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Added by Maggie on 6 May 2013 07:10
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a guide to image reporting and deletion.

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To start off, most of the things I'm about to explain have already been mentioned in the following list:

But it seems that many people still have questions about why their images are being deleted, so I'm making this list to elaborate on a few points and explain some things. You can also use the comments section of this list or just message me or another moderator if you have any other questions.

I'm going to touch on a few points and questions that I've come up with by reading stuff around the site from members, but if you have suggestions of things to be added, let me know. And I'm doing this as an image list because I hate junking up random stuff around the site with unrelated lists. Therefore I'm going to try to include relevant pictures in each section.

I have no relevant pictures for this intro section. So please enjoy a high five instead.
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Who Are the Moderators?

Many questions and complaints that I've noticed around the site have been related to the members wanting to know who the moderators are. So here's a quick list. Note: this does not include everyone, but this is a good chunk of us.

Vergil x Dante

Lately I've been seeing a lot of moderator hate because of images being deleted, so I'd like to take this time to defend us and address some common misconceptions.

First off: moderators do not delete images just for the hell of it. There is always a reason behind it, and despite that reason not always being visible when you get a deletion notification, we are always happy to answer questions on the subject. We do not delete things based on "because we say so." We are not out to get you unless you constantly break rules. We are not evil. ... Not all of us anyway. ;D

If you're nice to us, then we'll be nice to you. If you're consistently breaking rules, bitching and complaining, or generally just irritating us, then we'll be less likely to shower you in kindness. Many of the people complaining about deletion have been rude to us or not asked us politely for an explanation.

Sometimes we make mistakes. We're humans.
Which is why I included a monkey picture below.
I don't know either.

So in summary, be nice to us and we'll be nice to you, and it's not like we're here solely to make your life miserable.
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How to Report

This is just a detailed description of how to report images and then check the status of your reports.

Duplicate image
If you find two copies of the same image in a public gallery then use this option to report it. Hit the report button on the image you want deleted, and enter the link of the image you want kept. Report the smaller, lower quality, and/or cropped version as the one to be deleted. This feature can also be used for reporting super similar images for events and candids. Sometimes we will delete the one you intended to be kept, if we feel it was the lower quality version.

Do not use this feature in personal galleries.

Contains nudity
Report obvious nudity here, as well as nudity that is visible under see-through clothing. If you find an image with a tag that leads to an adult site, report that under this as well, regardless of if the image itself has nudity. Also use this feature to report sexually explicit poses.

This feature CAN be used for personal galleries.

Not an image of ___
If you come across an image in a public profile that is not of that person, movie, etc. then report it under this. You can also report images in person profiles that are of only a body part or do not include the face in the shot. When the image is deleted, it shows up under "invalid" in your news feed and in the reports.

Do not use this feature in personal galleries.

I know, everyone hates this section. And trust me, us moderators would like for you to be able to see the reasoning behind deletion too. Unfortunately, we don't have the power to change that. But it might be coming in the next update, so be patient.

Anything that can't be filed under the previous categories can go in here. This includes but is not limited to:

1. GIfs (in person galleries)
2. Images with a disruptive or overly noticeable watermark/tag.
3. Offensive images.
4. Sometimes if a moderator knows for certain that the image is a duplicate but doesn't want to hunt down the original inside a massive gallery, they'll file under other.
5. Images not in their original state. This includes colored images, enhanced images, edited images, etc.

How to Check Reports

After you've filed a report, there are ways to check the status of the ones you've filed.

Go to the "Forums" tab at the top, and then look at the boards shown in the image below.

"Listal issue reports" will show you all the reports you've filed that have not been sorted or completed yet. "Completed issue reports" will show you all the reports you've filed that we accepted and finished. Sometimes when you file a duplicate, we'll delete the one that you intended on being kept. If you have questions about our choice, feel free to send us a message. "Rejected issue reports" will show you the reports that we did not accept, and the majority of the time, we'll include an explanation. If you mass report, we'll sometimes only reply to a couple if that reply counts toward the rest of them. If we ever don't include an explanation and you're confused about a rejection, feel free to message us.
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Why Was My Image Deleted?

