game gender dysphoria aside perfect for girls or kids not really a hard core gamer but its a really therapeutic experience fur Foxy and one of the girliest games shes ever played she greatly enjoyed every second and cant wait to be female one day forever.
Game Beaten 1112-Nov 24,2022

1-Extremely short 2d puzzle game where you possess fish to progress

2-Very grim creepy atomosphere like limbo

3-Not to bad in the puzzle department very unique

4-Really bad cp system having to repeat alot if you die very annyoing

5-Certain really annoying difficulty spikes the tunnel with the mines and the tentacles was beyond frustrating


Verdict Rating-Can Play-Really really interesting concept but with no dialogue and far too little cutscenes its hard to get into the setting personally fur Foxy but a great short 2 hour little experience worth taking
Chronos:Before the Ashes
Game Beaten 1111-Nov 24,2021

1-a 3D Darksouls slasher

2-An amazing story link to remnant of the ashes explaining more of the wards and dr hassregards experiments and the dreamers

3-Combat was super good and fair really fun learning curve dodging the sword proved most effective

4-Dying takes a year of your life but you come back stronger and wiser really cool concept Foxy finished the game at age 36 pretty good

5-Puzzles are pretty tough and somethings not shown or clearly explained so that was annoying at times like some items come apart and the game never even told you that and some things not marked well

6-Enemies are used from from the past game but in clever new ways

7-Cheap one shot kills the golem some traps even falling too far that got super super old

8-Checkpoints are not placed well and highly annoying esp not having one near the final boss having to run up to him everytime you die up and elevator like seriously bruh...

9-Music is really serene and good quite calm


Verdict Rating-Must Play/Can Play-Its such a fantastic story it honestly must be played if you played Remnant but its a souls clone so its very difficult but fair only 9.7 percent of players have beat it so be ready for a challenge but its a fun ride pretty much
Tad the Explorer
Game Beaten 1110 Nov 21,2022

1:A 3D/2D Platforming puzzler

2:First off the ps4 version is completely unplayable by world 2 and crashes the system and cannot progress so Foxy had to finish the game on their ps5

3-Platforming is a little clunky and quite delayed and some sections require precise jumping

4-Puzzles were really good at first but then started to even be duplicated and got really annoying to deal with

5-The first world was so solid but after that just went down hill from there

6-A boat chase level that is way too long and makes you want to tear your hair out hit one thing your caught and have to restart

7-4 Worlds each have a variety of things to do keeps you on your toes

8-Final boss is really lame and too ez to beat

9-Music is pretty solid esp that jazzy intro oooooh music to Foxys ears


Verdict Rating-Can Play-So much potential in the beginning but the game just gets worse after the first world and just quite a slog sadly a short 4 hour game worthy of a rent but not much more than that
People who added this item 1 Average listal rating (0 ratings) 0 IMDB Rating 0
Sonic Frontiers - PlayStation 4
Game Beaten 1109 Nov 11,2022


2-Absolutely breathtaking landscapes and environments

3-Levels from past games in cyber space but there too short and mostly platforming ripping all speed off of sonic

4-Combat is fun and flashy but feels alittle clunky

5-Roaming mini bosses are like puzzles instead of combat but really well done

6-COLLECTIBLES GALORE-HUNDREDS maybe even a 1000 total have no idea how many and each one is a small sonic gauntlet platforming rail grinding and bouncing off of springs and so well designed and just a visual trip but this is 90% of the game there is barely any substance at all sadly

7-Story is very shallow but deep conversations between his friends

8-Travel is annoying and some parts are blocked off until the story is advanced enough not truly open world and fast travel is not unlocked until the map is fully explored which is sometimes timegated and becomes extremely frustrating as a player

9-Characters are pretty great Amy Knuckles and Sonic and Sage really well done and likable but not much character development alittle

10-Music is absolutely amazing calming and then rock and roll for bosses edm remixes for levels and smooth guitar for fishing and the final song for the final boss is just perfect Foxy replayed the final boss just to hear it again cant wait to see where they go from here

11-Dumb night challenges and no way to change it from day to night for the map that was beyond annoying.

12-4 islands to run your heart out sad only 3 had different texture jungle forest and volcanic and desert

13-The best part of the game is climbing these 6 towers that are like thousands of feet high that was literally the coolest and best part of the game hands down Foxys paws were actually sweating so intense

14-The boss fights you go super sayan and are just visually so neat and phenomenal looking and super fun to beat the tar out of the Titans

Verdict Rating-Must Play/Can Play-This game is so beyond cool but its not alot of substance and nothing like any other sonic game so if you keep an open mind you will enjoy it but if your looking for a traditional experience you will be sorely disappointed defintely needs some work some things gameplay wise are a little rusty but its the first open world sonic gotta show them some slack hope the future fur the Blue blur continues to shine and this setup has so much potential cant wait to see what improves the next one but its quite a refreshing new stab for the blue blur test it out with no reservations and you should have a blast playing.
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
People who added this item 3 Average listal rating (2 ratings) 8 IMDB Rating 0
Remnant: From the Ashes - PlayStation 4
Game Beaten 1108 Nov 16,2022

1-3rd Person Shooter souls/like

2-Amazing cover shooter mechanics extremely fun combat and fair

3-Some fall damage and stun locking but not super bad

4-Giant explorable maps to find hidden secrets and items needed to level up and super fun destructible environments LIKE CHAIRS OH YES

5-Really great environments decrepit cities swamps alien robotic castles and more really really cool places

6-Enemy design is so cool and unique from the root to skull faced warriors to overgrown plants and bugs you never know what your fighting next and even visual and listening cues when strong enemy approaches

7-Multiplayer is a blast and so well done

8-Story is so intriguing barely any cut scenes but computers and diary entries laying around can be read to find the storyline

9-Pretty sad

10-Final boss was so neat but alittle confusing not well cued on what to do but other than that super solid

11-Every boss is action packed and it takes alot of skill to beat them

12-Souls like so the game is pretty hard but not crushingly so

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY/BUY-Gameplay is tight responsive super fun downing enemies multiple weapons to find what you want to use and can upgrade it to the end even the beginning pistol and amazing climactic bosses that will have you on the end of your seat and absolutely phenomenal game in every aspect that no shooter fan should miss.
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
People who added this item 5 Average listal rating (4 ratings) 7.5 IMDB Rating 0
Game 1107 Beaten Nov 13,2022

1-2D Action Puzzle/Platformer

2-Most of the time running for your life platforming precisely correctly and everything collapsing around you sort of like uncharted these are the greatest moments in the game where the game shines

3-Puzzles are really clever barely any hints and some really bend your brain there not too bad at first but near the end they kinda slow down the experience of the game

4-Monster that runs after you is terrifying

5-Music is really organic and perfect for the setting of the game

6-Excellent final boss fight super well done

7-Only gripe is really bad cps having to redo large parts of the game

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY/BUY-This is a fun short action packed game that is honestly just a blast to play and seeing everything break and fall is just satisfying to outrun its so good puzzles slow down the game near the end but other than that such a solid fun game short and sweet

Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Mario+Rabbids Sparks of Hope
Game 1106 Beaten Nov 12,2022

