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Added by Silver Falcon Soul on 6 Oct 2011 10:07
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All The Video Games I Have Beaten In My Lifetime

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Games Ive Beaten

All completely clean
People who added this item 9 Average listal rating (8 ratings) 7.4 IMDB Rating 0
Human: Fall Flat - PC Games
Game Beaten 1167 Sept 17 2023

1-A 3D platformer/puzzle game

2-Controls are downright awful like its like playing a game completely drunk

3-Climbing is atrocious like beyond terrible

4-Puzzles are ingenious but no clues to solve them most of the time

5-Music is pretty relaxing or just ambience of birds chirping

Verdict Rating-Not Recommended/Waste of time-It could be so good but the climbing and just the game the way it plays is so terrible like it would be funny with friends but solo its a pretty terrible and the cps are atrocious esp the aztec map.Foxy was so glad to beat this and be done with it lol its that bad.
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Game Beaten 1166-Sept 12 2023

1-Top down arcade shooter like galaga and asteriods combined and a bullet hell

2-Pretty simple controls and level design nothing so spectacular

3-Lots of different variety of enemies and blast patterns to avoid esp the destroyers those are Foxy her favorite they are insanely fun to fight

4-Four different ships to switch through and master

5-Picking your own upgrades how you want to progress was neat like whether to fur ex upgrade your guns make enemies easier or have more health very cool concept

6-Music was really solid too

7-Lose storyline but interesting enough


Verdict Rating-Can Play-Its a really solid retro throw back to the old skool days of top down shooters not so overly difficult you break your controller and not to easy that its a push over its quite the challenge with only 8.2% of players even finishing the game at all
Rise and Shine
Game Beaten 1165-Aug 21 2023

1-A 2D Platformer/Shooter/Puzzle game

2-Really touching story that made Foxy her cry at the end was not expecting it funny characters rise and esp shine is great

3-Really amazing combat cover shooter 2D with puzzle elements thrown in

4-Beautiful scenery videogame references galore more you can shake a stick at

5-Sadly it is rather gory and bloody but omg this game is too good to pass up

6-Every level is just perfect and length and adds something new to the table

7-The music is god tier in this game Foxy she loves every single song this soundtrack will be one of her favorites for a long time this game will really stick in her mind

8-Only 2 to 3 hours


Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY/BUY-This is such an indie gem Foxy she loved every second the gameplay the music the scenery is just beautiful in every way minus the gore that could be removed aside from that this gem cannot and should not be missed.
Super Cloud Built
Game Beaten 1164-Aug 21,2023

1-A highspeed parkour 3d platformer/shooter

2-Extremely high difficulty not for casuals at all

3-Deep emotional storyline of a girl wounded in battle healing her consciousness in a hospital

4-4 Endings but Foxy she only did one because she honestly hated this game so much its so frustrating to play

5-Music is so good and so well done techno 8 bit and orchestral all mixed in its a phenomenal soundtrack


Verdict Rating-Not recommended-This is for the hard core platformers and people who like their games soul crushingly difficult Foxy she saw this game had so much potential but the limited lives and difficulty spike makes it really hard fur her to recommend to anyone to play at all sadly.
Fortnite Chapter 4: Season 3
Game Beaten 1163-Aug 21,2023

1-Foxy she gets to be her true self at last kimiko five tails a Foxy she gets to be a cute pink fox girl anytime she wants in fortnite its her dream come true and helps with her gender dysphoria perfectly being a transgirl Foxy she cant wait to transition to female and be a woman forever soon so happy to be a girl everyday

2:They added in optimus prime which is super cool and a really neat quest to collect tokens even

3:The coolest enviroment ever a thick jungle with trees mud to slide through and new thermal dmr that allows you to see heat signatures

4:Foxy she hit rank 200 and got everything from the season shes so proud of herself and did all the seasonal quests
Fortnite Chapter 4: Season 2
Game Beaten 1162-Aug 21,2023

1:New amazing high tech future city mega city with grind rails high speed cars and japanese neon as far as the eye could see

2:Beautiful new bunny girl skin and empress skin Foxy she loves the female skins this season there so pretty

3:Added a sword that could cut people down or escape and cut right through obstacles with ease
Fortnite Chapter 4: Season 1
Game Beaten 1161-Aug 21 2023

1-A new medieval setting complete with castles and an optional boss ageless knight hes terrifying with even his own music when fighting him

2-New super op bouncy hammer used to run or smash your opponents

3-Witcher skin ageless knight super girly amazing emote lunar party which Foxy she loves to pieces
Fortnite Ch 3 Season 4
Game Beaten 1160-Aug 21,2023

1-Foxy she came to play fortnite on a regular basis now that zero build is a mode where its actually based on pure gun skill not building

2-A new cutscene soon as you start with chrome taking over everything and warping through walls was so cool

3-Spider gwen and a anime girl and grizzly bear skin was epic with his own theme song
Fortnite Ch 1 Season 3
Game Beaten 1159-Aug 21,2023

1-The first time Foxy she ever got through the entire season of the battle pass by herself mostly and got to 100 rank

2-John Wick skin was the legendary battle pass skin

3-Space themed with a super cool robotic emote Foxy she loves till this day
Destiny 2 Season of the Deep
Game Beaten 1158-Aug 20,2023

1-New seasonal story that involves commander sloan and Xivu aurath and learning our true enemy the witness

2-Finally the story unveiled the entire history of the traveller the darkness and the witness it the best cutscene ever

3-For the first time ever our guardians got to go underwater which is so cool being underwater thats Foxy her favorite environment in games so she was so happy to go under the water and Bungie did such a good job with the pressure cracking your visor its intense

4-New 6 guardian activites salvage and deep dives going deeper and deeper with optional pressure trials to increase the difficulty to make it really challenging for even the best of players

5-Solstice of Heroes came back with super cool armor but the glow only glowed literally 1 cm it was pathetic but they added a bumper boat sparrow that is such a hilarious edition Foxy she loved to pieces it reminds her of going to Oceans of fun going down the fury of the nile she loves that ride so much

6-Fishing was added and its so fun and relaxing on all 3 planets to catch and its just like animal crossing Foxy she loves fishing in games and real life its such a fun thing to do and destiny 2 did it really well.