This section is the main focus of this list. I'm not going to explain every single thing, because the image rules list that I linked to in the introduction tells you all the rules with plenty of detail. This is just to elaborate on a few points and help explain some confusion that members have been expressing lately. And again, if you have any further questions, feel free to reply to this list or message a moderator.

Adult tags
Listal does not accept the promotion of mature sites, because we are an all-ages site. Images that have a tag/watermark or other reference (such as a t-shirt with a logo) to a pornographic or adult site are going to be deleted. Many complaints I see around the site are along the lines of "my image was deleted for nudity even though the woman was fully clothed." So let's make this very clear: all images with adult site references will be deleted, regardless of the level of nudity in the picture. This statement answers the vast majority of questions related to why an image was deleted for nudity despite having all clothing intact.

See my image example below to see what we mean by tags.

Sexual poses
Another way to explain an image being deleted for nudity, regardless of amount of clothing involved, is that the subject of the picture was posing in an explicit matter. Every moderator has their own interpretation, and many of the reports we handle come from other members. But some images are pretty universal. Things like body parts being super close to the camera and the obvious focus, or bending over with butt facing the camera, or legs spread, or clothes being teasingly pulled aside, etc.

So basically, if you had an image deleted for nudity when there were no obvious things showing, it's likely for one of the two reasons above.

This seems to be another area that needs clarification. First let me start by saying that just because you post first does not mean your image will be the one kept in the case of duplicates. That seems to be a common misconception that people have. But the truth is that quality comes first, so if someone posts a version of the picture after you that is in better quality than the one you posted, yours will be deleted. Here's a basic run down on what we consider when doing duplicate reports:

1. The size of the image. Is one larger than the other? Note that bigger does not always equal better. In order for the larger one to be kept, it has to have maintained it's clarity and also not be a cropped image. We also might not take it if it's not a significant size difference, so keep that in mind when replacing other images with your own bigger versions.
2. Is one a crop? Regardless of size difference, the cropped image will always be the one deleted.
3. Is one image clearer than the other? Sometimes two images can be the same size, but one can be blurry or "pixelated." The clearer image will take priority over a blurry one.
4. Who posted first? We only consider this when the two images are exactly the same, and the above topics are irrelevant to the particular case. If the two images are the same size, clarity, etc. then the older image will be kept.
5. Did the second poster report the duplicates? You are required to report duplicates if you repost an image, and you should only be reposting if it's in better quality. If you fail to report the images, we'll take this to mean that you weren't considerate enough to check the gallery to see if the image was posted before. This WILL affect our decision. Keep in mind that repeatedly posting duplicates without checking to see if they've been posted before CAN result in being banned from posting images.

Image spam
Often times if you find that a candid or event picture has been deleted as duplicate or other, it's because a moderator or member felt that too many pictures of that event had been posted, and so was trying to clean it up. When people post tons of similar looking candid images we consider that spam, and it's a big issue on this site. Most of those images are taken within seconds of each other, so look extremely similar, which is why they often get deleted as duplicates even if they aren't exactly the same picture. And if people don't feel like matching up similar poses to file a duplicate thread, they'll often just file as other and give spam as the reasoning. We tend to be more lenient with red carpet photos, but those still should not be posted in bulk. And candid pictures definitely should not be. Please use good judgment and only upload a few pictures for each candid event, and spare us from the more uninteresting events. Hint: we don't need forty pictures of someone getting in and out of a taxi, or twenty-seven pictures of someone walking through an airport.

The Infamous "Other"

Again, I'll say that moderators would like you to be able to see the reasons for deletion as well, and we're not responsible for why you can't. So please don't hold it against us personally.