1-Top down RTS 3rd person grid shooter

2-Not as good as the orginal stripped everything that made that game good no weapon upgrades or choices only 3 heroes at a time and games 95% combat barely any exploration or puzzles at all and all the puzzles are just moving blocks

3-Voice acting is only the robots and they have absolutely no emotion at all its beyond boring and lame

4-Worlds are really pretty and move around if only there was actual exploration

5-Battles are extremely long and drawn out and enemies spawn indefintely now with portals all the time spawning enemies its beyond stupid game design and plain annoying after you clear and enemy it should be gone for good not replaced after one turn by 3 or more this game is so beyond stupid

6-Bosses are more like puzzles then combat at all

7-Sparks are neat allow super powers of different elements

8-Barely any new enemies like only 8 types and just reskin them later

9-Games like 15 hours if you just do the main campaign which is what Foxy did because this game is so unenjoyable to play all the way through unless you really like RTS's


Verdict Rating-Not Recommended/Waste of Time-The first one was actually fun and worth playing this one is just a stripped version thats completely worse in every single way honestly just watch the cutscenes and skip this game save yourself the trouble and pain
People who added this item 4 Average listal rating (2 ratings) 7 IMDB Rating 0
WarioWare: Get It Together! - Nintendo Switch
Game 1105 Beaten Nov 8,2022

1-Zany as ever and wierd minigames everywhere

2-Shallow story about sucked into a game fixing the glitches

3-Each character has their own movement and attack styles some are fun and some are attrocious like 5volt the mom ooooh yikes

4-The minigames are pretty fun and solid some bosses are repeated which was lame but understandable

5-Great final showdown with a poo cloud lol

Verdict Rating-Must Play-Great warioware goodness just extremely short but avsweet ride to the end
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
The Smurfs Mission Villeaf
Game 1104 Game Beaten Nov 7,2022

1-A 3D Platformer

2-Great music very melancholic and upbeat music similar to banjo kazooie

3-Gameplay is kinda therapeutic and just gets boring after awhile you get to spray dark grass and plants to clean up the land its very relaxing but it never really changes the whole game through so it gets boring after awhile

4-Metroidvania like gain upgrades to fly pound the ground and rush across the ground can fully explore areas to find collectibles to upgrade your spray and even change the colors

5-Smurf talk is hiliarious like HOLY SMURF omg its too funny and so overly used

6-Different characters per chapter the best being the lovely smurfette being her was so great and lovely

7-Combat is pretty boring and repetitive

5/10 Stars

Verdict Rating-Can Play-A short fun 3D gaming platformer not too difficult but not super ez just right and really fun kids game pretty relaxing slightly tedious and Foxys furst smurf game pretty enjoyable for a 6 hour game definitely good to pick up if on sale for a fun time
People who added this item 1 Average listal rating (1 ratings) 4 IMDB Rating 0
Need for Speed (2015) - PlayStation 4
Game 1103 Beaten Oct 28,2022

1-A third person racing game but more like DRIFTING GAME 90% of the game is drifting not even racing

2-Great storyline the cutscenes are all Live action and the characters are so goofy omg esp spike hes amazing but omg ROBYN is so gorgeous Foxy would die to be a girl herself as pretty as her or date a woman of her beauty holy snap thats Foxys type right there

3-You have to beat the game 100% to even beat the campaign which is crazy

4-The cars in the game are all fantastic and go lightning fast going 224 mph is exhilarating and you eventually go so fast you cant even see the road which is pretty intense.

5-Music is pretty solid and fun to listen too and them car engine roars are beyond good

6-Heres where the games fall apart loading times are ATROICOUS

7-The game is always online and connection is super unstable and kicked Foxy about at least 7 times in mid races like the game shouldnt even be online at all

8-Not enough racing the whole game is about drifting and the sprints and circuit races were the best in the game and the time trial 90% is drifting and its just not fun at all and takes alot of practice to nail

9-Games mad hard only 11.2% of players can finish the game

10-Difficulty is easy to medium to hard with no options to make it easier other than too supe your car up with parts so not alot of people will be able to play and finish the game cuz it gets rough

11-THERES ONCOMING TRAFFIC IN A RACING GAME ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS-Like really at any point of any race an oncoming car can hit you screwing you over failing a race thats just the epitome of bad racing game design also fellow Racers will sabotage you too they race the wrong direction trying to hit you or wait on a street just to hit you and screw you up this community is absolute trash of human beings and theres not way to report any players for sabotaging your races you can play alone but your server will be really unstable and kick you even more.

Verdict Rating-Can Play/Not Recommended-Theres way better racing games out there and NFS games also it was great skill test but other than that and seeing the beautiful Robyn its not worth it. The game is mad hard and half the experience is drifting and the oncoming traffic makes you want to throw your controller like the old days not in a good way Foxy had some major pink fur ruffled playing this glad its over to say the least hopefully NFS will come out with better games later but this was so sour it made Foxy want to never play racing games again.
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Game 1102 Beaten Oct 26,2022

1-A third person RPG/Swinger/Fighter/Action/Racing

2-4 different playable characters robin red hood nightwing and the best of all BATGIRL

3-Fanservice for all the characters esp Batgirl her suit is skintight sexy shows off all her assests really nicely shes gorgeous in this game. So many different suits and colors to customize even the cowl gloves boots and symbol it was a nice touch

4-This is the part that really annoyed Foxy its a loot based game but it makes no sense and just really drags the game down it just doesnt make any sense for this game to be a loot game at all its beyond annoying and you get crafting materials from just doing crimes around the city they should have just made it upgrade from xp the loot is just wierd and doesnt fit this game style

5-Story IS PHENOMENAL its so good so action packed and so so intriguing from beginning to the end and keeps you on the edge of your seat and the extra vilian cases sprinkled in are beyond fun and the boss fights are visual masterpieces

6-The fighting in the game is kind of clunky no where near the batman arkham games really bad compared to those games and missions have barely any difference in variety their pretty boring after a couple of times

7-Until fast travel the city is really annoying to traverse and takes too long to get anywhere and the flight is just too slow and you dont feel speedy like the arkham games

8-Batgirl literally the catwoman of this game shes so gorgeous

9-The nights are just annoying wish all the missions where just on the table the rotation based day system is pretty annoying and terrible

10-The environments you explore are beyond cool like some of the caves and buildings and underground are just amazing in detail.

11-The final part of the game difficulty spikes by like 400% it is so stupidly hard and annoying you fight the same enemy not once not twice BUT 4 FREAKING TIMES and the fights are beyond annoying and then the end of the game is THREE BOSS FIGHTS IN A ROW WITH NO REGEN ON YOUR HEALS like are you freaking kidding me why? just why? the game out of nowhere just increases in difficulty like crazy high so that made the game a real downer to finish

12-Emotionally moving

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY-Like this story is so so so good and so intriguing it really is and the way they close batmans story is just perfect and really opened up the Batman games to continue and being the beautiful bat girl was a dream come true fur Foxy omg she cant wait to be a woman herself that beautiful one day soon. Multiplayer also makes this game heck of fun and works extremely well.

Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
People who added this item 24 Average listal rating (18 ratings) 7.9 IMDB Rating 0
Elden Ring - PC Games
Game 1101-Game Beaten Oct 20,2022

1-A soulslike third person rpg/platformer/Hack and Slash

2-A beautiful game with gorgeous vistas like an underground starry skies grim humongous castles battlegrounds cliffsides dark oceans and much more

3-This game is beyond brutal in difficulty its unfair in every sense possible. One or two shot by every enemy in the game no matter how high you level you always feel like a weak pathetic loser you never ever feel good as a player

4-NO GUIDANCE WHATSOEVER ANYTIME AT ALL IN AN OPEN WORLD GAME-People will say it does like the graces but no the graces guide you instantly to a level 40 area that you actually cant beat unless your god tier you actually need to travel east to the western peninsula and finish all the things their every dungeon and catacomb and then your maybe strong enough to beat storm veil castle. Theres a map but it its beyond confusing doesnt show anything until you find yourself so its literally pointless or show elevation at all. No guidance is fine in a linear game but in an Open world setting nah chief that aint it thats beyond bad game design

4-No hand holding no instructions no tutorials at all unless you have a friend that has played the series or you are used to figuring out everything or searching up everything online this is an absolute nightmare of a game to learn

5-No music thats even worthwhile unless fighting a main enemy its mostly ambience but the title screens nice.

6-Combat is only place its semi fun their isnt anything more fun then jump slashing an enemy. Can parry and dodge roll but everything requires stamina to do anything which is highly annoying

7-Bosses are just the most bull crap thing ever most can one or two shot you with over powered attacks grabs where they can instantly kill you and nothing you can do and they can be so big their just rag dolling you all over the place stun locking you until you die its the worst design Foxys seen in boss fights they have ever seen ontop of their attacks can pierce through solid walls what the living heck if your going to make a realism game with fall damage but then have a sword go through a solid stone wall thats like 3 meters deep yeah ok epitome of bad game design.

8-Dungeon and Catacombs are fun but the environments are recycled and they all look the EXACT SAME they have different enemy placements and puzzles but there all completely recycled and even bosses are cloned as well which is very lame

9-Game is just beyond morbid and disturbing on so many levels severed hands hanging from the ceiling spiders made of hands blood and women who bite their arm and spray blood at you creepy chanting crippled children and more yeah its great...

10-Cutscenes are just gruesome and disturbing and have no relevance at all other than to be extremely gross

11-Little to no story in game all reading on lore on items

12-LOADING TIMES ARE BEYOND ATROCIOUS ON PS4 LITERALLY A MIN AND A HALF EVERYTIME YOU DIE-This is unacceptable in 2022 this is as bad as Sonic 2006 and fur a game that will make you die hundreds if not thousands its not ok

13-No optional difficulty setting or anyway to make it any easier

14-Fall damage that kills you so many times beyond annoying

15-A extensive character creator where Foxy she could be the woman she was meant to be from the size of her breasts makeup hairstyle and everything so this at least helped her with her gender dysphoria so she could be a beautiful woman playing the whole time

16-Multiplayer is so dumbly designed its beyond laggy barely works you have to craft an item to even play together and its only till you beat the boss then you cant even play together at all its so so dumb and then if someones helping all they get is xp they cant pick up anything or even save at a grace so poorly designed why have multiplayer at all?

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY DEPLORABLE GARBAGE/Waste of TIme-This is the most unenjoyable most garbage designed game Foxy has ever played in their entire history of games it will be the first and only souls game they ever play it is the worst type of game Foxy has ever played and they highly recommend never EVER PLAYING ELDEN RING. Foxy deleted this game 4 times before finally finishing it only because her best friend Connor helped her though the end of the game thank Jesus. Unless your masochistic hate your life or just want to be pounded into oblivion avoid this game like the Plague you will thank Foxy later

Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Recore Definitive Edition
Game 1100 Beaten Oct 7,2022

1:Third person shooter/Platformer

2:Story is intriguing but pretty shallow but the villian is hecka cool looking

3:Gameplay is semi fun at first can rotate between 3 different colors to take down robots and tight tight platforming over bottomless pits alot of the times

4:Environment is mostly desert but its entertaining enough and caverns you go into

5:Dungeons are terrible so you have to do 3 things not just complete them which is fine but complete in a time limit find 8 hidden switches and a hidden robot flying around too all in one run to get all the loot its just plain annoying it forces the player into a full run doing it all it should have been fine to split it up do one run on time or switches but all 3 in one go not even such dumb game design

You can be caught on fire have to dash, be stuck in liquid where you have to mash a to escape, waggle your stick being electrocuted and just literally pushed around by everything like a ragdoll

7:Friendly bots a dog a spider a monkey and more each with unique abilities but whats dumb is you can only have so many equipped at a time which is so stupid and you have to switch between them constantly.

8:Enemies are so neat robotic spiders monkeys wolves and gorillas and squids but holy crap is everything way more stronger than you as a girl you will be 2 shot by nearly everything combat is beyond frustratingly hard and you have to be nearly perfect in combat to beat anything its beyond stressfull and frustating

9:THIS GAME IS BRUTALLY HARD LIKE SOULS HARD-Game completion sits today at 2.84% completion rate like holy CRAP this is one of the Hardest games foxys ever played minus a couple games like Returnal is just as difficult if not more so

10:Final Boss is crazy hard and long were talking like a 30 min marathon of robots and a boss that has a health bar bigger than entire cities lol no joke its so beyond difficult but so beyond satisfying to beat OMG Foxys so happy its over

11-The E tower will test your gaming prowess like no other platforming perfection and combat scenarios that literally make you wanna break your controller fur how hard and frustrating it is LIKE THE RADIATION ROOMS dont even get Foxy started.

Verdict Rating-Not Recommended-This is a game fur the only hard core players that really really want a soul crushingly hard game to play and just a really not fun experience you know its a bad game when you literally just want to finish it to be over and thats Recore but Foxys part of the 2.84% to beat it and that makes Foxy wag her cute pink tail so happily omg so happy.
Flynn Son of Crimson
Game 1099-Beaten Oct 1,2022

1-A 2D RPG Platformer/Fighter

2-Music is really calming and peaceful really pirate sounding ironically

3-8 Bit style of graphics but music is all like a pan flute and really relaxing

4-Story is not super deep but has enough weight to care

5-Game is just perfect every level is unique and fun and challenging to play with only one secret treasure to find and later other exits that lead to branching level paths

6-Combat is solid with a dodge roll and 3 different weapons to choose from and a long range magic attack

7:Game is platforming perfection back to the like the old days with Donkey Kong Country its so good

8:Boss fights are a real treat and bring Foxy back to the days of like Megaman good


Verdict rating-ABSOULTELY MUST BUY/PLAY-One of the best platformer games Foxys played in years rivaling Donkey kong country which is one of Foxys favorite platforming series of all time. Every level is a delight the checkpoints are well placed and difficulty is just perfect not too ez not to hard an absolute gem of an indie game that everyone should experience
Ben 10 Alien Force
1098-Game Beaten Sept 30 2022

1-A 3D Beatem up

2-A couple of aliens to choose from like swampfire and spider monkey and big chill

