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Added by Viro on 24 Nov 2014 12:23
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Creepy Creatures And Weird Animals

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Andean Tiger

Andean Tiger : Is a very rare breed of dog that has two noses and lives mostly in Bolivia and Trinidad.
The Andean Tiger Hound is believed to be descended from the Pachon Navarro , thought to have been brought over to Central and South America by the Spanish Conquistadors in the 16th century.
Actually , the " double nose " appears to be a normal dog's nose , but with the
nostrils separated by a band of skin and fur dividing the nose all the way down to the dog's upper lip.
More likely to be considered a split nose.
This is not considered a rare birth defect.
Recognizing the Andean tiger as a specific bred is premature.
This dog is considered a hound and was first discovered over a century ago , but it wasn't till 2005 that it completely became domesticated.
Not surprisingly , the dogs are valued for their excellent sense of smell.
The dogs
are commonly used to hunt jaguars that prey on villager's cattle.
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Blobfish ( Psychrolutes Marcidus )

Blobfish ( Psychrolutes Marcidus ) : This weird looking deep sea fish is of the family Psychrolutidae.
It lives in the deep waters off the coasts of mainland Australia and Tasmania , it's rarely seen by humans and very little research have been done about this " geourgous ? " creature.
Blobfish live at depths where the pressure is several dozen times higher than on land , which would likely make gas bladders inefficient for maintaining buoyancy.
Instead , the flesh of the blobfish mostly consist of a gelatinous mass with a density slightly less than water ; this allows the fish to float above the sea floor without using much energy on swimming.
Its relative lack of muscle is not a disadvantage since it primarily swallows food that happens to floats in front of it.
Blobfish can be caught by bottom trawling with nets.
Trawling like this in the waters off Australia may threaten the blobfish in what is probably its only habitat.
The Blobfish is endangered and currently facing extinction due to deep - sea fishing.
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Candiru Catfish

Candiru Catfish : Also known as the tooth pick fish , are a number of genera of parasitic freshwater catfish which is mostly found at the junction of the Amazon River and the Rio Negro , near Brazil's inland city of Manaus.
This small fish has the alleged , tendency to be attracted to ammonia and swim into and parasitize the human urethra.
Dating back to the 19th century there hasn't been any documented cases of a Candiru parasiting a human.
Even today , there is only one documented case of the removal of a candiru from a human urinary system.
In this instance , the victim claimed a candiru swam into his urethra while he was urinating in the river.
A British Biologist by the name , Jeremy Wade investigated this incident for the Animal Planet's River Monsters.
The victim underwent a two - hour urological surgery to remove the candiru.
Dr. D. Scott Smith , Chief of Infectious Diseases at Kaiser Permanente , described the candiru as having spikes to assist it from being removed from its host.
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Horned Lizard ( Phrynosoma )

Horned Lizard ( Phrynosoma ) : If your looking for strange animal behavior , this is definitely on the list.
The short horned lizard is commonly referred to as a “ horned toad ” because its flattened shape and short , round snout give it a toad like look.
Their habitat is that of semi - arid environments of and the numerous spines across their back.
They mostly feed on ants , waiting for them to camouflage , they have adapted quite a remarkable talent.
In order to ward off hungry predators , they are capable of inflating their bodies up to twice their size , almost like a spiny balloon.
And if this doesn't work , they shoot blood from their eyes.
The blood comes from the ducts of their eyes and can travel a distance of up to three feet.
The purpose of this is to confuse would be predators , but it also contains a chemical that is noxious to wolves , dogs and coyotes and flat out disguising.
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Piranha : A piranha is an omnivorous freshwater fish that lives South American rivers.
It is best known for it veracious appetite for being a meat eating fish.
In 1976 a packed bus crashed into the Amazon killing 39 people.
Few escaped and survived.
The rest parished while still in the bus.
When the bus was retrieved later that day the remains of the 39 dead had been mutilated by piranha.
Some stripped to bare bone.
Piranhas themselves are also popular as food , although if an individual piranha is caught on a hook or line it may be attacked by other piranhas before brought out of water.
They occasionally bite and sometimes injure bathers and swimmers.
A piranha bite is considered more an act of carelessness than that of misfortune , but piranhas are a considerable nuisance to commercial and sport fishers because they steal bait , mutilate catch , damage nets and other gear and may bite when handled.

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Snake Head Fish ( Channidae )

Snake Head Fish ( Channidae ) : Described as “ something from a bad horror movie ” Some describe this weird Snake – head - fish as having ” a voracious appetite , consuming all other fish in a lake or pond.
It has the ability to slither across land , staying out of water for up to three days , to find new sources of food.
Once on land snakeheads can eat almost any small animal in its path.
In China , they are even known to attack people.
This monster can grow up to three feet in length and over 6 kilograms in weight.
They also reproduce rapidly since they have no natural enemies outside of their native environments.
Within their native environments , small Snakefish are consumed by crocodiles and alligators.
Because of their ability to move into new habitats and wipe out local ecosystems ( and to then hop out of the water and walk on over to another body of water and repeat the process over and over ) Snakefish have been prohibited in 13 American states and other countries.
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Tapeworm : A parasitic flat worm that has been known to infest the digestive tract of humans.
This worm can reach lengths of 40 foot and live for up to 20 years.
The most common tapeworms in humans are the pork tapeworm ( T. solium ) , the beef tapeworm ( T. saginata ) , the fish tapeworm ( Diphyllobothrium spp. ) , and the dwarf tapeworm ( Hymenolepis spp. ).
Infections involving the pork and beef tapeworms are also called taeniasis.

Usually the only side effects of having this parasite live in your intestines is abdominal cramps , weight loss and rectal itching.
The most disturbing part is an alleged remedy to rid yourself of this parasite : Place a bowl of warm milk near your mouth.
Attracted to the milk , the worm will slowly make it's way out through your mouth.
Keep moving the bowl further and further away until the worm has completely exited your intestines.
You must stay relaxed or the worm will quickly retract back into your intestines where it will continue to lay eggs.
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Tongue Eating Louse

Tongue Eating Louse : It's scientific name is Cymothoa Exigua.
This is one creepy animal.
It's a parasitic crustacean which averages to be ( 1.2 ) to ( 1.6 ) long.
This recently discovered parasite enters through the gills of a fish , latch onto the fishes tongue and drink blood through it's front claws , causing the tongue to atrophy from lack of blood and eventually the tongue falls off.
The parasite then replaces the fish's tongue by attaching its own body to what is left of the tongue.
This doesn't seem to cause any other damage to the host fish.
This is the only known case of a parasite functionally replacing a host organ.
It is currently believed that C. Exigua are no threat to humans unless picked up alive , in which case they can bite.
This parasite is commonly found off the coast of California , aside from one isolated incident where one was found in the United Kingdom , and for some reason unknown , is only found on the Spotter Rose Snapper.

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