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Added by mazardeus on 8 Oct 2016 11:48
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Cinema - My Film Critiques

This is a list of side notes on every film I critique.
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This is a conversation between myself and some typical idiot on IMDb:


"Yes, that would have made sense, if I were driving the War Rig: stop as soon as possible, bang the sand out of the air cleaners, probably even wash them out, before moving on."

There are clearly multi-purpose reasons for them stopping the War Rig. They need to take a break from all this. Water was being used to purify them. I am not sure you realize this, but they have been through a lot. Also, sandstorms obviously have unexpected duration. They do eventually go away.

" Also, sandstorms obviously have unexpected duration. They do eventually go away.

I'm not actually sure about that. It seemed that Furiosa was PLANNING on losing any pursuers in the storm. As I understand it, science has speculated that a post-nuclear world might develop PERMANENT storms that either hover in certain geographic locations, like natural 'bowls,' or just cycle slowly around the same region.

Seemed to me like Furiosa was counting on that storm to be where it was."

You clearly have not seen the film enough times to study her reaction to the storm. There was never a plan. It revealed itself to her as she was driving, and took the opportunity for a chance to lose them in there. Just as that one war boy said that Furiosa thinks she can lose them in the sandstorm.

"I have seen the film over 50 times, and the opinion I posted was based on those 50+ viewings.

So I'm sticking with my opinion, and neither of our opinions matters."

Neither of our opinions matter? Wow. Just...wow. I wonder what's going on in your mind to convince yourself to have a perception that is far from reality. Our views do matter. Some opinions can have insight. A professional opinion on the art of cinema. You clearly do not possess the prerequisites to deconstruct this film properly.

It sounds to me you responded based on the first few words I typed. As if you have not read the rest of my post. It is an accurate deconstruction of that scene. Like you said, opinions have no value. You are a disgrace to true democracy (nonexistent in the United States, btw) and original thought.

Evidence of Furiosa not planning this is her reaction on the 24 minute mark of the film. Since you have seen it 50+ times (which I highly doubt), you should be able to go to the 24 min mark with ease to verify. Pay attention to her reaction. It looks like an unexpected surprise to me when she saw that sandstorm. It is a similar reaction to everybody else. Also, another reason why it doesn't make sense for Furiosa to anticipate the sandstorm is the fact that it is not within view of distance. How can she ever see the storm from a great distance from the start of her day before driving off with the war rig? Also, as you can see in the film, the sandstorm cannot be seen from any distance whatsoever. You can only catch a glimpse of the sandstorm in specific shots in the scene before the sandstorm.

I rest my case. I have clearly demonstrated your inaccurate perception of the movie, and I have only seen it at least 4 times.
spelling. "

You never said this before, so "once again" is irrelevant and pointless. This is actually your first time mentioning how much pronunciation does not matter. Who do you think you are? An authority? It is not up to you on what matters. What matters is universal tolerance. Not what Americans want, you idiot.

The comparison you are making about the teacher and student example is completely stupid. See, Shyamalan CORRECTED the pronunciation. My last name is Arabic. When the teacher calls my name, she always says it in the Americanized accent. Do you see the problem here? The Americanized pronunciation is from the show. It is disrespecting the origin of the Asian names. The fault originated from the show, so that is why Shyamalan boldly made the decision to respect the origins. It is a wise move. I would be correcting the teacher with the CORRECTED pronunciation of my name in Arabic.

"Also of course the shows Americanized. What are you a moron? Its American. Thats like criticizing Pokemon for being too Japanese."

No, it is not like that. See, Japan has culture and values. The United States lacks such things. Most other countries do better. However, the reason why I am a fan of the show is due to its inspirations from other philosophies, religions, and parts of Asian culture. However, you need to understand that the Americanized accents of the origin names actually do bother me. It is one of many flaws of the show. The whole Americanized production of this show is part of its major weakness. In addition, the filler episodes are completely useless. That is why I believe the film's retelling is much better than the entirety of season 1. Because the film cleaned up the show with the most vital parts while cutting all the useless episodes. Also, it made some wise changes to make it a stronger spiritual and transformative cinematic experience. The show is nothing but a manufactured stereotyping to ignorant American audiences just like Disney manufacturing the film Aladdin to portray Arabs as savages. "Firstly Ive seen the film three times (once recently) which is way more chances than I should've given it. I didn't mean that the martial arts arent performed well. Its that the martial arts do not match what is happening bending wise. There is a scene where Uung is trying to lift a wave and he does pointless kicks and punches and flips that have NOTHING to do with the scene its in."