Many different times of images can be deleted under the "other" section. And for the record: any time something is deleted as other and you're not sure why, you can message us to ask. Moderators can see the reasoning behind deletion that other moderators or members might have given, so we can answer any questions you might have.

One thing that throws people off seems to be GIFs. GIFs are not allowed in the galleries of actors, models, or other people. Only still images are accepted. So if we find them or they are reported, we will delete them. Please keep GIFs in your personal galleries.

Watermarks and Tags
Another common reason is watermarks and tags. We often get people reporting the ones that don't need it, or people posting images that shouldn't be posted. So here's the basic rule: tags are allowed unless they are disruptive to the overall image. If it's a small tag off in a corner, then it's probably going to be alright. Larger tags that draw too much attention, or that sit right in the middle of the image and block your view, are going to get deleted.

This is pretty simple. If you post an image that has been edited beyond how it was released by the photographer/company/etc. then it will be deleted. Tons of people will just grab any old thing off Tumblr or wherever else and stick it on here, and half of it is either duplicates or edited. Do not post recolored or enhanced images. Images posted here need to be in the originally released state.
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Types of Nudity and Models

Many people have already noticed the new rule regarding only being able to upload three images to a profile marked as adult. Adult profiles were auto determined, but can be manually confirmed by a moderator. But the auto system did make mistakes, so if you feel like a model has been wrongly marked as an adult profile, then please tell us.

The rest of this section is going to be touching on the differences between types of models/actors and pictures, and some things that might be allowed for some models/actors but not for others.

Here are the two types you'll be seeing us mentioning a lot.

Adult model or actress
This includes "glamor models" who might not be porn stars, but mostly only do work for men's magazines and usually/often with clothing off. And obviously porn stars fall into this category.

"Legit" models and actresses
This includes your everyday models and actresses who don't spend the majority of their careers trying to produce hard-ons.

The Double Standard
Yeah, there kind of is one. The basic gist of it is that sometimes you'll see things in a "legit" model/actress's gallery that would not be allowed in the gallery of an adult model/actress.

Why? Because the intention of the photos is everything. Adult models/actresses are taking pictures usually for the sole purpose of eliciting a sexual reaction. They want to turn you on. They are usually sexual in nature, because that is the business.

The general rule for "legit" models/actresses is that they can be 'nude' so long as nothing is showing and the nature of the image is not pornographic/explicit. So for instance, a picture of a topless "legit" model with her arms covering her breasts will probably be allowed, but the same type of picture probably won't be acceptable in an adult gallery. And images of "legit" models wearing lingerie are acceptable, whereas adult models in lingerie might not be if the posing or nature of it is too explicit.

Not all pictures of porn stars and whatnot are bad. In fact, JaimeLeah has made a list that gives examples of acceptable pictures:

But 90% of images of porn stars usually get deleted for having adult site tags, sexual poses, or outright nudity.

And let's just get this out of the way: pictures from Victoria's Secret or any other legitimate clothing company are going to be allowed. Those photographs are taken and edited very different, because they're trying to tastefully sell a product. They're an acceptable, non-trashy form of sexy. So don't bother comparing them to a picture of a porn star and asking why one is acceptable and the other isn't.
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Final Notes & Further Questions

I know I didn't touch on a ton of points in the "Why was my image deleted?" section, but I wasn't intending to. Again, most questions can be answered in that list link I gave in the introduction. I was simply trying to answer some very frequently asked questions that I've been seeing a lot lately.

If you have any further questions, please please please feel free to message me or any other moderator. I listed them above so that you could do that. You can also reply to this list, since the point of this list is answering common questions.

Starting an angry and rude thread in the forums to demand an answer for deletion is not the way to go. Please don't do that, or at least don't be surprised when we respond and sound annoyed right back. We want to help you, but if you treat us like the enemy and are offensive or rude when asking, then things are just overall not going to go well.

So play nice. And in the spirit of nice play, please enjoy this picture of a giant rubber duck.

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