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Added by Nusch on 10 Apr 2017 07:38
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Saddest Deaths On TV (SPOILER)

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Just when George seemed to have found his path in medicine as a trauma surgeon, he suddenly decided to join the U.S. Army in Iraq. Richard Webber gave him the last day off so he could spend time with his family, but on his way home, he jumped in front of a bus to save a woman’s life and was left severely disfigured. Because of this, no one recognized him when he arrived at the hospital, and it wasn’t until he traced “007” (one of his many nicknames) on Meredith’s hand that they knew who the “John Doe” patient was. Derek Shepherd and the rest tried to save him, but his brain swelled during surgery and he was declared brain dead. It was a very tragic ending for one of Grey’s Anatomy’s most beloved characters.
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Poussey is accidentally suffocated by CO Bayley at the end of Season Four during an initially peaceful demonstration in the cafeteria. To protest Captain Piscatella's treatment of the inmates, inmates stood on tables and demanded his resignation. Suzanne becomes upset after additional guards are called as back up, and Poussey attempts to de-escalate the situation. Piscatella orders Bayley to restrain Suzanne and escort her to psych, and in the scuffle he improperly restrains Poussey face down while kneeling on her back. Suzanne continues to struggle with Bayley while putting all of his weight on Poussey, who is unable to breathe. Poussey is accidentally suffocated due to compression asphyxia from Bayley kneeing on her back ("The Animals").

After Bayley is pulled off Poussey, the inmates and staff realize that Poussey is not moving. Piscatella calls for a medic, and Taystee pushes through the crowd to Poussey's body on the floor. Taystee begins to sob as she curls up next to Poussey on the floor while others look on in shock.

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Lady Sybil died of eclampsia, a condition of unknown cause that used to be called “toxemia of pregnancy.” (Dr. Clarkson, the family doc pushed aside in favor of silk-stocking-trade physician Sir Philip, used the term at one point.) It is most common in the late stage of first pregnancies. Sybil Branson, 24, was nearing the due date for her first child, so that part’s right.

Eclampsia, strictly speaking, isn’t present until the woman has a seizure. By that time, the patient, the doctors (and the baby, if not yet born) are in deep trouble. The job is to diagnose what’s happening before then, when the condition is known as preeclampsia.

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Matthew Crawley was killed in a car crash moments after seeing his newborn son in Downton Abbey’s Christmas Day special. The much-loved character, played by Dan Stevens, died after swerving off the road to avoid another vehicle.

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The reprieve and relief were short-lived, however. During a battle, William threw himself in front of Matthew to save him from an enemy shell. William was fatally injured due to unspecified damage to his lungs caused by the blast. Because he was an enlisted man, he was taken to the hospital in Leeds, where the doctors determined that he did not have long to live.

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It’s never easy to see the main character of a television show meet his end, and even in a show all about death, Nate’s death was hard. He had suffered a brain hemorrhage and slipped into a coma, but when he came out of it the doctors assured him a quick and speedy recovery — which is why, when he died in his sleep as his brother David slept next to him, the audience was not expecting it.

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After a speaking event at a University, Meechum was assisting President Frank Underwood as he met and spoke with the students and protesters. While speaking to a girl, shots were fired from the crowd by Lucas Goodwin. One shot grazed the President's arm and another hit his liver, while the others struck Meechum as he pushed the President to the ground. As he fell, Meechum fired his gun, killing Lucas Goodwin. Meechum died moments later as a result of his injuries.

Meechum became one of the few Secret Service agents to be buried in Arlington National Cemetery. At the time of his death, it was reported that he was the head of Underwood's detail, showing his promotion throughout Underwood's rise to the Presidency and the ever-growing bond between him and The Underwoods.

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Shireen is escorted and tied to a pyre where she is sacrificed to the Lord of Light by Melisandre, who does so without remorse. As she burns she pleads for her mother and father to help her. Selyse runs to her daughter's aid, but is held back by Baratheon soldiers, and crumples to the ground as she watches her daughter die in the flames and Stannis looking away with tears in his eyes.

Shireen's sacrifice allows her father's army to press forwards as the blood magic appears to have been successful in melting the snows. However, the horror of a little girl's sacrifice has led hundreds of Baratheon troops and all his sellswords (about half his army) to desert, while Selyse hangs herself, and Melisandre flees after hearing the news.

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Hodor remains with Bran in the Cave of the three-eyed raven as the young Stark explores his abilities. Bran has a vision of Hodor in his youth, named Wylis, as an articulate and well-liked stablehand. He helps Lyanna Stark from her horse while watching Ned Stark spar with Benjen Stark. Lyanna suggests that Benjen find a new sparring partner with Hodor after Ned leaves for the Eyrie, and gives Hodor fencing tips. Hodor and Benjen almost have a match when Old Nan comes outside and discourages Hodor from learning to fight, since he is a stableboy, though Ned remarks that with his size, Hodor would make a formidable fighter. Bran later attempts to use Hodor's original name and get him to speak, but gets only "Hodor" in response. Hodor later carries Bran outside the cave to speak with Meera, then brings him back in when it becomes clear Meera doesn't want to talk.

