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Added by Silver Falcon Soul on 6 Oct 2011 10:07
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All The Video Games I Have Beaten In My Lifetime

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Games Ive Beaten

All completely clean
Astrobot Rescue Mission
1000 GAME BEATEN!!! OCT 17,2020
I had such trouble picking a game special enough but i couldnt be more happier with this pick this game is one of the best and coolest experiences i have ever had VR is the real deal and more immersive than i could have possibly imagined its not a gimmick its insanely cool.

1:A 3D Platfomer like mario you must collect 8 robots hidden all over the place in the level and a hidden chameleons which will make you twist your head literally.

2:Most immersive experience ever like you feel like your in the caves or under the water or the lavas so close you can touch it.

3:Every level is jam packed with secrets and just plain enjoyable to play and all so unique theres jungles,ninja castles,gravesites,construction yards and more to traverse through.

4:The VR experience is so unreal it literally cant be put into words how immersive and crazy it is and this game captures it perfectly.

5:The boss battles are so crazy and literally like 2 feet in front of your face like the monkey and shark are so close to you in VR its like the first time i was actually scared to fight a boss it feels so real.

6:The music is ok at the entry but really expands love the cave and metal themes esp and the boss songs.

7:To 100% this game is mad hard their is challenges for each chameleon and also to flawless the bosses and the vulture is so mad difficult to beat flawless so much RNG but i did it and other challenges are highscore runs or timed platforming challenges where you execution has to be nearly perfect not for the faint of heart but they are optional.

8:Gadgets to use such as a grappling hook,water hose,gattling gun,laser shurikens,flashlight and how you use each one is so creative.

9:The final boss is spectacular visual and gaming masterpiece.

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST BUY/PLAY-I literally bought the Playstation VR to play this game and to be honest it was worth 350 dollars that sounds crazy but once you play this visual and immersive masterpiece its beyond words YOU HAVE TO PLAY VR AND EXPERIENCE THIS FLAWLESS MASTERPIECE!I am completely satisfied that this was my 1000th Game!
Phoneix Wright-Ace Attorney:Spirit of Justice...
999th Game Beaten Oct 14,2020

1:One of the best Phoenix Wright games made there is a reason why this is series is so amazing disclaimer there is 2 things that i really dont like nor condone in the game
1-Seances-Visions of the dead-merely used as another piece of evidence in court but creepy none the less
2-Spirit Channeling-Causing a dead person to testify in Mayas body like the first 3 games in the series less creepy but still wrong

3 cases contain spiritism 3 do not have any so its a conscious matter if you decide to play or not

2:Game has amazing music with intense court themes and amazing testimony theme and ambience more than most of the games

3:Game is super hard compared to the earlier games really make you think and you will make several mistakes but when you finally figure it out and it all clicks theres nothing like solving each and every trial and murder you feel SO SMART! They really flip your thinking everytime some of the location questions are rough but all around its super enjoyable trying to figure it out.

4:Visions are neat but super hard to find inconsistencies and may prove to be a pain for most they are rough at times spent a lot of time trying to figure out case 3 specifically.

5-Cases is what makes the game and each one is so unique i will go each one in just neat details and avoids spoilers as much as possible

1-Case 1-First time ever a witness gives testimony with playing of an instrument and its so cool and then he switches over to metal and its so well done an such a crazy witness. Lots of puzzles and no trust in Lawyers and Phoenix's life is on the line its intense!

Case 2-Magic show gone wrong with trucy and a cute bunny girl with a dark conman and apollo justice gets to work this case really cool backstory with Troup Gramarye

Case 3-Mystic Maya your partner from the other games returns as beautiful as ever wrapped up once again framed as the killer and what a story it is and very sad and heartwarming at the same time. One of the hardest cases in the game its brutal.

Case 4-Get to be Athena Cykes from Dual Destinies shes so gorgeous case about a rakugo artist and super gorgeous gal named geiro with amazing balloons she shows off during the case. First time case with a person with a disorder that becomes evidence in an interesting way and simon blackquill is so cool.

Case 5-The finale-Completely learn of Apollos justices past his parents and his friend Nharyuta and saving him from himself. Exposing Khurains dark secrets and the gorgeous Garan in her dark prosecutor outfit he is beyond sexy and so is her sister as well. Finally earning the adorably cute and beautiful Princess Rayfas trust as well. The flames of Revolution reach a climax you cant miss in the series ITS AMAZING! Also every main character from every game in the series joins up for the most epic crossover ever!

DLC Case for 5.99-So worth it about a Time Traveller and her husband and a premeditated grudge that may have you in tears by the end of it and such a great ending and so many twists its hard to keep up with one of the best cases in the game and the villian i pegged but bringing him down is so crazy first time you have to make the witness make testimony by asking direct questions and refuse to tesitfy such an amazing trial and such a great ending i just love it and know i will find my own beloved one day i cant wait till my own wedding day! OwO

There is also 2 dollar asinine attorney interactive short videos you play out a mock trial and its kind of cool.

1-First one is convincing pearl is the real princess rayfa and becomes queen hahaha

2-Is finding Princess Rayfas dream vacation to stay in the country

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY/BUY-I understand there is things in this game i dont approve of but the entire story and theme and cases of this game is just as legendary as the rest of the series and should not be missed one of the best game series of all time!
People who added this item 15 Average listal rating (7 ratings) 8.3 IMDB Rating 0
Game Beaten-Sept 22,2020

1:Amazing opening i must say so well done super action packed and perfect to start the starwars adventure

1.5-Game is a mix of Uncharted with Souls like combat with Metroidvania power up system.

2:The story wow its fantastic from beginning to end better than most of the movies tbh

3:Such memorable characters Cal,Second Sister,Nightsister Merrin,BD11,Greez,Cere all so well developed and you come to love each one of them and how they add to the overall game.

4:The planets are breathtaking to behold and just gems to be on with rustic mountains of bogano,settlements and snow in Zeffo,Jungles of Kyshhhk with the wookies, and icy tundra of ilum,the desert and swamps of Dathomir and the underwater planet of Ner there all so cool to adventure on.

5:Combat i dont like it one bit its souls like and it just doesnt work parrying doesnt work half the time and the enemies always have the advantage until you get some upgrades for the lightsaber which are super cool will not spoil.

6:Upgrading is super nice but you dont get even a single damage increase till the games almost over kind of annoying.

7:When you heal it calls back to life all the enemies its super annoying and not needed because you have to backtrack through them constantly.

8:No fast travel you have shortcuts you unlock by opening doors and cutting down ropes but honestly where the meditation circles are should all be fast travel points but i digress.

9:The map is amazing its a 3D top down map and you can see the entire planet on it its so complex well done and makes it a absolute joy to track down all the secrets and chests because each section is marked so you have a set place to look which is amazing so many games should adopt this! Also it shows which areas open up due to your new powers you get.

10:Metroidvania like unlocking new force powers and other abilities and BD1 also gains more power hes so cute i love him.

11:Finale with REDACTED is so thrilling and amazing and the last chase sequence was the icing on the cake!

12:THE LOADING TIMES ARE ATROCIOUS!-Like they are super bad dont die you will regret it more than you should.

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY/BUY-Game is so amazing one of the best starwars experiences out there the combat is alittle hard to master and sloppy but honestly if you have to switch it down to story mode and just enjoy the game because its Star Wars fans dream to play this and basically experience what it would be like to become a Jedi in the Star Wars Universe.
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
The Great Ace Attorney: The Adventure of Ryūnosuke Naruhodō...
Game Beaten:#997-Sept 14,2020-Technically not available in the US its Japanese Only sadly so either you have to mod your 3DS or can watch complete walkthroughs online.

1:The characters are so amazing
Naruhodo-Very similar to phoenix wright kind insanely smart and never gives up and believes in the client
Susato-Cute Japanese girl in a kimono who is the legal assistant helps in most cases extremely loving warm and just plain adorable and respectful to all i love her OwO.
Asougi-Plain Awesome cool vibes all around and a flowing headband encourages Naruhodo to become an attorney
Sherlock Holmes-Funny brilliant a dunce at times and a jerk but you still love him
Iris Watson-10 year old adorably cute loli girl John watsons daughter a prodigy and child genius with super cool tech.
The Reaper Barok Von Zieks-Vampiric Prosecutor a bully and so funny throwing his feet chalices and bottles around so much like edgeworth but cooler and much colder.

2:Music is orchestral instead of edm midis like most of the series but still has great great soundtrack just amazing esp for the reaper intros and cornered themes.

3:Cases are all super intriguing and really have to think outside the box to solve

4:New techniques are the british court convincing Jourers to not plead guilty by presenting their statements against each other which is really neat. Also when comparing testimony to others thoughts when giving it. Also deductions are giving by Sherlock holmes in such a cool way by obeservations that you must refine to get to the truth really well done.

5:So intriguing has a Phenomenal ending and ties all the cases together in a way you could not see coming and just is plain amazing

6:There is no series when it comes to mysteries then Ace Attorney being the detective and battling in court is so much fun and makes you feel so smart solving the cases.

7:The ending is such cool not cliffhanger but tease of whats to come and i cant wait to play the sequel now!

10 Stars out of 10

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY/BUY-This game is stunning and so intriguing from beginning to end with a colorful cast of unforgettable characters to thrilling over the top court cases and murder trials it has it all if your an Ace Attorney Fan or never started this game series cannot be overlooked you have to start it you will never forget it. Another masterpiece by the Ace Attorney Team im speechless and in tears its so sad Capcom refuses to localize such breathtaking games because of greed and pure laziness thanks to all the fans who subbed this unforgettable title!
People who added this item 11 Average listal rating (9 ratings) 5 IMDB Rating 0
Sonic Forces: Bonus Edition - PlayStation 4
Game Beaten Aug 25,2020

1:The cutscenes are super well done movie like quality and pretty awesome

2-Its a way darker game beginning out with sonic defeated about to be killed and eggman controlling the world bleakest ive seen them go.

3.Classic sonic levels are mixed with 3D levels like a mix of generations and lost world.

4:Dialogue cutscenes before each level is nice and their banter is cute and welcoming

5:You can make your own male or female custom avatar furry boy or girl from a bird,dog,cat,hedgehog,and wolf. My wolf girl is so cute omg OwO.

6:Infinite is one of my most favorite sonic villians now next to chaos he is so cool and dark his voice sounds so familiar but i can't place it sounds like an anime villian.

7:Game is relatively easy except for the final boss its pretty rough with the death egg.

8-You have a grappling hook known as a wispon with different abilities from Sonic colors to attack and platform in different ways.

9-Highly rewarding game maybe too much so hahaha earning tons of customizable parts for your avatar such as head gear, skins, clothing,dresses,bows,gloves,boots and msasks and much much more you can make your avatar as cool or cute as you want OwO.

10-Amazing soundtrack and music all throughout has super catchy live voice acting songs like the old games like sonic heroes and they are super catchy and fun to sing along too.

11:Final boss song is epic

12-The levels are nostaligic with old and new stages alike that are downright visual masterpieces so well designed blazing through them are so neat

13-Rouge the bat is in the game in all her gorgeous beauty shes so beautiful and so sexy OwO. She is the best sonic character hands down a furry white mouse bat hybrid girl. Im literally a furry because of her to be honest and named my own fursona my pink fox vixen girl after her in her honor. Rouge i love you so much OwO.

14:Episode Shadow DLC-3 Missions where you find out the origin story of why Infinite became a villian good ol shadow being a jerk once again hahaha. Also this episode is all about Shadow talking to the lovely miss Rouge the bat more screen time with the beautiful lady is definitely worth playing for OwO Rouge is so gorgeous OwO.


Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY-This is a super cool fast paced epic sonic adventure game with epic villians like infinite and original story with awesome music and just a blast to play it is alittle too easy but honestly who cares its so fun and Rouge the bat and a customizable female avatar option its a furrys dream come true. You don't wanna miss this unforgettable game its just too short sadly xD.
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Samurai Jack:Battle Through Time
Game Beaten Aug 23,2020

1:3D Platformer and Combat Beatem Up

2-Animated cutscenes really pop like the show very well done

3-Art Style is like living through eps of the tv show and feel nostalgic and iconic and visit well known areas of the show.