7-New dungeon that was just beyond cool and even we got to find Oryx remains Foxy she knows for sure he is coming back oh boi

8-The story is so exciting were bringing Savuthuun back to life shes the only one who knows the Witnesses weakness and to go through the traveller omg Foxy she is so excited fur next season to see her come back Mama Savuthuun wonder whats going to happen next

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST BUY OR PLAy-Destiny 2 just keeps getting better and better if your not playing your missing out this will be Foxys her favorite game always fur good reason
People who added this item 10 Average listal rating (6 ratings) 9 IMDB Rating 0
Rez Infinite - PlayStation 4
Game 1157 Beaten-Aug 20,2023

1-A visual experience like no other the coolest game Foxy shes ever played an unforgettable game

2-A music on rails shooter with pumping music

3-A super climactic ending with Eden asking you deep lifes questions

4-Bosses are so so so creative

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY-The most visually coolest most coolest unique game experience Foxy shes had in a very long time its probably the coolest 1 to 2 hours of any game you will ever play hands down!
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Ape Escape The Original Series
Game Rebeaten 100%-Game 1156
Aug 20,2023

Foxy she replayed this game and finished it 100% fur her PS4 on Aug 20,2023

1:a classic platformer where the goal is catching monkeys trying to take over the world

2:Has a lot of story and dialogue between the professor natalie spike jake and spector the voice lines are super cheesey like beyond so

3:The music is really relaxing and soothing and super catchy to hum along too

4:The game is pretty difficult and will test your skills of all players

5:The final world is a 1 hour gauntlet from start to finish and it is insane how long it takes Foxy she totally furgot why she never replays Ape Escape 1 now she remembers why this right here

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY/BUY-This is one of Foxy her absolute favorite game series for good reason excellent gameplay phenomenal catchy music and original puzzles and story you cant miss how this great series got its start be warned its no monkey business beating this gem of a game Foxy she loves.
People who added this item 37 Average listal rating (22 ratings) 6.5 IMDB Rating 0
Game 1155 Beaten-Aug 17,2023

1-A story based consequence game-where your decisions really dont matter at all because in the end spoilers not sorry everyone you care about in this game will die in a very gruesome bloody mess

2-Music is really nice and well fitted for the entire series esp the openings very melodic only the good thing in the entire game

3-Beautiful female role characters in powers of position like the Queen Cersi Lady Margerie and Dragon Mother Talgeryn Mira Forester Eleana Glenmore Foxy she cant wait to grow into a beautiful woman like them such pretty ladies

4-The romance of Rodrick and Eleana was amazing and their love scene in bed was adorable

5-Gruesome deaths that are so explicit that it makes your stomach gurgle and feel extremely uncomfortable and completely unnecessarily violent to a degree that should not be soon or watched by anyone except by sadistic maniacs.

6-Game is extremely dark and not for anyone other than adults

Verdict Rating-Deplorable Crap-This game made all your decisions through the entire game inept everything you worked towards as a player did not matter every main character dies no matter what you do so in the end it felt like your choices were completely pointless and useless and theres nothing you can do to change the outcome making this literally the worst Game Foxy she has ever played.
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Freddy Fish
Game 1154 Beaten-Aug 14 2023

1-A cute point and click adventure fur kids Foxy she loved playing this as a little girl its such a fun game even with educational benefits as well

2-Such a positive message every character is nice and polite to Freddy and so different from the people who inhabit our world today

3-You have to find bottles that lead to clues to find the missing treasure helping characters with sidequests Foxy her favorite is fiddler crab he sings to you each time you talk to him its beautiful she loves singing characters

4-Its a short game only like 1 to 2 hours at most if you cant figure out what to do

5-Everything thing on the screen can be clicked on which is so fun and each thing you click on has 3 different random animations that are so creative

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTLEY MUST PLAY/BUY-Its the best kids game out there sadly only available on steam now for 6 dollars but Foxy she loved replaying this as adult 20 years later it still has the charm she loved as a little girl every kid should enjoy this experience even just once.
Disney Illusion Island
Game 1153 Beaten-Aug 11 2023

1-6 to 8 hour metroidvania 2D Game

2-Gameplay is super solid just platforming at its finest and very precision jumping feels good

3-Music is all orchestral but not of it is attuned to the enviroment its beyond obnoxious and jarring and straight up annoying to where Foxy she just wanted to turn it off honestly no track is pleasant to listen to at all

4-The storyline is good really cliche and predictable the comedy is really good at the beginning it got Foxy her to laugh acouple of times plays out like a cartoon

5-No fast travel until your about to beat the game backtracking is a constant annoyance till then

6-Animation is beyond gorgeous like cup level good

7-You can pick between 4 characters Foxy she loved being minnie mouse shes so cute in this game and all of her abilities are as well that you earn along the way.

8-Enemies are beyond annoying they cant be hurt only avoided and they get more and more in the way as you progress


Verdict Rating-Can Play-The gameplay and animation are so solid and amazing but the music and the backtracking just brings the game to a annoying screeching halt so much potential but Foxy she now realizes that music and make or break a game and in her opinion just ruined her experience if you can stand the music clashing this game is a fun disney kid like metroidvania.
Pikmin 4
Game 1152 Beaten-Aug 7 2023

1-32 hours to 100% complete so its about as big as pikmin 2 one of the biggest pikmin games to date

2-The story is really good lots of dialogue and cutscenes about you as a rescue member which you can fully customize your character now fur the first time in the series so Foxy she was so happy to be her true self as a cute pink haired girl shes so adorable.

3-Unlimited days to explore really makes the game like number 2 and so relaxing and therapeutic to play

brought back the underground sections from number 2 with explorable sections puzzles and treasures honestly the best part of the game in Foxy her opinion

3-Really cool environments to explore each with no elements to master like building clay bridges walls turning off sprinklers draining water etc...

