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Added by AKB48Fan on 18 Feb 2014 06:10
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Great British Children's Drama From The 70's To Th

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People who added this item 10 Average listal rating (8 ratings) 7.5 IMDB Rating 8.5
Based on the classic children's novel by John Masefield, the story follows the exploits of a young boy, Kay Harker, who finds himself drawn into a world of magic and danger when he encounters an old Punch and Judy man. Perfect to watch over Christmas.
AKB48Fan's rating:
The show's plot centred on a boys' football team, the Glipton Giants, and their enthusiastic Geordie manager Joswell 'Jossy' Blair. Cameos from famous football players around that time would drop into the drama.
AKB48Fan's rating:
This mildly frightening drama sees a Britain where a sudden enveloping noise emanating from all machinery and technology causes the population to destroy them. The resulting upheaval displaces many people and reverts society to a pre-industrial age where there is a deep suspicion of anyone who may be harbouring machinery. Even the words for technology are taboo. The remnants of modern technology that escape destruction (such as electricity pylons) produce a physical and sometimes violent repulsion among those left in Britain. Young Nicky Gore who has escaped the destruction and chaos tries to look for her parents and solve the mystery behind what's going on in the country.
AKB48Fan's rating:
People who added this item 7 Average listal rating (3 ratings) 7 IMDB Rating 7.8
Matthew Gore is an intelligent boy chosen by a mysterious extraterrestrial visitor to be a source of information about life on Earth. As his schoolwork and artistic talent improve dramatically he arouses the suspicion of powerful groups who wish to tap into the amazing fund of knowledge to which he is now party. There was quite an evocative theme music to this drama.
AKB48Fan's rating:
A year has passed since Matthew said goodbye to his alien friend, and in the summer holidays he meets Albertine, a mathematical prodigy, with whom he discovers he can communicate telepathically. One day Chocky returns to warn him that they are both in danger. When he returns to tell Albertine, he finds she has disappeared. This was a good sequel to the original.
AKB48Fan's rating:
Chocky, an invisible being from another world, has come into Matthew's life. His powerful knowledge has aroused a great deal of interest from the military, and they are willing to take drastic action if they don't get what they want. A satisfying conclusion to the Chocky trilogy.
AKB48Fan's rating:
One of the best ever BBC drama series for children centred on a North London secondary school. Full of memorable characters and storylines, I'm sure everybody has got a favorite era from the series. Much as I liked the Tucker Jenkins/Zammo years, it was probably the Ziggy Greaves/Gonch Gardner era that was the most fun for myself and fearsome Mr Bronson the best teacher ever.
AKB48Fan's rating:
People who added this item 18 Average listal rating (9 ratings) 6.4 IMDB Rating 6.2
Byker Grove (1989)
Set in a youth club in the Scotswood district of Newcastle upon Tyne, this sometimes controversial drama was responsible for launching many careers on British TV most notably the cheeky chappies Ant & Dec. The series tackled subjects such as drug addiction, child abuse, homelessness, teen pregnancy and abortion.
AKB48Fan's rating:
People who added this item 11 Average listal rating (9 ratings) 6.9 IMDB Rating 0
Revolving around the Junior Gazette newspaper produced by pupils from a local comprehensive school. The paper was run by the opinionated editor Lynda Day and her hard working team of reporters. An on-going saga throughout the whole series was Lynda's bickering relationship with an American pupil Spike Thompson. It was written by current Dr Who producer Steven Moffatt. Solvent abuse, child abuse and firearms control were all issues tackled on the show.
AKB48Fan's rating:
A young boy Tolly goes to live with his great-grandmother. While she tells him stories of his ancestors, he begins to see the spirits of children who lived in the house during the reign of Charles II. This is probably one of my favourite dramas of all time. There's a memorable scene of a giant St Christopher statue coming to life during a thunderstorm.
AKB48Fan's rating:
Scientist Adam Brake and his son Matthew arrive in the sleepy English village of Milbury to find it under the grip of weird psychic powers unleashed by the sinister village squire, Hendrick, and whose power they struggle to break. Very atmospheric with a gripping storyline.
AKB48Fan's rating:
Based and adapted on the books by Enid Blyton, this was a superb series with a solid cast. Ruined castles and rolling moors; mysterious islands and hidden caves: the five could find adventure wherever they were be it at Kirrin Cottage or away on their holidays as they encountered smugglers, scoundrels and spies. Thankfully, the kids' Uncle Quentin and Aunt Fanny were always around to offer lashings of ginger beer.
