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Added by Ueno_Station54 on 17 Feb 2013 09:57
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Super Sentai Monster Series: Dairanger Edition

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Knotted up tentacle for a head. Interesting design and a boss cape.

Not really sure why I like this guy but I think he's pretty damn awesome. Then again, who doesn't love some good old fashioned tentacle action.

-Episode 1: It's Tenshin Time!!!-
Ueno_Station54's rating:
Not as terrible as he should be.

He has a pretty boss mallet. Throws a bunch of his weird looking heads at people.

-Episode 2: It's Qi-Power!!!-
Ueno_Station54's rating:
Average listal rating (1 ratings) 7 IMDB Rating 0
This guy has a lot of angles. First off, we have this guy with purple makeup and keys all over him.

He uses these keys to steel the souls of children.

This is battle mode.

Pretty doofy looking with that vagina mouth, but what can you do. He has a variety of key-based attacks (key-sword, giant key-scissors, key-cannon).

I like his character more than his design.

Also, he has an army of evil puppets.

Absolutely sinister.

-Episode 3: Your Souls, Please!-
-Episode 4: We're Naive!! -
Ueno_Station54's rating:

-Episode 5: This Pisses Me Off!-
-Episode 6: Wind, Cut Through!-
Ueno_Station54's rating:
Gnome wizard that turns into an Egyptian saw. Gnome wizard gear is a bit lame but everything to do with the Saw is bad-ass.

This guy isn't actually a minion but he is a Gouma monster still. He's actually the Archbishop (hence the name) of the Gouma tribe.

-Episode 8: Father!!-
Ueno_Station54's rating:
He's a mirror.

He uses Solar Beams and blows up mirrors into peoples faces or something.

-Episode 9: Don't be Vain-
Ueno_Station54's rating:
He is a cherry blossom tree I think. Kind of cool design and his wooden coat is rad.

-Episode 10: Ah, Vengeful Goddess-
Ueno_Station54's rating:
Yeah yeah yeah, I get he's a magnet but why the hell are his tits sunken in?

On a serious note, any guy with a cape and a cool weapon is alright in my books.

-Episode 11: Gauss With a Magnet!-
Ueno_Station54's rating:
Drunk tofu with vuvuzela on it's head.

At least he was Charlie Chaplin briefly.

-Episode 12: Drunk on Tofu-
Ueno_Station54's rating:
I like the idea of a Kabuki-based monster but this was not the way to go about it.

He did poses people though and they looked like regular kabuki guy. Which is cool.

-Episode 13: The Ka-Kabuki Novice-
-Episode 14: Well, a Wedding-
Ueno_Station54's rating:
The first of the "Three Gouma Stooges"

I don't know why I like this guys design so much. It's not exactly imaginative but sometimes simplicity is a good thing.

You might be wondering what a tombstone's special powers would be...

Apparently a lighter.

Also, what the hell does it say on his face?

"Here is MHLOAEH"?

I'm almost positive that's not a name.

-Episode 15: The 3 Stooges' Soccer-
-Episode 24: The 3 Stooges' Super Baseball-
-Episode 40: Farewell! 3 Stooges-
Ueno_Station54's rating:
I like this costume because it's not completely enormous and silly. But it is pretty boring. Can't win here.

-Episode 16: Rumbling Child Stones-
Ueno_Station54's rating:
The youngest sister of the "Three Priestesses of Hell" and arguably the worst. Being "Earring Priestess" the obvious thing to do was make giant, stupid ears.

Giant ridiculous ears, dumb hair, eyeball in the mouth. The fuck is this shit?

-Episode 17: There he is, a New Hero-
-Episode 18: The (Secret) Byakko-chan-
Ueno_Station54's rating:
The middle sister of the "Three Priestesses of Hell" and the only one that isn't totally awful looking.

That's actually a cool looking mask and her neck stretches.

Which is neat.

-Episode 17: There he is, a New Hero-
-Episode 18: The (Secret) Byakko-chan-
-Episode 19: The Heart-Throbbing Pretty Girl-
-Episode 20: First Public Opening of the Gouma Palace-
Ueno_Station54's rating:
The eldest sister of "The Three Priestesses of Hell" and easily the most plain and uninteresting of the three.

She can trap people with big rings but nothing too interesting power wise. Plain but inoffensive.

-Episode 17: There he is, a New Hero-
-Episode 18: The (Secret) Byakko-chan-
-Episode 19: The Heart-Throbbing Pretty Girl-
-Episode 20: First Public Opening of the Gouma Palace-
-Episode 21: The Birth of a Mythical Qi Beast-
-Episode 22: The Great Art of the Tiger Cub!!-
Ueno_Station54's rating:
This guy right here is a rad motherfucker.

Look at that coat! And he's a wood stove!
And he rides a goddamn horse.

It's a shame that all the cool guys are one-offs

-Episode 23: True Love at Full Speed-
Ueno_Station54's rating:
The second of the "Three Gouma Stooges"

He's a bike...

Who rides a bike.

Nothing overly exceptional about his design but I really like his character and the show wouldn't be the same without this goofball, baby!