4-Brought back all the pikmin colors Foxy she was very surprised to see all of them red blue yellow a new ice pikmin that can freeze enemies and water rock and flying pikmin from Pikmin 3 and purple white from Pikmin 2

5-You now have a dog that can issue commands and do all sorts of things carry pikmin across water swallow treasure for easy transport and more hes also super cute his name is oatchi

6-Combat is really fun so many different foes in this one new and alike brought back all the bosses from pikmin 1 and 2 in nostalgic ways to fight them

7-Music is serene but not noticable like the tunes from number 1 thats the best music so far

8-New challenges
Dandori-Like challenge mode from pikmin 1 where you have a limited time to collect all the treasure as fast as possible pretty simple and easy until post game then these are pretty challenging

Dandori Battle-A battle against the ai to fight them and collect treasure faster than the opponent even getting power ups to sabotage the other ai its pretty fun

9-New locations that are like in the living room of a house and the outside garden which Foxy she really liked seeing

10-Lots of post game content (SPOILERS)

You get a new adventure with olimars perspective like a whole nother game collecting all of olimars ship pieces within 15 days all 30 pieces exactly like pikmin 1 very cool hard challenge Foxy she finished with 4 days remaining days are shorter and you only have red yellows and blues to use

Also after beating that you unlock Sage Leaf
A 10 floor dandori challenge where each ones get harder and harder the hardest thing in the game to beat rewarding you with white and purples oninon to make unlimited white and purples in the main story worth and to 100% the game you have to pick up a 1000 heavy gold brick with 100 purples it was quite awesome to do


Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY/BUY-This is one of the best Nintendo games to play one of the best pikmin games defintely slotting for Foxy in her number 2 slot sorry nothing can beat Pikmin 2 that one is just the best but still this nearly ties it in every single way such a joy to play from beginning to end and so much content to enjoy and post game this is one of the best games Foxy she has the pleasure of playng and it is an unforgettable experience till the end for any pikmin fans or even just starting this is the perfect way to try the series.

People who added this item 7 Average listal rating (5 ratings) 8.2 IMDB Rating 0
Game 1151 Beaten-July 30,2023

1-Action packed RPG metroidvania would even say open world to a degree because the planets are so gigantic it feels open world

2-Story is phenemonal many twists and turns and largely really sad extremely good throughout the whole thing worthy of the starwars universe

3-Combat the worst part of the game not many moves to do and lots of stun locking unblockable attacks and even some bosses have instant kill moves which is largely unfair and beyond frustrating

4-Exploration is encouraged and slightly also punishing because you can find optional bosses you have no way of beating till you come back which is beyond annoying to have to backtrack later like for ex a rancor and two frogs that will literally make you want to break your controller

5-Action sequences that are just jaw droppingly awesome and so well made like the drilling machine out in the desert fight absolutely awesome speeder chases and so much more

6-Every planet is so huge its overwhelming with its own secrets and fauna and flora to fight and overcome

7-Metroidvania you cant get alot of things till you come back later but once you have all the abilities coming back scooping everything you missed is a real blast honestly

8-Characters are awesome new and old alike Foxy she loves Zee the robot Merrin and Scuva Steeve omg his fish stories always put a smile on her face and such a funny accent too

9-So many collectibles light saber customize pieces clothing even beard styles its pretty awesome

10-Boss Fights some are amazing like fighting redacted in the archive but most are really really annoying just with instant kill attacks that are unseeable and unblockable and really drag the game down looking at you frogs and rancor omg they ticked Foxy her off so much and rewatching the cutscene of dying for 10 sec really gets old

11-Music is majestic like star wars is known for

Vedict Rating-Absolutely Must Play-Just as good as the first game if not better with some combat snags and boss fights but other than that the game is so beyond cool and the action and story are pretty unforgettable a must play for any star wars fan
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
The Legend of Zelda:Tears of the Kingdom
Game Beaten 1150-June 9,2023

1:A sequel to breath of the wild basically breath of the wild

2:A phenomenal story and wraps up in the best way honestly imaginable even after Foxy has finished still thinks about the end and how good it was well made and done it is extremely heart wrenching in moments and pulls on your heartstrings perfectly Foxy cried many times this go around. Zelda and Links relationship might be the closest its ever been this time around.

3-New powers to help you around the world ultra hand allows you to craft anything you want pretty much ascend which allows you to burrow through any ceiling to the top recall that can reverse time on anything and fuse which as you guessed it lets you fuse anything together blades to weapons shields and any vehicle you make

4-Now added the sky to exploration and Foxys favorite the Depths a pitch black underground cave full of secrets and treasures

5-Reuniting with all the old characters and new was a breath of fresh air with actual lite dungeons this time around way better than the beasts this time with actual unique boss fights

6-152 shrines to find and master even given a ritual armor for finishing them all a very cool reward

7-Master sword is back better than ever with its own amazing questline and story line that is not optional that really shows how epic this sacred blade is

8-Game is honestly too big for its own good you will feel overwhelmed

9-New wells and caves to explore with their own rewards and act as many monster wave fights that were fun

10-A couple new enemy types added like constructs horroblins and giant block robots and couple more

11-Music is so amazing in each location like the ice version of ritos village is so beyond good and the gloom music when you reach the final boss is just great

12-The demon king Gannondorf might be the coolest version they have made that red flowing hair tho pretty epic and he is actually terrifying in his final showdown

13-The way each old location was changed by a global phenomena was a amazing new way to keep old places feeling completely new and unique

14-A huge con is still no way to heal outside a shrine or eating food which is a huge annoyance Foxy hates about this new style

15-Perfect way to collect the story finding tears all around the world in giant painted murals from the sky very very cool idea


Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY/BUY-So if you liked breath of the wild its everything breath was and more cranked up a notch with the possiblity to literally almost do anything if you can think it you can probably do it in Tears of the kingdom it also has one of the best stories in Zelda game history the ending is so well done Foxy will probably never forget it and may replay the final fight just to fight gannondorf again. Foxy cannot stand Breath or Tears but unbiasedly they are phenomenal games just if you a fan of the old school style like Foxy is you proabably will be disappointed but it is a game none the less you have to play and see through to the end heres hoping Zelda goes back to the old school style Foxy misses the giant dungeons they used to have but till then Tears is an unforgettable experience that all true Zelda fans should push through to see.
People who added this item 3 Average listal rating (2 ratings) 6 IMDB Rating 0
Tails of Iron - Other
Game Beaten 1149-May 18 2022

1-A 2D souls like game

2-Storyline is pretty dull very boring but a great narrator

3-Gameplay is really lame only light or heavy attacks and only a bland couple of enemy types

4-Only 3 main areas and you just go through them 100s of times for no reason to progress the story