When the White Walkers and thousands of wights attack the cave as a result of Bran's reckless warging, Hodor holds the back exit of the cave to allow Bran and Meera time to escape. Bran inadvertently wargs into Wylis, linking the minds of the present-day Hodor and the young stableboy from the past. This mental trauma causes Wylis to suffer a seizure, during which he hears Meera shouting the phrase "Hold the door!" through Bran and begins repeating it, eventually slurring the sentence together until it becomes "Hodor". Through Bran's warging, young Wylis experiences his own future death, damaging his mind. Hodor keeps holding the door to give Meera time to escape with the still unconscious Bran, sacrificing his life as the wights tear him apart in their attempt to break out of the cave.

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On the day of Cersei and Loras's trial, Margaery stands with her father in the Great Sept of Baelor, and watches from the sidelines as Loras renounces his allegiance to House Tyrell and confesses to his "crimes." She comforts her father and restrains him from intervening when the Faith Militant begin carving the seven-pointed star into Loras's forehead. When Cersei does not show up for her own trial, the High Sparrow sends Brother Lancel to bring her to the sept by force, and after Lancel himself does not return after a prolonged period of time, Margaery suggests to the High Sparrow that Cersei's absence and that of her son indicates that she is plotting to harm them, urging him to evacuate everyone before it is too late. Clearly underestimating Cersei, the High Sparrow dismisses this notion and has his Sparrows keep the Tyrell siblings from leaving the sept, along with everyone else present.

Powerless to do anything, Margaery clutches her brother as the sept erupts in an explosion of green wildfire, killing everyone inside, including Margaery, Loras, and their father.

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Eddard is taken to the front steps of the Great Sept of Baelor. He spots Arya crouching beside the statue of Baelor the Blessed and signals Yoren, who is also present amidst the gathered crowd. Having relented to Vary's request, Eddard confesses that he is intended to seize the throne for himself and recognizes Joffrey as the rightful king. Joffrey, however, ignores his mother's counsel that Eddard is exiled and orders his immediate execution. Before Ser Ilyn Payne swings the Lord of Winterfell's own sword Ice, Eddard notices that Yoren has taken Arya.

Sansa watches as Payne decapitates Eddard before the shocked Cersei and council can intervene, as the baying crowd cheers. Before he dies, Eddard mutters a few last unheard words.

Eddard's head is placed on a spike above the Traitor's Walk in the Red Keep. Joffrey torments Sansa by forcing her to look upon him as well as the other slain members of her household. She overcomes her revulsion and is able to maintain her composure, preventing her satisfaction at seeing her upset. Eddard's death launches the Seven Kingdoms into the devastating War of the Five Kings, with the North and the Riverlands seceding from the authority of the Iron Throne and Robb Stark proclaimed as the King in the North. Tywin calls his death "madness and stupidity," as the Lannisters could have used Eddard to end the war with the Starks, while fighting Robert's brothers for the throne.

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When Robb and his supporters reach The Twins, Lord Walder Frey inspects Talisa and insists that Robb broke his marriage pact not for love, but for "firm tits and a tight fit." His salacious remarks stir Robb to anger, but Catelyn firmly places a hand on his arm to pacify him before he does anything extreme. Lord Frey quickly alleviates the tension by claiming he would have "broken 50 vows without a second thought" to be with a woman like Talisa at Robb's age. After Edmure Tully marries Roslin Frey, Robb jokes that perhaps he made a mistake in marrying Talisa, who feigns offense. She is bewildered by the traditional Westerosi bedding, which Robb explains proves that the marriage was consummated. Talisa replies that their unborn child is proof enough, and suggests that if it is a boy they name him Eddard after Robb's father, which Robb agrees to. After the bedding, the doors are closed and the musicians begin playing "The Rains of Castamere", which visibly makes Catelyn uneasy. Lord Walder rises to toast Robb, stating that he has yet to give his new queen a wedding gift. Realizing they have been betrayed, Catelyn slaps Roose across the face and yells a warning to Robb, but by then it is too late. As a startled Talisa sits at a table, Lothar Frey approaches her from behind and begins to repeatedly stab her in the stomach with a dagger, fatally wounding her and killing her unborn child. At that moment, Robb and his men are either shot by the musicians with crossbows or set upon by Frey soldiers. Talisa rises in an attempt to flee but instantly collapses due to her wounds and dies minutes later in her husband's arms. The death of Talisa and their child sends Robb into a state of shock, and he remains holding her in his arms as his men are slaughtered around him. Moments later, Robb and Catelyn are then killed by Roose Bolton and Black Walder Rivers, respectively.

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Robb's army arrives at the Twins, the castle seat of House Frey, for his uncle Edmure's wedding. Enduring Lord Walder Frey's insults directed at him and his wife, Robb makes a public apology to Lord Frey's daughters and granddaughters for breaking his promise to marry one of them. Frey accepts the apology and offers the Starks and their men his hospitality.