4-Not many characters they just give out items but no real use at all and briefly camo for one line of dialogue thats not necessary

5-Story is really boring and flat

6-Combat is a blast at firt but so terrible in the final level. Jack is so slow and feels like he is weighed down constantly when hes so fluid in the show. The parry system is so bad it doesnt work half the time and you just get caught in a stun lock sequence that leaves you with no health when trying to pull it off. Stunlocking is beyond annoying you can literally get hit once and then 20 enemies gather around and lock you in a corner where you can't move or see because of the horrid camera its such bad design.

7:Game never has any puzzles only to make more difficult enemies multiply you can take less hits just all artificial and such lazy developement

8:Enemies are classic baddies like wakandi,beetle drones,robo crocs,celtic demons,zombies and then they just recycle the same foes the whole game and even put enemies in levels they dont belong or feel so out of place again so lazy.

9:Different weapons can be used but they have durability and break which is pointless because your main sword doesnt ever so theres no point in switching it gives you a slight upper hand on bosses and a different move set but not really makes any difference.

10-You dismember enemies with the same slice patterns as the show which was cool

11-Music is not even really there just ambience or a track of just a melody. Doesnt even have the epic theme song.

12-Skill tree is a neat addition but its implemented so poorly the progress is SO SLOW! Even after finishing the game i had less than 25% of it done its way too grindy and not fun to level at all you would have to replay the exact same levels just to become stronger so pointless.

13-Enemies are so much more powerful than you always your always like 4 steps behind them in power no matter how far you progress its a constant annoyance.

14-The Super bar known as a Chi attack is really flashy and cool but its all automated and you don't control it all which is super lame.'

15-Aku boss fight is really cool visually but a pain in the neck to play and i was so happy when i could finally just stop playing. Stun lock city and hes invincible half the fight just getting hit by everything because Jack is beyond slow.

16-Game is unfairly hard for the wrong reasons and you die alot just pure to bull crap stun locking mostly.


18:Platforming is atrocious its like link wearing iron boots trying to jump gaps its so bad.

19-Combat is slow takes to long to animate and is a really unfun choppy experience over all.

20-8 different button mappings but i didnt like anything of them its 2020 you really couldnt have added custom button mappings god such a lazy game developer i cant even.

Verdict Rating-Can Play/Not Recommended-4 Stars out of 10
The game had so much potential in the beginning but after the second stage its just a slow repetitive sloppy choppy mess with so much stunlocking you just wanna punch a baby seal. Does not do the amazing series justice which you should go watch RIGHT NOW! Samurai Jack is such an amazing show and its so epic in all ways and this game...ugggggh im so utterly disappointed at how bad a cash grab it is and such a slap in the face to the fans i regret spending money on this garbage!
Mushroom Men The Spore Wars
Game Beaten Aug 21,2020-Nintendo Wii

1:A 3D platformer/Fighter

2:Game is pretty fun mostly explore a small environment picking up tools and pieces to build weapons from lightsabers to poles with chess pieces and much more

3:Combat is simple dodge rolling blocking and 3 different weapon types stabbing,thrusting,smashing and they all have different styles of play on ground and in air and i love shaking the wii remote to attack its just fun i love waggle mechanics.

4:Music is super funky and the electric guitar parts are mad cool with insane solos.

5:Games story isnt super deep but enough to be interesting the different species of mushrooms are all cool and actually real mushrooms in real life like shiitake are japanese samurai mushrooms pretty neat

6:Levels are linear with hidden weapon pieces concept art and objectives to complete no hand holding at all so you can literally look for hours trying to find one thing which can be alittle frustrating at times but other than that a solid experience.

7:Game is strikingly brutal and grotesque at times like dropping a running fan on a rabbit and the screen pans away to show fluff shooting up funny but so brutal lol im so dark hahaha.

Verdict Rating-Can Play/Must Play-Game is hands down fun interesting and really strange theres nothing really like it an interesting short ride thats good for at least a couple hours kind of short less than 10 hours but the mushroom men dont disappoint.
Barbie Island Princess
Game Beaten Aug 4,2020-PS2 Version

1:Game is just 28 minigames spread out across 4 worlds.

2:Earn roses by highscores for each minigame usually 300 to get all 3 you unlock extra videos to watch from the actual movie and dresses and accessories for Barbie to wear.

3:A dressing room to see all the beautiful and glamourous dresses necklaces shoes and bracelets you have unlocked. Barbie is so pretty in this game but even after you customize her apparel you can only view it in the room you can't keep the appearance in game so its really lame you cant keep the skins on as you play.

4:Most of the minigames are super easy with some ridiculously difficult like the javelin throw its pretty rough. Some controls are super janky and work really bad. Favorite mini game is tracing the dresses to design and for Barbie to wear that one was fun.

5:Cutscenes are cute but super short probably scenes from the movie.

6:Lullably minigame is the best and sounds like a really good disney song when played.

7:There is just like two lines when you play each minigame thats super repetetive i found it hilarious but probably just annoy most people.

8:Super great ending marrying prince Antonio in a honey moon disney song send off that was just plain lovely and adorable.

9:Majestic castle like music for the intro its a lovely song

10:Unlocking all the roses on each island unlocks some more cutscenes from the movie with singing songs featuring Barbie not only is she gorgeous but man her voice is heavenly in these cut scenes i love her melodic tone. Each one is pretty magical and brings you joy watching them.Favorites are All i Know, Wedding Song,Rat Song.

Verdict Rating-Can Play/Not Recommended-Its only minigames with some cutscenes thrown in but other than that not much substance as a game sadly but barbie is super cute and beautiful and all the dresses and accessories are very stylish and glamorous so if you want some blonde eye candy she is that.

Star Rating 5/10
Paper Mario-The Origami King
Game Beaten Aug 3,2020

1:3D Game Based on exploration combat and puzzles.

2:Combat i cant stand it maybe people will appreciate it more than i did but its terrible anyway how it works is mario is in a middle of a bullseye and you have to rotate and slide rings to make enemies into a complete line or a 4x4 square sounds easy right wrong!-You are timed given so many seconds to solve and only so many moves and if you dont solve it your just curb stomped by the enemies sheer number of attacks even if you block. If you solve the puzzle you beat all the enemies in the one move. Its really watered down and not fun at all like the other paper mario combat styles and only boils down to jumping and hammer its really lame when other games had all sorts of moves you could do and special abilities but none of that is here. Every fight is the same just with different enemies.

3:The music is some of the best in the series theres jazz sitar heavy metal oriental japenese all sorts of varied music tbh the bower heavy metal theme is freaking epic.

4:The locales you go to are plain so original and awesome like desert cities,the ocean saling on a boat like zelda windwaker,temples of the vellumentals, japanese mountains, forests and so much more a shogun amusement park.

5:Story is so intriguing so funny so emotionally moving for a mario game i actually cried at one point ive never seen a story so emotional stirring its fantastic and the dialogue is so well written and comical it will have you rolling laughing at times. Its so original i just love the origami girl olivia shes so cute ;D.

6:So many cool things to do you can throw confetti in an amazing display going everywhere to fill in holes of the areas to trigger all sorts of things. Find toads folded into all sorts of things bugs dogs paper planes stuck in all sorts of objects so fun finding them and they have a quick quip when you find them and hidden object blocks and treasures all over and if you get 100% you get a secret ending.

7:One of the strongest and darkest intros to a paper mario game.

8:Vellumentals are awesome like origami mechs you find that are animals to summon.

9:Boss fights are amazing there are still ring based but more like a giant mario party board and you have to use powers and attacks in a certain order to bring them down but its way more fun and super creative when you fight the bosses. Some are literally office supplies no spoilers.

10:Even some fights against paper macho enemies which you fight in real time some of my favorie fights.

11:INSANE Final boss so spectacular in effects and so climactic.

12:Motion controls used are super fun but wonky.

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY-The game is near perfect if not for the base combat being so lame and repetitive and so constant and just plain annoying at times and unnecessary it doesn't ruin the main experience.The music is legendary. The story is phenomenal and the characters and their interactions the worlds are all magical and this a paper mario game that once again is an unforgettable unfoldable experience you cant miss.

Star Rating-I debated so long to give this game a less then perfect score but other than combat i love everything so you win this time Nintendo ill still give it a perfect 10/10 but the next paper marios combat better not be a stupid gimmick like this one or ill fold.

People who added this item 27 Average listal rating (10 ratings) 7.4 IMDB Rating 0
Gravity Rush 2 - PlayStation 4
Game Beaten June 17,2020

1:Mechanics are better and smoother than the first one far less complicated flying is still just as fun and amazing flying as Kat in all the areas

2:Music is just as good with some really nice new jazzy and orchestral tracks and they fit the theme of each new area, slums have like slow guitar riff and the rich as slow jazz and pompous trumpets its really well done.

3:Story is just fantastic it has an original storyline seperate from the first game, it has kat losing her powers dealing with reg day life for awhile, regains powers and no one remembers her and then you get to even explore her past what happened over 100 years ago and it connects to gravity rush 1 perfectly.

4:The human element in this game goes way deeper than most games like prejudice against people because their poor and how the rich look down on such people and just how terrible humans can be without their qualities put in check and is very realistic and their is points where you might cry or be overjoyed because the character developement and NPCS feel real and their problems are what we deal with everyday.

5:Sidemissons are all over around 50 of them ranging from doing stunts for a movie as a nurse, to walking and playing fetch with a dog, training for the police and much much more most are fetch quests but all of them are pretty fun and varied.

6:Kat and Raven Kali and Durga and all the women are so beautiful including all the NPCs you have girls in tops,biknis,fancy dresses,school uniforms,v Necks,suits all sorts of clothing really varied so neat. Kat also has her own sexy outfits from this game she is so gorgeous the outfits are Jazz singer in a fancy sparkling red dress with a slit by the knee,hot dog stand workers outfit thats cute with striped leggings, a nurse costume,a Kali angel uniform thats like wonder woman, school girl, anime idol dress and twin tails with beautiful blue hair,and free dlc outfits dark angel,crazy kitten and 2B from nier automata shes so pretty in all of them.

7:A photo mode to take screen shots of anything and everything you want including Kat with some really cute poses you unlock through play.

8:Game brings back the racing challenges, and combat but its way more achievable and way more fun this time around theres also stealth sections and finding a location based on a photo added into the mix

9:Pacing so i though at first this game was not as good as the first and i still like the og better because of the pacing so the game is split into 3 major arcs

Part 1
Kat losing her powers arc-mining-This is by far the most boring and slowest part of the game and was such a drag

Part 2 is technically spoilers so im just going to say Redacted.

So you regain your powers and go somewhere REDACTED its amazing how well this is threaded in and the action starts to pick up tremendously like the first game.

Part 3
The finale to this game is freaking awesome way better then i could have hoped for. You discover Kat's past from 100 years ago how it ties to the first game and a crazy anime level ending boss fight and just insane its so over the top amazing you have to play the game to the end. The people sing the apple song and i nearly shed a tear when Kat tears through the final boss its a sight to behold no spoilers tho xD its too good you have to see it!

10:Game is very very long like 50-60 hours if you do all the side missions challenge and story but well worth doing.

11:Actually unlock gravity styles lunar being more lightless and jupiter which makes you super heavy and a complete badapple able to crush anything thats my favorite one xD.

12:Update Ravens Tale DLC-Find out about Ravens past and what happened to the kids on the ark in the first game and what she sacrifices to save them an absolutely amazing dlc and you get to play as sachya shes so freaking adorable and cute and regain ravens memories clash with light and darkness and rebuild the world but how much will she lose to save the ark find out in this time bending tale you cant miss!

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST BUY/PLAY-So until the part 2 and 3 of the game i hated it so slow and just kind of repetetive but holy cow was i wrong when it gets after 20 hours in and you get to parts 2 and 3 of the story all your regrets melt away and i cannot wait to play Gravity Rush 3 on ps5 which is confirmed coming what an amazing series you have to see this game to the end its worth every hour sunk in!

Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
People who added this item 13 Average listal rating (6 ratings) 7.8 IMDB Rating 0
Gravity Rush Remastered - PlayStation 4
Game Beaten June 8,2020

1:Games story is so intriguing and so action packed never a dull moment and you start off a blank slate just like the main character. Also theres fantastic cut scenes and comic book dialogue sequences that unfold like a manga

2:Kat is so cute and beautiful and relatable and such a lovely girl has dlc outfits you can unlock that are so sexy dark kat,military,school girl,maid,and normal Gravity suit shes so gorgeous in all of them only available in the remaster or dlc and has their own great side missions to earn them they should be just in the game because the lore they add is so integral to the game and just plain awesome.

3:Music is great very jazzy and orchestral different for each zone

4:Combat is a whirl on the ground kicks,evasion counters,gravity kicks and special moves

5:The flying and gravity manipulation is insane you really feel so lightless and flying as cat is like a dream come true and so fun to glide around everything.

6:Game has optional challenges such as racing,fighting or a mix of the two that cant be gold medaled till you level her abilities out with gems from challenges and scattered all about the city.

7:The game has you on the edge of your seat constantly and is so gripping and all the characters are so interesting-Syd Raven Zaza Aki and more.

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY/BUY-This game is so fun and original and flying and manipulating gravity is so dang cool and Kat is such a fully developed character and has such an interesting past if you never heard of it or gave it try because it was vita only this is the best version and you wont regret taking Kat out for a spin in Gravity Rush.
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Destiny 2:Season of the Worthy
1:The trailer for this season was one of the most hype driven and coolest sounding in sfx i have ever heard.

2:Seraph towers a crazy chaotic event like escalation protocol but more fun and so intense i really enjoyed them defending the plates to release charges then slam dunking them into the tower pistons to charge them fighting hundreds of adds.

3:TRIALS OF OSIRIS RETURNS-New and old maps alike just as intense as D1 but way sweatier and rounds go by super fast.
Lighthouse is just as cool in design and the speech from St 14 is really well done. But the loot is garbage. No Adept weapons and no flawless armor but you get an epic emblem that turns all your stuff deep red with all the symbols and going flawless makes you glow like crazy on your armor and guns from trials and the armor is from d1.

4:Battle pass has alot of good things Tommys matchbook exotic is super cool a gattling gun that sets you on fire but does more damage. Armor and ornaments are trash tho but the emotes and weapons are awesome.

5:Seraph Bunkers are the new obelisks huge grinding journey just doing bounties for days and then eventually unlocking mods that are insane a warmind cell or ball comes out can be shot to heal yourself and wipe out everything in like 60 m its so amazing warmind guns all super well designed and have neat scopes and sound different when fired. Have to clear them out a mini like lost sector with champions basically.

6:Story-Phenomenal-Cabal sabotage the almighty to be on a crash course for planet earth to wipeout humanity. Guardians make an alliance with Rasputin to take it down. Find out the origins of Felwinter and Rasputins betrayl with SIVA super cool deep lore. Pyramids are heavily teased and going to arrive on Titan on June 9 for the next season.

7:Legendary Lost Sectors-Insanely tough lost sectors with crazy champions like overload captains they are ridiculous can summon giant mechs called heavy frames gundams on your side and valkyries to help you out very fun to solo once 1000 light.

8:Guardian Games-TERRIBLE EVENT ALSO RIGGED-Titans were destined to win from the beginning SMH. Anyway event was completely trash it was cool to redo old things like forges but whole event was bounties it was such a slog but super cool emblems and tower design for the event and the Heir Apparent exotic is so cool a Heavy machine gun same as the one the Colossus use from the Cabal and even generates an arc overshield around you.

9:Grandmaster ordeals a crazy fun new challenge-Nightfalls with limited revives and sent to orbit if all 3 of you die and if you play over 45 min darkness approaches and takes all revives super fun super hard and we used cheeses to beat them all in a sort of way so great tho well done.

10:Iron Banner had a pinnacle quest point of the stag super good bow.

11:The Lie Quest for Felwinters Lie and ungodly powerful shotgun. Community event was so bad it literally was boycotted we had to do 9 MILLION SERAPH TOWERS. 3 MILLION ON EACH PLANET so after one day it was 3 percent it was impossible to do with randoms and they made it twice as hard for the event so it was really impossible everyone boycotted it i did as well. They added a multiplier to it 5 times and 10 times on weekends i then helped after the patch. I did 111 with over met over 60 different players and put in 1,100 completions alone was pretty fun experiened.

SO when we finished we were all hyped on a sunday did the 1000 shotgun kills and did the story mission about to finish it and do the final mission go to moon bunker door and you warp back to eris the DARN DOOR WAS BUGGED! IT TOOK BUNGIE FREAKING 5 AND HALF DAYS TO FIX THE DOOR TO FINISH THE QUEST!

Receive the shotgun from a hologram of felwinter and learn about him from Rasputin. Using the gun you collect the lore about Felwinter himself and it was so cool collecting his story by blasting aliens felt like you were experiencing it with him and the Liar is one of the best lore books yet revealing the Betrayl of Rasputin him programming SIVA why he attacked the Iron Lords in the first place and the purpose of Felwinter in the lore such an amazing book so good.

this event took a long time but holy crap was one of the coolest things i have seen in a game it happened live you saw almighty in the skybox and then missles hundreds approach slowly then make contact tiny explosions around the wings then the core and then...


A piece of the wing burns as it flys overhead the NPC can be heard screaming from the city and the fire crackling on the wing as it crashes over into the mountains and then detonates with a ringing in your ears like a grenade going off. Then the aftermath has a fire billowing in the distance and pieces falling like shooting stars.

Verdict Rating-Can Play/ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY-So with content not much to do as a pve player and relied on bounties far too much in game and in guardian games but Felwinters Lie shotgun the story progression is the best ive seen and finally connected pieces we've been wondering since Destiny 1 and the Live event was the coolest thing i have ever seen in Destiny or in any game and to be there was Freaking Amazing. Can't wait for more Destiny it literally is the best video game in the world and my favorite hands down.

Gex 3:Deep Cover Gecko
Game Beaten May 31,2020

Finally beaten all the gex games i couldnt beat as a kid a proud future gamer moment.

1:3D Platformer

2:Has a huge pretty detailed hub worlds like 4 of them with their own collectibles to find within even before getting to the actual levels which is neat a secret vault to put in in game cheat codes for more lives and invincibility

3:Can actually use analog sticks to control gex or dpad THANK GOD.

4:Music is really good on some songs especially my favorites are the Jinglebells,Anime song,Greek level,egyptian, and the gangster level.

5:So many different types of levels this time around-Snow,detective,egyptian,anime,Army,Western,Pirate,Fables,Gangster and super hero

6:Level design is all different but man oh man their are some nasty bugs that requires you to play it like 6-8 times to get 100 fly coins because the fish glitch out on the gangster level and the greek level oh my god i wanted to shatter my controller like the old days its so beyond frustrating and terribly designed in so many ways but the music is nice haha.

7:I realized that the remotes are highly annoying in this game because unlike mario 64 where the levels are non linear gexes are linear so basically getting the remotes just means playing the same level over 3 times to 100 percent it along with getting 100 fly coins more on that in a bit. Its a terrible design and leads to burn out really fast you should be able to complete all 3 objectives grab the remote then leave when you want be such a better design.

8:100 Fly coin nice in concept but so flawed because if you die you have to reget them all and their is only 100 so if you miss one or 2 your backtracking for hours looking for one blasted one their should have been like 5 to 10 extra in case you missed one but just 100 SMH so annoying gex 2 was a better concept then this one.

9:Story line is just saving Agent Xtra Gex's lover and they are hard core flirting with some heavily implied and suggestive innunenos and the scenes with Heather Cozar are all live and sexy with her showing off her beautiful cleavage in a skin tight black latex outfit and flirting with Gex during each cutscene the secret ending is her in lingerie saying...Come over to the bed you silly Gecko.

10:Music is pretty good with some really catchy tunes but the over world theme is kind of off putting scary and ominous for no reason its wierd.

11:The bosses are all a joke and way too easy tbh even rez was

12:New collectibles to find which i liked bonus coins and paws which would increase your overall health rewarding the collectionist.

13:Bonus levels were fun the first time but later worlds just copy and paste the exact same with just less time such lazy game development i cant even Smh.

Verdict Rating so gonna break this up
100%-Game is like a 4/10
Just Beating it 6/10

Verdict Rating-Can Play/Not Recommended/Waste of Time

Verdict for seeing Heather Kozar-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY TO SEE HER-Hahaha i couldnt help it.

Game is just super duper annoying with too much backtracking because of the way fly coins work and some level design is just atrocious and so frustrating to play its sad because near the beginning its a ton of fun to play but oh god near the end your like when will it end please. Heather Kozar is so sexy and beautiful and tbh might be the only really worth playing for or watch youtube if you dont want to be put through platforming heck. Have to say Gex 2 was better to be honest but yeah Heather Kozar thats it...lol its sad this is how gex's legacy ends with kind of a blunder maybe a good one will be for ps5 20 years later hahaha but glad to finally finish this scaleys adventure 20 years later.
Bubsy:The Woolies Strike Back
Game Beaten May 22,2020

1:Extemely short 2D Platformer

2:Game is not very fun and just feels pointless and terrible. Too much to collect like 600 yarn or more in every level but there is no point you dont unlock anything for doing so its merely to get a highscore and also they put some yarn in unreachable places so i could never get all 600 once except for the tutorial and its a pain to try and collect them all.

3:Games hit boxes on enemies are bad has to be directly ontop of an enemy or you die in one hit unless you find an overshield shirt and the pounce move is horrendous it throws you like diagonally at an enemy instead of horizontal and you miss several times or find yourself pouncing instead of gliding getting you killed more often.

4:Enemies are very shallow and dumb cept the robots who try to stab you and die if they miss that was mad funny.

5:Levels are super repetetive and no real challenge unless you go for the yarn but thats pointless.

6:The ONLY REDEEMING THING is the Music the soundtrack is so good its such a shame its wasted on such a dumpster fire of a game. Its got funk synth retro 8 and 16 bit jams that will make you cry their so amazing to listen to.

7:Also the bosses are pretty fun and super challenging the only good part of the gameplay with some crazy looking effects as well like the saucers lazers are pretty psychedelic.

8:The cheesey one liners are kind of funny. Pilots license what for lol. I cant even.

9:Really like the character will explore past games but oh my they need to polish their game play its atrocious.


Verdict Rating Gameplay-Waste of Time/Not Recommended-Game is straight garbage and not fun besides boss fights im sorry its bad it deserves its 3.0 rating for me its a 2/10
Music-ABSOLUTELY MUST LISTEN TOO/MUST BUY-Such a phenomenal soundtrack such a shame no one will hear it.
People who added this item 60 Average listal rating (29 ratings) 6.5 IMDB Rating 0
Gex: Enter the Gecko - PlayStation
Game Beaten May 22,2020

(Another game i couldnt beat as a kid i was 6 which was 22 years ago for me god im old lol.)

1:A third person platformer as a lizard

2:Game is sort of set up like mario 64 you have tv lands you jump into certain tv remotes to collect on each level so you replay the level and go different places to find each power star or tv remote in this case its a good concept. Also you can collect 30 40 then 50 of the collectibles in a stage to get a bonus remote and one is tucked away in each level as well so like 4 or 5 remotes to collect each level. Only Red are required to collect to progress through the game silver and gold are bonus.

3:Gex controls pretty well if your on ps1 you have to use Dpad only god it sucks so bad i had to wear a glove on my left hand because it would blister so bad playing it.

4:Level variety is pretty awesome cartoon land, haunted place still creepy to to this day,dinosaur levels,exploring inside a computer, a kungfu like ninja dojo ahh and space and those themes are repeated but never feel like its copy or pasted because the level design is good and always different.

5:One thing that sucks is the camera it really gets in the way and even will have bad angles and mess up jumps you would normally get tho gex will lick platforms if your close and pull you up to them and save you a lot thank goodness.

6:Music is solid in kungfu land especially and transitions when your in water or gathering a spark in the computer and has some solid beats even the final boss song is pretty snappy.