5-Sidequests are mandatory for story progression which is just dumb

6-Fall damage shouldnt even be in the game makes no sense

7-Kinda gruesome unecessary blood gore and dismemberment

8-The future rat music is super cool

9-Terrible ending pretty much everyone dies rendering all character development pointless

10-Dialogue lagged out near the end making it not even working for the integral scenes

Verdict Rating-Not Recommended/Waste of time-Had potential but this is a buggy sloppy mess time is better spent on HOllowknight a game that has perfected metroid vania and souls like genre without being too difficult this game is a piece of garbage if not for the fairytail like difficulty this game would have never been touched
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Atari Mania
Game Beaten 1148-May 1 2023

1-A warioware clone featuring micromini games featuring atari classic games with a spinoff

2-Story is pretty funny a caretaker of an arcade taking care of the games actual characters and saving them from extinction

3-Bosses are pretty intense and very well designed

4-Tiny puzzles to solve along the way not to difficult adds a nice change to the minigames


Verdict Rating-Can Play/Must Play-Wont be everyones cup of tea especially being atari games some are harder than others but still such a throw back to memory lane Foxy really enjoyed seeing what people played on the Atari back then a fun nostalgic ride
Super Geisha Neon
Game Beaten 1147-April 30 2023

1-2D Platformer as a beautiful sprite of a geisha

2-Story killing your groom so your not forcefully married lol

3-Gameplay is a plaformer/puzzle game

4-Have to collect apples to open the goal then get the girl and your cute pet to the shrine to continue using a rat,spider and bat along the way

5-Only like 35 short levels and one boss fight

6-Gives you a platinum trophy just fur finishing it


Verdict Rating-Can Play-Its a fun little game perfect for the couple of dollars it costs and the geisha on the cover is so gorgeous omg thats worth it alone great solid gameplay short sweet to the point
Aery Little Bird Adventure
Game 1146 Beaten April 30,2023

1-Flight game peaceful just collecting feathers

2-One song only that loops pretty lame

3-Brighness has to be tweaked to even see some of the levels which is just bad game design

4-Short and sweet only about an 1 hour game

5-Really slow flight no way to speed it up

6-Run into anything sends you all the way back to beginning highly annoying


Verdict Rating-Can Play/Not recommended-Had potential but the brighness and the no cps and one little hit sends you all the way to the start really ruins the vibe it was creating but its fun for an hour looking for feathers can be alittle tedious with no tracker not bad for a couple of dollars tho
Strayed Lights
Game Beaten 1145-April 30,2023

1-A 3D Platformer/fighter/parry simulator

2-Some exploration to find memories in the hub and hidden light orbs that can increase your power

3-Story is no dialogue all interpretation but told really well through facial expression and emotion healing different forms and darkness in others

4-Boss Fights are so insane and really are just spectacularly done each requiring different parry techniques

5-The most visually crazy game Foxys played in a while the art is a masterpiece and especially the real time events are freaking amazing

6-The areas you run through are downright gorgeous to look at

7-The music is atmospheric and perfect for each area and just so well done

8-Only draw back to this game is the 40 sec loading times witout that it would be near perfect

9-Parrying becomes natural and even abilites to help out if you cant change color fast enough to parry enemies correctly really helps

10-Pretty hard difficulty and no option to lower it sadly


Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY-Most visually and sound pleasing game Foxys played in a while as amazing as like asuras wrath its so visually just awesome like your favorite anime fight pumped to 100 super hard game but so well worth your time if you can meet the challenge and unforgettable game to tbh
Lilas Tale and the Hidden Forest
Game Beaten 1144 Beaten April 28,2023

1-2D Platformer mario clone

2-Bad checkpointing system

3-Screen tearing

4-Peaceful music

5-Brutal sections of difficulty spikes

6-Buggy mess doesnt even count the collectibles correctly

7-Really short only 9 levels

8-Gender Euphoria for Foxy since she gets to be a cute girl named Lila shes adorable

9-Outfits she can change into

Verdict Rating-Can Play-Its a fun little mario clone just could have been a super fun game and but with the screen tearing and buggy progression it really drags down an otherwise really fun game also really bad cps but its good for the couple of dollars it cost and Foxy she got to be a girl which really helps being a transgender girl and her gender dysphoria so she enjoyed it
People who added this item 2 Average listal rating (1 ratings) 1 IMDB Rating 0
Kukoos - Lost Pets - PlayStation 4
Game 1143 Beaten April 25,2023

1-A 3D Platformer

2-Extremely buggy glitchy and just sometimes unplayable

3-Music is really annoying with live action singing thats just plain annoying

4-Storyline is okish about a evil frog that commands all pets gotta rescue them

5-Jumping doesnt feel good character is slow and sluggish and even more so when you get the block pet you can barely get off the ground

6-Levels are waaaaaaaay to long with little to no cps and you cant heal in any single way for very long periods

7-Dying doesnt save any collection progress of coins so you constantly are replaying sections over and over and over and 4 plants to find with no way of knowing what order you found them in with no help in locating them other than trial and error

8-Bosses are alright but brutally unforgiving one fall restart curse you jelly steve oh you will know

9-Playable characters as a girl so Foxy she was very happy for that helps with her gender dysphoria and shes pretty cute

10-Brutal game not very fun in the slightest

Verdict Rating-Not Recommended-Its a savage platformer filled with glitchy platforming atrocious music and unfair cps time is better spent elsewhere a platforming disaster
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
People who added this item 2 Average listal rating (2 ratings) 7 IMDB Rating 0
Mail Mole - PC Games
Game 1142 Beaten April 18,2023

1-A Fun 3D Platformer

2-Basically if mario was a mole simple controls hold to jump higher and press dash when you land back in the ground

3-3 Hidden radishes to find every level similar to marios star coins well hidden on some levels but not too tough

4-No story really saving the carrotland festival from pukat and the rat king little funny dialogue not much tho

5-A cute skunk girl in a lab coat shes beautiful

6-30 Levels pretty long fun game each with different worlds fire ice ruin etc

7-The music is extremely relaxing much like animal crossing very chill and relaxing

8-Every level is fun and different never feels boring and the challenge is just right not too ez not to difficult the end is pretty challenging tho to be expected