See, part of the problem is you think you have seen it enough times. It does not matter how many times you have seen it. The point is you have failed to translate and analyze the visual choreography of that great wave scene. I am laughing at your lack of prerequisites on deconstructing the mystique of cinema in order to understand Aang's choreography. You see, I actually noticed that his motions perfectly match the visual effects. You need to go revisit that scene and pay closer attention. Everything Aang was doing translated to the water. That so-called "pointless kick" conveniently happened the moment the wave started moving forward. So, clearly, the was a point of that kick. How can you have missed that? "I wasnt talking about the actual slo mo scenes. I meant when they're in real time they look hilariously awkwardly slow. If you go to a clip from this movie on google chrome and speed it up to 2x it actually looks more natural. This is because Shyamalan is not an action director. He is good at only a very specific type of movie."

Not an action director. lol! Wow, you really are illiterate on the language of cinema. You are inspired and enslaved by the Hollywood system known as categorizing films as genres. Shyamalan is a perfect example of talented artists who can revolutionize the so-called action genre, because artists like him choose to break the formulaic mold of typical Hollywood blockbusters. Other such artistic films camo'd as blockbusters are After Earth, Mad Max: Fury Road, Gravity, and Pacific Rim. There is more meaning to these films from within than what is presented in form. Also, I thought the slo-mos were perfectly okay. You are just on crack. "Yeah ok "wrist movements" Its shown throughout the movie that Katara knows how to move water with her mind. Why wouldnt she be practicing the wrist movements with actual water? The shot makes way more sense like this. "

No. The shot does not make more sense like that. See, there is a sense of collaboration and teamwork when Katara practices the wrist movements with Aang without bending. If she starts bending, it is going to make it look like they are practicing separately (just like that earlier scene with the scroll). Seriously, that would just be a pointless repeat scene. We need a fresh new scene with beautiful choreography where the characters are practicing together in sync. That is a far more powerful scene than your version. We cannot allow your version, because after Aang's difficulty to control his waterbending from the class, I do not think it is going to make sense for Katara to show Aang how to control it. You are extremely picky and narrow-minded. Have you ever considered the possibility that this scene is left extremely open-ended? It is sometimes best to practice things in pieces. Working on the movements without bending is an effective way to learn (especially for Aang since he is having trouble controlling it). Breaking things in pieces can help when one is struggling to, for example, play the piano with both hands. Sometimes, you need to break it up with one hand after another. Then, play them together.
"Says the dude who said this """""""*FILM*""""""" ,a complete and utter failure, is better than Star Wars Episode IV, the film that completely changed the face of cinema. Yes TEACH ME O WISE LEADER!!! IM SO BLIND WITHOUT YOU!!!!!!!!"

Star Wars? Completely changed the face of cinema? Hahahahaha! OMG! You really are illiterate on the language of cinema. Not to mention, low on your standards. See, there are better and more complex films than Star Wars that consist of a small portion of Hollywood films like Syriana, Match Point, and The Truman Show. These are examples of transformative and complex films. Airbender is another example that shows greater depth than Star Wars. The thing you have to understand about Shyamalan's movies or any of the listed complex movies I listed earlier is that nothing is black and white. Star Wars is a simplified version of the good vs. evil philosophy, which is typically common with the idiot Steven Spielberg and George Lucas films. Shyamalan's films support the gray area. Notice that The Last Airbender's portrayal of good vs. evil is not enitrely clear cut. Some of the bad guys showed evidence of goodness. This is rare. Star Wars does not have such depth and closeness on reality. Airbender is a more relatable film to real audiences not indoctrinated by the anti-intellectual culture of the United States.

"Im going to keep this short and sweet because I don't want to waste too much oxygen on this thread anymore."