AKB48Fan's rating:
Dinah Glass moves in with the Hunter family and starts going to the same school as her foster brothers Lloyd and Harvey. It is not easy, as they seem to hate her, and school is really strange. Pupils suddenly talk like robots and do weird things, even Dinah finds herself acting oddly. She is sure the headmaster has some kind of power over them, and is determined to find out more. But the Demon Headmaster is equally determined to stop her.
AKB48Fan's rating:
People who added this item 3 Average listal rating (2 ratings) 7 IMDB Rating 7.3
The programme was set in Ward B1, the children's ward of the fictitious South Park Hospital, and told the stories of the young patients and the staff present there. Aimed at older children and teenagers, Children's Ward was a long-lived series for a children's drama and ran for 11 years.
AKB48Fan's rating:
Stig is a caveman. He lives at the bottom of the old chalk pit close to Barney's grandparents' house. Since the chalk pit is no longer used, people throw all their old junk away down there. So it is rather an interesting place to build a den. Barney falls over the edge of the quarry and tumbles down through the roof of Stig's den. When he looks round, there's Stig, with his shaggy black hair and bright black eyes.Barney and Stig get on rather well together. They have to manage without language, of course, but that doesn't seem to stop them. Stig's den is a brilliant place built out of discarded rubbish. Stig is Barney's secret friend, not because Barney doesn't tell anyone, but because no-one really believes that Stig is real. They have a great time, improving Stig's den, collecting firewood, going hunting, and even catching some burglars who break into Barney's grandparents' house. The TV drama was a collection of short-story adventures.
AKB48Fan's rating:
This was a very funny children's comedy drama. Simon was a boy who knew a witch with hilarious consequences. The witch played brilliantly by Elizabeth Spriggs used to get Simon in all sorts of trouble. Other characters included the very posh Lady Fox-Custard and the Italian ice cream parlour owner Valdini. It's time for this to be released on DVD.
AKB48Fan's rating:
The story is set in the shadowy world of the Victorian Docklands. A small boat is floating in the water close to the London docks. Two people are evident in the boat, however one is dead (or about to be dead), the other is cloaked in black. Inside the dead man's hand is a small locket. The locket is prized out of the dead hand before the body is tossed overboard into the water. Attached to the body is a stone weight which quickly descends to the bottom of the water. A scruffy young chimney sweeper gets caught up in what's happening. From what little I remember of this drama it was very memorable and full of suspense
AKB48Fan's rating:
The story concerns the adventures of a group of children as they struggle to hold back a terrible darkness by fulfilling a prophecy from another world. The plot moves to and from the world of Elidor, and the city of Manchester and parts of northern Cheshire in the real world.
AKB48Fan's rating:
People who added this item 4 Average listal rating (4 ratings) 9.3 IMDB Rating 7.8
Follyfoot (1971)
Young Dora is sent to stay with her uncle on his farm in rural England while her parents travel overseas for a year. Seeing as she has a love for horses, her uncle suggests she visit Follyfoot Farm, which is a part of his estate that looks after unwanted and unloved horses. It is only here that Dora feels truly happy, but what will happen when her parents return?
AKB48Fan's rating:
This comedy drama revolved around the working class Briggs family from Yorkshire and their trials and tribulations, all living under one roof and trying to get on with each other. At the centre of it all was 'Our Jonny', a ten year old boy with big ears who owned an irritating little dog named after a porn magazine called Razzle and who seemed to struggle at school, under the patient tutoring of Miss Broom.
AKB48Fan's rating:
40 years ago, the town conjured up a demon (Century) with disastrous results. Now they are about to conjure the demon again and are making the same mistakes all over again (some people never learn). Teenage Tess Hunter learns the truth and tries to stop a second disaster. A great drama penned by Russell T Davies.
AKB48Fan's rating:
Marcie (who's like a young female Dr Who type character), Reet and Thomas are three children who are stunned when for some unknown reason each kid at their school is given a really powerful computer and that the class swot is turned into a mutant by the computers and it's controller Mr. Eldritch. Investigating the three discover that the computers are a part of a plan to rule the world but they need to find Professor Polzinski. With the aid of the Professor, Eldritch is stopped. Later on, a team made up of blonde women dig up the school field to find a wartime computer Behemoth with the power to destroy the world. Super-intelligent Marcie and Eldritch battle against each other for control of the world and in another round in the age-old war of good vs evil. Another belter from Russell T Davies and featuring a young Kate Winslet.