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY/BUY-Its a mario clone just as a mole great level design fantastic music and just a charming game all around any platformer fan will enjoy
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Clive and Wrench
Game 1141 Beaten April 8,2023

1-A 3D Platformer like the good ole days like banjo kazooie

2-A furry game with gorgeous furry gurls a huge win a squirrel girl a fox girl like her and even a egyptian cat girl meow cleocatra lol

3-Several worlds 12 to be exact just like the clock now that Foxy noticed each tied to a different time period like gangsters pirate winter and egyptian and greecian and much more

4-So many collectibles 10 ancient coins which unlock bosses and hundreds of clocks but with a way to radar for them making it fun to collect them all not a chore

5-Buggy but enjoyable platforming really high jumps and glides make this a very fun light platformer in difficulty

6-Combat really weak only one button which is a down side

7-Bosses all really cool in theory and each one is designed completely differently but some are just buggy messes lol

8-Really good music and even the hub changes depending on the time era your in

9-No story line at all barely any dialogue which sucks


Verdict Rating-Can Play/Must Play-Its a really solid platformer gameplay wise fanservice for the furry girls alone made Foxy her play this just to see them omg their so pretty. Each era is really neat and so much to collect but it may get tedious abit and it is really buggy but besides that its a really enjoyable platformer that captures the golden days quite nicely
Babol the Walking Box
Game 1140 Beaten April 4,2023

1-A 3D Platformer

2-A soul crushing unforgiving terrible clone of crash bandicoot

3-50% people beat this game with God Mode no ones beaten it legit this game is stupid hard with no cps and glitchy gameplay with atrocious level design

4-Chase levels are unbeatable

5-Music is the only thing thats good

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTE DEPLORABLE GARBAGE-Unless you activate God Mode prepare to shatter your controller dont say Foxy she didnt warn you
People who added this item 3 Average listal rating (2 ratings) 5 IMDB Rating 0
Forspoken - Other
Game 1139 Beaten April 3,2023

1-A third person shooter/fighter/Open world RPG

2-A female protagonist fur the win

3-Most cringe character ever made Frey is the most ungrateful piece of trash human being in the world thinks about no one but herself the whole game until literally the final 10 min then she finally turns over a new leaf but by this point you just hate her.

4-Storyline-So interesting so intriguing will have you on the edge of your seat until the end and its a ride definitely worth taking

5-Profanity-What the heck was square enix thinking do not play this in front of kids the F word is used probably not even exagerating 6000 times no joke sometimes even 7 times in one sentence its unecessary and just plain annoying to hear such foul language constantly for no reason at all.

6-Gameplay is super fun esp traversal you can zip your way across the land in minutes with super speed parkour up mountains by kicking off them and more later a whip to fling yourself across lanscapes

7-Beautiful world very barren but really nice landscapes forests giant lakes of water staggering mountains peaceful meadows and more

8-Creatures are disturbing like elden ring creepy esp break zombies feels like resident evil at times

9-Open world-THIS GAME IS HUMONGOUS-So many things to do too many and it gets really boring really really fast its just the same things over and over
Mutants-Giant creatures to fight optional bosses
photo-take pics
towers-Find lore and story
Familiars-Cute cats to collect
cities,castles,caves-Little enemy encounters
flashpoints-Time challenges for 5 star rating these are the worst part of the game
Monuments-statues to increase stats
locked labyrinths-Optional mini dungeons with a boss

Now these are fun for awhile but after your 600th thing it gets pretty old since enemies are reused and it just becomes absolutely boring to do after awhile

10-Cinta Tanta of Love-Such a beautiful woman and so endearing Foxy she cant wait to be a mother like her one day herself and bear her own daughters

Verdict Rating-Can Play-Its so hard to recommend this game the protagonist is one of the worst human beings Foxy has ever seen ontop of the vulgarity of her language all throughout makes the game so unenjoyable to play which is so sad because the story and gameplay are such a blast but oh my god so much potential wasted with the trash character and her vulgar language and attitude.
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
People who added this item 10 Average listal rating (5 ratings) 7.4 IMDB Rating 0
Need for Speed: Payback - PlayStation 4
Game 1138 Beaten March 5th 2023

1-A third person racing game

2-Excellent environment to race on such a fun place to drive around

3-Cop chases are brilliant and insane

4-Story is super good reminds Foxy of the movie the italian job a perfect story of justice and revenge

5-Jess shes so pretty and such an amazing woman Foxys type

6-Two huge cons Drag racing is just terrible and off road racing is so slippery your car fishtails constantly and its impossible to drive straight to save your life these races really suck the fun out of the game esp a hazard company off road race


8-Difficulty goes up way too hard after the first wave of mob bosses had to drop the difficulty to easy after that and its STILL HARD the spike in difficulty is no joke

9-Awesome cutscenes esp near the end with all the teams helping you take out the cops

10-Derelict treasure hunting finding pieces hidden on the map by matching the streets up with a picture really clever cool way to hide things Foxy wuved this idea so original

Verdict Rating-Must Play/Can Play-Its super fun nfs game probably one of the better ones out there great story great races minus the drag and off road this game would be perfect but even with a couple of minor setbacks its still well worth placing and a really good racing game those to things aside
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Q.u.b.e. 2
Game 1137 Beaten March 5th

1-A FPS Puzzle game like Portal

2-Just as good as the first one extremely great engaging story with an expecting beautiful mother trapped on an alien planet with gripping dialogue

3-Puzzles are just as solid as the first game more cool environments to explore and more things to master even adding oil and fire to the mix and much much more

4-Puzzles are extremely difficult at the end this one will make your brain really hurt this go around

5-Really long game compared to the first probably around 10-15 hours its pretty lengthy compared to the first one

6-Extremely great ending full of hope and wonder

Verdict Rating-Must Play/Can Play-This game is so good but so tough near the end alot of people might give up lots of great puzzles with a great storyline that grips you till the end just be ready with your brain power its gonna drain you dry lol
Destiny 2-Season of the Seraph
Game 1136 Beaten Feb 25,2023

1-Story line is beyond good some of the most intriguing yet with Clovis bray secretly working for the Witness and we exiling him saving Rasputin only for him to make the ultimate sacrifice killing himself to save the traveler so sad no one trusted him but anna and he made the choice to save them all regardless a selfless heroic act that made Foxy cry.