Not only that, but you are clearly not passionate about expressing your own complex thinking process. Keeping things short and sweet is one of many signs and habits of anti-intellectualism you have been exposed to in your society. Instead of engaging in meaningful and complex ideas and sharing it together, you instead dismiss every good point I have made thus far by saying "who cares?"

"Response 1:"

lol. Response 1...whatever that means. It is best to quote my words if you are going to have a clear and direct conversation with me.

"Poor job eh? Well both my responses have 4 likes each and yours have giant goose eggs. Im sure you'll say that all the people who thought my points were valid are slaves to Hollywood or whatever the fuck. Just know that no one cares."

Wrong! So far, nobody cares except me. Those who care are a minority in this specific community. Let us try to be realistic here. This is not a popularity contest. Just because you have more likes does not make what you say as relevant. That is extremely stupid. You are not going to ace your college-level term papers with the poor sentence structure and thinking process you are expressing right now. It is not going to win you sides. Only sides of the ignorant slaves to the capitalistic system known as Hollywood will give you likes. That is the reality. You need to focus on the audience. Who are the ignorant people watching videos that bash The Last Airbender with meaningless points and contribute to the comments section? Ignorant people who share that view. At least, most of them. You also need to be aware of how mindless and stupid YouTube users generally are in the comments section. You will find the most negative, sexist, homophobic, and irrational sorts of comments because people either make it as a joke and know that they will get away with it since it is the internet. I guess I am partially guilty of this in a way, but at least I try most of my life to make good habits in my writing.

"So basically anyone who disagrees with me is not only objectively wrong but also a retard. Check your massive ego kid."

This is not a legitimate evidence of ego. We are all expressing our views, but what you see in this movie contradicts the content of the film. In other words, you have no understanding of the film compared with me. Why? Because you do not have the prerequisite knowledge to understand the language of cinema in general as well as lack the tools to even appreciate artists like Shyamalan, Terrence Malick, or even Stanley Kubrick. You instead are inspired by mindless blockbuster hits and Steven Spielberg films like Saving Private Ryan and Snyder's disturbing 300 film. Airbender is a completely different film that those harmful pedagogies to society. It is more of a humanitarian art form that tolerates differences in culture and celebrates them. In 300, differences in culture inspire people to destroy each other. That is wrong.

"I did say this before in my first comment "As for the names how it sounds is more important than spelling" So this is just a flat out mistake. As for the next paragraph, I would agree with what you're saying if Aang Sokka and Iroh were real people from China with real names. THEYRE NOT. They are fictional. So whatever name they were given in the origin IS THEIR NAME."

You do not understand my point. I never said anything about fictional characters being real. That is the stupidest assumption you have ever made. Perhaps you are seeing something that I have not written. Are you delusional or something? These names do have an Asian origin. I never specified Chinese. I said Asian. That is a broader spectrum of many cultures. You need to communicate better. The origin is not the show. The show was inspired by past ideas, cultures, and that also includes names. Disney has completely made their own version of Pinocchio that strays away from the original dark tale, which btw filmmaker Del Toro plans on revisiting with a dark take on it. That is more respectful of the source material. Shyamalan corrected and made the original inspirations of the show EVEN BETTER. He showed respect for the origin names by technically pronouncing it correctly. The show is not the authority figure of the Asian inspirations.

"This is the closest thing to a valid point Ive seen from you so far. Maybe because youre being respectful in this paragraph. Though I would argue that the filler episodes are necessary as they help flesh out the characters and honestly the film needed this badly."

The film does not need anymore to flesh out the characters. It has more than enough scenes to show development from start to finish. Adding additional scenes would come off as a distraction. Trust me. You just have not learned to be appreciative of what each scene in this movie offers to you. It is layered with plenty of subtext and attention to detail in each shot. That is something familiar found in any great artist like Shyamalan. He writes his own material.

"Seeing a movie three times is well enough to understand the plot, character motivations etc. Honestly one time is enough to study a film if you're using your brain. And I just....didn't like it at all. It doesn't mean you have to be a Jehovah's witness and make sure that everyone who feels this way must be converted. Its called an opinion."