AKB48Fan's rating:
Four children and their baby brother living in England at the turn of the last century discover a Psammead or Sand Fairy, a magical creature which grants wishes, often resulting in getting the children into scrapes. It stuck closely to the book that it was based on, had some great story lines and some good humour as well as dramatic moments and some fantastic magic. Obviously, because it was made in 1991, the special effects weren't too special but who cared at the time.
AKB48Fan's rating:
People who added this item 1 Average listal rating (1 ratings) 8 IMDB Rating 8.2
Ace of Wands was a fantasy-based British children's television show. The title, taken from the name of a Tarot card describes the principal character, called "Tarot" who combined stage magic with supernatural powers to thwart villains who used their abilities for evil purposes. Tarot had a pet Owl named Ozymandias. Sadly a lot of the series is missing and only the 3rd and final season remains in the archives which is a big shame.
AKB48Fan's rating:
World War II evacuees, Carrie Willow and Nick Willow are billeted in a small Welsh village with the austere Mr. Evans, and his sister Lou. Carrie becomes an unwilling go-between, embroiled in a family feud between Evans and his elder sister Dilys. It showed her attempts to reconcile various parties without taking sides and her battle to make her voice heard in a world run by adults. It was very much a character-driven story.
AKB48Fan's rating:
People who added this item 13 Average listal rating (9 ratings) 7.1 IMDB Rating 0
Catweazle is an eccentric 11th century wizard who accidentally (by total immersion in water) travels through time to the year 1969 and befriends a young red-headed boy, Edward Bennett, nicknamed 'Carrot', who spends most of the rest of the series attempting to hide Catweazle from his father and farmhand Sam. Meanwhile Catweazle searches for a way to return to his own time whilst hiding out in 'Castle Saburac', a disused water tower, with his familiar, a toad called Touchwood. Catweazle mistakes all modern technology for powerful magic, particularly 'elec-trickery' (electricity) and the 'telling bone' (telephone). Geoffrey Bayldon was fantastic as the title character.
AKB48Fan's rating:
Set in 1940, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy Pevensie are siblings who are evacuated from London because of World War II. They are sent to the countryside to stay with Professor Digory Kirke. While exploring a spare room in the house, Lucy enters a wardrobe and finds herself in the middle of a snowy wood. She meets a faun named Mr. Tumnus, who explains that she is in the land of Narnia. He takes her back to his cave for tea. He then plays his flute and Lucy goes to sleep, but when she wakes up Tumnus is crying and he confesses that he had intended to hand her over to the cruel White Witch, who rules over Narnia and makes it "always winter and never Christmas".
AKB48Fan's rating:
Prince Caspian: The four Pevensie children are waiting at a train station when a magical force pulls them into Narnia. They land at an overgrown castle which they recognise as Cair Paravel. Susan saves the life of a dwarf named Trumpkin who is about to be drowned by two soldiers on a boat. The children tell him that they are the old Kings and Queens of Narnia, of which Trumpkin has heard of in the Narnian legends. Trumpkin tells the children the story of Prince Caspian.

Voyage Of The Dawn Treader: Edmund, Lucy and Eustace Scrubbs are sucked into Narnia through a painting of a ship where they are reunited with Prince Caspian who has grown into a young man since they last saw him. He explains that he is on a quest to find seven lords who were friends of his father's. The quest requires them to sail through dangerous waters, encountering new islands where things are not what they seem and finally to sail to the end of the world, hoping to reach Aslan's Land.
AKB48Fan's rating:
When friends Eustace Scrubb and Jill Pole stumble into Narnia, they are given a quest by Aslan the Talking Lion. They must save Prince Rilian, son of the late King Caspian, from the Evil Green Lady. To help them on their quest they meet the gloomy but loyal Marshwiggle Puddleglum. Leaving Narnia, they journey deep into the desolate northern lands, where they encounter cold, hunger and hardship. The children soon begin to bicker among themselves, forgetting the Four Signs Aslan has given them for guidance along the way.