7:Some of the best levels are bonus ones for getting all the remotes especially the rundown NY city like one the music in that level is popping

8:Bosses are pretty easy and love Mushu Pork hes my favorite a cow centaur man so cool the final boss is just an absolute pain unskippable scenes and smash RNG like you can be standing on the switch and if you don't move you get hit it has to be perfect otherwise he doesnt smash the switch so annoying final fight so glad to be done oh and he laughs at you the whole time its swell xD.

9:Game is quite lengthy because of difficulty if you get everything for the hidden ending. SPOILER ALERT-Rez is Gex's Father. Then you get a hot scene with your girlfriend Xtra who is super sexy and based off of the girl Heather Kozar and ready lying on the bed in lingerie for gex which she is a main character in the next game and scene fades.

10:Also Gex has over 700 cheesy one liners from other movies he spouts that are pretty funny.

Verdict Rating-Must Play/Can Play-This game is old school hard platformer i couldnt beat it when i was 6 not too mention the horror levels are intense for kids or maybe im a wimp anyway Game is difficult not recommended for casuals but hey if you wanna see mario 64 in a playstation setting as lizard this is for you.
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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle - Nintendo Switch
Game Beaten-May 13,2020

1:Game has a completely original story line that is pretty good and interesting how mario and the rabbids collide basically a fan in the future creates a device called the super merge and that can fuse 2 things together and the rabbids invade the room and all heck breaks loose

2:Game is a RPG Turn Based Tactical has 2 parts combat and exploration/puzzles

Exploration is just on foot solving mostly sliding block puzzles,and reflecting lasers and moving pieces around some are harder than others then there is hidden presents all over that have collectibles and weapons artwork 3D models and more my favorite part of the game.

3:Combat is on a grid like setting is a turn based RPG shooter with cover mechanics so depending on positioning is how accurate you will be 0 50 or 100 percent which is interesting. Then you can team jump off each other to gain ground have powerups like shooting super far when an enemy moves or fire a rocket that penetrates blocks and so forth. It plays out you get to use one movement turn,a combat turn,and a special ability then the enemy moves. Battles are slow and not very fun because the enemy has way more players so it takes forever especially when theres like 8 on the field compared to you until endgame they feel like they always have the upper hand cloning your abilities and are plain annoying.

3:Enemies are well done you have scouts,healers,team jumpers,aggro smashers,bastions with shields,valkyries who fire bullets from their breasts so sexy

4:Bosses and midbosses are very neat with their own intros and super cool to bring down when you outsmart them for ex Rabbid Kong and Icicle Golem

5:Music is so good its a banjo kazooie like sountrack where it changes by location by instruments so like you go from like desert to winter the musical theme changes all the tracks are really well done peaceful and really sound like grant kirkhope composed them solid soundtrack. Update (Its GRANT KIRKHOPE i knew it the banjo kazooie composer its so good.)

6:Most memorable thing is the Phantom boss its a spoof on phantom of the opera with a roasting song about mario and when the boss sings a soundwave at you if you speed it up it sounds so funny the opera song boss fight reminds me of the amazing poo fight from Conkers bad fur day its really good and funny.

7:All the worlds are really designed so beautifully astetically and have so much detail its a shame to be wasted on a RTS this game would have been so much better as a regular rpg or 3rd person shooter like splatoon but i digress the exploration and phantom boss fight was worth playing.

8:HEADS UP-For christians like me their is a collectible in the game at the halfway point Tarot cards and the 3rd world is full of them everywhere its such a shame that these are in the game but at least they are optional and you dont have to look at them but thought i would warn fellow players.

9:Optional easy mode you can click Y before any fight get full health and 50% more for each battle because sometimes they stack and dont let you heal so this makes the game tbh doable and more fun then a chore because some fights are so tilted in favor of the enemy.

10:Several characters to play as i kept the og team mario rabbid luigi and rabbid peach but all characters have strenghs and weaknesses to explore.

Verdict Rating-Can Play/Must Play-Its a solid game but god i hate RTS and just solidifies why i will never play them its a mario version and very fun at first but really drags as you keep going with just putting tons and tons of the hardest adds in the final fights just to pad time other than that and the afore mentioned collectible above its not a bad game give it a try if you dont like it i dont blame you at least look up the phantom song fight its so good and the music is pretty awesome too but as a game it could have been better in a different setting.

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3D Dot Game Heroes - PlayStation 3
Game Beaten-May 6,2020 took 11 years to come back to it had this game since ive been a kid got to flame temple and gave up on the game. Finally its done

1:Top down 3D old style 8bit like graphics sort of like minecraft

2:Zelda 1 clone with no hand holding except for dungeon on the map have to find everything and solve all puzzles and sidequests by yourself also game is brutally hard made by dark souls makers from software so makes sense.

3:So much backtracking and wouldnt be an issue but you constantly have to buy these wind things for 200 gold for 9 everytime you want to fast travel which is just annoying tbh and pads game time.

4:Sidequests are mostly just back track to the same 6 places you been pick up something and bring it back nothing really interesting in dialogue or anything.

5:Alternate endings if you save the princess by finding the other 2 secret fairies and remake iris back into a girl. Then you can stay at an inn for the best night ever ;D.

6:Combat is pretty fun just swing sword around,spells,bombs,arrows and stuff. But when your max health your sword is huge and can pierce through walls its a fun kind of broken.

7:Bosses are fun dungeons are pretty good but holy cow the dragon is the hardest in the game hes brutal. Dungeons are nice puzzles and the best part of the game tbh till the ending one so many floors and remakes you fight through all the bosses again but their twice as hard.

8:Final boss was epic and the ending conclusion getting iris's hand in marriage and the town celebrating your success was an awesome ending it was cute and satisfactory.

9:Music is ok except for where the graveyard is that tune is my favorite and so catchy and the final dungeons pipe organ is pretty solid too.

Verdict Rating-If you really like zelda clones specifically the og one this is for you or if you want a good top down rpg with some good dungeons and challenging bosses but if you like casual play or a easy game avoid at all costs this is for the hardcore only.
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The Last Guardian - PlayStation 4
Game Beaten May 3rd,2020

1:Game is an emotional rollercoaster happy sad angry frustration and pure joy at times

2:Storyline has minimal dialogue about a boy befriending a bird dog hybrid and the trials and tribulations going through the nest.

3:Scenery is old fashioned broken down buildings and gorgeous mountain sides. Hope your not afraid of heights you climb to insane heights with no safety net other than death lol.

4:Game is mostly puzzles getting the boy and trico through rooms of various means water,heights,hidden alcoves and more some really makes sense others have head scratching moments and theres never any hints at all so its all you solving everything and was too stubborn to look anything up.

5:Musical score is heart wrenching during parts but mostly ambience when exploring

6:Trico is amazing so cute adorable and his mannerisms are so good he really acts like an independent animal with his own unique personality

7:Some really frustrating things in the game no hints really its annoying not even optional,trico my boi never listens sometimes like ever,the being stuck in a cage part oh my god worst part of the whole game so frustrating beyond belief.

8:Intense sections where it takes your breath away

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST BUY/PLAY-An unforgettable experience in gaming beyond a boy and his pet guardian and some ingenious puzzles with a apocalyptic like setting and an emotional roller coaster you cant miss.
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Shovel Knight-King of Cards
Game Beaten April 27,2020

1:A completely new shovel knight game featuring King Knight out to become the king of cards and defeat the Joustus Judges across the land

2:4 New worlds with levels built to king knights play style and all new mechanics to master

3:Game is twice as big as shovel knight with like 30 levels in each of the 4 worlds with templates from all the bosses

4:King Knight shoulder charges and spins gracefully through the levels and is very elegant

5:Joustus Card Game-Steep learning curve and only begins to be fun after you start building a good deck which takes a bit. Its like skystones in skylanders but less fun and very complicated at first the cards can only be hit to be moved and to win you must claim more gem spots than your opponent. Some stuff isnt explained like how double arrows are stronger then single and some cards have really neat effects like pushing double the distance and so on. Very fun and challenging when you get the hang of it but at first very tough.

6:King knight has his own relics to buy and beat levels mastering them like specter knight.

7:All new bosses king pridemoor,percy,trouple king,king birder and more

8:Gameplay is solid fun and very challenging especially at the end but is very fair.

9:For beating all the shovel knight games Yacht club has a message thanking you for playing through all the games and being an amazing player super cool.

10:Collecting people putting them on the glidewing is really neat.

10/10 Star Rating

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST BUY/Play-All the shovel knight dlcs are just plain awesome could honestly all be their own games.It is a royal challenge and such styling and elegant game design maybe my favorite of all the shovel knight games its just a blast!
Shovel Knight:Specter of Torment
Game Beaten April 20,2020

1:A completely amazing basically brand new shovel knight game featuring specter knight

2:He moves really differently slices diagonally on objects to gain height and movement and can wall run up walls a couple feet and wall jump.

3:Levels are all completely redesigned perfectly for specter knight and so so fun and challenging and not reskinned at all.

4:Music is all remixed as well very well done and just as amazing as the original game

5:The new hub in the enchantress tower is fun with a red skull looking for his lost love and the cute romance they have is awesome and she dances for you when you rescue her and he gives you curios or new abilities each with their own tutorial level.

6:Curios are regen health,claws,sniper skeletons,bouncy projectiles,wall hacks, homing slashes, invincible flying for a brief moment,slowing down time

7:Story is so original and very well paced and intriguing. It reveals specter knights backstory with his own 3 levels of the past, shield knight becoming the enchantress, recruiting the order of no quarter and the sacrifices people make and how specter knight came to be.

8:Final boss on rails was pretty awesome.

10/10 Star Rating

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY/BUY-This is by far my favorite of the dlc so far its so original the music remixes are awesome and it really felt like a brand new game loved it all definitely dont miss this one this dlc was good enough to be its own game.
Shovel Knight:Plague of Shadows
Game Beaten April 14,2020 (PS4)

1:Very similar to shovel knight but plague knight has double jump and can fly even short distances with a potion jump.

2:So much more customizable fighting style potions and bombs can be customized down to fuse time, type it throws upwards downwards,effect huge explosions,tracking,climbs walls and more very fun experimenting being a scientist

3:Levels are much tougher than shovel knights with harder platforming and hidden coins that unlocks upgrades like 30 to find in each level very fun trying to get them.

4:A very cute romance between Mona and Plague knight its so cute he tries to win over the girl by changing himself beating the order of quarter to impress a different girl when Mona loved him the whole time. Just proves to be yourself and one day you will find love and the perfect match out there. Such an awesome cute ending.

5:Bosses are super easy as plague knight till the end. The final boss was really well designed and loved the climactic boss fight it was awesome a huge three eyed plague crow that i wont forget.

10/10 Star Rating

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY/BUY-Just as good as the original shovel knight with a cute sprinkle of a good romance story in between whats not to love.
Game Beaten April 14,2020 (PS4 Version)

1:First person point and click puzzle game

2:Astetically beautiful steam punk and looks like the areas were hand painted

3:Lacking in character developement pretty shallow

4:Robots were cool mechanical bird named matthew and a giant robot that sounded like kylo ren from star wars

5:Puzzles were good and some were really tough to figure out without hints like the decahedron puzzle phew that one was pretty tough.

6:Kind of an anticlimactic ending to be honest

7:Prequel was pretty cool ep

Verdict Rating-Can Play-Not as good as Noir Chronicles but still some amazing puzzles scenery and really calming music similar to professor layton took a good 3 hours.
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Game Beaten-April 13,2020 (PS4 Version)

1:First person point and click puzzle game

2:Good storyline with mystery murder intrigue and some twists

3:Music is very calming and fits the mood to finding clues and solving puzzles

4:Mostly an escape room simulator gathering objects to to find other objects to solve puzzles and escape rooms

5:Awesome finale and great add on ep after the main campaign with why fox becomes a detective in the first place.

6:Several puzzle types,locks,codes,knots,math,memory and more

7:Fun to play by yourself or a friend helping great multiplayer party title.

Super great detective game and puzzles are nonstop and fun and so ingenius how many things are hidden and to solve not too hard not too easy and you can optionally skip if you have too but its great solving them all yourself. Makes you feel smart figuring them out.
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Super Lucky's Tale - Xbox One
Game Beaten April 09,2020

1:3D Platfomer that rivals the Big N Mario and Banjo Kazooie so well done also with 2D Sections.