2-Amazing new seasonal story missions

3-Difficulty increased heavily actually made the game fun to play again perfect amount in heist battlegrounds

4-New exotic Mission Operation Seraph Shield like a mini solo version of the raid Deep stone crypt one of the best missions of all time so fun so well designed

5-Competitive reworked its alot more fun more ranks

6-Moments of triumph returned

7-New vex dungeon Spire of the watcher with cowboy themed gear and weapons an overpowered Chicken named Persy

8-Dawning returned

9-New exotic revision zero and an smg that makes you fly its so fun to use

10-Iron Banner fortress a mix of pve in pvp sort of like gambit

11-Final Story mission-Was the most amazing climactic story mission since the demise of gal so action packed so well done just beyond cool with setting up fur Lightfall Foxys so excited fur the future of Destiny 2 it truly is the best game ever made hands down! Every season just gets better.

12-A secret robotic dog you can rescue and pet

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY/BUY-The best season yet in story and lightfall is going to be FREAKING INSANE FOXYS SO FREAKING EXCITED *wags their cute pink tail so happily*
People who added this item 3 Average listal rating (2 ratings) 5 IMDB Rating 0
Forma.8 - PlayStation 4
Game 1135 Beaten Feb 22,2023

1:2D Metroidvania

2-Barely any music only during bosses and just ambience other than that which is super lame

3-No direction but dont get super lost

4-Some annoying puzzles that drag down the game

5-Bosses are the best and most fun part of the game each requiring a strategy to beat like a puzzle but fun

6-How you attack is really annoying laying a bomb then shooting it off by positioning

7-Ending-ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE last guy just fries you roll credits Really thats it omg so bad you have to get all 50 artifacts to even fight the last boss and then all you do is go next time he dies no fight at all so disappointing

8-Trippy last dimension like an optical illusion

Verdict Rating-Can Play/Not recommended-The ending is such a slap in the face its so hard to even say you should play the game but the bosses are very fun and the game is really pretty visually lots of cool colors mixed together but as a game its pretty boring
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
People who added this item 12 Average listal rating (7 ratings) 5.9 IMDB Rating 0
Finding Nemo - PlayStation 2
Game 1134 Beaten Feb 20,2023

1-Very Very difficult kids game extremly punishing very few checkpoints and so many things one shot you

2-Cutscenes are pulled right from the movie

3-15 levels and they are lengthy like some are around 20 min long

4-Brutal difficulty spikes

5-Makes Foxy want to watch the movie again

6-Some levels are rage inducing esp with no hints on what to do looking at you submarine level

Verdict Rating-Can Play-A brutally hard kids game not for the faint of heart quite a challenge but a semi fun ride minus a couple of levels

Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
People who added this item 23 Average listal rating (7 ratings) 6.9 IMDB Rating 0
Q.U.B.E. - PC Games
Game 1133 Beaten Feb 19,2023

1:-First person puzzle game

2:An extremely well made portal clone

3-Gripping storyline

4-Extremely well made puzzles from beginning to end really makes you think

5-Such cool transtions to areas

6-Extremely great ending

7-Voice work is some of the best Foxys heard in a while

8-A rollercoaster ride

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY/BUY-One of best puzzle games and a really great nod to portal perfect story puzzles and intense voice work you dont want to miss this Foxy's so excited fur the sequel
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
People who added this item 7 Average listal rating (6 ratings) 4.8 IMDB Rating 0
Mario Party: The Top 100 - Nintendo 3DS
Game 1132 Beaten Feb 19,2023

1-An actual campaign where you get to unlock and play all 100 minigames its really fun just like the original mario party

2-Can be Rosalina Foxys favorite princess shes so beautiful


4-Great minigame choices and very nostalgic to play through again

Verdict Rating-Can Play-Its a real blast to play through all the minigames in story mode but the fact they put CHANCE MINIGAMES in the campaign is unacceptable and just plain bull crap great final boss minigame but wish their would have been at one some new minigames but its still a very fun ride
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
The Bridge
Game 1131 Beaten Feb 18,2023

1-2D Puzzle game very very complicated and difficult

2-No story at all sadly

3-All puzzles nothing else so its taxing on the brain

4-Extremely pleasant music in the overworld like winnie the pooh from KH

5-Crazy difficulty spike Foxy had to look up some puzzle solutions and esp for the mirror world after you beat the game it reverses the world and makes all the levels you done way harder and way less fun


Verdict Rating-Can Play/Not Recommended-Only puzzles gets really old after awhile but following a walkthrough made it enjoyable to a degree so Foxy would say mmmmm bad game design and bad difficulty spikes too esp near the end with no hints becomes quite frustrating
Metroid Prime Remastered
Game 1130 Beaten Feb 16,2023

1-The graphics are insane it looks like a totally new game with how well the remaster is done

2-The controls are near perfect play like old school gamecube or pointer like the wii remote

3-So nostalgic

4-So much backtracking it hurts Foxy remembers oof so much better in the other games

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY/BUY-Probably the best version of metroid prime perfect controls perfect graphics and such a good game even after 20 years since launch its amazing just the game has so much backtracking but that aside the game is soooooo good and solid and replaying it was amazing
People who added this item 4 Average listal rating (1 ratings) 2 IMDB Rating 0
Trine 2 Complete Story - PlayStation 4
Game 1129 Beaten Feb 9,2023

1-A Beautiful game like a living story book come to life

2-Terrible game design and puzzles that are just so poorly made for no reason other than to be annoying and no in game hint system

3-Storyline is kind of good with 2 sisters one totally jealous causing her to imprison her to become queen then taking her down was awesome she was very pretty both princesses are Rosabel and Isabel Foxy cant wait to be a fox princess herself one day soon

4-Zoya as beautiful as ever

5-Combat is just annoying until the final boss the goblin machine fight might be the only thing that was even remotely enjoyable at all


Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTE GARBAGE-Poor writing poor gameplay and puzzles and just plain irritating platforming with bad design that constantly drags the entire game down so much you just pray to get through it as fast as you can.
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Spongeob Squarepants The Cosmic Shake
Game 1128 Beaten

