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Added by jeisson258 on 9 Sep 2021 07:43

My Favorite Video Games of All Time

Honorable mentions: "Castlevania: Symphony of the Night", "Super Mario Bros. 3", "Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest", "Sonic The Hedgehog 2", "Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty"
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What I love about this game:
My favorite game of all time, every element of "Chrono Trigger" makes it a masterpiece, balancing great gameplay with an unforgettable story. The game features one of the best soundtracks on gaming, great graphics for its time, endearing characters, simple but perfect RPG mechanics and memorable writing. All these elements make "Chrono Trigger" not only a work of art, but also a must play for every person and a pinnacle in video gaming.
Why I love this game:
"Ocarina of Time" is one of the most beloved and well known games of all time, and the reason is simple, its mixture of great gameplay and creative world building have been an inspiration for many later games, and this was, at the time, a turning point for adventure games in general. It is my favorite game on all the saga, and a serious contender for my favorite game of all time, as I really couldn't decide between this and the game that got the first place in my list.
What I love about this game:
"Metal Gear Solid" elevated games to the same level as movies, with advanced cinematics, a movie-like story and with hight quality voice acting. But these aren't the only features that make this game a masterpiece, add to that great stealth elements and a consistent quality in its gameplay features and you have one of the greatest games of all time.
What I love about this game:
For me it's without a doubt the best 2D adventure game of all time, and one that still holds well by today standards. With a large map to explore, a feeling of danger as you are exploring an alien planet, and with various items at your disposal, "Super Metroid" is a classic and one of my favorite games of all time.
What I love about this game:
My favorite Mario game of all time, and that's saying a lot as there are a lot of masterpieces on this long-running saga. As the first 3D entry, the game continues to be an important piece of history on the video game medium, with innovations ranging from its graphics, use of camera and platform gameplay on a 3D environment. Super Mario 64 is the best games you can use to introduce people to the world of video games.
What I love about this game:
A really good example of video games as an art form, almost everything about this game is perfect. From its detailed art direction, vast world, sense of scope and design of its creatures, "Shadow of the Colossus" remains one of the most astonishing video games of all time, a gem worthy of being preserved on a museum and a must play for every gamer.
What I love about this game:
This game features what is for me the best story on any Zelda game. I also specially love the dungeons, the new Wolf Link mechanic and the way it uses elements from previous entries to great effect. Even if some people have complained about the Wiimote controls, there are various ports of this game for other consoles, so it is a game I really recommend as it is one of my favorites from the franchise.
What I love about this game:
What can I say? This is the ultimate fighting game of all time, featuring characters from many franchises, a large number of stages and plenty of music. After many entries on the series, the gameplay has finally been perfected, balancing competitive gameplay and casual modes and introducing a ton of content. Add this to the possibility of playing it either on a large screen or on a small screen and you have one of the best portable games of all time.
What I love about this game:
Once the Final Fantasy series got to the Super Nintendo with the fourth installment, the story's direction took a more cinematic approach. With Final Fantasy VI it was perfected, and as it stood out, Final Fantasy VI became one of the most innovative entries on the saga and it ranks as my favorite. With a dark and deep story, a grand cast of characters and with technicals marvels such as great graphics for its time, amazing music and better gameplay that previous entries, Final Fantasy is, for me, one of the greatest RPGs of all time.
What I love about this game:
This is the definitive puzzle game. This is a game that will make you think creatively and the way it expands on its predecessor ideas is just amazing. The gameplay alone make this game stands out, but add to that a great set of characters, really funny dialogue and a sense of claustrophobia and you have Portal 2, one of the games with the best usage of physics in the industry.
What I love about this game:
Even if it was initially planned as just an expansion on the original game (Ocarina of Time), this game expanded beyond its limits and used an existing engine to offer a totally different game from its predecessor, with a time system that added a sense of urgency, a darker plot and a series of subquests that without a doubt elevate this game to a masterpiece status, being considered by many on the best on the franchise.
What I love about this game:
The most popular game on the franchise, Final Fantasy VII may have somewhat dated graphics, but its large cast of lovely characters, intriguing story and polished RPG mechanics (compared to previous entries) make this game one of the best role playing games of all time.
What I love about this game:
This was the first perfect game on one of the best video game sagas. Even if the first two games were also great games, this was the point on the series in which a high standard of quality started to show, with a great world design, challenging dungeons, creative use of items and a mysterious and adventurous story. A Link to the Past continues to be a classic and a must play for every gamer.
What I love about this game:
The third entry on the "Solid" series introduced new features on the saga such as a constant first person camera, survival skills and a more advanced artificial intelligence. Add to that an amazing origin story for one of the most iconic characters, great cinematics and a very satisfying gameplay, resulting in one of the best stealth games of all time.
What I love about this game:
It is my favorite 2D game on all the Mario saga. There are a lot of reasons for that. Not only it was a leap forward for video games in general, as for today the gameplay continues to be fluid, entertaining and deep. There are a lot of secrets to discover, Yoshi's mecanic add to the fun, and there is a timeless feeling to the game that makes it a definitive classic.
What I love about this game:
This is one of the most under appreciated gems on gaming, as this had a late and limited release on the SNES. What I really appreciate about Terranigma is its unforgettable story, fantastic world building and really interesting take on the birth and resurrection of Earth. The gameplay doesn't really stand out as much as other aspects of the game, but if people dedicate some time to discovering all the creative details that are part of this game, they would probably find this game as remarkable as I do.
What I love about this game:
It is the most remarkable first person shooter of all time, with a great and immersive campaign, impressive physics and excellent gameplay that never gets boring thanks to its recurrent innovations.
What I love about this game:
Even if later installments on the series corrected some flaws about it, this fighting game continues to be really influential and innovative, and its Subspace Emissary mode was a real highlight, especially on cooperative mode.
What I love about this game:
It surely is a game that leaves a lasting impression on you. Even if it looks cartoony and funny on the surface, the truth is that the content of this game is really moving and mature, with a very emotional story and with simple but satisfying RPG elements. It is, for me, one of the best games made for portable systems.
What I love about this game:
It is, without a doubt, one of the finest 3D entries in the Mario saga. The aspect I love most about the game is that it takes the best elements from previous titles (specially from Super Mario 64) and uses them to great effect, but it also innovates with the new ability provided by Cappy, making the gameplay really addictive.

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