Wait a minute, don't you dare try to compare and contrast my motives in a religious dictatorship and authority. The problem you are having is that you claim to understand the film, but you really do not. If you have, you would understand where I am coming from when I compliment this film. But you do not recognize my praise, because you are not watching the film with the right philosophical lens. Again, you are simply not equipped enough with the prerequisites to understand and appreciate the language of this film. You do not appreciate its beauty and message. Instead, all you care about and nitpick on are meaningless things that the film does not really need to enhance itself. It has already surpassed the show's content.

"This isn't even that big a problem in the movie. Why are you harkening on that? Even if these two scenes were done perfectly the film would still be shite."

Ignorance. Keep shutting yourself on the obvious after proving how great this film is. Whenever I prove a point, you just completely dismiss it anyways with a generally mindless conclusion that the film is terrible without any supporting examples. I mean, seriously, do you even watch the language you use? Do you think I am going to respect your views of this film as relevant with irrational language and unprofessional thinking like yours? You are not going to gain any support except for the mindless sheep that are giving you likes. Only popular culture is going to back up and praise your stupidity.

"Yes Star Wars did change the face of cinema. This is just a fact. Sci Fi and Fantasy were not the norm prior to this."

Sci-fi and fantasy are just film genres. They do not mean anything to educated people on the language of cinema. I am not sure if you realize this, but sci-fi films like Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey and Ridley Scott's Alien have set that standard and revolutionized space-related films. And you come to me with inferior blockbusters like Star Wars? There are better modern space-themed films than Star Wars. Amongst them is Shyamalan's underrated After Earth, Christopher Nolan's Interstellar, and Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity. These are great space films.

"It inspired James Cameron to start creating his own films."

James Cameron. lol! The man who made the mediocre and basic "love conquers all" Titanic, which is nothing but a formulaic indoctrination product of a typical Hollywood romance genre that can be shared amongst other love films. James Cameron is not as great as you make him out to be.

"It inspired Hollywood to put their money into countless, COUNTLESS superhero movies."

And these superhero movies are nothing but mindless entertainment. There is way too many of them. Most certainly, Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight trilogy was not inspired by the success of Star Wars. Christopher Nolan explores neo noir in his movies like Memento and Insomnia. If anything, film noir is what inspired Christopher Nolan's brilliant movies and focused on the Batman franchise in a realistic environment. A very bold vision and direction to take it. Today's anti-intellectual and hypermasculine superhero movies were actually inspired by one of the first comic book films like Sam Raimi's Spider-man trilogy. Most specifically, his first one started things off. His 2nd one, Spider-man 2, is an underrated masterpiece that explores the character arc of Peter Parker with memorable scenes full of depth and some of the most brilliant visual effects ever put on film. Compared with the superhero movies you are praising, they are nothing compared to the original Spider-man that inspired them all. Even before Spider-man, it is M. Night Shyamalan's Unbreakable that took an early attempt on comic book films. Unbreakable is the best of them all. Christopher Nolan's Batman films and Tim Burton's first Batman are the only ones with potential to meet Shyamalan's Unbreakable.

"Can you say that airbender inspired this kind of reform?"

Not at all. Shyamalan's Airbender, like all his movies, break from the typical idiotic and simplistic formula of Hollywood.

"And probably the biggest one of all....Avatar."

Not even close. Avatar came out just a year before Airbender came out. Thus, the only reason why it is called "The Last Airbender." Thank Avatar for that. You are making yourself an even bigger fool praising Avatar. It is nothing but a Titanic wanna be of the simplistic "love conquers all" movie.

"The world of avatar was heavily inspired by the original Star Wars trilogy."

I do not care. Whether or not you realize this, Star Wars is not as inspiring of a franchise of films to me as, say, Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings. Star Wars is nothing but a simplified philosophy of the good vs. evil. I mean, really? The Force? The Dark Side? Wow. It is taking itself waaaaay too seriously. The content is extremely lacking compared with the Harry Potter films, which explores more than the typical black and white. It supports the grey area in the middle.

"Firstly I vaguely remember in the comment I saw of yours it said that you hadn't seen the whole trilogy so don't pretend like you know what you're talking about otherwise you'll say something dumb like this."