Catelyn becomes suspicious when she notices Black Walder Rivers close the banquet hall doors and the musicians in the gallery begin playing "The Rains of Castamere"- the song commemorating House Lannister's brutal elimination of House Reyne . Walder rises to make a toast to Robb, and Catelyn, seated beside Lord Roose Bolton, notices that the latter is wearing mail under his clothing. Realizing they are in a trap, Catelyn slaps Roose across the face and screams a warning to Robb, but by then it is too late. Lord Walder signals his men to attack. Lothar draws a knife and repeatedly stabs the pregnant Talisa in the stomach, fatally wounding her and killing their unborn child. Before he can react, Robb is shot by the musicians with crossbows several times and falls to the ground. Numerous other Stark men are killed by the assassins or Frey men. Robb crawls towards Talisa despite his injuries and manages to hold her in his arms, but he sees that she is dead.
Red wedding roose slider
"The Lannisters send their regards" - Robb is killed by Roose Bolton.
Catelyn, having been wounded by a crossbow bolt, manages to take Joyeuse Erenford hostage, threatening to kill her if Walder doesn't spare Robb, who lingers despondent beside his wife's corpse. Walder refuses, dismissing his wife as replaceable. Robb then somehow finds the strength to drag himself back onto his feet, barely, and weakly calls out "Mother!" to her in a daze. As Catelyn looks into Robb's eyes, Roose Bolton steps in front of Robb and tells him that "the Lannisters send their regards," and stabs Robb through the heart.

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Catelyn, having been wounded by a crossbow bolt, crawls across the floor and seizes out from under Walder's table his cowering young wife, Joyeuse. Catelyn holds a knife to the girl's throat and threatens to kill her if Walder does not negotiate an end to the attack. She demands that Robb, who merely lingers despondent and heartbroken beside his wife's corpse, be allowed to leave. Walder refuses her, dismissing his wife with the comment "I'll find another" and Roose Bolton, who had fled the hall when the massacre began, seizes Robb, saying "The Lannisters send their regards", before stabbing him in the heart. Robb's last word is "Mother" and he maintains contact with her as he collapses to the floor. Mad with grief at the death of her firstborn son, Catelyn kills Walder's wife in retaliation before Black Walder cuts Catelyn's throat

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Shortly after Dexter realizes his love for his family is becoming more important to him than his need to kill, he comes home to find Rita dead in the bathtub. Their son Harrison sits on the floor next to his mother's lifeless body, sobbing in a pool of blood, in a scene that mirrors what happened to Dexter after his own mother's death.

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Once The Governor arrives at the Prison with his group and the two hostages, Hershel attempts to help Rick in reaching diplomacy. Rick spends several minutes pleading with The Governor, asking him to let Hershel and Michonne go and offering to let his group live in the Prison with the others. The Governor becomes irritated and holds Michonne's katana to Hershel's throat. Rick then looks down at Hershel and Hershel nods his head, as a sign of saying Rick has made the right choice. Rick frantically tries to reason, and reinstates Hershel's virtues of peace and that nobody is "too far gone", and that "we can all come back," leading Hershel to smile vaguely. The Governor begins to put down the sword, but then stops, muttering "liar". The Governor then swings the sword into Hershel's neck, partially decapitating him. This leads to the beginning of a massive gunfight, as Maggie and Beth cry for their father, watching from behind the Prison gates. As Hershel bleeds out and desperately attempts to crawl away in the ensuing gunfight, The Governor catches up to him and repeatedly slashes at Hershel's neck with the sword, utterly decapitating and killing him.

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Why it was heartbreaking: After finding out some good news about his fertitily at the end of a stressful day, Marshall tries to call his father with the good news and is shocked to discover he had died of a heart attack.
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The first half of the third season focused on the suspense of who was under the sheet after the Keating house fire. The midseason finale was shocking — we were lead to believe that the Keating Five were all safe. But through the show's clever timeframe manipulation, we learned that Wes was, sadly, the one who'd died.
With that out of the way, the second half of the season was all about who killed Wes. A death is never because of natural causes on this show; of course he was murdered. We saw Frank confess to the crime, though it was always obvious he was lying. Nate was consistently suspicious. And there was always the chance that Bonnie killed Wes, since he never found out the truth about how Rebecca died.
The show wanted us to keep guessing who Wes' killer could be, dropping "clues" in every episode. But none of our speculation mattered, because it turned out that the man behind Wes' death was Laurel's dad.

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“My battle must end, or there will never be peace on earth.” Those were the words that Eva Green‘s Vanessa muttered to Josh Hartnett‘s Ethan in part two of the finale. With that, she gave him a pistol and kissed him. They recited the Lord’s prayer together and with that, he shot her. While she lay in his arms, her last words were. “Oh, Ethan. I see our Lord.”

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List of the saddest tv deaths I've come up with so far.

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