3-Pretty good storyline and cutscenes literally the only good thing about the game

4-Levels are long boring with only fighting and thats beyond boring until the end where theres actually platforming and puzzle solving thats pretty good but 90% is an absolute snorefest

4-Bosses are super lame except fur the dragon thats chained up hes pretty cool reminded Foxy of Ridley from Metroid

5-Music is super lame nothing even great about it at all


Verdict Rating-If not fur the story literally all your waiting for is the pain to be over and see the credits roll its that painful of a game experience not fun in the slightest.
1097-Beaten Sept 29,2022

1-2D side scroller

2-Cookie cutter trash the level design is barely there only 3 types of enemies and gameplay is just atrocious in every single way

3-1 Boss thats duplicated 5 times no new content at all

4-Story is pretty lame some corny jokes but not really good at all

5-One good song the boss theme and thats it

Vedict Rating-ABSOLUTELY DEPLORABLE TRASH!-There is literally no reason to play this game complete cash grab no good levels hardly playable platforming and terrible combat its literally one of the worst games Foxys ever played
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Splatoon 3
Game 1096-Beaten Sept 23,2022

1:A Third Person Shooter and Platformer

2:Story is very convoluted and mysterious only told after boss fights but its still solid

3:CALLIE IS BACK SHE IS FOXYS HER FAVORITE SQUID GURL EVER she so adorable omg love her so much shes so gorgeous

4:Levels are similar to Splatoon 2 dlc levels are mixed between actual levels and minigames or mini sections mastering a weapon or powerup some are fun and some are real slogs Foxy misses just plain ol good levels kind of was dissappointed

5:7 islands if you count endgame rocket with only half the islands having bosses which is just plain lazy and such a letdown then one of the bosses was recycled from not only splatoon 2 but even 1 such laziness but the third one was such an easter egg nod to sunshine so that was really cool final boss is a disaster absolutely hated the fight it was challenging but in a really bad way left a sour taste in Foxys mouth

6:No good music at all really its sad

7:Combat is super solid and better than ever very snappy

8:Being slowed down after you get hurt is beyond annoying but its how splatoon works but its so dumb

9:Get to be either gender so Foxy she could be herself a cute inkling girl helps with her gender dysphoria being a transgurl so much being able to be the woman shes meant to be in games its so nice lots of cute hairstyles fur the gurls this time around.

10:Island exploration is added but its really poor all you do is the same thing over and over get fish eggs to throw a fish to eat these fuzz balls and thats it never anything different or fun at all the exploration is so bad and just a total mess and felt so out of place Foxy actually hated it to pieces

11-Hidden kettle after alterna hardest craziest thing Splatoon has ever made a phase gauntlet of the hardest platforming and fighting Foxy has ever seen and if you fall or die you start over at the beginning and some sections are literally gauntlets that require perfect timing precision and platforming like no other like were talking a 200% increase in difficulty its ridiculous but Foxy unlocked cute bear ears fur her inkling gurl so maybe it was worth it...no it really wasnt prepare to rage dont say Foxy didnt warn you lol


Verdict Rating-Can Play-Its sad like the game had so much potential but its a huge letdown 2 and 1 are better games combat is great but nothing feels new at all and the things that are new are just plain annoying like the exploration is so dull and boring and the new bosses arent even really well done at all it feels rushed and unpolished by alot Foxy was very disappointed in this game Nintendo could have done so much better they only cared about pvp this time around and it shows sadly
Pacman World Repac
Game 1095-Beaten Sept 20 2022

1-3D Platformer

2-A variety of areas pirate factory clown house space and a haunted mansion

3-Boss fights are probably the best part one is a actual race and another like playing the old galaga arcade and more each one is unique and well done

4-Unskippable slot machine fur getting more lives is actually beyond annoying and just stupid

5-Platforming is super solid feels super good if you miss a jump its your fault no hang ups at all extremely good

6-Lots of backtracking to get 100% in levels which is beyond annoying

7-The music is barely noticable just the main theme in different instruments kind of lame


Verdict Rating-Must Play/Can Play-Its a super solid platformer and the boss fights alone make it really worthy of going through a really well packaged 4-6 hours nothing super noteworthy but no reason not to play it either
Sky Forge
Game 1094 Beaten Sept 12,2022

1:A 3D Fighter/Beatem Up RPG MMO

2:A amazing character designer Foxy got to be the woman of their dreams as themselves a beautiful Goddess fully customizable down to their breast size and buttocks position eyebrows makeup hair length color and much much more

3:Game has some cutscenes not alot but alot of dialogue scenes that are beyond buggy some have no sound some zoom in on the womans boobs and and crouch area while your talking to them dont know if its fan service or just buggy game design or the character will move and the camera will pan randomly its pretty comical yet distracting

4:Story is pretty good very intriguing like a tale from Greek mythology

5:Lots of creatures from rats to spider women actual spiders transformer mechs mermaids dryands niads and lots of fan service gorgeous bad gurlz to fight lol with some nice assets lol

6:Lots of great characters Foxys favorite is Mestarchus which is literally obi wan kenobi but blind edition and Zero the hacker and Aurelia the spider queen omg shes so beyond gorgeous you can web Foxy up anytime my mistress wink wink

7:Game has barely any tutorials and is really complicated tons of menus to sort through but with little handholding you dont know if your doing anything right half the time which can be frustrating

8:Game play is fun at furst but gets really monotonous later you literally just fight fur hours on end some regional areas take like no exaggeration 4-6 hours to beat one level and that is just crazy tbh youll be so bored you can barely keep your eyes open trust Foxy

9:Lots of super cute costumes and dresses fur their girl to wear really beautiful stuff and lots of styles to choose from

10:Like 16 different classes but you only get 3 to start and the game is free so you either grind aton even after beating the whole campaign Foxy could only get one class so thats kind of crazy. But you get a paladin cryomancer and light binder light binder is your friend it will help you through the whole game.

11:Pretty long game like umm 50 hours minimum would say Season 1 is well worth playing through and beating but after that not so much Season 2 and 3 increase the enemies health to like the millions mark and you just do all the same missions but they just now take twice as long its such a boring slog the only thing that made it worth it was to see the gorgeous spider Goddess Aurealia omg shes so gorgeous but thats it lol.


VERDICT RATING-Can Play-Sky Forge had alot of potential and a great story but the terrible boring combat and the sluggish season 2 and 3 really drag the experience down and most people will probably get bored. Fur Foxy getting to be a Goddess really helps with their Gender Dysphoria until there a woman in the future so this really really helped them on an emotional level playing this game getting to be a girl always makes Foxy feel better being the woman they were meant to be but as far as gamewise theres far better MMOs out there but its was a cool experience fighting Thanatos at the end was pretty cool but way too ez but yeah check it out if you got time to burn and be the beautiful Goddess you were meant to be like Foxy did
Destiny 2:Season of the Haunted
Game 1093 Beaten Aug 23,2022

1:An amazing storyline Calus returns with a corrupted Leviathan and the nightmares return backstories of Uldren and Crow and Zavala and his Wife Saphy and Ghaul and Empress Caitl are fully developed and so well done with a showdown with Calus heralding the witness coming

2:The story missions super well developed have great boss fights and music very pumping

3:Great weapons readded favorites like Midnight Coup and Beloved and drang and more

4:A 3 space leviathan came back as the new location to explore no secrets a little disappointing

5:Calus's voice omg its so gooooood

6:New nightmare containment 6 man activity pretty cool comes with a new reaper scythe made of fire thats really fun to play with

7:Cabal machine gun the collosus was added an exotic so cool

8:Solar 3.0 golden gun is finally good

9:Solstice of heroes came back not too bad much more fun but paywalled the stuff that should be in game which was a bummer

10:Insanely cool new dungeon called Duality fighting Calus deepest fears bending dimensions and showdown with Caitl that was intense Foxy still hasnt got the sword feels bad.