-Episode 15: The 3 Stooges' Soccer-
-Episode 24: The 3 Stooges' Super Baseball-
-Episode 40: Farewell! 3 Stooges-

Ueno_Station54's rating:
Average listal rating (2 ratings) 8.5 IMDB Rating 0
A copy machine.
Makes copies of Dairangers in their swimwear.

Decent design. I don't know what those strings on her head are though.

-Episode 25: The Grouped Opposite Squadron-
Ueno_Station54's rating:
I guess there's nothing specifically wrong with him besides being a silly ass mo-fo.

Look at him dancing into battle like a freak.

-Episode 26: A Bad, Bad, Bad Guy-
-Episode 27: It's the Final Fist-
Ueno_Station54's rating:
So we have these here four priest dudes.

They've got a buttload of ridiculous powers that they barely showcase.

Then they turn into this thing.

I have to admit, that thing is pretty rad. The guys who had to make these costumes didn't have to go off a lame theme and got to just make a cool-ass, four-headed monster.

-Episode 28: Full Entrance!!-
-Episode 31: Again, a New Hero Came Forth-
Ueno_Station54's rating:
Essentially a microphone in old-timey vagrant clothes.

He has a classic katana to go with his outfit but he also bombs and a goddamn fishing rod.

With the fishing rod he steals the Dairangers weapons... as well as small children. So he's pretty much ultimate pedophile.

-Episode 29: The (Secret) Inside Story of a Mother and Child's Tears-
-Episode 30: The Deadly, Fast-Talking Workaholic-
Ueno_Station54's rating:
Even before transforming this guy is a bad-ass.

Drunk, one-legged drifter who doesn't give a shit about anything. Even in human form he's a formidable opponent. He shoots bullets out of his crutch and his peg-leg, has telekinesis and commands an evil bird.

Then he transforms into this:

A birdcage wearing a sombrero. Incredible.

Now not only can he do everything he could before transforming but he can also trap people in another dimension.

And then, once he gets his golden leg back

...he can kick about as hard as two guys. Probably should have stuck with the gun leg.

-Episode 32: The Ogre's Golden Kick-
Ueno_Station54's rating:
This guy is incredible.

The Terminator meets Videodrome.

Definitely the best.

-Episode 33: An Idol's First Experience -
Ueno_Station54's rating:
So this guy is pretty straight-forward.

He's a cactus and has attacks based around needles, obviously. Nothing particularly exciting.

Until this:

There is a flamethrower in this head. Wasn't expecting that.

-Episode 34: A Prickly Maiden Hunt-
Ueno_Station54's rating:
They got to make a guy based on a cannon and this is all we get?

Not necessarily bad but certainly underwhelming.

-Episode 35: New Secret Art, the Dance of Spiders-
Ueno_Station54's rating:
Any guy in a coat this snazzy is going to get my approval.

Mad bling on this guy.

-Episode 36: A 6000-Year Grudge-
Ueno_Station54's rating:
A monster based on a pachinko machine sounds like the worst idea but I actually kind of dig this guys design.

Cool ass skeletons on his face.

And absolutely nothing beats...


-Episode 37: You Have to See It!! A Huge Guy-
-Episode 38: Huh!! A Ceasefire!?-
Ueno_Station54's rating:
This is Jin:

Neutral rival to Ryu Ranger and pretty significant character (shown above firing spider webs for some reason)

They obviously needed to do something cool for his monster form, and they tried but...

Something about this just doesn't work for me. His head is just too derpy looking.

-Episode 39: The Demon Fist Falls Into the Setting Sun-
Ueno_Station54's rating:
The third of the "Three Gouma Stooges"

Definitely the lamest of the three.

Not really sure how they'd make a phone-based monster appealing but on top of that she's also the most irritating of the three.

-Episode 15: The 3 Stooges' Soccer-
-Episode 24: The 3 Stooges' Super Baseball-
-Episode 40: Farewell! 3 Stooges-
Ueno_Station54's rating:
Average listal rating (1 ratings) 9 IMDB Rating 0
Though I don't completely agree, clearly they were saving the best for last with Ikazuchi or "Thunder".

Usually when they have to make a monster without any particular theme it ends but being cool and this is certainly no exception.

Ikazuchi is the personal servant to Akomaru

and easily the toughest Gouma Dairanger has had to fight.

Badass looking mech with swords all over it. Pretty fucking rad.

-Episode 42: A Straight Line to Mommy-
-Episode 43: The Fierce White Forbidden Past-
-Episode 44: Moving!! You Cry Too-
Ueno_Station54's rating:
I think that is a top hat with a hand holding a hand of cards sticking out of it.

He looks better as Willy Wonka.

-Gosei Sentai Dairanger: The Movie-
Ueno_Station54's rating:

What happens when these guys fuse?


Cool motherfucker with limited visibility of Lipstick Songstress. Look at that awesome jester face.

-Gosei Sentai Dairanger: The Movie-
Ueno_Station54's rating:

This is the first list in a new series called "Super Sentai Monster Series" where I will basically rate the monsters in a Super Sentai series. The first series I looked at was "Gosei Sentai Dairanger" and I have rated and reviewed all the Gouma minions. This is easily the most work I've put into a list so I thank you for reading it.

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