AKB48Fan's rating:
People who added this item 1 Average listal rating (1 ratings) 8 IMDB Rating 7.8
Stephen 'Gruey' Grucock was another in the long line of mischievous schoolboys who was always involved in harebrained schemes and unlikely escapades. Mostly, Gruey's exploits resulted in direct confrontation with his arch-enemy, 'Nidgey' Jackson, a situation that usually caused problems for Gruey and his two pals - 'Wooly' and an Asian girl, 'Quidsy' - owing to Gruey's bad luck and sheer incompetence.
AKB48Fan's rating:
The Tomorrow People are British teens who have special powers and operate out of an old London underground station. They can communicate to each other using telepathy. They can also transport themselves (they call it "Jaunting"). With the help of Tim their talking computer they battle evil people such as the shape shifting Jedekiah. Quite a memorable title sequence.
AKB48Fan's rating:
People who added this item 2 Average listal rating (1 ratings) 8 IMDB Rating 8.1
This drama followed the adventures of J.G., Ian, Gog, Baz and Sam - teenagers on a paper round for their local newsagent, Jack Crawford. Retired policeman Jack always told the lads (and lass) to keep their eyes open as they went about their rounds; as a result they often discovered the news, as well as delivering it!
AKB48Fan's rating:
Black Beauty was a pure black, thoroughbred horse in late 19th Century rural England who is adopted into the household of James Gordon, a local doctor and widower, and befriended by his daughter's Vicky. Vicky would get involved in an adventure that bought her into contact with all sorts of colourful characters and villians. Beauty though would be on hand and be able to save the day. Another series which had a memorable theme tune.
AKB48Fan's rating:
People who added this item 1 Average listal rating (1 ratings) 10 IMDB Rating 8.6
Although not strictly a BBC or ITV production, this was a classic S4C children's drama about a young lad living in rural North Wales during the 2nd World War.
AKB48Fan's rating:
This series was about two children who are the wards of a cantankerously un-loving uncle. That uncle owns a rug factory that has the typically brutal working conditions of the time that both poor adult and child labourers have to survive. Life is hardly perfect, but things take a turn for the worst when the Uncle, maddened by the fear of bill and tax collectors, sets fire to his own home to prevent its seizure and dies in the process. This leaves the children with no home or guardian. Now the two must struggle to survive on the streets of London, where they learn that there difficult ways of making a living and help is where they least expect it.
AKB48Fan's rating:
People who added this item 2 Average listal rating (1 ratings) 8 IMDB Rating 7.4
Murphy's Mob was set around a struggling, fictional English Third Division Football Club called Dunmore United. In particular the show focused on a group of long suffering young fans as they overcame obstacles to set up their own Junior Supporters Club and clubhouse in the stadium, whilst also following their day to day lives and misadventures.
AKB48Fan's rating:
All I can remember from this is a teenage boy and his mother coming to London to live. He makes friends with a delinquent lad who persuades him that they can break into an old woman's house. He's caught by the police who take him to court for burglary. I'm not sure if the old lady died after falling down the stairs of the house after catching the two trying to burgle her. There isn't a lot of information found about this drama but it was very well written and acted.
AKB48Fan's rating:
This gritty drama concerned the life a young girl called Patsy Bligh. She was very unhappy at home especially with her bad tempered step father who was always shouting and in a bad mood. Patsy longed to be with old Mrs. Broadley who lived at the seaside in Margate. She and her mother had happier times then before they moved to the city. So Patsy runs away from home to be with her. Patsy's stepfather Eddie is not easily shaken off and he sets off in pursuit of her. Most of the drama concerned Patsy's attempts to stay ahead of him.
AKB48Fan's rating:
Many adaptations of this story has been transmitted over the years but none of them can top the 1989 version.

When Tom Long's brother Peter gets measles, Tom is sent to stay with his Uncle Alan and Aunt Gwen. They live in an upstairs flat of a big house with no garden, only a tiny yard for parking. The elderly and reclusive landlady, Mrs Bartholomew, lives above them. Because Tom may be infectious, he is not allowed out to play, and he feels lonely. Without exercise he is less sleepy, and awake after midnight, when he hears the communal grandfather clock strangely strike 13. He gets up to investigate and discovers that the back door now opens on a large sunlit garden.Every night the clock strikes 13 and Tom returns to the Victorian era grounds. There he meets another lonely child, a younger girl called Hatty, and they become inseparable playmates.