2:Story is about a fox named Lucky who must stop an evil Cat army from rewriting history and your helped by worms, ghosts and more and your cute sister Lyra i love her OwO.

3:Worlds are all fantastic with so much life in them hubs are cool playgrounds that change with each level completion and have miniature platforming things to get lots of gems and coins.

4:Levels are very well designed and so fun with their own unique mechanics and platforming prowess also theres 4 objectives to complete in each level for 4 clovers
300 coins
Hidden Minigame
Find all the letters spelling L-U-C-K-Y like Kong in donkey kong games
Complete the Level

5:Music is extremely catchy and fun to hum too.

6:Not easy you fall off you lose lives not health a solid platforming challenge

7:Bosses are like bullet hell dodging attacks and then hit a weak point to conquer them and the final one is pretty challenging

8:DLC 1-So amazing a tropical island setting fighting the gorgeous cat girl and awesome cat EDM Music. The boss fight of this DLC plays out on a dance floor with crazy EDM Music so well done and the fight is so cool and so enjoyable to do i played it for fun even after finishing it the first time. Hub World music is so relaxing.

9:DLC2-Crazy challenging remixing boss fights, crazy platform challenges, sliding block puzzles and monkey ball like minigames.

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST BUY/PLAY-This is such an amazing game i loved everything about it to be honest such an underrated gem and really is such a solid platformer that really gives Mario a run for his money. Music fantastic and just plain fun Definitely a runner for game of the year for me don't sleep on this one.

Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Game Beaten March 16,2020

1:Any experience can be had on dreams racing fps horror memes music and more its literally a videogame simulator but this will focus on the campaign arts dream

2:The intro to dreams is very cool and shows you the possibilities within unlimited things basically.

3:Arts dream is so amazing its about a jazz musician struggling with depression and believing in himself and how his friends never stopped caring for him and help him through his mental disorder in the end.

4:Game takes place in real time with art, his robot d bug, and his toy frances the fox which are all different playstyles platforming racing point and click and more

5:The game grips you emotionally and the hilarious singing and songs are great just relax and password and tickets please are all so funny and great.

6:Character developement is well done and you really feel like your on the journey with art and his gang.

7:The final part and boss against thornbeak is so well done and so climactic and epic its amazing so worth playing.


Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY/BUY-For arts dream alone this game is worth getting especially at 30 dollars and then theres non stop creations from other people that are a dream to play and so creative one of the coolest games out there you gotta try it.
Game Beaten March 10,2020

1:A 2.5D Platformer 3D and 2D Sections similar to mario galaxy

2:5 worlds with lots of levels that are pretty varied to jump through town,paclantis,space,prehistoric,netherworld

3:Around over 50 levels

4:Pinky the ghost is so cute and adorable with her crush on pac i love her OwO.

5:Pretty kiddish but semi difficult but you will gain lives so easy nothings really too hard.

6:Music is forgettable basically nothing really stands out

7:Sound effects are great the original sound when you eat ghosts and stuff is present and dying is the same nostalgic

8:Levels are based off score to give you a medal type bronze silver and gold then if you find all 3 hidden fruit it multiplies your score by too tbh it should have just been collection of the fruit that gives you a gold medal would have been better

9:Storyline is just basic like a cartoon ep

10:Gameplay is pretty fun most of time

11:Bosses are the best part and the final one pits you in a ping pong match which was quite interesting and eating betrayus was so satisfactory

12:Powerups to become on fire ice chameleon granite and much more pretty fun to use each one.

Verdict Rating-Can Play-Its a really solid platformer to be honest but most people wont get past the cheesey cutscenes and kiddish humor and scratches that itch to platform not as good as pacman world 2 but close.
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Destiny 2-Season of the Dawn
Game Beaten March 5,2020

1:New 6 man event called Sundial like a newer version of managerie where you compete in 3 arenas to fill up a progress bar to culminate into a boss fight. Theres one where you bring back charges to activate 3 cannons then fight a giant cabal. One where you defend plates like VOG from enemies and bubble counselors show up from leviathan which must be punched to progress. Third is my favorite you beat up yellow bar centurians and they drop a ball that you throw at the boss in the middle to call an air strike that melts his shield till vulnerable then attack him. Bosses are the flayers from d1 with new powers a mind portal you shoot out of. One calls down lighting from the sky and others summons fireballs all pretty cool sadly you cant get their cloaks huge missed oppurtunity.

2:New obelisks appeared which granted new saint 14 weapons and you had to upgrade them by pouring in fractaline which gave you perks throughout the universe and other things sadly the bounties were all old like farm 10 captains really grindy boring stuff.

3:Best Part-Save a Legend you go back in time and save Saint 14 and bring him back to present day. First you find him at the battle of six fronts with aton of fallen fighting him and the hero he always talks about is you from the future which is cheesey and super cool and his VA is awesome russian one. When he arrives in the tower its just so cool.Such an amazing storyline.

4:Dawning came back could buy all the stuff even from the first one and new lore and more cookies to make even one for riven which was cool and a epic snowmobile sparrow to earn. No snowballs in strikes which was a bummer.

5:Iron banner smartened up had to finish a quest to get the armor this time not bad except for the end with Rocket kills oh my god that step SUCKED.

6:Exotic Quest for Devils ruin was awesome just a mission finding dead frames on a crucible map and hearing shax osiris and saint bantering for 10 min so funny and epic and devils ruin is amazing like a sidearm than can charge open up and fire an crazy damaging lazer so cool.

7:New Battle pass exotic symmetry was like black scorpion then could switch to a new mode and fire seeking projectiles like axion bolts.

8:Then Exotic Quest for Bastion had a super cool puzzle known as corridors of time where you had to go down a series of rooms ever shifting in a certain order to find your grave really cool lore behind how you die as a player and eventually with an 80,000 puzzle pieces solved by the community which was insanely cool but annoying you unlocked the quest for bastion. Bastion is a kinetic fusion that is extremely strong fires 3 rapid fast bursts that kill yellow bar bosses like candy and supers in pvp dont stand a chance one shots them.

9:Empyrean Foundation-Community event where over 7 billion fractaline was donated to unlock Trials of Osiris coming back with a super cool cutscene going to the lighthouse to re light the the beacon.

10:Crimson days came back with new sparrow same game mode.

11:Changed all the solar sub classes brought back elimination and rusted lands.

12:Inotam was an amazing boss encounter unique unlike undying mind with powers of all 3 psions before him and super fun to take down in a all new arena and boss fight


Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY/BUY-For ten dollars well worth with so many things to do and saving a legend like Saint 14 and seeing him come back to the tower is tbh makes the expansion worth playing and is so cool and nostalgic.
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Game Beaten Feb 27,2020

1:A First person shooter/platformer metroidvania

2:First off this game is disturbing gross and just plain gorey for no reason but just to be. Theres poop and fart humor all over but its not funny in the slightest probably dislike this humor most out of all types and its heavily used in this game. Birds and everything explodes into a bloody or gooey mess.

3:The story line is played through like super wierd 80's science show ads that are really cheesey and annoying. Then they have like ads that would show up on tv but there all insanely disturbing and just bizarre for example wedgie burger,18000 blob love and and glob ugh i nearly threw up watching some there so gross.

4:The gameplay on the other hand is fun after you start unlocking things but at the beginning your dumped on the planet with no clue what to do but exploring is fun the planet is filled with wierd creatures fantastic sights and becomes quite the playground later

5:A snarky computer named EKO accompanies you and is sort of like glados from portal but nowhere near as good but still funny

6:Combat is pretty fun a gun that recharges unlimitedly the dodging needs work and is hard to pull off but soon you can fight any creature with ease and doesn't have a huge part.

7:Theres always at least a path the game can lead you to go so you never feel stuck at all which is good.

8:Music is mostly background country riffs

9:The Last final encounter with terratomo is terrifying but a fitting ending and the credits rock and roll song felt great.

10:Also their is a scanner to log all your findings just like good ole metroid prime and brings the planet to life every finding you get.

11:Tons of upgrades and gadgets like grapple seeds to tether to bait to lure creatures, shock gloves to open doors,acid and my personal favorites bombagranetes so fun and so dangerous.

12:Aliens are super strange and all want to kill you in crazy ways the nuke bird was my favorite and bombagranetes such crazy things happen in this game and chainsaw eating plants those are just a couple cool things you will see.

13:Grapple beam feels like playing spiderman so much fun

14:Credits rock and roll song is epic.

15:Best part of the game Babushka bird screams when it sees you and takes off running funniest thing ever reason i bought the game to be honest.

16:Many of the upgrades are locked behind stupid science experiments and most are just get enemies to all line up perfectly and kill them with stupid stuff and its super super annoying and you have to do them to unlock all the good upgrades like your gun jetpack etc... very poor game design should have been unlocked by eating orange goo.

Verdict Rating-Can Play-This is tricky because the game is so bizarre strange gross and disturbing tbh skip the cutscenes and ads and play through the actual game because exploring the savage planet is super fun and wierd and wonderful just the story and ads really bring down otherwise a really solid fun game.
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LEGO DC Super-Villains - PlayStation 4
Game Beaten Feb 15,2020
100% 8/10 hub missions 40 Hours 41 min Feb 26,2020
Free Play Collectibles 2/10

1:Amazing intro song done by wolf gang heavy metal rock and roll vocals best song ever you just stop and listen to it before playing

2:You get to make a custom super hero/villan exactly as you want him or her down to color powers and color of powers its so epic Rouge is a beautiful heroine

3:Story is very very good voice acting is spot on with og voice actors like mark hamil as joker and more

4:Plot is really good about justice league teleported by a fake justice league from earth 3 which are actual criminals and try to take over earth which makes the villains of earth team up to take them down so they can rule but such a great story its so awesome and well done very intriguing

5:Levels are awesome range from gotham to metropolis, gorilla grodds city planet oa and much much more so many nostalgic places in dc history.

6:Hub world is HUGE too big honest but littered with super fun missions and side quests that are pretty fun to do sort of like the joker trophies in the arkham games.

7:The game does however have so many bugs that are plain annoying and slight game breaking i noticed 3 extremely annoying ones
-characters can cease all movement no matter what you do
-Mission givers will not appear or disappear til reloading the game or leaving the area temporarily
-Missions glitching out completely and puzzles not resetting forcing a replay through the whole level

8:Getting the collectibles in the levels is extremely tedious annoying and just not fun the hub on the other hand is awesome

Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY/BUY-The campaign is so beautifully designed with an amazing experience to customize your own hero exactly as you want with her or him and gains powers throughout was amazing the story is funny and intriguing and the cutscenes are movie like quality definitely one of the best lego games ever you don't want to miss out but stop after the campaign and hub worlds dont 100% it you may lose a piece of your soul or worse...
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Game Beaten Jan 31,2020

1:3D Puzzle/Casual Social game

2:Consists of making friends in odd interesting ways like eating things as a mouth making poo then flushing them to make new friends appearing its strange japanese stuff but oddly fun

3:Story is intriguing enough to keep playing to the end and the only real worth

4:Moral lessons on friends come from any language shape or size and color really showing that prejudice can be overcome in all forms in a kiddish way

5:Semi hard puzzles only at the end but not bad other than that

6:Every person or thing has its own music and sound effects when you play as them just about everything you meet is playable which is cool.

7:Happy warm fuzzy ending made me tear up no lie

Verdict Rating-Can Play-Its very childish and japanese meta not for everyone but from the katamari creator gets a tad repetitive near the end but the super emotional ending was worth the experience not a bad journey but wouldnt ever do it again.

8/10 Gameplay
10/10 Ending
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Runbow Deluxe Edition - Nintendo Wii U
Game Beaten Jan 30,2020

1:2D Platformer like classic mario style

2:Level design is super creative always learning techniques and learning ways through obstacles the creative part of this game is the platforms and the level is controlled by colors 1 to 4 and they control what appears for you to navigate platform,enemies,hazards etc...