1-3D Platformer/Beatem up more platforming than combat

2-Really unique storyline and love cassandra the mermaid shes an awesome villian and all the mermaids omg their so beautiful Foxy would love to be a mermaid themselves so gorgeous one of their favorite mythological creatures tbh

3-Platforming is so solid so well done feels good and theres alot of it

4-Combat is slow boring and super monotonous enemies have lots of iframes where you have to wait to do damage and its just plain annoying to fight the jelly creatures barely any different types too

5-Boss fights are like carbon copies of themselves and just require dodging or jumping and require no thinking ability at all there all a huge let down minus king gary tbh

6-Its like a worse version of battle at bikini bottom copied everything from that game but its just sloppier and less fun

7-Dialogue is funny like watching a spongebob ep

8-Music is ok but loops far too many times

9-Worlds are too big and feel super empty


Verdict Rating-It had so much potential made by the battle at bikini bottom team but its just worse in every single way possible sloppy combat worlds that are just too large and dont offer much in reward and is over too quickly with carbon copy boss fights its ok but no where near Foxys expectations a huge let down to say the least
Game 1127 Beaten

1-2D Soulslike game similar to hollow knight but strip the fun out of it completely

2-Soul crushingly hard with requiring lots of perfection and tons of trial and error esp with the bossess

3-No color pure black and white gameplay hard to see whats bad and whats good environment wise

4-NO MUSIC seriously other than the map screen and bosses its super lame and gets old so fast

5-Very little enemy design and half way through the game they get stronger for no reason other than to be annoying

6-Dialogue is good and story but aton of typos and just presents itself super sloppy at times but Foxys sister did the funniest voices for the characters which made it a blast and fun

7-Not a metroidvania dont let the game fool you its a souls game nothing to do with metroid vania at all smh

8-Little to no guidance is annoying some crazy difficulty spikes near the end


Verdict Rating-Can Play/Not Recommended-It had alot of potential first off not a metroidvania that ticked Foxy off its a souls game and its brutally hard not for the faint of heart but it was a charming story and the bosses are pretty cool to fight but it was a slog to say the least and had some controller breaking moments where wanted to throw in the towel but Foxy did it never again souls games need to die.
The Little Acre
Game 1126 Game Beaten Jan 28,2023

1-A point and click adventure puzzle game

2-Cute story very short only about 2 hours long

3-Slow movement while on the map got a little annoying

4-Took some brain power at the beginning to figure out but really easy after that

5-Cute little daughter named Lily shes adorable

6-Cool sci fi twist

7-Almost felt like living through a cartoon episode back in the good ole days


Verdict Rating-Can Play-Its a fun little story not too long not too short and is pretty cute like an interactive cartoon
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Marsupilami: Hoobadventure - PlayStation 4
Game 1125 Beaten Jan 28,2023

1-2D Platforming Game

2-Liquid gold this is as good as donkey kong country like no joke every level is fun and fantastically designed

3-Hidden collectibles all over to find and bonus rooms

4-An entire hidden world with dinosaurs

5-Cataclysmic levels insanely hard fun challenge levels like the K world in donkey kong

6-Music is so relaxing and fire like rayman origins good and with a ukelele

7-4 Worlds if you count the hidden world which is the best one

8-Sadly no bosses :(

9-Get to be a cute furry girl with a flower in her hair omg shes so cute

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY/BUY-This is an extremely well made platformer rivaling donkey kong country and absolute gem and fun experience from beginning to end Foxy loved it to pieces
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
People who added this item 27 Average listal rating (12 ratings) 7 IMDB Rating 0
Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth - PlayStation 4
Game Beaten 1124-Beaten Jan 25 2023

1:Gender Options are the best so Foxy got to be pick their true gender being a cute female girl with gorgeous pink hair so thats a plus

2:Story is super good intriguing and really well paced never really a dull moment and some emotional heart string places

3:Relatable characters that could be your friends in real life

4:So many digimon to raise and capture or in this case scan

5:Game doesnt explain things at all like Digivolving ABI and Cam where you have to have them in party and you have to devolve and evolve tons upon tons of times till you can be strong enough to do anything

6:Repetition is really really bad uses only like 5 same areas through the whole game and you just backtrack constantly its a huge annoyance

7:Battles are so one sided in the normal game one or two shot most enemies in a single turn but bosses are like 30 to 45 min slogs that just take forever esp the eaters they are the worrrrrrrrrrst omg everyone takes soooooooo long to kill its not even funny and their extremely overpowered and can heal constantly most every boss can its terrible. Also enemies can increase their speed to attack up to 5 to 8 turns before you even get to move 5 FREAKING TURNS WHAAAAAAAT?! Its so stupid and makes no sense

8:Difficulty spikes are everywhere some bosses are a breeze while others will be 45 min slogfests that just make you want to break your controller and it would be ok if it was just one no its like 20 where the games like oh here have a 600% difficulty increase why no reason it gets so old so fast.

9:Constantly you have no idea where to go you can talk to rei and find out but its stupid why cant the character instead of saying hey check out eden which is 20 areas mind you instead be like im in eden community area 1 oh ok now i dont have to spend an hour looking for one area when the game is so vague about where to go it drove Foxy crazy and its all the time your constantly like where do i go?

10:Anime cutscenes are so well done and wish there were more

11:The music is god tier the boss songs for the eaters is so cool and fighting the knights omg can hum them all day long its fantastic music love every track so sad that the game isnt as good as the music

12:Final boss was justice and beyond epic to fight hes overpowered but god dang is he cool looking and daunting like you sure i can defeat this thing lol.

13:Pretty long game 36 hour rpg

14:Every anime girl is just the cutest omg so cuuuuuute

Verdict Rating-Can Play-First off Pokemon is better in everyway at least from this game Foxy now knows this with terrible battle system not knowing where to go with and horrendous difficulty spikes uuuuugh its hard to recommend but the music is god tier the waifus are god tier and the story is beyond good too but ho boi you got a slog of a journey to earn it thats fur sure is it worth it thats up to you lol
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Nerf Legends
Game 1123-Beaten Jan 12,2023


2-Attrocious gameplay extremely laggy platforming is janky and floaty and the guns shake so much while firing you can barely hit anything half the time

3-Music is god awful only like 3 songs on repeat

4-Levels are super repetetive fighting unlimited enemies only 4 different types the whole game or finding switches to open doors and very little platforming

5-Ziplining is the worst thing Foxy has seen in years impossible to shoot from and jumping from one to the next is absolute cancer

6-Literally one the worst games Foxy has ever seen in their life

7-Every level is like 20 min long their super long

8-Buggier than all get out enemies can lag out causing you to restart the whole level and lag out the wazoo in gameplay.