A good storyline and a great cast - this was BBC drama at it's very best.
AKB48Fan's rating:
People who added this item 3 Average listal rating (3 ratings) 8.7 IMDB Rating 7.3
Probably one of the best remembered BBC children's drama of the late 80's. The story was about a young girl, Minty staying with her aunt after her mother is injured in a car accident. Minty spends much of her time wandering around the grounds of a nearby mansion, and is drawn to a moondial that enables her to travel back in time, where she becomes involved with two children, Tom who lives in the Victorian era, and Sarah who seems to live in "the previous century" to that, and must save them from their own unhappy lives. Definitely one of my favourite 80's children's drama.
AKB48Fan's rating:
Set in the court of the ancient Toltec civilisation in Mexico, the series, with it's lavish sets and costumes, follows the adventures of a young servant boy Tozo, who becomes a go-between in an attempt to unite neighbouring kingdoms, thereby preventing the rise to power of the bloodthirsty God, Nasca played brilliantly by Pat Troughton.
AKB48Fan's rating:
The series is based around a gang of street urchins living in Victorian London who assist the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes in solving crimes and find themselves tackling cases of their own. This is long overdue to be released on DVD.
AKB48Fan's rating:
People who added this item 2 Average listal rating (1 ratings) 8 IMDB Rating 8.4
This was the story of an orphan traveller or Romani girl called Kizzy, who faced persecution, grief and loss in a hostile, close-knit village community. This was a moving tale of human fallibility and sorrow, but also of strength, courage and redemption.
AKB48Fan's rating:
People who added this item 6 Average listal rating (3 ratings) 9.7 IMDB Rating 7.2
Yet another story which has been adapted many times over the years but the 1975 series is the one that's best remembered. The series begins with Mary Lennox being abandoned and found by some soldiers. She is sent to Misselthwaite Manor where her uncle lives. She befriends his maids and meets a boy named Dickon. One night she hears crying and leaves her room to investigate - she meets Colin her cousin. Colin is crippled and thinks he is a hunchback, but learns he isn't. He begins hanging out with Dickon and Mary in the gardens. Mary finds a key and finds a hidden door as well, and learns that behind the wall is a secret garden that her uncle's wife had worked on every day until she died. Sarah Hollis Andrews was excellent as Mary Lennox.
AKB48Fan's rating:
The spinoff from Grange Hill which followed Tucker Jenkins after he had left school along with his friends Alan Humphreys and Tommy Watson as they struggled to find a job in Thatcher's Britain.
AKB48Fan's rating:
This was a surreal series which centred around a lonely young boy, Roland, who lived unhappily in a council flat with his father and stepmother. Escaping from a gang of local bullies in a malfunctioning lift, Roland found himself transported to a strange fantasy environment where people and places were twisted variations of those he saw in his real life.
AKB48Fan's rating:
The series had a young alien visiting Earth and staying with a British family. I don't really remember all that much about it except for something about a green pyramid.
AKB48Fan's rating:
A sequel to The Snow Spider drama. London-born Nia moves into Gwyn Griffiths' hometown of Pendewi, along with her family. Forbidden by her elders to enter the ruins of a chapel, Nia does so anyway, entering a mystical portal that leads her to a series of fantastic adventures.
AKB48Fan's rating:
People who added this item 1 Average listal rating (1 ratings) 7 IMDB Rating 7.5
Starring a young Yvette Fielding (of Blue Peter and Most Haunted fame). She plays Sandy Shelton who along with her brother help their parents to run a small seaside hotel in sunny Blackpool.
AKB48Fan's rating:
People who added this item 1 Average listal rating (1 ratings) 8 IMDB Rating 7.6
A mysterious alien boy with strange solid blue eyes, the eponymous Sky, finds himself on Earth. He uses his psychic powers to achieve his goal of finding a way back home. Sky finds the world soul of Earth in the form of nature, only to reject him the way an immune system might an infection. In his quest to return home, he joins his destiny with that of three human children.
AKB48Fan's rating:
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Some of the wonderful drama series shown on the BBC and ITV from the 70's to the 90's that I had the pleasure of watching. I hope the titles listed brings back some warm memories to you.

I may have forgotten a couple of other dramas so I apologise if I've missed out some of your favorites.

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