11:Iron banner Rift came back and it was so buggy at first so hilarious fight no spark come back or a transmat loop that never ended till the match did


Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY/BUY-Destiny 2 only continues to evolve its world and its just a game like no other it will always be Foxys favorite game series of all time theres nothing better than Destiny sorry there isnt and cant wait fur the next season and Lightfall too
People who added this item 230 Average listal rating (157 ratings) 6.8 IMDB Rating 0
Life is Strange - PC Games
Game 1092 Beaten Aug 19,2022

1:An original storyline like no other with a cute girl who has the power to rewind time and fix every problem that life throws at her

2:Intense emotional mental trauma,disturbing dialogue from a psycopath killer, Torture scenes,suicide some heavy heavy mental themes all throughout trigger warning

3:Lots of unecessary cussing with the words that Foxy would never say

4:A strong moral lesson that no matter your emotional pain people do care about you and love you and you have to keep going no matter what an amazing lesson fur Foxy esp right now in their life.


Verdict Rating-Can Play-Beware heavy heavy themes presented and is extremely depressing but also a life changing experience as well just know what your getting into dont say Foxy didnt warn you
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Rainbow Billy: Curse of the Leviathan
Game 1091 Beaten Aug 15,2022

1:Most Therapy Foxy has every seen in a videogame dealing with every issue known to man that people go through from bullying to breakups divorce death anxiety depression and more

2:Healing each and every friend even helped Foxy as they are a very broken transgender girl and this game really helped her as an individual never to give up on herself and do the best she can in her own troubles of her gender dysphoria and other things

3:The most positive game Foxy has ever seen made

4:Amazing music esp in the confrontations healing the animals

5:A self reflection game to look inward and never give up in life

6:An unforgettable game that Foxy will treasure furever

7:The voices are like banjo kazooie grunts absolutely loved it

8:Hope theres a sequel

9:Rainbows everywhere one of the most beautiful of Jehovahs creations a ray of beautiful light in all colors

10:Funny thoughts to collect

11:Minigames to fight the animals could have been more of a variety but it was fine

12:Dialogue that will touch your heart


Verdict Rating-Absolutely Must Buy/Play-A completely unique positive healing game that every single person should play esp those with depression like Foxy it is so positive and healing one of the best games Foxy has ever played an unforgettable experience from beginning to end.
My Little Pony A Mare Time Bay Adventure
Game 1090 Beaten Aug 8,2022

1:A third person game with platforming and some fun minigames thrown in

2:Great funny girly story about friendship

3:All the pony gurls are just so plain beautiful and adorable Foxy loved all of them and being a super cute pony gurl Sunni shes so cuuuuute omg this is literally the perfect game fur them so feminine and girly so them.

4:Mini games are fun and a nice shake up

5:Lots of fetch quests to do but never felt like a chore

6:Great moral lessons on being yourself and soon Foxy will get to be themselves soon the beautiful pink fox gurl she has always been she cant wait to be fully female and woman herself furever soon.

7:Just plain relaxing and fun

8:The cutest girly game they have played Foxy was in heaven


Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY/BUY-This is the most fun they have had in just relaxing playing a game its the cutest most girliest fun game out there this year and Foxy loved every second of it and just a plain fun game to play tbh just semi long load times is the only downside equestria never felt better and being a cute pony girl is so fun omg Foxy had such a blast being one wish the journey never ended tbh cant wait fur more pony girl adventures soon.
People who added this item 10 Average listal rating (4 ratings) 6.8 IMDB Rating 0
Transformers Devastation - PlayStation 4
Game 1089 Beaten Aug 8 2022

1:A Third Person Beatem Up

2:Voice acting is on point has the og VA from the live action movies optiums sounds so good and soundwave those voices omg so cool

3:Game is poorly explained almost none at all how to level how to make tech or even upgrade your characters Foxy figured it out themselves on the final mission

4:Pretty difficult if your not constantly dodging enemies will drain your health pretty fast

5:ACTION PACKED you barely have time to breathe let alone blink in some fights its so intense

6:Super cool opening transformers song

7:So many character cameos devastator blitzfire starscream and so much more

Verdict Rating-Can Play-Its super fun super hectic but really falls flat on teaching you how to progress or use the rpg elements of the game but game is super fast paced and some chaos does ensue definitely had fun playing fur sure
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
People who added this item 42 Average listal rating (34 ratings) 6.1 IMDB Rating 0
Ben 10: Protector of Earth - PlayStation 2
Game 1088 Beaten Aug 4 2022

1-A 3d beatem up game

2-Every world was different with its own set of enemies so good variety

3-Some puzzles but not enough

4-Fighting gets alittle stale

5-Boss fights are solid love the reaction command endings

6-Pretty lengthy fur a beatemup about 3 hours long

7-Stun locking uuuuugh

Verdict Rating-Can play-Its an average beatem up not too bad but gets boring after awhile but not a regrettable experience
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
People who added this item 2 Average listal rating (1 ratings) 1 IMDB Rating 0
Game 1087 Beaten Aug 1, 2022

1:A 2D Platformer and fighter

2:Amazing music so well done a really good tuneage all through out but thats about the only fun you will have

3:Every enemy can one or two shot you until you get armor

4:Cps half of them dont even heal you and make you redo entire sections all the time

5:Fast travel is unlocked really late

6:Bosses are the only kind of fun challenge but no details or hints on how to beat them

7:Difficulty has major spikes and insane curve many many players will not be good enough game looks easy by art style dont be fooled this game is hard as nails

8:The volcano alone is beyond annoying

9:Sections are just plain annoying and unfun to play half the time your looking at the death screen

10:Stun locked by everything

11:No quick change on forms is really irritating having to pick them everytime

12:Forcing backtracking and have to get the best sword to progress to the beat the game is unacceptable

Verdict Rating-DEPLORABLE CRAP/WASTE OF TIME-Foxy absolutely hated the game the whole way through its hard irritating and just plain unenjoyable in every way possible have no idea why the games so highly rated its such a trash game and terrible experience couldnt stand the game at all except fur music its pretty fire thats about it and the anime op.
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
People who added this item 3 Average listal rating (2 ratings) 6 IMDB Rating 0
Chibi-Robo!: Zip Lash - Nintendo 3DS
Game 1086 Beaten July 18,2022

1:2D Platformer

2:Game is too simplistic only throw your cord to break boxes climb things or grab to collect never changes

3:Game is unforgiving and unfair with terrible checkpoint placements and if you lose all your energy or in a minigame run into anything you have to restart from the beginning so beyond stupid.