3:Music is great super snappy jazzy and fun to hum too

4:So many cameo characters to unlock super awesome we got Shantae,Lilac,Unity chan,Gunvolt,ARID from the fall,Max from mutantmudds,Xeodrifter,Commangirlvideo,Juan,Swift,Rusty,Shovel Knight,Satura

5:Tons of levels you only have to earn your way to the s door but if you beat all 150 levels you unlock a secret boss fight and unlock Satura and then in deluxe you have the space dlc

6:Space dlc-Awesome best part of the game till the boss he can just die DIE PLUNTO.

7:Super hard ultra challenge bowhemoth insanely timing precise ultimate level with no cps just plain cruel in the end i hated the most the xylophone staircase of colors, also in shockwave form when they move up and down this is so rage inducing prepare for insults and possibly controller smashing rampages this challenge is only at 1.5% complete and i beat within 56 min netting the .6% trophy with 187 deaths lol its rough.

8:No checkpoints are kind of annoying but every level is 1-120 seconds at the most but its still irritating especially in some sections

9:Best part of the game is a an insult machine everytime you die it says something funny everytime like, your suppose to be winning, ill put the coffee on etc...

10:Pretty difficult close to super meat ball level in the endgame especially.

11:The stupid upper combo jump is so sticky and doesnt work well and the side punch as well half the time your fighting the controls at times thankfully their not forced for 80% of game.

Verdict Rating-Must Play/Can Play-Super solid platformer with some hiccups very difficult probably be a hard core platformer before attempting because not alot of people can finish even all the levels trophy on psn is still like only 1.5% so yeah its fair but brutal at times and if you want a challenge perfect for that platforming itch till the next mario game.

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Kingdom Hearts III Remind DLC
Game Beaten Jan 24,2020

1:A brand new story with a backstory about how the Master of Masters talked to Xeanhort and inspired him to his dark path,Luxu's role and going back in time to rewrite history and save Kairi's life before she dies.

2:Replay through the final fights and worlds with new cutscenes and at the end fight a different version of Xeanhort and a epic scene with mickey wont spoil it but the new cutscenes are top notch

3:Short but sweet like 4-6 hours

4:After remind is limit cut episode which is super cool and super stupid as well it makes you refight all 13 bosses from kh3 data versions and their just savage and brutal even at 99 you still barely even stand a chance you have to play hours and hours just learning their patterns to beat them and its just insane.

5:After limit cut you fight Nozura and his fight is just ridiculous but amazing to watch in action.

6:Emotions will be stirred this game literally brings me to tears with how amazing it is story and relationship is.

7:Limit Cut-Does feature however PS4 quality leon cid yuffie and the beautiful Areith from FF7 shes so gorgeous OwO.

Remind DLC-10/10
Limit Cut-1/10 its too difficult for literally 95% of kh players and needs optional difficulties to choose from.

Verdict Rating-Must Play/Can Play-This expansion is really pricey for kind of recycled/1/4 new content but its an awesome story to go through for sure explains some things. Limit Cut is too hard no casual player will finish or hardcore for that matter its dark souls difficult and just not fun at all to fight one boss for hours that can destroy you in literally 3 sec it should have been optional difficulty so everyone could see all the fights and enjoyed it but i digress its still worth playing but limit cut is way too difficult for being a part of the 30 dollar package.
Hidden Invasion
Game Beaten Jan 24,2020

1:Top down/3rd person shooter and beatem up

2:Combat is so poor-terrible hit detection,stun locking being knocked down constantly and more and the best thing is to grab and enemy and throw them kills them instantly

3:Guns are cool but pointless chambers arent big enough and enemies can just run up to you and punch you out because they dont do enough damage quickly enough to melee is the strongest

4:Pure arcade game but same thing every level run around random enemies to fight every 30 sec pickup an item and run to a elevator or door end level super repetetive and doesnt tell you what to do half the time.


Verdict Rating-Waste of time/Deplorable crap-gamewise its just terrible to play to be honest and pretty short copy and paste level design with no good music to boot its pretty bad best to stay away from this one.
Game Beaten Jan 16,2020

1:A 3D casual walking puzzler/collectathon game

2:Really peaceful music and ambiance pretty relaxing no combat or thrill whatsoever

3:Puzzles would be fun but the game has no hand holding on anything where to go what to do even where the main path is so it becomes frustrating and irritating looking for 20 min on what to do or some random thing you forgot to do to progress.

4:Narrator is kind of pleasant at first but gets really annoying near the end always talking in rhyme but not for any reason like for comedy purposes just does so it drones on after awhile

5:Last worlds open up and a just a pain to explore trying to figure out what to do and really takes away from the experience

6:Constantly changing characters would have been fine if it was on the fly but sometimes you have to change like one arm to hit a switch or jump with certain feet you have to backtrack to a machine to change and its just really annoying to do so.

7:Customization is required to pass some fashion snakes and instead of just clicking one color and being done you have to paint each individual piece EVERY TIME! so annoying.

8:SPOILERS-Ending was horrendous main characters shredded into a million pieces for no reason and glitch doesnt even remake him wow such a terrible ending.

Verdict Rating-Waste of Time/Not Recommeded-The worst collecting game i have played in a while music is nice thats about it gameplay is super laggy,and glitchy. Menus are horrendous to go through so much unnecessary backtracking and super annoying mechanicacs and no hand holding or guides on what to do make me say just dont play this unless your really desperate its so bad.


Verdict-Waste of Time/Not Recommended
Ring Fit Adventure
Game Beaten Jan 14,2020 at 4:40 AM

MY Stats
39 Days Straight
Work out Time Average 30 min to an Hour
7 hours straight on the last day on the 14th I WANTED TO BEAT IT SO BAD! Im feeling it.
27 Hours 40 min
6381.80 Calories Burned
65.53 Miles
ALL Side Missions and Story Complete

1:An exercise RPG game where you use your actual body to move and fight in probably the best exercise game i have ever seen

2:This is no walk in the park you will be sweating immensely by two levels in be ready for a and i repeat a LONG Workout experience that will take days to progress in well worth the 80 dollars for sure

3:Length is insanely long you beat 2 levels a day and itll probably take 6-8 months if you can last 2 hours a day probably a month like me but its intense

4:Use your own body to run in place you will run miles to play no kidding and you use exercises to fight enemies such as squats, front presses, situps and yoga poses and more

5:Its an RPG so you have a great story awesome cast of characters the 4 masters draguax ring honey and hubby and much more, an advanced skill tree options to drink smoothies to boost attacks effects and more

6:Level designs are amazing so beautiful cell shaded awesome environments you run through always challenging you in different ways and exercises squatting pulling on the ring above your head for roller coasters and back presses its crazy

7:Music is exhilarating fighting bosses and enemies really cool guitar and edm and relaxing songs for the runs

8:Levels can be traditional platforming
Gyms that make you use exercise reps-THESE WILL KILL YOU
Battle gyms-Waves of enemies to fight
Minigames-THE DREADMILL thats all ill say uuuuugh
Sidemissions with their own objective like only so many steps or harder enemies but all fun to do.

9:Customizable workouts and difficulty and character be male or female with so many cute and cool clothes to collect

10:The game doesnt end with the campaign it has a new game plus main campaign has 23 worlds which will take minimum a month unless your dedicated so its awesome and i cant wait to go through the game with a brand new story line and outfits to get you get an epic dragon wing and horn sports bra and leggings at the end if that aint sexy and motivating i don't know what is.

11:Story is cute and super encouraging and really makes you feel great going through it especially in the end and it thanks you for exercising and Ring is just the best.

12:Warm up and cool down exercises to make sure you don't get hurt and shows proper form to get the most out of your workout and recommends even when to stop if safety is an issue.


Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST BUY/PLAY-If you can't get to the gym or afford a personal trainer this is the next best thing even recommended by professional trainers. Its insane it makes working out fun and its a fantastic game just don't over do it and stay hydrated gamers! One of the best games i have ever played i mean exercised for unforgettable and like tbh i way more ripped than ever with obliques a 4 pack and pretty good peck size just by playing so yeah might be able to score a girlfriend now ;D so yeah get the game either gender its epic and the best and most fun to work out in and will get you stronger for sure. VICTORY!
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The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame - PlayStation 4
Game Beaten Jan 5,2020

1-Top down beatem up slash platformer and sandbox title in this one

2:No linear levels completely overworld open world with just littered side missions and masterpieces to find but feels overwhelmingly big and empty most of the time

3:Story is pretty lame not even following the movie very much

4:Gameplay is super repetitive and you cant do most of the side quests till you do the campaign and there basically copy and paste fight find or talk to someone because you unlock items to explore the worlds with.

5:Music is very odd and very easy to miss nothing memorable

6:The boss fights are the best thing pretty cool and climactic kind of like a kid version of shadow of the colossus fights.

7:The credits are the best part and plays the good music from the movie like the song that will get stuck in your head.

8-Aesthetically tho the Lego worlds are magnificently built and look amazing and has immense detail.

Verdict Rating-Can Play/Not Recommended/Waste of Time-This is by far the weakest and not fun lego game i have come across basically a cash grab and not a good game sadly but the movies awesome.
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Overcooked 2 - PC Games
Game Beaten Dec 5,2019

1:Similar to the first game top down cooking simulator filling orders some new stuff is making sushi,cakes,pancakes and more

2:Way more cooler dynamic kitchens that require to move platforms,combat wind,going across teleporters and even some kitchens transform as you cook like being on a blimp that catches fire then falls to the ground and changes its super cool

3:Music is still great yooka laylee for map screen and some crazy space music,haunted themes,and suspense ones really great tracks

4:Last boss is way easier than game 1 but still requires cooperation and teamwork just the same.

5:Cooler chefs mermaids sharks cats pirates and all the cute furry animals and humans are back. I was always the mermaid shes so gorgeous with her bright blue hair and fish tail to match so beautiful OwO.

Verdict Rating-Must Play-Just as fun as the first one if not better with frenetic fast frantic cooking thats just a blast some levels really make you think and with fast fingers and skill you may become the master chef and its such a great party game with all ages.

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Lost Castle
Game Beaten Dec 4,2019

1:2D sidescrolling roguelike dungeon crawler

2:Classic retro difficulty very very hard learning curve to combat not steep but punishes rushed attacks every room has to be strategized not to take any hits

3:Hundreds of cool weapons staffs bows twin swords great swords muskets spears and elemental buffs to each one with special moves such as meteors raining down or black holes sucking in enemies

4:Story is creepy summons monsters to the world you gotta stop them.

5:Fair most of the time but you can literally lose because your rng drops of weapons are bad the enemies swarm you with no way out depending on the room and you can't tell what rooms are side and main path because it could be a trap where theres just 100s of enemies in a trap room and your pretty much screwed

6:Each run you get souls to spend on attributes but the grind is so real and your so weak at first its hard to make progress until you get the skills saving your souls and healing by defeating enemies etc...so you can progress further and further till you make it to the end with 5 dungeons 4 main floors then a boss

7:Bosses are fun to memorize at times and take a little learning curve to beat such as giant slimes, spiders, cyclops, mole sharks, battering rams, and the evil tyrant and his nightmare servants

8:Techically the game doesnt end unless you beat the hidden boss death spirit but currently no one on playstation has its a 0.0 and i conquered all the way through the end on normal so im calling it good.


Verdict Rating-Can Play/Not recommended its a brutal roguelike its only my first one and i can say i can see why people could like it the randomness and the challenge but honestly in this one it takes a long time to make progress unless in multiplayer in single player its rough to say the least but if you enjoy a challenging dungeon crawler thats a little different and souls like difficulty this is for you...be warned its super difficult.
The Adventures of Cookie and Cream
Game Dec 1,2019

1:Top down plat former where you play both characters simultaneously each with one analog stick each using so much brain power i can't even such a challenge (Can be played multi as well)

2:Made by From software the dark soul creators can u believe it! So the game is mad brutally hard fun at first then rage inducing.

3:The controls for the vehicles and items you use really suck and are super unresponsive basically your fighting the game most the time

4:Levels are like one giant obstacle course to get through using teamwork and both bunnies to help each other in really cool ways like stepping on platforms, pulling each other opening gates etc in 100 sec you fall or get hit you lose 20 sec instantly but there are clocks to collect to gain 20s more and 50s for gold literred throughout to make a run possible.