That is not even a good point. I actually laugh at the fact that you study my history in order to gather a case for yourself to 1-up me. That is pathetic. I do not even have to explore your posting history full of anti-intellectualism. What matters is that we are discussing the film, so the content of the film is relevant to this conversation. I do not have to see the entire show to prove anything to you. I originally brought up the fact that the "bad guys" in The Last Airbender are not clear cut. That is what I appreciate in this movie. In the film, there's more to Zuko than ever. And he shows his goodness at times. Especially when his good Persian actor of an Uncle supports him. Even Commander Xao was showing signs of doubt and was hesitant in attempting to kill the moon spirit. Do you see? You bringing up my lack of knowledge of the show is not even a good point. I showed evidence of the grey area between good vs. evil in the movie, and that is the point I am trying to make. Do not distract this conversation by bringing up something meaningless. This grey area reveals how realistic Shyamalan's movie really is. It is a live action film, after all, so it must be as human as possible. I believe Shyamalan successfully achieved this with the grey area.

"Because in case you've never heard of him let me introduce you to Darth Fuckin' Vader."

Darth Vader is nothing but an overrated villain with unnecessary popularity with an overly popular franchise like Star Wars full of content that does not trigger my interest. It won't help your case to insert informal language in between his first and last name. lol

"This didn't end up being as short as I wanted to but fuck it."

And I am making it just as hellish for you. Your ignorant responses are directly proportional to my long speeches. The more anti-intellectualism you feed to the public, the preachier I get.
As I watched a few scenes from this movie, I noticed sources of similar crazy behavior found by Enlisted sailors in the Navy. It is this observational gathering that I have come to the conclusion that the youth and a majority of people in the United States had some global influence of indoctrination from Hollywood media or any popular sources that teach anti-intellectualism.
This movie has some decent moments of a good message and entertainment value, but that is about it. I believe the vital problem with the AVGN movie is its complete focus on content that seems completely inspired by the most unintelligent fans of the show itself. See, that is part of the problem. James Rolfe should have focused more on his artistic integrity and creative process. I believe any one of his best episodes are better than this movie by itself. It was trying way too hard to be funny. The script isn't as great as the creator hyped it up to be. This movie is way too overhyped and over appreciated by the most ignorant of fans. I only gave it an "okay" rating (6/10) due to displaying some useful content that provides a decent message as well as potential evidence that this film is actually mocking the ignorant fans of the show.
Halloween is a classic horror film from the late 1970s. After seeing it one night, I was in total suspense from start to finish. This is likely one of my favorites in its genre. It seems like this movie had elements that promote typical formulas from the Hollywood system, but I found evidence that there were moments where it broke the system:

For instance, given the modern films of today in Hollywood seem to be strongly focused on an unrealistic indoctrination of the sex roles (like guy asks a girl out), it seems almost like a fresh take on the role of women when I noticed one friend asked the other to ask the guy out. This seems fresh to me, but I am open to the possibility that this may be existent in other films of its decade or the fact that women generally do ask the most handsome and popular men out anyways.

Nonetheless, Halloween still seems to present that commonly problematic system that is found in any typical Hollywood film. John Carpenter seems to have constructed such a film at first glance, but I feel there are hidden depths that are worth mentioning:

First off, I feel this movie is purposely intended to make fun of such unrealistic roles of the sexes. The film is actually taking advantage of the stupidity of the characters in order to build that possible suspense. We experience all the most ridiculous and mindless decision-making made by those characters, and most of them have somewhat suffered the consequences through death. In a sense, these characters are portrayed realistically. Unfortunately, there is a grand population of ignorant people like this and it is found relevant in today's millennial population. If ever, things have gotten a whole lot worse. People are losing their humanity as they continue to expose themselves to the Hollywood system or any popular media that indoctrinates people to not think critically. In Halloween, I seem to accept the characters portrayed here than a lot of today's typical Horror film due to a higher level of humanity or perhaps it is only nostalgia to the decade.

Despite its minor problems in its content, Halloween has an aesthetic beauty with its use of the camera to improve both good form and content. The opening scene is a brilliantly choreographed first-person perspective shot with frames in other scenes that enhance its suspenseful narrative. This started off as a low-budget film, so John Carpenter seems to display a high level of creative license here that led to the popularity of the franchise today. I have high hopes of movies like this. It reminds me of the brilliant shots made in such great modern films like It Follows.

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