4:Music is ok nothing too memorable a little variety

5:Game is wonky and frustrating to play controls lag and not very responsive some times

6:Mini game levels are the worst esp the skateboard omg its so terrible and the blimp

7:Levels are not played in order unless you buy pieces to put on a board that spins so unless you buy board pieces you wont even get to play every level in the game and can skip ones completely its such a stupid concept should have just went in order.

8:Only thing this game has is fun good boss fights all were well designed and really the only saving grace of the game esp the giant fight at the end it was so cool

9:Also if you fall or get hurt you lose progress on everything you found up to that point so you have to recollect EVERYTHING so dumb

Verdict Rating-Not Recommended/Waste of Time-Game had so much much potential but it really comes up short in everything but bosses unless you really like chibi robo this game is an absolute flop and a really slog of a game to get through couldnt wait to ship it back after finishing it such a sour taste in Foxys mouth.
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Kao the Kangaroo
Game Beaten 1085 June 8,2022

1:3D Platformer/Beatem up

2:First game in 16 years

3:Nostaligic platforming and characters from the series

4:Beautiful worlds to explore really colorful and tropical islands

5:Each level has something new to learn or do

6:Games fur kids way to ez boss fights present no challenge at all

7:Music is mostly like ambience nothing really solid at all

8:Games really short too for a platformer only a hand full of levels and each one is really really long like 30 min levels

9:Most of the collectibles are pointless like the gems serve no point other than completion or trophies

10:Story is pretty shallow and the voice acting is pretty bad


Verdict Rating-Can Play-Its a pretty average platformer but theres a lot of bugs and annoyances that drag the whole experience down but overall not too bad just really sad too see the series return and then not be as magical as it could have been but Foxy enjoyed it none the less
Game 1084 Beaten May 30 2022

1-Spiritual successor to Jet Force Gemini

2-David wise composed the music and it is phenomenal esp the insect factory and the home theme just marvelous work as always

3-Game flips from collectathon with third person shooting but neither are very polished

4-Shooting the ants never gets old dont know why they die differently every time its so great

5-Not enough guns only 3 and the last one is endgame

6-Platforming is pretty wonky and not very precise and the mountain levels challenges are freaking really really hard

7-No hand holding no map really make fur a confusing annoying experience at times

8-The saving bird mechanic was just unnecessary and annoying

9-Games like 6 to 7 hours long have to have 40 fire flies to finish no final boss really disappointing

Verdict Rating-Can Play-Its an ok game nothing spectacular comical and shooting the ants felt nostalgic to jetforce gemini but no where near the amazingness as that game sadly its trip fur sure but not sure if Foxy can say its worth taking but they enjoyed parts of it


Kirby and The Forgotten Land
Game 1083 Beaten May 28,2022

1:3D Platformer fur the furst time in 30 years!

2:The game is just plain fun to play and has that nintendo magic

3:Hubs are kinda explorable and you can find hidden items on the map and even levels

4:Each level is so jam packed full of things to do finding hidden waddledees and also hidden objectives making each level having to be replayed but you can at least speed run it to the end when you know what your looking fur

5:Story is really shallow but the cutscenes and visuals are so crazy and a new world song reminds Foxy of paradise mentioned in the Bible its amazing but strange

6:The enemies are all furrys and animals and OMG CLAWLINE IS SO SEXY HOT a super beautiful cheetah furry gurl Foxys in love with her so gorgeous sorry can barely control themselves their pink fur is hot and bothered lol

7:New abilities that can be upgraded fur devastating powers and mouthful things you can interact and be like a car a fan or even a soda machine

8:Open world home town where the more waddledees you rescue the more you unlock to do fish games and even the dreaded arena

9:Arenas back and the true z one is devastatingly hard took 5 hours of practice fur Foxy to beat it

10:Really cool cameos of characters too no spoilers but well done

11:One of the most fun and best kirby games to boot

12:Beating bosses flawless fur a waddle dee was a pain but it gives you practice fur the arena but no quick restart was such a pain to run all the way to the fight everytime a quick restart or cp would have been nice


Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY/BUY-One of the best Kirby games and with a sexy cheetah furry gurl whats not to love seriously dont miss this latest pink marshmellow adventure

Ayo The Clown
Game 1082 Beaten May 16,2022

1:2D Platformer like mario side scrolling

2:Funny British narration in cutscenes

3:Great level design keeps it fresh per level

4:6 Collectibles to find per level 3 bears 3 lollipops sometimes not in order found which is super annoying to backtrack missing them

5:Music is pretty solid one song is even all harmonica which was really cool

6:Upgrades are discovered as you play you cant even jump at first which was a cool interesting twist

7:After some powerups specially the head bash the game constantly does it because if you even barely tilt the stick down while jumping Ayo will slam with no way to cancel the attack beyond annoying you have to play with the dpad just to combat the terrible controls

8:Wall jumping an absolute nightmare doesnt work and so poorly implemented

9:Bosses are too difficult with no health pickups at all and super lengthy and really hard to read boss patterns they are such a difficulty spike esp the last boss hes an absolute pain in the rectum


Verdict Rating-Can Play/Not Recommended-So much potential but with absolute atrocious controls and dark souls like hard bosses Foxy definitely not gonna recommend this one.
People who added this item 10 Average listal rating (4 ratings) 4.8 IMDB Rating 0
Rodea the Sky Soldier - Nintendo Wii U
Game 1081 Beaten May 9,2022

1:A third person shooter/Flying game

2:The controls are atrocious worse controls ever

3:The camera is worse than being in reckless driving vehicle if you get motion or car sick at all you cannot play this game

4:Cutscenes are super cheesey but very funny

5:Some bosses are super unfair they can one shot you if your armor isnt upgraded to the higher levels

6:Flying is terrible so hard to direct in the wii u version and so wonky beyond words

7:Not enough cps you die you have to redo the whole 20 min level its terrible.

8:Some of the bosses suck to fight so bad they can 1 shot in the stupidest ways and level 24 two bosses back to back with no cps are you freaking kidding me

9:NPCS are too chatty

Verdict Rating-Not recommended/Waste of Time-Sonic flying simulator but with terrible camera and controls makes fur such a rocky experience so much potential but flopped in every way.
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Game 1080 Beaten April 29,2022

1:A third person spiderman swinging game lol

2:Story is insanely good and very much the human element explored and family bonds how they operate and moving on after his dad died its emotionally moving

3:Beats and music is really good this time around esp in cutscenes

4:Kinda a cookie cutter of the first Spiderman game barely anything different at all more of a glorified DLC then a new game tbh

5:Training sequences are pretty tough esp the stealth ones to reach ultimate status is vewwy difficult

6:Game is massively short 3 to 4 hour campaign and maybe like 12 hours doing every side quest kinda disappointing

Verdict Rating-Must Play-Still really great spiderman game the story is well worth playing through but the combat and other things are kinda just sup par exactly like the first game
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
People who added this item 2 Average listal rating (1 ratings) 6 IMDB Rating 0
Blue Rider PS4 - PlayStation 4
Game Beaten 1079 April 24,2022