5:Heres the kicker it would be fun to play but if you don't move both characters within 10 sec they send an enemy to harass your rabbit causing them to cry annoyingly like yoshis island and you lose a sec every sec its stuck to your head you have to vigorously rotate your stick to get them off and its super annoying and really ruins the game tbh

6:Bosses are puzzles and like the only fun thing till the final one. Which is super difficult the clocks are hidden in the statues which you need to bait the moon to smash to find and then after you beat him splits into 5 and you have to daze them then kick them out of the arena but nowhere does it tell you that you can do it so frustrating spent good 2 hours trying to figure it out after that was cake had so much practice lol.

6:Music is forgettable and annoying

7:Chickens are your tutorial guides and crow everytime you approach its hilarious


Star Rating-4/10

Verdict Rating-Not Recommended/Can Play-Extremely difficult using a ton of brain power controlling two characters at the same time if there wasnt a time limit and being punished for not moving them fast enough it would be a solid title and the controls suck so honestly you can skip out on this one unless you want a crazy challenge and got some crazy left brained skill.
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NieR: Automata - PlayStation 4
Game Beaten Nov 30,2019

Story 1 2B'S-10/10
Story 2 9S's-10/10
Story 3 9S's and A2's 8/10
Overall 8/10

Finished 95% of Sidequests only missing the farm enemy data one which is just a grind

Playtime-52 Hours 29 min.

1:Thid person shooter/platformer/fighter real time rpg

2:Some buggy progression literally have to reload files to get quests to reappear main story is fine but sidequests can be a pain also they can bug out of the map if 2 line up with the same requirements the enemy will still be there but disappear from the map so after doing countless research i found out how to debug the sidemission super annoying and huge oversight from game team but main campaign is fine

3:Phenomenal vocal music and serene heavenly and always hits the right mood favorite songs is final endgame like music,pascals village,and the amusement park

4:2B is so hot and sexy in all costumes you can earn an item to undress heriinto some sexy white lace panties and earn different hair colors and wear a super cute bow. A2 is also beautiful in tattered clothing that reveals her cute buttocks always when running or walking and a nice black tight black body suit both women are so dreamy OwO.

5:Chip building seems annoying its so customization but forcing players to build in certain ways for instance moving chips only to beat a bot that challenges you to a race without the chips its impossible to win.

6:For me theres not enough tutorials or handholding you kind of stumble on how to do things

7:The intro is so cool and hooks you from the beginning its insanely cool fighting giant sawblade cranes and a cool gundam starfox like section

8:Cutscenes are like Final Fantasy super detailed and action packed

9:Games aesthetically beautiful forests deserts cities and my favorite a flooded city.

10-Combat is platinum games super frenetic fast and flashy and fun

11-Can't heal unless you find chips like deadly heal which is dumb have to rely on items u buy till then.

12-Platforming is floaty and alittle janky

13-Exploration is fun but abit overwhelming

14-Rng for items is worse than other RPGS

15-Too many fetch quests 90% of sidequests are motonous and super boring literally just backtracking 100s of times back to old areas you visited already.

16-The game is brutal with emotion being only mostly sad depressing morbid and gruesome with themed heavily on depression and suicide and death-I REPEAT VERY HEAVY AND DARK BE WARNED. Literally in one scene children kill themselves out of fear of the enemy and thats literally only a tid bit of the dark disturbing things that happen

17-2B and 9S are so perfect together

18-BACKTRACKING only 5 areas and trust me you will go there literally the whole game OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER oh did i mention AND OVER...

19-Fast travel is unlocked way too late and pads game time because with all the backtracking it takes ages before you get fast travel.

20-Machines are all super cool and varied they have the coolest voices i loved hearing them talk always.

21-Fishing is a blast you fish with the pod and its so relaxing and fun you can catch garbage real and machine fish

22-You have to look up 2B's skirt at her panties for an achievement and she pushes the camera away in disgust i didn't mind doing this at all OwO.

23-SO MANY NPCS with little to pointless dialogue way to many to meet at a time.

24-Music evokes so much emotional response its beautiful

25-Story is so very intriguing and a mystery

26-If you die you have to backtrack to your body and if u die you lose everything like souls

27-Have to beat the game three times to experience the full game and you get a whole different play style and experience

28-Hacking is super fun like a top down shooter like galaga or bently in sly cooper

29-FINAL INTRO WAS SO AWESOME-its a better climax then the ending of the game tbh its so crazy and with awesome music.

30-Mysterious invitation is so creepy ends with a video of the band azamarashi and the song is super good and cool but the video is of lifelike dolls being mangled by compactors drilled and burned its so graphic even tho its dolls i looked away.

31-Final ending fighting the credits is unbeatable till other ships join you helping then they help you fight off the credits with encouraging messages not to give up. You then get to send your own personal message and decide whether or not to delete your data to help strangers im like im good im keeping my data lol.

32-Ending was good but such a let down SPOILERS-9S and A2 fight which is super stupid either ending is dumb you don't even get to engage the main bad guy the original devola and popola units that destroyed humanity and theres no final boss either im like seriously felt like your fight was literally pointless and you don't even get to end the war so dumb such a huge letdown.

33-Game is unnecessarily bloody and gory at times with swords run through characters with huge pools of blood

34-SPOILERS-Its so dumb literally everyone you meet or help dies thats important except anemone ironically or Jackass hahaha but literally heres who dies 2B,9S,A2,Pascal and entire village,Operator 6O,Operator 210,Commander,Entire Yorha base,Literally characters repeat lifes not worth living and either end themselves or ask you to end them its so dark and terrible LIFE IS WORTH LIVING NO MATTER HOW YOU FEEL REMEMBER THAT!

Verdict Rating-Can Play-I want to recommend this game i really do its an unforgettable experience but theres so much that i really dislike first the game is super dark and how much depression the game shows and how many times suicide is mentioned or people or robots literally taking their life is shown its just plain terrible and i understand its a thing people go through but holy cow this game is too sad and dark to recommend and too gory and gruesome at times. The story is amazing the characters are amazing the music is god tier BUT the ending is such a letdown and literally made all the work as a player feel completely pointless and im not for it or you can play it just to see how sexy 2B and A2 are OwO. Jokes aside the game is HEAVY emotionally make sure you can handle it before you try it just saying BE WARNED but if you can make it through its an unforgettable game just didnt hit the climax it could have had so much potential such a waste...

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Hyrule Warriors - Nintendo Wii U
Game Beaten Nov 21,2019

1:A warriors game featuring Zelda characters so you roam a map fighting literally thousands of enemies capturing keeps and then usually in classic Zelda fashion find a item that allows you to beat a boss in the end.

2:Combat is super stylish and fun with a charge meter that grows pulling off flashy devastating final blows and a focus mechanic super powering you for a limited time.

3:Music is just awesome take every Zelda favorite song and turn into a metal band and thats the soundtrack but it is killer cool

4:Love this game for making so many strong female leads and their also so beautiful my favorite rendition of zelda minus breath her armor is breathtaking in design and Zeldas gorgeous as well. Also their is no cliche like all the girls hording over link like a harem but their all strong lead characters they consist of Zelda,Impa,Midna,Agatha,Lana,Cia,and Sheik the Great Fairy that curvy ivy dress tho, Fi, oh and a personal favorite Princess Ruto adult.

5:Cutscenes are beautifully done that evokes danger and emotion and the voices are just grunts and moans that taken out of context sound like your watching a hentai especially the female vocals they are so sexy OwO which i don't mind at all ;D.

6:Bosses all well done have a tell before revealing a weak point you smash before ending them with awesome final blow moves.

7:Cia is so gorgeous and such an interesting villian literally in love with link and since she cant have him she destroys the world she can have me any time one of the most beautiful Zelda characters yet omg.

8:Ending is so well done using all the tricks in the book to bring down the big pig himself gannon in a climactic battle befitting the finale for Hyrule

Verdict Rating-Must Play-Never played a warriors game till this and it mixes Zelda elements perfectly so many cameos all across the games such nostalgia when they help fight with you sometimes temporarily against you for reasons and the music is just kicking such a great game to play through and the most gorgeous women in Zelda are all here which is eye candy beyond galore tremendously enjoyed their beauty and in action fighting as them too. Definitely a Zelda title worth your time even if you don't like spinoffs and Cia oh my yes definitely worth it ;D for all the right reasons and gameplay lol.
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Destiny 2-Shadowkeep-Season of the Undying
Game Beaten Nov 19,2019

1:The intro mission to this expansion is dark moody and grim and such a awesome sneak peek into the darkness when you stumble ontop of the pyramid and it plays the cutscene music was such a grand story moment sent chills down my spine.

2:Campaign was solid till you had to grind out the armor which had a point but was lame padding on time to the game. The missions and bringing back the original swarm of crota was unexpected and a real cool nostalgic moment and coming back to the moon was also neat.

3:Meeting the darkness in the pyramid was awesome but cut too short just as it was climaxing.

4:New garden raid brings back to black garden from d1 its so epic and vexy and overgrown with ivy combined with futuristic vex tech. There is a really cool new tether mechanic was really cool in concept but is so finicky and turns off when you don't want it too and just plain dont work at times super frustrating. They also brought in the motes from gambit to blend in the fights too. Really neat platforming off flowers and windmills made of data and up a giant tree to fight off basically an atheon clone with gambit mechanics. The boss is so awesome looking and the music in the raid is phenomenal but this is like kings fall all over again it separates the good players from the bad and you cannot carry in it.

5:Vex Offensive new activity 3 waves fighting off tons of vex culminating in a cool boss fight with a gate lord with an overshield you bring down with craniums.

6:Nightmare hunts are like miniature strikes with a boss at the end covered by adds which is pretty simple till you try it on nightmare we did crota super hard like 3 hours 40 min but it was quite a fun challenge normally super easy then u get essences to earn all the moon weapons.

7:Added new enemy shields barrier unstoppable and overload which add an extra layer to fighting.

8:Added super epic new finishing moves to smash enemies when their low health like round house kicks and assassinations from halo

9:Added new heavy bow leviathans breath which is a super cool extremely strong weapon and you get to find a secret banshee stash he left behind in the tower.

10-Festival of the lost-Came back a new quest that took you too every planet and did little things to end up with a tooth brush to masticate with and you get to keep it like the celery from d1 also you get a really nice shader. Added the Braytech werewolf which is super cool has like a seethrough like look with the whole skeleton of the gun showing and super good perks.

11-Cons are they have nerfed the living tar out of our players and were super weak and bosses are extremely to 1 phase now even with the best stuff ontop of riven being almost uncheesable.

12-Pit of Heresy is a new dungeon that ties into the lore of the damned which is really neat you actually get to fight the new proposed king of the hive called Zulmak and get to use these new swords for the whole raid they can reflect projectiles cast sword waves of fire and block about anything. Dungeon was super fun using the swords and red herring kill wall from kings fall with the pistons. A hide and seek like encounter running for your life from ogres a totem like section and the boss is pretty good too a fiery challenge.

13-Xenophage quest from pit of heresy pretty good ends up in a major hard fight beating a wizard with debuffs of elemental types and the gun is just plain awesome like a explosive propelled machine gun sounds cool and super strong getting a buff soon as well.

14:Randys throwing knife aka inward lamp is back a fully automatic scout that is just plain awesome all around.

15:Erians vow new exotic hand cannon that is a sec hand sniper basically and super cool

16:Added a battle pass with epic new vex guns armor and more to grind through 100 levels wasnt bad and loved earning all the new loot this way tbh a little grindy but not bad.

17:The vex offensive final assault was the only major letdown reskinned pagouri from menagerie which was plain sad and pathetic terrible way to end the season hope they learn from this in the next one to make the world really feel like its changing.

18:Oh and altars of sorrow was fun new escalation protocol 2.0 basically fun with alot of guardians but only with enough people is it possible.

19:The vex invasion on the moon was epic and crazy with the giant vex stye in the sky such a sight.


Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST BUY/PLAY-This is a awesome step in the right direction with an awesome setup for the darkness and the pyramid ships coming. Epic new raid on the black garden good dungeon on the moon and several new pinnacle weapons to chase so much content for 40 dollars you would be a fool not to experience this awesome expansion.