9-The only thing worth playing for is to see the beautiful female cyborg Aurora shes so gorgeous


Verdict Rating-Absolute Deplorable Garbage/Not recommended-Absolute dumpster fire of a game terrible graphics gameplay and music literally no saving grace maybe seeing Aurora the female cyborg but thats it there is literally no reason to play this game completely a terrible slog of a poorly designed and broken disaster
Game 1122-Beaten Jan 10,2023

1-A 2D Puzzle game

2-Every world adds a new gimmick to figure out and master

3-Brain bursting puzzle game every level is such a beast to figure out Foxy cant remember when a game has mentally challenged them so hard it actually hurt their brain physically

4-Music is atrocious and so annoying like carnival mixed with space its so bad

5-The announcer is beyond annoying and mocks you constantly

6-Have to find a switch to turn on the end then find and get to the end

7-No hand holding and the levels are minimum 10 to 20 min a piece and theres 50 of them omg bruh


Verdict Rating-Not recommended/Can Play-Its pure puzzles and jumping no combat no good music no story just you and your brain and skills put to the test beyond what you thought possible only 2.7% of players beat this game fur good reason know what your getting into before starting holy jeezus
River City Girls 2
Game 1121-Beaten Jan 1,2023

1-2D Beatem up just like the first game

2-Really big compared to number one even reusing old places and music map is very huge very annoying to use cant zoom out or navigate to see all the places at once

3-Several playable characters Kyoko Mikasa Marian and Provie and the boyfriends omg being Kyoko is the best shes so cuuuute omg Foxy wants to be just like her one day soon

4-Some new enemy types not many like robotic cats and larpers and stuff

5-Some great new music but the lovely Megan again

6-Pretty interesting story of family and betrayal

7-Getting knocked down is extremely annoying now have to rapidly tap buttons to get back up its terrible and the stun locking is gets really old

8-Game kind of overstays its welcome and some bosses are really annoying like the helicopter one that just drag like crazy

9-Some cool sidequests that were fun


Verdict Rating-Can Play-Its more of the same feels more like an expansion than a new game sadly but its still the same old river city gurls you love just feels too much like the first tbh not really anything new to see here except some great new music.
Game 1120 Beaten December 24,1992

1:2D fighter 8 bit old school

2-A really cool origin story for the river city girls games and where the cute girls kyoko and misako came from

3-8 bit music that is super catchy and the op song omg is so amazing Foxy just sits on the title screen to listen to it

4-New intro with Kyoko and Misako talking about their first game in 4th wall pretty funny

5-Extremely hard like the old days where you broke your controller hard

6-The grandma misuzu omg shes so freaking over powered stuck on her for like 45 min crazy difficulty spike

7-Final boss dodging his gun was really cool

Verdict Rating-Can Play-This game is really cool and fun to a degree but omg its just so freaking hard at the end its hard to recommend anyone play it other than for the amazing music and story but jeezus its hard dont say Foxy didnt warn ya
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Game 1119 Beaten December 24,2022

1-A 3D Exploration/Climber

2-No real dialogue mostly pictures and story shown through some very quick snippets

3-All left to interpretation to the player nothing

4-Just sail around to find med kits to help heal your brother as a cute sister

5-Very relaxing and great calming music

6-No handholding have to find out where all the kits are found yourself on buildings that have names

7-Really short only 2 hour game

8-Not much variety climbing gets pretty stale after awhile nothing changes


Verdict Rating-Can Play-Lot of potential but with no combat and no real variety to gameplay it just gets a tad boring sadly great music and tone of the game but its just never reaches a peak that you want to hit as a player and its sad because it really could have been great.
People who added this item 4 Average listal rating (1 ratings) 4 IMDB Rating 0
Trine Enchanted Edition - Nintendo Wii U
Game Beaten December 22-1118

1-A 2D platformer with momemntum physics

2-Game is more of a puzzle game then a platformer and has combat but honestly its pretty sloppy

3-A stunningly beautiful game like a story book brought to life

4-Storyline is convoluted and just boring and lame

5-Platforming is super janky and mantling is terrible and barely works half the time and for a platformer it just feels really slippery hard to stay on platforms like their all made of ice

6-Really short like 3 hours tops

Verdict Rating-Not Recommended/Waste of time-Its a beautiful game and like moving art but as a game its a really buggy unpolished mess hopefully the other 3 games are better cuz this one was atrocious
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
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Shows all the games ive beaten clean no walkthroughs,cheats or help at all over all video game consoles. Also i used to own all these games actually over 1000 games in total so far but i sold around 800 and kept only my favorites


My inspiration and personal motivator is myself haha and Pumpkinate without him i would have never had energy to build this humongous list for your personal enjoyment so i owe him deep respect and gratitude and thank him for loyally sticking to my side! :D

I just ask please that my review does not make your decisions for you i am but one humble person so my opinion is not always just and reflects how i feel. Please look at several reviews or just do research on a game or play a demo if you like it buy it if not i guess just enjoy gaming its one of the best things of life :D.

My Names Foxy

I will qoute myself in saying to many people when they ask me to do something for them that i dont want to.

"I carve my own path through the uncharted seas of this world and unto what i have done is completely of my own mind"


Verdict Ratings may differ from actual rating score I give a game.

Verdict Ratings
Absolute Must Buy
Must Buy
Can Buy
Absolute Must Play
Must Play
Can Play
Not For Me
Not Recommended
Don't Buy or Play
Waste of Time
Deplorable Crap

How Foxy Rates Games
10-Outstanding in every way possible
9-Amazing only a slight flaw here or there
8-Fantastic but need a little more
7-Great but not the best or close to it
6-Just floats above average
5-Meh just average nothing else
4- Could have been better but was downright awful
3-Waste of my time
2- Completely regrettable
1-Deplorable Crap that should have never be played and no one should ever suffer through

My username on Miiverse is Ruby Rouge shes a cute blonde girl in a pink dress perfect fur her

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