1:A top down arcade shooter bullet hell

2:Every level is a different environment and quite neat looking desert snow mechanical lava and more

3:Only one level is really hard to distinguish bullets made the same color as the ground but only on the snow place but that was mad annoying ontop of Foxy being color blind didnt help

4:Game is unfairly brutally difficult like souls or harder in the difficulty department you make one sloppy move its over

5:Have to memorize pathing through the environment and constantly alert to all things on the screen all the time

6:Some levels are just insanely harder than others and are rage inducing looking at you train level and octopus level

7:Game is artificially hard health is complete RNG so game can literally screw you over on your best runs and refuse to drop health going into some insane boss fights with literally half health or worse

8:No Checkpoints are you freaking kidding me you fail or die you replay the WHOLE LEVEL FROM THE BEGINNING! This is just a slap in the face to the player and their time boss cps should have been a thing

9:One of the hardest games Foxys ever beat literally uninstalled 5 times befur they finally beat it still sits at a 1.3% completion rate and fur good reason

Verdict Rating-Can Play/Not Recommended-This game is only fur the hardest of core players and takes so much skill it brings it back to the control shattering rage days just be prepared what your in fur Foxy didnt say they didnt warn ya good luck!
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Treasure Rangers
Game Beaten 1078 April 18,2022

1:A 3D Platformer

2:Story is shallow and complete with spelling mistakes a great mistery lol Foxy nearly died.

3:4 Characters with different abilites a Rock gurl a leaf boy a gem toddler and a double jumping guitar gurl

4:Levels are pretty solid and fun to get through minus a couple things

5:Enemies have way too much health like the big ogres 10 hits really smh

6:Also you have to collect 100 gems and if you get hit by anything there gone fur good it seems pointless that you can even lose them and if you die you have to restart the level from the beginning no cps which is beyond annoying omg

7:Boss fights are ok

8:Music doesnt really fit either but its ok

9:Footsteps are so loud lol


Verdict Rating-Can Play-Not the best 3D Platformer but not the worst its good fur a play through but thats about it
People who added this item 6 Average listal rating (3 ratings) 7 IMDB Rating 0
Game Beaten 1077 April 14,2022

1:A 2D Side scrolling space ship fighter game designed fur multiplayer but can be played single player

2:Goal is always the same collect space bunnies to unlock the goal the annoying part is there not on the map at all so you explore aton with just being a waste of time trying to find them

3:You have a pet that accesses the other parts of the ship otherwise you can only control one aspect at a time and it would work fur multiplayer but single player was an absolute chore and not fun in any way

4:Bosses were cool but really really annoying esp Orion with an ice shield that could only be broken by shooting an angle of the bosses attack beyond annoying fight

5:Music was semi relaxing but forgettable

6:Very vibrant colors and very bright

Verdict Rating-Can Play/Not recommended-Unless you have a second player this game is a snore fest and just a pain to play hard to recommend kind of a regrettable game just to add to the completion list otherwise prob wouldnt have finished it
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
People who added this item 1 Average listal rating (1 ratings) 6 IMDB Rating 0
Spy Chameleon - PlayStation 4
Game 1076 Beaten April 12,2022

1:A top down puzzle game

2:Change colors and move boxes and mirrors to reflect light to not get spotted

3:Each world has flies to eat time trials and lady bugs

4:The music is so fire really love the soundtrack to this game its soooooo good Foxys favorite Jazz music

5:75 levels to master

6:Time to beat only about an hour of playtime bite sized levels pretty fun till the end then gets pretty hard

Verdict Rating-Can Play-A fun little puzzle game only frustrating barely in the endgame and the jazz soundtrack alone is so fire omg
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
People who added this item 9 Average listal rating (5 ratings) 7.6 IMDB Rating 0
Halo Infinite - Xbox One
Game 1075 Beaten April 10, 2022

1:A FPS open world fur the first time doesnt really work fur halo but it was a solid attempt

2:Open world is sort of bland with spotty enemies in places and you kind of do the same things save squads find cores and skins that can only be used in pvp which is dumb

3:Combat is solid but even on normal game is tough you will be dying or hearing your health low a lot lol destiny has softened foxy too much lol

4:No new weapons sadly at all from halo 5

5:Grunts are hilarious as usual

6:Can upgrade your grapple hook and shield and unlock other abilities in story

7:Without the open world the game is super small like campaign might be only 4-6 hours like uncharted with doing everything like 20 hour game

8:Actual campaign missions are amazing solid and super fun just like the original games

9:Story line is super interesting and so well done Escharon is such a great villian and cortana copy and fernando are great as well some human morals involved

20:Too short of a game tbh

Verdict Rating-Must Play-Great stab at open world but its just not halo but the story and gunplay are as great as you remember
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
People who added this item 4 Average listal rating (1 ratings) 10 IMDB Rating 0
Game Beaten April 1 2022

1:Musical rhythm RPG game

2:Every level is from the KH series and it takes you through all 9 games and it is such a fun nostalgic journey

3:Cutscenes to recap the whole series perfectly from Kairis perspective

4:Great renditions and great songs the enemies line perfectly to the music the hard part is jumping enemies but easy other than that

5:Brought tears to her eyes playing the credits

6:Sets up fur the next game in the series past KH3 Foxy Shes so freaking excited to see where the series goes next and their going to announce it in 9 days!

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY/BUY-An amazing musical journey through the magical worlds of kingdom hearts and recaps the series perfectly a must fur any kh Fan to play
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Super Onion Boy 2
Game Beaten March 27,2022

1:2D Platformer very similar to mario

2:Starts off easy then goes to like dark souls level hard

3:Really bad checkpoint system esp on bosses like the final boss for instance

4:Final boss is so unpredictable and overpowered and so cheap in attacking worst boss Foxy she has fought in a game in a really long time really annoyed her and ruffled her pink fur aton

5:8Bit music some of it was nice

Verdict Rating-Can Play/Not Recommended-Started out so fun but devolved into a controller rage inducing smash fest near the end and made it so unbelievably hard due to terrible cp system and unfair boss mechanics and just really turned her off.

4/10 Stars
People who added this item 1 Average listal rating (1 ratings) 5 IMDB Rating 0
Don't Die, Mr. Robot - PlayStation Vita
Game Beaten March 26,2022

1:A top down arcade avoid game with different objectives

2:Beats are pretty good on some remixes

3:Extremely addicting trying to reach platinum but really difficult going for the best trophies Foxy she finished all the trophies gold herself and said thats good enough

4:50 challenges to best

Verdict Rating-Can Play-A semi fun arcade like experience but some really crazy difficulty spikes in certain levels make for an offputting experience throughout.
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
People who added this item 1 Average listal rating (1 ratings) 6 IMDB Rating 0
Neon Chrome - PlayStation 4
Game Beaten 1071 March 24,2022

1:Top down 3D Shooter very similar to a roguelike but instead is procedurally generated so not much better

2:Several different guns rifles burst reg smgs shotguns and varied types ion plasma etc...