Game Beaten Nov 11,2019

1:Top down timed chef simulator

2:Extremely fun multiplayer game frantic cooking several different recipes on so many different kitchens-moving trucks, ice,conveyor belts,volcanoes etc...

3:Map screen song is so good and relaxing on the harmonica

4:Slight story but not really the onion king sounds funny tho

5:Several worlds and levels getting 3 stars unlocks different chefs and is quite the challenge me and zan my sister beat the whole game perfect 3 stars in 2 days 6-8 hours solid play tho

6:Crazy song with super adrenaline in a lightning filled mansion its endgame level sounding

7:Cook burgers,pizza,fish and chips,burritos and more


Verdict Rating-Must Play/Can Buy-Super fun original concept of cooking it gets crazy and super frantic at times and was a blast going through it with my sister zan a definitely enjoyable multiplayer game.
Men in Black 2:Alien Escape
Game Beaten Nov 9,2019

1:Third Person shooter classic arcade style

2:Game is uneccesarily difficult not because of skill but because of super tight claustrophobic artificial difficulty literally fighting 100s of enemies in a two by two square no joke trying to dodge bullet hell like projectiles its impossible and not fun at all

3:Missions are broken up into 3 levels and a boss but heres the catch you have to get through all of it in 2 lives and no lives can be reearned and no health is gained after beating a level which is ridiculous. No checkpoints until a level is beaten and very sporadic health powerups.

4:Bosses are insanely difficult if you lose gun powerups stuck on misson 2's for over 2 hours of practice memorizing boss attacks unfair and undodgable moves at times.

5:Guns upgrade by pickups but when hit you lose pickup and literally have to pick it up again which leaves highly vulnerable to all the bullets also it disappears in 3 sec after drop same for health which is bad design

6:Music is really random techno and jazz cheesy tho

7:The best part of game that made almost worth it was the little guy gets stepped on HARD!

8:One of the hardest games i have ever played due to fighting every single room with absolute focus any sloppy mistakes such as overextending will result in quick death.

9:Final level literally 40 min of hallway with unlimited enemies down every path possible have to use the ricochet gun to cheese to get through its so bad.

2/10-One extra star for Step on cutscene alone lol

Verdict Rating-Not Recommended//DO NOT PLAY OR BUY/Waste of Time/Deplorable Crap

Game is way too brutal not fun enough terrible pacing cps health management and just plain frustrating if you want a challenge ummm well good luck and tbh theres way funner challenging games out there this is just plain bad in every way shape and form.
Steel Rats
Game Beaten Nov 7,2019

1:2.5D Motorcycle game with platforming set in a futuristic steam punk world slight apocalypse

2:Riding the motorcyle is super fun and you can go extremely fast has a saw blade to rip through wooden logs pipes cars robots pretty much anything

3:Complicated controls hard to remember all the buttons some of the times especially in the end game

4:One of the coolest sound effects is grinding up pipes sounds like a pod racer from star wars and you can literally ride upside down defying gravity

5:Story is good pretty minimalistic but good voice acting as well

6:Level design are all really well done not reusing templates mostly original

7:This game is brutally hard at times crazy difficulty spikes in levels randomly insane bosses that are a tad unfair and only 3 chances or 4 to pass entire like 15 min levels feels a little ridiculous especially with some of the feats you have to pull off.

8:Chases are plenty and some well done and others literally make you want to quit their just so inconsistent and just way to fast catching you when they shouldnt.

9:The bike is the best part and the worst you randomly will flip no reason get stuck on stuff all the time and lose momentum on jumps and just can plain be frustrating to control at times.

10:Game is quite long with like 20 or so levels but beware completion rate is literally 3.8% on playstation at the moment its rough.

11-Last boss is by far the worst boss fight in literally videogame history i can't stand it its so unfair annoying and just plain bad im so glad to be done with it also they take a rider away so you the best one toshi so yeah thanks 3 tries on the most bull crap boss i have ever seen. NEVER AGAIN!

12-Music during the map is super chill and super similar to River City Girls such a good song and female vocals.


Verdict Rating-Can Play/Not Recommended-Insanely cool super action packed every level but holy cow you will be fighting your bike the unfair level design and bosses and near end game you just start hating it the beginning is so fun and a blast but oh boy to finish you better be prepared for the ride of your life and some rage inducing moments dont say i didnt warn you.
Luigi's Mansion 3
Game Beaten Nov 5,2019

1:A combination of Dark Moon and the original elements of both a humongous hotel with each floor with its own theme for ex overgrown forest,pirate,egyptian,movie etc...

2:SECRETS EVERYWHERE-so much is hidden in this game boo's money treasure ghosts gems collectibles every corner something is hiding so fun exploring with the poltergust in every corner environments are highly destructible and ransacakable and just plain fun to ruin an entire room

3:Amazing intro and prologue which is usually missing

4:Music is hauntingly done with great ambience

5:Just so fun to play and enjoy its quite lengthy for a mansion game 25-30 hours if your looking to 100% it which is very worth doing

6:Luigi is so animated and funny in this game and the ghosts all have their own cool little personalities as well

7:Final boss is legit with king boo with no golden bone its a great final send off and a great fight that will challenge you.

8-New ghost slam mechanic is super fun and gooigi is brilliant in design and the F5 tornado power you earn near the end is just epic literally can just suck up anything at will hahaha.

9:The disco fight is so well done and memorable tbh every boss has a cool gimmick to bring each of them down but yeah the disco one is a keeper the synchronized dancing is epic.


Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY/BUY-This is the best mansion game in the series to date tbh the original is still my favorite but holy cow its packed to the brim with entertainment and secrets galore and just so much fun and will put a smile on your face guaranteed definitely a must have for the switch.
Concrete Genie
Game Beaten Oct 25,2019

1:3D Platformer/Puzzle game

2:Storyline is sooooo good and relatable about being bullied by other kids and shows why later on with an emotional rollercoaster of a journey so can relate at the moment because all my friends have either abandoned me or stabbed me in the back so too see this play out was something i needed to release all the sadness ive been holding onto...

3:You mainly paint but its so beautiful and the animations are downright gorgeous and to call this game a work of art honestly doesnt do it justice to see it in action is just amazing

4:The musical score is so evocative and stirs emotion with all great instrumental pieces even everything you draw makes music and lives

5:Tons of stuff to find pages that unlock customizable parts for genies such as tails horns wings etc... they show up in game just as you design them so its very personal making them.

6:Luna is such a great character i love her

7:Cleaning each and every section of the town is just so satisfying freeing it from the darkness reminds me of Okami


Verdict Rating-ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY/BUY-4-10 hour game maybe if you find everything but This is one of the most heart wrenching emotional stirring games i have ever seen its just downright beautiful in everyway and shape and form and too miss out on it would be a sin i highly recommend playing this to anyone of any age anyone can relate taking this magical unforgettable journey in concrete genie.

Minority Report Everybody Runs
Game Beaten Oct 31,2019

1:A third person shooter but more of a beatem up than anything

2:SO MANY LEVELS like 40 i wanna say basically fight beat enemies some mild platforming

3:Not many checkpoints even on easy game is savagely brutal to beat make sure to go to the black market to buy health upgrades with money literally made it to the final levels with forgetting to buy any upgrades god it would have been so much easier with more health if you fail restart whole level from beginning so can be a pain

4:Not enough health pickups most are hidden or RNG from tough enemies

5:Guns are fun but so strong so clips are super limited which is lame

6:The noises and sound quality is top notch the death sounds and glass breaking are unforgettably funny and everything is like breakable so its so fun smashing up enemies into all sorts of things tress walls glass tvs you name it tables.

7:The combat moves are tough to master but roundhouse kicks are so funny and the ragdoll effects are just plain awesome.


Verdict Rating-Not Recommended-It has some hilarious moments but holy crap game is pretty tough and not really worth it but the breakable environments are super fun too this youtube video literally is the best parts of this game tbh i love it.
Yooka Laylee And The Impossible Lair
Game Beaten Oct 23,2019

1:A 2.5D Platformer like Donkey Kong Country for the snes

2:Every level is so well designed and just beautiful to take in and plays so nicely never a dull moment

3:The music is phenomenal its the original composers grant kirkhope and david wise and others its like one of the best sounding games ever

4:Very fluid movement wish there was a double jump

5:A huge fun overworld filled with tonics and secrets to discover and you can style change levels everyone in the game to have a whole different experience on the level you did but it could be frozen, windy, on fire etc and you trigger the change in the overworld making the game have over 40 stages to play

6:The whole gang is here from the first game for great nostalgia

7:5 tokens to find on the levels usually fun to search out but some are plain annoying using enemies as a bounce cushion perfectly to get or hidden annoyingly by waiting for a gear to turn for like 3 min to find but overall very fun addition to collect each level.

8:The impossible lair is just plain ridiculous not only is it a 4 stage boss fight but a gauntlet of sheer platforming perfection only 5.6 percent can even beat the game because of it and every bee you save gets you one more hit to get through collecting all bees gives you 48 hits and trust me youll need all 48 of them. TBH this is such a poor way to end the game because so many people will not be able to beat this they should have made a checkpoint version and a hard take the 48 hit version because the level is super cool and so well done but holy cow its balls to the wall difficult one of the hardest platforming challenges i have ever seen in a while.Also the self destruct sequence at the end is so cool. I will put up my youtube link of beating the impossible lair literally with zero bees left its insane! i beat it again with 7 left but still its just too hard tbh.

Verdict Rating-
Campaign only 10/10 ABSOLUTELY MUST PLAY/BUY
Impossible Lair-8/10-Its just stupid to make an endgame so hard only 5% can beat the game

So yeah this is a love letter to the generation who grew up on donkey kong country and such an amazing platformer its just sad not alot of people will be able to see it through its such a great game though but wow the impossible lair seems impossible at first and takes a ton of dedication and practice so glad i finally pushed through it took me 6 attempts to beat it with all 48 bees.
Legend of Zelda:Link's Awakening 2019
Game Beaten Oct 19,2019

1:A remake of the original links awakening with updated new clay animation graphics

2:A very streamlined map of the entire island helps getting around

3:Games dungeons are just as hard to figure out as original getting lost and confused several times honestly without walkthroughs many beginners wont be able to solve these dungeons because there quite the brain teaser at times

4:The music is all updated and orchestral Marin and her song are just beautiful and heavenly

5:The overworld is now seamless from one area to the next

6:Might be too tough for beginners Zelda wise not much tutorial or advice where to go at times except combined with memories and ulira's phone booths people should be ok.

7:Pretty lengthy zelda title around 20 hours or so.

8:Switch assigns gadgets to buttons so you don't have to switch constantly all the time

9:Bosses seem way easier for some reason but the dungeons seem tougher it has been over 10 years since ive played this tho.

10:Not enough hand holding for beginners in my personal opinion.

Verdict Rating-Must Play-Its just as good as the original and super fun bright world to play in one of my favorite zelda titles of all time i think i still prefer the original tho that 8bit music is just way more memorable to me but alot of enhancements make this still a great way to experience Koholini Island.

Verdict Rating 8/10
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Shows all the games ive beaten clean no walkthroughs,cheats or help at all over all video game consoles. Also i used to own all these games actually over 1000 games in total so far but i sold around 800 and kept only my favorites


My inspiration and personal motivator is myself haha and Pumpkinate without him i would have never had energy to build this humongous list for your personal enjoyment so i owe him deep respect and gratitude and thank him for loyally sticking to my side! :D

I just ask please that my review does not make your decisions for you i am but one humble person so my opinion is not always just and reflects how i feel. Please look at several reviews or just do research on a game or play a demo if you like it buy it if not i guess just enjoy gaming its one of the best things of life :D.

I will qoute myself in saying to many people when they ask me to do something for them that i dont want to.

"I carve my own path through the uncharted seas of this world and unto what i have done is completely of my own mind"


Verdict Ratings may differ from actual rating score I give a game.

Verdict Ratings
Absolute Must Buy 10
Must Buy 9
Can Buy 8
Absolute Must Play 7
Must Play 6
Can Play 5
Not For Me 4
Not Recommended 3
Don't Buy or Play 2
Waste of Time 1
Deplorable Crap 0

My username on Miiverse is just Falcon smiling light blue shirted mii hahaha hopefully noone else has that name :D

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