3:Permanent upgrades bought with cash luck health gun dps and more

4:Really jamming music very scifi or techno based

5:Extrememly difficult like souls difficulty hard

6:Have to be extremely careful barely anywhere to heal unless theirs a healing bot or health upgrade station have to tactically shoot enemies permanently

7:Destructible environments and rooms so you can stealthily blast enemies

8:Bosses are pretty cool but insanely powerful to deal with

9:Only limited cps it would have been far better which cps after every level would have increased the replay value in at least fun but every 5 and you have to beat a boss just to nab a cp is kind of ridiculous

Verdict Rating-Can Play-Its for the hard core players only it starts off super fun but gradually becomes soul crushingly hard where any tiny mistake is your your last and it can get old super fast.
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
People who added this item 10 Average listal rating (6 ratings) 7.3 IMDB Rating 0
Yoshi's Crafted World - Nintendo Switch
Game Beaten 1070 March 20 2022

1:2d Platformer

2:Extremely creative game worlds with everything made of paper and it unfolds and flips and crumples in all kinds of cool ways

3:Gameplay is really lame no difficulty at all its way too ez literally built for like 10 year olds sucks the fun out of the levels.

4:Story is pretty meh as well save sunstones to grant wishes

5:Boss battles are actually the highlight of the game and the one of the few enjoyable things esp the final boss bashing baby boswer with a hammer repeatedly was literally amazing lol

6:Music is trash only the main theme recycled with different instruments and the other 2 songs are mad annoying to listen too

Verdict Rating-Not Recommended/Waste of Time-Good feel just doesnt know how to make good yoshi games they dumb them down to where they take no skill to beat anymore should be like the yoshis island games but their creative ill give them that but man hopefully they make difficult games soon because honestly hate their studio for ruining one of my favorite series yoshis games used to be hard now their just kids garbage cash cow games which is really sad to see
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Ninja Senki DX
Game Beaten 1069 March 19,2022

1:A 2D Side scroller shooter with technically ninja stars

2:Basically a ninja version of megaman but even harder and more brutal

3:Only 2 lives to make it through a gauntlet of enemies or a boss awaits at the end and they are tough as nails

4:Game is savagely brutal fur the hardcore gamer only sits at only a 1.9% completion rate its insanely hard

5:Final boss is a randomized crap show its so random and not even fair tbh stupidest final boss ever made and so hard to get too in the first place

6:Extrememly good 8 bit music

6/10 Stars

Verdict Rating-Can Play/Not Recommended-Its savagely hard and so brutal its really hard to recommend only fur the hardcore gamer fans who want a megaman like challenge in edo japan other than that stay away itll chew you up and spit you out its soul crushingly hard.
People who added this item 4 Average listal rating (3 ratings) 6.3 IMDB Rating 0
Lumo - PlayStation Vita
Game Beaten 1068 March 19,2022

1:A top down 3D Platformer

2:Miniature puzzles and rooms to master can play with finite or infinite lives def pick the latter option this game is rough but fair has a 4.1% completion rate

3:Music is super jamming really cool beats

4:Really challenging in certain sections

5:Bad camera angles make fur some really difficult platforming when it doesnt need to be and no way to change the angle but pretty rare it impeeds your progress

6:Bonus rooms are way too hard and need replayability with how tough they are

7:A sweet 4-6 hour game not bad pretty fun too

8:80's vibes and collectibles

9:Trash map system makes no sense at all

Verdict Rating-Can Play-Its a really unique platformer Princess Foxerellie really enjoyed and pretty creative but the hard difficulty may turn people off of it some tough stuff but very satisfying to accomplish
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
People who added this item 15 Average listal rating (6 ratings) 8.2 IMDB Rating 0
Game Beaten 1067 March 14,2022

1:The Prequel to Breath of the Wild with some really interesting things explained how things went down before breath of the wild really amazing storyline

2:Zelda steals the show which she should her characters really fleshed out between her father and the little guardian buddy and its really emotional seeing her grow as into a beautiful woman and great warrior

3:Tons of amazing women waifus her favorites are Zelda and Mipha and Impa there so gorgeous and you get to play as them its her dream come true

4:Based on breath of the wild for battles and even get to pilot the divine beasts in really cool fights that are really climactic

5:Gameplay is really bland the first game did it way better really monotonous fighting over and over with no real change

6:Some environments are really neat esp the castle at the end

7:Your character is alittle too weak personally and bosses and even mini bosses just take furever to whittle down their hp its beyond annoying and really drags the game down

8:The lullaby from the baby guardian is so soothing

Verdict Rating-Can Play-Like honestly watching the cutscenes online would be better the game is such a slog but the storyline is super emotional and so well put together but the grind is real but definitely worth seeing thats fur sure
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Tiny Troopers:Joint Ops
Game Beaten 1066 March 6,2022

1:Top down third person twin stick shooter

2:Arcade like experience just average at best fulfilling objectives like destroy all buildings infantry or help escape prisoners but its just repeated through the whole game repeatedly so it gets really boring

3:Storyline is super shallow and barely even makes sense

4:The second campaign added some new things but it still not enough to be that entertaining


Verdict Rating-Can Play/Waste of Time-An average shooter at best and mind numbing literally so boring Foxerellie fell asleep playing at times but fun little victory fan fare music Foxy loved to hum to a pretty lame game tbh
Destiny 2:30th Anniversary Expansion
Game Beaten 1065 Feb 20 2022

1-Dares of eternity new Pve activity from Xur agent of the nine and his starhorse Juan big bucks no whammies

2:New Grasp of Avarice Dungeon filled with traps and tricks on Earth to troll your friends

3:Gjallahorn is back and better than ever

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY/BUY-Fur the dungeon alone well worth the money and who doesnt want the most powerful gun again the GJALLAHORN!
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Shows all the games ive beaten clean no walkthroughs,cheats or help at all over all video game consoles. Also i used to own all these games actually over 1000 games in total so far but i sold around 800 and kept only my favorites


My inspiration and personal motivator is myself haha and Pumpkinate without him i would have never had energy to build this humongous list for your personal enjoyment so i owe him deep respect and gratitude and thank him for loyally sticking to my side! :D

I just ask please that my review does not make your decisions for you i am but one humble person so my opinion is not always just and reflects how i feel. Please look at several reviews or just do research on a game or play a demo if you like it buy it if not i guess just enjoy gaming its one of the best things of life :D.

My Names Foxy

I will qoute myself in saying to many people when they ask me to do something for them that i dont want to.

"I carve my own path through the uncharted seas of this world and unto what i have done is completely of my own mind"


Verdict Ratings may differ from actual rating score I give a game.

Verdict Ratings
Absolute Must Buy
Must Buy
Can Buy
Absolute Must Play
Must Play
Can Play
Not For Me
Not Recommended
Don't Buy or Play
Waste of Time
Deplorable Crap

How Foxy Rates Games
10-Outstanding in every way possible
9-Amazing only a slight flaw here or there
8-Fantastic but need a little more
7-Great but not the best or close to it
6-Just floats above average
5-Meh just average nothing else
4- Could have been better but was downright awful
3-Waste of my time
2- Completely regrettable
1-Deplorable Crap that should have never be played and no one should ever suffer through

My username on Miiverse is Ruby Rouge shes a cute blonde girl in a pink dress perfect fur her

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